Evidence of the American Holocaust, part 3

The container

The technology of containerized shipping where steel boxes of a standard size and shape could be loaded from ship to truck or railroad car took hold during the Vietnam War era. These container boxes became the norm for moving goods throughout the world. They helped drive the expansion of cheap consumer goods brought to the United States from Asia.

The sea/land containers, made with 14-gauge steel (1/10 inch), were also called intermodal or ConEx boxes.

Martin Container company, the oldest and largest such company on the West Coast, was  located near the Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors. In the mid 1970s, Nick Martin, the company owner, began to expand beyond the use for shipping and decided to market the sturdy boxes as storage units.

Hank Stolk at the memorial service for the babies found

In 1980 Malvin Weisberg needed to store the growing number of aborted baby bodies he was accumulating at his laboratory in Santa Monica. The number of bodies would eventually total over 16 thousand. Weisberg ordered a standard Martin container (20’x8’x8’) to be delivered to his Woodland Hills home. The container was kept in back of Weisberg’s house, next to his tennis courts.

Weisberg’s first check in 1980 to Martin for $1700 bounced, and he missed subsequent payments. Finally on February 4, 1982 Martin sent a truck and driver to Woodland Hills to re-possess the container. The truck included a rig to slide the box up on rails with a winch.  However the container packed nearly full with bodies broke the winch.

To make things worse, the driver was attacked by a dog, was bitten, and had to call animal control.

All of this increased Nick Martin’s aggravation.

Reached by the driver, Martin told him to wait and called a company with a large crane to go back up the narrow driveway.

Babies at L.A. County coroner’s office

The second truck with the crane lifted the container up, deposited it on the original Martin truck, and the container was brought back to from Woodland Hills to the Martin yard in Wilmington.

A day or two later, Martin employees Hank Stolk and Ron Gillette went to empty out the steel box.

Stolk said he thought it was like a war zone; formaldehyde and bodies spilled out of plastic buckets.

Gillette, according to a later Cal Thomas story, spoke of seeing “hands torn right off” and of “grown men weeping and vomiting.” Later when reporters arrived, Gillette said, “You stand there and stare at a ripped-apart baby for 15 minutes like I did. You stand there and count the fingers and look at legs with little kneecaps that have been tore off the body. You stand there and try to find the head, only to realize there ain’t no head. You do that just like I did. And then you tell me how you feel.”

The Martin container staff called police and then the health department. The medical-legal section of the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office got the container with the contents transferred to a lot next to an LA county building. The paperwork from the container went to a portable office structure on the lot to be analyzed. The bodies were moved to a semi trailer.

After the contents had been transferred to the county, the Martin Container company tried to give the container to a Little League in the Los Angeles area, The Little Leaguers rejected it, because it “smelled bad.”

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  1. you’d think a guy named “MARVIN WEISBERG” would see the horrid irony in him having a pile of dead bodies behind his home, given the pictures we’ve seen of the nazi holocaust.

    “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” (THEODOR GEISEL)

    • I thought that very thing, max. Black irony, indeed. Unfortunately, there are far more Jewish people who are atheists and ‘souless mates’ of our Catholics in name only who are part of this whole dark and unwholesome culture we’re seeing. You would never ever see an Orthodox Jew taking part in anything so heinous. At the heart of all of this is atheism…which invariably leads to every sort of licentiousness and evil. Not all atheists are evil, of course! They can be very annoying, but certainly not destructive or heartless.

  2. A majority of the “Catholic” vote went to a man who would vote against a law protecting the survivors of botched abortion from further attempts to murder them. This story, along with the results of the 2012 presidential election results among Catholics forcefully points to an unforgivable lack of leadership among the American bishops. It’s absolutely sickening.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      It also points to how effective massive voter fraud can be when unchecked!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  3. Those who saw the “Evidence of the Weisberg Incident” gave normal responses, saying that they saw mutilated baby bodies and it was gruesome.

    What can we say of the abortionists who see the gruesomeness of their daily work? What can we say of the abortion advocates as they deny the atrocities?

    Sadomasochistic is the most appropriate description.

  4. some other John says:

    calcatholic, while this series is interesting, i think it would be more compelling to the unconvinced if you footnoted your sources for the various quotes and the facts you are reporting. this is a 30 yr. old story. i think people would be more moved if they could see where all of this is coming from now. if the information is out there for everyone to see, maybe more footnoting would open more closed or blinded eyes. these facts are tragic. let the doubters see for themselves that they are indeed true.

  5. Oh God, what a horrible event!

    And yet this carnage is only a week or so of the national toll of aborted babies.

    Kyrie eleison!

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COMMENTS POLICY: Comments are limited to 250 words, and should not contain offensive or libelous language. Please strive to be civil. All comments are subject to approval by our moderator and to editing as the moderator deems appropriate. Inclusion of your email address is optional.