San Jose’s Bishop McGrath takes on NRA

Likens proposal to arms race


Bishop McGrath

Bishop McGrath

The following comes from a December 26 release from the San Jose diocese.

The tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, has reminded our nation and our world once more that the proliferation of handguns, semi-automatic and other assault weapons is a threat to the life, health and safety of our nation.  But Newtown was not the beginning and it will not be the end. The recent statement by the National Rifle Association calling for armed guards in every school is an invitation to a domestic form of “mutual assured destruction.”

Just as the arm’s race of the last 60 years has not resulted in a safer world, so the proliferation of handguns, semi-automatic and assault weapons cannot keep our families and our children safe.  As the world’s “super powers” continued to arm themselves, eventually to the point of “mutual assured destruction,” the threat of nuclear cataclysm or the possibility that some rogue nation or individuals might obtain and deploy nuclear weapons increased.  Even now, reports of nuclear ambitions of nations such as Iran and North Korea continue.  Disarmament has been preached as the new gospel, proclaimed by presidents of both major political parties.  It is time now for radical change toward strict gun control, for another form of disarmament.

When the framers of the Constitution included the “right to bear arms” among the freedoms enjoyed by the citizens of the United States, this nation was rural.  It was truly a different time.  Twenty-First Century American society does not resemble 1789. Perhaps it is time to consider curtailing this right.  Individual freedom should be subject to the common good.  If this were not the case, there would be no speed limits on our roads and highways, no crosswalks.

It is time to admit that the free availability of guns and ammunition poses a threat to the welfare of our people and that a “culture of violence” has eclipsed “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as enduring values of this nation.

I join my fellow bishops in calling on film producers and video game creators to recognize the extent of violence in movies, television programs and video games, which have desensitized all of us.   We must also address the pervasive role of addiction and mental illness in crime.

It is time to change, to increase regulation, even to ban the possession of certain weapons.  I echo the words of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice, that it is necessary “to impose a strict control on the sale of handguns and small arms.  Limiting the purchase of such arms would certainly not infringe on the rights of anyone” (The International Arms Trade, 2006).

In the end, violence itself is a form of domestic terrorism.  Now is the time to hear the call to a new sanity.  Now is the time to commit ourselves to following the Prince of Peace, who leads us along the path of life and hope.

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  1. “the proliferation of handguns, semi-automatic and other assault weapons is a threat to the life, health and safety of our nation”: Why would a bishop speculate on such a claim, when he has no proof. In fact, the facts demonstrate the opposite. These bishops need to stick with truth and stop conjuring up lies and vain speculations, which are likely born out of their extreme lust for worldly power. These bishops need to go to the Tempations of Christ and review the temptations given by the devil, and learn that Christ rejected these temptations. Christ says, “Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”: So, why are these bishops ranting and raving over some claims that hardly live up to what is truth? They should consider that the late and Blessed Pope John Paul II worked with world leaders who used and threatened to use extreme violence on other peoples so as to deliver hundreds of millions of souls from Communist oppression. I do not know what is wrong with these clerics, but they are a long ways from being voices of God.

    • Dave Heath says:

      Dear Bishop McGrath,

      With all due respect, Your Excellency, stay out of politics. Start worrying more about the Souls under your care who are victims of Church sanctioned divorces and “pastoral” approved annulments, the gazillion abortions that occur each and every day, the divorced and remarried who receive Holy Communion with impunity, the politicians who defy Church teaching, etc, etc, etc. Letters like the above are just the “cause of the week” tirades against Caesar. Start defending God and His Souls under your care with as much zeal, and you will see your collections rising.Social Justice starts with your own Sheep, not those of your enemy.

  2. Please respect the Bishop’s Apostolic authority in your comments. We respect the office, not the man.

    That said, several points:

    I don’t own guns. It’s my decision. If I have to get them in some coming civil disorder, it will be with reluctance.

    At the same time, the worst school killing was in 1927, in Michicgan, 45 dead, none involving guns.

    It was an historical, technological accident, that smooth-bore guns of the American Revolutionary period could be produced in out of the way, decentralized places, that was a guarantor of freedom from foreign domination. It’s no accident that the bloodthirsty elites that want more abortion are the ones who want to forbid guns.

    Also, in Dr. Jack Wilke’s “Handbook on Abortion”, it was noted that violence in general has gone up since abortion was litigated in 1973 — it wasn’t “legalized”, laws are made by legislators not by judges — since Roe & Doe, as respect for the most innocent was thrown under the bus. Casual violence was banalized, children came to know that their siblings have been killed by their parents, a factor not unrelated to Columbine.

    Therefore, if we were truly serious about abating the everyday violence, much as we mourn the children killed at Newtown, we would first start by halting the routine, casual killing of approximately 3,300 American children, every day, day in and day out.

    But that pre-supposes that we don’t first dehumanize them in our thoughts and speech, by refusing to recognize their humanity and personhood.

    I glad to hear about the good Bishop’s excellent efforts in support of the “sine qua non”, the “without which not” of respect for life from conception, The First Right, the right to enter this world, without which the right to safety after you’re born is meaningless.

    • There is no such thing as a bishop’s office. It’s wholly the man. You respect what actually exists rather than what you’d like to exist, no?

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      The worst mass massecre of civilians with guns happened in the United States when Federal Agents stormed a compound in Waco Texas with Children killing 7 of them.

      • Also, guns were used in Jones Town by the “Reverend” Jim Jones, to hold people hostage to force them to kill themselves by poison. England outlawed guns for the common people and made them turn their weapons into the government, and now the crime rate has gone up because the criminals get guns on the black market, and there is no protection for the common man other than the police who often cannot handle it.all. Even the police in England are now carry weapons, which was a rarity before this. One Englishman is in jail because he kept his hand gun for protection and shot burglars who came into his home, who had robbed plenty of other houses and had long criminal records. Some in our government want to put our gun control under the United Nations. There is two sides to every story.

        • Quite bluntly stated, many is this country do not trust this government. The Democratic Party was just way too cozy with the likes of the “Reverend” Jim Jones for our comfort. Had some of his “followers” had weapons, they might not have taken that poison and fought it out with Jone’s henchmen and still be alive today. Some of his followers and enforcers are still around, too, and that is not a conspiracy theory but just plain fact.

        • Bernard Goldberg says that when the British were deprived of guns, murder by knives skyrocketed. There’s no way knives can be kept out of the hands of criminals.

      • The feds opened fire first, used heavy machine guns, and started the fires with incendiaries according to expert review of the videos of the incident.

    • R.B. Rodda says:

      I no longer salute the uniform. I’m absolutely through with that. Respect (even by clerics) is no longer freely given — they have to earn it from me.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Rodda I can see why you are upset. God bless you for standing up for our freedom to own guns. It is crucial that we defend this right.

    • Big money does not want to fund research into why the crime rate has continued to soar in the USA in the past few decades. Why? Because they make a lot of money off the cause.

    • According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle.

      This is an interesting fact, particularly amid the Democrats’ feverish push to ban many different rifles, ostensibly to keep us safe of course.

      However, it appears the zeal of Sens. like Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) is misdirected. For in looking at the FBI numbers from 2005 to 2011, the number of murdersby hammers and clubs consistently exceeds the number of murders committed with a rifle.

      Think about it: In 2005, the number of murders committed with a rifle was 445, while the number of murders committed with hammers and clubs was 605. In 2006, the number of murders committed with a rifle was 438, while the number of murders committed with hammers and clubs was 618. And so the list goes, with the actual numbers changing somewhat from year to year, yet the fact that more people are killed with blunt objects each year remains constant.

      For example, in 2011, there was 323 murders committed with a rifle but 496 murders committed with hammers and clubs.

      While the FBI makes is clear that some of the “murder by rifle” numbers could be adjusted up slightly, when you take into account murders with non-categorized types of guns, it does not change the fact that their annual reports consistently show more lives are taken each year with these blunt objects than are taken with Feinstein’s dreaded rifle.

      Another interesting fact: According to the FBI, nearly twice as many people are killed by hands and fists each year than are killed by murderers who use rifles.

  3. R.B. Rodda says:

    Some of Bp. McGrath’s comments are stunningly ignorant. Criminals will always get their hands on guns no matter the law. Bp. McGrath needs to realize that. Restricting law-abiding citizens from legally purchasing firearms will not keep violent criminals from maiming and killing. What it will do is reduce law-abiding people from defending themselves.

    The right to keep and bear arms is constitutionally-protected, inalienable right coming not from government but from God. Our Nation’s Founding Fathers realized that. It’s terribly sad that Bp. McGrath does not. He suggests we need to consider “curtailing” our right to keep and bear arms. As repugnant as that sounds, at least have a modicum of integrity and try to eliminate/amend the Second Amendment. That approach rather than the sordid games played by the likes of Feinstein, Obama and yes McGrath, would be the Christian approach. It would also be defeated without question.

    Bp. McGrath’s belief that “The recent statement by the National Rifle Association calling for armed guards in every school is an invitation to a domestic form of ‘mutual assured destruction’” is pure bunkum. Nothing but pot-stirring sewage. Thousands of schools in the US already have armed guards with improved security as the result. To suggest that safety practice will lead to “mutual assured destruction” is inflammatory hyperbole at its absolute worst. Shame on you Bp. McGrath for fanning the flames of fear.

    People like Bp. McGrath were behind the incomprehensibly obtuse and dangerous creation of “gun-free zones.” A flat-out stupid concept that did nothing but turn schools, churches, municipal buildings and other buildings into killing fields where only criminals had firearms by law!

    We have had gun control here in CA since 1989 with absolutely no decrease in violent crime. We had gun control at the federal level from 1994 to 2004 — again with no reduction in violent crime. We have more than 20 years of data. I certainly wish the Bishop would have made the effort to review this data before popping-off about a critical subject he clearly knows next to nothing about.

    At least the NRA is willing to help craft and support a plan for guarding schools. The NRA is doing something constructive. That’s a lot more than Bp. McGrath is doing.

    If I was in Bp. McGrath’s diocese I would contact the Holy See on this one…

    • Unbelievable, Rodda!!! We are 100% in agreement on this issue. I’ll thus dedicate my next bottle of beer to you and promise to try to go easy on your often inane comments.

      • R.B. Rodda says:

        Your comment is rude. You may agree with me on guns but that doesn’t magically make your other views valid or in any way less than excuse me, “inane.”

  4. Clinton R. says:

    What a surprise! A major social issue comes up and a bishop of the Catholic Church supports the leftist view. Why does Bishop McGrath and some of the bishops come out with a strong stance against the NRA and remain silent about abortion, homosexuality, contraception and the evils of the world that are the true threats to society? States one by one are legalizing unnatural ‘marriage’ and drug use but the bishops are largely silent. When was the last time we have heard any bishop or priest denounce the great harm the destruction of the family has lead to? Did your parish priest or bishop support the fight against the HHS mandate? If you live in the LA Archdiocese, the answer is most likely no. Yet we are constantly reminded how important it is to be ‘green’, to respect all religions, to embrace ‘social justice’ and now to restrict the 2nd amendment. It is statements like this that leads one to think the Church has been turned into the religious arm of the Democratic party.

    • Sue in soCal says:

      So true. The bishops are also silent on union violence. I guess it’s OK to beat your neighbor to a bloody pulp as long as you don’t shoot them.

  5. Joel Fago says:

    President Obama also wants to change the Constitution!

  6. Sorry your Excellency, me and my AR-15 protected my family from intruders twice. But I will make this offer, I will gladly hand over my guns once the mentally ill are rounded up and thrown in asylums. 2) the government media is shut forever, 3) Bishops who were guilty of cover ups in the sex scandals are defrocked, 4) those Bishops who give a wink and nod to the gay mafia within the Church are thrown out of the Church as well. I know none of this will happen, so lets us go our own ways.

  7. The 20th century saw the greatest mass murder of civilians outside war of any in history with more martyrs than the first 3, with estimates in excess of 200 million. And who did this, their government which for the most part were socialist and gun control freaks. Who’s side does Bishop McGarth take but theirs. He support is with Sen. Feinstein and all the other leaders of the culture of death. Truly, if you want a more civil society gun control may be necessary, but if it does not begin with disarming the government to a great extent then expect the 21st century to look like the last. All civil laws are enforced at the point of a gun and this administration is arming it’s various departments as fast as it is passing laws and regulations. It is time our bishop took their head out the sand and stopped being the useful idiots of the state.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Talk about hypocrisy, have you heard Kline’s expose on Feinstein, she actually has a concealed weapons permit, and on the tape she said that she would blow away someone who threatened her safety. NOW THAT IS HYPOCRISY!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  8. Prof.Helen McCaffrey says:

    Dear Bishop,
    The Constitution is based on Natural Right philosophy ala,Aristotle, Aquinas, Bellarmine etc It’s apriori assumption is that each individual is sovereign and endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights. It is meant to protect the individual FROM government.
    The Second Amendment is based on the natural right to “Self Defense”. Technology is irrelevant in this regard. Human Nature has not changed neither has the need to protect the citizen from the oppression of government. We’ve changed our stuff not ourselves.Sorry bishop you have missed the point.

    • Prof. Helen, I am so glad you understand that technology makes no difference with regard to self-defense. Consequently, I’m sure I can count on your support of my effort to build my own nuclear device to defend myself against the threat of rogue nation-states that possess armies and strategic nuclear weapons with which to intimidate me. I also know that you will quite happily insist upon my right to build my own biological weapons lab in my basement. Your insight that technology is not relevant to the fundamental right of self defense shows the genius of the academic mind at work.

  9. The Catechist in Question says:

    “People” kill with guns. A very true statement is that we live in a “Culture of Violence”–if God was again brought into every heart and every home–and then into the public square (schools, govt), our culture would become a “Culture of Life”. People that have God do not kill.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      People also protect society with guns and there are still people who hunt for food.

      In Africa the bad people are usually the ones who own guns, while the innocent people can’t afford guns or ammo. In Mexico guns are outlawed but the Mafia always seems to have them.

      In Morelia not to long ago during a holy season, a local Catholic church had celebrations, tons of people showed up, so did the Mafia and they shot and killed a lot of innocent people, many there wished they had guns to protect themselves with but no that was not possible. The Mafia was angered at the president back then, who wanted to stop the Mafia, so the Mafia went to Morelia where it was the Presidents home town, they targeted a time of holy festivities and shot many. The locals had nothing to protect themselves with, they couldn’t even protect their children from the firing guns that the Mafiosos were shooting.

      Your Excellency I blame the decline of moral values. When this country had more morals values, the gun was harmless but as God was thrown out and Hollywood, abortion and gay lifestyles were normalized…..the problems grew and especially when our own church watered down Catholicism in most of their parishes. I think that the problem is much bigger, if we want to blame the gun, then we will never solve the real issues. We will not heal the lost souls that need healing. We need to get the root of the real problem.

      • Not even high level Mexican police officials or mayors of towns or journalists can protect themselves from the cartel hit gangs. The Mexicans who live in the USA tend to arm themselves, no doubt because they know of the oppression that comes with disarmed citizens.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Skai you mentioned the word Oppression, that is an excellent description word…I agree with your comments!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      The Catechist in Question,

      Even People that have God and have guns do not kill unless it is in self defense!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • People also kill with cars, knives, slamming airplanes into buildings, andmore.
      Killers always use their own hands.
      Does the Bishop propose that we cut off people’s hands?

      • Abeca Christian says:

        BETH good point also had a good tone of humor too, I know it’s now joking matter but sure gives out a good point…one to reason with! God bless you!

  10. BISHOP McGRATH was born in ireland, where people are not so addicted to having machine guns in every home.

    i’m afraid he’s going to get a strong backlash from americans who have a whole different attitude towards the necessity of packing heat…

    • I recently visited Europe and found the citizens disgusting in their ignorance of and lack of motivation for individual freedoms. These Euro-bishops should simply go back where the govt style is more to their liking. It’s top down rule there, and bottoms up here. So bottoms up and lock and load.

    • R.B. Rodda says:

      “Machine guns” have been under very tight federal control since the National Firearms Act of 1934. The total number of registered legal machine guns was frozen forever in the 1986 Firearm Owners’ Protection Act. Unless you provide arms to the movie industries it’s virtually impossible for a private person to own a machine gun in CA thanks to the CA DOJ.

      Please do your homework next time.

      • Private persons in some states can own machine guns if they obtain federal licenses. Also, almost anyone in California can own fertilizer and make a truck bomb with it … Such things tend to kill and maim more people than “assault” rifles and machine guns. So, it puzzles me why the govt does not intend to outlaw fertilizer or trucks. It does not even outlaw alcoholic drink, which is said to kill about 20,000 people each year in the USA, although I have yet to see a bottle of whiskey driving a car.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Skai good point also in some states they legalized marijuana, that sure dopes people up and it can kill people too. My friend lost her son in Costa Rica, her ex-husband was smoking marijuana when he accidentally killed their infant child.

          While I was being checked before I went to catch a plane flight to New York a couple of years ago…..they took away from me my hair beauty products because they said that I can create a chemical weapon with it. I couldn’t believe my ears when they said that. Wow there is so much I didn’t know.

    • Max, America DOES NOT HAVE machine guns in every home. That is an overstatement if there ever was one.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      max addicted? wow….what a way to view things…I wouldn’t consider the right to defend oneself with their right to own a gun an addiction but a necessity if one doesn’t mind learning to use a gun properly and safely!

  11. It never fails to amaze me about the people in a position of power can and do misinterpret the constitution, or an organization such as the NRA. Evil people are never stopped without the use of force. History has shown that to be true in just about every case. Jefferson himself, realized that armed citizens are the only thing that will stop an oppressive government. Armed citizens are the only thing that will stop a criminal. Rather than living in a make believe world, I wish that this Bishop would live and walk the streets of a high crime neighborhood and stop a criminal with words. That would truly be a miracle to report on.

    • Fifty years ago, any call for a cop would result in maybe one cop arriving at the violent scene. Today, it’s a host of cop cars and helocopters. Didn’t need that scale of force back then; but we do today because the criminal element is so extremely profuse. But the greater problem is the extreme abundance of police now, and the growing hints of federal police armies to enforce federal assumptions of power over individual states, counties and individuals … the road to serfdom is being paved with the upsurge in criminals fueled by the unbridled loss of social morals.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Skai that is correct! I agree! Things are only getting worst…

      • R.B. Rodda says:

        Malarkey. Fifty years ago almost all cops were males. Most weere extremely beefy and physical. They also used lead saps and hickory nightsticks with virtual impunity.

        They were tough men and they were allowed to do their job. That’s not the case today.


    2306 Those who renounce violence and bloodshed and, in order to safeguard human rights, make use of those means of defense available to the weakest, bear witness to evangelical charity, provided they do so without harming the rights and obligations of other men and societies. They bear legitimate witness to the gravity of the physical and moral risks of recourse to violence, with all its destruction and death.

  13. I think it is also time for the Bishops of California to begin speaking to parents about their responsibility in instructing their children in moral values, discipline, courtesy, etc. In this way, perhaps, respect for human life may again flourish. The greatest killers of humanity/human life are the abortionists, eugenicists and members of the medical profession who instruct the children in schools about their social rights and not their responsibilities.

    • Yes, but the bishops have to become moral first, before they can preach or teach it. The Pope called for them to become holy. Has anyone yet heard a reply to this call from any bishop?

  14. The quote from the Pontifical Council is not available in its original form (really from a 1994 document). The only 2006 document online at the Vatican website has nothing like this quote contained in it. There is zero official Church teaching on private ownership of handguns. There IS official Church teaching on strictly regulating all international trade in weapons, including small arms and handguns. That’s it. His Excellency should check his sources and the original context.

  15. Laurette Elsberry says:

    Has Bishop McGrath ever taken on Planned Parenthood? When he does, then I will pay some attention to what he says.

  16. Another unfortunate set of comments from a US Bishop.

    Why isnt he addressing the causes of these issues? Radical secularism.
    Driving God from our society and country. The culture of death in video games, movies, television and on – line. Abortion and contraception.
    We are surrounded by Death.

    Let’s bring back fasting, mortification, and prayer in public rather than attack 2nd amendment rights.

  17. Excellency: Ask the people of Catholic Poland if being disarmed and controlled by God-less, atheistic Communism from 1945 to 1990, without the arms to overthrow their oppressors, was a good policy! An armed citizenry is the final defense against a tyrannical government (as the Founders intended). You know, like ones that force the Church to fund contraceptives and abortions. The 2nd amendment protects the 1st. I am Catholic and an NRA member!

    • Another reminder to me to renew my NRA membership!!!

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Yes Skai I agree….I need to that too. : )

        • Have you tried to buy any ammo lately? I checked a Big Five this afternoon, and they were sold out of … we’re not talking about assault weapon ammo here … the little rimfire .22 shells, the things that junior gets with his first little .22 carbine or pistol. The clerk told me that people came in and swept her shelves of .22 ammo. I still have trouble believing it, but she showed me the empty area on her ammo shelves … you can still buy lots of shotgun ammo though. I suspect that the public could not find their regular ammo for their various defense rifles and pistols and so in desparation grabbed up all the cheap as cheap gets .22 rounds. This is more astonishing that the gas lines in 1975.

    • I roomed in the mid 80s with a man from Poland. He fled there before the Wall went down because of his Solidarity involvement. He likely would not give this bishop the time of day because of his witness to the brutality of the govt there against its own people. At that time I was not thinking about firearms, and now regret that I didn’t take him to a gun store and buy a gun and ammo and take him target practicing. What a blast that would’ve been!!!

  18. Father Karl says:

    This left coast bishop should be denouncing violence and filth in the video games, as well as the trash Hollywood puts out in movies and on television. Guns do not kill, people kill. Without God, there is NO morality. Are knives, forks and spoons going to be outlawed as well, because these tools and instruments can kill? This silly, spinless wonder of a bishop should be stressing the need for devotion and piety, and he should be educating his flock about the faith. Since it is in the Bill of Rights that ‘men can bear arms’ this bishop should have studied some American history and civic courses. Abraham Lincoln said, “It is better to be thought a fool, than to speak and leave no doubt.” Bishops who do not know the facts, should be better educated, and must always preach the whole truth, and not the liberal agenda.

    • Maybe they should also outlaw fertilizer used for crops and gardens, since it can be used by anyone to make powerful bombs.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


        Don’t you know that can’t outlaw Nature’s Call?

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

        • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

          Oops! My above comment should have read “Don’t you know that they can’t outlaw Nature’s Call?

          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
          Kenneth M. Fisher

        • Kenneth, maybe “they” can’t, but surely algore can. algore is the chuck norris of the environment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Father Karl, the third paragraph from the bottom mentions the media and video games. People kill people with guns. Often times unintentionally. They are very dangerous-much more than forks, spoons and knives. People who are intent to kill someone may find another way. But guns turn a silly argument into a tragedy. As a Catholic priest I am sure that you have had to comfort both those who murdered and the families of victims. I am surprised by your post.

    • One wonders what this bishop thought of the movie about the brave Catholics who fought to preserve religious freedom in Mexico? I’m begining to fear that the majority of bishops have to pass some sort of common sense test wherein as long as they have none, they’re chosen automatically. No wonder the Church is losing its authority and respect and why there are so many fallen away Catholics…they’ve completely lost all respect for Church leaders’ authority because they don’t deserve any! But,as Rodda said, respect the office, which I always will. Too many shepherds are just too sheepish or wolfish to be leaders of men.

      • Dana, there is no office of bishop. There is only the bishop, a man beholden to God. An office, like a gun, has no meaning without someone in it. Why do so many Catholics envision the Church as run by people in offices? Was this the common notion fifteen hundred years ago when offices had yet to emerge on the landscape? Were the apostles called to be officers like in the army or in the emperor’s court? Is the secular hierarchy a model for the Church?

    • Video games can “mind meld” with those who become addicted to them. Then, once the mind meld has taken place, then the consequence appears … the mysterious character HAL, in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssy, which/who took control over the space ship and all Hell began to break loose.

  19. goodcause says:

    Obama could use the same constitutional argument to continue to push the Catholic Chruch around… know, “America was rural back then, but now that it is urbanized, we need the government to control the Church’s decisions on contraception and abortion…”

    The Bishop is flat wrong on firearms. Here’s the bigger problem: What mother in her right mind would train a chroniclly mentally ill son to shoot? That’s the problem. You can’t legislate an end to stupidity, either!

    • That was really a good post. Why hadn’t this obviously disturbed boy been institutionalized? Just one look at his face in those scary photos of him in highschool shows how truly ill he was. Where was his father in all this? What kind of mother shows a troubled child how to use firearms? Rather than institute gun laws of which there are already so many, there should be mandatory classes on good parenting and nurturing good citizens ! There just isn’t any accountability anymore…just more plans to take away more freedoms from the rest of us like the ridiculous police-state tacticts when we run the gauntlet at airports. We’re treated like we were criminals! Now these crazy democrats are gearing up to take away more ‘rights’. Northern Canada is looking better and better.

      • PS An example: when I was teaching on an Indian reservation, one of my male students was extremely disturbed. He was constantly drawing extremely violent pictures and would sometimes throw down a book as hard as he could, etc. I arranged a conference w/the parents and principal in an effort to bring everyone to an awareness that this young man needed some counselling. The parents took it as an insult and were not interested in helping their son, and the principal just went along with them, so nothing was done to help him. I moved back east so I’ve no idea what became of him, but it’s just one example of how schools fail their students. This boy could have easily become a shooter like the one in Newtown.

      • His father is a high level international banking exec, and is involved in the same govt legal action as is the father of James Holmes, the Aurora theater shooter. Both fathers are to testify in major banking scandals; both their mentally unstable sons wracked up death tolls totalling over three dozen. Both did it as insane men. What is driving the insane in our time to kill groups of people apart from any kind of military situation? Why is this only a contemporary phenomenon, when America has been drowning in guns for centuries? A war leader during WWII in Japan said that invading the United States would not succeed because every citizen had a rifle. Nowadays, with the US govt becoming more and more international, what would happen if, say, thirty years down the road the US military leadership was somehow compromised by international management and allowed some foreign army to regulate some situation here? How far fetched is this speculation?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Eternal rest grant unto all those killed by guns, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. God grant healing to all those injured by guns.. Blessed Virgin Mary, intercede for them and for those who shot them, intentionally or accidentally. Intercede for all mankind that we may take to heart the Commandments of God.

  21. All the foregoing: Excellent comments. Let’s pray that these comments can reach Bishop McGrath.
    I would only add: A gun is only a tool. A criminal or insane person with evil intent can always obtain this tool whether legally or not. If they cannot obtain a gun they will find another tool.
    There is a long list of cases in our history where armed citizens have SAVED far more lives than the numbers all those massacred at Newtown, Columbine, etc. (of course the corrupt media never reports these truths). In fact the authorities in Newtown seem to be following the advice of the NRA, rather than the McGraths. It was announced just today, that there will be an armed police presence at the school where the children of Newtown will return to school tomorrow. So much for Bishop McGraths uninformed feelgood rant.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Ron you are correct….a psychiatrist once pointed the fact that someone with the intent to harm many, will do so with or without guns….they will find ways. I feel that woman should learn to protect themselves, even learning to use a gun. It’s important, the safety of my children is important to me and to learn to protect one self is very important. I will someone day bring myself to take classes…it looks like it’s something that we all need to learn and gain some confidence in doing so, in order to protect ourselves.

      • In the recent event in India, or was it Pakistan, five men and a boy violently (this word is an understatement, as there are no sufficient words in this case) beat, mangled and raped a young woman, who died days later. The boy disembowled her. How they did this not only defies sanity, it also defies insanity … could the devil have come up with anything worse? Maybe not. The question now is what to do with these six demoniacs.

    • Guns are used in over a million cases of self defence each year in the USA, as I recall reading. Take away those guns, and then add a million dead, maimed or raped good citizens by violent men who in effect would be set loose by a gun ban to work their violence. The govt apparently is not satisfied with killing tens of thousands of people in other resource rich regions of the world, but now wants to add more to its bowl of soup.

  22. John Feeney says:

    Bishop McGrath’s statements blaming inanimate objects (guns) and decent, honest citizens for the actions of the criminals and crazies who are allowed to run loose in modern America are totally illogical!

    • Interesting observation. Logically then a bishop who lays a guilt trip on those who are not guilty, would serve to blur his admonitions against actually sinful behavior. Thus, the faithful and others around him would not have any clear idea what was right and what was wrong … and of all things, they’d start doing whatever they wanted … and why not? Why not is because God’s guardian of right and wrong, the bishop, has been confusing it all over the place. So and thusly, a bishop who confuses God’s word with errant ideas is an enemy of God … “Man does not live on bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”: any bishop who confuses the words that proceed from the mouth of God serves as a destroyer of all that God creates. The popes need to get rid of such monsters.

  23. Stephanie says:

    Another great example of what’s wrong with the bishops in our Church. Out of touch and confused about the Constitution. I’ve met him many times and he seems like a good man. However, he is completely wrong about this issue and most of the other views he pontificates about. I’ve yet to see any of these guys think outside the liberal box.

  24. This article is very disappointing and a great reminder that the official purview of Catholic bishops does not extend beyond the realm of faith morals. We have so many examples of bishops attempting to form public judgements on matters which they have little or no competency. (such as temporal social policy, architecture, etc.) If they keep missing the mark so profoundly with their jaunts into areas which they are not competent to inform, they will one day lose the public’s credibility on matters which they are competent to inform (oh wait, this is already happening).

    Ignoring the fact that the crime rate always inversely corresponds with concealed cary rates, missing the founders’ intentions behind the second amendment, ignoring the historical fact that mass disarming of the citizens has almost always led to their imprisonment and sometimes execution (the Catholics are usually the ones to go) – these are just some reasons why this bishop is dead wrong here.

    And when a man possesses an official apostolic charism not to err in certain matters, it is not very helpful when he publicly errs in matters which he does not have that guarantee.
    a few seconds ago · Like

  25. Ed Palinurus says:

    If the bishop took more seriously his obligation to act against false “Catholics” who foster abortion and gay marriage, while proclaiming being Caholic, as opposed to making ill-informed (frankly, ignorant) statements about prudential issues such as gun control, I might have an iota of respect for him and his comments. As it is, his statements border on scandalous and he should be ashamed of himself. And who are the obsequious hangers-on advising him about this? Time to pick out millstones.

  26. Bishop McGrath, please attend to matters in which you are competent. Matters of prudential judgment may be easy targets, but your responsibility is to end the propagation of intrinsic evils and sin in your jurisdiction. First bring an end to support for abortion, Homosexual marriage and rampant immorality in your diocese. Only then should you consider entering areas which are matters of prudence.

  27. Pro-life Mom, Pat D. says:

    With all due respect, Bishop McGrath has no business talking about guns.
    He needs to stick to God’s work.

  28. Mark from PA says:

    Thank you for sharing these thoughtful words from Bishop McGrath. “Now is the time to hear the call to a new sanity. Now is the time to commit ourselves to following the Prince of Peace, who leads us along the path of life and hope.” Peace to all in the New Year.

    • PA, perhaps you and Bp McG can lead the way in answering the call to a new sanity. But, perhaps the Bp is really trying to respond to the call by the Pope to become holy. It’s just that so many of his generation fixated on Sigmund Freud’s psychiatric theories instead of the Gospel … yes, I think that’s it, PA. You’ve replaced holiness with psychology, the Gospel with pop theories.

    • Mark from PA, if someone was trying to kill your son, you would do all you could to beat him to death if necessary. If not, you would be a cowardly father.

  29. Deacon Pat Kearns says:

    I can not disagree with this article more!

  30. Bishop McGrath – please focus on preaching the gospel during this Year of Faith and stop offering your personal opinions on gun control as if they were equivalent to Catholic doctrine. Based upon your logic, we should also immediately disarm the military and law enforcement because they use arms to commit violence. Why don’t you say that, as well.


    Canon 14: Prohibition, under pain of deprivation of Christian burial, of jousts and tournaments which endangered life.

    so much for popes and bishops and priests “keeping their noses out of such matters” …

    • Canon law, max is not always magisterial. Not only this, but if you’ll look at your calendar, you’ll see that we live today in 2013 and not in Europe. Maybe, max, if the European population had been armed as we are in the USA, then the terrible dictators would never have risen to power. Praise God and pass the ammo, brother. Also, note, max, that at least one pope was a warrior … while he was pope !!! How many enemies do you think he might personally have dispatched? Finally, max, why would you put restrictions on how God blesses those who are faithful to Him? Oh, that’s right, you live in San Francisco, and likely never run into faithful souls.

    • Max, use your common sense, please. Jousts and tournaments were unnecessary games and not necessary for self defense or to protect the public. I am sure the bishops did not outlaw sword practice, etc. when they were necessary for knights to protect the public or engage in a just war. The clergy just wanted practice done in a way that caused no harm to those engaged and all unnecessary dangerous games avoided. Our bishops do not outlaw the practice of our Military in war games. Now do they? The answer of course is, “No.” Nor do they outlaw the practice at gun ranges of non-criminals as long as it is safely done. Duels, of course, would be outlawed even now. . As far as guards with guns in private schools I leave it up to those wiser than I who know more about Canon Law to decide those issues, including the bishops.

  32. Accordingly, Pope Urban II banned the use of crossbows in 1096; a prohibition that was upheld by Pope Innocent II in 1139.

    but assault rifles are okay in 2013, it seems…at least for americans who need to accessorize…

    • max, there is no difference in function between so called “assault” rifles and other semi-automatic rifles. By far most firearms made today are semi-automatic. In fact the “infamous” AK47 round carries half the energy as a venerable .30-06 round. The AR-15 civilian version of the M-16 fires a .22 caliber projectile, and has even less energy than its mortal foe the AK47. The semi-auto Glocks and so forth typically fire 9mm rounds which are not really powerful type ammo compared to most of the classic handgun and rifle ammo. These so called “assault” rifles and pistols are designed with pistol grips and so forth for two reasons, the main one of which is close range combat. That is why so many law abiding people buy them … to keep attackers from harming them in their homes and on their property. Mostly it is all politics and tyranny. max, I can crank rounds out of a pump shotgun almost as fast as from a semi-auto firearm, and at close range it would likely be more effective. Tell me, max, why the tyrants don’t include conventional pump action shotguns in their ban aspirations.

    • Sue in soCal says:

      Max, I love the rewriting of history! Pope Urban II did ban the use of crossbows in 1096 because. . .it could allow any peasant to kill a knight or member of the nobility. This, according to the thinking of the time, was an abomination against the ordained order put in place by God. It was considered a destabilizing factor to society. And Pope Innocent II banned the crossbow in 1139. . .for use against Christians. Muslim targets were OK, though.

      • Thanks for explaining that, Sue.

      • The Europeans can keep their top down, divine right govt systems. Anyone who has bothered to read the Bible should remember that God prefers each individual to refer to Him for rule and not to some “king” type government. He tried to get the Jews to go along with this, but they clamored for a king. Why? Because they did not want to control themselves according to His will; rather they preferred to have some king rule them so they could get away with more. So, finally, God gave them the kings they asked for, beginning with Saul, then David, then Solomon … it all went from bad to worse in the long run; eventually God gave all of us Jesus Christ. He gave us a pope also, but so as to let us each know His will. He gives us each the responsibility to live according to His will. This He does by assimilating us individually through the Holy Eucharist into Himself. Faithful souls do not need any law, but the law of man needs faithful souls.

    • US Constitution Bill of Rights Second Amendment: “well regulated militia”. max, one of the intentions of this clause is that ammo not be infringed upon by govt, so the militia members can keep in practice without big brother or big sister bugging them … for the purpose of protecting big mama.

    • Did any pope ever ban pitchforks and torches, max?

    • max, have popes ever banned public communications, ie free speech?

  33. John Feeney says:

    Blaming guns for the massacre at Newton Connecticut makes about as much sense as blaming forceps for abortion!

    • Anonymous says:

      If the 20 year old person with mental disabilities had not had access to those guns, those children and teachers, his mother and he, himself would be alive.

      • Sue in soCal says:

        If the twenty year old person with mental disabilities were being cared for properly in the proper facility he would not have had access to guns. . .just sayin’. . .

      • You do not know that, Anonymous. He could have just as easily killed his mother with a switch blade if her back was turned and tried to bombed the school.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anne T., not just as easily.

          • Anonymous, you do not know that either. How long did it take Timothy Mc Veigh to make the bomb that blew up the federal building and do a heck of a lot more damage than was done by this young man. If this young man wanted to murder, he would find a way sooner or later. Perhaps later he would have learned to make bombs and do more damage. Some weapons do need to be make harder for some people to get, but that does not mean taking away other people’s right to self defense. Some legislators, such as Senator Feinstein, even want to make handguns illegal. She surely wants one to protect herself and those she loves.

          • Easier by far to pack on a bomb vest and walk into a school, a church, a mall, a bus, a concert, a ballgame, etc than to carry an “assault” rifle into such places. Anonymous evidently never reads police crime reports: knife murders are extremely frequent. Anon, if you were suddenly face to face with an attacker intent on killing you, and one of you had a handgun and the other a fighting knife or sword, which type of weapon would you choose to have?

      • Good point, Anonymous; however, a further look is required. Prior to the past decade or two, there were always loads and loads of guns in the USA, and there was no legal requirement that they be locked up or have a locked trigger device. There were none of these suicide type mass murders either. I believe the explanation is that the society up til now was much more moral and consequently was way more sensitive to the types of maladjusted characters who might go off, and they simply “regulated” such people better … maybe they institutionalized more of them, or families cared better for them. But the fact is that it is not guns that get up on their own and go out and kill people … If it were, then explain to me how they reload themselves. First one of these lunacy mass murders I recall hearing about was the Texas Tower event, c. 1964. But until the Columbine event, there were … well … none. Then there was the Oklahoma City building truck bombing … bomb made from fertilizer components … easy to buy, easy to mix, easy to transport, easy to ignite, and easy to do remotely … the ingredients for this type of bomb continue to be easy to buy … local agricultural supply stores, maybe also the neighborhood gardening supplies store. The directions for making these no doubt is easy to find on the www (invented by algore, whose personal greenhouse gas could blow up the environment). There simply is no rational justification to outlaw semi-automatic firearms. You remove one item from the Bill of Rights, and which one do you suppose would be next?

      • A madman in Japan recently killed a bunch of small school kids in school with a sword.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Good comments John!

  34. Get your house in order, Bishop, before you try to tell us how to run
    ours. You have no credibility with this Catholic, sir.

  35. It is just his way of telling us he doesn’t believe in our nation’s Constitution.

    The presentation was not unlike or inconsistent with the common Vatican II observation of centuries old Catholic Canon law and basic tenets of the Church. They say the same about the standards set by the Church fathers, that civilization was different then and that it all is irrelevant to the world of today.

  36. CCC: ” 2264 Love toward oneself remains a fundamental principle of morality. Therefore it is legitimate to insist on respect for one’s own right to life. Someone who defends his life is not guilty of murder even if he is forced to deal his aggressor a lethal blow.
    If a man in self-defense uses more than necessary violence, it will be unlawful: whereas if he repels force with moderation, his defense will be lawful. . . . Nor is it necessary for salvation that a man omit the act of moderate self-defense to avoid killing the other man, since one is bound to take more care of one’s own life than of another’s. ”

    Why would this Bishop want to take away the rights of individuals’ self defense ?
    Guns are needed to insure law and order, and for the weaker to not become prey to the stronger.

    When will Bishops learn to stick to the CCC, and stop preaching their personal opinions?
    More people are killed each year in car accidents. Does he want to ban cars as well? What about banning knives?

    Criminals do not obey laws. They will always have weapons for evil.
    Only law-abiding citizens obey laws.

    Taking away guns is definately ANTI-woman, since it is rare when we are strong enough to over-power a man in self defense.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      BETH I so much agree with everything you commented especially on the one comment you said “Taking away guns is definately ANTI-woman, since it is rare when we are strong enough to over-power a man in self defense.”.

      As I recall a few years or less there was a report of a young woman who killed a man who broke in her house with the intent to rape her and who knows what else he would of done to her. She had a baby with her and her husband passed away a few months before. She owned a gun that her husband, I believe had taught her how to use it before he passed away.

      If it hadn’t been for her using the gun to protect her self and her baby from this intruder..who knows what could have happened. Apparently he had his eye’s on her especially since she was a widow and he knew she lived alone with her baby.

      When asked if she felt bad about killing another human being she expressed that she couldn’t think about that because she has to help herself deal with the situation by reminding herself that she had to defend herself and her baby. If she hadn’t protected herself and her baby, who knows if she would even be in the present, telling her story. All she could do is hug her baby and be grateful that they where still alive and well.

      • Abeca Christian, a Caucasian woman recently called the police telling them that a strange Caucasian man was breaking into her home, and she was alone with her baby son, who was also Caucasian. She had a handgun and asked the policewoman who answered if she could use it when the man got in since the police could not get there in time, and she was afraid the man would rape her or kill her and her son. The policewoman told her to do what she had to do to protect herself She shot the man when he entered. I cannot remember if she killed him. I said that they all were Causcasiian, which they were, to debunk Michael More’s stupid comment recently that white people only want guns to protect themselves from other races.

        • Just the other day, a man broke into a home, where a mother and her several children were hiding in a closet, after having called the police. The home invading young man opened the closet, upon which the mother shot him five times in the face and neck with a revolver. His attack was stopped, and he even survived. Most importantly, her children and she were safe, although traumatized. I’d recommend this young man be sued for traumatizing this family.

      • Abeca, there was a story in the news today about how a woman in Georgia saw a man trying to break into her home and she grabbed her children and phone and gun and hid in the attic. He found them and had a crow bar in his hand that he’d used to get in, and she shot him five times! He’s not dead but when you think what he ‘d intended for her and her children you wonder, what if she hadn’t had the gun? We live in a woods and have no close neighbors and when my husband is gone, it can be really scary. I used to have good guard dogs, but with my corgis, don’t feel safe at all. But I’m afraid that if I had a gun I’d be afraid to use it and it might be used on me!

        • One has to wonder why the home invader went to the attic. If he was only a burglar, then he would have checked other places first. I think he was intent on putting some hurt on someone innocent.

          • That was my thinking too, skai. Absolutely! They say that anytime a robber comes to your home while he knows you’re there is not coming just to rob…he’s coming for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since the shooting at Newtown, at least 50 women have been killed by guns. There are 3-5 times as many suicides in homes that have guns than in those who do not. Only 2% of gun deaths are justifiable killings.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Anon where did you get those propaganda statistics? It sounds like a totally fear mongering tactic!

        • Anonymous says:

          Propaganda is meant to influence. These are just facts. My point is that guns are dangerous. Responsible gun owners are very aware of these issues and take every effort to lessen the risks.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            You still didn’t answer my question Anon? Maybe because IT IS a propaganda you posted.

          • Sorry, abeca. The news, also medical reports and compliation sources like wikipedia. Slate is trying to keep a count There was a facebook page trying to keep up with the gun deaths since Newtown tragedy, but they were having a hard time keeping up with it. Of course the numbers are higher now. Women killed by guns since the Sandy Hook shooting is 105. Total gun deaths since then is 734. These are estimates. How many have there been in your neck of the woods. And abeca, really, you don’t have to have such a suspicious attitude.

      • When you make specious statements like that, you’d better back them up with who, what where, when and why. That sounds soooooooooo bogus! Everyone rolled their eyes when they read it. It’s worse than nine out of ten doctors say…
        Now, if you’d said 25 female babies were killed every hour since the shootings, we could all readily believe it!

  37. Switzerland has a very low crime rate. Every male at twenty is required to be trained for the militia to protect their country against foreign invasion and keep a weapon in his home until the age of thirty according to Wikipedia and other sites. The Swiss guards are the ones who protect the Holy Father. Our Founding Fathers wanted the same thing for this country and told us to avoid “foreign entanglements”, but evidently our leaders did not listen.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Pretty neat info Anne T….I didn’t know that.

      • Anne and Abeca…There was something in the paper this weekend about Switzerland coming under fire from the EU about their liberal gun laws. It’s probably all part of that ‘One World’ thing where they want to get everyone’s guns eventually…except from thugs and criminals, apparently.

    • Also, countless thousands of USA military men in battle zones and on practice ranges don’t go around settling arguments by shooting each other. Why would any normal human being shoot someone who was not threatening their life or lives of their loved ones or neighbors? They don’t. Using violence for self protection is a last resort. The general public uses it as a last resort. It is more like the govt who use it as a first resort … just read the history of how governments go about getting their ways.

  38. FrMichael says:

    This is the same bishop whose chancery wrote a letter allowing a molester to work at a parish festival a couple months ago, right? I’m guessing the rot in San Jose extends further than the bishop himself. Did not one of his advisors take a look at this letter and warn him how inflammatory it was and how far away from faith and morals it was? It is apparent that this Irish bishop has no idea about the creation of the Second Amendment and the natural law argument upon which the Bill of Rights was based.

    • In a recent story on Lifesite News, “Something to be dealt with in the churches – urgently and forcefully” by Steve Jalsevac deals with the urgent need to remove homosexual bishops and priests from the ranks. I would recommend everyone reading it, if you haven’t already. It came out on Jan. 4.

  39. “”In the end, violence itself is a form of domestic terrorism. Now is the time to hear the call to a new sanity”

    This bishop’s call for a new sanity is proof perfect of his own “insanity” and his lack of understanding of our Catholic social teaching. Max has it quoted perfectly above – CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – 2306

    The sloppiness of talk like Bishop McGrath’s is literally distroying the Catholic Faith and is far more dangerous to man’s soul than any responsible gun owner.

  40. I am afraid it is time to put a spanner in the works here, and risk the balistics (no pun intented).

    Your Excellency, Bishop McGrath, were you aware Saint Peter was armed when he was in the Garden at Gethsemany. How else did he cut off the ear of the High Priests servant when they came to arrest Jesus. Did Jesus not ask him to put his sword back in its whatever they got carried in.

    I am not a supporter of private arms myself; but have begun to reallize people in USA are really a people who have a deeply held and nurtured belief that self defence is the only way to feel safe. I do wonder though why a gun capable of firing off 100 bullets a minute or second or what ever it is needs to be necessary to protect ones self or ones family. Surely gangs of 20, 30, 40 or 50 etc. are not reasonably going to be turning up to attack you. Or possies of thieves or rapists are not expected to break in at any time. I just wonder why such powerful multi fire weapons are seen as the right of everyone to protect themselves. Enlighten me please.

    As a woman I do find the feminine logic in the posts a bit humurous. We women are not all fainting shrinking violets when it comes to it. We can deliver some near fatal verbal blows when under verbal attack! All men are not out to rape or pillage. And most woman can give as good as they get in the war of words, I think. Fair enough ladies, a gun under the pillow incase an intruder breaks in.

    Your Excellency, if you and the Bishops of USA really want to end the need for arms in the homes of the citizens. You really are in a position to do something about it. You have lost the battle with the Laws of God being taught in the education system. But you have as a group not lost the power YET to instruct your priests to give a sermon on a Sunday based on one of the 10 Commandments. Then 5 times a year the 10 Commandments of God would be taught to every church going catholic. Less of these wishy washy pc sermons forced down our throats would be a relief and more people might stop jumping ship in search of Gods ways.

    It would take 20 or 30 years for the more knowledgeable, responsible citizens to mature and hit adult society. But you would have given God a chance to guide and Rule again. Well at least among the Catholics.

    • Don’t put it under the pillow if there are children in the house and make sure it is an intruder before your shoot and not a relative that lost their house key. People do need to take training in gun safety if they are going to own one.

  41. You never know, a Bishop might read our comments and I have always wanted to ask a question I think a lot of us want an answer to.

    And I think I have worked out the answer. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Why have the Bishops remained silent on the sins of sodomy legalised since the abortion laws were enforced on the medical profession as well as the citizens of our countries.??????????

    I was listening to a program on the TV, a debate on this type of subject. And a well known gay rights (whatever that is) person announced that about 40% of priests are gay! hhhmmm I thought of course. Just like the commies used to do. You get the information when you are pillow talking. Build it up with names etc. And the gay rights people hold the information and wait for their victims to be promoted in the church and then they have the dirt on the Bishops.

    I can imagine the Bishops would not dare open their mouths and risk the threat of exposure by the gay rights movement. What insiduous venim has poisoned those poor souls who carry the cross of attraction to their own kind.

    We are advised to brace ourselves for another big scandal to hit the Church, and I think that will be a worse betrayal than the last scandal. But God must clean house. And I won’t desert the Roman Catholic Church. Let’s face it, it is the Church founded by Jesus Christ and He has been betrayed by His own in the past.

    I only fear that the Catholic Church would push God to anger by blessing a homosexual union under His roof.

    I would see this as the ‘abomination of desolation’ set up where it ought not to be, and I am too old to run for the hills. Don’t risk it, don’t even think about it.

    Please tell me I have got it all wrong.

  42. some of the folks in here remind me of ARCHIE BUNKER from the old t.v. show “all in the family.”

    NPR recently played a segment of him addressing gun control, sky-jacking, etc., in which he said the solution was to pass out handguns to all the passengers boarding each plane.

    in this way, no one would DARE attempt a sky-jacking, because veryone else on the plane would open fire.

    when the flight ended, ARCHIE proclaimed, you would just collect all the guns and people would go their merry way.

    • Since Archie Bunker is a creation of one of most liberal of Hollywood’s leftist snobs, that is a piece of you know what max! He was a figment of a distorted and prejudiced imagination, in case you didn’t know. NPR is a mouthpiece for the most arrogant, jaded and hateful trash against the American middle class of ALL the so-called fair and public minded journalism. I stopped supporting so-called PUBLIC radio and televison years ago, when I began seeing they weren’t public at all, but more a private cult supported with PUBLIC funds made warm and fuzzy with ‘warm’ human interest stories and dry as dust safe music that won’t offend anyone. I may be exaggerating just a little, however. haha

    • max, you’re like your fellow Calvinist, JonJ, in that you have no respect for normal human judgment. Normal people do not do quick draws at the first odd thing and then start blazing away … it’s the liberals who do that. The liberals presume that everyone is an idiot like themselves.

  43. FrMichael says:

    Julia, you are more right than you think.

    From the inside…

  44. JustTheFacts says:

    From today’s Sacramento Bee:

    “California has millions more guns than it did 10 years ago. It also has thousands fewer gun injuries and deaths each year.”

  45. A comprehensive report by David Kupelian of WND points out that all the psycho killers were on psychiatric medication. Bp McGrath and Sen. Feinstein should call for banning psychiatric medications and push for Big Pharm to pay all the damages and law suits. Instead what they are up to is banning the public’s means of self protection.

  46. Of the ten biggest killers in the USA, gun homicides ranks number ten. More people die by non-firearm homicides, unintentional falls, drug abuse, unintentional poisoning, motor vehicle accidents, alcohol abuse, unintentional injuries, medical errors, and tobacco use. Gun homicides number 11,493, and the rest together number approximately 533,000. Number nine on the list, non-firearm homicides total 16,799. The fact is that firearm homicides are a drop in the bucket compared to the big ten causes of death in the USA. So, obviously the purpose of the politicians and bishops in calling for a gun ban is not to save any lives, but to prepare the nation for a totalitarian dictatorship.

    • I project that they will fail to gain a gun ban, but also that this may be an opening gambit that may settle as a device to tax guns and ammo and all things related to them. Failing to gain total control over the public, the govt will likely settle for heavy taxation on firearms. The public will be had in either case. Modern day revenuers will go after gun owners for more tax whereas their forbears went after moon shiners.

  47. The posters here are so right. People kill, not guns—or nuclear bombs. Since it is people that push the button, society would be quite safe if everyone possessed their own nuclear weapons. With everyone easily capable of defending themselves, violence would come to an end! Utopia would be upon us!

    • JonJ, you cryptic Calvinists always see human capacity as in capable. Nomal people do not go around blowing holes in one another. Start looking at crime reports and see the nature of the violent criminals and then contrast that with normal people … big big difference. And obviously if guns are taken away, then bombs will be used … greater casualties and fatalities, JonJ: and you will be guilty of it.

  48. annienonimouse says:

    Bishop, with all respects please keep to what you know. Tyranny is alive today as it was in 1789. The 20th century saw many dictators and despots remove the ability of the populace to defend themselves, then opress relentlessly. We are in a war, bishop. And, yes, it is a spiritual one at the heart. There is no standing on the sidelines. Too long have Church leaders tried to keep one foot in one camp and one in the other so as to not upset the “apple cart”. Do you trust those who would regulate our defense capabilities? Do you really think, after these last 40 years they really want what is good for the American people? Jesus never asked us to be “politically correct”.

  49. The good bishop appears to be an uninformed do-gooder happily spewing his demonstrably erroneous opinions for all to hear. I suppose the Catholic bishops have done all the damage they can do to the Church and are now looking for new game.

  50. The Bishops need to get down to the core of the matter.
    Inanimate objects do not commit crimes.

    So what do BISHOPS intend to do about it ? ? ? – preach that all inanimate objects are bad? How does this make sense in the light of the Gospel?

    How does banning inanimate objects make sense regarding – “Thou Shall Not Kill” ?

    • LIterally, human hands commit the murders. According to news report four young adults, two male, two female, lured two young men to their residence and then strangled them to death. The govt needs to ban all human hands, but not before it also bans assault rocks, sticks and pillows which can be used for smothering … and also plumbing materials since they too can be used to kill people. Ban water since it can be used to drown people.

  51. Countries in which guns are not so easily available to people do not have anywhere near the rate of gun deaths that we do. Our gun death rate is 10.2 people per 100,000. Japan’s gun death rate is one person for every 2 million people. Go figure.

    “Hunting is a legal sport,” they remind us. Absolutely. I know that’s true because I come from a family of hunters. But I also know something else about hunting rifles that is also true. The automatic weapons that are being legalized under the guise of hunting equipment would blow any deer to pieces far too small to eat.

    • England sufferes more murders per capita than the USA, and it has banned guns. After it banned guns a few decades ago, the murder rate rose sharply.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Now Skai, you are making things up again! The firearm related homicide rate is 40 times higher in the US than the UK. There is a very good wikipedia table that lists all the data.

        The overall murder rate by all methods is 4 times higher in the US than the UK. There is another wikipedia table with that data.

        • The murder rate in England rose dramatically when they banned firearms. Same in Australia. The fact that 90% of the murders in the USA are street gang murders, and not normal citizens, does not seem to phase you gun grabbing wannabe tyrants. Why are you so afraid of guns, YFC?

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            I’m waiting for you to provide numbers, and with comparisons to nearby countries that did not ban firearms.

          • Liberals believe that citizens do not have a right to bear arms. They will throw around terms like “assault rifles and high capacity magazines” without even knowing what they are talking about. To all those tolerant liberals who want to ban assault rifles and “high capacity magazines” remember the LA riots after the Rodney King verdict? LAPD pulled out of Korea town and the left the citizens to fend for themselves which they did with assault rifles and high capacity magazines, end of discussion…

          • Can you provide a link to that factoid, Skai? Today’s murder rate in England is 1.2 per 100,000 population, I am very surprised to hear that that low number is a dramatic increase from pre-war, pre-confiscation numbers.

          • YFC and Brian S., great that you bring up the question of verifying statistical evidence. Hopefully readers will rush to google or some other resource and find out for themselves. They’ll also find out that your “1.2 per 100,000 murder rate in England” is a crock.

          • Mexico’s murder toll just along the border of the USA is more than the entire toll in the USA. Mexico’s murder toll in five years is the same toll as USA KIA in VN in ten years. Mexican citizens are forbidden to own firearms … did you forget your pencil on the way to the dot connecting session?

        • ** According to the National Self Defense Survey conducted by Florida State University criminologists in 1994, the rate of Defensive Gun Uses can be projected nationwide to approximately 2.5 million per year — one Defensive Gun Use every 13 seconds.** So, YFC, take away guns from law abiding citizens and watch several million of them die each year in the USA at the hands of criminal attackers, and watch even more die defending themselves against a tyrrant govt … which always happens, always. If the peaceful Europeans had not surrendered their guns, then countless millions of them would not have died due to their rulers’ lusts for power over defenseless peoples. Had the Jews of Europe been armed in the late 1930s in Europe, then they couldn’t have been hauled off to the death camps. Same goes for the several million Catholics who allowed themselves to become deathcamp fodder, same with the several million Armenians who were slaughtered by the Turkish govt a century ago.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            How many of the 2.5 million defensive shots were taken to protect themselves against gun offense?

          • YFC (not) are you willing to put limits on your liberal friends in the press, ???I doubt it

        • Yeah, I think I pegged it, YFC what with your “40 times the murder rate” of merry olde England! I found stats from the UN that put it at “4″ times the USA rate … but note that those jolly good English blokes don’t use guns to murder people because they’ve found other ways of doing it. Then take the gang killings out of the USA stats and compare to England’s, and you’ve then got one tenth the number whacked in the USA, which changes to stat comparison extremely: Instead of 4 times that of England, it now becomes one tenth of that 4, in other words take out gangland killings and the English rate of murder becomes 1 to point 4 instead of four. Thus, like murder to like murder it is 2.5 times safer per person in the USA than in bloody olde England, the land that drew and quartered 20,000 Catholic faithful a few centuries ago … without guns those Catholics were sitting ducks. And without bishops to stand up for them, they were betrayed sitting ducks, same as the potential today.

          • Hilarious, Skai – “without guns those Catholics were sitting ducks.” No doubt, give King James a few M-16′s and the Battle of the Boyne goes entirely differently, for sure… their matchlocks sucked.

            I have no idea where you get the number of “gang killings” in the US, but what you were asked to provide was support for your assertion that “the murder rate in England rose dramatically when they banned firearms”.

    • The Second Amendment is not intended for hunting, but for protecting the citizenry from out of control governments such as the one we now enjoy in the USA. max, just imagine if the 300 women, children and old men at Wounded Knee had been armed; then the out of control troops would not have been able to slaughter them.

      • Don’t believe everything Dee Brown told you, Skai – the Indians at Wounded Knee were armed – not very well, and not as well as the soldiers that faced them – but we won’t be either.

        These Red Dawn fantasies are harmful and drive folks (like Alex Jones) to say stupid things. Resist them, it is bar-stool talk and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

        Note too, that guns were commonly owned in Germany in 1940.

        • Hitler took the guns away, as did Stalin and Mao. Most of the European common man who had a gun had a shotgun or maybe an old bolt action single shot deer rifle. Neither one would stand up to German military firearms. Brian S., you continue to astonish me with your utter ignorance of history. European mentality is fairly childish compared to what is traditionally found in the USA. Over there, they depend on their aristocrats and bishops … no matter if those are trampling them down. But the immigrants who came to the USA did so in order to exercise their latent capabilities to fend for themselves and succeed beyond the wildest dreams of any Europeans. Too bad so many USA citizens today are reverting to the childhood of modern history, the history of individual freedom … read the works of Blessed John Paul II to find out what this means, Brian S.

          • The individual freedom/Superman theory of history is exactly what you are espousing, Skai. Medieval Europe – exactly under the bishops – is where the real progress in human freedom was made and which we have been consuming since.

          • False, Brian S. You’re referring to the Protestant error known as “rugged individualism”. But that is not what Blessed John Paul II puts forth. He emphasizes what previously was not developed philosophically. But you would not see the connection without a good knowledge of the Bible especially the New Testament.

        • Brian S., it was “bar stool talk” like that of Alex Jones which won independence from the royalty of Europe … and from oppressive bishops, who improved as a lot once they got going in America but have sharply regressed in recent decades back into their European arrogance.

          • The closest collorary to Alex Jones in the Revolution would be the atheist Thomas Paine, who going to cheer on the mobs in Paris, found himself nearly on the wrong end of the guillotine.

            The folks who actually led the Revolution – George Washington, for example – were famously sober fellows.

        • Really Brian S, I guess you don’t remember the LA Riots when Korean store owners were defending themselves from rioting mobs after the LAPD pulled out of Korea town… I will never repeat, never allow anyone to take away my right to protect me and my family ever.

          • Skai isn’t talking about protecting oneself from mobs. He is spinning nonsense about how the Jews could have prevented the Holocaust through armed resistence, how the Soviet Union would have been defeated by an armed citizenry, and how silent majorities will rise to defeat mobsters.

            Despite any conclusions you have jumped to, I am not a gun control supporter. However, this Soldier of Fortune, First-Person Shooter mentality that is driving gun sales and thus NRA policy is marginalizing gun ownership to the fringes and when that happens, gun control will follow. It is far more useful to the long-term protection of gun ownership to protect and expand hunting areas and seasons than to imagine post-apocalyptic universes where the preponderance of military power resides away from the armed forces or where a yeoman farmer in a Minuteman pose faces down an empire.

          • Had the Jews been armed even with hunting rifles and shotguns, their early on resistance would have blown the secrecy lid off the pot, the world would have known the intentions of the Nazis early on instead of learning only at the aftermath. Now, as for your conceptual framework regarding the Soviet Union … you need some brush up work on that, and then try to understand that the peasants and proletariat would have had a means to object, to resist the enslavement, making the balance between govt and people a bit more favorable to the people. Now on the part you said about … well, did you say a majority with silencers could defeat mobsters?

          • The anti-semitic laws and the violence against jews were not executed in secrecy! “Secrecy lid”, indeed! You haven’t seen the film? It was on all the newsreels…

            Jews were also not prohibited from owning “hunting rifles and shotguns” until 1938.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      That is not true! In Latin countries there is a lot of gun violence by drug cartels and the citizens do not have guns to protect themselves and their families.

      • Please! Have you noticed how many mayors and police chiefs have been killed in these drug wars? They didn’t lack for guns.

        Law-abiding folks are going to keep their heads down in Mexico, same as they did and do in Chicago, not martyr themselves in futile resistence to a war brought on by the economic interests of competing rich people.

        • False, Brian S., those police chiefs, mayors, and journalists whacked by cartel gangs lacked for guns. The citizens who elected them or supplied them with news had no guns to stand up and protect them. One police chief with a handful of armed cops around him is no match for a cartel hit squad. But arm the citizens and then that police chief is secure. No one can tyrannize an armed populace. They can however slaughter many of them but in the end all they can achieve by it is a small gain over some resource they want control of.

    • Read the news report by Charlie Daniels, in which he lists the stats of gun violence escalating in Australia as soon as that govt “bought back” all the guns.

    • Caution, put on knee high farm boots before reading this one from max: *The automatic weapons that are being legalized under the guise of hunting equipment would blow any deer to pieces far too small to eat*: Biggest crock of sewage ever dreamed up. Hallucinating liberal politicians conjured up this total lie. The fact is that few semi-automatic firearms being sold to the public fire ammo that can even come close to most of the big game calibers and \their impact power. Hunters using semi-auto rifles on game do not turn them into hamburger. max, if you were to use an AR-15, like was used at the theater in Aurora, on a wild hog, the hog would win and you’d lose … a heck of a lot of blood after it got through slicing you up with its razor sharp tusks. Why don’t you go spend a couple hours at a shooting range, one with rifles, max; that way, you’d get over your delusions and your fright.

      • max, the impact energy from an AR-15 is roughly a ratio of 60 to 180, or one third the force of a typical .30-06. Comparing an AR-15 round to a 12 gauge shotgun 1 ounce (438 grain) slug would be roughly 60 grains to 219 (calculating for about half the velocity), or about one fourth the power. So, max, what you are doing is perpetuating a complete lie about the power of these so called “assault” weapons. The reason the miltary scaled down its combat infantry rifles is twofold: a, troops could then carry several times as many cartridges, and b, mostly today’s tactics put the rifleman into use as bait to draw out the enemy so that aircraft can come in and hit them with missles. For example, the AR15 would have been a weak weapon during WWII. The Soviets used their AK-47 which has twice the bullet weight at twothirds the velocity as the AR15, and it proved a decent infantry weapon against the German army’s bolt action rifles, because it is semi-automatic. The USA WWII rifle was also semi-automatic and delivered about twice the energy as the AK47. The two currently popular types of “assault” weapon ammo today in the USA are the AK47 and the AR15 rounds. But neither of these types of ammo hold a candle to a .30-06. This venerable cartridge is the starting point for high powered hunting ammo, max. When I was a young college student I inherited a custom .300 Weatherby Magnum rifle … with maybe 45% more knockdown power than the military .30-06 round. My friends and I would take trips for almost a week camping in the remote desert … at age 16 … on our own, with high powered rifles and handguns and shoot snakes and rabbits. We never got into any trouble that way. The secret ingredient, max, is what many are now calling for, but which the major media is suppressing, and that is firearms safety education. I grew up with it. And so did countless other boys and girls. Today there is a lack of this education on firearms safety. Just this past week I was in a local canyon with my dog hunting quail, and suddenly heard a number of small caliber rounds go off, in my direction, but from about a half mile off. I immediately signaled the plinkers with one round from my 12 gauge and those plinkers plunked it down, and not another peep from them. Later driving out of the canyon, I spotted them, and glassed them, and they were all looking at me sheepishly, and remorsefully as well penitantly … so, I simply moved on without bugging them any more about it. They got the instruction, which nobody obviously had previously given them. It’s education, max, not tyranny that will win.

    • max, is that how your family of hunters harvests big game, by emptying all their ammo into each one? Did you know, eg, max, that a semi-automatic rifle no matter how horrendous the caliber, fires only once per trigger pull? Ideally the game animal would drop in its tracks, but reality is that shots are misplaced and the animals run off or attack: the hunter needs more rounds immediately available to drop the animal so its suffering is minimized and/or people protected.

  52. VATICAN LETTER Jan-14-2011

    Gun control: Church firmly, quietly opposes firearms for civilians

    By Carol Glatz
    Catholic News Service

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The Catholic Church’s position on gun control is not easy to find; there are dozens of speeches and talks and a few documents that call for much tighter regulation of the global arms trade, but what about private gun ownership?

    The answer is resoundingly clear: Firearms in the hands of civilians should be strictly limited and eventually completely eliminated.

    But you won’t find that statement in a headline or a document subheading. It’s almost hidden in a footnote in a document on crime by the U.S. bishops’ conference and it’s mentioned in passing in dozens of official Vatican texts on the global arms trade.

    The most direct statement comes in the bishops’ “Responsibility, Rehabilitation and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice” from November 2000.

    “As bishops, we support measures that control the sale and use of firearms and make them safer — especially efforts that prevent their unsupervised use by children or anyone other than the owner — and we reiterate our call for sensible regulation of handguns.”

    That’s followed by a footnote that states: “However, we believe that in the long run and with few exceptions — i.e. police officers, military use — handguns should be eliminated from our society.”

    That in turn reiterates a line in the bishops’ 1990 pastoral statement on substance abuse, which called “for effective and courageous action to control handguns, leading to their eventual elimination from our society.”

    On the world stage, the Vatican has been pushing for decades for limitations not just on conventional weapons of warfare, such as tanks and missiles, but also for stricter limitations on the illegal and legal sale, trade and use of small firearms and weapons, said Tommaso Di Ruzza, the expert on disarmament and arms control at the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

    Di Ruzza told Catholic News Service that the Vatican is one of just a handful of states that would like to see small arms and weapons included in the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which would better regulate the flow of conventional arms.

    He said while many countries are open to limits on larger weapons systems, most nations aren’t interested in regulating small arms even though they “cause more deaths than all other arms (conventional and non-conventional) together.”

    The Vatican’s justice and peace council is working to update its 1994 document, “The International Arms Trade,” to further emphasize the importance of enacting concrete controls on handguns and light weapons, he said.

    The current document calls on every nation and state “to impose a strict control on the sale of handguns and small arms. Limiting the purchase of such arms would certainly not infringe on the rights of anyone.”

    The more weapons there are in circulation, the more likely terrorists and criminals will get their hands on them, the document said.

    The Catholic Church recognizes that “states will need to be armed for reason of legitimate defense,” as Pope Benedict XVI said in a message to a Vatican-sponsored disarmament conference in April 2008.

    However, armed defense is something appropriate for nations, not for all individual citizens in a state where rule of law is effective, said Di Ruzza.

    According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, individuals have a right and a duty to protect their own lives when in danger, and someone who “defends his life is not guilty of murder even if he is forced to deal his aggressor a lethal blow.”

    How that “lethal blow” could be licitly wielded is unclear, but the catechism clarifies that repelling the aggressor must be done “with moderation” in order to be “lawful” in the eyes of the church; using “more than necessary violence” would be unlawful, it says.

    According to the catechism, the right to use firearms to “repel aggressors” or render them harmless is specifically sanctioned for “those who legitimately hold authority” and have been given the duty of protecting the community.

    Di Ruzza said that in “a democracy, where there is respect for institutions (of law), the citizen relinquishes his right to revenge onto the state,” which, through its law enforcement and courts system, aims to mete out a fair and just punishment.

    “There is a sort of natural right to defend the common interest and the common good, and in 1791 (when the United States passed the Second Amendment), my right to have a weapon served the common good because there wasn’t an army; the democratic institutions were young and a little fragile, and I could have been useful in a time of war as a soldier,” said Di Ruzza.

    But once a nation has a functioning army, police force and court system, “do I still serve the common good with my gun or do I put it at even greater danger?” and promote a lawless kind of “street justice where if you steal my car, I shoot you,” he asked.

    The Vatican’s justice and peace council’s 1994 document said, “In a world marked by evil and sin, the right of legitimate defense by armed means exists,” but, Di Ruzza said, it wasn’t lauding the potential of weaponry as much as it was lamenting the existence of arms in an imperfect world.

    Nations have a duty, the document said, to reduce if not eliminate the causes of violence.

    And as Pope Benedict wrote in his message to the disarmament conference, no reduction or elimination of arms can happen without eliminating violence at its root.

    Every person “is called to disarm his own heart and be a peacemaker everywhere,” the pope said.


    • This gives me to wonder about some sort of inherent German mentality that calls for a defenseless citizenry and a totalitarian government. Notice the previous Pope, Blessed John Paul II, did the opposite, by encouraging the oppressed citizenry to rise up in defiance against its tyrannical government.

      • Yes, John Paul encouraged a citizenry to rise up against a totalitarian government and – NOTE THIS – it SUCCEEDED!

        Was this because of the large caches of privately-owned guns in communist-controlled Poland?

        As for the nasty swipe at Pope Benedict, it is noted with disgust.

        • Blessed John Paul II knew that there were so many firearms in private hands in the USA that its government could be counted on to stand up against the Soviets in his move for freedom. Without that ever present concern of the US government over firearms in citizen hands, no people anywhere could count on any nation on earth to help them gain or maintain freedom. Brian S., and other misguided souls: It is not the US government that guarantees freedom, but it is the armed US citizen who guarantees freedom in many lands on our globe. The global village has some freedom only because of the firepower of the free citizens of the USA.

        • Brian S., have you ever been in Europe? Are you aware of the European mentality which has no clue whatsoever about what freedom in the USA consists of?

          • What does freedom in the USA consist of, Skai? The right to wear camoflage, ogle gun porn, and festoon your $40,000 pickup wth “Don’t Tread on Me” bumperstickers while the plastic bull testicles hanging from the trailer hitch attest to your manhood and sense of humor?

            Meanwhile, abortion reigns supreme while kids can’t find Canada on a map, make change for a Big Mac, and their upward mobility depends upon their ability to put a ball through a hoop or rhymes in front of a backbeat.

        • President Ronald Reagan’s no nonsense stand had a hand in it, too, Brian S. He was backing the Pope with our weapons.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ said that those who take up the sword will perish by the sword. He said not to fear those who can only kill the body. He said to offer no resistance to evil. I believe that Jesus Christ is God and that God is all-knowing. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe the Word of God.

    • Well, Anonymous, tell your interpretation of Christ’s words to the descendants of the Armenians over here whose ancestors were massacred by the Muslims in their own country, some of whom fled to Iran. Tell it to the Jews massacred by the Nazis and try telling it to St. Joan of Arc. You know the one the “good” bishops burned to death,.

      • What I am saying, Anonymous, is that the Bible and history has taught Christians that there is a time to “turn the other cheek” and a time to stand and fight, and disarming a whole country, except for the government,can be very dangerous to its citizens.

      • Also, let it be noted that they burned St Joan of Arc to death after they disarmed her.

    • I believe in protecting myself and my family

    • Anon, you should also note that death by the sword is a temporal death, unlike death by suicide which you de facto advocate.

      • Skai, you significantly misunderstand the difference between martyrdom and suicide. Giving up your life for Christ is the opposite of suicide.

    • Jesus also says, Anon, “resist the devil and he will flee”. Now how are you going to figure out what these two sayings of Jesus mean, Anon. Do you think it might be good to go back over the Scripture where you claim that Jesus says do not resist evil? Did you read this in the Bible, hear it from your RCIA teacher, on the street?

  54. Today, there are two Mexican towns near Acapulco, in which 800 citizens have had enough, are mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore from gangs abusing them while govt allows it; so, they have risen up with small arms and have now arrested dozens of bad men, and are keeping their towns safe. The Mexican govt says it will send in troops to take over security … right. Now, this historical event and countless like it fill history books, novels and movies: Disarmed citizenry equals government tyranny … no exceptions.

  55. Same thing in India is breaking news. Women being brutally gang raped while government officials snicker. Evidently this sort of thing is a cultural norm … because the citizens have no means of self defense against tyranical governments, both national and local, nor against gangs of various sorts and sizes. The only way a citizenry can defend itself is by having the weapons to do it. Weapons do not tyranize; governments do whether elected or gangs of thugs.

  56. Anton L. Seidl says:

    I was stunned when I got my Valley Catholic the other day and read Bishop McGrath’s editorial about gun control. Who is this man? Has he no regard for the constitution of the United States? What part of the second amendment does he not understand? He should keep his liberal left wing opinions to himself. Does he realize that he is alienating a good proportion of his Catholic population who happen to be gun owners? I have become used to the liberal policies espoused by this diocese and pay little attention to what is being said. That this diocese supports many socially pernicious initiatives from Washington has long been an irritant to me. Their social justice and of late “green justice” agenda disguised as legitimate Catholic concerns is a bad joke and has been so for a long time. This diocese is so thoroughly politicized and left-leaning that I no longer respect anything printed in the pages of the Valley Catholic. The anti-gun piece is for me the last straw!

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