The emerging Hispanic Catholic vote

Up 29 percent over 2008







The following December 12 column by George J. Marlin appeared on The Catholic Thing.

The 2012 presidential returns confirm that the nation’s fastest growing voting bloc is Hispanic Catholics. This year 12.5 million Hispanics voted (80 percent baptized Catholics), an increase of 29 percent over the 2008 turnout, which continues a trend going back a quarter century and more.

Hispanic Voters

  Eligible Voters


Actual Voters


1988 7.7 3.7
1992 8.3 4.3
1996 11.2 4.9
2000 13.2 5.9
2004 16.1 7.6
2008 19.5 9.7
2012 23.7 12.5

    Source:  Pew Research Center

And the number of Hispanic voters is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace because their median age is 27 versus 42 years for white voters. The median age of native-born Hispanics is 18 years.

The Pew Research Center projects that, by 2030, 40 million Hispanics will be voting and “will account for 40 percent of the growth in the electorate.” The largest group will be Mexicans who right now are 36 percent of residents eligible for naturalization. Latin Americans and Caribbeans make up 24 percent of that growth pool, Asians 21 percent, and Europeans 12 percent.

This is not the first time there has been a huge influx of Catholic emigrants. In the pre-Civil War era, millions of Irish and German Catholics came to our shores, followed in the early twentieth century by millions of Eastern European and Italian Catholics.

These white Catholic immigrants settled and became important voting blocs in America’s northeastern cities and in the mid-Western industrial and farm states. Hispanic Catholics, however, are, for the most part, settling and affecting the political demographics in the West and Southwest – with exceptions in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, historically home to many Puerto Ricans.

States with Hispanic Populations over 10 Percent



% of Population


% of Population


Arizona 25.3% 29.6%
California 32.4% 37.6%
Colorado 17.1% 20.7%
Connecticut 9.4% 13.4%
Idaho 7.9% 11.2%
Illinois 12.3% 15.8%
Kansas 7.0% 10.5%
Nevada 19.7% 26.5%
New Jersey 13.3% 17.7%
New Mexico 42.1% 46.3%
New York 15.1% 17.6%
Oregon 8.0% 11.7%
Rhode Island 8.7% 12.4%
Texas 32.0% 37.6%
Utah 9.0% 13.0%
Washington 7.5% 11.2%

In 2012, 71 percent of Hispanics voted for President Obama and his pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, high-tax, activist agenda.

  Obama Romney
Hispanic 71% 27%
Hispanic 18-29 74% 23%
Hispanic 30-44 71% 28%
Hispanic 45-64 68% 31%
Hispanic 65+ 65% 35%
Hispanic Men 65% 33%
Hispanic Women 76% 23%

Hispanics overwhelmingly embraced Obama for several reasons. Many are below the poverty line and rely on federal relief programs that the president expanded in his first term. Households headed by U.S.-born Hispanics receive welfare payments at twice the white household rate, 42 to 19 percent.

Hispanics are also heavily dependent on Medicaid. In exit polls, 62 percent of Hispanic voters expressed support for Obamacare.  (Mitt Romney’s Spanish radio and television commercials vowing to abolish Obamacare fell flat.)

In addition, Hispanic teen-pregnancy is the highest of any ethnic group; 53 percent of Hispanic births are to poor single mothers who often become dependent of government. Hispanics also have the highest high-school dropout rate.

As for life issues, as in most Catholic households, there is a generation gap: 65 percent of first-generation Hispanics are pro-life; 53 percent of their children are pro-abortion.

Ross Douthat has written that the Democrats have carried the Hispanic vote because Hispanics are not assimilating successfully, “or worse, are assimilating downward thanks to rising out-of-wedlock birthrates and high dropout rates. The Democratic edge among Hispanics depends heavily on the darker trends: the weaker that families and communities are the more necessary government support inevitably seems.”

This phenomenon helps to explain Romney’s losses in key swing states with large Hispanic populations. Romney lost Hispanics in Colorado by 52 points; in Nevada by 47 points; and in Florida by 21 points.

Even though Romney won Arizona with 54 percent of total votes, he lost the Hispanic vote there by 55 points.

President Bush, in 2004, lost it by only 15 points. With the Arizona Hispanic vote at 30 percent and growing, if the present trend continues, Arizona will soon flip to being a blue state.

Romney set the wrong tone with Hispanics. His “Self-Deportation” plan to solve the illegal immigration problem was not only ridiculous, but offensive.

Romney and his tin-eared consultants did not believe the election was about values. Hence, they failed to articulate to Hispanics the consequences of Obama’s secular nanny state. They failed to make the case for what it really takes to achieve the American Dream: hard work, discipline, deferred gratification, personal responsibility, and limited government that gives a helping hand not permanent handouts.

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  1. Father Karl says:

    What nobody hardly realizes is that all nationalities are quickly becoming pagan, or are leaving the Catholic faith in droves. Hispanics, or other people, when they arrive at the US border, ARE Catholic. But a couple years pass, and these immigrants are now part of the pagan American culture. There are Hispanics and others at Mass, but their children will become Mormon, Jehova Witness, or Moslem. Why can’t the people keep the faith? Because the precious Catholic faith is not being preached, taught or lived. Before the Church even tries to reach out to immigrants, the nanny state has her paws all over them, corrupting and turning them into non-Catholics. Look how the Catholic faith is vanishing in Brazil,other South American countries, and the Philippines. Until the Catholic Church once again preaches Christ crucified, and the eternal truths which Our Lord handed down to Her, entire nations will return to paganism, and the diabolical disorientation will continue unabated.

  2. The Hispanic “CATHOLIC” vote means nothing.
    In fact, it hurt us.

    The Bishops are making a mistake if they put all their eggs in this basket.
    Catholic Hispanics voted in a higher percentage for Obama than that of the general Catholic population.
    Over 65% of all Catholic Hispanics voted for Obama, while 50% of other Catholics in the USA voted for Obama.

    Further in areas heavily Hispanic in CA, they continue to vote for the “Party of Death” Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

    They voted selfishly, rather than for the common good. They voted for the most evil, pro-abortion, pro-homo-sexual marriage, and most socialist President we have ever had – violating teachings of the Church.

    This also goes to prove that Bishops and Parish priests throughout the USA must actively encourage all literate Catholics to read the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition”, or the “Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church” – which references the CCC.
    The CCC is printed in many languages.
    Although we don’t see it much in blog print, “Porta Fidei” (Year of Faith) starting with paragraphs #11, instructs about the importance of studing the CCC. Pope Benedict has given this directive.
    There are no excuses.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      There (the “bishops”) excuse is that the CCC was not intended for the common faithful, and that proves that they don’t even believe in the Ten Commandments which state “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor!

      Actually this article is just one more that refuses to admit the massive voter fraud that took place. Until that is brought under control, we will never again have a fair election.

      I know many fellow Mexicans who are ashamed of how the Mexicans in this country have become slaves to the welfare state.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  3. Larry from RI says:

    “As for life issues, as in most Catholic households, there is a generation gap: 65 percent of first-generation Hispanics are pro-life; 53 percent of their children are pro-abortion”.

    The churches and religion are not influencing the culture–the Lady Ca Ca culture is influencing the churches!!!!
    Is this in conformity with Our Lady of Guadalupe wishes????

  4. Laurette Elsberry says:

    My guess is that those Hispanics who have jumped ship and now are members of evangelical churches do not vote Democrat because their church officials tell them the truth. Catholic Hispanics, however, under the direction of too many of their priests and bishops (yes, and cardinals) vote Democrat. Now we see the result of the great increase in Hispanic voters.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Laurette Elsberry you bring up excellent points. The fallen away Hispanic Catholics that joined those mega churches can also vote for Obama because they are very lukewarm, but the Hispanics that joined Baptist or other conservative protestant sects are better informed and didn’t vote for Obama, the ones who joined Jehovah’s Witness did not vote at all. Of course the many ignorant Catholic Hispanics that stayed and go to lukewarm Catholic parishes, many voted for Obama. That is so shameful!

  5. Idaho Pete says:

    The bishops for decades stressed that we should be welcoming of the immigrant (mainly Hispanic) and treat them with respect,fairness,justice and above all with human dignity.While not perfect I do believe this is mostly been the case. The predictions prior to the vote said that the Hispanic vote was overwhelming in favor of Obama, Yet a fair number of bishops and priests said that voting for anyone promoting intrinsic evil things put their own salvation in danger. I pointed these predictions out to my own diocese and ask if any thing was being done about letting people knowingly commit sin and preventing it, Is this not a priests duty? No response.I find it ironic that the Hispanics who our supposed to be saving the church instead elect a radical abortionist anti- family president whose evil administration is bent on destroying or damaging the church and at the same time not showing fairness, respect, justice and above all human dignity to the innocent human unborn.

  6. The Pastors did not educate the Hispanic population in the pews……about LIFE non-negotiable issues. Standing in front of planned parenthood I observe more Hispanics going in than any other race. Hispanic Catholics may be the majority, but they are not FAITHFUL to Church teaching. Hispanics voted for Obama thinking that they would get amnesty–period. They didn’t care that the DEM platform was anti God, anti religious, and anti life.

  7. Had our bishops and priests told Hispanics the TRUTH about the Democratic party being the party of death, especially for darker races, Latinos and Blacks, perhaps some would have awakened to TRUTH and not voted for the most anti-life President we’ve ever had. When will the Hispanic priests, deacons, and bishops and lay leaders summon the courage to tell their own people the whole TRUTH? Planned Parenthood deliberately targets their pregnant women to eliminate the “undesirables” from the population. A greater number of abortion
    clinics” are placed in Hispanic and Black neighborhoods. This needs to be shouted from the pulpit, by speakers at Hispanic gatherings, and to all Catholics.

  8. Hispanic Catholics also are counted in the Catholic block of voters who choose Obama for 4 more yrs.Hispanic Catholics also use PP w/rather appalling regularity for their ‘services’ but then accept Our Lady of Guadalupe pics/handouts either as they enter or leave PP. Recently in Rome the Hispanic Bishops admitted that their people have become just as secularized as in No. America.

    These Catholics can’t be counted on anymore than any other Catholics when it comes to their choices. Like most people these days they have a disconnect btwn their professed belief and what they actually practice. Willing good is in the doing good.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      “Amem amen, I say unto you, not all who shout Lord Lord shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven” Jesus Christ.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  9. Irish and Italian Catholics have supported the Democratic Party since at least since the 1930′s. The Democrats embraced these immigrant groups while they were still discriminated against for being Catholic and immigrants.
    These groups have a long memory and vote for whom serves them best. More so than the Irish and Italian, Hispanics are still marginalized by Mainstream American Culture. Why wouldn’t they ally themselves with the party that embraces them? Unfortunately the Democrats also embrace many other marginalized groups like the homosexuals, abortionists, socialists, and all people of color. Call them the party of the Marginalized.
    The Republicans consider themselves for the most part, arrogantly, the party of the Non-Marginalized, the all American Party.
    The fight takes on the aspect of them vs. us, good vs., evil, and normal vs. abnormal. The issues get bogged down in arguments of the little guy vs. big business. The arguments should really center themselves on moral values, opportunity, self-reliance, education, and fairness which all Hispanics embrace.
    A Republican candidate should not, out of fairness, attack hard working, albeit undocumented, immigrants and instead go after the employer who is breaking the law for hiring such a person.

    • George, have you any idea how many immigrants own businesses and hire undocumented workers? Quite a few I image. How many Mexican American and other owners of businesses, hire people from their mother countries, Quite a few I image. Should we just go after those employers whose ancestors have been here a long time, or include those whose ancestors have not, and/or are immigrants themselves? Let’s face it! Whatever is done, someone is sure to call it discrimination. It’s all one big mess. I hate to say this, but like the homosexual issue if I hear more thing about immigration, I think I will puke. Everyone talks about it but does nothing about it, and many have no intention of doing so.

      • Well another Catholic minority has “bit the dust”. Bobby Jindal, whom I used to like, has called for over the counter birth control for young people. That is another minority person that I would have voted for but will not now. I am alive today at seventy because I did not take the birth control pills one doctor gave but instead chose Natural Family Planning at the advice of a good Catholic priest. during a time I later found I had estrogen susceptible cancer. With some young women getting breast cancer now in their early twenties, which used to a rarity if at all, I guess some people will have to learn the hard way, either that or their parents chose this horrible option for these girls. Either way it is not good.

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