Imagine Nazis having a dinner like this

And celebrating their deeds

From the Shodhini website

The following invitation was forwarded to Cal Catholic on December 3.

Shodhini Institute
The 1st annual ABORTION DINNER
Friday, December 7, 2012
[Los Angeles]

THIS ABORTION DINNER will HONOR 30 plus WOMYN who have experienced ABORTION.  It will be a space for WOMYN to share their stories and FREE OURSELVES from the encounter of shame and stigma; and allowing each other and ourselves to FULLY EXPRESS our own complex and unique experiences in order to facilitate healing.

As it stands now, women seeking abortion care must walk through crowds of protestors; abortion providers fear for their safety; states are passing laws to make women seeking abortions go through waiting periods, obtain parental or judicial permission, or view photos of aborted fetuses; politicians vote against women’s reproductive rights.

We can turn this situation around if we talk to each other, privately and publicly about our experience with abortion.

At THIS ABORTION DINNER we are gathering to share OUR ABORTION STORIES over a lovely meal. It’s about time we get together, speak our truths and support each other. We are reclaiming our bodies and our right to be free of shame and guilt!…And replacing it with sisterhood and collective action.  Shodhini Institute wants this ABORTION DINNER to be the beginning of a national campaign.

“When hundreds of thousands of us start sharing our stories with friends and relatives, the cumulative effect of our honesty will be like the sun coming out from the clouds.”

- Carol Downer

We are The Shodhini Institute that empowers and educates feminist women, Masculine of Center womyn, transmen, and gender non-conforming individuals about radical health and sex education with a holistic self-help foundation.

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  1. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Murder Anonymous meetings now – what a fun concept. “Hi, my name is Angel, and I’m a baby-murderer.” “Hi, Angela. Welcome” “Thank you. I’m so glad you’re all here and I get to meet my fellow murderers. I feel so much better about having killed my baby because you all understand how great it is not to have to take care of her now that she’s dead and not even buried – the abortionists took care of all that pesky business, isn’t that great? It’s so delightful getting to know you all and finding out just exactly how you killed yours. What a beautiful dinner we’re enjoying in this gorgeous place. Let’s have some more champagne and celebrate the successful murders of our dead kids. We all got away with murder! Now that we’re all getting drunk together and experiencing each other’s joy, I’m no longer scared of dying, finding out that there is a God, and that He doesn’t like people killing the babies He sends them. It’s so delightful being in the company of all my fellow murderers. Let’s drink to our shared freedom from inconvenient children!

    • All I can say, Maryanne, is WOW! I can’t add one jot to your powerful post, but it certainly makes me feel utterly sad for these women. It seems like a macabre take on Rachel’s Vineyard, where women go for loving support and sharing with one another in their pain and sorrow and regret for their abortions.

    • Write some articles. What’s your blog?

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Maryanne thank you for our comments. Don’t you hate the hypocrisy from the pro-abortionist?

      It’s sad today there was that massacre of innocent children at the CT elementary. Everyone feels the grief and those families need our prayers and support. What I hated was the airing of the President showing tears and being sad for what happened today…..if only he would feel that way as well toward the unborn. If is his platform that see’s nothing wrong with partial birth abortions, with leaving unborn babies that survived an attempted abortion, be left to the side to die….if only the Media would air those truths about Obama……lets see Obama for what he really is not how the media has painted him as some kind of hero and caring President. People are idolizing Obama…..not showing the real truth.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        We are watching modern day Nazi’s at their best…time does repeat itself and folks have not learned from past mistakes….sin still has the same face no matter what time we live in.

  2. Ninth Station of the Cross: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

    A large crowd of people followed Jesus, including many women who mourned and lamented him. Jesus turned to them and said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep instead for yourselves and for your children, for indeed, the days are coming when people will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed.’ At that time, people will say to the mountains, ‘Fall upon us!’ and to the hills, ‘Cover us!’ for if these things are done when the wood is green what will happen when it is dry?”
    (Luke 23: 27-31)

    • Amen! Sister. We are surely in this time. We are all walking toward our own Crucifixions in the future if the goverment and its associates have their way.

  3. As the prolife majority slowly increases, look for the haters to get more desperate, until the localized rage they displayed over Proposition 8 breaks out into open street warfare, protected & tacitly supported by the Justice Department. Open season on Christians.

  4. Plain, simple and disturbing fact is, that these amoral people are worse than the Nazis – who never boasted of their evil crimes in public – nor did they ever attempt to legalize abortion in Nazi Germany. The shameless ultra-liberal leftists are devoid of the least smidgen of conscience. They have murder in their hearts and haven’t the least qualms about using women to add to their ignoble shame in furtherance of their war upon children and women.

  5. Truth Teller says:

    These radical feminist, lesbian, pagans are demonstrating an exaltation of abortion as a celebratory ritual of their cult of perverted sex and death!

    This is where contraception and abortion leads.

    Don’t forget that this group of women are now running a chain of abortion businesses formerly known as “Feminist Women’s Health Centers” (FWHC) and now more euphemistic named “Women’s Health Specialists (WHS) which receive millions of dollars of California taxpayers’ money to perform abortions — mostly on poor, vulnerable, young minority girls and women.

    Go to their website at: womenshealthspecialists DOT org . On the bottom of the homepage they proudly present information about their history and their “movement” !!!

    California Democratic Party state legislators and leaders strongly support these feminist ritual abortionists!

    California voters put these Democratic legislators and leaders in office.

    This includes millions of Catholics who are largely ignorant of that fact that the California Democratic Party demands that Democratic Party candidates for State Offices, State Senate and Assembly, and Congress MUST be pro-abortion.

    Catholic voters are ignorant of this truth about the California Democratic Party because California Catholic bishops, priests, lay leaders, and staff of Catholic diocesan and parish publications DO NOT WANT Catholics to know the truth about the California Democratic Party leaders and these pro-abortion Democrat candidates and office holders and DO NOT WANT Catholics to vote against them !!!

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      I do not for one minute believe these Catholic Democrats you allude to our ignorant of the strongly pro-abortion stance of the Democratic party. There is a difference between being ignorant and intentionally choosing to ignore. All Catholics are aware that the Democrats are pro-abortion, and yet more than half of our “fellow Catholics” (if you happen to believe that members of the pro-abortion party are rightfully to be considered as Catholics) voted for the most pro-abortion president in the history of our nation . . . or would that be more accurately stated, “in the history of the human race?”

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


        I am sure you have read or heard about the massive voter fraud. It is possible that the the Obamanation did not get a majority of Catholics or even Hispanics to support him. He may not have even gotten the numbers of Blacks that are reported by his co-conspirators the MSM. Until we can restore integrity to out voting booths, America is lost and should be called “Amerika”!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

      • I agree, Maryanne Leonard. I knew one “Catholic” woman who wanted abortion as a back up in case her son got someone pregnant. How about telling him not to mess around and accept responsibilty if he does, They could adopt the child out to a two parent heterosexual family — better then tearing the child apart or burning it to death in an abortion. I really do not understand the thinking of so many people who turn around and say pro lifers are not compassionate.. Their thinking just boggles the mind. Oh! well, sooner or later, what goes around comes around, and many of these people full well know for what they are voting and approve it.

        • To be fair, girls need to be told that it is improper to try to seduce a young man for bad behavior too, or to call them when they have not ask you to do so. Girls were calling my grandsons when they were only ten and eleven years old. That is way too young, and with what is on television and in the movies now, it was probably not all that innocent. My daughter had to talk with their parents. In fact as they got older, they told her that one young woman, who was being raised by a man, kept calling and was was very, very seductive and out and out with her words. She talked to the father. If someone reads this, perhaps they will learn something they need to know to prevent abortions in the first place.

    • Anonymous says:

      LESBIAN? Really?

      Is this what you think these women ARE?

      Then how did they end up preganant in the first place?

  6. Thomas Edward Miles says:

    That is sick, who in the hell would attend that dinner party?! I’m afraid of what they might serve!!

    • Mark from PA says:

      I am with you here Thomas Edward Miles. This is pretty awful and sad.

    • John Lopez says:

      They are holding this sick dinner gathering in the wrong venue and country…China should be their choice where it will be more conducive for these really sick people as they serve aborted human fetus in soup as a special delicacy!!

  7. As for me I am a woman. Woman takes her life from man and gives it back again, and there is love.

    • Is that why they call themselves womyn? How strange and freakish. I didn’t know what that meant. They deny having anything from men? (scratches head, looks pensive)

      • The “y” is the male chromosome, Dana. Woman’s genetic code is “XX”, man’s is “XY”. There are anomalies, such as “XYY”, which I learned was common in extremely violent rapists.

        • Maybe these women are “XXY”.

          • Mark from PA says:

            Skai, this isn’t something funny. Some people do have different chromosomes such as XYY or XXY. People don’t get to choose this, they are born with it. Also there are some women that only have one X chromosome, this is called Turner’s Syndrome. People with chromosomal differences are human beings too and deserve respect. God created them too.

    • The Romans??? Camille, Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem, the capital city of all that was Israel and Judah in those days;She the people who demanded it were Jews, not Romans.

      • Anonymous says:

        Okay…so now you’re against the Jews, too?


        So…what do you think Jesus and Mary and Joseph were?



        From Minnesota?

        Get a grip!

    • She gives back more than she takes, no?

  8. Larry from RI says:

    “We are reclaiming our bodies and our right to be free of shame and guilt!…And replacing it with sisterhood and collective action.”

    Sounds like they are taking a page out of the homosexual playbook.
    Don’t talk about abortion but emphasize they are like everyone else.
    Its like don’t talk about sodomy but talk about how they are like everyone
    else,just good neighbors.
    Abortion and sodomy are crimes against nature!!!!!!

    • What happens to souls who hide the guilt that continues to build up in their lives? What happens to communities which hide the guilt that builds up in their lives? What happens to civilizations which hide the guilt that builds up in their lives? How much guilt can be hidden?

  9. Mbuku Kanyau Mbithuka says:

    Nazi’s used to do this sort of thing.

  10. Better a millstone tied around the neck of those who lead this group and make it a swimming party.

  11. They can only be rid of shame and guilt by confession of sins and asking for forgiveness from God. God must be saying to them, “What have you done with your child I blessed you with?” This celebration of the deaths of innocent unborn children will be another day that will live in infamy.

  12. Things like this just proves that satan is still alive and well and thriving!

    …wait a second!…I had thought he was “supposed” to be “defeated”? Why is that always said in the past tense, when his defeat has NOT happened yet? Events like this prove that fact!! We can only HOPE he’ll be defeatED; but it won’t be soon enough!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    This literally makes me SICK!!!!

  14. I imagine that Nazis did have dinners celebrating their inhumane and cruel triumphs. Think how the Romans felt when Jesus was crucified?

  15. Laurette Elsberry says:

    I wonder how many of these “womyn” are into the baby-parts selling business. This evil practice results when women reject God’s likely intended role for them, and decide instead to destroy life – but also make a profit on the side. How much for a cornea; how about a scalp to be used by the hair products developer? What’s the going rate for a tiny liver snippet or a few brain cells? It is all so evil that the magnitude of it is practically incomprehensible.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Laurette, that is where the operators of the abortion clinics come in. The women just request that their babies please be murdered since killing babies is now every woman’s “legal right.” They may also be acting under pressure from the baby’s father, or may have been simply used and abandoned by the baby’s father, so therefore the fathers may be also very guilty of murder. Both parents profit from the murdering of the baby by its no longer being a responsibility of theirs, of course, but the selling of dead babies is left to the new possessors of the corpses. If the operators of these abortion clinics told the truth when they met new people socially, they would have to answer the question, “And what do you do for a living?” with, “Oh, I murder babies in their complicit mothers’ wombs and sell baby corpses for profit.”

  16. respectlife says:

    Whether in this life or the next justice will be served. These women are killing their offspring in the name of choice. What ever happened to choice being a choice only when it does no harm first? They are killing their offspring and now they will have no one to care for them as they age. What goes around comes around. They are destroying the natural cycle of life. What a tragedy. Expecting taxpayer funding for their abortions and contraception and when they are confronted they call it war on women! Yes, its war alright. But the REAL war is a holocaust targeting babies. This is evil anyway you look at it.

  17. This is the disgusting project of a small group of lesbians with the aged (77 years old) Carol Downer trying to recreate her gory days with the old Feminist Womens Centers, now defunct.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Careful, John, you have to explain to me how lesbians got pregnant. I am thinking these are heterosexual women who are murderers and proud of it. I am not defending lesbians or lesbianism, but we don’t want to abandon logic here. Additionally, I call on you to retract your slur against women of age. That was uncalled for and mean-spirited, John. I know several wonderful older women who could teach you that It is not a crime to fail to die, nor should we denigrate women simply because they are older. Denigrate Carol Downer based on her views, behavior and negative influence on society, but please don’t denigrate her and include by association any other woman of age just because she has managed to live longer than you evidently feel a woman has a right to. As Catholics, we are not taught to shame men or women of their age, whether that be young or old. Many of us have mothers, grandmothers, aunts and even great-grandmothers, and all of us have Mary Our Mother, whom we love and value regardless of their ages. If we are to win this war on murdering babies, we need to attack the outrageous and immoral views and acts of the Carol Downers of the world and not attack women personally merely for being alive. To do so is to imply that we believe it is not okay to murder babies in their mothers’ wombs, but it is also not okay for mothers or other women to live beyond the age that we approve of for them, as if we are playing God. Do you propose that healthy 77-year-old women kill themselves at your designated age, or should we kill them ourselves, rather than let God decide? You will have to explain to me how your position is morally superior to that of the people who celebrate the murdering of babies.

  18. With so many people in here advocating for the death penalty, this seems like the perfect goup to target.

    They killed their babies and are now celebrating that killing – and yet no one is suggesting they face capital punishment.

    Why not? You guys seem all for it, most of the time…

    • I have, Anon. Jesus tells us the pharisees (such as this woman) will be in line for Heaven after the hoz, or in this case after the woman they convinced to abort. Again, Jesus uses the millstone story to teach us that some sinners benefit from the death penalty.

      • Skai, don’t stop there:

        – demand we execute the moms, the doctors who perform abortions, the nurses, the receptionists who work there, the janitors, etc.

        Let’s make a clean sweep!

        • No one should suggest that these women be excuted. Having been a sidewalk counselor in three states, I can tell you these women (and girls) need help. They need prayers too. And ask Abby Johnson about how many of the workers want out. She has been praying to help them get out and they are starting to leave. We can pray to change hearts and no one ever needs to be harmed.

          • oh, for snoopy’s sake!

            here we go with the executions again…how very tedious.

            if you all had YOUR way, half of the country would be dead, and heads would be rolling in the streets, rather like dear old france during the reign of terror…

  19. Abortion is what it is….The evil from the depths of hell calls out “Kill the children” Herod was just following this order…Matt 2:18 ” A voice was heard in Ramah, wailing and loud lamentation. Rachel weeping for her children; she refused to be consoled, because they were no more.” These precious children cry out for justice. Oh Lord please give us time to repent of this horrible sin of our nation.Amen

  20. This barren woman would have been so happy to have adopted one or more of those children these people so callously slaughtered.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      that is not the only real issue,,,,,promiscuity, shacking up etc….all lead to unwanted pregnancies…which lead to the many abortions people have….the decline of morals and lack of responsibility/accountability is the culprit…if morals were back up being taught and embraced, even if one was to get pregnant out of wedlock, they would consider adoption first before they ever consider to have an abortion. Even our youth would learn from their mistakes and not sleep around over and over again with different people…if only they had morals.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Abortion is another type of birth control. By the time a young woman has turned 25, she may have had several abortions due to having many relationships that lead to passion and sex but broke off and so the child was unwanted. There is no accountability…many guys encourage an abortion because they don’t plan to marry the woman…..etc etc

  21. This has to be the most scabrous, perverted gathering of evil I’ve read of for some time. these deluded women nutballs are coming together to actually “celebrate” the tearing apart limb from limb their own flesh and blood? Then the demons who inspired them to do so will be there as well. Will there be a delegation from the satanists too to help them “celebrate” their obscene actions in taking the lives of possibly twins not known to them, hidden in their wombs, thereby making their actions twice as evil? I notice one thing about this convention of lethal bizzaros; they’re not disclosing the address of their “ist annual abortion (murder) dinner”. Are the instigators of this madness afraid there might be demonstrators not too thrilled with the dinner’s organization of exhaltation of murderousness who might show opposition to what they’re doing? More than likely. The whole thing reminds me of passages from various histories of the hellish actions of those who led the French Revolution, when they raped and murdered nuns, crucified priests and so on, all for the glory and revelling excess that was the Revolution. Read Ann Coulter’s “Demonic” from 2011, she has some very revealing incidents disclosed about said French Revolution. Also see “Triumph-the power and glory of the Catholic Church” by H. W. Crocker III also for very hair-raising stories about the revolution, many devastating. These are the kinds of people who might go to an “abortion dinner” in terms of “celebrating:”; anti-God revolutionaries with NO REGARD for human life, born or unborn. MAY GOD BLESS AND WATCH OVER ALL, MARKRITE

    • Excellent post,markrite, and don’t you especially find it ironic that the bloodbath known as the ‘French revolution’ was just an outgrowth from the ‘age of reason’? What I don’t get is why the French are still celebrating it, when I’ve always thought that horrific time should have been been taught in French schools as something to be ashamed of and learned from, as they teach about naziism in Germany so it doesn’t happen again.

  22. There are people born with abnormal chromosomes such a xxy or xyy, and we should not make fun of them, and they should be helped with hormonal treatment to help them be the gender they mostly are, but that is no excuse for such a dinner as this — celebrating abortions. — and I doubt it is such people that are doing this because the condition is rare. More than likely the transmen mentioned are people who have just decided to have a sex change operation who were normal in the beginning

  23. And if anyone objects to the term abnormal, almost all of of us have some abnormality in our bodies. Some have an extra wrist bone. Some have an extra vertebrae. Some have a tail bone that sticks out a little and some get acne and so forth, but calling these things normal is not going to make them go away, but dealing with them the best way we can is what is helpful. Sometimes we do not even know we have an abnormality until we are older and it starts causing us problems.

    • ANNE T., you are right on target yet again.

      the word ‘abnormal’ need not be seen as an insult, but rather as a description of some reality.

      if it’s ‘normal’ to have five toes and you have six, it’s abnormal but not big deal.

      nowadays, SOME people got so darned insulted at the drop of a pin…it seems almost abnormal!!! :-)

    • hey, that abnormal post was from me, but my name got left out.

      my computer is geting very cranky…

  24. gross!

    such a dinner!

    and here the QUEEN and her whole family are desparately praying that the baby (who might sit on the throne one day) stays safe and healthy in her mother’s womb…you know, PRINCE WILLIAM’s wife.

  25. The one thing that separates women from men is their role in the coutinned existence of the human race. Its what makes them unique, important, and necessary. I personally think that abortion suppresses this, and as a result, it also degrades women. Sure, perhaps there are some special exceptions, but these should be very few and rare. Intercourse does have a purpose, and its not purely for pleasure the pleasure is merely a side affect of something far greater.

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