California bishop to apologize to Native American tribe

Winter solstice event
From tribe website

From tribe website

The following comes from a December 18 story on Catholic World News.

Bishop Richard Garcia of Monterey will travel to the historic Old Mission San Juan Bautista on December 22 to offer a Mass of reconciliation and apologize to members of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band of the Ohlone people.

According to the tribal band’s web site, Spanish colonists enslaved members of the tribe at the mission between 1797 and 1834.

“This Mass, during the time of Winter Solstice, marks an important day of prayer for renewal and hope for the future of the Mutsun People,” an announcement in the mission’s parish bulletin states.

Bishop Garcia

Bishop Garcia

“The Tribe wishes to express our thanks to Bishop Garcia for offering apologies from the Church and for this Mass of Reconciliation. Events for the day include: 10:15am Fire Starting Ceremony; 11:30am Traditional Dance of the Mutsun Tribe; 1:00 pm Mass of Reconciliation. A meal of acorn, deer & elk will be shared at 2:30 pm with Bishop Garcia, priests from the Monterey Diocese, Tribal citizens, invited Elders from other tribes, friends & partners.”

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  1. So is Bishop Garcia Spanish?
    Did the Pope at any time tell spanish colonists to enslave anyone between 1797 and 1834?

    This is the USA.
    Let’s work on solidarity, instead of accepting blame for a bunch of people who none of us knew (most Catholics are not Spanish), and who have been dead for more than 250 years.

    Perhaps the Bishop needs to apologize for the lousy catechesis throughout the USA for the last 50 years, which surely includes the loss of souls, and for US Bishops not handling public scandals of politicians and others which also includes the loss of Souls.

    • Thomas Edward Miles says:

      Back off folks! Bishop Garcia is a wonderful man and a fine Bishop, the church could use many more Bishops instead of the far right wing fundamentalist fanatics Rome has been appointing of late!! A very MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

      • Chuck Burrows says:

        A “fine bishop?” Really?

        What has he done? He killed the diocesan newspaper. As bad as it was at least it helped reinforce the notion of a diocese. Now my parish feels like a little independent Protestant church. My pastor does what he wants which is often opposed to what the Church teaches. Yet Garcia does nothing to bring any accountability. His arrogance is tiresome.

        The Diocese of Monterey is a big boy’s and girl’s club for clergy, paid staff and select lay insiders. It’s been that way for a long time and it’s not about to change under Garcia.

      • Chuck Burrows says:

        Let me guess Mr. Miles…

        You’re a diocesan insider. You’re one of the 15-20 in your parish that attends all the events? You are front and center when the bishop arrives at your parish? Maybe the bishop is your golf buddy?

        How I wish the focus of the Diocese of Monterey would return to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not on operating like a giant boys and girls club for insiders.

      • Get used to the “far right wing” TEM we own the future of the Church and don’t go away mad, just go away…….

        • I just read an “Economist’ article that says that being a traditional Latin Rite Catholic is ‘in’ in London and the trendy thing to be for young and hip Catholics. They outnumber the Novus Ordo masses two to one. I have a feelling it’s going to sweep this country as well, so relics like Thomas and Rodda will have to either get with the program or join their counterparts on the nun’s wayward bus.

        • LOL!! Your comments are more laughable than Thomas Edward Miles’ comments. More arrogant too. The “TEM” does NOT “own the future of the Church.” Jesus Christ does, thanks be to God.

          • Well if it isn’t the eternally hateful Rodda, go back to your dying church of nice which Christ has nothing to do with….with your rainbow flags and songs of tolerance….

          • Abeca Christian says:

            They say fools laugh and fools who laugh foolishly are only laughing at themselves.

        • “we own the future of the Church…”

          ah, dear old CANISIUS, your word remind me very much of the biergarten in “cabaret” where the germans start singing about the new fascist movement…”tomorrow belongs to me.”

          thanks for bringing back that image of good little blond nazis singing their hearts out…

          • since I detest musicals your comments mean nothing to me….and as for Nazi’s I prefer Franco, he defend the Church against communists,, and that is a fact….

          • that was a movie, max, not a reality.

      • So Thomas Edward Miles, should I assume that you are a Left Winger and that modern day political philosophies are from where you obtain direction?

        Doesn’t Catholicism mean something? The Catholic church is neither left nor right. It just is. Didn’t Jesus tell us that He has a Kingdom? Isn’t Jesus the King? Didn’t Jesus invite us to become a part of His Kingdom? Didn’t Jesus leave the keys to His Kingdom with Peter and His successors? Didn’t Jesus tell his followers (i.e. subjects in His Kingdom) to spread His Kingdom to the ends of the earth?

        Of course, anyone is free to reject Jesus’ Kingdom and His Gospel message, as well as to disagree with Jesus’ followers who have taken Jesus seriously in the past and still do.

        Freedom of choice is a gift from God Almighty. God gives all of us the freedom to choose our path. He allows each of us to choose His Kingdom or set up our own. (probably not a good idea!!!) Realize that each chosen path has its own chosen consequences.

        Yep, “the road to Hell is wide and easy and many choose it…… “(Jesus words, not mine). Of course, Edward, God HAS given you the freedom to reject them if you so wish.

        I pray that you will “choose Life so that you and your descendants may live”. God bless you.

      • Make no mistake about it.
        The Bishop has no authority to apologize for Spain or their history.

        Nor does he have any authority to speak on behalf of the entire Catholic Church.

        He does have the authority to speak on behalf of only his own Diocese. I read the history of the Diocese on their web site. They do not mention enslaving anyone – perhaps the Diocese is guilty of somethings that needs to be added to their web site ?
        So when is the Bishop going to correct his Diocese web site ?

      • Mr. Miles,
        I would assume you get a tingle up your leg when the name of Obama is mentioned .

      • Right wing fanatics??? No these recent appointees by The Holy Father are REAL Roman Catholic bishops acting as a bishop should!! Left wing Liberal’s like you are becoming a thing of the past and the future of the Roman Church is bishops like Finn, Morlino, Slattery, the day’s of drums, altar girls, female lectors, dancing nuns in leotards, hand holding, kiss of peace, clapping, peoples table, ugly churches are coming to an end very soon.

        • Mark from PA says:

          What is wrong with having female lectors and altar girls, Janek? Do you think that having females on the altar offends God? I hope the future of the Church isn’t bishops like Bishop Finn. Just this year Bishop Finn was found guilty of failing to report child abuse suspicions. This made him the highest ranking U.S. Catholic cleric convicted in the Church’s abuse scandal. He apologized and received 2 years of probation. To me endangering the welfare of children is more serious than having female lectors and altar girls. My parish has had female lectors, female Eucharistic ministers and altar girls for years. We are thankful for their contributions. In fact, the religious sister who was principal at my son’s grade school is a Eucharistic minister.

          • PA, female lectoring and altaring are not activities that promote marriage or family development. Rather they promote feminism and anti-family movements. Homosexuals do not understand this, but history shows that normally adjusted men and women have always understood this fact. It is called nature and super nature; but you sodomites would pervert everything if it were possible, but it is not.

          • PA Skai said it perfectly as an admitted homosexual you are incapable of understanding why women do not belong on the altar..if you want to know why so many normally adjusted men do not go to mass look at who is running the parishes, and the mass

        • Janek, I doubt that either you or I will live long enough to see your projection come true. The Church militant will not allow it.

          • Wrong again Bob One, its already happening…your church of nice is dying out…

          • Mark from PA says:

            Skai, female lectors, female Eucharistic ministers and altar girls honor God by their service. The Mass is about worshiping God. You say that such activities don’t promote marriage, does this attitude hold for men as well as women? Some women enter the religious life. Do you have any daughters? You seem to have an anti-woman attitude in some of your posts. Your talk of Gaia, Vishnu and Athena has nothing to do with Catholics.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Janek Catholic Answers has a great response to the modernist minded as to why there was an abuse to allow alter girls etc. I for one, even though I am of the N.O. generation, but I do not agree with alter girls, after much study on church and saints, I can see why there is an abuse, why we have a shortage on real devout Catholic men going into the priesthood etc.

          • Why would any man or young man want some woman managing him, especially in religious matters, and particularly if she was not his wife? But that is the left wing of the Church, those who have lost their way and have taken up with the goddess Gaia, Vishnu, Athena, whatever bumbling dingbat idol they dream up a name for.

          • Mark from PA says:

            Abeca Christian, most young men (90%) have a strong interest in women. Some of these men may be devout Catholics but most want to get married (or as is more common these days, have a live-in girlfriend) and since a priest must take a vow of celibacy in the Latin (N.O.) rite, these men are not really interested in the priesthood. I think the rule on celibacy is a large part of the shortage of priests. Many dioceses do have older married men who are ordained as deacons and this is becoming more common in many places.

          • PA you honestly believe 10 percent of the men in this society are homosexual…ha ha ha ha another gay fantasy… it’s more like 3 percent ….another tactic of the gay mafia — lie about the facts..

        • catholiccoach says:

          And let’s not forget Bishop Vann and Archbishops Gomez and Cordileone. Pope Benedict XVI is righting the ship, one appointment at a time- Deo gratias!

      • Jesus, which can be seen if one reads the Gospels, is far right wing. Hell is on the left, btw.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Imagine our native land had Padre Serra and the others in his group not come to spread the Word of God to the native tribes! I would not want to live here. I question the assertions of a minority, usually rabble rousers, who would dare claim that Padre Junipero Serra enslaved Indians! He brought them the Christian faith, and the vast benefits of the knowledge and culture of Western Civilization. He and his band of servants of Our Lord did so much more to uplift the native inhabitants of our land than any other human beings ever have, and their work lives on today. No one human being is perfect, neither Spaniards nor Indians, and certainly none chose to live by our standards of today, as they were of course unknown then. To the extent that the native people adopted the ways and faith of Western Civilization, and to the extent that even today we are learning from the culture and practices of our American Indians, all of us are enriched immeasurably. Did the Vatican or even this priest’s bishop authorize this apology an ceremony? I sincerely question that, together with the assertions, which I believe to be false based on my readings.

    • St. Christopher says:

      “Jerry”: You are exactly correct. In fact, the Spanish royalty were steadfast in demanding humane treatment of Indians (a direction not followed often, in fact, sadly). However, the overarching benefit to American Indians was the Faith. It is difficult to see, through modern political eyes, the benefit of being Catholic, versus pagan, but that is the key prize given to indigenous people. This does not forgive, or justify, slavery, of course. A present apology from the bishop to all the mis-formed Catholics of the past 50 years is a great idea, as well.

      • R.B. Rodda says:

        Actually that’s not accurate. “Spanish royalty” and the military were hardly “steadfast in demanding humane treatment of Indians.” They wanted to settle land. That was their focus.

        The Church on the other hand — first the Jesuits in the Americas and later, after their expulsion, the Franciscans DID show great concern for the treatment of the indigenous peoples.

    • Excellent comment, Jerry. Individuals who happen to have been Catholic have acted in ways which were contrary to the Church. Catholics have done more than any other group or entity in world history to help their fellow man. And not only the corporeal works of mercy, the Catholic Church has brought the good news of Jesus Christ to people in darkness. This gift is immeasureable.

    • Jerry, do you remember the Boston Massacre or the Irish who wouldn’t become Protestant being told by English landlords just “take your children & get” out on the road, some hundreds of years ago? Our memories of injustice are long, but I guess that’s all right because we’re Anglos.

      I know some Mexican intellectuals who have given their children Nahuatl names like “Xóchitl”, not Christian Saint names. As important as proper catechesis is–though you who hear Bishop Garcia leading the Holy Rosary on Catholic radio know that he had nothing to do with the bad 70s-90s–my Mexican intellectual friends don’t know anything about bad catechesis because they’re not listening to the preaching to the choir: They’re not even Christian. Their viewpoint is probably best summarized by the very influential movie image of a group of Indios in chains on a beach, laboring under the burden of an enormous cross. You can’t just dismiss that. If our good Bishop Garcia feels called to address these concerns, that’s part of his Apostolic mandate to Teach, Govern and Sanctify, and none of your or my business, Jerry.

      Those lost friends of mine are just as precious as you, I and the 99 other sheep who aren’t lost. “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, until he leads justice to victory.” Mt. 12:20. Our Lord, who died for them as much as you or I, Jerry, intends us to be all things to all people. The Church is neither “left” nor “right” nor “center”, but “above”.

      This latest election should have been a 2 x 4 right between the eyes of those who think you can ignore the concerns of so-called “minorities”. The Anglos had their chance at being in charge, but they wasted it away on the onanism of contraception, “race suicide” as Theodore Roosevelt called it in 1903. We’re the “minorities” now. The Church of the 21st century will have its center of moment in Latin America, Africa and China.

      • Billyo, in Porta Fidei, the Pope has asked everyone to study the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, second edition”. So it is the business of all Catholics.
        Many Bishops are not doing anything, not even asking people to read the CCC.
        The CCC is written for the entire world (is on the Vatican web site), and is published in most languages.
        According to the CCC the Bishops first responsibility is to teach, not get involved in politics.

        billyo why don’t you want all Catholics of every nationality to receive proper catechesis? – Which means all Church teachings according to the CCC from the Magisterium?

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Meaningless apology if the spanish ambassandor is not present.

  2. I have no problem with this apology, but I must agree with Jerry that the Bishops owe the laity of today a much greater apology.

  3. Abeca Christian says:

    This was unnecessary. I don’t get it…why the apology…….I think that this is more harmful than necessary.

    • It also is not true. I’ve read that the priests bought land so that the Indians had a safe place to live as the brutal settlers moving in couldn’t evict them or enslave them. It was the Church that protected and nourished the native tribes. I wish people would read history occasionally. Also, no one has the authority to apologize for decisions made in the past, and it’s chutzpah overload to do so. It would be like my apologizing for all the bad art that was done in the past century, or Woody Guidry apologizing for the cruelty to black musicians in the early days of jazz. Actually, it makes me sad to see what appears to be a Catholic Bishop apologizing for introducing Jesus and eternal life to these people…that apparently he thinks they’re better off being pagans. Or is he apologizing as a Spanish descendent? That would be okay. ;o)
      It’s a timely reminder that we’re all accountable for decisions we make, but not for those of our ancestors if we’re baptized and claim Jesus as our saviour. And now I see Clinton R, is saying much the same thing only better so I’ll just ditto his remarks.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


        Queen Isabella of Spain was the first leader to outlaw slavery! Did all of her Conquistadores obey her, certainly not, but she was the first to outlaw slavery!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

        • That’s so true, Kenneth. Also, she and Ferdinand were reponsible for taking back Spain back tfrom the Muslims, wasn’t she? I read in “The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization’ by Thomas Woods ( I think that was his name) that European law owes much to the Spanish canon law in their humane views toward the New World tribes and in regard to slavery in general. It’s unfortunate that the secular powers of Spain gave the Church such a black reputation.

  4. Clinton R. says:

    Another example of combining the Holy Mass with paganism. Winter Solstice? Fire Starting Ceremony? I am sure some sort of dancing will be included in the liturgy. So the Catholic Church should be regretful that the Holy Faith was brought to the pagans in California. I guess the same type of apology should be given to pagans in France, England, Ireland, India, Italy, Germany, Africa, Asia, North and South America and everywhere else the saving Faith was promulgated. The hour of apostasy is in full effect. The bishops once again are apologizing for the days when the bishops and priests had the temerity (courage) to evangelize and convert heretics and pagans. With this example of tepid and lukewarm ‘faith’, why would anyone want to be Catholic? May Our Lord send us strong faithful men who are willing to shed blood for the Holy Catholic Church and not be ashamed of her.

    • Clinton R. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

      I am seriously thinking of learning about my European ancestor’s distant pagan past so that I too can identify with something more meaningful than Catholicism. (Just kidding folks!!!) Wow, I mean what if all along my ancestors were really victims of foreigners who forced the Catholic faith onto them against their will. Maybe I need to reject the Catholic Church if I want to be true to “who I really am”, which, of course, is the culture of my pagan ancestors. Doesn’t my true identity come from my ancestors and their way of life and belief systems? This is what I keep hearing from supposed followers of Jesus today. Yes, Clinton R., I do demand an apology!!!!

      Wow!!! I have been living a lie all of this time!!! I’m not really supposed to be Catholic!!!

    • If anyone sees any dancing during the Mass in the USA in any location, report it to the US Papal Nuncio and the Vatican.

      Every Diocese must adhere to GIRM (General Instruction of the Roman Missal). Dancing is not permitted in the USA during any Mass.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Come next August, we will find which ones are true Shepherds and followerers of Christ and His Mother, and from what I have seen, few will be from Taxifornia!

      Viva Cristo Rey!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  5. Chuck Burrows says:

    After very high hopes, Bishop Garcia has been a real disappointment here in the Diocese of Monterey. At first he seemed like a huge breath of fresh air following the retirement of Bishop Sylvester Ryan. Sadly it didn’t take long to realize that the status quo was pretty much going to remain the law of the land. In simple terms it seems like the diocese exists to minister to the temporal needs of diocesan clergy and staff and not the spiritual needs of those of us in the pews.

    It would be nice if Bishop Garcia focused on the nuts and bolts of his diocese. Improving catechetics for both clerics and the laity. Demanding more reverence in the celebration of the Mass, that sort of thing. Instead he seems more focused on attending Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem soirees and events like the one described here.

    I wonder if the bishop will inform the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band of the Ohlone people about his dislike of incense as he does members of his own diocese or will he play the good host and “smudge” the Mass with a tribal concoction of burning sage and dried berries as he has already done in the past?

    Sadly Bishop Garcia makes me wish that I lived in another diocese so that at least there would be a glimmer of hope for better days ahead.

    • I’m really sorry, Chuck. Your post makes me sad. I wish Bishop Garcia would read it and weep, for it is written from the heart, and he’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by it.

    • Christopher says:

      I talked to Bishop Garcia… I live in Texas… He sounds like a very loving and welcoming bishop..
      Is he allergic to incense?

  6. Venerable Father Félix Varela y Morales, ”Father of Cuba”, scientist & philosopher, opposed such practices, was sentenced to death by the Spanish Crown, (the same one that menaced the Papacy over its opposition to the Spanish inquisition in 1525), so that Varela had to spend the rest of his life in exile in NY & FL.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      anon who is afraid to give his or her name,

      St. Anthony Mary Claret is the “Father of Cuba”. You probably believe everything bad you have been indoctrinated with about the Spanish Inquisition. Do you even know just how many persons were put to death under that Inquisition?

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Kenneth…re-read anon.’s post. That wasn’t what he said at all! He was supporting the Church as opposed to the secular Spanish who imposed the unjust inquisition against the faithful mostly to line their pockets with the money stolen from their victims. We sure cover alot of territory on this site. (not lol but chuckling inwardly. Perhaps I’ll start a new acronym…instead of lol, you can c.i. or g.b. for grinning broadly, or S for sneering, F for frowning…well, you get my drift)

  7. Perhaps the Indians need to apologize for all of the violence they perpetrated on the European settlers who were only looking for a better life. Consider what was done to John Wayne in the movies!

  8. It is absolute total nonsense to apologize for something ONE did not do, or for something ONE did not fail to do. I cannot apologize for the Americans who were killed in the Alamo. The Japanese-Americans who were in the United States were NOT responsible for Pearl Harbor. The German-Americans who were here in America did not kill any Jews even though Hitler did. The Jews who are alive today had no ACTIVE part in killing Christ almost two thousand years ago. It is a silly, sissy and stupid thing for the bishop to do. But then, the majority of the American bishops are just as silly, sissy and stupid as Bishop Garcia is. If he needs to apologize to anyone, it should be to Christ, who has been betrayed by this false shepherd. Before Christianity appeared, the Indians here were blood-thirsty people, who killed their own, as the Aztecs did, and who were brutal to their enemies. It was the Spanish Franciscans, especially under Junipero Serra, who baptized the Indians and made it possible for the Indians to merit heaven. Why apologize for helping spread the Catholic Church. The re-writting of history is always an unwise thing to do. Ave Maria Purissima!

  9. Tom Barbarie says:

    I find it puzzling when people apologize for some wrong which others did, and direct the apology to people who are not victims of the wrong. Apologize to me with a sheepish wave if you cut in front of me on the freeway, and I will then feel well-disposed toward you. I can’t imagine that I would feel greatly elated to hear the English apologize to me for the Penal Laws which caused so much suffering among my Irish ancestors (not that that’s going to happen). I agree with Jerry: any apologies from the bishops should be directed toward the Catholic people for what the bishops did to the Faith they with which they were entrusted.

  10. Do they have permission from California Department of Fish and Game to have deer and elk?

    • Lin, I’m sure they reject this “foreign” governmental agency as much as they reject the “foreign religion of Catholicism. That being said, is the California Dept. of Fish and Game constitutional in the first place?

    • Indian reservations are not to my knowledge under the dominion of Calif DFG. Deer and elk season comes around once per year in the rest of the state, and lasts about a month in each zone, usually from Sept through Nov months. When is the last time anyone ever heard of tasty Calif venison? People even in Oregon render it into jerky and pepperoni. And what about big horn sheep? These are now rare in this state, yet ancient peoples here lived off them, and also off of pronghorn, which are also now rare in Calif. Best deal going now is wild pig, which destroy farm crops and can taste really good. The Indians also hunt black bear in Calif.

  11. If gentile Europeans had not brought the Gospel to this hemisphere, we would have been defying the Great Commission. The Gospel predictably and historically and logistically travels from certain hands to certain hands, from certain locales to certain locales. Our Lord is God, omniscient. In the Garden, alone, He foresaw all the mistakes that man makes, all the evil while trying to do the greater good. He understands that such is our fallen nature. He foresaw the mistakes His disciples would make in the new world. He also foresaw that those mistakes would be inflated centuries afterward by those who, in recalling them, are really expressing their animosity
    for the Master who sent his disciples in His Name. No servant is greater than the Master; when we persecute, even in memory, the servant, we persecute the Master passive-aggressively.

    That being said, does a politically-correct, status-quo-demuring heaven regret our Lady of Guadalupe coming to bring the Gospel to Mexico, steeped minute by minute in human blood sacrifice to demons? No. Should we? No. Only the demons regret the Gospel coming to their strongholds and ousting them. Fiat Lux! Proclaim the Incarnation and Passion and Resurrection of Emmanuel to all the world, every corner. Do not let our brothers die in their sin and despair.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, hear a sinner’s prayer.

  12. At our parishes’ Our Lady of Guadalupe conventual Mass, a religious sister delivered what was advertised to be an informative narrative on the encounters of St. Juan Diego with the BVM, and the subsequent events that led to the validation of this apparition. What was delivered was an outright screed that essentially decried the RCC and the (primarily) Franciscan Friar missioners as an ecclesiological and POLITICAL propaganda asset of the Spanish and their conquistadors. Enumerated were many hyperbolic condemnations of the whole Church in that era, the exaltation and mandate for the continuence of co-mingling indigenous religious beliefs and rituals with RCC doctrine and rites. And there was the expected gratuitous self-congratulation that the Basilica in Guadalupe receives more daily pilgrims than does St. Peter’s and (special emphasis on the speaker’s part) the Holy Father. The great demographic seismic shift that many of our chroniclers and leaders tout incessantly may be founded upon some very shifting sands of political power issues.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      I do hope that at least some had enough faith to walk out on this so called “religious sister”. What was religious about her? Was she even in a Habit? What renegade Order was she from?

      If I were you, I would find a Catholic parish to attend!

      I know from first hand testimony, that the California Franciscans are shot!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  13. Chuck Burrows says:

    This little episode buys Garcia a lot of street cred with the aging white-hairs that populate many of the parishes under his reign.

    I wonder if Garcia ever considers how many souls have drifted away from the faith, driven largely by their horrible experiences in parishes under his rule?

    I suppose not else he wouldn’t spend the time he does on the things he does while neglecting the basic fundamentals of the faith.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Chuck Burrows I am aging (as are we all!) but not white-haired, but I do feel that you set forth a subtle slam against those whom I presume to be your elders. I am assuming that because usually only the young, immature and thoughtless slam their elders as an entire class of human beings, and but a few have the audacity to do so in print. Who knows, an older person may read what has been published publicly and be offended! Political correctness requires that we concern ourselves with the feelings of others, except, of course, not if we are young, brash, thoughtless, arrogant, and have imbued ourselves with a sense of superiority based on our date of birth and not our level of wisdom, kindness, goodness and service to others. At any rate, I believe that most of your obviously disrespected elders are not likely to view the actions of Brishop Garcia as earning him street cred, as you so elegantly put it; most remember when our bishops were Catholic and behaved in a dignified manner as was once considered befitting a Catholic bishop. I thus conclude you are wrong to have sent a sideways slam to the older members of the parish, as if they were silly pariahs, and wrong yet again in your assumptions of their attitudes toward bishops who conduct themselves in a ridiculous manner. I share all this for your personal edification; no personal offense intended, and but a small portion taken. To be truly offended, I first would have had to consider your statements worthy of my respectful consideration, which I do not, as regards your first paragraph. I do, however, concur with your second and third paragraphs.

  14. This is silly, stupid and offensive. We Californians owe the Spanish a huge debt of gratitude for bringing the Catholic faith to us. Also, they brought us modern civilization…whether it be how to grow crops, raise livestock or build adobe structures. Many of these Indian tribes were very primitive, and life was very difficult. Additionally, these modern day Indians are often not Indians at all; with intermarriage, other than having a few drops of Indian blood, they’re a mix of many races. Regardless, Bishop, I hope you enjoy eating your acorns, elk and deer.

  15. POPE JOHN PAUL II expressed apologies right and left to groups that were harmed.

    do you guys see HIM at crazy, also?

    • max – the Pope has the right and the authority to speak or apologize on behalf of the Church.
      No individual Bishop speaks for the entire Church, but only his own Diocese.
      Other than the HOLY SEE (Vatican), not even the Pope tries to apologize for other Countries over which he has zero political control.

      • If anyone sees any dancing at any Mass in the USA – this is an abuse.
        All Diocese Bishops are REQUIRED to insure that all their Parishes follow GIRM (General Instruction of the Roman Missal.)
        All Ordinary forms of the Mass must follow the Roman Missal 3rd Edition which can be found on the USCCB and Vatican web sites.
        All Extraordinary forms of the Mass (Latin) must follow the 1962 Missal.

        The USA has no permission for dancing at any Mass.
        The Entertainment and secular gratification of attendees has no place in Church.
        Report abuses to the Diocese Bishop, US Papal Nuncio, and the Vatican.

        If you own a “Daily Roman Missal” (third edition) – MTF, St. Joseph, or other, you will know if the Priest or Bishop deviates from the required rubrics.

      • Studies show a significant amount of Neanderthal DNA in most humans today. Now, when will the Church be apologizing to the Neanderthals?

    • They wern’t harmed max – the Spanish priests improved their lives and helped their souls. That’s the point. :o)

      • they.



        that is too precious for words! i’m sure the english have the same view of their invasion of ireland…bringing civilization to some barbaric heathens…

        • max,
          I must disagree. I can post something a little lenghy if you want. The situation with England and Ireland is completely different. Priests for example, aren’t the government and have no way of enforcing anything on any one. That’s just one big difference I can think of off the top of my head.
          I’ll post some historical facts soon for you.

        • max, I hope this helps. This is from someone who knows mission history very well. He was a docent and wrote about the history for about 15 years.
          1) Rather than apologizing for the Spanish, we should be THANKING them for sharing with us the wonderful gift of the Catholic faith. Blessed Junipero Serra and his fellow missionaries traveled across the ocean in (what would today be considered) primitive ships, then walked up the coast to share the Faith with Indian tribes which were typically living in miserable conditions. I’m sure Serra and his friends, on a merely human level, would have preferred to sit in a comfortable rectory or chancery with clergy friends engaging in intellectual debates back in Spain (or Majorca, in Serra’s case), but their zeal for the Faith made them endure many hardships to travel here and put their vast talents at the service of the poorest of the poor.
          2) In addition to the invaluable gift of the Faith, they brought them modern civilization: growing crops, raising livestock, building adobe buildings, etc. The Indians here were enduring a lowly existence before the Spanish arrived, and were greatly enriched both spiritually and materially after. Our Juaneno Indians in Southern California, for example, enjoyed a diet of roots, seeds, bugs, rodents, and, if lucky, an occasional rabbit or deer. They lived in grass huts, but no more than a week or two at a time, because they had to be on the move to catch their next meal.
          3) If you got sick, what could they do? They had to leave you behind to die, as they had to be on the move to find food (the Spanish, incidentally, set up our first infirmaries here). Women were second class citizens; men hunted and engaged in war, the women did everything else.
          4) Was there sin and abuses? Sure. Wherever you have human beings, there is plenty to go around. The Spanish, however, had a conscience about abuses committed by typically soldiers, and the humble padres were always trying to rectify them. Taken as a whole, the Spanish brought far more good than harm. A typical California mission had two padres, maybe six soldiers with primitive firearms, and over 1,000 Indians. How could the Indians possibly be “enslaved,” or otherwise held against their will?

          • The Native Americans largely went with Catholicism despite the treatment by European Americans. BTW, according to anthropologists, the oldest human bones found in North America are European, not Asian (ie “native American).

        • The long saga of European conversion to Catholicism (ongoing today) contains considerable brutality also. Catholicism, in fact, begins long before the people involved have risen to states of beattitude in their daily lives. Todays shining examples of course and without a doubt are the bishops, who display an almost absent level of Catholicism, yet represent it … quite an enigma to say the least. Perhaps it is an effort by God to show how the Judas Iscariots of this world can possibly turn away from the world, the flesh and the devil and towards Christ … of course, they bishops are still in the early stages of this process as should be obvious.

  16. Very disappointed. But, having witnessed first hand some of the more “creative” liturgy that occurs week in and week out at several of the parishes under his care, I’m not terribly surprised.

  17. “I confess to almighty God and to you, my brothers and sisters, that I have greatly sinned, in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done and in what I have failed to do. Through my fault, through my most grievous fault” and so on and so forth. Bishop Garcia most likely is of both Indian and Spanish descent, since most Mexicans and those of Mexican descent are, so perhaps he feels the conflict in his own soul and is compelled to make this apology on behalf of some of his ancestors, and who better to do it whether we think it is needed or not, Although, the Spanish were not totally at fault as the Indians were not totally innocent either, and he should make that perfectly clear, an apology can hurt no one. I read a description of Blessed Junipero Serra, and he was described by European chronicles as a Spaniard with black hair and olive complexion (somewhere between brown and white). He sounds as if he was the perfect missionary for the Indians and for the Spaniards, putting himself between the extremes of both sides and able to bring peace at least for awhile. Blessed or Saint (not sure he has been canonized) Junipero. Serra pray for us all, and California especially. We need it. All of us.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      max with a small case m,

      You are a real issue! You have little problem with violations of God’s moral laws, but insist on slavish adherence to everything that comes out of the mouth of a Pope. Your Theology is what is crazy!

      May God have mercy on your soul,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Anne T.

      Many, including myself, believe it is sinful to apologize for the truth!

      A bishop who fails to protect his flock will answer for it in the next life!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  18. We need an apology for Vatican II and the destruction of the Traditional Latin Mass!!! The tide however is turning in the way of restoration of Tradition, it will not happen overnight as Vatican II wrecked havoc and chaos on Holy Mother Church, but in time the Church will right herself and restore the Traditional Latin Mass and kick the “man made” Novus Ordo service to the curb.

    • if you think the NOVUS ORDO MASS is “man made,” who do you think made the TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS?

      do you believe it plopped down from heaven, like joseph smith’s golden tablets?

      • max has a point here. The only mass ever said by Christ was probably in Hebrew or Aramaic.

        • I thought Christ continues to say Mass today.

          • good point, SKAI — JESUS is the one who baptizes, who confirms, who carries out each SACRAMENT through the priest, the ALTER CHRISTUS.

            and, as one sees, JESUS does so in many languages: those of the EASTERN RITE CATHOLICS, and of course latin in the TRIDENTINE MASS, and tagalog, english, vietnamese, spanish, etc., throughout HIS whole word…

          • max, the Sacrament of Baptism does not have to be done by Jesus, or by a Catholic priest, but in fact can be done by a heathen as long as the intention and form are good.

          • max, Jesus Himself was baptised by a (then) unbaptised man.

          • SKAI, the CHURCH teaches that whenever a SACRAMENT takes place (such as BAPTISM), it is CHRIST doing the action.

            so…even if an atheist nurse baptizes a baby in the delivery room, this suggests that CHRIST is working in and through her…

          • SKAI, as for JESUS being baptized by an unbaptized man, you yourself have pointed out that JESUS was always there from the beginning…when the world was created…and so forth.

            so, the LORD JESUS has been active for a lot longer than the 2,000 years we’ve known him…

          • Abeca Christian says:

            now now max, you are twisting Skai’s comments…it is you who does not understand what he meant…

  19. Kenneth, whatever. I do not live in your area and perhaps I am the wrong person to discuss this. I do not know all the details of the issues between the Spanish and all the Indian tribes. I once was in a room and unknowingly bumped into a desk and apologized. Then I turned around and discovered it was only a desk and no one else was in the room. In other words, sometimes I am TOO polite and apologize “at the drop of a hat”. That can be bad too.


    April 17, 2008

    Pope Benedict XVI makes a gesture of reconciliation to Native American peoples

    Pope Benedict XVI, in his first papal mass in the United States, acknowledged the injustices faced by Native Americans since the founding of this country when talking about the promise of hope the U.S. has to offer. “To be sure, this promise was not experienced by all the inhabitants of this land; one thinks of the injustices endured by the Native American peoples and by those brought here forcibly from Africa as slaves,” he said.


    Pope John Paul II Issues Diverse Apologies on Behalf of the Catholic Church

    The Catholic Pope included the indigenous people of the area known as Oceania (south Pacific, including Australia) in a series of apologies issued from 1998 through 2001. In the 1998 Synod of Oceania he said, “Whenever the truth has been suppressed by governments and their agencies or even by Christian communities, the wrongs done to the indigenous peoples need to be honestly acknowledged. …The Church expresses deep regret and asks forgiveness where her children have been or still are party to these wrongs. …The past cannot be undone, but honest recognition of past injustices can lead to measures and attitudes that will help to rectify the damaging effects for both the indigenous community and the wider society.” His apology also included overtures to women, Jews and the Roma people (Gypsies), a European indigenous people.

    • Mark from PA says:

      You are correct, Max. I should mention that the government of Australia also apologized to the indigenous people there for the wrongs done to them. This included taking children from their “pagan” families and putting them in schools run by religious groups. Sadly, along with being educated many of these children were physically and sexually abused. When the Catholic Church apologizes for errors committed it only makes them look better in my opinion.

      • “Those who conceal their sins do not prosper, but those who confess and renounce them find mercy.” PROVERBS 28:13

        thanks, MARK — as individuals we are called to be honest about our sins and shortcomings and co0nfess them, so i feel proud of our church when she does the same.

        pretending the crusades, anti-jewish hatred, etc., never happened makes us look dishonest.

        • You are right max, – we should always apologize for the sins that we personally commit, or that we personally condone.

          Bishop Garcia has no authority to apologize for the entire Church but only his own Diocese, or for those who lived hundreds of years ago – who may never have been sorry for their sins.
          He has no authority to apologize for the Spanish Government or any other government.

          If the Bishop wants to take responsibility, why doesn’t he state his guilt on his diocese web site under “History of the Diocese” ?
          Is it not dishonest not to publish the information – if he truly believes his Diocese is guilty?

    • Historically speaking on CCD max mockingly wrote the most disrespectful words to a Catholic priest who is posting faithful words in persona Christi. max wrote: “KARL HAVE TOU BEEN SNIFFING TOO MUCH INCENSE LATELY?”

      max then writes: “NOTHING WRONG WITH APOLOGIZING. ” Yes, max mocks faithful priests but max is in very much in favor of apologizing for things that damage the Catholic Church in the eyes of the world.

      Select a target, isolate it and then hammer mocking insults at the faithful Catholic priests.

      This is max’s selective rules for radicals or AA-1025 Apostleship


      “In a 2002 critique of Catholic conspiracy theories for Crisis magazine, Sandra Miesel wrote: Further evidence of faith in Communist trickiness is the persistent popularity of Anti-Apostle 1025 by Marie Carré, originally published in France in 1972. This purports to be a memoir by the 1025th Red to penetrate Catholic seminaries, but it is manifestly a feeble example of radical traditionalist propaganda that even fails to factor in the Russian purges. The main character is a Polish orphan—the careful reader will note he’s a Jew—recruited by a Soviet spymaster between the World Wars to penetrate and subvert the Catholic Church.

      Catholic philosopher and theologian Alice von Hildebrand counters that: AA-1025 may be a literary invention of Marie Carre, but one must admit that she hits the bull’s eye from the first page to the last. Some people have extraordinary talents to foresee the future. Carre certainly had an extraordinary perception of how best to harm the Church. How surprising indeed that all her inventions have become reality in the post-conciliar Church.”

      • Mark from PA says:

        Your post is confusing, Catherine, are you suggesting that some Catholic priests are actually Jews recruited by communists to infiltrate the Church. That is pretty hard to believe.

        • PA as typical of you, this is known fact. And I quote “Mrs Bella Dodd was also providing detailed explanations of the Communist subversion of the Church. Speaking as a former high ranking official of the American Communist Party, Mrs Dodd said: “In the 1930s we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within.” The idea was for these men to be ordained and progress to positions of influence and authority as Monsignors and Bishops. A dozen years before Vatican II she stated that: “Right now they are in the highest places in the Church” – where they were working to bring about change in order to weaken the Church’s effectiveness against Communism. She also said that these changes would be so drastic that “you will not recognise the Catholic Church.”

          Why would you find this so hard to believe. Communists controlled half the world in the 20th century and murdered more people than any other form of government


    March 20, 2010

    VATICAN CITY — Faced with a church sexual abuse scandal spreading across Europe, Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday apologized directly to victims and their families in Ireland, expressing “shame and remorse” for what he called “sinful and criminal” acts committed by members of the clergy.

  23. September 18, 2010

    (Reuters) – Pope Benedict made one of his strongest apologies to victims of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests on Saturday in London, while thousands of marchers staged the biggest protest of any of his trips abroad.


    Pope John Paul II made many apologies. During his long reign as Pope, he apologized to Jews, Galileo, women, victims of the Inquisition, Muslims slaughtered by the Crusaders and almost everyone who had suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church over the years. Even before he became the Pope, he was a prominent editor and supporter of initiatives like the Letter of Reconciliation of the Polish Bishops to the German Bishops from 1965. As Pope, he officially made public apologies for over 100 of these wrongdoings, including:
    The conquest of Mesoamerica by Spain in the name of the Church
    The legal process on the Italian scientist and philosopher Galileo Galilei, himself a devout Catholic, around 1633 (31 October 1992).
    Catholics’ involvement with the African slave trade (9 August 1993).
    The Church’s role in burnings at the stake and the religious wars that followed the Protestant Reformation (May 1995, in the Czech Republic).
    The injustices committed against women, the violation of women’s rights and for the historical denigration of women (10 July 1995, in a letter to “every woman”).
    The inactivity and silence of many Catholics during the Holocaust (16 March 1998)
    For the execution of Jan Hus in 1415 (18 December 1999 in Prague). When John Paul II visited Prague in 1990s, he requested experts in this matter “to define with greater clarity the position held by Jan Hus among the Church’s reformers, and acknowledged that “independently of the theological convictions he defended, Hus cannot be denied integrity in his personal life and commitment to the nation’s moral education.” It was another step in building a bridge between Catholics and Protestants.
    For the sins of Catholics throughout the ages for violating “the rights of ethnic groups and peoples, and [for showing] contempt for their cultures and religious traditions”. (12 March 2000, during a public Mass of Pardons).
    For the sins of the Crusader attack on Constantinople in 1204. (4 May 2001, to the Patriarch of Constantinople).

    On 20 November 2001, from a laptop in the Vatican, Pope John Paul II sent his first e-mail apologising for the Catholic sex abuse cases, the Church-backed “Stolen Generations” of Aboriginal children in Australia, and to China for the behaviour of Catholic missionaries in colonial times.

    “An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.” — Pope John Paul II

  25. 1836: Will this Bishop apologize for not stopping the Mexican army which wiped out the exceeding brave defenders of Texas at the Alamo?

  26. Quirina Geary says:

    IN THE NAME OF THE CATHOLIC RELIGION, my people were enslaved and tortured at this mission. It was not the race, but the religion that did it. It’s a shame that this day in age that people are still so insensitive. Almost scary.

    My family is very grateful for Bishop Garcia taking a moral stand. He faces much criticism, but sometimes to doing the right thing, isn’t always the easy thing.

    Suurury Bishop Garcia! (Blessings!)

    • You’re putting us on, right Quirina? The Catholic religion brutalized your people?! As to your view that people have evolved from a few centuries ago … Isn’t that a new age religious take, Quirina? Do you really know what Catholicism is?

  27. max, In regards to your blog on papal apologies, did JP2 also apologise for our Lord’s teachings and for telling His apostles to go forth and teach and convert all nations in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost? This is not satirical, but a serious discussion topic, for by our Lord’s direction the teaching and converting of of all nation’s would instrinsically mean giving up their pagan cultures and rituals and end up adopting an entire new Catholic life-style! No apologies are necessary when missionairies did the Will of God the Father, and apologies were necessary only to God for not doing the Will of God the Father. Those erroneous apologies only provided fuel to the fire of pagans, atheists, and enemies of Holy Mother the Church. The damage done is incalculable. Have you seen any positive outcomes from it? Increases in conversions? Perhaps if any to the pagan-side and losses in the Catholic faith! For by not doing the work of the Father as Christ so directed meant that Jesus’ teachings would not spread to all the nations, to the four corners of the world by His command, that pagans/peoples of the world would not be converted, and then they would unlikely reach eternal happiness with God the Father in heaven, for as our Lord said, “No one comes to the Father except through Me”. So then in a follow-on discussion, is it better to change a temporal culture for the happiness and benefits of eternal life, or better to leave a temporal culture without change, without conversions, only in the end for the pagans to suffer eternally in hell? Yes, yes there is a hell although many modern peoples question and are unable to comprehend the reality of that Catholic Truth these days. The Holy Catholic Bible and Catechism’s and Catholic Doctrine say it is so. Either one is a Catholic and believes all Catholic Church teachings or one is not, i.e. a protestant. To many protestants here are more concerned about appeasing man and apologising for good works of our forefathers, good works that saved perhaps millions of souls, when God wishes for us to appease Him by living up to His holy Word going out and teaching and converting all nations in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. My guess is all of the saints in heaven are there because they did the work of God the Father, not because they apologised for others for having done the work of God the Father.

  28. HARV, the HOLY FATHER (BLESSED JOHN PAUL II) apologized for actions of the CHURCH that were wrong.

    such as ‘crusaders’ looting the CHRISTIAN city of constantinople because…well…they could. this looting, for exmaple, had nothing to do with spreading the GOOD NEWS and everything to do with bloodthirtsy men using a mob mentality to rape and pillage.

    the CHURCH is made up of human being and sins — this is why popes sometimes apologize for what the CHURCH has done.

    • How right you are, max. The Crusaders should have traded in their swords and battle axes for happy face buttons, and then march into the enemy camps tossing flowers hither and thither.

      • actually, SKAI, the crusaders should have stayed home and taken care of their families.

        you can worship GOD anywhere, so there’s no need to slaughter people right and left in order to get ahold of certain pieces of land.

        • max: you are another victim of PC History, the Crusaders were in fact defending Christian lands from Muslim occupiers. The Holy Land was invaded by Muslims 300 years before the 1st Crusade was launched. Thank God your attitude did not exist then…

  29. It is very important to clarify that the Church is the spotless bride of Christ and as such, she cannot sin. However, her members can (and do) sin.

    P.S. “Right wing fanatic Catholics” do not place the title “blessed” before the name of Pope John Paul II; Blessed John Paul the Great was beatified by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in May of 2011, thereby officially granting him the posthumous title.

  30. The same folks insisting on past impeccability are the most critical of Church leaders now. What odd logic leads some to be so critical of present leaders while insisting that past Church leaders were above reproach?

    • excellent insight…

    • Brian S. says:
      December 29, 2012 at 10:57 am
      The same folks insisting on past impeccability are the most critical of Church leaders now. What odd logic leads some to be so critical of present leaders while insisting that past Church leaders were above reproach?

      max says:
      December 29, 2012 at 12:05 pm
      excellent insight…

      No this is not a case of excellent insight. This is a clear typecast post of: AA-1025 apostles of the same rules for radical feathers, sticking together.

      “According to Alinsky, the organizer — especially a paid organizer from outside — must first overcome suspicion and establish credibility. Next the organizer must begin the task of agitating: rubbing resentments, fanning hostilities, and searching out controversy. This is necessary to get people to participate. An organizer has to attack apathy and disturb the prevailing patterns of complacent community life where people have simply come to accept a bad situation. Alinsky would say, “The first step in community organization is community disorganization.”

      Recognize what max is doing then pray for our bishops and clergy who are not paying close heed to the Great Commission of Christ, especially when they fall into the hands of the enemy to be used to search out old controversies that agitate, cause resentment and fan hostilities.

  31. Adoration Servants says:

    Blessed Junipero Serra and all the California Saints in heaven especially those were were missionaries and natives, pray for our state and the Church in our state. Inspire those California Catholics whose hearts seek God to increase Eucharstic Adoration at their parishes so that we may unite and bring souls to God.


    The Pope, five cardinals and two bishops delivered the historic confession of sins dressed in the color of penitence, purple robes. After the prayer he grasped a large crucifix on the altar for the special Mass, begging God’s forgiveness.

    “We are deeply saddened by the behavior of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer and asking your forgiveness we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood,” said Pope John Paul II.

    The National Black Catholics Seminarians Association’s Rev. Darren S. Mazeur said, “It’s important that the head of the church is speaking exclusively about apologizing and reaching out to others. You must confess your sins and be sorry for it and have healing in regards to it.

    “When you are against someone, you are against the whole body of Christ. We should be aware that the Pope is addressing all of us. In order to move on there must be acknowledgment. All of us have fallen short of the glory of God. It’s important that the Pope, a visible part of the church, who represents Christ here on earth, continue to encourage us to forgive from within our hearts,” he concluded.

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