Congratulations Dad! Congratulations Mom!

News from the trenches - Family Planning Associates, San Diego, Nov. 17

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Road

One of the counselors noticed a young woman getting out of her car and approaching the clinic. She was alone. The counselor immediately told her about Family Planning Associates and the record of the doctor. The young woman kept looking at the pamphlet that the counselor gave her. She seemed scared. Then she began to look up at the clinic as she watched the people going in. At one point the guard tried to stop the conversation and then one of the FPA medical assistants who had just arrived in the parking lot told the young girl she could go upstairs. She remained with the counselor and was unmoved by their words.

The young woman told the counselor she was nine weeks. The counselor showed her a model of what a 12-week-old baby looked like. The counselor told the girl, who already has a two year old, that she could see that she had a good heart and that this was not the solution to a problem but only the beginning.  The counselor told her that she witnesses each week women going into FPA and leaving after the abortion in tears, their lives changed forever. The woman told the counselor that her sister-in-law did not want her to do it, and that she would pray for a sign for her not to kill her baby. The woman began to cry. She was frozen as she stood there for many minutes trying to decide what to do. Her tears were enough to move her towards her car and leave. She promised to stay in touch with the counselor. She did talk to the counselor again early this week and is setting up an appointment to go to Culture of Life Family Services.

Minutes later, a young woman was being dropped off in front of the clinic. One of the counselors told her about the horrible medical record of the doctor. She immediately got back into her car and the counselor talked to the young man driving, and gave them literature on the risks of abortion. They thanked the counselor and pulled into the far side of the lot to park and talk. Within minutes they left as the counselors said, “God Bless you.”

A couple drove in and parked close to one of the counselors. The boyfriend, in his early twenties, exited the car, and one of the counselors spoke to him for about five minutes while his girlfriend H. remained in the car. She finally came out, and the counselor repeated to her much of what was told to the boyfriend, then continued telling them that aborting their first-born child would likely end their relationship. The woman said she was 19 years old, and her family was out of state. The counselor showed them both a picture of a six-week old pre-born baby, and both were shocked at how developed the baby was at this stage.

The woman still had two years of college left, and the man, when asked, admitted that he had a steady job. The counselor told them that this child was unique, and the man was told that this might be the only son he will ever have. The counselor told them that they could raise this child, and that it might take a little longer for her to graduate, but that the best things in life are worth the hard work and sacrifice. They listened for about 30 minutes while the counselor talked about the joys of family and the emptiness and lifetime of regret they would have if they went through with the abortion, and encouraged them to call COLFS.

The woman said they wanted to go up and talk to the staff at the abortion clinic before making a decision. The counselor gave her a rubber model of a 12-week old pre-born baby and told her “Hold this in your hand as you think about what you are considering doing”. As they walked toward the stairs, the counselor told them, “Please make the right choice, I will be praying for you.”  They went upstairs and the counselors assumed they were going to go through with the abortion when they did not come back our right away.

However, after about an hour, they walked out onto the balcony and took the elevator down to the parking lot. As they walked toward their car, the counselor asked them, “Did you change your mind?” The woman nodded “yes” with a smile on her face and a look of relief. The counselor shook their hands and said “Congratulations Dad! Congratulations Mom! You made the right choice, and you will never regret it.” The counselor put a white rosary in the woman’s hand and said “God bless you. I will be praying for you”. As they drove past the counselors towards the exit, they both gave a big smile and waved goodbye.

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  1. I’ve never understood why kids today are taught, often by their parents, that a birthday is a time of personal honor for the one who did nothing other than get born. On my last birthday I posted a picture of my Mom at 18 with the comment ”Thanks, Mom”. Why do kids think they are owed a present, while it occurs to no one to think on that day of the sacrifices that Mom made to give the ultimate gift of life. And why give gifts on Christmas as if the recipients are owed them when we have already received the Ultimate Gift of God made Man? Does it occur to anyone to fast or sacrifice something as a gift of gratitude on Christmas or March 25th?

  2. Whatever happened to abstaining from sex until marriage ?
    This is the best and safest way to insure against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted desease.

    Let’s not forget that fornication as well as adultary is a Mortal Sin.
    CCC: ” 2396 Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices. ”

    For married persons, Natural Family Planning (abstainance from sex one week each month) – is approved.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      OSCAR great comments, with all this wonderful news of babies being saved, I am grateful for that, I also appreciate the sweet reminder you just posted to us all.

      Saving a baby doesn’t just stop there…..we also have responsibility to making sure that the child grows up with parents who not only chose life but also get immersed in God’s good news of being chaste and doing what is right by that child and their significant other! Doing so will definitely help prevent any more future abortions.

  3. Good post, Charlio. Children should be taught to give the Lord Jesus gifts for Christmas, too, helping someone else out, good behavior and gratitude for what they do have, gifts to those poorer, helping out at church, helping to package supplies and gifts for the men and women overseas, making a gift for someone else, etc..

  4. Walter Welborn says:

    This article makes me cry with joy, those tears do not burn. We all in life one time are another are mislead by the Lie in some way, so we must help others by letting God work through us and use our experience, strength and hope for the good of others. Women have told me they had an abortion and it has led them to guilt, depression and to alchol are drugs to run and hide. We must always look to God’s courage to surrender, for forgiveness and remember that child is in heaven praying for the mother and father to seek help and peace with others with like problems.There is a solution ! JMJ

  5. Sorry for all the “gifts”. I kind of overdid it and should have use “presents” or something else a few times and not have been so boring. Nevertheless, I think we all got the idea and should encourage it in our children and grandchildren. Thank you for reminding us, Charlio. about the real meaning of the Christmas season. And thank you to all those out there on the “battle lines” saving one more child for the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah and New Years). What a great start saving a father, mother and child makes. The Lord Jesus celebrated Hanukkah, by the way, One of the Gospels says that he went up to the Temple for the winter festival, which was the Jewish Hanukkah.

  6. Mark from PA says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It is a wonderful Thanksgiving story. Peace and blessings to all.

  7. This is the kind of news we need to spread around and let everyone know- the saving of the baby in the womb, is also saving the child’s parents themselves. Thank you for those great folks – the counselors, who take time to be at the site. Please know that our daily prayers are always with you, with those mothers contemplating to abort their own child, as well as the fathers of the baby.

    We praise & thank God, for pouring His grace upon the hearts of these women and men in their conversion.

    This world needs more conversion such as this, to make it a better place for you and me.

  8. I sometimes get to these stories on the CalCath site a little late; THIS HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST! EVER! I was moved TO TEARS, as is often said. I started out doing similar counseling a bunch of years ago, at an abortitorium on San Vicente Blvd., In L.A., that thankfully is NO LONGER there (to tear apart the unborn babies and quite often mangle the insides of the ladies going there for the abortion killings), I KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE to try to talk to these poor tragic young girls as they move towards a CATASTROPHIC solution to what they believe is an IMPOSSIBLE situation. GOD BLESS THESE COUNSELORS IN SAN DIEGO! They really do GOD’S WORK in saving these precious babes, who may later turn out to be perhaps the person who, for instance, PROVIDED THE WORLD with the ANTIDOTE to cancer. I SALUTE THEM and continue to pray for them and the mothers and babies, THEY ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST! GOD BLESS AND KEEP ALL OF US, MARKRITE

    • Abeca Christian says:

      markrite I agree this article was well written. I cried with joy too that these parents chose life. I loved the title too! There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for these sidewalk counselors! They are brave souls, entering a place of demonic forces and the prayer worriers praying on the side to bring protection with their prayers.

  9. Abeca Christian says:

    I can only imagine all the spiritual gifts one gains when they save an unborn from being aborted…’s something that one will never know unless the good Lord reveals but we know that they are there that is for sure.

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