No surprise

Santa Clara faculty and staff give 100% to Obama

Obama at Georgetown

A Campus Reform investigation revealed that faculty and staff at Catholic universities gave overwhelmingly to President Obama’s reelection campaign.

The findings, based on official Federal Election Commission data made available by the government transparency site, revealed that employees of the top 23 Catholic schools contributed $449,229 to President Obama while giving just $70,304 to Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Of the 826 individuals who donated over $200 to the two major candidates, 748 gave to President Obama’s campaign while 78 contributed to Romney.

Campus Reform sought comment from all 23 universities, but received no replies at the time of publication.

Leaders from prominent Catholics pro-life organizations expressed outrage on Monday, citing the study as further evidence that Catholic universities of higher education have strayed far from Church doctrine.

Bill Donohue, who is the president of the Catholic League, for example, suggested that many prominent Catholic schools have almost entirely abandoned their religious roots.

“The difference between Boston College and Boston University, and between Georgetown and George Washington, is miniscule,” Donahue told Campus Reform in a statement.  “Indeed, at Georgetown they have two pro-abortion clubs on campus,”

“They would never allow an anti-Semitic club (nor should they) but they have no problem supporting abortion,” he added. “The pope and Cardinal Dolan know there is a serious problem, and they deserve our support.”

Father Frank Pavone who is the national director of the Catholic pro-life organizations Priests for Life told Campus Reform on Monday that his organization experiences more hostility to pro-life doctrine on Catholic campuses than on secular campuses.

“We find much more denial and resistance on Catholic campuses than on secular campuses,” said Pavone.  “It’s evidence that the [Catholic] campuses need reform, including a lot more brain power invested in the task of applying Catholic teaching to political choices.”

Total donors: 928

Obama donors: 832 (89.6%) Romney donors: 96 (10.3%)

Total donations

Obama: $449,229 Romney: $70,304

5 Schools with 100% Obama donations: Santa Clara University, College of the Holy Cross, Loyola University Maryland, University of Dallas, University of Portland


Georgetown University

Obama: 288 donors giving $196,311 Romney: 39 donors giving $34,495

Notre Dame University

Obama: 89 donors giving $35,875 Romney: 9 donors giving $11,720

Boston College

Obama: 84 donors giving $53,146 Romney: 7 donors giving $5,475

Fordham University

Obama: 66 donors giving $41,652 Romney: 4 donors giving $3,500

Saint Louis University

Obama: 47 donors giving $23,351 Romney: 11 donors giving $6,614

Santa Clara University

Obama: 46 donors giving $23,075 Romney: 0 donors

Loyola University Chicago

Obama: 34 donors giving $23,500 Romney: 1 donor giving $250

Catholic University of America

Obama: 32 donors giving $22,018 Romney: 1 donor giving $2,500

Villanova University

Obama: 29 donors giving $12,200 Romney: 4 donors giving $5,250

Xavier University

Obama: 20 donors giving $11,601 Romney: 1 donor giving $250

Marquette University

Obama: 16 donors giving $6,500 Romney: 1 donor giving $250

University of Dayton

Obama: 12 donors giving $4,162 Romney: 1 donor giving $250

Loyola Marymount University

Obama: 10 donors giving $3,500 Romney: 4 donors giving $3,005

Siena College

Obama: 10 donors giving $5,281 Romney: 1 donor giving $1,000

Creighton University

Obama: 9 donors $2,700 Romney: 8 donors giving $4,000

Fairfield University

Obama: 8 donors giving $4,425 Romney; 2 donors giving $500

Gonzaga University

Obama: 8 donors giving $1,862 Romney: 1 donor giving $250

University of Portland

Obama: 8 donors for $2,600 Romney: 0 donors for $0

Stonehill College

Obama: 7 donors giving $3,300 Romney: 0 donors giving $0

College of the Holy Cross

Obama: 4 donors giving $1,500 Romney: 0 donors giving $0

Loyola University Maryland

Obama: 2 donors giving $1,200 Romney: 0 donors giving $0

Providence College

Obama: 2 donors giving $450 Romney: 1 donor giving $225

University of Dallas

Obama: 1 donor giving $150 Romney: 0 donors giving $0

Thomas Aquinas College

Obama: 0 donors for $0 Romney: 0 donors for $0


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  1. at what point do bishops start to worry for their own souls

  2. Robert Lockwood says:

    It is nearly impossible to comment on the tragedy that our Catholic institutions of learning have been taken over by faculty that have no moral values as given to us by Jesus Christ. To support Mr. Obama and his policies is to be completely blind to the facts. God help those who wish to keep the true faith. The question is will we be able to given the fact our teachers teach our students contrary to the principles that made our country what it is and go out into the world spreading the gospel of Satin.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Have you ever attended the Archdiocese of Lost Angels Religious Dis-Education Congress? Had you done so, you would not in the least be surprised by this.

      Donahue actually has the nerve to ask us to still support Dolan after the Al Smith dinner scandal!

      The real surprise would have been if the results of this survey had been reversed.

      Viva Cristo Rey!

      May God have mercy on America,

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • In the last election, many fournd themselves in the position of liking neither candidate. The choice was not to vote or vote for the least of two evils.

      • I think the choice was to vote for the one who would do the least harm. Does anyone have the statistics on “Christendom” or “Ave Maria” in Florida?

      • Anton L. Seidl says:

        At no time within my lifespan of 83 years was there a clearer choice. A man who votes against a law that was intended to save babies that survive botched abortions is the very essence of evil. Lesser of two evils? A no-brainer!

  3. John Feeney says:

    Cardinal Dolan isn’t going to do anything. At the Al Smith Dinner, he was applauding Obama and shaking Obama’s hand. Okay, bring on the flimsy excuses.

  4. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Once again, Thomas Aquinas College makes me so proud. Thomas Aquinas is the only college on this list that gave zero dollars to Obama and zero dollars to either political party. Instead, they dedicate themselves to offering the world superbly educated, caring and responsible young men and women. I would encourage any Catholic seeking a superb Catholic education to take a drive out to Ventura County sometime and see for yourself. Walk the campus and see what Thomas Aquinas College is doing with dollars donated to them to help them provide a superb Catholic education. Meet the kids, attend Mass at the beautiful chapel on campus, and get a sense of the place. Catholic colleges may have gone sadly astray in general, but not all of them! Not Thomas Aquinas College. Don’t take my word for it – go check it out for yourself. You’ll become a raving fan too, I promise.

  5. ” more hostility to pro-life doctrine on Catholic campuses than on secular campuses”: No kidding, Fr. Pavone!!! Kids on secular campuses are not driven by a single agenda as are those on Catholic campuses. The fact that kids on Catholic campuses all “think” alike says what about the Catholic educational system? It would be great if they all thought as Jesus thinks, but they rail against what Jesus thinks. And this railing is marshalled by the faculties and paid for by the parents. There are no distinct personalities being formed in Catholic campuses; whereas the secular colleges do not much prohibit the development of unique individual personalities … The importance of this is the life work of Blessed John Paul II, that man with Jesus rises from a collection of indistinct human beings to a community where God calls each one by his or her own unique and individual name. People always attempt to replicate this, but without Christ it cannot be done. Catholicism raises individuals out of the indifferent ignominy of indistinction, and act which requires the individual’s response to the call of Christ. It really is difficult to clarify this, so I recommend reading Bl JP’s books on what person means in God’s way.

  6. bellaitalia says:

    So disappointing. No wonder we are in the mess we are in. We can’t even count on the “good guys” to do the right thing. Maybe we are going through these trials to WAKE US UP!

  7. Larry from RI says:

    Father Frank Pavone who is the national director of the Catholic pro-life organizations Priests for Life told Campus Reform on Monday that his organization experiences more hostility to pro-life doctrine on Catholic campuses than on secular campuses.

    The Protestant and secular colleges are pumping out better “Catholic”
    graduates than the Catholic colleges.

  8. But the SSPX is not considered in “full communion” so tired of the hypocrisy ….

  9. Abortion clubs? Is this for real? How nutty is that? Don’t these students know how to have fun or, duh, like study and stuff like that? And where are all these people getting that kind of dough to support their chief Mr. Potato Head in D.C.? They’re obviously getting paid waaaaady too much if they can afford getting mr. tater tot re-elected and I would suggest a big fat pay cut for these educated cyphers. Or is it syphers, as in syphoning gas from unlocked tanks? Which reminds me of gas, or noxious fumes which brings me back to my original question, is this for real? Who are these people? How can one avoid them in supermarkets and theaters? Seriously, anyone who is foolish enough to send their students to these anti-Catholic schools deserves what they get which has to be more gas fume damaged brains. In a nutshell, these schools stink, with Notre Dame being the most gaseous. Bring out the gas masks, we’re heading into South Bend. gasp gasp

    • Anton L. Seidl says:

      I like your sense of humor, Dana! I would laugh out loud if the conditions of out institutes of higher learning were not so dismal. Why don’t our bishops take a stand against these outrages? It is utterly beyond comprehension…

      • I agree Anton, it’s utterly incomprehensible. To most of us who contribute here it’s pretty basic…a liberal arts education focusing on ‘how to think, how to write, languages etc. and a deeper appreciation of beauty and God’ beautiful creation. What’s not to like? These extraneous courses we hear about on this site seem more suited to Antioch in Yellowsprings Ohio where students eventually drove the school to close from their childish demands and the professors’ ridiculous teachings. I’m glad you knew I was being facetious. I suppose it’s not too ‘respectful’ to refer to our potentate in chief as mr.potato head, but alas, I am an artist and in my cartoon vision I see him with big floppy ears, a huge wide toothy grin, spindly legs and arms and scheming little beady potato eyes, riding a bike with a real nerdy biker hat perched on his head. Hail to the Idaho Chief, grade 1 suitable for fries or mashed

  10. Even the regular Joe in the pew weekly voted for Obama 4 out of 10 times over Romney. What could you expect of the enlightened professors at higher learning institutions. As the powers that be and those who influence them level the playing field in the international community and in our country by moving money and power from those who have to those who don’t they must also level the playing field by lessening the influence of religion in our daily lives. They are succeeding when you look at the small influence the bishops had on the Catholic voting public. Morality voting is gone and the Bishops insistence on economic and social justice has taken over the conscious of the Catholic voter.

  11. This is the legacy of Fr. Hesburgh of Notre Dame who set the stage for hiring non-Catholuic faculty who did not support Catholic teaching.

    Just look at the University of San Diego here in California. As anti-Catholic as Obama, but completely in line with Bishop Brom’s wishes.

    • Does anybody remember when ND was a great Catholic institution? Before they started giving their most prestegious award and a forum for delivering his message of slaughter to our “Abortionist in Chief”? The leader of this once great nation who is personally responsible for killing more babies than Hitler and Stalin combined? When I speak with ND graduates it’s interesting how many of them are ashamed of their once-great university…. Diplomas and school clothing are no longer on display. It’s truly a shame how the leaders, educators and students have turned their backs, lost their focus and insulted Our Lady and all she stands for.

      • We’ve discussed this quite a bit on this site, but if you’ve not read any of this information before, google ‘Catholic Show Exposes Rockefeller Assault on Church’ where a journalist speaks briefly of Michael Voris’ show on Rockefellers’ assault against Notre Dame in the early 1960′s with huge financial gifts. Or go to Michael Voris’ website on how the eugenics and population control people are financing huge assaults against Catholic schools. These diabiolical groups have had a very long range plan that has been MOST effective, and it’s very unfortunate that the bishops didn’t intercede at the time.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Are you sure Bishop Brom is on board with USD nuttiness? From what I hear he put an end to corporation between ‘Catholic’ groups over there and San Diego Diocese Office of Social Ministry until they can get their act together with his vision of what the school should constitute.
      As far as I can tell, though he is not breathing fire at them, he is not exactly on board with their wackiness.  

  12. Dorinda Sears says:

    If this is true, then the universities are not operating according to the standards of Catholic identity. The bishops should do their job and rise to the responsibilities of their calling; they should and must revoke the universities’ right to claim the Catholic name. Otherwise the shame is on them as well.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      They should not revoke the Universities Catholic Names? Why would they do that? Catholic faithful paid for these institutions.
      They should instead wrestle these schools back into Church control, simple.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      The shame and the consequences IS ON THEM AS WELL!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  13. WOODY GUIDRY says:

    Would you believe that many Catholic families in my home of
    Victoria, Texas, send their high school grads to Texas A&M rather than to Notre Dame, because there have been more graduates there from A&M who chose to study for the Catholic priesthood?

  14. This is an appalling post, but like the headline says, ‘no surprises’, however it’s way worse than I personally had thought. Once again, no surprises concerning Georgetown university, and the “Sandra Fluke” syndrome so apparently extant at that institution of, as we used to say, “higher leaning” (on the increasingly dangerous and hostile federal government). And really, Georgetown has TWO pro-abort clubs, BOTH on campus? It’s almost beyond belief, a sick fantasy from a bad horror movie where certain members of the faculty and significant portions of the student body SUPPORT SLICING AND DICING OF PREBORN HUMANS, ALL UNDER THE RUBRIC OF “WOMEN’S CHOICE.” Where’s George Romero when he’s needed? And If it’s that outrageous, as it seems to be, why doesn’t the Pope just STRIP Georgetown, for instance, of their Catholic identity? They’ve SURELY forfeitted it due to their pro-murder stance, haven’t they? Or are we going to get MORE SOPHISTRIES from the bishop whose diocese Georgetown is in, as to why he can’t be TOO HARD on this “prestigious” so-called “Catholic” institution of “higher learning,” better to be “PASTORAL” in the approach to such a catastrophic situation, we shouldn’t be TOO JUDGEMENTAL,” etc. As I frequently say, “ARE YOU #?+* KIDDING ME” ? Every NOMINALLY (on steroids) Catholic college which contributed to Obummer’s re-election in such huge monetary terms, and in such support numbers by faculty and students are nothing more than ADJUNCTS OF THE EVIL DEMOCRATIC PARTY, and are DESPERATELY in need of the remedies supplied by Canon 915 (or is it 951?), and rapidly, I would say, before much more harm through scandal ensues as a result of the perfidy of these colleges. O MARY MOST HOLY, VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE, PRAY FOR US, WE SO DESPERATELY NEED YOUR PRAYERS AS A NATION, MARKRITE

    • Anton L. Seidl says:

      Georgetown U is a basket case. When I went to GTU in the fifties, the Jesuits still believed in God. They have gone over the deep end. Unfortunately they are taking many of their wards with them. A Sandra Fluke would have been as weird as a two-headed calf during my days “on the hill”…

  15. goodcause says:

    Most US Catholic colleges aren’t exactly Vatican clones. If they were, both the faculty ranks and student body would see significant population declines. Ave Maria University and Christendom College are two of the very small handful that cater to the “We Support the Vatican 100% of the Time on Anyting and Everything” portion of US Catholic families. This is reflective of the US Catholic population, virtually all of which have serious disagreements with the Pope about something and don’t think such disagreements are a problem. So the Obama support base at Catholic colleges is no surprise. Most academics are pretty liberal.

  16. Annette Dubois says:

    Barack Obama is the finest president this nation has ever had! Why do you all HATE so much? Open your eyes and SEE all the good work he is doing.

    • Annette, why is disagreeing with Obama’s pro-abortion advocacy regarded as “hate” by you? Doesn’t figure.

    • Annette, what on earth are you doing on a Catholic web-site? Shouldn’t you be on the Obama sites? No one can make that absurd comment about Obama and have any connection to reality let alone Catholic. Just for the record, according to the faith if you voted for this evil, son of the devil you ex-communicated yourself from the true church. And by the way, what good work….killing babies and destroying America. Oh and don’t forget he also supports the end of marriage. You like that debt he is creating so we will soon be just another third world ghetto fighting for medical care and food. He is the worst president this country has ever had and he got re-elected by ignorant people and fraud. No one else has a chance against his machine. The mistake was electing him the first time. We will pay forever for this. Are there no Catholics out there???

      • You may have any opinion on Obama you wish, but you may not misrepresent the Catholic Church. No one is excommunicated by voting for any candidate. If you vote for someone who supports and intrinsic evil because they support that intrinsic evil that is a grave sin. It should be confessed before one receives communion. It is the teaching of the Catholic Church that elected officials are to be treated with respect.

      • Anita, I understand your strong disagreement with the President’s agenda, but if one voted for Mr. Obama, they did not excommunicate themselves. They may have voted for the wrong man in eyes of the church, but that is all. As for the rest of your comment, you have the right to believe what you want about the coming economy and other things you mention, but those are your views. Don’t confuse people, however, with false doctrine.

    • Wow! are you deceived, Annette Dubois. Open your eyes! This man would not even vote to defend and protect a child who survived abortion when most all the other senators and representatives did vote to protect them, and many children have survived abortion. Most abortions are done out of convenience, and the child is torn apart or burned to death by saline in the womb. It is never really necessary to abort a child (deliberately kill them) even to save the life of the mother. All the doctor has to do is take out an e topic pregnancy or deliver a child early, thus saving the mother, and then trying to save the child. Many have done so when they are trained probably, but that is not being done. Instead they choose to kill, murder or manslaughter according to the catechism. You can have your “nice” president. “Nice” does not cut it with me. I want someone better. I do not care what color they are.

    • Anonymous says:

      Annette, don’t you let the bullies in here try to chase you out.

      Your support for the President of the United States is obviously widespread, including among Catholics — which is the point of this article.

      (And which is Mr. Obama was re-elected.)

      However, many on this particular blog get QUITE hysterical when anyone disagrees with their agenda.

      Hang in there!

      • Hysterical, Anonymous, when this President is forcing Catholic businesses and organizations to pay for insurances that cover abortions, abortifacients and contraceptives, which often are abortifacients. A man who will not even defend traditional marriage, which was the only kind of marriage that Jesus Christ advocated, or who will not protect a child who survives abortion but would just let him or her die in a sink of a hospital. Anyone one can call him or herself a horse, tiger or Catholic, but that does not make him or her so. As the Lord Jesus said, “By their works you shall know them,” and voting for a man such as this IS NOT a good work.

      • Bullies? Hey anonymous, it was Annette who called Obama “the finest president this nation has ever had!” I’m not surprised such exuberance brought out, well, people of deep feeling over what this man stands for.
        Abortion? He’s the champion of it. Gay marriage? Absolutely. Fiscal cliff? No worries. Soak the rich. Socialism? of course. HHS Mandate? Planned Parenthood here we come! Now, I don’t know which of these motivated Annette to lionize Obama, or which of these or other qualities of the man captivate you, but a fair-minded person conversant with Catholic theology might pause before extolling such a man, or defending those who do. True, the Jesuits love the man, by and large, precisely because they, by and large, love what he stands for in the above hot-button issues. Obviously most Catholic politicians feel the same way. But if one discerns something sinister in his advocacies, it might be hard for some to use measured language in responding to someone calling him the greatest president of all time. I’m not sure that makes them bullies. And how should Annette “hang in there”? By starry-eyed prouncenments of Obama’s greatness, or by getting down to specifics and carefully laying out her case? That would be a very interesting read, indeed.

    • Dorinda Sears says:

      Oh I see what he’s doing alright. How about his request to give him complete control over the debt ceiling. He wants o be able to raise it anytime he wants without having to go first for congressional approval. Even the single-celled amoeba could see how dangerous anyone would be with that kind of power. Every time Obama thinks the Congress is going to be a little bit difficult he issues a Presidential Order to circumvent the checks and balances for government that our Forefathers knew were necessary to protect the electorate. the fact that we are borrowing our way toward bankruptcy doesn’t seem to bother people. You say Obama is the finest president we’ve ever had. That tells me two things about you: one you have absolutely no knowledge of history and two you do not belong on a Catholic website as an interlocutor.

    • Arsenia L. Fleres says:

      Well the president was reelected because of the free things he promised to everyone, free housing, free food , free healthcare free car, doing nothing can be very good to HALF of American people with the expense of the working people , and of coarse taxing the rich.and the wealthy because they are not paying their fair share as per Mr. Obama. That;s why he is the finest president this country ever had, like a Santa Clause.

  17. Not to worry, the local Bishop will step up to the plate and take care of the situation at the University…oh wait…just as soon as he finishes watching reruns of Brokeback Mountain.

  18. Bishops of the US. These are your universities!! These are your student souls!! This is your house to clean and your flock to lead home. It’s time to get with it or may God have mercy on your souls!!

    • Rather than calling for removing the name “catholic” from these universities, let’s try to make them Catholic. Most catholic universities and colleges have focused more on being outstanding places of learning that in being outstanding places of Catholic education. Then, there is the reality that they compete for students. If they relied only on Catholic students, they would be out of business in a few semesters. But, how many support Catholic teachings? How many require students to take religious courses? How many offer Mass each day for students and encourage them to attend? How many are managed by religious priests or sisters? If you want the Bishops to do something worth while, ask them to call the college presidents together and talk to them about what it means to be a Catholic institution, and then monitor the progress of change.

      • “Let’s try to make them Catholic.” Bob One, I wonder if removing the title ” Catholic” from a university that has lost its Catholic soul might be the best medicine toward that end. JP II long ago called for Catholic Colleges to be true to their mission. The result? A huge collective yawn. The bishops don’t want to brook controversy and aren’t going to challenge academia. Humanae Vitae taught them that. The culture wars, though not over, have been largely won in academia by secular forces. Religous priests and sisters are few, and not all those that are can be counted on to oppose the secular zeitgeist. The secular tidal wave has engulfed most of the academic arm of the Church and carried so many with it to lands where traditional Catholic thinking is outright heresy. I rather think it up to faithful Catholics to form their own schools anew, as in the case of Thomas Acquinas College and ones like it.

  19. we need to send in some REAL NUNS with clickers to restore order!

    click — sit!

    click-click — kneel!

    they wouldnl’t have tolerated this nonsense for five minutes.

    if you don’t want a catho0lic school, go somewhere else; if you don’t want a catholic parish, go to some protestant church — just don’t ask up to change our parish away from true catholicism.

    our pastor had some woman who wanted a wedding here but didn’t want him to mention GOD at all, because “it might offed” some of her guests. he told her to get over herself and get ahold of her priorities.

    nuttier than a fruitcake!


    • I checked their web site. This is their stated mission: The University of San Diego is a Roman Catholic institution committed to advancing academic excellence, expanding liberal and professional knowledge, creating a diverse and inclusive community, and preparing leaders dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate service.

  21. Arsenia L. Fleres says:

    This is disgusting, How can you be a catholic if you vote and support a president that endorses Gay Marriage , abortion. and requires Catholic Universities and institution to pay for their abortion pills. It’s sickening that they are called Catholic Universities, but don’t adhere to Catholic teaching Liberal professors had infiltrated this Institution , Catholic institution should have a policy that if a professor is hired they should teach the Catholic teachings not their own agenda.

  22. Our Lord said: “You will know them by their fruits”. By their evil fruits, or lack of good fruits, we will know they are fraudulent catholics, and are undeserving of being labeled as catholics. Would our Lord approve of their actions to rehire abortionist politicians to continue slaughtering little innocents? To continue hiring people to murder His newly created human beings? I hardly think so. God does not create man or woman to destroy life but to assist Him in creating life. It is His preferred way of creating and sustaining human life. God doesn’t create new human beings desiring that we can quickly respond turning against Him and kill his new creations. Jesus must be weeping after all He has done for the abortionists and their accomplices, and for us by being crucified and dying an ignominious death on His Holy Cross, and this is the continual betrayal and thanksgiving He gets in exchange to His holy teachings and ultimate sacrifice! Oh the defiant fraudulent ones may be filled with pride about their accomplishments supporting their anti-Christ stands; but it is not they who will get the last laugh. There will be the nawing and gnashing of teeth for punishing/cleansing the evil souls because God is not only Love, He is also Justice. Those who do not follow Him will lose their lives and suffer the eternal flames of Hell. He has made that very clear in the Bible. Those who do not stand with our Lord are against Him, they are with the evil ones, especially the wolves dressed in sheeps clothing. So the fraud continues, and the sheep continue to follow the evil trend at hand blindly and unable to see the awful truth staring at them in their faces. Pray for their conversions, and to see His Light! When will the voters who supported the continuation of death of the innocents by hiring the abortionists into public offices finally see the light of their wretched ways? Probably not until it is to late, after hundreds of millions more babies fall as victims of the blood stained instruments the cold and monstor abortionists ripped into and tore apart their little gentle bodies. No one will be able to claim ignorance at their final judgement as we who are all born with consciences to know the difference between right and wrong, do know at some point in our hearts that abortion is wretchedly wrong. Only a holy and sincere sorrowful confession with a firm purpose of amendment, before a valid priest who can give absolution and remission of sins to guilty abortionists, parent(s), and accomplices (like politicians, social workers, and judges) has a chance to reach eternal peace in heaven, but then only after full atonement is completed in consequence for their sins. But sinners with sorrow and some good intentions cannot afford to procrastinate like the bridesmaids our Lord spoke of, as we do not know the day nor the hour of His calling us to our deaths, just like the bridesmaids who were not ready and did not have their laterns filled with oil, so when they ran out, they had to run to the oil merchants and while away they missed out on the party when the bride groom returned. Our Lord said: “You will not know the day nor the hour”. The future on earth and this nation doesn’t look pretty, it will never be like paradise in heaven.

  23. Fellow Believers don’t let the antiCatholic trolls and their pseudo-catholic brethren get under your skin because that is their job. Pray for them and continue your support of genuine Catholicism. This is the challenge that Our Lady of La Salette was preparing us for. Read more on her message as it applies directly upon the issues discussed here and pray for her assistance on this continual battle against the subversive element within our diocesan institutions.

    May God be with you!

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