Faces of the American Holocaust — Kathleen Sebelius

Who’s behind the public policies that have led to millions dead from abortion?

Sebelius speaking at Georgetown

When the killing of human beings becomes a pre-meditated methodical policy — put forward as a public good — massive slaughter results, and can be called a “holocaust.”

History puts a face on leaders who considered mass murder a political “good” — leaders like Adolph Hitler of Germany, Mehmet Talaat of Turkey, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Mao of China and Joseph Stalin of Russia.

But what about American leaders responsible for our own ongoing holocaust: abortion? History has yet to put a face to them, but those who value the sanctity of human life are obligated to ferret them out and hold them responsible.

This is the latest in an occasional California Catholic Daily series, “Faces of the American Holocaust,” in which we put faces to those behind the mass murder of innocents in the U.S.

Kathleen Sebelius

By R.J. Grace

In her role as Secretary of U.S. Health and Human Services, self-identified Catholic Kathleen Sebelius is spearheading President Obama’s healthcare reform efforts. She has also been a very vocal proponent for “gay rights,” including the effort to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples. So vocal, in fact, that she violated the law by campaigning for a presidential candidate in her capacity as Secretary of HHS when she told the audience at a meeting for the Human Rights Campaign that the gains made by President Obama for gay and lesbian rights would be wiped out if he weren’t re-elected. She also urged them to vote for a Democratic Governor in North Carolina.

She wasn’t prosecuted, however, even though the U.S. Office of Special Counsel concluded that she had violated the Hatch Act, which forbids federal employees from making political remarks or recommendations as they serve in their capacity as federal employees. She admitted she had “made a mistake” but avoided prosecution after her department re-classified the event, after the fact, as “personal political activity” and then reimbursed the U.S. Treasury for the cost of the meeting.

Sebelius is so radical in her promotion of abortion that, at first, the Obama administration was slow to offer her the job at HHS. Before taking her current position at HHS, Sebelius had been the governor of Kansas from 2003 to 2009. While governor, she was so active and radical in her pro-abortion efforts that she was publicly instructed to refrain from receiving communion in 2008 by her bishop, Archbishop Joseph Naumann.

In 2009, Archbishop Raymond Burke, prefect for the Apostolic Signatura, the highest court of the Catholic Church, also advised Sebelius that she should refrain from communion. This was in reaction, at least in part, to her veto as governor of proposed laws that would have limited abortions in Kansas. “After pastoral admonition, she obstinately persists in serious sin,” said Archbishop Burke.

Sebelius has become a national figure as the result of her work as the chief architect of the HHS mandate that will require religious organizations such as Catholic schools, hospitals and charities to subsidize birth control for their employees. When called to testify before the US Senate Finance Committee regarding the mandate, she admitted, in an exchange with U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC, that she had not read any Supreme Court cases relating to religious liberty before writing the HHS mandate.

Sebelius repeatedly claimed to have sought “balance” as she drafted the law, but when asked by Rep. Gowdy if she could name the three criteria used in seeking constitutional balance, she could not name even one. “I don’t pretend to be a constitutional lawyer” was her response. Gowdy pressed her and asked if she had at least relied on a legal memo provided by constitutional lawyers and she admitted that she had not.

In earlier testimony before another House panel she claimed that the reduction in the number of human beings that resulted from abortion and contraception would mean a reduction in the cost of providing health care. When asked by a committee member who will pay for the cost of contraception she replied, “The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost for contraception.”

On February 6, 2012 the USCCB released a document on their website (http://usccbmedia.blogspot.com/2012/02/six-things-everyone-should-know-about.html?spref=tw) entitled “Six Things Everyone Should Know about the HHS Mandate”. The six things are:

1. The mandate does not exempt Catholic charities, schools, universities, or hospitals.

2. The mandate forces these institutions and others, against their conscience, to pay for things they consider immoral.

3. The mandate forces coverage of sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs and devices as well as contraception.

4. Catholics of all political persuasions are unified in their opposition to the mandate.

5. Many other religious and secular people and groups have spoken out strongly against the mandate.

6. The federal mandate is much stricter than existing state mandates.

The US Bishops have also created a webpage to distribute PDF inserts and other literature related to protecting the freedom of religion and conscience. They can be accessed here: http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/religious-liberty/conscience-protection/

On January 20, 2012, Kathleen Sebelius announced that all non-profit employers, which includes all Catholic hospitals, school and universities and charities, have exactly one year to comply with the HHS mandate. As Cardinal Dolan pointed out, “Never before has the federal government forced individuals and organizations to go out into the marketplace and buy a product that violates their conscience. This shouldn’t happen in a land where free exercise of religion ranks first in the Bill of Rights”

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  1. ” Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius should not receive Communion until she publicly repudiates her support for abortion rights and confesses her error, said Roman Catholic Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kan.
    Naumann said he asked the governor to stop receiving Communion in a letter last August, but learned recently that Sebelius took the sacrament at a Kansas parish. ” As reported May 13, 2008.

    Sebelius still continues to give SCANDAL by advertising herself as a ‘Catholic’ (as can be seen on Wiki) and occasionally gets caught recieving Communion by an unsuspecting Priest.

    There is no loyalty to God or His Catholic Church amongst HERETICS or SCHISMATICS.

    The names of those like Sebelius, Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Carolyn Kennedy and other heretics, need to be complied and published for all persons to see, due to their continued public scandal and their continuing to advertise themselves as Catholics.

    Since Sebelius, Biden and others continue to give grave scandal causing the loss of Souls, it is time for formal excommunication – by the Pope if necessary.
    If anyone starts a petition on the internet for this action, please let us all know so we can sign it.

    We should ask Canon Lawyer Cardinal Raymond Burke to write an article on what can be done about Catholic heretics and schismatics who continue to give scandal.

    Rather than dealing with issues of prudential judgement where Catholics can legitimately disagree, the USCCB needs to tackle the topic of excommunication, and continued Scandal within the Church – which leads to heresy, schism, relativism, secularism, and the loss of additional souls.

    We can all start by referring to Catholics heretics and/or Catholic schismatics using the definitions in the CCC 2089.

    Other than the Vatican, only the Bishop of the Diocese in which the heretic or schismatic resides can excommunicate.

  2. There are two types of excommunication Formal (ab homine), i.e. imposed publicly upon a person by legitimate authority;
    and Informal (a jure), i.e. imposed by the laws of the Church automatically once the law has been violated.

    But there are many violations of ecclesiastical law which impose excommunication as an automatic consequence (latae sententiae). The list is as follows found in the Code of Canon Law 1983:
    1. Apostasy from the faith.
    2. Heresy
    3. Schism
    4. The deliberate desecration of the Blessed Sacrament, throwing away the Host or Precious Blood, or the stealing of the Blessed Sacrament to be used in a sacrilegious manner.
    5. One who uses physical force against the Roman Pontiff or Bishop.
    6. A priest who attempts to absolve his accomplice in a sin against the 6th Commandment.
    7. Anyone who is not validly ordained attempting to celebrate Mass.
    8. Any priest or layman who hears a sacramental confession but has not been given the faculty to give valid absolution by the local ordinary.
    9. A bishop who consecrates someone a bishop and the person who receives the consecration from a bishop without a direct mandate from the Pope.
    10. A validly ordained priest who violates the seal of sacramental confession.
    11. One who falsely accuses a confessor before an ecclesiastical superior.
    12. A cleric who attempts to get married.
    13. A person who has taken perpetual vows and attempts marriage.
    14. A person who procures a successful abortion.
    Canons 1364-1398

    It is important to note that when you apply any of these above offenses to the present clergy in the USA it’s reasonable to assume that 70% of them are latae sententiae ecommunicated.

    It is also important to note that any ecclesiastical judge may impose excommunication or interdict if they deem necessary on any crime or scandal that warrants a more severe response. Canon 1326.

    It is important to note that the only cases where formal excommunication has been used in recent history are by those bishops who have had the courage to stand up and do something to stop the confusion in the Church at least within their own diocese.

    I believe that it is time for a wider and more generous application of this tool. We, as faithful Roman Catholics have the right to really know the enemies of our souls especially when those enemies are within our midst.
    With the wide-spread use of television, the internet, etc., enemies who give scandal do not reside only in our own Diocese.

    We must start asking for FORMAL (ab homine) excommunications, for people like Sebelius, Biden, Pelosi, etc., per Canon 1326.

    • Mike,
      You would be excellent in getting the ball rolling. Should we start some sort of petition that we could sign? What’s the first step you should take.? I’m sure most of us would back you up!!

    • I agree so much with what you said about “a wider and more generous use of this tool.” Every day that passes more and more damage is done to Holy Mother Church. These people in office that pass themselves off as Catholic and support these issues are sending the wrong message to our youth. So much damage is done in the Church by people teaching heterodox ideas. I am a convert to the Church. I was (sad to say) raised Mormon. I disagree with most things they teach, but if you disagree with them and are vocal about it, they get rid of you. Sometimes I wish we were more like that.

  3. Father Karl says:

    Excommunicate this Herodias immediately! How many more innocent babies must be aborted until this murder ceases? Bishops, wake up, and do your duty! Stop writing silly, irrelevant pastorals, and do what you were consecrated and ordained to do! Lead the Church, and be good shepherds, imitating Christ Our Lord, and cease trying to please the world.

    • Yes–bishops meet and chat in DC. Meantime, back at the ranch so to speak, the faithful are left to fend for themselves as the wolves–KS and many more–freely roam about seeking the ruin of souls as well as attacking the faithful and the innocent among us.

      Our Lady of Fatima, give us back our ancient fervor!

  4. PA you are partially to blame for this, due to your unapologetic support for Obama… how could you support this vile man can claim to be a Faithful Catholic….I think you should quit teach CCD classes

    • I have to agree, Canisius. As much as I like Mark personally, for I find him very sweet and loving, it makes me very sad to think he’s undermining Church teaching when he is explaining various tenets of the Church to those little innocent ones. There is no getting around it—when one tolerates one sin (one’s own) it permeates one’s understanding of all sin and corrupts utterly and irretrievably if not confessed and repented.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


        Beware of those who come to you with words that sound like sweet and loving but are actually words with the venom of a Pit Vipre!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Dana and Canisuis yesterday I had a conversation with a Catholic friend who defended Obama, saying that Obama was a good Christian Man. WOW….this world is so backwards, we sure had a long conversation about that…I hope with the facts I gave her, she has changed her opinion but what good would that do, Obama is going to be our president for another 4 years. God have mercy on us!

        • Abeca, it’s like when Joni Ericson Tada had her accident and she became a paraplegic and she said she didn’t worry about how she’d handle tomorrow or next week…she just thought about getting through today, and I suppose that is how we’ll get through this dark and ominous time. It’s definitely going to be a time of testing as the jaws of this repressive and evil administration begin clamping down on those who defend morality and speak openly of Jesus. Have you noticed obama and his ilk NEVER say the name of Jesus. His name is repugnant to them because it’s truth and they hate truth. We need to say the name of Jesus often and without embarrassment. There is such power in His name. I still sing some of those old hymns from my protestant days, and one of my favorites is “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, how I love to say that name…master, savior,Jesus like the fragrance after a rain…”
          They sang ‘Let there be peace on earth” again last Sunday…my nose started twitching and my eyes crossed but I couldn’t hold in my laughter, and I finally had to laugh out loud. Fortunately everyone was so caught up in their feel-good song they were really belting it out, and the pianist was rippling arpeggios and banging the keys in the grand finale that no one heard me. tee hee. Let’s all have a coke and pray for peace!

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Dana glad you too have a personal relationship with our Lord, He is what comforts us during these times. It’s true what you said about Obama and I just can’t believe that someone would still call him a Christian. I just don’t get it. He is good at blinding people, it definitely is not coming from God, he must have something in connection with the dark spirits because he sure has a lot of power, earthly powers that people find him charming. I’m glad that not all have been tricked.

            I prefer chocolate, hot Mexican chocolate instead of soda. : )

            Thanksgiving heureux!

          • As a cradle Catholic I never understood this personal relationship with Jesus idea. I have a hard time reducing a relationship with Our Divine Savior to that with meeting up with a friend at a pub on a Friday Night. To me Christ who is King, I dare not presume that I could relate to Our Lord in such a nonchalant manner he is someone who I beg forgiveness of my sins not ask how the day is going. I always thought that some members of certain protestant sects have a lot of presumption of Our Lords mercy, I find that to be very dangerous…and if it at all matters I will take a Cutty and water on the rocks, and a Pall Mall,,, I love being Catholic…non of this puritan nonsense…

        • Obamacare was signed on March 2010 with 59% of the peolpe disapproving according to a CNN poll. The CBO scored Obamacare on six years of coverage for 10 years of taxes, which is how the CBO showed the bill to be deficit neutral . It’s unconstitutional mandating all citizens to purchase health care. Even Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill, so you can find out what is in it.” watch?v=KoE1R-xH5To It’s also meant to take over industry watch?v=p-bY92mcOdkAllen West 2012

    • Mark from PA says:

      Canisius, I no longer teach Religion at my parish. My mother passed away earlier this year and my father is disabled so I spend a lot of my time when I am not working with him. Thank God at this point he is able to stay in his own home but we do a lot of running back and forth and luckily we live nearby.

      • I am so sorry to hear about your mom, Mark. Please accept my sincere condolences. When my mom died it literally took me years to heal, and I still miss her. Some people are indispensable in our lives and for some of us they are usually our moms.

        • Mark from PA says:

          Thank you for your kindness, Dana. My mother was a quiet and gentle person and a great mom. I am thankful that God gave her a long and productive life. My brother and I were with her when she passed away and a priest gave her the last rites about an hour before she died. We were blessed to have such a wonderful mom. Now she has gone to a better place, eternal life with the Lord and His Blessed Mother. I hope that your memories of your mom give you comfort.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


        Call it what it is “Champorado”. I hope I spelled that right.

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

  5. This particular “Catholic” political hack should be the first to be publicly excommunicated by her bishop. She doesn’t just break the laws of the Church, she has spat on them for years. Being “advised” not to receive communion is not enough. It should be far stronger because she is the prime candidate to serve as an example that the Church means what she says and will take positive steps to correct people in such serious error as this. Her correction should be as public as her defiance.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      The Church should also let priests who knowingly give her the Blessed Sacrament know that Canonical penalties apply to them as well, be they bishop, priest, or religious!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  6. Catholic organizations have received federal grants which equal 1.5 billion dollars over the last 2 years. Ms. Sebelius, as the head of HHS, sometimes tours the organizations that receive their funding. On one of her tours, an employee who refused to attend the meeting with her accidently bumped into her in the hall later. Ms. Sebelius was told by the employee “I have great concerns about our relationship.”

  7. Women are created to be beautiful, but when they get into positions such as this one, they radiate the opposite, they radiate ugliness and degeneration.

  8. To help priests prevent the brazen excommunicated such as Sibelius from receiving the Eucharist is it time to begin thinking about putting their photos up in Church vestibules and have a better chance of demonstrating and exercising our determination to stop their sacrileges.

  9. Catholics can pray, talk, write, vote, and withhold money to make a point. Money being the way to make the biggest point. Jesus is all about love, but the church could not survive as it is today without money. We are called to support the church, but maybe we could be more selective about what parts of the church to support. We could seek a parish where possible that presents the true faith and we could give money to Catholic charities that follow the faith. When it comes down to it Catholics stay in the church for the Eucharist; otherwise we could be any other Christian. There are Catholic politicians and others all over this country causing scandal by going to communion without confession of sins and a conversion of heart.

    • chuck heyer says:

      Money fuels the engine. Our Church is the engine.
      Our Faith must drive – perhaps the TomTom (ChristChrist).
      Our travels must be toward Christ.
      Our vehicle is our Faith.
      We need Money to make things happen.
      When I worked at an inner-city Catholic hospital, our nun-CEO had a saying that stuck: No Margin – No Mission.
      I left that hospital years ago. Years later it went out of business.
      Money makes a huge point. But let it be a grace-led increase to those who inspire us in our Faith.

  10. I don’t know if I can say this on this blog…………

    But whenever I see Sebelius, she looks like hell.

    She needs many prayers!!!!!!!

  11. James Howard says:

    Kathleen Sebelius is evil. She has promoted abortion and she is definitely unfit to hold public office as well as she is not a good or
    faithful catholic. She should be PUBLICLY EXCOMMUNICATED.
    The last time a political figure was PUBLICLY EXCOMMUNICATED
    was 50 years ago in 1962 and that was for promoting segregation.
    A real sin yes, but nobody dies from it. Abortion kills babies and Sebelius has supported baby killing through all 9 months of pregnancy.
    This killing is more serious and so she should be PUBLICLY EXCOMMUNICATED in accordance with Canon Law as well as set an example for a highly ignorant and stupid and narcississtic society.

    • I wholeheartedly agree…this is another, far worse holocaust…against innocent BABIES. Satan is using these people for intrinsic evil. How horrible this is… Yes, to public excommunication. I cringe when I think of these idiots, mindless fools, who think nothing of destroying life. God will not be mocked in this matter…..He is the Creator of the living. Wake up people…smell the incense as Pope Benedict showed in a great picture. Let our prayers come before you like incense. God forgive our selfishness, and our stupidity. Lord have mercy on us all!

  12. terry wilson says:

    How very very sad. We need people in politics, governments etc, etc so that Catholics/ Christians in general are represented among the pagans that we have got ruling us and making our laws, But when we have people stating that they are committed Catholics, and supporting and even pushing for wicked acts like abortion etc, it is beyond belief. They are in such a good position for doing good and hear they are signing up with the Devil himself!! “Anyone who leads just one of my children astray would be better off having a mill stone tied around their necks and cast out into the sea” How on earth do the sleep at night. The people that have never been tought about the Lord do have an excuse, But these people are doing us and themselves such a disservice. We have enough enemies out there, without those from within! God bless to all who are doing their best for the whole life issue. Terry Wislon GB

  13. But she has not been formally excommunicated! And neither have the countless other Catholic politicians who persist in supporting and promoting intrinsic evils. Seriously!

    When do the bishops start issuing anathemas? What are they so afraid of? Look at the bishops in the early councils. They lived in world that was even more hostile to the Church yet they had no qualms about issuing anathemas. I don’t get it. We can talk all we want about not presenting oneself for communion, etc. until the cows come home. But there needs to be formal excommunications. Letters should be written to all of them each one is given six months to publically rescind. If not, then suffer the pains of excommunication until you repent.

    In my state of New York the governor is living with a woman who is not his wife, supports killing the innocent defenless unborn, and signed one of the more liberal same-sex marriage bills in the nation. Yet he claims St. Thomas More is a hero and attends Mass every Sunday with the adulterous/fornicating girlfriend in tow and receives communion from Bishop Hubbard of Albany! What is that?!

    Next year in NYC Kathleen Quinn, an open Lesbian living with her lover, will most likely become the mayor of New York City. She is also a Catholic and attends Mass at St. Patrick’s for the big festival Masses and receive communion. It’s a total mockery and humiliation of the faithful.

    No talks, conversations, tea time, happy hours, friendly dinner dates are going to do any good with this group whose consciences are burned through to embers!

    Pelosi even said about ten years ago that there would be a persecution against the Church if the bishops excommunicated Catholic politicians on the abortion stance. A Catholic leader threatening her own Church with a persecution? Are you kidding me? And yet she wins because no excommunications were given.

    These smug, arrogant men and women in power, who mock and openly threaten their own faith, kill the unborn without compunction or mercy, reinvent marriage and casue the young to be confused and unsure of their natural God-loved identity, encourage divorce and adultery and fornication even among tweens and teens!!! And now they are forcing us to pay for contaception, sterilizations and abortafacients under the pain of huge fines and even losing one’s livelihood? And don’t hold your breath for the excommincations either.

    But let us have no contmept for our leaders, the poor bishops, either. I suspect it must be every diffcult to deal with this. They need our prayers in a big way!!!

    The patient named USA is terminal.

  14. Anton L. Seidl says:

    Kathleen Sebelius is untouchable as regards the Hatch Act. The law does not apply to her any more than it applies to that other star in the Obamite constellation, AG Holder. This administration is above the law and beneath contempt. Too bad we are stuck with these people for four more years!

  15. Jack Reylan says:

    China has just started using biologically cloned humanoid drones in its factories and military to counter population aging from one child policy. This biocloning was started by Tong Dizhou in the early 1990s to produce star athletes but was later taken up by the PLA military. The clones are grown in the wombs of slave women from allied African dictators. and have been known to appear on American soil as illegal workers. Food and Drug Administration investigators say the Chinese spiked pet food with melamine so that they would appear in tests to have more value as protein products. They sell drywall which emit suflide fumes! Given their blatant disregard for American safey in products they sell, because they don’t care if we stay alive after we enrich them, it is worrisome that these clones have not been adequately tested for potential disease transmission. Why aren’t anti-American professors who were hawking phoney Japanese “quality” complaining about their fellow reds in China?

  16. Sebilius is a eugenicist. Her stand that pregancy is a health issue, that all health-care plans to cover sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives, including those that cause abortions. “The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception,” is out the the eugenicist text book. In her own words she has put herself in the same arena of tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Someone who gives the impression that pregnancy is a disease and not a gift from God, that pregnancy is considered a by-product of rape, that the enforced reduction of humans saves you on health care costs does not believe in Christianity!

    The Church can write and complain all they want, but until the provide action with their written words, the Church will not be taken seriously. Through Virtue follows morality The Church needs to excommunicate Sebilius.

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