San Francisco archdiocese promotes Latin Mass

In quiet way, on webpage

The following is a new addition to Archdiocese of San Francisco website’s homepage, in drop-down menu under ‘Parishes and Masses’ .

Tridentine/Latin Mass

The Latin Mass, or Tridentine Mass, as the rite is popularly known, is celebrated according to texts and rubrics of the Missal of Blessed John XXIII of 1962.  Holy Mass in this traditional form takes place at the following locations in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Immaculate Conception Chapel
3255 Folsom St.     (415) 824-1762
San Francisco 94110
Sunday: 5:00 pm

Most Holy Redeemer Church
100 Diamond St.    (415) 863-6259
San Francisco 94124
Mon-Fri: 9:30 am (call to confirm)

Most Holy Rosary Chapel
One Vincent Dr.     (415) 479-3331
Marinwood (San Rafael) 94903
Sunday: 12:15 pm

St. Francis of Assisi
1425 Bay Road      (650) 322-2152
East Palo Alto 94303
Friday 6 pm; 1st Friday 6 pm (sung Mass)

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  1. Mary Ann Eiler says:

    As a classicist who had the privilege of singing Gregorian chant daily as part of the girl’s choir of my college back in the 60′d it pleases me to see that there is finally a return to Latin. It is so valuable to have a common idiom of language and mysic for the universtal CHurch, as well as to have the liturgy celebrated in the local idiom and with contemporary or regional cultural music.

    Anyone looking for a Latin tutor? or a Greek NT tutor? I’m retired, but still love to teah.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      God bless you and I pray that someone who is interested will take you up on your offer.

    • Richard Brinker says:

      To: Mary Ann Eiler:

      I read, with interest, your comments re: the Latin Mass in the San Francisco Archdiocescan website. I am especially interested in
      following up on your comment, “Anyone looking for a Latin tutor? ..or Greek NT tutor?. I have had 3 years + of high school level Latin and
      would like to brush up on that and perhaps move forward into more challenging texts. I would be especially interested in being able
      to read the Bible, Western Church Fathers, and Papal Encyclicals in Latin. As for Greek, my exposure to the language is slight. I’d love to
      be able to read NT Greek some day. Please follow up with me. Send me an e-mail:


    • bab kelley says:

      i am interested in Latin tutor

  2. Lawrence Becht says:

    Sounds great. Let’s hope the Mass will be celebrated exactly as it was for the hundreds of years before Vatican II very effectively destroyed the jewel that it was. Let’s hope there will be no modifications, experiments, enhancements or additions.

    Let’s hope there will be no altar girls, Eucharistic ministers or lectors.

    Let’s hope it will be celebrated with women’s heads covered and with the silence and quiet dignity that was present before Vatican II turned it into a protestant service.

    Let’s hope all of the old songs like — Come Holy Ghost, Holy God We Praise Thy Name, Mother Dear We Pray to Thee, Jesus My Lord, my God, my all, etc, etc are sung.

    This is a tall order but it’s a start!

    • Lawrence becht, Thank you for stating it perfectly. Amen, Amen, Amen!

    • modestodick says:

      Lawrence says: “Sounds great. Let’s hope the Mass will be celebrated exactly as it was for the hundreds of years before Vatican II very effectively destroyed the jewel that it was. Let’s hope there will be no modifications, experiments, enhancements or additions.

      “Let’s hope there will be no altar girls, Eucharistic ministers or lectors.

      “Let’s hope it will be celebrated with women’s heads covered and with the silence and quiet dignity that was present before Vatican II turned it into a protestant service.”

      Sounds like a retreat into the 14th century. Next we take away women’s right to vote and require them to wear something like a burka.

      The church needs to move forward and be truly catholic.

      • Maryanne Leonard says:

        We don’t have to repeal the few rights of women that have actually come to pass, whether fully or partially, in order to celebrate Mass as it always has been. As wonderful as you seem to think the world is for women, I am a feminist old enough to remember the kind of Masses Lawrence is discussing and know very well that the world was a more wholesome place back then, that women weren’t having babies out of wedlock more than within marriage, that pornography wasn’t everywhere, that people didn’t swear as vulgarly as they do now, that we never locked our doors or our cars as most people were trustworthy and there was general agreement that fathers should stay with their families and support them, and women knew how to cook, clean, sew, raise children, grow vegetables, can, and stay fit just keeping the family cared for and having fun being alive. In their spare time, they helped save the world from evil, as quaint as that may sound to you. I know we have laws now that are better, but we have a culture and a society that are far worse in virtually every imaginable way. I’m so grateful for modern technology and the ways in which we have progressed, but I miss good clean fun, being respected as a woman, and widespread common sense. Sorry, but a traditional Latin Mass with people acting with dignity and reverence as they once did sounds good to me.

        • The more pig headed a society, the more need for good laws. The more charitable a society, the less need for laws. For the law of God is charity, and the law of man is the world, the flesh and the devil.

        • I would like to add that the accepted attire of today (especially in warm weather) would have gotten a woman/girl labeled as a prostitute/”woman of the street”. Women have lost all sense of self-respect. When you don’t even respect yourself, no one else will respect you either.

        • John Panzer says:

          The “Latin,” mass serves no purpose, other than what the church intended: Attributing their words and actions to God without the accountability of their meaning. Aramaic, Hebrew, Coptic, even Greek would be appropriate if the church wanted to hide the words from us. There is nothing translated in Latin that has anything to do with the bible, or Christ. The Gospel of Saint Thomas, and the Gospel of Saint Mary are the two most credible documents and sources of Christ’s words.

          • Anonymous says:

            John Panzer, the gnostic gospels are not the infallible Word of God. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are. The Bible itself was translated into Latin. It includes the revelation of Jesus Christ as Son of God made Man. Many of the prayers of the Mass come directly from Scripture. May the Holy Spirit descend upon you this Pentecost and reveal to all Truth.

      • Your right – we should retreat back to the 14th century when the Church was the Church Christ founded – Lawrence was right on point in his comments and I, along with others, could add pages more on the subject – Oh, the reason the AB wants more Latin services is to fill the Church’s with people – e.g., The 190 million Cathedral in Oakland is never more than 1/2 full but the one Church that has Latin services has people out the door – The door is slowly opening -

        • Oh, the modern mentality, it takes vanity by the horns and tries to tame it. ERIC, the TLM is timeless, reaching back to before the beginning of time, and ending after the end of time; it is called the Mass of the Ages. But this modern novus ordo Mass excludes a great deal of the grace that God makes available to the faithful, and so the question holds whether the novus ordo Mass has enough steam to travel such vast distances of time. It seems more of a milk and pablum liturgy than a solid food event.

          • Anonymous says:

            As Bishop Fulton Sheen said, “You get out of the Mass what you put into it.” The Mass of the Ages is a phrase that is usually used nowadays to mean the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, however both the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form are the same rite. Those who attend the Latin Mass do not receive more grace than those who attend the Ordinary Form. Such a concept is an insult to Christ. Sensuality is a deceptive thing; do not trust it.

          • Skai, you sound especially peculiar in this post.

            Reaching back before time began? Etc.?

            As you try to exalt one form of worship AMONG MANY, the one you happen to like, you should not get it into your head that the countless Masses being celebrated by faithful priests and devout Catholics throughout the world each day are somehow “less.”

            The villages in Africa, the besieged church buildings in Nigeria and Mali, the faithful in Iraq, India, Jerusalem, Latin America, Greenland, Australia, or on Navajo Reservations here – they are all worshipping God through the Risen and Glorified Christ and offering the supreme Eucharistic Sacrifice also offered by the Holy Father in Rome, or Father Young in Sausalito.

            There is one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism. One God and Father of us all.

      • modestodick,
        Where have you been all these 45-or-so-years? The NO Mass has been over-feminized for so long and you haven’t realized that?
        If you want female lectors, female Emergency Ministers of Holy Communion, female altar boys, all-female choirs, feminized hymns, go to a NO. It’s available in most churches.
        But don’t criticize the Church for getting on-track with Her Latin and Roman traditions. She’s our Mother.

        • Mousey, part of the problem is because men and boys are too lazy.

          Too lazy to learn to be altar servers, too lazy to be lectors, too lazy to be Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion; etc, etc, etc.

          When men in numbers get off their lazy rear ends, and start volunteering – then you will not see such a heavy involvement of women in any Mass.

          This is the fault of men. These same lazy men, give bad examples to their sons.

          • Disagree with this statement that men are lazy. If women would just get out of the way and stop treating the sacristy like a kitchen, then maybe little boys and men may start looking at the altar as belonging to men. Yes, all you women at the altar — the altar belongs to little boys and men. Sadly, the blame is this novus ordo mass, which many bishops promote and continue to promote.

    • John Cullen says:

      That’s how all the EF Latin Masses I’ve attended over the past 20 years (Pennsylvania and California) have been celebrated, the only exception being that not all women’s heads are covered.

  3. Thomas Szyszkiewicz says:

    Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, since I do not live in SF, but is that the same Most Holy Redeemer Church as the one that sponsored drag shows and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence? If so, their sponsoring of a daily Extraordinary Rite Mass is — to me, anyway — major news.

    • If anyplace on planet earth needs Christ in the ‘Mass of the Ages”, it’s Holy Redeemer Church. The lay leaders of that parish must be apoplectic!!!

      • St. Peter says:

        Or maybe the parishioners of Most Holy Redeemer – a parish I belonged to for many years – are a little more complex than the simplistic paper-cut-out demons so many commentators on this website make us out to be.

    • Thomas,
      Yes, it is. Fr. Young lived at Holy Redeemer and celebrated the TLM on Sunday mornings there, then went to Immaculate Conception Chapel in the afternoon for another TLM. But I don’t think he does them anymore. His TLM has been moved to Sausalito, and maybe he lives in the North Bay now.

      • Father William Young celebrates Latin Mass at 12:00 noon every day of the week at
        St. Mary Star of the Sea Church
        180 Harrison Avenue, Sausalito
        Tel 415 332-1765

  4. Fredi D'Alessio says:

    I don’t think that listing in the drop-down menu is very new. In any case, it’s outdated. Fr. William Young celebrates a daily 12:00 pm TLM at St. Mary Star of the Sea in Sausalito.

    • Fredi,
      That means there are no more Traditional Latin Mass in SF now. They are only available in Palo Alto and Sausalito. I’m sure Abp Cordileone can do better. He likes the Latin Mass.

  5. If informing people is “promoting” I guess they’re promoting the Latin Mass, but it certainly could have been a lot stronger. It would, if successful, be a positive step in reforming the troubled diocese.

    • It is up to each person who is interested in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (Latin) to actively promote it. As members of the Body of Christ, we each have an obligation to do our own parts, and not expect others to do it.

      This includes attendance at this Form of Mass.
      Lip service only means this form will fail in the USA.

      If there is significant interest (via a petition) in the EF at your Parish, contact your Parish Priest and afterward your Diocese Bishop. The Vatican has left this up to each Priest as to whether or not he wants to learn and say the Mass in Latin.

  6. Charles in CenCA says:

    God bless Abp. C, thanks Singing Mum and Dr. Mahrt!

  7. Archbishop Cordileone needs to bring in more orthodox priests he can find from outside the Archdiocese to help him. I think he should invite both the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and the Institute of Christ the King into the Archdiocese. Give one of them the empty St. Vincent Home for Boys in Marin to have as a sort of West Coast headquarters.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Its not that easy as ‘giving them’.. The Church would need to sell it to them. But an invitation is always a first step, as you say.

  8. St. Christopher says:

    The established times show only one regularly scheduled Sunday TLM during a convenient time (and another in the late afternoon). If Archbishop Cordileone means to advance the TLM, he needs to minimally: (1) schedule a regular Sunday TLM in the main church of St. Mary’s; (2) institute a required study of Latin and Greek and the traditional sacraments at each of the seminaries where he has jurisdiction; (3) speak to each pastor of each church in his diocese to see whether they can also immediately schedule a TLM on Sunday, and (4) to train willing priests to do so. The Archbishop can do great things but he must do so immediately, and publicly.

    • I totally agree with most of you. Let us pray for Archbishop C to have the guidance and grace from the Holy Spirit to fully implement Summorum Pontificum in all parishes so that people in each parish who loves the TLM may be able to bring back the glory and praise to God. I know of a priest who can say TLM, Novus Ordo, and hear confessions in English, Spanish and German. Help me pray that my letter to the Archbishop Cordileone would reach him. He would be an excellent addition to his diocese he is still young and can travel where ever he is sent. Being holy and with a sense of humor, he would be good for all ages and being trilingual makes him adaptable to many.

    • St. Chris, don’t advise us on what you think the Archbishop should do. Contact him directly at his Diocese office.
      If you believe strongly, you have not taken care of your own responsibility if you have not contacted the Abp’s office.

  9. Frederick Hass says:

    I believe that there is also a weekly Latin Mass at St Mary Magdalene in Oakland and also one in Petaluma.

    • Yes, Frederick. But Oakland is a separate diocese from SF. And Petaluma belongs to Santa Rosa diocese, not SF. This report is outdated. Fr. Young who used to celebrate the TLM at Holy Redeemer and Immaculate Conception has moved to Sausalito and now saying his Masses there.
      Hopefully there would be Sunday TLMs at the National Shrine of St. Francis (near Chinatown), since one of the friars there is able to celebrate it and will be celebrating after the Walk for Life.

  10. Many thanks to the Archdiocese for including the Masses in a more prominent and easily navigable location. However, as Fredi states above, the information is dated. The weekday Low Mass is now said at St. Mary Star of the Sea in Sausalito and the Mass at Immaculate Conception is, at last word, said only three Sundays of the month

    We are awaiting information on a new San Francisco TLM in a prominent church and, we all hope, at a “family friendly” hour on Sunday mornings.

    And don’t forget tomorrow’s Traditional Latin Mass at the National Shrine of St. Francis at 5 PM and after the Walk for Life. The Shrine is located on Vallejo at Columbus in North Beach–just across the street from the Trieste!

  11. It would be nice to see some signs of similar Catholic liturgical life in Socal as well.

  12. Thank you Archbishop Cordileone. I think that if the Nuncio proposed and the Holy Father appointed exclusively priests that have themselves offered both forms of the Catholic liturgy, Summorum Pontificum would be obeyed in no time. Same thing for promotion to Cardinal. His Excellency Cordileone was a wonderful appointment.

  13. Archbishop Cordileone is doing this quietly but appropriately. He has assigned my Pastor at Star of the Sea in S.F. to study and prepare to offer the TLM at our parish. Pray for him to continue down this track.
    Praise the Lord.

  14. Stephanie says:

    This is really generous of the Archdiocese. Four Latin masses in four parishes!

  15. No surprise, Archbishop Cordileone is a BIG supporter of the Latin Mass. He has even celebrated the Novus Ordo in Latin. Hopefully the FSSP can make inroads up there.

    • The late Bishop John Ward of Los Angeles said the novus ordo in Latin at the eleven oclock Mass. Wow, how it all would have been different had he been elevated to follow Cdl Manning instead of Roger Mahony! What a difference a good bishop can make!!! I’d say Ward might have been a bit on the holy side … simply in his interpersonal goodness, at least as I found it to be.

      • Tavernier says:

        None came any finer than this wise and holy cleric… I served more then one Mass for this saintly man… and am honored to have known him.

  16. RIch Peterson says:

    Great, Great thank you Lord.
    It would also be nice to have the Latin Mass available on Sunday at an earlier time, maybe 7:00 a.m. or 9 a.m.

  17. This listing is neither new nor necessarily up to date. It was there under Abp. Niederauer, too. I called a couple of the churches to verify it some months or a year or so ago and found they didn’t have the Masses scheduled. St. Margaret Mary has an Extradordinary Form Mass ath 12:30PM on Sunday and at 6PM Monday through Friday and 10AM Saturday. The Sunday one is beautiful.

    And, yes, Most Holy Redeemer is the gay parish. One dreads to think what they may do in the name of Tridentine.

    One other note: Abp. Cordileone is known as one of the very few bishops who sometimes celebrates the Extraordinary Form himself. Wouldn’t that be something to see at the Cathedral!

  18. The Mass according to the 1962 Missal is not the same as the “Tridentine Mass” — one would think the Archdiocese would know this.

    St. Margaret Mary in Oakland does indeed have a very beautiful TLM, but that is not in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

    • All Extraordinary Forms of the Mass (Tridentine Mass / Latin only) are required to follow the 1962 Missal.
      All Ordinary Forms of the Mass (vernacular/any language) are required to follow GIRM – General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

      • These requirements for the Masses are directly from the Vatican. Anything else must be approved by the Vatican.

        • Same thing happened with Moses and the Tablets. Some issue about a golden calf back in the day with people frolicking around it instead of paying mind to God. But of course today God is not upset with this nonsense, because we are forgiven out sins and thus have no need to stop them … at least this seems to be the modern concept of Catholicism. It seems like a combination of a rehash of the Moses event with the advent of it’s ok because we now have Jesus, and so don’t worry your silly heads but just keep on partying out.

  19. This goes to show you the difference a good Bishop (leadership and support) can make.

    God Bless Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco, and others lilke him.

  20. Latin Mass is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of every month at St Catherine’s Burlingame at 4.30pm. All more than welcome.

  21. Plz be careful w/labels. Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has clearly stated that there is no such thing as a “Tridentine” Mass. It is called the Extraordinary Form. Don’t follow those who are in danger of becoming heretics for their misuse of language.

    • sam, the Pope never said that there is no such thing as a Tridentine Mass. Seems you’re confusing a technical term with a popular term. Everybody knows what a Tridentine Mass is, aka TLM which means Traditional Latin Mass, aka Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite aka EF. A poet penned the concept well, A rose is a rose by any other name. And since the Tridentine Mass is truly a rose, then perhaps it is what that poet had in mind.

  22. None of this is due to Archbishop Cordileone, guys.

    The Traditional Latin Mass has been celebrated here (and listed on this website as shown above) long before Archbishop Cordileone left Oakland and came to us.

    He may be doing new things now, but just ask Father Young and Father Goode when they started offering the TLM!

    • MackZ, you underestimate the leadership, authority and power of a Diocese Bishop.

      Those in SFO Diocese should be very greatful that they now have a good and faithful Archbishop.

      Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone is the only Diocese Bishop who spoke to the crowds at the west coast March for Life this past weekend. His special guest who also spoke was the US Papal Nuncio – with a message of encouragement from Pope Benedict.

      • I underestimate nothing.

        However, unlike some, I know that the TLM has been offered (and advertised) in the Archdiocese of San Francisco long before we warmly welcomed our new Archbishop.

        Time will tell — perhaps Archbishop Cordileone will make the TLM even more available to the faithful, but the fact remains that this movement in San Francisco did NOT begin with him.

        On the contrary, it was Archbishop Niederauer who asked his priests to learn Latin and to learn how to celebrate the TLM.

        • P.S. The acronym “SFO” used by some in here means “San Francisco International Airport.”

          If you want to abbreviate San Francisco, just use SF.

          This makes one look more well informed.

          • SFO is correct, Mackz; what it reflects is the hope that many bloggers have that gay SF will fly away soon.

        • Mackz, this post of yours, 3:12, is out of character. It is composed formally in a business like manner. You need to watch that; wait til you kick back and chill before posting, soz it sounds like your real self, instead of some corporation speek.

          • Yes, I was feeling very business likely when I wrote that post.

            Maybe because my dog was gazing at me with adoring eyes (and wondering to himself: why is that idiot at some dumb keyboard when we could be out romping in Golden Gate Park, chasing squirrels?).

      • Jim McCrea says:

        Young is no longer @ MHR and the Latin Mass is no longer celebrated there. He’s somewhere in Marin County now. The Archdiocese really needs to keep up with what is and is not happening in its parishes.

    • Dear Mackz,

      Before the motu propio, Summorum Pontificum, the Extraordinary Form was celebrated within the San Francisco diocese by Fr. Young in a mental health wing of a hospital every Friday morning. After the motu propio, the Extraordinary Form was then celebrated once a month at 6:30 in the evening by Fr. Young at Mater Dolorosa in South San Francisco. And only after Bishop Cordileone is the Extraordinary Form being celebrated in the diocese as widely as it is now.

      Viva o Bispo!

      • Richard,

        I’m sorry, but you are mistaken about the TLM here in our archdiocese.

        Long before Archbishop Cordileone became our ordinary, Father Goode was celebrating the TLM in East Palo Alto each Sunday, and Father Young was celebrating it at Holy Rosary Chapel in Marinwood each Sunday.

        In addition, Father Young celebrated the TLM daily at the parish where he lived, Most Holy Redeemer, and he continues this at his new parish in Sausalito.

        Also, there were celebrations each month, such as the one you mention in South San Francisco.

        Archbishop Cordileone may be able to make the TLM even more accessible now that he’s with us — but he was not the one who started the process here.

  23. Dave N and sam, I think you are both correct. John the XXIIIrds mass in the 1962 missal is close but not the same as the Tridentine Latin Mass. Most noteably is the removal of the second Confiteor and absolution just after the Priest receives Holy Communion and prior to distribution of Holy Communion to the faithful kneeling at the Communion Rail. The fact that BXVIth states that the Extra-Ordinary Form is not the Tridentine Latin Mass ought to be a clencher, an accepted no-brainer fact without hesitation or question of BXVIth’s word, and it should come to everyone’s belief that there are reasons for his saying that the Extra-Ordinary Form is not being identical to the Tridentine Latin Mass amongst Vatican 2r’s. I have also noted in the 1962 Marian Missals the removal of many Roman Catholic prayers especially all of the Litanies. Yes a big change did happen after V2, but it was small compared to the Novus Ordo service, subsequent modernization, and all of the 7 Holy Sacraments were changed, the first being the Sacrament of Holy Orders for Priests and Bishops. Christ innovated the Sacraments teaching His disciples the intent, form (prayers–specific empowering words), matter, and how to perform them. This was passed down for centuries dutifully by the generations of devout clergy before V2 in a manner called tradition that wasn’t recorded in the New Testament, nor did it have to be. May God help each of us learn the truth and find His Way to His Heavenly Abode.

    • Bruce, had nobody questioned what was alleged to have been said by Pope BXVI, then you would not have been motivated to inform us of whatever it is that you are informing us of … I’ll continue reading to find out exactly what … hopefully I’ll find something to fight about.

  24. Ooops, I also forgot one of the greatest forms of worship of our Lord that was also removed from the 1962 Marian Missal (and maybe other publications) was Benediction. Many V2rs probably haven’t a clue of what Benediction is or what it is all about. It is very beautiful, special, and reverent worship of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. However with statistics showing that only 1/3rd of V2rs believe in the Divine Presence (body, soul, and blood) in the Blessed Sacrament, why would they be interested in Benediction? The other morning as I was listening to EWTN, I heard it said that 17% of the world is considered catholic; however only 3 to 4% of those are truly practicing catholics. Pretty sad statistics eh! Seek God and you shall find Him, knock and the door will be opened to you, but be humble, reverent, fervent, devoted, and love God. May God bless and forgive us all.

    • Bruce, I am looking at the “1962 Roman Missal” as I am writing this.

      Mine is from BARONIUS PRESS. – “From the Editio Typica of the Roman Missal and Breviary, 1962; Summorum Pontificum Edition”.
      4th Edition, published in 2009.
      This Missal has all the things you say are missing from your Missal –
      Benediction, Litianies, etc. – which are not part of the Liturgy of the Mass itself.

      The Liturgy of the EF of the Mass should be the same in all 1962 Missals that have the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur on the copyright page.

      Rather than personal opinions that may or may not be in error, those who are interested can go to the Vatican web site, and search “Extraordinary Form of the Mass” and “Tridentine Form of the Mass” – same thing.

      • Well, it seems to me that Bruce has made an intro, and introduced some interesting insights and topics. Hopefully he will take up the challenge to help fill in many readers who likely wonder more and more what Tradition and tradition has for faithful Catholics.

        • Also, what is a “real” Catholic? 3% of one billion is only like 30 Million, which means we’re still ahead of the Mormons at least.

        • There are 110 separate paragraphs in the “CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition” using “tradition”.
          We don’t have to rely on the explanations of each other when we have the gift of the CCC directly from the Magisterium – which has no error.

          Reading and studying the CCC allows us to:
          1) evangelize accurately;
          2) be certain of accuracy or error when ALL others preach. make statements, or posts;
          3) and insures we will not commit the mortal sin of Scandal when we post as Catholics.

          Lent is coming up. Reading a Catholic Bible, and the CCC would be a great practice for Lent and the rest of our lives.

          In this Year of Faith, what is your Parish or Diocese doing so that you can gain the Plenary Indulgence attached to the Year of Faith – this would have to do with lectures on the CCC and Vatican Council II only?
          If nothing has been announced, contact your Diocese office for info on when and where. If they have not scheduled anything yet, ask them to do so.

          A good web site to read and pass on to others is: “What Catholics REALLY Believe SOURCE”.

  25. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    Archbishop Cordileone should go one step further and put parishes under the direct care of FSSP and Insitute of Christ the King


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