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Jackie Speier goes after reparative therapy in the House


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A U.S. congresswoman is calling on Congress to denounce therapies designed to help clients overcome unwanted same-sex attraction.

California Rep. Jackie Speier said her “Stop Harming Our Kids” resolution will “bring us some reality checks” about sexuality.

The non-binding resolution condemns so-called sexual reparative therapy, and urges states to introduce laws similar to one passed in California that bans the therapy for minors.

“Let’s get this straight,” Speier said at a press conference announcing the resolution. “Being gay, lesbian [or] transgender is not a disease to be cured or a mental health issue to be treated.”

Speier, who is Catholic, condemned reparative therapy as “quackery” and said “we should not be supporting it with taxpayer dollars.”

The congresswoman was joined at the press conference by two men who said they underwent reparative therapy and were harmed by the experience.

Speier’s resolution comes at the same time as a legal challenge is ongoing against the California law, SB1172. On Friday a federal court will hear arguments about whether the court should issue a preliminary injunction to block the law.

The law is set to go into effect on January 1, 2013.

Reparative therapy is increasingly being targeted by homsexual activist organizations and their allies on the Left.

This week the Southern Poverty Law Center announced a lawsuit against Jews Offering New Alternatives of Healing (JONAH) for consumer fraud. SPLC alleges that the therapy offered by JONAH does not work.

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  1. Kenneth M. Fisher says:

    Who is Speier’s “bishop”? Does he know that his failure to enforce Canon 915 puts him in line for a nice HOT SEAT in Hell, or does he even believe in Hell?

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher

  2. You know there are stinking fish in this story. The ‘After the Ball’ propagandists have been working on this one for years. It’s the equivalent to abortion of the story that broke in George Grant’s “Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood”, about the Planned Parenthood affiliate in New York that led the coordinated assault on Crisis Pregnancy Centers: PPFA wrote a press release that was carried verbatim in all the outlets of the leftist media monopoly, about women “tricked” by pernicious pro-lifers “lying” that they would be getting abortions.

    At the end of their lives, as they face their maker, it’s likely that both of these poor, exploited people will have deathbed conversions. Meanwhile, how many people will lose their chance at escaping the “gay” deathstyle because of such a living lie.

    • A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked California from enforcing a first-of-its-kind law that bars licensed psychotherapists from working to change the sexual orientations of gay minors, but he limited the scope of his order to just the three providers who have appealed to him to overturn the measure.

      U.S. District Court Judge William Shubb made a decision just hours after a hearing on the issue, ruling that the First Amendment rights of psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals who engage in “reparative” or “conversion” therapy outweigh concern that the practice poses a danger to young people.

      “Even if SB 1172 is characterized as primarily aimed at regulating conduct, it also extends to forms of (conversion therapy) that utilize speech and, at a minimum, regulates conduct that has an incidental effect on speech,” Shubb wrote.

      The law, which was passed by the California Legislature and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in October, states that therapists and counselors who use “sexual orientation change efforts” on clients under 18 would be engaging in unprofessional conduct and subject to discipline by state licensing boards. It is set to take effect on Jan. 1.

      Although the ruling is a setback for the law’s supporters, the judge softened the impact of his decision by saying that it applies only to three people — psychiatrist Anthony Duk, marriage and family therapist Donald Welch, and Aaron Bitzer, a former patient who is studying to become a counselor who specializes in clients who are unhappy being gay.

      The exemption for them will remain in place only until Shubb can hold a trial on the merits of their case, although in granting their request for an injunction, the judge noted he thinks they would prevail in getting the law struck down on constitutional grounds.

      Complicating the outlook is that another federal judge in Sacramento is considering similar arguments from four more counselors, two families and a professional association of Christian counselors, but has not decided yet whether to keep the ban from taking effect.

      “We are disappointed by the ruling, but very pleased that the temporary delay in implementing this important law applies only to the three plaintiffs who brought this lawsuit,” National Center for Lesbian Rights Legal Director Shannon Minter said. “We are confident that as the case progresses, it will be clear to the court that this law is fundamentally no different than many other laws that regulate health care professionals to protect patients.”

      Lawyers for the state argue that outlawing reparative therapy is appropriate because it would protect young people from a practice that has been rejected as unproven and potentially harmful by all the mainstream mental health associations.

      • Rick DeLano says:

        “the judge noted he thinks they would prevail in getting the law struck down on constitutional grounds.”

        >> Obviously.

        This smackdown cannot come too soon.

  3. Abeca Christian says:

    and people wonder why there is so much hate….it’s people like Jackie Speier who hate and provoke it in even from those who are trying to be saints.

  4. Abeca Christian says:

    We will someday come face to face with our creator…that day will come and the truth will be known….but for now, we are to face a giant monster who will persecute God’s people, His natural laws and all that is good. Only the few faithful are the ones who will not bow to gods like the gay agenda etc….only the few faithful who will persevere with fortitude.

    We pray for God’s sanctifying grace!

  5. There should be a list of these self-procalimed “Catholics” who promote causes and ideas that are in opposition to Catholic teaching. In addition to Jackie Speier, add the names of Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sibelius, Kathleen Kennedy, Mel Gibson and all the others. The list would be similar to the list of stores and businesses that don’t recogize Christmas. I still can’t understand why these people want to call themselves Catholic.

    • ” I still can’t understand why these people want to call themselves Catholic”: It’s called the “mystery of iniquity”. Why did the devil rebel against God? Same question; same answer. Even from the beginnings of Catholicism, St John wrote that there are many little anti-Christs running amok.

      • Re-read your tattered paperback of 1984, Sarah, and you’ll be reminded why these people call themselves Catholic. Peace is war, love is hate, ad infinitum. Ms. Speir (sic) is as much a Catholic as our chief potentate is a Christian. It’s all of a piece. A piece of what, I couldn’t really say. ;o) I’ve got to hand it to California (clap clap) that certainly outdoes the rest of the country in sending vulgar, ignorant women to Congress. I also just read that California has the highest unemployment and largest debt.and is actually 50th in economic recovery. Wow, keep electing those amazing people and California can declare itself a third world country soon and can get foreign aid from Greece.

    • Life Lady says:

      Sarah, the enemy works to discredit Catholics and Church teaching by confusing the picture of what a Catholic believes and practices. It is only fitting tthat it would use our name to do that. I could claim to be something I am not in order to discredit the opposition. I think if we know who these people are, it would make sense to pray for them, offer masses for them, fast for their conversions. THAT would be the only answer, in my mind, to combat such duplicity.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      There is no comparison between Mel Gibson and likes of Jackie Speier, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sibelius, Kathleen Kennedy, etc. etc. ad nauseam. Gibson is a sedevecantist but he is not a Left Wing Nut Case!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  6. Larry from RI says:

    What was the American Psychiatric Association ‘s assessment of homosexuality before the homosexual community bullied it to change its
    diagnoses.??? Was it a scientific or medical reason,or was it political
    Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

    • haha…nine out of ten doctors recommend therapy (for Ms. Speir) and four out of five mental health professionals advise gingerly placing Ms. Speir in a padded cell where she can do no harm to herself or others.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Dana that is a good comment haha I couldn’t stop laughing, lol

        • tee hee. I can’t help thinking that this is just the kind of woman they used to dunk in duck ponds for being shrews! haha That’s why they have so many names for rogue women who go wonkers…bessom, b*tch,, fishwife, fury, harpy, scold, termagant, virago, battle-ax and vixen et al. Seems like the modern term for such women is feminist and the rest of us need to find a new name for women who strongly support true feminine values and being strong women. My motto is ‘If alone, move the piano…if a man’s around, let him do it.’ ;o)

          • Dana, being a Christian woman, I have never heard most of those terms but the one’s that I know…WOW. Using them for a person who has suffered the tragedies that Ms. Spiers has because you don’t agree with her on a piece of legislation…phew! Nobody gonna accuse you of Christianity.

  7. The “Quackery” is in congress, actually. There shouldn’t be any doubt in our minds that we are in a very real war for our culture and more importantly the damage being done to the minds of our children. The media has chosen sides, as have many state legislatures. It can be won in the home if parents challenge the “conventional” (false) ideas taught in public schools and the entertainment industry. Vigilance, determination, and prayer are the only solution. Parents need to be engaged, and not allow the schools to have the monopoly they seek in the fields of morality ethics and our relationships with other people. I am sure glad my kids are adults. Those of you with children are in my prayers.

  8. The attached email(s) are from Encourage and Courage members (family and friends of same-sex attracted individuals–it’s an offshoot of Courage–a help/support group for same-sex attracted individuals who want to follow God and not our “disordered” Culture).

    Sometimes we only get “pieces” of information about grave changes going on in our society. Read carefully and ponder what Jackie Speier and those like her are up to–clearly perpetrating lies that licensed professionals are harming those under 18 if they try to help them with their gender and sexual confusion.

    Injunction to stop SB1172.

    I received an email last evening that told me about an important hearing that was scheduled in the Eastern California Federal District Court in Sacramento today at 10 AM with Judge Kimberly J. Mueller presiding. This case was of great interest to me. I would like to share with you briefly about it. The case was about the recent passage of California SB1172 which will take effect this January 1st. SB1172 would prohibit any licensed professionals in our state to provide what is called SOCE (Sexual Orientation Change Efforts) for any minor (less than 18 years of age). In the courtroom SOCE was pronounced sosh with a long o sound. As you can see at the attached link, there were two sides represented, the “Plaintiffs’ motion for preliminary injunction’ and the defendant’s ‘Motion to intervene by Equality California’ (an LGBT organization). As I found out many important issues were at stake including parent’s rights, licensed professional practitioner’s rights.

    I got up early and drove a couple of hours through buckets of rain to arrive at 9:20 AM. My hope was to be able to observe, listen, learn and pray during this hearing. Before the hearing, everyone waited for the doors to unlock. While waiting, I spoke with several people. I could not tell which side anyone in the hallway represented (for lack of name badges or other indications). In my friendly way, I spoke first briefly with a woman. Later, when the proceedings started, to my great surprise, I learned that she was the key lawyer for the defense, Alexandra Gordon! The key lawyer representing the plaintiff was Steven Crampton. Both sides were given 20 minutes each to present their arguments, while Judge Mueller asked about 10 questions of each. After, each summarized for about 5 minutes each. I was very impressed by the dignity of our legal process, where both sides were allowed to clearly and carefully represent themselves.

    To get some of the key details, the link for the docket follows:

    A very key point made by the plaintiff follows:

    1. SB1172 purports to prevent potential harm to those struggling with homosexuality or same sex attraction issues that would be caused by SOCE.

    2. He further explained that if that were a known fact, then there would already be lengthy documented records where harm was caused by SOCE.

    3. He also pointed out that licensed practitioners are already bound by law to do ‘no harm’. Logically, the defendants should be able to produce many cases where SOCE harmed the patients of these licensed professionals and as well, there would have to be many cases of practitioners who had their licenses revoked for doing harm by means of SOCE.

    4. Then, he announced that there was not even a single case on record in the State of California where a licensed practitioner had their license revoked for doing harm by means of SOCE!

    The judge later questioned the defendant about this claim by the plaintiff. The defendant responded to Judge Mueller that she was not aware of any such cases either!

    While many other important points were made, I would like to keep this account shorter.

    At the end, Judge Mueller addressed the court. She explained that she was well aware of the timeliness of her decision. She announced that she planned to issue her opinion next week!

    Interestingly enough, I sat next to Jared Goyette, Editor-in-Chief, of the Sacramento Press. He told me that he was helping Bloomberg News by covering this hearing. When I returned home, I sent him an email requesting a link to his news story. Hopefully, I will get it soon.

    I would like to say that our Lord also blessed me with an opportunity to meet the plaintiff’s team in the lobby afterward. When I introduced myself, Steven Crampton told me that when he saw me in the audience he thought I ‘looked like a concerned parent’. His entire team thanked me for coming and supporting them with prayer!

    In closing, I would like to encourage all us to participate in our state and nations’ critical affairs by being present at such events, providing the prayer support and encouragement that is needed!

    In Christ,


    • Thank you David for your informative post and for your wiliness to become involved. It sounds as if our Lord called you there.

    • Mark from PA says:

      So does Courage and Encourage oppose sexual orientation change efforts and the harm that this does to some people? Do they support gay people and respect them for who they are and not feel that they are defective people who need to change their orientation in order to better fit in? I hope that Courage and Encourage also believe that we need to “Stop Harming Our Kids.” A while back I spoke to someone from Courage and she told me that they don’t encourage anyone to undertake any therapy that would make them uncomfortable. She said nobody should have therapy if they don’t want it.

  9. Robert Lockwood says:

    When you have a legislature heavily populated with homosexuals like we have in California you get what we are getting which is Satin inspired laws. I agree with Rush Limbaugh completely – that when he woke up on Wednesday after the national election he said to himself “we have lost out country”.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Robert I agree

    • Mark from PA says:

      How many times has Rush Limbaugh been married? Plus he had a drug problem. He has a big mouth but he doesn’t practice what he preaches. He is no role model that is for sure. People like Limbaugh make Christians look bad.

      • PA I guess you never listen to Rush, he doesn’t promote his Christianity on his show. I love it how Rush bothers you and rest of the liberals.. As someone who is an admitted homosexual yet married to a woman your deception speak volumes, and you have no business saying Rush doesn’t practice what he preaches, no its people like you PA who make Catholics look very bad

        • Canisius, if a man marries in the Catholic Church, then discovers he has homosexual tendencies, he is required to stay married and stay faithful to his wife. How is Mark from PA making Catholics look bad? He does exactly what the Church requires.

          • K I gave a long reply but the thought police a CCD did not print it

          • If PA did what the Church requires he would not be constantly promoting tolerance of homosexuality nor its acceptance. Personally his wife probably has good grounds for an annulment….

          • I would have been interested in your reply and I am sorry that they did not print it. That happens to me sometimes too. I hope you have a good Advent and Christmas.

        • Mark from PA says:

          Canisius, I have only been married once. I suppose I should feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh as he surely has more temptations than I have. In regard to deception, back when I was a young person, the Church didn’t really tell gay people to tell everyone and their brother that they were gay. I didn’t even use that term back then. When I was young, I didn’t even discuss this with myself so I sure wasn’t going to talk to other people about it. I hope that I don’t make Catholics look bad.

          • Most of those who post here make catholics look bad. They are so mean and ignorant. They have no desire to live the Gospel or to follow Jesus Christ. They make enemies rather than love them. Christians were supposed to be the salt of the earth not the salt in the wounds.

          • PA I think you need a period of discernment, yes you do make Catholics look bad but I cannot blame you entirely we have an entire hierarchy that thinks like you…Dissidents praised, Faithful Catholics abused….. Souls lost….

  10. Stephanie says:

    This woman has a mouth as big as her shoe. She’s a fraud from beginning to end, starting with her publicity seeking trip to Jonestown that blew up in her face and to her idiotic statements at Mercy High School (college should be completely free and paid for by oil companies). I have written to you office several times and asked her specific questions about issues, but she refuses to answer any of my questions. She voted against banning sex selection abortions, but she refuses to answer any questions about it. And she still calls herself a Catholic. What also bothers me about her is that she is very good friends with the same people who enabled James Jones. She makes deals with the devil to get votes and expedite her political career. She’s a disgrace.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Ask her bishop why she is still allowed to call herself Catholic!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  11. Thomas Edward Miles says:

    This therapy is complete nonsense for the truly homosexual person! However, they should try it on the heterosexuals to see if it realty works, some great candidates E-mail this site, any takers?!!

    • Abeca Christian says:

      That’s your opinion Thomas but…heterosexuality is natural and homosexuality is not…this therapy is for people who want it…it is not forced so you have no worries, no one will force it on you, you have free will to choose Christ or homosexuality. We know what you have chosen, you made it very clear on this website.

      • Mark from PA says:

        Abeca Christian, nobody is saying to choose between Christ or homosexuality. Human sexuality is part of every person. It is not a sin. What would you say if someone told you that you should choose between Christ or your heterosexuality? You certainly have a free choice to choose to live a live of chaste purity and give up any sexual activity in order to be a more perfect Christian but this is something for a person to choose for themselves not something to tell another person to do.

        • Utter nonsense PA, you and rest of the promoters of sodomy just refuse the fact that heterosexuality is the norm, it is what permits the human race to continue. You and TEM and all sodomy promoters try to tell the rest of us that homosexuality is normal, well its not and never will be. There is a giant conflict coming, and I look forward to it, when every rainbow flag is burnt and homosexuality is outlawed I know what you people do, first hand….

    • Ok, TEM is on board for this thread; now what about jon, Rose, and Anonymous?

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      You will get a response from God, but then it will probably be too late for you.

      May God have mercy on your compromised soul,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  12. People you will all rest easier when you reconcile yourselves to the fact the country is lost. The culture is rotten to the core, most of the hierarchy seems to be complicit or oblivious to it. Do what earlier Christians did during the fall of Rome, rather than trying to prop up the dying Imperium they broke away and formed their own communities. This is what we should and must do, quit trying to engage a hostile culture, go where you can be with like minded Catholics, some of us may be called to martyrdom, so be it, you will be shining star in heaven… In time the culture will collapse we can then take over, and convert it to Christ..

    • Canisius, I hope you are seeking God’s will in this one.

      • Thomas Edward Miles says:

        Abeca, Now you seem to think you know my sexual orientation, YOU DO NOT!!! For your information, Abeca, I have been very happily married for years!!! I could be very mean spirited but that is not my style, however, I must confess that at the sign of peace at holy mass I have extended my hand in the love of Christ to homosexuals and my hand did fall off!!!!

      • Tracy I hoping the collapse comes sooner rather than later, I want it to happen and stand over the broken bodies of the secularist and smile…

    • But the country can be restored, ie repaired, if only the bishops would become holy. As it stands now, the bishops are allowing their flocks to step over the edge of the precipiece of no return; these bishops are apparently too far above the landing to see the blood.

      • No it cannot the Bishops are complicit in this, they abuse the faithful and elevate the dissenters

        • Well, you’ve got a point. New wine in old wineskins never works. So, it’ll have to be new wine in new wineskins. Be interesting to see such a day … could be far off though.

    • Interesting way of encapsulating the rise of Christianity in the context of the decline of Roman civilization.

  13. Considering what this article is about is Speier’s comment “Let’s get this straight” a Freudian slip or what?

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Jackie’s Archbishop is AB Cordielione. He was just installed here in
    the San Francisco archdiocese on October 4th…, he hasn’t had
    all the time in the world to get to everything. Rest assured he will,
    he is a true Shepherd and I thank Our Lord that the Holy Father
    choose him for this archdiocese!!!

    Jackie has had lots of tradegies in her life, and that is why I can’t
    understand why she is so liberal on issues such as this and life issues
    especially…..she was left for dead in 1978 I believe in the jungle in Guyana where Congressman Leo Ryan was shot to death after he and
    then Jackie his Administrative Assistant were investigating concerns
    that people back home had about (and were duly justified in being concerned) at this mad man, Jim Jones who had brought many people
    ‘followers’ down to the jungle. And then her first husband Dr. Sierra, a most wonderful man was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver.

    I pray for her everyday, I urge you all to do the same.

  15. Mark from PA says:

    That you editors, for sharing this. I agree with the “Stop Harming Our Kids” resolution. Our children are precious and need to be protected. I read the resolution. Some important points are: “No data demonstrates that reparative or conversion therapies are effective, and in fact they may be harmful.” The truth is, is that these therapies don’t really change anyone’s orientation. If adults want to do this, that is there choice, but children need to be protected from harm. Another point, “Minors who experience family rejection based on their sexual orientation face serious health risks.” Parents need to love their children, even if they are different. The idea that gender non-conforming children can be abused into changing is sinful in my opinion. Gender non-conforming children may or may not turn out to be gay but they need to be treated with kindness and respect. We are actually getting better in this regard as girls that like athletics and boy pastimes are basically accepted in today’s society. Also the law does not include any prohibitions against interventions to prevent or address unlawful conduct or unsafe sexual practices. The law is about protecting the health and safety of children. I find it odd that some think the bishops should admonish Rep. Speier. I think some of them would probably agree with her and most wouldn’t find fault with protecting our precious young people.

    • Mark from PA says:

      Oops, I meant thank you editors, for sharing this.

    • PA I am so tired of your platitudes, promoting sodomy under the guise of “protecting our precious children”.. I guess you want parents to affirm their kids sinful lifestyle, I know what you are going to ask, so I will cut you off at the pass. If I had children of my own who said they were homosexual I would say to them, yes I love you, but I will not support or affirm your life choices and I will not accept a perversion that risks the fires of Hell, either conform to the Will of Christ or get out…..

      • Mark from PA says:

        Well, Canisius, if you realized that your child was a homosexual but knew it was not something he chose, wouldn’t you support him? I hope that you would not punish your child physically as you were punished. Also, If your child was a minor, would you really tell him to get out? Are you aware of the risks faced by gay teens who are kicked out of their homes? These kids need even more support and love as many fear rejection by their families.

        • You are so predictable PA I could almost set my watch my your responses. I have said what I said, I will not be complicit in destruction of my child’s soul, I will not “affirm” a lifestyle that will lead him there. PA as for it not being choice you can quote all the skewed medical stats you want, I know for a fact it is not. My family was destroyed by that choice, I have not been coned by the gay complicit medical/psychological establishment. If this child was a minor they would have until the adulthood to conform to the Will of Christ…

        • PA, have you ever heard of teaching children how to live according to what is right and not according to what is wrong? Why do you continue to advocate teaching children that they should lead gravely disordered lives? You might want to review what Jesus says about those who harm His little ones being better off with millstones tied to their necks and thrown into the sea.

        • Teach such a child, PA, that God gives each one of us only so much time, and we never know how much, to turn to His will or be lost to the devil. The parent is obligated to God to teach this to their child … failing to do so warrants the condition explained by Jesus of such a slothful parent being better off executed by drowning with a millstone.

        • Mark, why don’t you ask Canisius if he would treat one of his heterosexual children, who was engaged in and insisting on practicing a lifestyle of fornication, in the same way.

          I am hoping that when Canisius said he would kick out a homosexual child unless he “conformed to the will of God”, he was referring to a child who was actually engaging in and insisting on the continuing practice of sodomy and was not referring to his struggle with SSA. (note: my last sentence here in no way suggest that I am endorsing the kicking out any underage child. I am just trying to gain some clarification here.

  16. I’ve met Joe Nicolosi who I believe is the original propagator of “reparative therapy,” but in another context, for I’ve never been afflicted with SSA, and everything I’ve ever read about him since CONFIRMS the effectiveness of this treatment for homosexuals. It is obviously faith-based and when I knew and read of Nicolosi he was a practicing Catholic. Jackie Spier is a known lefty hater and I’m so sorry, Jackie, but it IS disease-like to be an active homosexual in terms of the mental disease known as promiscuity which being a rutting homo entailsa;

  17. For its long been known that active gays have sexual partners numbering sometimes in the THOUSANDS, so being gay is JUST LIKE bieng promiscuous on steroids. But there’s more. The like expectancy of these people IN THE GAY LIFESTYLE is somewhere around 42-45 years of age. Look it up! So reparative therapy will help these people early on in life to be healthier and happier, AND have the added bonus of SAVING THEIR SOULS by avoding such a noxious lifestyle that only leads to the WORST of the “four last things.” GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

  18. I totally agree with what Canisius has posted @ 5:55 am today re PA’s remarks, and I will go even further; Mark, no one will put you down or denigrate you in ANY WAY if you finally just admit what most of us who blog here tend to think, which is: you suffer from S.S.A. You may not have ever ACTED upon such an attraction, that seems very possible. But if you’re TRULY suffering from SSA and constantly fighting it, why do you seem to GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to stick it to those who are much more perceptive to the evils of SSA than yourself, and are fighting it as best they can, for the GAY LOBBY in this country are either TOTALLY UNHINGED in their advocacy which seems to MARINATE in FALSE COMPASSION, always saying to the rest of us who recognize the EVILS of active homosexuality, ‘let the kids alone,!’ or ‘let them be who they THINK THEY ARE’ (?), or THEY’VE GOT AN EVIL AGENDA; and like the abortion plague that this nation suffers under, should we not HELP them through reparative therapy? There’s NO COERCION in the practice of R.T., just as in those who attempt to rescue unborn babies outside of abortion mills, they use PERSUASION, showing ultrasound pictures, etc., to convince mothers – to-be to let their children be born, DON’T KILL THEM. YOU NEED TO STOP DRINKING THE KOOLAID of false compassion and recognize what will happen to these youth if they’re NOT HELPED through R.T. to finally overcome SSA and live a normal life. GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

  19. Spiers calls reparative therapy quackery but says absolutely nothing about the “therapy” called sex change operations that mutilates a child’s or a man or woman’s body and puts them on opposite hormones for the rest of their lives and is extremely expensive. That is far worse quackery as far as I am concerned unless the person was born with ambiguous body parts in the first place. I believe those operations should be outlawed for people who have normal body parts. When some people cannot even get medicine for themselves or their children, why should anyone be paying for all that.

    • You’re right.
      But under Obamacare we’ll also be paying to kill unborn babies, euthanasia due to rationing, contraception and voluntary sterilization.

      Evil won and the Bishops and their Parish Priests (only with a few exceptions) still have not encouraged people to read the CCC.
      Without learning their Faith accurately, the majority of many generations will be lost. But the Bishops are still too ‘disappointed’ that a few murderous unjust aggressors may have to face the death penalty.

  20. Reparative therapy shows the client the normalcy of the therapist, and this is one explanation why the sodomite lobby hates it. Some people hate Jesus Christ because He shows them the face of God, Whom they hate.

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