UC Berkeley bans Salvation Army bell ringers

Queer students may take offense

The following comes from a December 6 story on the website of CampusReform.org.

The student government at the University of California-Berkeley passed a resolution last month that would ban Salvation Army bell ringers and their iconic red kettles from campus this Christmas because of the Christian organization’s alleged bias against homosexuality.

UC Berkeley is “reviewing” whether or not they will prohibit the Salvation Army from operating on campus this Christmas, after students passed a resolution condemning the charity.

The resolution, cleared on November 14, accuses the charity of openly discriminating against gay individuals.

“Salvation Army church services, including charity services, are available only to people ‘who accept and abide by the Salvation Army’s doctrine and discipline,’ which excludes homosexuality,” reads the bill, SB 176.

In the resolution, the student body also demands school administrators revoke the Salvation Army’s permit, which currently allows them to collect donations on the Berkeley campus.

“Allowing the Salvation Army to collect donations on campus is a form of financial assistance that empowers the organization to spend the money it raises here in order to discriminate and advocate discrimination against queer people,” it adds.

In a statement to Campus Reform, the Salvation Army adamantly denied these charges, saying the allegations are based solely on “internet rumors.”

“The notion that we require those we help to ‘accept and abide by the Salvation Army’s doctrine and discipline which excludes homosexuality’ to receive assistance is totally false,” wrote Kathy Lovin, a spokeswoman for the Salvation Army.

She added that “the only requirement for service from The Salvation Army is demonstrated need and our ability to meet it.”

According to the bill, the student government also wants to formally express “disapproval of the presence of Salvation Army donation containers on campus” because “queer students…may take offense to the presence of collection containers operated by a discriminator religious organization in their places of living.”

A UC Berkeley spokesperson told Campus Reform that school officials are reviewing the matter, but declined to state whether the charity would be banned from campus.

The bill was authored by an openly gay student, Matthew Enger. He could not be reached for comment by Campus Reform.

On his public twitter account, however, he has hurled similar attacks at other organizations for supporting traditional marriage, writing that the Boy Scouts “can go f**k themselves” for refusing to admit homosexuals into their organization.

Enger has also used the popular social media platform to profess that he “hates the Republican Party,” later adding he hopes all conservatives leave the country.

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  1. Kenneth M. Fisher says:

    So apparently to the educated idiots at U.S. Berkley, the almost passive Salvation Army is offensive and so are any organizations that promote traditional moral values but those who are propagating a serious medical plague on the American people aren’t.

    Perhaps it is time for the citizens of California to deny their hard earned tax dollars to this “educational” cesspool.

    Is there a Neuman Club at this cesspool?

    Are you listening, Mark from PA, TEM, etc. etc.?

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher

  2. They never give up. The Salvation Army, and the Boy Scouts are great institutions. Charity, Cal.

  3. Leftist advocacy for “tolerance” is patently hypocritical, but they are too dense to realize it.

  4. I wonder how tolerant the student government of UC Berkeley is of Muslim organizations on its campus? The religion of Mahomet is not exactly favorable to homosexuals.

  5. “Queer” students?

    Shame on you. :(

  6. Father Karl says:

    The greatest descrimination has always been against Christians, but most especially against Catholics. Traditional Christian ideas, beliefs and customs are being attacked, while most people could care less. Soon,the federal holiday of Christmas will probably be banned, and then widespread persecution of Christians will begin.It happened in Rome when the Dark Ages began, and it has occured recently in Russia, China and other Soviet style countries. Close to home, Mexico and Cuba were outlawing Christian thought. It will be upon us here in America because most people are asleep, or under the spell of cereal and circus. Thus, western civilization will cease to exist in the United States, as the barbarians will have taken over. May Christ have mercy on us, and may Our Lady protect those who remain faithful to her Son.

    • KARL, you have been sniffing too much incense.

      russia has embraced its orthodox roots like crazy — and the church there is even accused of being TOO CLOSE to the powers that be.

      as for discrimination only being against christians, tell that the jews who were expelled from spain, the conversions at the end of a bayonette — oh, just read some history books!!!

      • Max, Queen Isabella was fighting with the Moors because they had invaded Span many years before and were oppressing Christian Spaniards, when some of the Jewish people started siding with the Muslims that is when she started her compaign that they convert or leave. What would you or anyone else have done had you been put in a similar situation when you were defending your own people? Not all Jewish people are right all the time, sometimes they are wrong just as every other group. At least she did not massacre them, as many others have done to other ethnic groups with whom they are fighting. You can read about it in Queen Isabella of Spain by Catholic authors. There is a Jewish author who defended some of her positions realizing that much of what was said about the Inquisition was blown out of proportion by her enemies. The Jewish author’s last name is Kamen, and he wrote a book about the Spanish Inquisition.

        • Anne T.

          How kind of you to to want to give max a history lesson. max must be thrilled with the distraction. After all, he got his dirty deed in and he was rewarded with a nice history lesson and book referral. First of all, I honestly think that max already knows what you wrote. Second of all, Whether he does know or not know is not the point though. The point is: The devil knows history.

          One thing is for sure the devil knows the history of human nature and he is always pleased when a priest is directly mocked with the unholy sulphuric taunt…”KARL (yelling) you have been sniffing too much incense.”

          That comment is incredibly chilling. That comment truly sounds like one of the many hateful line of words that you could hear being screamed at the priest during an exorcism. Would anyone start to talk about the history of Queen Isabella in order to try to educate the taunting spirit during an exorcism or right after someone directly mocked and taunted a good priest on a Catholic website because of the priest’s love for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass? Do you think for one spit second that a taunting spirit really cares about your historical reminders when he is first showing you that he mocks an important aspect of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

          max was directly attacking a priest who defends “all’ Church teaching. max is really no different than other dissenters who are thrilled when they can attack the Mass and a faithful priest and then successfully get others to travel down the yellow brick road of distractions while faithful priests are directly insulted and taunted.

        • ANNE T., thanks for the heads up about this authror.

          i like to read about history and am always interested in learning more…

          • max, …. Of course max likes history! History wants to repeat itself in max’s and RB Rodda’s hateful, “unfaithful” sounding attacks on a “faithful” Alter Christus.

            Revelation 12:4

            “And his tail drew the third part of the stars of the heaven; and he cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered; that when she should be delivered, he might devour her son.”

            Here is the most important history lesson: Our Lord promised us, “The gates of hell will not prevail.”

            “O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee.”

            “I Will Crush the head of the serpent.” “In The End My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph!”

      • max’s chillingly hateful sounding taunt. “KARL, you have been sniffing too much incense.” max omits the title “Father because max feels that he is on a comfortable par to once again attack another priest. Those words sound very similar to the hate filled words on the Sebastian’s Angels website. Those sound very much like the words of someone who is doing much more than just sniffing the idea of entertaining mortal sin. Those are the same kind of taunts that were given to the very faithful priests who defended “all” Church teaching, especially the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.

        The individual or individuals who post as max and RB Rodda are doing exactly what our priest talked about this Sunday. Many good priests spoke about the evil committed in Connecticut. They called it a diabolically driven jealousy of what is good. max and RB Rodda are very busy being useful pawns or minions to mock the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Their words display jealousy of the good.

        They want to mock everything that is held sacred to many Catholics. We see the incredibly disrespectful mocking of a priest by RB Rodda and max by in his mocking the use of incense. Their snide sounding, hatefully disrespectful comments are the jealous means to insult and attack Father Karl or other priests who defend “all” Church teaching points to what the priest spoke about. No one who truly loves Christ and accepts “all” Church Teaching would ever mock a faithful Catholic priest who is traditional with such hate-filled taunts about sniffing too much incense.

        The young man who hatefully chose to murder all of those precious lives in Connecticut was completely filled with hatred. His hatred was a diabolical jealousy that compelled him to attack what is good. Evil hates good.

        The most hateful posts imaginable on the St. Sebastian’s website were from the homosexual priests who abandoned their sacred vows and then turned and attacked everything that is good, sacred and traditional, especially their faithful brother priests. Our Lady of Akita warned the world about priests mocking other priests for being faithful and not compromising.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        max that was very disrespectful. I don’t get it, many comments were censored by the faithful who admonish before but why let max’s go in while he disrespects a priest with his repulsive comment. Sniffing? really? Lord have mercy on all and even those who lack common decency…..this has been going on far to long, but k will attack those who defend the faith but I don’t see her telling max off for what he just said to a priest!

        How twisted people are here!

        • as i’ve said before, i simply don’t BELIEVE that ‘father karl’ is a priest at all.

          the way he talks about his parishioners and fellow catholics is so disparaging, he comes across like some grouchy old curmudgeon rather than a shepherd of souls.

          this is the internet, folks — i could lable myself as “BISHOP MAXIMILIAN” but that wouldn’t make me a bishop.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          well max I’m prudent enough and I can tell that Father Karl is actually who he posts to be. So with that said, I tend to disagree with you, I think that he sounds like an excellent priest and God bless him!

    • Yes, the Catholics have been discriminated against but calling it the greatest discrimination? You’re diminishing the plights other groups have experienced. The murder of over six million Jews during the Holocaust.The enslavement of over 25 million Africans. 50 million abortions. Etc, etc. As a Catholic, I do not hesitate for even a second to confirm that these injustices are far greater than anything I have suffered or could imagine to suffer as a Catholic.

    • Thank you Father and God bless you.

    • I am sorry that you are having a hard time, according to Kenneth M. Fisher. Peter started to sink because he took his eyes off Jesus and paid attention to the squall. God bless you. Stay strong.

  7. Really, Matthew Enger and gays? These gays are so full of themselves and narcissistic that nobody else matters. That is their agenda. Who cares about those helpless people who need this assisstance from the Salvation Army? Who cares about the innocent little kids who have nothing? As long as I can sodomize my boyfriend without people hatin on me and hurting my dainty conscience. Think about the helpless people you are hurting because you want to commit your homosexual acts without hurting your feelings. Next time you gays and your partners are committing your lustful, mortal sins of sodomy, dont forget to think about how you say your acts don’t hurt anybody. They do by your hate of God and anyone who disagrees with your perverted lusts.

  8. I received all three degrees from UCB: B.A., M.A., and Ph.D.
    Sadly, my alma mater has become even more decadent and depraved. The student newspaper, The Daily Californian, now has a “sex advice” column. One of the contributors is Nadia Cho, who proudly writes about her promiscuous, pan-sexual experiences, including public sex on campus. Her language would put prison inmates to use, with the F-word like punctuation marks.

  9. When are the people who feel discriminated against going to realize that their actions impact so many people who need help? All of us need to get out of ourselves and the notion of what’s in for me. This action by the UC Berkeley is absurd.

  10. Maybe they will ban the Catholic church who administered to the first Aids patients and gave them sacraments before they left this earth. Isn’t strange how people only want Christianity when they are distressed. When they have no where else to go they all of a sudden will allow the Catholic services into their lives. In His mercy Our Lord will hear the call of the unfaithful and save them. Praise the Lord.

  11. Laurette Elsberry says:

    Here’s an opportunity to support the Salvation Army in Berkeley. Their address is 1535 University Ave., Berkeley, CA 94703. The address of the Berkeley Boy Scouts is

    • Support you local parish and not the Anti-Catholic “salvation crew”, as they have proclaimed Catholicism as the “whore of babylon.!

  12. Absolutely unbelievable, but not surprising that an entire University would cave to the demands of one foul language spewing hate monger on an issue of such import to so many in need. However, it is Berkeley with kids who have never known need…. Where, oh where is the adult supervision.

    Also worth noting, this is public property and should be open to all citizens, not just the chosen few who bow and scrape to the students running the institution.

  13. the salvation army helps the poor.

    that’s good enough for me.

    and, probably, for GOD…

    • Max, get a life and stop rattling the Catholic cage!

      Why are you here?

      • why am i here, BARON?

        well, the same reason you are here…you see, there are birds and beees…

        but you probably already got that story.

        i’m here because i’m a catholic and like the feisty give and take of this website.

        wouldn’t it be boring if we all agreed?

        • Abeca Christian says:

          actually I would prefer we were all like minded in Christ…..the world would be a much better place!

          • Sweet Abeca Christian, : )

            That was such an excellent response, grounded in true love for Christ!

            1. Christ beside me, Christ before me,
            Christ behind me King of my heart;
            Christ within me, Christ below me,
            Christ above me never to part.

            2. Christ on my right hand, Christ on my left hand,
            Christ all around me shield in strife;
            Christ in my sleeping, Christ in my sitting,
            Christ in my rising light of my life.

            3. Christ beside me, Christ before me,
            Christ behind me King of my heart;
            Christ within me, Christ below me,
            Christ above me never to part.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Thank you Catherine, beautiful prayer! It comes from Saint Patrick, I have a different version of it though….Saint Patrick is one of my favorite saints, it’s not a coincidence that you would bring that up. I know how the Holy Ghost works….thank you for your faithfulness.

            Saint Patrick, I really appreciate his witness and also St, Nickolas…they are both really close my to my heart. Please pray for my kids, especially my eldest….I trust in your word when you say you will pray for my intentions…God is good!

        • max,

          Why have you ceased to love?

          “Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”

          Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

  14. Sad, no bell ringers for charity. BTW, the Muslims treat most women as second class citizens, but for sure they get a place at the UC Bezerkley table. Hypocrisy? Selective tolerance?

  15. And to think the President Obama does not get it regarding the child shootings in Connecticut.
    When officials support the killing of unborn babies, killing of the elderly and handicapped, refuse to allow freedom of speech of religious organizations, etc –
    Morals go down the toilet.
    It’s all related.

    What do they expect from the Society they are CREATING – when they will not allow respect for God or life ?

    • Amen! when abortion was illegal and guns were plentiful when I was young, students were not killing each other on campus. There were no such things as “lock downs” on campuses. Something has happened since, and I believe, MAC, you are right about the derespect for human life that has taken place in all areas after Roe vs Wade.

  16. R.B. Rodda says:

    Here locally it’s a tradition for members from my parish to cover a prime spot for the Salvation Army. We wear clothing with the name of our parish on it, we have icons of Jesus and Mary on display and we often ring sanctus bells in place of the single Salvation Army bell. Great service and great publicity for the parish.

    The Salvation Army asked another local parish to cover another location. The stultified “traditional” priest said “no” because members of the Salvation Army are not Christians and Catholics should not be working in tandem with them in public! What a loser! “Traditional” indeed!

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Rodda you are no different than the hatred that these gays have for the salvation army except that your hatred is geared towards the traditional element of the faith. You are no Catholic to me because you are a whinny protestant Catholic within the church, in your tone here, you protest the convictions of the church that have always been since the beginning of our faith. SHAME ON YOU. I think you love the attention…you got it..

    • RB Rodda writes: “What a loser!” “stultified” = These are the TRADITIONAL comments that will always come from those who do not accept, uphold or promote “all” Church teaching.

      May God bless that faithful priest and all faithful priests who truly care for the condition of souls instead of photo ops to retrieve more paying clientele. Jesus referred to these scribes and Pharisees as hypocrites and “Whited Sepulchers” who were more concerned with great publicity and appearances.

    • Rick DeLano says:

      R. B. Rodda:

      I would very kuch like to contact the priest you deride above. It is likely he would make an excellent confessor.

    • R.B Rodda go and stay in your church of nice

  17. WOODY GUIDRY says:

    We need to start giving mirrors to the “gay”-they are never gayer than when they are admiring themseves.

  18. Abeca Christian says:

    Is this legal…can they really discriminate against the Salvation Army in such a way?

  19. Personally, I don’t think it’s so much that Berkeley is evil so much as the students and faculty are such predictable dead boors, They have only a trivial and shallow understanding of the world and life in general. This is what happens when you limit the gene pool and through consistent inner breeding you have a very low life form incapable of independent or creative thought even if their lives depended on it. Pity these poor, insipid ‘elite’ who prove the rule they live by that in survival of the fittest they are close to the bottom of the food chain. If they had to actually make it in the real world they would probably end up eaten by man-eating dust bunnies. Organizations that actually feed the poor and exemplify the teachings of Christ must be really threatening to them!

  20. Prof.Helen McCaffrey says:

    AHHHH More tolerance from the Lefties on the Left Coast. And Californiatax payers fund it. Perfect.

  21. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    Dear friends in Christ,

    The problem here is that on the one hand we support religious freedom, but on the other hand, Salvation Army believe gay people ought to be put to death. It’s in their founding doctrines. It’s a part of what they believe.

    So who’s religious liberty ought we uphold. That of life? or that of the Salvation Armyists who believe homosexuals should be put to death?

    • My fellow fallen away Catholic,

      Not every homosexual is as seemingly narcissistic as you. There are homosexuals who would think of the homeless hungry before thinking of themselves. They are also chaste. They love God first and they see clearly the plight of the helpless unborn before themselves. They do not broadcast their slave-like mentality that makes them sound more in keeping with the term “disordered” which they are labeled. They do not want to be held accountable for helping another person to lose Eternal Life. Your obsession to justify sin is disordered and slave-like. May God continue to grant serenity to those individuals who do not embarrass others by appearing so desperately attached to sin. They do this with God’s grace. May God mercifully allow those who are completely imprisoned and engulfed in their blindness to see the truth before they face Him.

      My cousin Robert, who died from AIDS was baptized 2 months before he died. My cousin had a very sad childhood and he was often allowed by his own mother to spend weekends with a mailman who befriended Robert’s mother. My own father pleaded with his sister to not let little Robert go and spend nights with this mailman. My father loved his sister and my father was wise. My aunt would not hear of it and allowed little Robert to go. Robert was molested and Robert grew up living a very sinful life. Robert used to also try to sound just as confident about his life as you try to. He also thought he was in a loving fruitful relationship. Contracting AIDS was the fruit of his misconception.

      Robert was exceptionally kind but he was disordered in his passions and this disorder cost him his earthy life. When Robert was truly faced with his own impending death, he wisely chose to cling to God for all eternity instead of clinging to a temporary and passing life.

      Countless rosaries were prayed for many years on Robert’s behalf and the fruit of those many rosaries was Robert’s own decision to make things right with God before his death. As I was leaving the wake which was held in Robert’s house, a close female friend of Robert called me back into the house to tell me something. She said, “Have I told you what happened to Robert right before he died? He lifted his head looking up toward the ceiling and he kept repeating , Who is the Beautiful Lady?”

      Even in his sordid heyday of committing sin, Robert would have never attacked the Salvation Army for their beliefs. He may not have liked their certain beliefs but he knew they often helped to feed the poor. The hungry would have been more important to Robert than focusing on himself. The Salvation Army does have something in common with Obama. Like Obama, they also believe in allowing abortion. If you voted for Obama then you also voted to have the innocent unborn put to death and then you would also have something in common with the Salvation Army who you want to attack. I have not seen your posts criticizing Obama for agreeing with the Salvation Army so once again a vote for Obama united you with the same thinking as the Salvation Army in terms of abortion. It’s a part of what the Salvation Army believes so you ask, “Who’s religious liberty should we uphold? The answer: We should uphold Catholic Church teaching which always upholds religious liberty including the right to life. We should first speak up for those innocent babies who have no voice, after all, at least hardened sinners who justify and rationalize sin have you to speak up to justify sin on their behalf. The innocent unborn have no voice at all.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Catherine, I’m sorry you are feeling unwell. I hope you recover soon.

        • My fellow fallen away Catholic,

          Yes, there is always hope for us while there is life. I see you read my post. Keep remembering my fellow fallen away Catholic that CCD is a faithful Catholic website and it is YOU who is also in need of a recovery and that is why you keep returning, even though you still reject what the Catholic Church teaches and what this website stands for.

          I accept Church Teaching and I value what CCD is doing. You don’t accept Church Teaching and yet you keep returning. It is very plain to see that you must want a recovery because you know deep down inside you are offending God. Why else would you be here? From what you claim you have found a disobedient little niche somewhere where everyone accepts your “fruitful” lifestyle and you have friends who are like minded in their rejection of Church teaching so why do you need to come here?

          If you don’t like to hear the truth then remember you can always use your free will to go and start your own fallen away website where you can invite others who are also willing to pretend that they are not offending God. Sadly, there are many fallen away Catholics for various reasons but the majority of them don’t come to this website but you do.

          I am glad you read the true story about my cousin Robert. I also recommend you purchase a Miraculous Medal and have it blessed by a priest. Wear it in good faith and keep praying to Our Lady for your recovery.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Catherine I am grateful for your cousins conversion before his death. Thank you for sharing your cousins story with us. God bless you for being that precious light of Christ to him as well. Your comments here are noble and kind, I was touched by them. I hope they touch the lives of many who pass by here to read them. Your words are wise and filled with charity. God bless you sister in Christ.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Catherine pray an exorcism prayer….there is so much spiritual warfare right now….I can feel it. Lets pray!

        • Thank you Abeca Christian,

          There is spiritual warfare. Sister Lucia of Fatima warned the world about a diabolical disorientation that would sweep over the world if people did not turn away from sin. The world has not turned away from sin and now this diabolical disorientation has the world embracing sin. Abeca I remember when I was a young teenager, a friend of my mother asked my mom if could babysit for a nice couple. My mom allowed me to go. That same night my mother called me while I was watching the young children and she was very upset. My mother had just found out that this couple was never married and she apologized to me for sending me there. My mother asked me if I was safe and she told me that she would have never allow me to go there had she known and that i could never babysit there again. Very few people lived together at that time without being married. I remember my mother telling me how disappointed she was in her friend for failing to let my mother know. When I got home my mother explained why it was wrong for people to live together without being married and that this was very wrong in the eyes of God.

          I still remember my mother saying that there were individuals who wanted to “play house” without the commitment to God. That commitment to God is what kept good marriages strong. Fast forward to today and society has become so used to everyone living together without the benefit of marriage and there is absolutely no shame attached to this. People openly discuss their committing mortal sin and to them it is no big deal. Now many do not even know why it is wrong. That is diabolical disorientation. Couple that with the rejection of Humane Vitae for many years among Catholics and the cracking dyke burst open to a floodgate of immorality. Unchecked immorality does not remain at a plateau, it becomes a steady decline. Who would have ever thought that this perversion would sink so low that there would be men demanding that they could marry another man or women marrying other women, but this is how low you can sink without God.

          Through the declining years of immorality I have a clearer understanding of why my mother was so upset and what my mother meant about those who want to pretend and play house. Two men or two women marrying each other is about as far away from God as a person could be. This is the blinded man or blinded woman’s version of “perversion playing house” without the slightest regard or consideration for how they are completely mocking God. The reason that many will also come to visit the CCD website is that they are just checking the pulse to see how much further their activism has to go before everyone becomes as blinded as they have become. They no longer reason because habitual sin has blinded them. They are so blinded that they actually think that they are doing something that makes this perversion more pleasing to God. They have even found an audience to applaud their perversion and they even call it love. This is a great spiritual poverty to say the least. The Emperor’s New Clothes are now being called “same sex marriage” and the blind and lost members of society are cheering them on and telling the Emperors how lovely they look as the two Emperors stand there completely unclothed of the wedding garment of Sanctifying Grace.


          • (cont.) “Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

            For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity, whisperers, Detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Foolish, dissolute, without affection, without fidelity, without mercy Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.”…….Romans 1: 25-32 Douay-Rheims

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Catherine you have a lot of wisdom and knowledge, I really admire that in you. What you have expressed I have discerned since I was a little girl, I think I was different from a lot of my friends in school. Even till today, it’s hard to find like minded quality friendships. The ones I do have, I keep and treasure. I have always tried to hand down to my kids moral values, I always pray that they don’t stray away. Catherine the bad influences outside our home are stronger, it all depends on the child. Some kids do worst if they are sheltered too much, they don’t have the graces or learned the virtues to walk away or deal with those influences and there are the ones who definitely can benefit with more boundaries, each child is unique.

            Thank you for the wonderful bible verse, it is lovely and one to reflect, and yes I agree with you on all you say…..God bless you! God bless your mum too, I am grateful that she instilled in you those moral values and you are a wonderful soul who has embraced God’s graces to embrace those truths!

  22. Well, upon reflection I can see it is no longer going to be fun to contribute to this site. Consider this my last post. Hope you have a lovely Christmas everyone.

    • Dana, I felt bad for you. They kind of threw you under the bus, but maybe it was a newbie. Merry Christmas.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Dana don’t go……

    • Dana,

      Your words have ALWAYS been a most encouraging bright light on CCD. No one threw you under the bus, but someone is hoping to. That sneaky little intimation is a suggestive planting of the hopeful seeds of troublemaking. You see Dana, you DO see the truth and you DO have the gift to read between the lines of duplicity. There is absolutely no need to feel sorry or bad for you either. You have never directly or indirectly attacked a faithful priest for simply doing what God has asked of his priests…to always remain faithful. You have ALWAYS shown great humility and that post was just as welcome from the editors and readers as your other excellent contributions.

      No Dana on CCD is = to ; ( So Dear Dana, Please get back up there on that brilliant shining saddle and continue to ride towards the Son. Jesus does not feel bad or sorry for you. He KNOWS YOU love Him and He LOVES YOU!

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Dana can you not let that stupid situation get to you? Please don’t go. When you set a tone of faithful comments here,,,,,believe me they are needed and actually help balance out things because there is more people in bad will now a days, that it is refreshing to read comments from people who have conviction and are able to reason well….so stay!

    • DANA, you have as much right to be here as anyone else — whether you’re feeling cranky or happy.

      take a look around this site — no one is perfect, and if you enjoy contributing to the discussion, stick around!

      it seems you felt badly about one of your posts, but don’t let that get you down.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Dana are you reading all this? Come back! Do I have to beg? because I would if I could…not easy on these blogs though

        • Hello, all. Sorry for the drama. I missed you and thought I’d peek in and I read these posts and I feel like such a coward for ducking out. I was overly-emotional that day I confess as the shootings made my emotions rather raw. Thanks so much for your support and I will truly try to show more restraint. (for at least as long as I keep my New Year’s resolutions) I confess that for some reason the whole Berkeley scene just makes me irrational. Get a grip, kiddo. (smiles weakly, presses hand on heart) But I’d advise all of you to be careful what you write as apparently you can’t retract it anymore.

          • DANA, your comments about the shootings are very sensible. i think we’ve all gone through a very sick feeling and don’t know how to react.

            glad you didn’t give up on posting in here — the more, the merrier!

          • Dana, Hooray! : )

            I refuse to let you call yourself a coward. The word is “passionate” about defending the One True Faith!

            Dana look at this wonderful writing from St. Francis De Sales!

            Of True Friendship – St. Francis De Sales

            “I bid you love everyone with the love of charity, but have no friendship except with those who can share virtuous love with you. What a good thing it is to love on earth as we shall love in heaven, and learn to cherish one another here as we shall do for ever more.

            I am not now talking of the mere love which extends to everyone, but of the spiritual friendship by which two or more share in each other’s devotion and spiritual affections, making them of one mind. Such may well say, ‘Behold how good and joyful a thing it is to live together in unity.’

            Do not form any other friendships. I say FORM because you must not forsake or despise those friendships to which you are called by duty among relatives, those connected with you, benefactors and neighbors. I am only speaking of those you select yourself.

            Some say it is better to have no special friendships or attachments, that they engross the heart, distract the mind and foster jealousies. But they are mistaken. They have read that individual and excessive friendships are hurtful in religious life, and imagine it to be the same for the rest of the world, but it is not so. In the world it is necessary to be bound together in friendship, to stimulate each other in doing good.”

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Great to know Dana…I knew it was just one of those days, we all have them….trust me I have been there done that and it was Catherine and a few others who kept me going with their lovely words of encouragement. We are only human. God bless you sweets!

          • Abeca, max & Catherine, your comments were much appreciated and needed and I LOVE that quote, Catherine, and I’m going to write it out for my journal. I must be incorrigible however, as the comment from the ‘loyal’ Catholic at Berkeley tickled me no end and I have to say max, your response was brilliant. You’re really on a roll…hold the mayo!

  23. Just shows you how far out of touch with reality Berkeley is!

  24. As a Catholic, I treasure my Church and my Faith — but, I must confess, I had no idea that the members (or at least the tenets) of the Salvation Army were so horribly anti-Catholic.

    Probably many people in this blog were equally unaware, simply seeing the Salvation Army volunteers as gentle souls standing in the cold to help the poor.

    I thank those who have posted information about the Salvation Army that illuminates their approach to us Catholics — but I also believe that even people who hate us, who say foolish things such as “Catholics are not even Christians,” can do good works for the Lord’s poor.

    And learn in the afterlife how wonderfully MISTAKEN they were about the Church of Christ, founded on the Rock of Peter. I sincerely hope they will encounter a beautiful and nice surprise when they meet our loving God and discover that we Catholics are a very important part of God’s family.

  25. emanperez14 says:

    I’m a proud liberal, UC Berkeley Student, and, most importantly, Catholic. .I just want to say that some people’s comments on this page are outrageous and abhorrent..what some of you have to realize is that just because people have different perspectives than you doesn’t mean that your personal views are superior. Some claim that UC Berkeley maintains a hypocritical stance towards social tolerance…well some of you seriously need to take a look in the mirror..in addition, you need to realize that not everyone is Catholic in this world and a lot of people don’t even believe in God…it is their constitutional right to have those beliefs and opinions..we must respect those perspectives and not attempt to impose our personal beliefs upon them..we need to EMBRACE and not demonize our differences..

    • EMANPEREZ14 — the comments in here are almost ALWAYS over the top.

      it’s probably cathartic so we don’t go pull up the flowers in the yard along with the weeds, or something.

      your comment about “demonizing differences” reminds me of what i recently read about saudi arabia, which allows for NO DIFFERENCES AT ALL for exmaple in the way of faith — even private celebrations of faith are outlawed if they are not muslim. i’m sure none of us would enjoy that kind of society…

    • Why should I embrace a “difference” that I find morally corrupted, explain in detail with logic not typical liberal emotion…..

  26. Karen Michelle says:

    The Salvation Army is a great Organization who assists anyone, gay or not. They employ many gay people too. Disappointed that people who are supposed to be getting educated don’t do more research on the matter. I personally know of at least 4 people that are gay that attended a Salvation Army Church too. Do some research before you speak on something you kno nothing about, that is why rumors fly.

    Standing Up for TSA

  27. Abeca Christian says:

    I recommend everyone to read Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis De Sales

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COMMENTS POLICY: Comments are limited to 250 words, and should not contain offensive or libelous language. Please strive to be civil. All comments are subject to approval by our moderator and to editing as the moderator deems appropriate. Inclusion of your email address is optional.