Why this black Catholic was not voting for Obama

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From the YouTube video

A 4-minute, 44-second video was uploaded by Lmerosne on Nov 4, 2008.

By mid-November, 2012 it had received 4228 visits.

The video begins:
“As much as I would love to cast the first vote for the first black president, I simply cannot because of a greater reason…”

To watch the video, click here.


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  1. Kenneth M. Fisher says:

    I have already commented on the Video Site. This man may be poor in the material, but he is rich in the Spiritual!

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher

  2. Abeca Christian says:

    God bless him. His video made me shed tears, his words were so eloquent and very well conveyed. Thank you for sharing this video with us Cal Catholic. It is another video to help us continue….we need that encouragement….

  3. Chuck Anziulewicz says:

    For what it’s worth, a slim majority of American Catholics voted to reelect President Obama.

    Having been raised in the Catholic Church myself, it has been my experience that there is often a big difference between official Vatican political pronouncements and what Catholics at the grassroots level believe. Catholics certainly tend to be much more progressive and supportive of social justice than your average Southen Baptist.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      I prefer the average Southern Baptist!

      • ABECA, may i ask why your prefer the average sounthern baptist?

        after all, one of the most basic social justice issues is the right to life, which is why in our parish the social justice group is not merely anti-abortion but fully pro-life — helping pregnant girls and women, assisting newborns, giving needy families what they require to raise their children right.

        once you’ve saved the baby from being murdered in the womb, our job is not over…

        • Mark from PA says:

          Chuck, you are correct here. Social justice is part of the Catholic faith tradition in our country. Abeca, I ask the same question as Max. If you prefer Southern Baptists, why are you Catholic? We need to help poor families and children. I read that 79% of white evangelical Protestants voted for Mitt Romney even though he is a Mormon. I wonder if most Latinos who are evangelical Protestants also voted for Romney. I read that 71% of Latinos voted for President Obama, but I think that most of these were Catholics and the evangelicals (who are a minority of Latinos) went for Romney.

        • PA, You know that the reasons against Obama were 1 abortion, 2, gay agenda, 3 religious freedom. You know that Romney appeared “workable” on these issues, whereas Obama is manaical on them. Your only real gripe is that you cannot convince people that sodomy is a noble virtue.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        PA haven’t you heard, I am converting…I’ll be baptist in a few days…geeze Happy now.

        max I was speaking in terms of their strong convictions on family values that match ours…I didn’t appreciate Chuck bringing up the Baptist in his example, so I was a little rebellious…yes I can be a rebel, especially since Obama won this election, I am becoming less tolerant of immoral stuff…we have a lot at stake here. Glad I sparked you guys attention…

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Don’t mess with me….I have no tolerance for evil nor for foolish minds anymore…we have a real spiritual battle to fight, being nice in the eye’s of the secular doesn’t cut it anymore….time to try a new strategy!

          It didn’t work when I was most charitable and kind, probably because I went at it in the worldly demeanor to try to not offend anyone anymore but now I could care less. It will take backbone and the Holy Ghost to help us change our secular behavior in order to stand out and actually turn the norm around and bring back the fear of the Lord.

        • Mark from PA says:

          Abeca, I am friends with a man who was raised Baptist. He became Catholic in part because his Baptist church in the South wouldn’t even think of letting a black person in the door. He was attracted to the Catholic Church’s commitment to the poor and forgotten in the world. He wanted to belong to a church that did not discriminate.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            PA and your point is? I wonder what other stuff are you assuming of me? It cant be good….

        • The Evangelicals take preaching and teaching a whole lot more seriously than the Catholics do. They cover a far greater portion of Scripture, and in way way more depth than do the Catholics. Their only real problem is their lack of Sacraments, having only one or two (baptism and sometimes marriage). If these folks ever converted to the fullness of the Church, then look out world because you’d become Catholic. The bishops are really powerless to get rid of the Sacraments, as the Church is guaranteed. Some eras of history show us that there are actually holy bishops and holy abbots and these eras are the ones that create countless new Catholic souls. Today’s era is in the dumps due to bad bishops … They seem to have a perverse hold on the selection of clergy world over … Vatican likely is rife with unholy bishops. It may be beyond human imagination as to how God will clean His House some day.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Skai I agree with your comments. I prefer the biblical backbone of an Evangelical than the lukewarm liberal from within our church.

    • It does not matter what the so-called grassroots believes, Chuck. What matters is what Christ and the Church actually teaches. Homosexual activity is nothing but the sexual abuse of one person on another, or both on each other. I pray for the conversion of those who practice such things. One woman whose son was a practicing homosexual told with some “pride” that her son was the male partner in the relationship. I could have told her, and probably should have, that her son was the one who did the most abusing because I could tell by the other man’s walk. The disease and injuries to the bodies from such abuse is not funny at all, and in no way can be called “loving” another person, and I think it is about time everyone else said so in as charitable a manner as possible..

  4. This man would have been better as the first Black President!

    • Amen, Ed. He might be a “simple peasant” to some, but he is a king as far as character is concerned to many of us. I cannot help remembering that in Michelangelo’s Last Judgement, the only man he has going straight upward to the throne of heaven is a black man.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Ed you are not far from the truth…I agree, in terms of morals he sure sounds good.

  5. What a fine young man. God bless him. I hope his video helped save some mother and child’s life and some man’s soul too.

  6. Peter in Bakersfield says:


  7. This guy is great, fantastic. Imagine, a self-described poor black Haitian immigrant who would LIKE to be able to vote for Barack Obama but won’t because of Obama’s tremendous antipathy towards the preborn unborn. He speaks volumes! Now what if Obama was the same person in all respects except one:he DOES have great respect for the preborn unborn. Would the Haitian in the video THEN vote for him merely because he’s the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE? And for no other reason than to do so would be HISTORIC, A FIRST? So Obama is still an extreme left figure who believes BIG GOVERNMENT is the answer to ALL societal problems because of big government’s size, scope? Now I applaud this guy’s commitment to pro-life to the degree that he WOULDN’T,once again,vote for Obama the way he is, but what about if he was only PARTIALLY the way he is. Does this chap believe Obama’s EXTREME DEVOTION to LEFTISM is OK as long as he might say he’s pro-life? Sounds like tunnelvision to me. But I’m very gratified he’s the way he is. Just askin’ GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

  8. Then, Abeca, I’d say you DON’T GET IT. Because all I’m saying is, and I believe it’s in the cards for us as a nation, that a person will eventually come along and present him or herself as another candidate like “THE ONE”, Obummer, that we’re beginning to really suffer under, and this NEW ONE, whoever he or she is, will present themselves as a really radical candidate who’ll SUBVERT St. Paul’s teaching to “BE ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN,” but their sly secret that’ll be kept all to themselves is that they WON’T BELIEVE IN GOD, but will present themselves as somehow BETTER than God, and even pose as PRO-LIFE, but their whole philosophy will turn the Judeo-Christian moral position UPSIDE DOWN. Everything that person does will be to SET A TRAP for humanity here in the U.S. so as to dominate them, in the words of the Marxist French premier Mitterand, no longer there in France, with the concept of “SOCIALISM WITH A HUMAN FACE.” Hope you understand it better, hope I explicated it a little better.GOD BLESS ALL. MARKRITE

    • Abeca Christian says:

      oh yes a little better, are you speaking about the end times? Just wondering? I don’t know if its worth mentioning but I recall someone telling us to be careful for what seems perfect on the outside may actually be a trap from the inside. I guess the best way to know is to test their pride….if Pride is what dominates them and humility is what they lack, then we will know that they are false.

      I just found your comments complicated because you brought this up on the topic of this article…what does this have to do with this man’s video. I was glad that he made this video to combat Obama. I think that more and more folks need to speak out. Oh well, I;m sure you meant well, maybe too much thinking for me. God bless you still. No hard feelings I hope.

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