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St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Julian

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Julian, exteriorName of Church St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Address 2814 B Street, Julian, CA 92036-0366

Phone number (760) 765-0613


Mass Schedule Saturday vigil, 5 p.m.  Sunday, 10 a.m.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 8 a.m.  Thursday, 7 p.m.  First Saturday, 9 a.m., followed by adoration.

Confessions Saturdays, 4:30 p.m. and by appointment.

Names of priests Father Cecilio Moraga, pastor.  He is a Filipino priest with a traditional bent.  He’s very friendly and welcoming, and enjoys having newcomers at the church.

Special activities The church offers pious devotions throughout the week.  For example, there is the rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy before weekday Masses.  On Tuesdays, you can participate in the Our Mother of Perpetual Help Devotion after Mass.

Music Traditional, with organ; the congregation is invited to sing along.

Fellow parishioners Julian is a small town.  Most you will meet at the church are local retirees and tourists.

Parking OK, large city-owned lot across the street from church.

Cry room The church as a small one, separated from the main body of the church by glass, but it only has seating for a few people.

Additional observations Julian is located east of Escondido, far in from the coast.  Known for its apples and tourism; it’s one of the few places in San Diego where you’ll get snow in the winter.  St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church was established in 1949 and is part of the diocese of San Diego.  It’s a quaint, old wooden church, on a hill next to the town’s main street.

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  1. Altar girls, Eucharistic minister’s, lay lectors, and no Traditional Latin Mass!!

    • altar girls — heavens to betsy!

      does no one realize the cooties they have, and how much GOD hates seeing such children serve at MASS?

      (by the way, JANEK, lay lectors are not only normal but necessary – the only book the priest should have to use is the ROMAN MISSAL – a deacon should proclaim the GOSPEL, a properly instituted lector should proclaim the other readers, etc. — where have you BEEN??? you post like someone who just awoke from a coma after decades of doing nothing…)

    • Everyone’s wrong but you…Must be hard.

  2. I’m so sad to hear you complain again Janek. Beautiful church, probably a hard working priest and lovely community and all you do is look at it and say its not good enough. You give those of us who like the TLM a bad name with your whining. Seriously.

    • If you truly liked the TLM you would agree with me.

      • I agree that the TLM is more reverent and in many ways more beautiful. But my love for that mass doesn’t cause me to go to a public forum and bash an entire parish week after week. I love Christ and HIS CHURCH more than one form of the mass. I also realize that if I want other people to appreciate the TLM that whining and complaining isn’t going to help people see what I see in the TLM.
        You are very arrogant to say that I’m being untruthful if I don’t agree with you.

      • oh — well, then.

        that’s solved. thanks JANEK for straightening out the galaxy about the horrors or the ECUMENICAL COUNCIL OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

        the council fathers should have had you around to show them the JANEK way…

        • Catherine says:

          max, The council fathers should have had YOU around to show them the shameful example that a terrible day was coming where the hijackers of the Faith would be comfortable enough, prideful enough and lost enough to disrespectfully scream at a faithful Catholic priest saying, “KARL HAVE YOU BEEN SNIFFING TOO MUCH INCENSE?”

  3. The main complaint against altar GIRLS is the fact that boys traditionally learn under the priest the significance of service and will perhaps condsider becoming a priest himself. If a girl is given the same role, what is that teaching her and what are her expectations? Why, to be a priest of course! It isn’t prejudice against females, but has always been an important role in creating new vocations. I’m heartily sick and tired of all these touchy self-righteous liberals whining about prejudice when it is in fact you all who are the biased ones, with no thougfht whatsoever for traditions and what they mean to the Church’s future. Why don’t these girls do other sorts of volunteer work? Oh, no, they have to have what boys have or they’ll cry to their mommies. No one teaches their children to be humble. Everyone these days wants to be the star. With that sort of attitude, pretty soon there’ll be no audience at all but just little starlet wannabes screaming at each other ‘me first’! ‘me first!’

    • Dana,
      First of all, I hope you didn’t mean to call me a liberal. Secondly, I don’t know why you are jumping on the alter girl issue here. Where in this article does it say ANYTHING about alter girls. Where did I say anything about alter girls or women priests? And finally, all I did was point out to Janek that no matter how nice a church is presented here there is there is constant complaining. This makes them sound ungrateful and thoughtless. And yes, I will say again, that kind of whining makes those of us who like the TLM look bad. Just because my preference is for the TLM doesn’t mean I have to put down every hard working, holy priest out there, his parish and everything there just because they don’t say the TLM. This is part of the Church that Christ suffered and died for – look at it and be grateful.

    • “The main complaint against altar GIRLS is the fact that boys traditionally learn under the priest the significance of service…”

      DANA, we’re all supposed to be into service.

      boys, girls, men, women.

      it’s not about “wanting to shine” but wanting to help, and each MASS should have servers, lectors, etc.

      just because a woman becomes a liturgical minister doesn’t mean she wants to become a priest.

      yes, priests should encourage boys to become priests, but this doesn’t mean that girls are unwelcome to be of service to GOD and the congregation also.

  4. It has nothing to do wtih being “anti-female”, that argument is tired and old, boys and only boys should serve at the altar. The whole point of having boys is to foster vocations to the Priesthood, why on earth would you have girls serve when they can never become priests? Also in my comments I never stated the parish priest was not hard working, but for such a small parish there is no need for lay lectors or laymen giving out Holy Communion. The Sacred species is to be touched only by the consecrated hands of the Priest, not by the unclean hands of my neighbor.

    • “the unclean hands of my neighbor…”

      ay, caramba, JANEK, where to start with you?

      first, the priest is not supposed to be the lector also — he’s only supposed to proclaim the GOSPEL, and then only if a deacon is not present.

      second, the purpose of having altar servers is to worship GOD, not recruit little boys for the priesthood. the CHURCH has several different ministries (such as bishops, priests, deacons, lectors, cantors, acolytes, etc.) and they all aim at helping GOD’S people worship HIM — it’s not like some military recruiting centre.

      as for the “unclean hands” of your neighbor…i’m sorry you look down on your unclean neigbhor so much. you might be very suprised to learn in the next life that JESUS has more love and esteem for your neighbors than you do.

      see — now you have something to look forward to!

    • Marisa McDowell says:

      Just wanted to mention that the parking lot across from the church is actually church owned – so when you give a donation to park all day in the lot you are giving to St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish. God Bless! We hope to see you visit.

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COMMENTS POLICY: Comments are limited to 250 words, and should not contain offensive or libelous language. Please strive to be civil. All comments are subject to approval by our moderator and to editing as the moderator deems appropriate. Inclusion of your email address is optional.