CA bishops weigh in on U.S. and California politics

Government spending, education, violence, healthcare

Excerpted from the website of the California Catholic Conference, the political action arm of the state’s bishops.

Politics in Washington, D.C., seems to have given way to permanent brinkmanship and zero-sum battles between the extreme elements of both parties. In fact, the 112th Congress has been labeled by many Senators and House members as one of the least effective in U.S. history.

Congress failed to settle much of anything, for instance, in its self-created fiscal cliff crisis that played out during the Christmas season. Aside from extending tax cuts for most Americans, little else was solved and spending discussions were simply pushed off to March – ensuring another self-created crisis.

The list of issues needing bipartisan debate and reform – immigration, taxes, assistance programs for those in need, agriculture, infrastructure – continues to grow. Many of them will continue to be derailed by self-imposed crises. Meanwhile the economy continues to improve and unemployment is slowly diminishing but joint, non-partisan action to address long term issues such as Medicare doesn’t look promising.

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, the Federal program that authorizes and funds state programs such as CalWORKS, should have been reauthorized in 2010. Congress is yet to act on it as well. As states struggle to provide help for families impacted by the Great Recession, lack of action continues to impact the poor and vulnerable.

The Elementary and Secondary Schools Act is also long overdue for action. The legislation sets standards for schools around the nation, yet it was last comprehensively updated by Congress in 2007.

With the massacre of children and educators in Newtown, Connecticut, a national discussion on guns and violence appears to be starting.

The U.S. Bishops issued a statement calling for a serious look at violence in society and national policies that will strengthen regulations of firearms and improve access to health care for those with mental health needs.

Most seem to be waiting for the result of the Presidential Commission before forecasting the course of this debate.

To read the full statement, click here:

Government spending and taxes will stay at the top of the political agenda – in California, the U.S. and globally – as the world recovers from the Great Recession. But lawmakers in California at least are openly relishing the opportunity to talk about something other than budget for the first time in years.

Governor Brown has already signaled he wants to look at education funding – targeting more support for California’s highest-need students and actually giving local schools districts more leeway. Perhaps reflecting his early seminary days, Governor Brown often cites the Catholic principles of a preferential option for the poor and subsidiarity in making this argument.

However, an early test of both the supermajority and voter approval of Proposition 30 in November – will be how much of the new revenue goes to “paying back” education and how much goes to funding current programs.

(Since 1998, under voter-approved Prop 98, 40 percent of all state funding must go to education. In the event that level is not reached, a complicated formula determines how much the state must “payback” to schools in subsequent years. )

Because so much of the budget is pre-ordained in ways similar to Prop 98 limits, much of the reduced government spending during the recession was made in safety-net programs. Lawmakers have lowered the amount of time people can receive assistance, reduced or eliminated large portions of Medi-Cal and drastically cut childcare, home health care and senior services to name just a few of the programs that have been drastically scaled back in recent years.

Lawmakers have been discussing the possibility of major reforms in the safety-net program for some time now and may take a fresh look at the option this year.

Concurrently, the Federal Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) which sets minimum standards for aid and provides Federal funds is long-overdue for renewal by the U.S. Congress and may guide any major state reform.

Federal action is also critical in the setting up of California’s health care exchange as mandated by the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The state has moved quickly to implement its own insurance market place. Other states have allowed the Federal government to do that for them.

Other issues likely to arise throughout the year include state realignment, especially in regarding to shifting prisoners from state to local control; the rights of and services for the homeless; and water issues, which often doesn’t receive much public attention, but are a central driver in California politics.

To date, seven bills specifically related to immigration have been introduced in this new legislative session. Bills cover a variety of topics, including issuance and eligibility for driver’s licenses, a possible new governmental “Office of New Americans” and a new resolution calling for improved federal immigration policy reforms.

To read the full statement, click here:

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  1. why are the bishops worried about violence in society, immigration, education for children, and helping the needy?

    they should focus on the TLM and more incense. and more lace on albs. and putting the tabernacle in the right spot.

    • Good ideas, Max, because in Masses such as the ones you mentioned, the Faith is actually taught and adherence to ALL the Commandments are taught without omitting the ones against fornication, adultery, sodomy and abortion as is done in many post Vatican II Masses. At least that has been my experience.

      • Does the devil hate the Latin Mass?

        Taken from: Unam Sanctam Catholicam 1-13-08

        “Many Trads are familiar with the following phrase: “Don’t worry, the devil hates Latin, too.” It is a humorous little jab at those who in the past four decades have effectively pushed for the de facto outlawing of Latin in the Latin Rite and have treated those who adhere to the Church’s perennial and universal language as reactionary inquisitors from a bygone age. But, beyond the obvious implication in the statement (that those who want to do away with Latin are in league with the devil), we must ask ourselves, does the devil really hate Latin?

        I have seen some interesting articles on the fact that Latin, when used in exorcism rites, seems to upset the demons more than the vernacular. I guess there are some theological reasons why the devil would be opposed to Latin, but the fact of the matter is that we have no way of knowing what Satan really thinks about the issue. However, while doing some research on Satanism recently, I found out some interesting things about what the Church of Satan does.

        The Church of Satan, founded by Antony LaVey in the 1960′s, uses for its service a parody of the Catholic Mass called the black mass. For many years, the black mass was a combination of English, Latin and French (the first black mass called the Missa Solemnis was promulgated in 1970). This earliest black mass used several Latin phrases, such as “In nomine Domini Dei nostri Satanae Luciferi Excelsi.” What is more interesting is that in 1986, the Church of Satan promulgated a new order of the black mass called the Missa Niger which is done entirely in Latin. That’s right, the Church of Satan does their liturgy entirely in Latin! The mass ends with the words, “Ave Satanas!” an inversion of Christ’s words to Satan in Matthew 4:10 (“Vade, Satanas!). Apparently, the devil does not hate Latin as much as we thought!

        This is in fact a backhanded compliment to Latin. The devil does not imitate false things: he imitates true things, so as to more easily deceive people. There is no “black praise and worship service to Satan” based on Protestant models, but there is a black mass, which is a parody of the Catholic Mass, because the devil only apes that which has some substance to it. The fact that the Satanists value Latin ought to show us that there is true power in a Latin liturgy, otherwise the devil would not want to make use of it.

        Interestingly enough, the Wikipedia article on Satanism makes the following observation regarding desecration of hosts:

        Given the modern practices of the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, which permits parishioners to receive the host in the hand, it is possible to steal a host in that manner. Though priests and eucharistic ministers are cautioned to be on the look out for persons who do not immediately consume the host, there are usually too many parishioners at any given Mass or Communion Service to ensure that no hosts are stolen in this manner.”

        • People stole the host before, too. There have been Eucharistic miracles that occured like the one in Alatri where in the 1200s a girl held a host in her mouth until she could put it in a cloth without detection. She did this at the bidding of a sorceress, to perform a ritual to make a man fall in love with her. Three days later, when she opened the cloth within which she concealed the host, she found bleeding flesh. The incarnated host is kept in a chapel at Alatri’s Cathedral of St. Paul the Apostle.

        • Maryanne Leonard says:

          Catherine, excellent post. I believe that we do not and cannot know what Satan prefers other than the gathering of souls. However, it is a sinner’s unintended compliment that those who join in worship of the devil find the Catholic Mass more worthy of emulating and distorting than the Protestant services that abound in our country and seem much more like speech contests and talent shows at the local down home country club than dignified worship services worthy of Our Lord or even the Christian faith itself, with its rich legacy and powerful meaning at every step of the way. Strangely, I also feel that the Satanists’ thefts of the host, as dastardly and reprehensible as they are, in a twisted way reveal an underlying acknowledgement of what the host indeed is. For people to go to the trouble to join in the defiling of the host and attend Masses worshipping the Price of Darkness shows a tragically twisted type of insanity but also betrays a deep need to worship and thus a hope for the possible eventual redemption of the souls of even such profoundly damaged evil-worshippers. Therefore, it is fully logical to conclude that there is hope for us all. I am overjoyed to discover again and again that our wonderful Catholic Church rests securely on the foundation of faith and reason, and that even the mad recognize that this is indeed the Church of Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Let us pray for the redemption of these poor, demented and truly insane fellow human beings who have been, for time, drawn to the darkness, and perhaps for eternity, will find salvation in the truth and light of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

        • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

          In 1972, when I was the Republican Nominee for Congress in the CA 19th CD, I was told by the police that, even then, the Satan worshipers were paying over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A CATHOLIC CONSECRATED HOST!

          When, inspired by the Holy Spirit, I asked them what they were paying for an Anglican host, without hesitation they responded “Nothing”!

          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
          Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Anne T.

        Excellent wisdom Anne T. !

        Truly one of your finest posts!

        • Very interesting indeed. Another reason to encourage taking the Host on the tongue, too. C.S.Lewis said there’s a danger from not believing in the devil, to believing in him too much. Catherine’s post was ‘just right’!

          • PS. Speak of the devil, this just in from Bill Donahue …just google ” Satanism Linked to Serial Crimes”… I don’t know if any of you have been following the Jimmy Seville case? The pedophile from BBC. It turns out he was a satanist as well as pop entertainer on the BBC for many years. Also, I just got an email from a friend that says Jane Fonda is playing Nancy Reagan in a movie. How weird is that?

    • Jesus tells us, max, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and then all else shall be added”. Jesus also emphasizes this, in the “Eleventh and greatest commandment”, “Worship God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and then your neighbor as yourself” (note to max, “and then your neighbor”. This is why the TLM is critical. I am however with max on the issue of lace … doesn’t cut it in my opinion because this formerly understood symbology is lost today. But the incense is better than the cheap perfumes that people often bring with them, and the incense and other such things of the liturgy help direct people away from the mundane and towards God … max sees Mass as a social hour, but it is not … Read St Paul on the topic max, and try real hard to understand what he means in those few sentences about partying out somewhere other than in Mass.

      • Your post was excellent too, Skai! But it was good max gave us the impetus by cranking out his flippant response. He’s like a glass of white wine at the beginning of a party. heh heh

        • Abeca Christian says:

          I prefer red wine…white wine has no health benefits..

          • haha. But red wine gives me a headache.

          • Take an aspirin, Dana, before you drink any red wine, and you should not get the headache.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Dana only the cheap red wines but if you buy the ones with points 90 or more you should be OK. I found that some were cheap but the good ones didn’t affect me…one glass is healthy. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to find some good ones. : )

        • The solution to the wine dilemma is ale.

        • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

          With max (lower case “m”) it is more like stale beer!

          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
          Kenneth M. Fisher

          • Okay, I’ll try some red wine sometime…but if I get a hangover I’m sending it via cyberspace to y’all in California…especially if you live in Napa valley. ;o) What are points, Abeca?

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Dana it is how they rate good wine. I don’t know how to explain it but usually the better the wine, the higher the points. It has certain ratings that they go by. Just don’t buy cheap wine, it can give you a super had headache and I think it is due to higher sulfates. Maybe you can buy an organic wine with no sulfates. Whole Foods has some of those.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            oh yea I;m with Mr fisher, stay away from stale beer. LOL heehee ha ha

  2. “The U.S. Bishops issued a statement calling for a serious look at violence in society”: What arrogance of these people to tell the nation that it does not take violence seriously!!! If the bishops want to lead the way in stopping violence, then they need to stop abortion.

    • I agree Skai. Had the bishops issued a statement to the effect that violence is a natural outgrowth in a nation that not only permits but encourages the violent deaths of its own children. By taking a political solution to this evil, the bishops further weaken society’s expectation of a religious and God-given solution. It would seem natural to me for bishops to always identify with a higher authority, our Lord Jesus Christ and ‘drop’ His name as often as possible. It reminds me of an C of E rector I encountered in one of England’s beautiful cathedrals and I said how fortunate people were to worship God in such holy surroundings and he seemed taken aback as though he’d forgotten it was more than just a tourest attraction. His reply was such that I was to feel like a ‘typical religous fanatic’ and he asked if I was one of those born again Americans, his lip curled with disdain.

      • Anonymous says:

        The bishops have been saying that for years. “Confronting a Culture of Violence: A Catholic Framework for Action” 1994 would be an example

        • The problem, Anon, is the dispirited theology which the bishops demonstrate consistently. It is a heresy because Jesus is both man and God… the bishops however don’t indicate that He is man; this explains why these men do not do anything other than issue words all the time, most of the time which are open to any whatsoever kind of interpretation. Jesus both man and God actually did things other than talk.

          • Anonymous says:

            Skai? Really? Accusing the bishops of heresy? Of not believing Jesus is both God and man? We will put this in your whopper file.

      • Maryanne Leonard says:

        Pray for the return of all Church of England adherents to come home to the Catholic Church. I can’t imagine a Catholic priest ever having such a reaction or making anyone feel uncomfortable about their faith. Remember too that these Anglican priests have been impacted by growing up and living as adults in a counry basically hostile to Christianity, to say nothing of their history of alienation from their Catholic heritage, thanks to Henry VIII. The sins of the fathers . . .

        • That would truly be a wonderful thing, Maryanne. England has forgotten that it is the Dowery to Our Lady, long before the protestants claimed St. George.

    • Our country does not take violence seriously. Among the industrialized nations of the world, there is no doubt that we have the most violence. I know people who are afraid to visit this country because of the violence. Violence has become a cultural thing; movies, computer games for kids that involve killing to win, gangs in the streets and in the schools, gun packing thugs, and the list goes on. As people of God, the Bishops, and we should support them, bring the issue to our attention. As Christians, we should try to find the root causes of these problems and eradicate them. Why do we have violence, poverty, poor healthcare for millions, etc.? Maybe we should start with prayer and ask for help in our journey to a more perfect union!

      • Bob One writes……”I know people who are afraid to visit this country because of the violence.”

        Response: If you’ve known Bob that we are afraid, then why did you forget to mention us?

        Protect us! Please do not leave us out! Speak up for us! We have no voice!


        The millions of little people who have been slaughtered by the violence of abortion and the unborn little people who still have life within their mother’s womb who also have a good reason to fear that same violence.

      • There will only perfect unity in the country Bob One, when we are a nation of authentic Catholics….

      • Bob One, The big elephant in the fear china shop is the mantra that the USA is a violent place: False, almost all the violence happens in the gang turfs. Take that number of murders out of the formula and you see that the USA is one of the most peaceful nations on earth. Guns in the hands of Americans prevent two and a half million violent crimes each year according to a recent university study. Without these guns, the USA would have not only these violent crime victims but millions more as well since the criminals would have no hesitation against an unarmed society.

        • Not only that, but from direct observation: When I was growing up in Los Angeles, it was common to see pick up trucks with gun racks in their rear windows … with long guns sitting in them, usually two or three. In those days there was no need to lock the front door, and you could leave the keys in the car in your driveway without worrying about it. You have to ask yourself why. Even earlier than that, during WWII when millions of men were away from home, and millions of women and children were without that protection, and Americans owned countless rifles and pistols, why didn’t the criminal element thrive? Ask yourself if it might have been for the same reason that Japan feared to invade the USA … because of all those guns among the citizens.

    • Skai, doesn’t the prevalence of abortion in this country prove that it does not take violence seriously?

      • Exactly what I’ve been saying, Brian S. And the reason is that the bishops do not take abortion seriously …if they would lead as they are called to do by the Pope and by God, then they would end abortion. But I see how you’ve caught a grammatical error in my post; I should have been more clear: The bishops arrogantly presume that no one in this nation takes violence seriously. Many people do and many there are who see abortion as violence and that much of the other categories of violence stem from such a social institution. Historically, the USA society has rejected violence, and they, as God is accounted as doing not infrequently, have used violence to stop or minimize violence.

        • Can’t agree with you there – America loves violence. Our arch-type is even the western gunfighter.

          • Brian, there’s an ironic/satiric video going around showing the various film people from that anti-gun video ad followed by film clips of ALL of them in various horribly violent films. The schitzophrenic attitude of hollywood must be seen to be believed. I think they create a taste for violence in young people to fuel their pocketbooks. Hollywood to me is synonymous with vulgar naked greed, the likes the world has never seen, unleashing a depravity and sick hunger for ever more violence. I think hollywood should be leashed, just like they were in the thirties. Obviously they’re unable to police themselves as they’re all such neurotic, pathetic individuals… who if they weren’t making their pathological little movies , would have been in mental hospitals in a saner, more moral age.

    • Laurette Elsberry says:

      You beat me to it, Brian S. What can be more violent than tearing up millions of live babies in the womb or burning them to death? The bishops have very little interest in this type of violence. Well, maybe some of them do but the bishops’ conferences, like the California Catholic Conference (CCCB) of Bishops, barely gives abortion a nod. It’s not politically correct. It will be interesting to see what the CCCB does with the state government since ALL elected officials are pro-abortion, even the Latino legislators, all Democrats, of course.

    • Kell Brigan, Carmichael CA says:

      Ah, yes… Abortion… A lazy person’s excuse for never having to get off their arse and think about anything else.

      Give. It. A. Rest. If you can’t hold more than one idea in your head at a time, there’s no point in your saying anything.

      Holy crap, you’re bashing the Bishops because they’re taking a stand on controversial issues, and trying to set reasonable priorities. At this point, if a Bishop said the sky is blue you’d have a hissy fit.

      Absolutely ridiculous.

      • My, but your inspirational contribution makes us all want to repent and change our ways. You sound like someone who would enjoy speaking at a Univ.San Diego event!

  3. John Feeney says:

    Blaming guns or any other inanimate object for evil is superstition and therefore contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. And just for the record, semi-automatic firearms (falsly referred to as “Assault Weapons”) have been available for over 100 years and so called high capacity magazines have been around for over 80 years. Now, after over 80 years, these items are now being referred to as The Big Problem causing violence? That doesn’t make sense. It’s not a gun problem, it’s a people problem!

    • Have you read Father Z’s really good article on the ‘assault’ rifle? It was on his blog yesterday and good reading it was. “What does the prayer really say?” is the name of his blog I believe. It’s one of my favorites! (among many many other fans)

      • No, but I just read Fr. Z’s blog on his day at a SWAT shooting range … with pistols. “We identified two problems I had,… one with my trigger pull”; now let’s read one from Sergeant Frank Smith, Dragnet, “Uhm hmn”. I think former USMC drill sergeant and Dragnet’s Joe Friday would concur, “Fr. Z, your whole problem can be solved by referring to “trigger squeeze, not pull”. I, myself, was cured of this “pull” problem on the 1911 .45 semi-auto pistol range by a kindly range instructor, whose paws landed out of the blue on my trigger finger which at the time was inside the trigger guard and busy “pulling” the trigger; I do not know where these guys get their grip but after a brief but almost infinite moment of what could be called bone crunching instruction, I never ever agains ever “pulled” a trigger on a rifle or handgun (shotguns requiring pulling rather than squeezing). The rifle and pistol call for “aiming and squeezing”; whereas the shotgun calls for “pointing and pulling” (the exception being using slug ammo with a sight or scope for game animals and not winged animals or clay pigeons). Now, if any reader doubts my respect for Catholic clergy, and realizes I have a drive to criticize, then please note the difference here with my other blogs.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      My goodness, John, what a powerful observation. Thank you.

  4. “Perhaps reflecting his early seminary days, Governor Brown …” I don’t know what the bishops are thinking, but the governor has long since forgotten his Jesuit training (on second thought…) when he supported gay marriage, abortion, etc, etc.
    What the bishops do not say is what they haven’t done to rectify things in California (et al). Imposing Canon 915 on the governor, Pelosi, the Sanchez sisters, John Perez, etc, would be a start, but not a word from ANY of them. Little do the bishops realize is that these same people (and a lot of them are catholic – lower case on purpose) are part of the problem and are not the answer.
    Talk, talk, talk – it’s almost as bad as rolling over and playing dead hoping that some of these politicians might throw you a bone. Making nice with the politicians only loses the respect of the laity.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Every time these “shepherds” allow the sacriligeous desecration of the Most Blessed Sacrament by not enforcing Canon 915, they are makin their holes in HELL even deeper, pray for them.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  5. Raising the debt celing will only allow the government to provide more funds to Planned Parrenthood abortuaries and more money to coerce pro-life governments to promote abortion by borrowing more money!

    • We all need to know this fact. Raising the debt ceiling does not provide any new spending for planned parenthood or any other cause. It only allows the government to raise more cash to pay bill we have already racked up. Think of it this way: you have maxed out your credit card and don’t have enough money each month to pay the minimum monthly payment. You go to your boss and get a raise. That doesn’t give you any more money to spend, it only gives you money to use to pay off your credit card. Raising the debt ceiling does not provide money for spending on anything but our already too high debt.

      • You just believe anything Obama says eh Bob One……

      • No, Bob 1, it’s like this scenario…you’re a self absorbed junkie intent on feeding your habit. You’ve borrowed from all your friends, your family hides when they see you coming up the walk because you’ve taken their hard earned cash and never paid them back, and now you’ve figured out a way to gouge people by holding them up and threatening them and shaking them down for every penny to keep fueling your insatiable need. That’s obama, and the monkey on his back are political hacks and dark and terrible fiends plotting to destroy this country. That’s it, in a nutshell.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Let’s take a look at the other “political hacks” who have been self absorbed junkies who threaten others by raising the debt ceiling:
          Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and yes, Barack Obama.

          Where were your accusations when they were president and raising the debt ceiling?

  6. Larry from RI says:

    Are you sure this article came from the California Catholic Bishops and not from the Democratic National Committee????????

  7. COMMUTATIVE JUSTICE without which no other form of justice is possible, must be at the top of the list.
    Paying bills owed must be a top priority for both the Federal and CA State governments – this includes: not over-spending their income (even if cuts in non-essential services are necessary); getting rid of all waste; not hiring so many government employees or promising many of the paper pushers higher wages and benefits.

    QUOTE – - – CCC: ” 2411 Contracts are subject to commutative justice which regulates exchanges between persons and between institutions in accordance with a strict respect for their rights.
    Commutative justice obliges strictly;
    it requires safeguarding property rights, paying debts, and fulfilling obligations freely contracted.
    Without commutative justice, no other form of justice is possible.
    One distinguishes commutative justice from legal justice which concerns what the citizen owes in fairness to the community, and from distributive justice which regulates what the community owes its citizens in proportion to their contributions and needs. ” – - – UNQUOTE.

    In addition when businesses are over-taxed they will not be in a position to hire and expand. This harms those in need of jobs.

    If the Bishops are truly concerned about violence they should be speaking about:
    1) ‘illegal drugs’;
    2) ‘violence on TV, games, movies and the internet that teach our children violence is an acceptable form of behavior’;
    3) and parental responsibility regarding all of the above, and to teach their children according to the CCC.
    These cause the destruction of families. These cause violence. These destroy lives. – Not knives, baseball bats, guns, cars, and other innanimate objects.

    • In addition the Bishops could recommend that other than basic food, non-designer basic clothing, and in-expensive basic shelter – that all assistence programs should be re-examined and re-defined so that waste is cut from assistance programs. This would allow each tax dollar to reach more of those truly in need.
      Those with $$$$$$ in the bank or stocks/bonds or other investments should not be receiving assistance, until that money is gone. Those living in homes worth more than $250,000 should not receive housing assistance.
      Government assistance for other than the minimum basics drives up the prices on necessities for all families.

      Each of us should clean out our closets, garages, and other storage areas and give all unnecessary clothing, canned food we will not use, toys, etc., to St. Vincent de Paul Society or another local charity.
      Why don’t Bishops teach basic “subsidiarity” (CCC #1883, 1885, 1894, 2209) from the pulpits instead of running to a government all the time ? ? ? ? ?

      • Oscar, I wonder where you live. In California $250,000 won’t buy minimum shelter in most parts of the state. In the Bay Area, in some of our cities, $400K is considered affordable housing for which cities then help you with the payments, etc. because there are no cheaper homes. If you go to for San Francisco homes under $250K you will find that there are a couple of condos of 500 sq. ft available but that is about it. That is about the size of a typical garage.

        • Bob One, why is it the 3 of the “bluest” states in the nation CA, NY and Illinois are all teetering on bankruptcy ????

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Dear Canisius: I don’t know anything about NY or IL, but CA is projected to have a surplus this year. Thank you.

          • YFC… As of last August California unfunded pension liabilities were over $884 Billion that’s called unsustainable and insolvency I am willing to bet the “projected surplus” are nothing but accounting gimmicks for the uneducated public to believe, right back at you with pure facts….

          • Canisius has it down. State accounting techniques are the equivalent of federal creation of fiat money. People who gobble up Harry Potter magic also gobble up what the govt tells them.

        • Where I live $250,000 gets you a 5 bedroom, 3 bath 3500 sq ft house or better.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            wow k that is cheap…wish that was the reality in my area…whew way too expensive here

          • You would like it here. It is very conservative politically and socially, 95% Christian, although Catholics are less than 2% of the population. Homeschooling is supported. Your kids would probably not like the change, though. It is pretty boring compared to a big city like San Diego. Our zoo has some wolves, a racoon, an owl, a hawk and some river otters. It had a bear that they caged when it wandered in to the park but it died.

          • Maryanne Leonard says:

            What part of the country is that, k?

          • South

        • Bob One –
          When people need basic shelter, it is merely for protection from the weather and a place to keep necessities.
          They need the minimum # of sq feet – about the size of a garage that you mentioned is perfect.
          (In fact homeless shelters are merely a bed, and some common areas. And the poor in Haiti would love to live in something the size of a garage. Americans are spoiled.)
          When people want comfort and luxery they can work for it themselves.
          $250,000 from the taxpayers is generous.
          Obama providing people with expensive/fancy cell phones, designer clothing, etc is out as well.

  8. Violence in society has to be considered separately from the idea of
    “gun control”. Teaching people to forego violent solutions to problems has to be done in the home, supplemented by moral education in schools, with some meaningful consequences when students are violent. I have heard of far too many completely idiotic enforcement actions in public schools. A good teacher is not necessarily a good administrator, and it certainly shows in the fact that no matter how much money is thrown at education it doesn’t get any better. Taking God out takes away any meaningful moral education whatsoever. Secularism is now the norm, and religion deemed offensive by a single person gets it excluded. The bishops undoubtedly know all of this, but fail to lead for some reason. Making statements is just a hollow gesture, but it is meaningless overall.

  9. Fr. Richard Perozich says:

    What about the president’s support for homosexual behavior in all of society, redefinition of marriage, homosexual adoptions, suppression of Catholic social services for adoption, health care, and other areas, the HHS interference with Catholic faith and suppression of Catholic right to freedom of religion, etc. It seems as if those responsible for this letter are getting their info from the news media or rather than from prayer and Holy Church. Satan is gaining power through government, and the church needs to speak to that no matter how much derision she will take for doing so.

    • Fr. Perozich, if you click on the link in the middle of the article, it talks about those things under the Supreme Court section.

  10. The bishops “reform” issues are the same as the Democratic Party.

    The Bishops are not concerned about the killing of unborn children or the destruction of family life or the value of marriage.

    A corrupt clergy is what we have.

    • Eric Augustine says:

      The last sentence says it all – They seem like businessman never to be disobeyed and then they wonder where all the church members are and why the collection plates are empty – Give, Give and Give – no more!!!!

  11. “In fact, the 112th Congress has been labeled by many Senators and House members as one of the least effective in U.S. history. … Congress failed to settle much of anything”

    That government which governs least, governs best

  12. I guess because a gun is not used in collapsing the skull of a fetus and suctioning it out of the uterus it is not considered “violent”.

    • You are right, Peggy.

      A friend even showed me a “Hello Kitty” pink rifle — or at least that’s what it looked like — to make shooting more attractive to children.

      That’s American ingenuity for you!

      • Abeca Christian says:

        yea right max. I like Hello Kitty (and I use to surf too) and I have never seen one…where do you come up with these things?

        Well if it’s true, then I gladly thinks it’s good for girls to learn early on how to defend themselves!!!!!! Especially from creeps, I don’t want any girl to grow up being afraid to use a gun to protect themselves. It can be a phobia for some and if one is not afraid, they can actually use it correctly in an Emergency.

        We can’t fear things that can actually help, if one gets too fearful they can actually accidentally shoot themselves. Also I think it’s proper to teach kids good gun responsibility. Respect the weapon and it will respect you. Many kids think they are toys and don’t treat it with respect. So it is best to be open minded and allow kids to be responsible gun owners at a young age, should they ever grow up and want to own one, then they will be responsible citizens. Showing them to respect human dignity and respecting any weapon is key! There are tons and tons of responsible law abiding citizens who own guns. I appreciate them!

        • You’re great Abeca! HAHA. Now that is a great marketing ploy. Think of the statistics of violence against women, how they’d start tanking when women all carried their little pink assault rifles. Heck, if a 22 came in varicolored tiny flower patterns, I’d buy one myself!
          My husband made several WWI canon and tank,(not full size! ) and they’re so beautiful they look like jewelry. All made on his forge… amazing!

          • One neighbor’s wife is a crack shot, and carries a small hammerless .357 magnum revolver, almost concealable in her closed hand. One dumdum round from that would explode an attacker’s liver or heart and stop him in his tracks.

          • Yep, I checked. Dana, there are gun shops which can apply camo coatings to firearms. Just explain to them about applying a floral print. Actually floral prints, if not containing sharp colors such as red or orange, make for excellent camoflage.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Dana yessiree bob, wait and see, there may be a manufacturer that will produce such a gun and have classes of self defense too for woman….sounds like a taker! Yip I’m totally girly but I do respect the gun, great tool to use as a defense, now if only good people were trained not to fear it. We can save more lives. Taking lessons sounds good to me, I’ll be planning that someday for me. I’m not getting any younger and being petite as i am, I don’t want any one to target me. Plus it would be good to protect my Lil ones too….I may not own a gun right now but I do support the NRA. I also am strong in supporting people’s right to bear arms.

          • Yesiree Billy Bob, manufacturers indeed make long guns for women and kids, and also the stocks can be customized to fit the size of the individual.

        • Some high schools around the nation continue with marksmanship programs, with rifle ranges on campuses. These sports use .22 caliber. I recall college roomies back in the day who were members of their respective high school shooting teams. Never heard of any problems stemming from those activities.

      • The pink firearms are for females, max, both girls and women. Dana, you might do a search for some flower pattern on a nice .22, or have one customized for you in your own designer coloring. Maybe there is a pink camo model out there somewhere. Or you could buy the mylar pattern and affix it to the firearm of your choice (but I wouldn’t advise affixing the leftover material to your hubby’s WWI cannon (note: two “n” letters).

        • Good tips, all round! My niece, who is just a little wisp of a blond thing, has a license to carry, and I think I’ll get her help. You never know these days if you might have to help someone in need… especially yourself! Think of all the pictures and icons with armed saints and as Catholics we’re not called to be pacifists. Don’t tell my husband I misspelled cannon, skai. ha! I have a little ‘muff pistol’ he made me many years ago, but it only fires one bullet. He made it to carry in the big fur muff I wore to keep my hands warm.

    • John Feeney says:

      Blaming guns for crime is like blaming forceps for abortion.

  13. St. Christopher says:

    Ah, “Max,” where would we be without your un-Cathoic view of things? These bishops need to resign and go to work for HHS. They simply do not want to be what they are supposed to be — shepherds of the Faithful. In fact, it would do these folks a world of good to be more Traditional, but, that is not likely. The made-up “Office of Bishops” needs to back away from these issues, and pay attention to the true issues facing mankind, and that threaten the souls of so many. That is why we have the Mass, and the sacraments, and their perfection over the centuries (and not the Protestant-assisted New Mass and revised sacraments, even the Rosary — why??). The Church needs to be concerned with the things of God, not those of Caesar.

  14. Ah, Christopher, I applaud your wisdom, as always.

    Yes, the Church should keep its nose out of politics and focus more closely on the vintage of the wine used at Mass (as we read recently), the style of vestments, and other such things the Lord commands.

    Who cares about the immigrants, the poor, the unemployed? Certainly NOT Inspector Javert!

    • AH max more social justice nonsense…..

      • “Social justice nonsense.”

        Canisius, you are a true luminary! This must have been what Jesus truly meant when he said, “what you do for the least of these…”

        Thanks for clarifying the Gospels for the rest of us. You are a gem!

        • Thank you max, I don’t manipulate the words of Our Divine Savior to press liberal policies as you do and most of the useless Bishops while souls fall to Hell by the millions….hoping for s schism .. you can have the church of nice, I will take the Church of Christ…

  15. Just one thing…please, if you read nothing else, go to Crisis magazine’s website and check out “The War We Are In’
    by Christopher Manion

    Someone has to light some matches under the bishops’ feet. Urgent. Now.

    • Also, go to youtube and dial up the various gun debates by Piers Morgan. Alex Jones, Ted Nugent, and others. The completely show Morgan for the closet homosexual sissy he is, and also by extention his boss, the CNN publisher. Any citizen who dreams they could be safe with the kinds of programs these effeminates want to impose need some re-education in China for a few years.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Wow Skai. Calling piers Morgan “closet[ed] homosexual sissy” and then to go on to call all CNN staffers “effeminates want[ing] to impose re-education in China”. Where do you come up with this stuff? It’s hardly Christian to accuse other people of things that aren’t true, to slander them, and pretend that the worse thing in the world is to be gay (which he is not, by the way).

        • YFC, the Commandment is, “Do not bear false witness against your neighbor”. You can hardly call the CNN staff “neighbor”. After all, CNN advocates homosexuality, therefore CNN is homosexual. So I’m not really bearing false witness against them at all, but merely reporting what I perceive. Ever heard of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights?

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Wow. Now I need to explain the difference between the Constitution and the slander laws? And between the Constitution and Christian behavior? And the difference between BEING gay and SUPPORTING gay people?

            Ever heard of reality?

      • I saw the interview with Morgan on Stephen Colbert’s show, and Colbert gave him about 4 copies of the Constitution.

        • …and Colbert said something to the effect that did Morgan know how much Americans resent having someone with an English accent telling us what to do about our country?

      • Anonymous says:

        Piers Morgan is gay? Someone better tell his hot blonde wife and baby daughter.

  16. Mark from PA says:

    Thank you editors, for sharing this with us. I was glad to read the statement of our bishops, “US Bishops Call for Action in Response to Newtown Tragedy.” It was right on target.

    • Good, PA, that the bishops are calling for action now after New Town, but the sad thing is that the action they are calling for will ultimately result in a massive slave state, where homosexuals rule and rape everything that moves including poor innocent animals as well as themselves and innocent but stupid fools who let them get away with it.

      • Mackz formerly known as max says:

        “Poor innocent animals” getting raped by gay people?

        First of all, this is a dumb idea; second, how can animals be innocent? The whole word “innocence” has to do with guilt, which has to do with the ability to discern between good and evil, which I doubt cows and donkeys posses.

    • Mark from PA, if that was supposed to be a pun, it was bad.

      • Mark from PA says:

        K, if Skai thinks that his post of 9:20 PM was humorous, it isn’t all that funny. Just more gay bashing and demonizing.

        • Anonymous says:

          Skai’s post was horrific.

        • No humor intended at 9:20, PA. That is a description of what life under gay rule is always like, and you can check it in history. Gays are gravely morally disordered even if they are chaste … duh, there is no way they can run a moral order of society … even if they are chaste. The Pope has called for ushering the same sex attraction clerics out of clericdom and for forbidding them entry into seminaries. The infestation is being called out of the closet by the Pope, PA and Anonymous; make no mistake about it. And, yes, Anon, what I described at 9:20 is horrific, the result of the gay agenda, which seeks at best to exalt the gravely morally disordered condition to a faux normalcy and then have such people run the lives of others and society. If you don’t find this agenda evil and horrible then you’ll be doomed to enslavement by it.

      • I don’t think Skai was trying to be humorous. He may have been trying to wind you up. But he might actually think that stuff.

        • k, it is not that I “think that stuff”; rather it is that I observe that stuff via direct observation, historical study, study of Church doctrine and study of the Bible. That covers the field of studying it I think.

          • Mark from PA says:

            Skai, what you are saying in some of these posts has nothing to do with Church doctrine or study of the Bible. It is only an attempt to fan the flames of hostility and hatred against a minority group that you view as “morally disordered” and less than fully human. It is your own theology not Catholic theology. In the past people used similar rhetoric against the Jews and that lead to tragedy. We are all God’s creations, his children.

  17. Great time for the construction of more firing ranges especially in urban and suburban areas. Probably a great business opportunity. At one time there was a gun range over in Inglewood, at a large city park. People should demand that cities loosen up their zoning and building codes for gun ranges. That way the bandits would know that it is not only guns in the citizens’ hands they have to worry about but the fact that these citizens practice firing them regularly at local ranges and in the instructional mode of gun clubs that ought to be popping up before long.

  18. In fact there are many county sheriffs and other local governments who oppose the federal coup attempt against the US and state constitutions; maybe these officials would sponsor the proliferation of gun ranges and instructors and clubs in their jurisdictions. Plenty of judges own the traffic schools they send traffic ticket recipients to; so why not send violent convicts as observers to gun ranges to take note what they would have to face if they decided to recidivate back to their days of violence.

  19. All the mass shooters were on or had just discontinued psychiatric drugs, mainly Prozac and Paxil but also other such drugs. Every single one of them was a prescription druggie, often pressured into those drugs. By contrast when is the last time a mass killer was hopped up on street drugs? The gangstas are but these are not the mass killers. The bank robbers, rapists maybe and thugs are, but they are not the mass killers. There gun supply comes by theft or by some underground supply line which is not going to diminish in any kind of gun recall by the govt … in fact if the govt forces gun recall, then more guns will get lost and end up in the criminal underground. The morons running our govt and many of the chanceries are the ones responsible for these mass killers, and they would be responsible for totalitarianism which would result with a gun confiscation. Although that cannot happen because the govt simply does not have the means to grab the guns … Suppose army tank crews fell for some govt tyranny, and began to attack armed citizens: Those tank crews might then suddenly begin to get calls from their parents to back off … or calls from their parents from hostage conditions. The numbers are beyond anything Oz Hoz can even imagine … a hundred million semi auto guns against a few tanks and helicopters low on fuel, and whose crews are receiving calls from panicke parents suffering from neighborhood pressure of ostracization. Obama if he keeps it up is only going to blow his own ship out of the water, and everyone will laugh at him and the bishops who support him will run away and hide for shame.

  20. When are the Bishops going to speak about the destruction of lives due to illegal drugs, and prescription drug abuse, and alcohol?
    - These cause more deaths and destroy more families than any other objects.

    When are the Bishops going to thank the taxpayers for: food stamps, housing assistance and housing allowances for the poor, Medicaid, homeless shelters, etc?

    When are the Bishops going to start encouraging everyone to clean out their closets, storage areas, and cabinets twice a year – to donate to the poor through St. Vincent Society or another charity?

    When are Bishops going to speak about Parents responsibility and involvement in letting their children view violence and sexual activity through TV, games, movies, computers, etc.?

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