Packard Foundation report shows children crucial to California’s future

(From the folks who brought you easy abortion)
David and Lucille Packard - from Packard Foundation website

David and Lucille Packard – from Packard Foundation website

The following comes from a January 15 story on the site of the Catholic News Agency.

A new report has found “fresh impetus” for nurturing California children due to the combination of falling birthrates, retiring Baby Boomers, and reduced immigration in the state.

“Children have always been important and deserving of our most diligent care, but the stakes have never been higher,” read “California’s Diminishing Resource: Children,” released Jan. 8 by the Lucile Packard Foundation and the University of Southern California.

[CalCatholic editor: the Packard foundation has been a force in promoting abortion. See this link.]

The challenge is that the urgency of these issues is not yet recognized among all policymakers or the public at large,” the analysis noted.

“If California is to prosper in the decades to come, every child must have the necessary support and opportunities to become a maximally contributing member of society.”

The report urged that, “as the vital foundation for that success, California’s policies, programs and investments must promote the health and well-being of the state’s most valuable resource – its children.”

Demographers at the University of Southern California studied the changes in the child population of the state, and found startling figures. Children represent a shrinking portion of the state’s population, at the same time as there is an “upcoming major shift in the ratio of seniors to working age adults.”

….From 1970 to the present, the ratio of seniors to working adults has consistently been around 21 seniors per 100 working age adults. That ratio will increase to 28 in 2020, and to 36 in 2030. “These future, supporting adults are today’s children,” the report noted.

Children born in 2015 will have “fully twice the weight of social and economic responsibility” of children born in 1985, the report said.

The report finds that California women are not having enough children to maintain the state’s population. The “replacement rate” is 2.1 births per woman, a rate not seen in the state since 2000. At that time, the average lifetime births per woman were 2.14; in 2010 that rate fell to 1.94, and is projected to be 1.89 in 2020.

While 0.2 births per woman seems like a small change from 2000 to 2010, this figure “equates to roughly 1 million fewer children between ages of 0 and 9,” noted the report.

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  1. The Church has always been right. It supports the family, and has always been against abortion, contraception and voluntary sterilization.

    Adult humans are not mere animals and can control their urges to the appropriate times in their lives.

  2. And to think Obama and the Democrats are spending our tax dollars to support – abortion, contraception, and sterilization.
    What a bunch of idiots.
    They are destroying this Country in many ways.

    • Everone’s always attacking the Democrats — what about the Publican Party? The Church often disagrees with it, too, you know…

  3. What is that saying, you will reap what you sow. I hope all of those who promoted abortion will go to the first of the line when money runs out for healthcare and government benefits for seniors. Oh, but members of foundations have money and so they don’t depend on government assistance. They will not be required to just go home and deal with the pain of their illnesses. They won’t have to be forced into euthanasia programs. Their families won’t hear how because of their low life expediency they should just pull the plug. The money is needed for people with more valuable expectations. These people make me sick.

  4. The Soviet Union ran the same programs as this Packard program: They manipulated population numbers by abortion, pushing it at times and reducing it at times. They’d alternate the emphasis on abortion to suit their demands for how many workers they anticipated would be needed in their next five year plan.

  5. That’s a new term for the abortion juggernaut in the U.S., “abortion care,” as mentioned in the opening sentences from the blurb put out by the Packard Foundation linked to in the article above. And that’s some “care” the foundation is writing about. Talk about Orwellian! “Abortion care,” is that a gigantic oxymoron as well? After all, what could be more “caring” than slicing and dicing the unborn babes in the womb? The only thing more “caring” that I can think of was the Nazi’s use of the priceless phrase “ARBEIT MACHT FREI,” which means “LABOR WILL MAKE (YOU) FREE,” as used by them at Buchenwald and other concentration camps. The poor Jews went into the camps probably half-believing it And then came the eventual poison gas and ovens. Now THAT’S what I call REAL “caring” & “CAREGIVING.” So then, we have the poor pregnant girls coming into the abortion murder mills to be relieved of their “problem,” and the killer enablers that work in them will tell the girls that each precious unborn babe made in the IMAGE AND LIKENESS of God Himself is nothing more than “blobs of tissue.” No guilt, no problem. NOT! Terrible consequences ensue. GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

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COMMENTS POLICY: Comments are limited to 250 words, and should not contain offensive or libelous language. Please strive to be civil. All comments are subject to approval by our moderator and to editing as the moderator deems appropriate. Inclusion of your email address is optional.