Not to destroy the University of San Diego

But to reclaim it for Christ and His Church

Founders Chapel, USD

The following exchange of letters between Charles LiMandri, a concerned USD alumnus, and another USD graduate took place on November 25.

I am writing in response to your e-mail of today’s date.  Though you have apparently sought to engage me in a discussion on important issues on which we obviously disagree, at least you have adopted a civil tone.  This is more than I can say of many of your fellow recent USD alums. I do not know you but I note from a quick Google search that you are a 2005 USD grad, an openly homosexual man, and a “gay” activist.  In contrast, I am a 1977 USD grad, a married father of five, and a Christian activist.  Therefore, we have diametrically opposed world views.  You probably never learned from your time at USD, as I did, that it was founded by devout men and women who made great sacrifices to build a University to educate students into the Catholic faith.  Therefore, you state that I would rather see USD burned to the ground than deviate from a selective interpretation of Catholicism. Of course, you are wrong.

It is not my desire to destroy USD, but rather to reclaim it for our Lord and His Church. The selective interpretation of Catholicism to which you refer is simply what our Church has taught for over 2,000 years. If you have any interest in actually learning what those teachings are, you need only refer to the “Church Teachings” section of the website  Those consistent teachings come from divine revelation, magisterial documents, and thousands of years of Catholic tradition. They are not subject to “selective interpretation” by Catholics who take their faith seriously.  The many devout Catholics who made great sacrifices to lay the foundation for the faith at USD, like Mother Rosalie Hill and Bishop Maher, took their faith seriously.

You state that Mary Lyons is probably USD’s greatest asset.  You are wrong again.  USD’s greatest asset has always been its Catholic identity. That “asset” has suffered tremendously during Mary Lyons’ watch, as many recent alums, such as yourself, apparently know very little and care nothing about what our Church teaches and why.  You also state that I orchestrated the events that led to the vote of “no confidence” against Mary Lyons by the faculty.  What I did was bring to the attention of the donor of the lecture series who was to fund the Tina Beattie lectures that she is a professed heretic and blasphemer.  Beattie has openly supported same-sex “marriage.” abortion, and even spoken of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in unspeakably sacrilegious terms.  She has also publicly criticized the Holy Father and the Bishops for their support of life and traditional sexual morality.

Mary Lyons admitted that the donor of the funds that were to bring Beattie to campus was solicited by her with the understanding that those funds would be used to pay for speakers who would actually contribute to a proper understanding of our faith.  Tina Beattie, like you, is an opponent of the Catholic Church when it comes to such critical culture defining issues as marriage. You would apparently prefer that USD continue to defraud its donors and the parents that send their children there to get an authentic Catholic education.  This should be considered immoral by even secular progressive standards.  Moral relativism is bad enough but outright fraud and deceit should not be countenanced by anyone who aspires to engage in any kind of intellectually honest discussion of these issues.

If you want to pursue your militant homosexual agenda why don’t you do it at institutions that do not hold themselves out to be authentically “Catholic”?  Why must you and your cronies seek to completely destroy the faith that has been the best hope of a happy life for generations of USD students that preceded you? What you call “hatred”, is what I call speaking the truth in love. And, what you call “equality” for homosexuals, is what I call discrimination against Christians.  If you want numerous examples of this discrimination, please refer to my power-point presentation: “The Impact of Same-Sex Marriage On Religious Freedom” on the “Resources” tab of the website
By the grace of God, we will also succeed in reclaiming USD for the Church.  Furthermore, as you will undoubtedly have trouble understanding, it is you who is wasting your time because your side already lost this battle 2,000 years ago on Mount Calvary.  Significantly, today is the feast of Christ the King.  Regardless of what happens at USD, Satan has been defeated and Christ now reigns triumphant for all time.  By the standards of eternity, your struggle for a world in which the Truth is suppressed and Christians are defeated is a tragically hopeless one.

Just as immorality caused Rome to fall, and Sodom and Gomorrah reduced to ashes before it, the world that you are seeking to create will come to a destruction of its own making.  So you see, J., it is you who is on the wrong side of history, both in this world and in the next.  I hope and pray for your sake that like Saint Paul, your eyes will be opened before it is too late. The truth of male-female marriage, as spoken from the mouth of our Lord and Savior, cannot be undone by popular vote or judicial fiat. Matthew 19:4-6. Nor can the immorality of homosexuality, as repeatedly pronounced in both Testaments of the Bible, and confirmed by natural law and human experience, be changed by a progressive “ideology” that carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction.  Romans 1:24-32.

I have cited to you the proven words of unalterable Truth from the New Testament. This stands in striking contrast to the outdated ceremonial and dietary customs of the ancient Jewish people of the Old Testament that you took from the hackneyed homosexual playbook.  By comparison, the matters of faith and morals of which I have spoken have stood the test of time for thousands of years because human nature itself, and natural law, have not changed.  It is tragic that so many young people at USD have lost their faith and ended up embracing a diabolical agenda that will ultimately destroy their bodies, minds and spirits.  Those of us who are resolutely seeking USD’s redemption are fighting for the souls of those who are still able to be saved. I can only hope for your sake that you are among them.

Chuck LiMandri


Mary Lyons is probably USD’s greatest asset, and from what I’ve read, you orchestrated the events that lead up to her vote of no confidence.  It appears you’d rather see USD burn to the ground than deviate from a selective interpretation of Catholicism.  Here’s the thing though: you’ve already lost, and that’s with or without either of us, so it simply doesn’t matter whether or not you get what you perceive to be a win here.

People will have completely equal opportunity in America going forward, even if it deviates from Catholic theology, if only because the world has become too competitive for people to face artificial barriers to contributing in America.  And history always looks kindly upon the people who support equal opportunity — like the woman denied a job at USD for supporting same sex marriage — and forgets or demonizes those who don’t.  Again, neither of us can change that.

And if it isn’t hate that motivates you, then it would be better if you addressed other issues the deviate from strict religious teachings like people working on the Sabbath, touching pig skin, or wearing clothes made from two threads — these are much more widespread problems.  Thank you for reading.

J. M.

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  1. For J.M. to say that the greatest asset of USD is some particular individual does not speak well for what USD produces.

  2. I should add, when is the last time USD produced a saint? J.M. is apparently claiming that Mary Lyons has already qualified for canonization.

  3. Abeca Christian says:

    Closing it down is not to destroy but to close down and start over is to actually rebuild it for Christ…we must first get rid of what is actually the real harm. If those involved are not interested in honoring the church teachings then we must kindly ask them to leave but since that may not be possible because it seems like today in these modern times, the good usually leave because of the spiritual wars they are having to face daily and because they are outnumbered, so closing it down would be best, then re-open with new leadership that is sound, faithful and true to Catholicity!

  4. It will be very difficult to reclaim many Catholic Universities. Many will have to go as we downsize.

    Universities were a Catholic invention, as you know, many initially under Pontifical protection from temporal powers. We have come a long way, Baby.

  5. Good job, Chuck.

  6. God bless you Charles LiMandri for being such a wonderful example of the Church Militant defending the Catholic faith! We thank you for your love of God, and for your faithfulness in publicly speaking the truth and also for your courage!

    It IS time to “Reclaim USD for Christ and His Church!”

    “Just as immorality caused Rome to fall, and Sodom and Gomorrah reduced to ashes before it, the world that you are seeking to create will come to a destruction of its own making.” …..The Truth!

  7. To the gay-activist alum – even though sodomy is a mortal sin, God gave each of us a free will. Your lifestyle will determine your eternity.
    Rom 1:24-27; 1 Cor 6:9-10; 1 Tim 1:10.
    _ _ _ _ _ _

    To USD Board of Trustees, Officers, Faculty and Students – it is FRAUD to advertise USD as “Catholic” if the University does not adhere to teachings of the Catholic Church in entirety.

    As AGENDA Items for the next BOARD Meeting please consider:

    1) Review “APOSTOLIC CONSTITUTION of the SUPREME PONTIFF JOHN PAUL II on CATHOLIC UNIVERSITIES ” which can be printed from the Vatican web site.

    2) Each person teaching Theology must have a Mandatum from the Bishop per Code of Canon Law which can be printed out from the Vatican web site.
    (Canon 810, 811, 812 need to be reviewed and acted upon).

    3) The “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” is the sure norm for teaching the Faith in entirety per Pope John Paul II.
    No Theology class for Freshmen and/or Sophomores is complete without using the CCC as a REQUIRED text.
    Without the CCC errors can be taught accidentally or on purpose – without giving students access to the truth.
    For more information including quotes from our Popes about the CCC, go to: “What Catholics REALLY Believe SOURCE” on the internet. Print out a copy of the front page as part of your agenda packet. In addition view the video included from Professor Scott Hahn.
    _ _ _ _ _ _

    To the gay activist I will pray for the salvation of your soul.
    To the USD Board of Trustees I will pray for USD’s success as an authentic “Catholic” University.
    I ask others to do the same.

  8. Larry from RI says:

    Thank you Chuck for your statement to reclaim USD as a Catholic college.This shows the power of the alumnae in Catholic Institutions when used properly.
    The alumnae of every Catholic college should stand up and reclaim their college for the Catholic church and its teachings.
    It may be devisive but now is the time for all good Catholic alumnae to come to the aid of their college.
    If a battle is coming for the soul of the Church and its Catholic institutions,then bring it on .Better now than later.

  9. St. Christopher says:

    This is difficult to beat. Charles LiMandri provides an excellent outline of a response to sexual modernity, including homosexual sexual demands. Unfortunately, the homosexual/abortion lobby is very powerful, and the Church episcopal leadership is weak, due to its flabby faith and craven materialism. If our bishops practiced their faith consistent with what Mr. LiMandri states, there would not be the kinds of issues that we all now face due to this vacant leadership. Thank you, Charles LiMandri, for your courage. Why doesn’t the USCCB come out with this kind of straightforward, direct, and yet compassionate, response to miscreants within the Catholic Church, and to outside activists that seek to destroy Her with relativism and prostestanism?

    • Abeca Christian says:

      St. Christopher you are correct it is very difficult to beat but surely not impossible. NO good fight is ever easy but when fought it sure gives a loud bang and sets a good example in Christ. You are also right about our church leadership coming off as weak, you are right that it hurts to admit, I speak for myself.

      I as a woman, have given up a lot just so I can submit to God and how I was taught that a woman in my position should be, I thought that giving up a lot of my worldly things, to stay home and raise our children, to be faithful to my husband and my marriage would help, to look for holy priests to bless our family etc, I thought that I would see more blessings which there are many that we don’t see here in this life, but it is very discouraging when our church leadership lets us down and it doesn’t help one have thoughts that it’s no wonder feminism is given more power.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      For flamming liberals to get a mandatum from most of the so called bishops who are modernist themselves would prove no hindurance at all to their agendas.

      The Chastisment must come soon or there will be very few Catholics left in America.

      For these “students” to take on LiMandri shows they have not learned about the Virtue of Humility. I am almost sorry for them. I said almost folks! I know LiMandri and he is a brilliant Legal Scholar and Lawyer.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  10. Chuck LiMandri–thank you! Your reward will be great in heaven….

  11. Thanks be to God that Charles LiMandri is carrying the standard for USD in this push to reclaim that university for the glory of God. The division between JM and LiMandri appears to be wide, but there is always hope, and always a love of neighbor that we can all understand. If JM is unable to understand that one, we must always remind ourselves and others that God reaches out to us to correct us, and we may not like the lesson, but He always does it as gently as the correction allows. I myself have been corrected many times, and I may not have liked the consequences of being corrected, but it has always been leveled with kindness and with eqanimity, because I KNOW HE LOVES ME, so I take His correcting with love. I hope and pray that JM can see that love also, in the form of what has been said in Charles LiMandri’s answer. It is truly apparent to me that Chuck loves USD, loves the Church, and loves his fellow man and woman. If he did not, he would allow USD to continue down that slippery slope. Opportunity is not license. Equal opportunity means that every person is respected, and loved, and then they can be corrected. The Church has specific teaching on homosexuality, marriage, abortion, and that teaching will never be abandoned for the whim of the day. It has stood for two thousand or more years, and will continue to stand. We have the Word of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in love and in Truth, that not even the gates of Hell will prevail. Thanks be to God.

  12. Mike Malone says:

    I applaude Mr. LiMandri’s measured and Catholic faithful defense of USD. From my experience people are cowered by homosexual activists because to oppose them usually results in being labled intolerant, homophobic, judgmental, religious extremist or being accused of hate speech.

    I don’t think most homosexual activists are open to dialogue no matter how civil or logical their critics might be. Their responses are usually filled with irrelavent OT references, criticism of today’s Church for not keeping with the times (conforming to pop-culture) or they engage in mockery of the Church and its beliefs. They respond in this way because they have lost the argument on several fronts; religious, science and common sense:

    Religious: There is no ambiguity in Scripture…it roundly and frequently condemns homosexual relationships (sex).

    Science: If one believes the Theory of Evolution (used by so many atheists and Church opponents in argument) then why did evolution decide that a male and a female is required for natural reproduction. This is affirmed again in the science of Biology.

    Common Sense: Homosexuals cannot propigate therefore homosexuality unto itself is unsustainable.

    The Church does not condemn homosexuals it condemns homosexual relationships. It teaches that homosexuals are called to a life of celibacy; maybe that is a hard road but that is the road laid out for them by God.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Sometimes I have a hard time with comments like “The Church does not condemn homosexuals it condemns homosexual relationships.”. Sometimes it can sound off as heretical or it is questionable. If one has entertained the thought of same sex attraction, then they chose to embrace homosexuality then it is a sin, then they have condemned themselves by their choices.

      God is perfect! Since HE is the Alpha and the Omega, then we can trust in Him to know that he did not create homosexuals, but man created for himself this sinful temptation, only our good Lord knows why. But for now we know that homosexuality has condemned itself in it’s act against the natural law.

      • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

        Yes, There is no way naturally a man would lack the ability appreciate a beautiful girl. Something is seriously wrong with such a person. Its self-evident.
        The whole Homosexual condition is either a mental illness or a self-imposed deviant behavior.
        Just like any sin of the mind, like impure thoughts, if they are done with full consent of ones will, then they are mortal sins. Homosexual sins are worse because they not only oppose Gods call to holiness but are also since against the natural order of things. If that is not repugnant to one’s mind, I do not know what can be done for such a person other than fervent prayer.

        • Mark from PA says:

          Most gay men appreciate beautiful girls. Most gay people have love for many of the women in their lives. They just don’t lust after these women. That is the difference. Many gay men have a great love and respect for many women.

      • The Church’s teaching is found in CCC 2357-2359. “The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial.”

        • k, I must say that you are at least still very consistent in your selective silence. Once again, not one single comment or word of encouragement, praise or compassion for Charles LiMandri who is currently fighting this terrible trial of attack from dissenting voices including those of homosexual activists who disdain the teachings of the Catholic Church.

          k, Where is the Catechism quote that would also show the need to support Mr. Limandri as much as you want that support for homosexuals? Where is the meaningful Catechism quote that would help to teach the dissenting homosexual activist J.M. who emailed Chuck Limandri? Where is the Catechism quote that would uphold ALL Church Teaching at USD? I’ll tell you where it is! It is nowhere to be found on this thread! No k, there isn’t a single one! You selectively and by selectively I mean you ONLY wrote a Catechism quote that shows support for the disorders and trials of homosexuals.

          Your FIRST priority should be defending the personal attack on Christ but I see once again that you still have your priorities out of balance and selectively misplaced. What a most clever way to undermine Church teaching. The reason for this MOST OBVIOUS neglect can be found in Matthew 6:24

          • Catherine, what personal attack on Christ? I don’t really understand the story. I read it but I didn’t know what it was about. I was gone for awhile and must have missed something. J.M. accuses Mr. LiMandri of orchestrating events that led to a no-confidence vote of Mary Lyons and he likes Mary Lyons but Mr. LiMandri doesn’t really address that and he googled J. M. and found out he was gay and now he’s giving him a lesson on the immorality of homosexuality. O. K. Somehow it has something to do with a dissident theologian who sounds pretty bad. It sounds like the dissident theologian was not permitted to come to USD so wasn’t this a win? Since you are asking for quotes from the CCC, I will find you one. “God graciously arranged that the things He had once revealed for the salvation of all peoples should remain in their entirety, thoughtout the ages and be transmitted to all generations.” CCC 74 Anytime you want a catechism quote, just let me know. I’ll do my best to find it for you, but you should be studying it in this Year of Faith. Don’t put it off because the Year will fly by and it really does take some time. Love, your friend k.

        • Mike Malone says:


          I don’t think you did this with intent but you omitted the outright condemnation of homosexual relationships by omitting:

          CCC2357 “Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

          CCC 2396 “Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices.”

          Catholics are called to accept homosexuals but that is not to be confused with accepting homosexual relations, marriage, adoption, etc. Intrinsically disordered….period.

          • Yes, I think everybody knows those things so I only posted the part of the catechism that was a clarification of a post that was confusing. That part said objectively disordered which is a slightly different concept. But yes all that you wrote is correct. The post I was responding to seemed to indicate that we could condemn homosexuals because they wouldn’t be homosexuals unless they had committed a sin and had condemned themselves. That is what I was trying to clarify.

      • Mark from PA says:

        Abeca Christian, the Church does not condemn homosexuals or homosexual relationships, you do. The Church teaches that people are called to chastity in their relationships with others. The Church sees sexual intercourse between people of the same sex as sinful but does not see their God-given sexuality as something sinful. You say that God did not create homosexuals, but I believe that He created all people, and this includes gay people.

        • Mark from PA, the Church discourages “homosexual relationships” due to the temptation of those with SSA (same sex attraction).

          Please read: ” Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons ” – Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict) which you can find on the Vatican web site.

          It includes: #15…. ” We encourage the Bishops, then, to provide pastoral care in full accord with the teaching of the Church for homosexual persons of their dioceses.
          No authentic pastoral programme will include organizations in which homosexual persons associate with each other without clearly stating that homosexual activity is immoral.
          A truly pastoral approach will appreciate the need for homosexual persons to avoid the near occasions of sin. “

        • Mike Malone says:


          The Catholic Church does in fact condemn homosexual relationships. It opposes homosexual sex, marriage etc. I agree that God created everyone and everything. However, He gave us through Scripture, infallible pronouncements, Apostolic Tradition (T) and the constant teachings of the ordinary and universal Magesterium which lay out how we should live our lives. Scripture is clear in many, many places……homosexual relationships are condemned…..period.

          • Mark from PA says:

            So Mike Malone, you don’t think that gay men should associate with any other men? Do you think they should only have relationships with women so as not to be tempted? When I am talking about relationships, I am not talking about sexual intercourse. Some people here seem to want to make everything about sex. Look up the Courage ministry. They encourage men to cultivate their friendships with other men. Yes, gay men need to be careful and stay away from men that have a hatred of homosexuality and dislike gay people but it is important that they have healthy relationships with other men.

          • Mike Malone says:

            Mark from PA,

            The word ‘relationship’ is commonly used to describe a romantic relationship….involvement….marriage….blood connection, sexual involvement. I did not say gay men should not have male friends. I am not gay and I have and have had good friends who are gay. I am aware of and support the
            Courage Ministry.

            You took my words out context.

          • Mark from PA says:

            So, Mike Malone, perhaps now you understand what I am saying. Your gay friends might be upset to hear you say that homosexual relationships are condemned, because it is more complicated than this as I think you understand. Are any of your gay friends raising families? How do you view this? Do you accept their children? I think it is difficult for gay people because they do need to avoid relationships with people that hate homosexuality. I you are gay it may not be safe to be around certain people, this is something that straight men don’t really have to worry about.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Mike Malone PA usually takes peoples words out of context from topics such as homosexual lifestyles…he sees nothing wrong with gay lifestyles….which is truly going against purity, chastity, the natural law and most important it is going against God and His Church!

          • Mike Malone says:

            Abeca Christian,

            Right you are….I kinda guessed that myself.

        • Mike Malone says:

          Mark from PA,

          I am completely upfront with everyone so my gay friends would hardly be suprised. I don’t mince words, hide my feelings or agree with Catholics who reside outside Catholic doctrine as active homosexuals do. The teaching of the Church and Scripture condemnation of homsexual practices is explicit and upfront.

          No, since homosexuals cannot procreate so very few have or ever will have children, so they adopt. In my view homosexuals who are adopting children are extremely selfish. Removal of either the male or female from a child’s upbringing will do them psycological harm (as studies have shown). With respect to children, regardless of their upbringing, I would accept them completely as their circumstances are not of their own making.

          Today I don’t thing people from the LGBT community have not greater danger of being harmed then anyone else. As with any community when someone becomes agressive, pushes any agenda in a way that is offensive e.g. spewing vitriol in peoples, faces, spitting on people, defacing property etc., they are probably going to get their little derrieres kicked.

          What do you think about San Francisco’s Gay Parade where gay men parade naked an perform simulated sex acts in public? Do you find the behavior of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence offensive? Do you think it’s OK for people to engage in provocative sexual activity in a family restaurant (regardless of sexual orientation)? Do you think a group of people at a restaurant should be confronted when they use extremely graphic sexual language knowing that the children at tables around them can hear them?

          I sure as heck don’t approve of this kind of behavior… is as offensive as it is unnecessary. If people get called out for this behavior well…..people reap what the sow.

          • Mark from PA says:

            Mike Malone, I live in a small town in Pennsylvania so I haven’t really been exposed to provocative sexual activity in public, restaurants and so forth. I suppose I have had a sheltered life. Where I live most of the problems are those of single moms or children who need to be protected from their mom’s boyfriends. We do have problems with guys preying on underage girls too but gay people here are pretty much quiet. I also have never really been exposed to much homophobia. If people have negative views about gay people they don’t discuss it with me. Looking back it seems that people protected me. I do think the gay community is becoming more protective of gay kids and trying to help them. Most leaders of the gay community don’t think kids should be exposed to the kind of bad or immoral behavior that you describe. Positive developments within the gay community have been scholarships for gay kids who have been abandoned by their families and also support for homeless gay kids to ensure that they are safe, especially safe from drugs and prostitution. No child should ever been in a position where they have to sell their body to survive. All children, gay kids included, need to be protected.

          • Mike Malone says:

            We are all children of God. Any parent that would abandon their child for any reason ain’t worth spit!

            But it goes without saying that bad behavior from any group is bad behavior and should be confronted. All people should enjoy the freedom to live their lives (even if we don’t agree with it). But that doesn’t mean we should agree with practices and behaviors of a group that could cause psycological or physical harm to anyone but particularly to children who have no voice.

            As a Catholic I am called to remind people that thier hopes and desires are only valid if they conform to the divine will of Christ. So all people…all genders….all sexual orientations…are called to live by his word.

            Nobody said it was easy to be Catholic but that’s the task before us all….even when it calls for great sacrifice.

    • The next time someone tells me I’m intolerant, I’m going to punch them right in the nose! tee hee

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Dana lol : )

      • Dana try this regarding “tolerance”.

        QUOTE: ” Christian love bears evil, but it does not tolerate it.

        It does penance for the sins of others, but it is not broadminded about sin.

        The cry for tolerance never induces it to quench its hatred of the evil philosophies that have entered into contest with the Truth.

        It forgives the sinner, and it hates the sin; it is unmerciful to the error in his mind.

        The sinner it will always take back into the bosom of the Mystical Body;
        but his lie will never be taken into the treasury of His Wisdom.

        Real love involves real hatred:
        whoever has lost the power of moral indignation and the urge to drive the buyers and sellers from the temples
        has also lost a living, fervent love of Truth.

        Charity, then, is not a mild philosophy of “live and let live”;
        it is not a species of sloppy sentiment.

        Charity is the infusion of the Spirit of God,
        which makes us love the beautiful and hate the morally ugly. ”
        UNQUOTE. – Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

        “America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance — it is not.
        It is suffering from tolerance.
        Tolerance of right and wrong, truth and error, virtue and evil, Christ and chaos.
        Our country is not nearly so overrun with the bigoted as it is overrun with the broadminded.” UNQUOTE — ‘A Plea For Intolerance’ Archbishop Fulton Sheen

  13. Charles LiMandri is the product of a Catholic education at USD while J.M. is a product of a secular anti-Catholic education at USD brought to us by a deviant theology department.

    Memo to Mary Lyons and Bishop Brom—
    Demand that USD’s theology department uphold the Faith or resign.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Bishop Brom knows very well the problems at USD, he knows they are bad, and he by no means approves of them. But he has a personality ill equiphed to deal with such things.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

        Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka,

        Why not say it? Bishop Brom is ill equiped to be a Bishop!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

        • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

          I am not the one made him Bishop, obviously our Lord made him Bishop, so he knows best if he is a good or bad father to his souls.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Bishops have free will too…Judas also had free will. So Mr. Fisher I agree….it’s hard to understand why we have more rotten apples…so it seems. It sure can be discouraging.

      • Personalities have nothing to do with it. All Bishops must do their required job or resign if for any reason they are unable to carry out their duties.
        They owe this to the People of their diocese who are depending upon the Bishop, and to the Holy Father, – not to mention God.

        • TED, if you were the local Bishop what steps would you take to “fix” the school? How long would it take? What else could you do?

    • Abeca Christian says:

      JOHN I think that “the Product” of education as in J.M. it is something growing rapid. You must take into account that Charles LiMandri is most likely Catholic because of His home life not from the USD Education…it is just hard for me to believe because as long as I have been alive and as long as I can remember…..there are many nice folks that went to that school but many seem like most Catholics of today….perhaps lukewarm. But I could be wrong, I can only go by what I have seen coming from that school personally.

      But back to the article I applaud Charles L for speaking up and God bless him…he is an excellent role model and a powerful witness to his faithfulness in Christ! This is a good fight that needs to keep on being consistent…. I urge those close in connection to this school in some way, to speak up……

  14. Anne Hendershott says:

    Charles LiMandri is a courageous warrior for our Church. We are so blessed to have him fighting for the side of goodness in the face of such darkness. He needs our prayers. The enemies of the Church will rise up yet again to try to destroy him–as they have before. But, goodness will always win in the end. “Well done, good and faithful servant”…matthew 25:21.

  15. Notice how liberals always deal with the abstract and I quote “if only because the world has become too competitive for people to face artificial barriers to contributing in America. ” that means absolutely nothing….he does not even reference what he/she is talking about…There is no sense even talking with these people they do not accept the Truth of Christ and His Church… How they managed to occupy the Church and its Schools I will never know…

  16. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    One has to wonder, How is the new Bishop going to view all this and is he going to reclaim the School for Christ?

    Pray for him ya’ll

  17. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    If you think things are bad as they are now at the theology department, the Franciscan school of Theology in Berkeley is fleeing Bishop Salvartore and coming to set up house
    at mission San Ruis Rey Oceanside as a Joint School with USD. If you think USD has taken a little tumble, you have not met the men in brown; yet.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka,

      I know a senior Franciscan Professor who was tempted to leave the priesthood because of what he observed at one of their meetings that especially included sodomite propaganda.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher, SFO, Cap.

    • Fleeing Archbishop Cordileone?

      They stayed when he was their Bishop, but now he lives in another archdiocese and thus has no control over them.

      I don’t get your logic here.

  18. WOODY GUIDRY says:


  19. If only Catholic University Alumni across this nation would stand up and reclaim their heritage and university for Christ as Charles LiMandri has done here and is continuing to do, the country would turn on a dime.

  20. Anton L. Seidl says:

    Alas! If it were but one “Catholic” university…. The moral rot is ubiquitous. The cancer has metastatized throughout the entire body of Catholic academe. It all happened while we were lulled into a false sense of bliss after the “reforms” of Vatican II. Our bishops have been largely AWOL in the battle against the Evil One. We no longer pray to Saint Michael. Church Militant has turned in Church Milquetoast. I almost lost my composure when Cdl. Dolan appeared on the same dais as Pres. Obama at the Al Smith dinner. I would not cast a shadow within ten miles of the head abortionist of the US. It will be up to the laiety to fight the battle against the demons of liberalism, socialism, and modernism. The Syllabus of Errors that warned against these evils was tossed out at the beginning of the second council. Don’t want to offend anyone, do we now? Now after fifty years of reform, what do we have to show for it? Like thieves in the night, these subversive philosophies have infiltrated every segment of our society, but especially the realm of education. They have succeeded brilliantly. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

  21. So many awesome comments starting with Chucks letter! Hopefully, you are all praying and promoting the rosary daily. Also, keep in your prayers our new bishop, Cirilo Flores, that he will “put on the armor of God” and take on Satan’s minions here in San Diego.

    Those who are caught up in the destructive same-sex-attraction culture need our prayers, too, regardless of how that came about. Keep in mind that they are only less than 4% of the population, but there are those behind the scenes using them to further their own diabolic plans (one world government). They are just pawns in the process to depopulate the planet to a “manageable” group of people. The promotion of gender confusion, promiscuity (whether heterosexual or homosexual), contraception, abortion, divorce, “climate change”, earth worship, even radical Islam – just to name a few are all means to accomplish their end goal.

    Prayer 1st, then educating ourselves on our faith which will lead to our formation and ultimately action (evangelization)! 40 years of poor or no catechesis has taken it’s toll for sure.

    God bless Chuck, but we should all be “Chucks”. We CAN all be Chucks.

    • You’ve bought into their smokescreen as if it were their real motive, Joan P. For one, the planet is not depopulating, for two, many of the “means” you mention are the “ends” rather. For example, power is a motive, and powerful people gain more power by ruling over larger populations, not smaller ones. Subjecting populations to death and maiming are simply pasttimes for evil rulers, not strategies, save for that of intimidation.

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