Churches may not recognize same-sex ‘marriage’ in any way

Seattle archbishop rules
Archbishop Sartain

Archbishop Sartain

The following appeared December 13 on

Regardless of the state marriage referendum, Catholic churches in the archdiocese of Seattle may not participate in any same-sex “marriage” or recognize them in any way – including solemnizing such unions, allowing their facilities to conduct the ceremony or its reception, or providing marital counseling to homosexual couples.

Following Washington state’s legalization of same-sex “marriage,” and marijuana, Archbishop J. Peter Sartain has issued a “policy refresher” to explain how the new laws will affect Catholic parishes in his archdiocese.

The archbishop wrote that he was “disappointed that so many voters failed to recognize marriage between a man and a woman as the natural institution for the permanent, faithful covenant of love for a couple, for bringing children into the world, and for nurturing and educating those children.”

“Since marriage is regulated by both civil and canon law,” he wrote, “clerics must always keep in mind the demands of both law systems.  Now that any two persons regardless of gender are permitted to enter marriage as defined in the state of Washington, the law of the Catholic Church diverges from civil law.”

“This change in civil law is not in the best interest of children or society,” he wrote.

The refresher clarified archdiocesan policy on same-sex unions, based on canon law:

- No priest or deacon or lay minister may officiate at a same-sex “marriage.”
- No church facility or school facility may be offered for such an event, even if it is to be witnessed by a non-Catholic minister or civil official.
- No church facility or school facility may be used for a reception after such an event.
- No church ministers, ordained or lay, may offer “wedding preparation” for such couples.

The refresher also addressed the civil aspects of the law.  The archbishop reassured priests and deacons that they are not required by the new state law to solemnize same-sex marriages. “Priests and deacons are immune from any civil liability in this regard,” it states.

The refresher further clarified that non-recognition of same-sex “marriage” must extend beyond just refusing to participate in the ceremony.

Priests and deacons, it said, should not provide any religious-based services to same-sex partners that are designed for married couples or engaged couples, such as relationship counseling, courses, retreats, or workshops.

The refresher reiterated the legality of Catholic churches’ and schools’ refusal to provide accommodations, facilities, or any services related to same-sex “marriage,” stating that churches are immune from any civil liability, and that state and local governments “cannot retaliate.”

Two men or two women, “even if permitted to celebrate a civil marriage, are not qualified by canon law to enter marriage,” stated the archbishop.

The document also addressed the legalization of marijuana in Washington state.

“Marijuana is still illegal under federal law and it is still unclear how this new state law will be treated by federal authorities,” Abp. Sartain wrote. “Until new policy is promulgated, marijuana, like alcohol, will be prohibited on parish property. The only exception to this policy pertains to alcohol at official pastor-approved parish events at which alcoholic beverages are served.”

According to Abp. Sartain, he issued the refresher because so many local pastors and church leaders had raised questions about the requirements of the new law. The refresher addressed those questions from the perspective of civil and canon law.

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  1. Archbishop Sartain is a brave pastor. He anticipates the next battlefront which will be Catholic Church Gay Marriages or your tax-exempt status.

  2. If anyone is aware of any Priest, Catholic School, etc., breaking the Canon laws mentioned.
    Please contact the Archbishop directly with your information and documentation.

    All Catholics must know that they are bound by the CCC, and those portions of the Code of Canon Law that pertain to them.
    Both the CCC and Canon Law can be found on the Vatican web site.
    They are identical world-wide.

  3. Abeca Christian says:

    Its good that it is expressed with clarity and that the church is speaking up…so there won’t be any confusion!

  4. Kenneth M. Fisher says:

    Thank you Archbishop Sartain, but Wouldn’t the Church be better off spiritually if it forbade alchoholic beverages on Chruch property including KofC Halls!

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher

  5. Father Karl says:

    Despite what liberals and the main stream media believe, marriage has always been between a man and a woman. That is how God planned and willed that life continue in this world. Even nature knows that homosexuality is wrong, but it is only man, with a free will, who now thinks that sodomy is good. This perversion was strengthened by the introduction of the birth control pill, which made sex pleasurable instead of being used in creating new life. I applaud the Archbishop for his courage in standing up to uhold true Christian principles which WILL NEVER change. Divine law and natural law make up traditional Judeo-Christian morality which is the basis of western civilization.

    • Deacon Dave says:

      Father Karl, while I agree wholeheartedly with your comments, I must take exception to your comment concerning “sex [being] pleasurable.” I think I know where you were going with this but on the surface it sounded as if the pleasurable aspect of the sexual act was somehow bad even when creating new life. I am sure you did not mean it in this way. My take on your comments as a clergyman and a husband, and with due reflection, is that you were suggesting that with the introduction of the pill, sex was made inherently bad when only sexual pleasure was all that the individuals sought thus denying God his right through the marriage of man and woman to join together with Him in the act of His creation. The world today is upside down and has never been so lost. What a challenge we face in the ambo…as JPII said, “Be not afraid.”

    • Father Karl, I respectfully call on you to reflect on your use of “liberal”. It is wrong to associate political beliefs with labels such as “liberal/conservative/libertarian”. I would venture to observe that those three political ethics have some who would vear from the Church’s teachings, and many who would not. Your observations about our SACREMENT OF MARRIAGE are spot on. Your giving into using labels such as “liberal” probably in the long run, will work against our Catholic Church’s interests in growth. Liberals and Conservatives both need evangelization today. Humbly subbmitted by a Catholic liberal who rebells against abortion, and any pollution of our sacrements. Our only hope is in the Name of The Lord.

  6. Larry from RI says:

    These policies should be read from the pulpits of every catholic church in the country.Stand up for your Catholic faith regardless of the consequences.

  7. the question of “they may not” ? Now way should the church become involved, period.

    • Robert Lockwood says:

      I guess you do not realize that our Catholic Church is the moral leader of our faith in Jesus Christ. The Church has been silent too long on these matters.

      • Dear Robert: Moral Leader? YOU get with the program….Where have you been the past ten years! Obviously, not reading or listening to the news. There was a huge fiasco ( cover up of sexual encounters priests had with minors) in Boston, which in time, trickled across to the West Coast….oh well…you can look it up on the internet.

  8. With the recent Connecticut massacre, there is more, more important things to turn our focus. Instead of funding abortion, fund mental health care. We should not forget to mourn 50 million babies being murdered in the safest place called the womb while thinking their brothers and sisters who were born and massacred.

    • Sham marriages are part of the culture of death. It’s all part of the adversary’s plan and method, to deconstruct the family and replace it with junk and pablum.

  9. Archbp Sartain is truly a voice crying in the wilderness of Washington state. God help him & bless him.

  10. I applaud the Archbishop for being so clear, but any priest who didn’t already know this material would seem pretty dense, in my opinion.

    This reminds me of the Vatican declarations a few years back that someone who has a sex change operation cannot become a priest or a nun. It seems obvious to me, but then again, in this day and age, God only knows.

    Given the fact that even heterosexual couples preparing for marriage see “nothing wrong” with living together and having sex as if they were already married, I suppose we can take nothing for granted.

  11. Wonderful news Archbishop Sartain. As a ordained deacon (in an other diocese), I heartily agree with reaffirming what the Church stands for and what Canon law allows. I am so glad to see the bishops of the United States stand firm on this morally questionable decision made by the misguided people of Washinton. This decision will only bring down the already low morality of our country. Nobody should say that homosexuals are not creations of God and that they have equal standing with Him. But we should never bow down to the will of human, when it comes to defining what God Himself has defined: marriage is between a man and a woman. I will never, NEVER officiate a gay couple’s wedding. I would rather be sued to poverty or burned at the stake. The prospect of that is growing more and more everyday! Let’s hope that our wonderful bishops keep the faith and not bend to the will of others. God bless you all.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Miracles do happen, I believe Archbishop Sartain originally came from the Archdiocese of Lost Angels (Los Angeles).

      He needs much prayer, because he is probably in the minority of his fellow bishops!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  12. A. Gabriel says:

    There is no such thing as gay marriage even though many call it that.They are truly silly to think there can be such a thing.

  13. Good for this archbishop. There is a drastic lack of God fearing Americans, especially in its government. Here is what one of the seer’s in Medjugorje had to say about this:
    “When the prophetic secrets of the Blessed Mother are revealed in Medjugorje, the Catholic Church will find itself in a great ordeal, as much for the world as for the faithful, and a little of this suffering has already started.
    “Satan is stronger than ever today, and he particularly wants to destroy the family and the youth, because they are the foundation of a new world.
    Presidents and leaders have their power from God; too many of them are using it for their own interests. The result is a disordered society.
    Without God, the world has no future, this is why the Gospa [Our Lady] invites us to return to God and turn to the future with God, in order to
    maintain peace and harmony. A government without God is anarchy. It is a deceiving government. It is therefore necessary that God be present in the government, and in the first place. Since the lack of God is prevalent in a lot of places, peace is constantly threatened. The most terrible war is the one waging in the human heart. The emptiness of God gives Satan a space bigger than ever.”
    This is true…
    Go back to God America. Your peace of mind depends on it.

  14. Chuck Anziulewicz says:

    Muslim and Jewish and Atheist couples are allowed to marry, and churches have never been compelled to provide ceremonies for them, nor have such couples ever need church approval to obtain marriage licenses. None of that is going to change when Gay couples are allowed to marry also. And besides, none of the legal benefits of marriage come from the church anyway, they come from government.

    No Gay couple wants to be in a hostile environment on the happiest day of their life.

    • I don’t believe there was much of a movement within the Church by Catholics who were pro-Atheist, pro-Jew, etc to have the Church serve as a support environment. I do believe there are movements with the Church by Catholics who do want to have the Church support gay so called marriage.

    • I assure you, some gay couple will push for it at some point in time not caring if they are welcome or not, some just have to hammer their lifestyle down everyones throats until they get their way. This has happened in many instances lately, and we that follow our faith and its teaching are forced to watch gays pervert our society with their immoral lifestyle

    • Prepare for the lawsuits. This is a concerted effort to discredit The Catholic Church. I wish the bishops did their duty and excommunicated the “Catholics” who promote this nonsense, especially the political types who add the further problem of scandal.

    • Chuck Anziulewicz,

      “No Gay couple wants to be in a *hostile environment* on the *happiest* day of their life.”

      It is always encouraging and hopeful to see the many Chuck Anziulwwicz posters who only prove all the more how much they are innately drawn to God’s Natural Law. The fact that they visit CCD and other traditional Catholic websites as much as they do shows the great interior battle or struggle that is being pressed down within the very depths of their souls. We know that if they 100% believed that they were not offending God, CCD would not even be a blip on their radar screen.

      It is as if they are imprisoned and cannot break free from this tormentor called same sex attraction yet like predictable clockwork they still visit CCD to either taunt or dialogue with the very ones who will always remind them to strive to never offend God. This lets us know the incredible tug of war that is going on inside.

      Let us remind Chuck that serious mortal sin greatly offends God. The homosexual lifestyle is not driven by God or sanctioned by God. It is fantasy driven. The world will even encourage homosexuals to foster this fantasy by telling them that what they are doing is love. Mortal sin places our soul in the most *hostile environment*. We jeopardize our relationship with God. We place ourselves at risk to lose our most precious gift which is Eternal Life.

      The world will tell Chuck to keep pretending and the world will go right along with Chuck in pretending that this is normal and good, but deep within the recesses of his very soul even Chuck knows that this is not normal. That is why Chuck is drawn to stay close to CCD. We were all created to know, love and serve God and to never do things that separate us from God.

      Keep visiting Chuck, I don’t blame you. There but for the grace of God go I. One thing is for sure. If I made a conscious decision to also turn away from God who is ALL GOOD and DESERVING OF ALL OF MY LOVE because of being more enamored with someone else over God, I also think that I would often choose to be around the people who loved me enough to tell me the truth. Christ is the Truth. We are born to love Christ. That is why you visit this site and that is why you are compelled to taunt or test faithful Catholics with a hideous and outstanding lie. Can you not see that your posting actions are no different than the rebellious little toddler or insolent stubborn teenager who is actually begging for his or her parents to corral him or her with love, truth and discipline? I do have compassion for the crosses of others. You would not want the crosses that others have to carry and they would not want yours. Crosses are not to be used as permission slips for creating a fantasy that mocks God.

      One thing is for sure Chuck, no matter what your cross or the crosses of others may be in this quickly passing life, there is NO lasting or true happiness when we are separated from God. No matter how loud you scream or how often you tantrum in your ill fated attempt to challenge God to change His Natural Law, there is no such thing as happiness in an illusion termed as same sex marriage. That is a lie. Same sex acts completely mock God’s Natural Law and God never mocks Himself. It is people who choose to mock God. Slavery was once legal. Slavery offended God. Abortion is legal and abortion offends God too. yet many also call “murder” a right and a good. Thank you for visiting Chuck!

    • @Chuck – I will make a prediction that the militant Gay movement will eventually challenge the Church, and that there will be a law created that religious institutions may not say that homosexuality is wrong, and that these same institutions will be punished by fines or jail time. Be ready, it is coming. I also predict that the Church will eventually go under-ground for a time.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        actually it has already been tried..I think by two lesbians, not sure of what happened to the case…

      • I agree with you, Candace. We could rapidly see ourselves lumped in with extremists and accused of hate crimes for simply holding fast to the tenets of our faith. Will be truly be ready to go to prison for our beliefs when the time comes? I foresee a time when the Church itself splits in two over these very issues. God forbid, but I already see a liberal Church and conservative Church forming, much the same as our country is polarized almost 50-50 between democrats and republicans.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Its already happening…some even call us mind control freaks….lets say that is what the youth is saying too

  15. Archbishop Sartain’s instructions are clear, simple and right to the point. What a refreshing exercise of Episcopal authority. No quibbles… no ambiguity… no cloudy definitions…. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    I am sure it wasn’t that difficult to draw those rules.

  16. Robert Lockwood says:

    God bless the good Bishop – Maybe there is still hope for our Church.

    • Yes, I thank the bishop, but I would be much more hopeful if such had come officially from the USCCB. When oh when will we see such statements from them?

    • While I don’t fault the Bishop for pointing out that they (the clergy) are “not required by the new state law to solemnize same-sex marriages” and that “priests and deacons are immune from any civil liability in this regard”, I would imagine that this law now sets up the possibility for “catholic” same sex couples to challenge this in court as a violation of their “civil rights”.

      What then, if a corrupt judge decides that the Catholic church must now perform SS sham weddings? Will the church comply with the law? Of course, she never can! So my point is just that. Law or no law, the church cannot comply. Hasn’t it always been the corrupt laws of men which has produced so many of the faithful being martyred?

      • That is the plan, Tracy.
        “The effects of same-sex civil marriage in Canada—restrictions on free speech rights, parental rights in education, and autonomy rights of religious institutions, along with a weakening of the marriage culture—provide lessons for the United States.”

        It is frightening.

  17. St. Christopher says:

    Excellent, a bishop that stands up immediately and says “No” and then instructs all Church clergy and employees within his jurisdiction that this means, “No”. Other bishops, most notably Cardinal Dolan, need to stop equivocating and state simple, declarative direction to their “flock” that things against Church policy and laws cannot be tolerated, without exception. This seems “Medieval” of course, so most bishops will run away from such a masculine responsibility, but kudos to Bishop Sartain. Only one question: what is a “lay minister” in the Catholic Church. Canon Law recognizes only “extraordinary ministers of holy communion,” and these are very limited in appointment and duties. No lay person is ordained, so there are no such things as “lay ministers” in the Catholic Church, although this is an area of terrible abuse by bishops and pastors, which see lay people as necessary to give out communion everywhere, and they try to “bless” babies, the elderly and others (an act which means nothing).

  18. Thank you, Archbishop Sartain for making clear to the masses things which faithful Catholics have known all along. The devil and liberals take delight in confusion, while Archbishop Sartain’s statements are clear and precise. May God reward you, Your Excellency for preaching the truth.

  19. Praise the lord for Archbishop Sartain. We need people like you who defend church teaching. I will pray a Hail Mary to Our Lady asking her to help and keep you in her Immaculate Heart. God bless you!

  20. What will happen when openly gay/married individuals present themselves for Holy Communion at Mass? I noticed Archbishop Sartain stated that no “religious-based services” can be provided, but there was a priest recently who got into a lot of trouble by denying Holy Communion in a similar situation.

    • Mark from PA says:

      Maureen, to the best of my knowledge, no bishop has said that gay people should not be allowed to attend Mass or receive communion. I think if priests openly said that gay people were not allowed to attend Mass, that they would also lose some of their family members also. I don’t know if any parishes discourage gay people from attending. Some may prefer that gay sit in the back, keep quiet and try not to draw any attention. I realize that some people really hate gay people but the Church that I was raised in wasn’t like that. I suppose it depends on where one lives.

      • Thank you Bishop Sartain for your courage and for your faithfulness. You have truly shown love for all, including those who will choose to mistakingly call this a rejection. Even as young children our wise and caring parents would often have to speak out to protect our well being and go against the grain of accepted trends of immorality. Everyone remembers that our loving and protective parents often said, “I don’t care how many people say that it is OK to do this or that. It is wrong it is a sin and it offends God.”

        How wonderful it was and how wonderful it is to feel so cared about, so protected, and so loved to such a degree that your parents were willing to be viewed as a stodgy, rigid and archaic bunch of ol fuddy duddys who hadn’t stepped up to “get with it ” in accepting certain sins or immoral times.

        Good and loving parents would even say, “I don’t care if Johnny or Susie’s mom and dad let them do that, would you follow Johnny or Susie right off of a steep cliff if their parents allowed them to do that too? Many of my friends who were allowed to do whatever they wanted used to say different things but they all meant the same. Here are some of their comments: “Wow! Do you know how blessed you are to have had parents who cared that much about you? or My parents really never talked to me, they were fine with whatever I chose and It kind of made me feel that they didn’t really care. or I always envied the fact that you had such caring and protective parents.”

        Well, this is exactly how a good and faithful bishop makes his sheep feel when he courageously stands up against any growing tide of immorality that can often easily knock over the weak, the gullible and the godless. Thank you Bishop Sartain for truly caring about us and showing us what real love truly entails. Thank you for keeping us safe and guarding us from going off the dangerous cliff. That is what a good shepherd does. He guards all of the flock! Our Eternal Salvation was never premised on popularity contests, polls, fads, fantasies, accepted trends or sins, seasons or howling winds. Our Eternal Salvation was won on the Cross by Jesus Christ. No Cross! No Crown! The Cross is a symbol, NOT of defeat but of victory!

      • PA, Maureen did not say homosexuals would not be allowed to attend Mass. Her concern was in the area of receving Holy Communion by a ‘married’ homosexual. Why do you twist things?

      • More disinformation from PA, but that is only to be expected from him. Maureen’s question was “What will happen when openly gay/married individuals present themselves for Holy Communion at Mass?” I assume by the question that there is a provactive demonstration of one’s homoseuxality, or homosexual marriage; otherwise how would a priest know the communicant(s) was /were homosexual? In other words Maureen’s question is along the lines of the concern expressed by others that Catholic homosexual couples will challenge Church teaching either in court or at Mass. PA then trivializes the upcoming storm (as I indeed think is coming) and transforms the issue at hand into a blanket civil rights issue about homosexuals attending Mass and receiving communion.

      • Mark from PA, all Catholics are required to assist at Mass on Sunday. If a person is aware that they have committed a mortal sin, they are required to go to confession before presenting themselves for communion.

      • Mark, the issue here is not whether or not someone has a SSA but whether or not they are having sex outside the sacrament of marriage. No one who falls under this category whether heterosexual or homosexual should admit themselves for holy communion as they are in mortal sin.

        You seem hypersensitive when you say that “some may prefer that gay sit in the back”. Do you have proof of this happening anywhere? If not, then why do you suppose that it is happening? I now attend a very “orthodox” parish in which many of the parishioners travel significant distances to attend. There is a prominent member who is homosexual but also “orthodox” in her Catholicism, which is why she too drives some distance to attend there. She is living a chaste lifestyle and a member of Courage. She does not dress or act like a woman. She is very active in the parish and I have never seen or heard of anyone treating her differently because of her orientation.

        Mark, please show me even one story in the the gospels where Jesus ever placed someone’s feelings above concern for their soul? I would really love to discuss this with you.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Tracy I hope PA would at least reflect on your post and perhaps he may be honest in answering, but I doubt that. I do know though, is that gay activism has it’s blind side…..and refuse to entertain such things for they are immersed in their ideologies and their activism is one that does not seek the truth.

    • Maureen, if one knows they have committed a mortal sin, one is supposed to not approach the sacrament until after confession.

      • Mark from PA says:

        With same sex marriage, we will have same sex couples and their families at Mass. Will they be welcomed or told to leave?

        • Rick DeLano says:

          If they are counterfeiting marriage, Mark, then they are guilty of grave public scandal and must be refused communion. Further obstinacy in the face of efforts to reconcile these pseudo-marrieds to the Faith (public recantation and penance; a return to chastity in accordance with their un-married condition) would certainly raise the possibility of excommunication.

          That is of course assuming the bishop(s) in question were serious about teaching, sanctifying, and governing.

        • PA if they have a false marriage they should be told to leave. Should those in mortal sin be allowed to receive the Blessed Sacrament ,….PA you are so lost, I wonder why you even bother posting here, you are not going to change anyone’s mind, go back to your church of nice where sin is tolerated, in fact its a sacrament

  21. It is truly refreshing to witness a bishop speaking out so emphatically in defense of the sanctity of marriage and the family. Let us pray that the priests will respond in kind, and that their homilies will reflect the absolute moral truths which the Church represents. What we are witnessing in the Church today is nothing new, but due to technology. the neo-Cathar heresy now being disseminated from many pulpits has spread to every nook and cranny on the planet. Catharism was also a ‘culture of death,’ and there is nothing new under the sun. For those of you with a knowledge of history, recall how long and fierce the struggle was to free France of these wretched heretics, how many military campaigns had to be initiated and fought before the heretics were finally subdued by Simon de Montfort. Modern technology has seen to it that Catharism has now spread all over the world.

    • Mark from PA says:

      I had heard of Simon de Montfort but decided to refresh my memory and look him up.; HE was present at the siege and subsequent massacre at Belziers on July 22, 1209 when the entire population of Cathars and Catholics sought sanctuary in the Cathedral of St Nazaire which was set on fire and also in the Church of the Madeleine where all inside were butchered. The cry of the Crusaders was “Kill them all, God will recognize his own.” In 1210 Simon de Montfort burned 140 Cathars in a village. That Cathars were pacifists and condemned killing, capital punishment and wars. Because of their pacifist beliefs they were easy prey and as a group they were exterminated. Some Cathars did convert to the Catholic Church and were spared but were also segregated and seen as an inferior people.

      • MARK, thanks for letting us know about this most excellent defender of the faith, simon de montfort.

        i can now see why he had been held up for adoration by a previous poster, given simon’s close imitation of christ.


        as you point out, portraying such people are heroes is pretty sick.

        the church-burning scenarious you describe remind me of that mel bigson film “patriot” in which a british officer has all the americans heredced into a church and burned alive…

        • Mark from PA says:

          Max, reading the history about this only reinforced in my mind what evil things war and violence are and how precious life is. This past week has reminded many of us how sacred life is.

      • PA explain how this ties in to what the Archbishop said…..

        • Mark from PA says:

          Canisius, I was responding to what Paul said about the Cathars. I knew a little about them but looked them up so I could refresh my knowledge and I just expressed an opinion on what happened to them. It was sad to read about the evil that Simon de Montfort did.

          • Rick DeLano says:

            Reminds me of the Dominican and the Jesuit, considering the relative merits of their Orders……..

            “Well, you Dominicans were formed to combat the Catharii, and we Jesuits were formed to combat the Protestants………” said the Jebbie.

            The Dominican gently nodded.

            “You see any Catharii around these days?”

            Haters of the Catholic Faith will be haters of Her Saints, and there is no doubt whatever that Mark from PA and Max are haters of the Catholic Faith.

            They love some other Faith, some other Church, one which exists in their bellies.

            St Dominic, pray for us, St. Simon de Montfort, pray for us!

          • Mark from PA says:

            Rick, Simon de Montfort is not a saint. He was responsible for the murder of many Catholics. I am not a hater of the Catholic faith and you know that. Criticizing Catholics who have killed innocent people doesn’t make a person anti-Catholic.

          • Mark from PA says:

            Rick, this is from the Catholic Encyclopedia about Simon de Montford, “It is to be ever deplored that Simon stained his many fine qualities by treachery, harshness and bad faith. His severity became cruelty and he delivered over many towns to fire and pillage.” His murder of many innocent people was regretted but “his courage and skill in warfare marked him out as a great man.” Again, the man was not a saint and it seems he was probably responsible for the death of many children.

          • Rick DeLano says:


            You are correct, and I apologize for my error, especially since it was employed to unjustly impute to you hatred for the Saints.

            Every once in a while I just get it wrong, and this is certainly one of those times.

          • Mark from PA says:

            Thank you, Rick, I have read much about the saints and taught about them to my classes. Reading about the burning of the churches touched a nerve with me as I am still shaken by the school shooting in Connecticut. It really hit home to me how precious life is and what an evil violence is. Newtown is less than 3 hours from where I live. My dad watches the one New York station on TV and they had blanket coverage of the shooting along with the evening news coverage. Your apology means a lot to me. God bless you.

  22. Praises and Thanks be to God for our true Shepard in Seattle for his fairhful to the only one True God. Please keep our ArchBishop Sartain in your daily prayers and fasting because my heart is sad some of our priests and nuns here in Seattle does not agree with our true shepard! Archbishop Sartain have suffer a lot already for being in Seattle and more so please I beg the world out there to keep this great man of God in your fasting and prayers because that’s what he will need from our priests and nuns who already made him suffer. This will only be successful for our blessed Archbisop Sartain here in Seatlle is ALL YOUR prayers and fast because that’s the only thing that will give peace instead of suffer to outlet Archbishop and our one true God he is serving! In Jesus name- and I pray Our Beautiful Blessed Mother Mary mantel is cover over our Archbishop Sartin! I’m proud to be a sheep who will follow this true Archbishop we finally for many years.

  23. The election was a fix , we used a lotto machine to cast our vote. Give me a break, Bill Gates wrote the program on it.

  24. Margaret Cleckner says:

    Kudos to Archbishop Sartain! We don’t have to argue with these poor misguided souls about what the Law of God is–God said marriage is for a man and a woman–PERIOD! Even the animals know the law of nature; so I guess those who practice homosexuality have sunken below the animal mind and those who encourage them as well. And we truly are suffering an ordeal right now as we wonder when the shoe is going to drop and we start to pay dearly to defend our Faith. Already I can see that even some of my closest family members would deny their Catholic Faith if persecution should come–and it certainly, without a doubt, will!

    • Remember King Henry VIII, and how England knuckled under, and what great persecution ensued. Our political culture has changed so radically it seems the unthinkable could happen here — one might say this is impossible but it was only 16 years ago DOMA passed, and it seems a liberal court (filled with Catholics) is all too ready to put a torch to this parchment and dance around the flames. After that all bets are off, and how the Church will suffer, and when, is anyone’s guess. But it seems inevitable that a time of suffering is around the corner.

  25. Margaret you are right. A terrible persecution will occur in the very near future because of this issue. Many Christians especially Catholics will be martyred around the entire world. But be not afraid as Pope John Paul ll said throughout his pontificate for this evil culture of death agenda will all collapse because it was not created by the signature hand Almighty God.

    Also Margaret rest assured that we are the last generation spoken about in the Book of Revelations. Our Lord Jesus Christ will come as a Just Judge sooner than we think. The day and the hour not even Jesus or the Angels know. Only God the Father knows the day and the hour of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The signs of times are all around us. Just think of how blessed we are to be living in this day and age. Pray, pray, pray for the conversion of sinners.

  26. Hey Jack, Fr. Karl was right in the use of the word liberal. Liberal is defined as A relaxing or loosening of something deemed strict. The
    10 commandments are A morally strict code by which we are to live by.
    While Liberalism is not only A poitical, economic, social philosophy, it
    is a way of life A life we must AVOID if we are to save our Christian
    civilization. Liberalism is A set of beliefs that was creating in
    the very bowels of hell itself and if you can’t believe that then you will
    be the very first to succumb to it . By the way Jack, what is A liberal
    who condemns abortion gay “marriage”, etc.? You’re kidding yourself.
    Those immoral beliefs are the hallmarks of Liberalism. What the devil failed to accomplish by Communizing America, he is now trying with liberalism and he is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams and you are his his willing accomplist. Wise up Jack.


      [lib-er-uh l, lib-ruh l]

      favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.

      ( often initial capital letter ) noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform.

      of, pertaining to, based on, or advocating liberalism.

      favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.

      favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression: a liberal policy toward dissident artists and writers.

  27. It is truly sad that the Catholic Church cannot recognize love when it stares it in the face.

    • The Church recognizes love. It recognizes God’s love, not the world’s definition of love. Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments. If we truly love someone we would not want to do anything that would lead them into sin.

    • truth, you have me at a loss. What is it about opposing homosexual marriage that in any way indicates the Church does not recognize love? The presence of love between two individuals does not automatically mean a procession up the aisle. Could you provide some illumination for me? Thanks in advance.

  28. This will be a “learning moment” for all those Catholics who think there is nothing wrong with same sex marriage. Those Catholics who voted in favor of the law and there are plenty of them. So many Catholics (lay and clergy) ignorant of the Faith and Church teachings. This will be a wake up call. Good for Archbishop Sartain!!

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Louie there is no learning moment, those who voted in favor of the law are in favor of it and are happy…..there is no wake up call…its reality, more and more of this immoral filth is going to keep on happening…soon Christ will come again…..God have mercy on us all.

  29. Well said Archbishop!

    God made Man and Woman, full stop! This is God Almightys Law, not Man’s. The Pope does not sit in the Vatican thinking up what to do next to wind up the gays etc.
    We as the Catholic Church follow Gods Law, For me its always to do what God wants, to follow God faithfully, How can 2 men or 2 women be married, seriously. It is against God and nature. I hope all our Clergy, follow whats right even if it means getting into trouble with mans Law, remember you only have 1 soul save it. Do not put your soul at risk over a load of rubbish, we have to answer to God. What a Sacriligous act it would be, to have this kind of thing happening in our Churches.

  30. john towle says:

    If same sex unions are morally acceptable in the 21st century then they have always been morally acceptable since morality as understood by the Catholic Church, comes from an eternal Source. It’s folly to think that God follows human reasoning and the relents to that reasoning.

    Why then, have same sex unions been rejected by the vast majority of societies in all but the last 50 years? Is modern man wiser in knowing God’s will or is modern man deaf, dumb and blind to eternal truth?

    In a very real sense, no amount of pleasure or joy or happiness is worth jeopardizing one’s eternal destination, or unthinkably glorious bliss and same sex marriage does just that and since the goal and purpose of the Catholic Church is to lead souls to God and His eternal Presence, it CANNOT work against it’s purpose and goal.

  31. of course the roman catholic church is not going to peform any gay weddings.


    heck, even for straigght couples, it’s hard to get a church willing to help, then do all the documents, marriage preparation courses, meetings with the priest, to see what’s allowed (and not) in terms of the ceremony, etc.

    this is one reason dioceses like san francisco are getting nervous, because people are not bothering to get married AT ALL — especially in the church!

    • Do you suppose all the annulment requests have triggered the marriage prep courses etc. that serious Catholics should only be glad to attend? As for the rest, if they don’t want a Church wedding, then they can’t be too serious about the sacraments in general. So the problem, logically, is not that couples avoid Church weddings, but that they avoid the Catholic Church specifically and Christianity in general, a grave problem to be sure, and one not restricted to San Francisco.

    • Rick DeLano says:

      For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables.

    • So, max, you’re advocating divorcing Catholic marriage from secular laws? Sounds like a good idea to me.

  32. Seattle is a bastion of Liberalism it was in the care of that huge Leftist Archbishop Hunthausen for decades good luck to the Roman Catholics of Seattle it will not be an easy fight!

  33. Sartain Name Meaning

    English: nickname from Old French certeyn ‘self-assured’, ‘determined’. (The phonetic change of -er- to -ar- was a normal process in Middle English).

  34. The increase of gay marriage is nothing more than the stacking up of fire wood.

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COMMENTS POLICY: Comments are limited to 250 words, and should not contain offensive or libelous language. Please strive to be civil. All comments are subject to approval by our moderator and to editing as the moderator deems appropriate. Inclusion of your email address is optional.