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The following story, by Charles Krauthammer, appeared Nov. 8 in the Washington Post.

….The principal reason [Hispanics] go Democratic is the issue of illegal immigrants. In securing the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney made the strategic error of (unnecessarily) going to the right of Rick Perry. Romney could never successfully tack back.

For the party in general, however, the problem is hardly structural. It requires but a single policy change: Border fence plus amnesty. Yes, amnesty. Use the word. Shock and awe — full legal normalization (just short of citizenship) in return for full border enforcement.

I’ve always been of the “enforcement first” school, with the subsequent promise of legalization. I still think it’s the better policy. But many Hispanics fear that there will be nothing beyond enforcement. So, promise amnesty right up front. Secure the border with guaranteed legalization to follow on the day the four border-state governors affirm that illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle.

Imagine Marco Rubio advancing such a policy on the road to 2016. It would transform the landscape. He’d win the Hispanic vote. Yes, win it. A problem fixable with a single policy initiative is not structural. It is solvable….

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The following November 7 story appeared on National Review Online.

The call for Republicans to discard their opposition to immigration amnesty will grow deafening in the wake of President Obama’s victory. Hispanics supported Obama by a margin of nearly 75 percent to 25 percent, and may have provided important margins in some swing states. If only Republicans relented on their Neanderthal views regarding the immigration rule of law, the message will run, they would release the inner Republican waiting to emerge in the Hispanic population.

If Republicans want to change their stance on immigration, they should do so on the merits, not out of a belief that only immigration policy stands between them and a Republican Hispanic majority. It is not immigration policy that creates the strong bond between Hispanics and the Democratic party, but the core Democratic principles of a more generous safety net, strong government intervention in the economy, and progressive taxation. Hispanics will prove to be even more decisive in the victory of Governor Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30, which raised upper-income taxes and the sales tax, than in the Obama election.

And California is the wave of the future. A March 2011 poll by Moore Information found that Republican economic policies were a stronger turn-off for Hispanic voters in California than Republican positions on illegal immigration. Twenty-nine percent of Hispanic voters were suspicious of the Republican party on class-warfare grounds — “it favors only the rich”; “Republicans are selfish and out for themselves”; “Republicans don’t represent the average person”– compared with 7 percent who objected to Republican immigration stances.

I spoke last year with John Echeveste, founder of the oldest Latino marketing firm in southern California, about Hispanic politics. “What Republicans mean by ‘family values’ and what Hispanics mean are two completely different things,” he said. “We are a very compassionate people, we care about other people and understand that government has a role to play in helping people.”

And a strong reason for that support for big government is that so many Hispanics use government programs. U.S.-born Hispanic households in California use welfare programs at twice the rate of native-born non-Hispanic households. And that is because nearly one-quarter of all Hispanics are poor in California, compared to a little over one-tenth of non-Hispanics. Nearly seven in ten poor children in the state are Hispanic, and one in three Hispanic children is poor, compared to less than one in six non-Hispanic children. One can see that disparity in classrooms across the state, which are chock full of social workers and teachers’ aides trying to boost Hispanic educational performance.

The idea of the “social issues” Hispanic voter is also a mirage. A majority of Hispanics now support gay marriage, a Pew Research Center poll from last month found. The Hispanic out-of-wedlock birth rate is 53 percent, about twice that of whites….

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  1. The immigration crisis is a standing wave which is precipitated by agricultural employers who want the situation to remain as it is. Having lived in remote, rural San Joaquin County, I have seen people pushed to the edge, a frightening deprivation-level level existence completely undreamt of by the majority in this country.

    If you want to win “Hispanics”, first try calling them by their preferred “Latino”.

    Then if you’re through insulting them, you might try telling them what the merchants of death think of them:

    As Dr. Edward Allred (multi-millionaire, former owner of Family Planning Associates, once upon a time the largest independent abortion clinic chain), was quoted in “Doctor’s Abortion Practice Lucrative,” The San Diego Union, 10/12/80, pp. A-3, 17:

    “Population control is too important to entrust to some right-wing, pro-life types. Take the recent influx of Hispanic immigrants: Their lack of respect for democracy and social order is frightening. I hope I can do something to stem that tide. I’d set up a[n abortion] clinic in Mexico for free if I could. Maybe one in Calexico would help. The survival of our society could be at stake.…The Aid to Families With Dependent Children program is the worst boondoggle ever created. When a sullen black woman can decide to have a baby and get welfare and food stamps and become a burden to all of us it’s time to stop. In parts of South Los Angeles having babies for welfare is the only industry the people have.”

  2. 80% of Hispanics profess to be Catholic. 65% of all Hispanics voted for Obama, 50% of all Catholics voted for Obama.

    This means that the Bishops need to do a much better job with education and formation of the Laity, rather than neglecting them.

    From what I saw at the USCCB Conference, they want to write off Americans, cater to immigrants (whom they will also lose), and have no idea how to catechize their flocks. They have come up with nothing concrete or workable for the Laity. Not even something simple like encouraging the Laity to read the CCC.

  3. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Obama has the Hispanic vote, and now the Dems are hinting they are about to legalize everyone here, criminals and the whole crowd. There is no way Republicans could have won both the Hispanic (pro-illegal) vote and retained their mainstream base. Hispanics as a bloc do not believe a word Republicans say anyway, because they believe we are all rich and all prejudiced against them, are the ones who hire them but are also the ones who don’t want them to have legal righs, other than the human rights they already have and the tremendous dexterity hey have learned in manipulating the system so that it works better for illegals than it does for those of us who were born here. It will take an unrecognizably new and different Republican party to get Hispanics to believe in our party.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      According to Krauthammer, the Republican Party should become the Demoncrat Party lite, we call them Republicrats!

      I am Hispanic, my mother was born in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico and the insinuation that the Mexicans are so ammoral that they put illegals and their welfare checks ahead of principles is insulting.

      Obama did not legally win the election, it was stolen and their is ample evidence of that. In order to defeat the criminal Communist elements that control the Demoncrats and their massive voter fraud, the intercession of God was necessary; but we have shunned God, so why would he intervene for us?

      What is needed is a greater educational outreach to the Hispanics and for the establishment RINOS to be defeated so that real Republicans can be elected. When you have 140+ percent voting in a Florida district to defeat a Black, conservative Republican, Lt. Col. Allan West, and a Demoncrat appointed “Judge” who probably could care less about the Constitution to rule on it, we are in deep trouble, and only God through His Mother can help us.

      Krauthammer is also ignoring the FACT that the Hispanic and Black vote gave us the electoral victory for Proposition 8.

      Why is this Catholic Website posting crap from Charles Krauthammer?

      May God have Mercy on America, Viva Cristo Rey!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  4. Beware of – - – - – - – - – MANIPULATION and CENSORSHIP by the Media –
    With the exception of CSPAN and FOX, all other coverage of the 2012 Republican convention excluded ALL Minority Speakers.
    When Hispanics or Blacks (men and women) spoke, – - – most of the secular media cut away from the Convention, so that their own talking heads could give their opinions on various things.

    Since it happened with all the secular media, this was clearly intentional.
    Black Republicans (such as Alan West) were special targets of the Democratic Party to make it look like the Republicans are an all white Party.

  5. I don’t think it’s a matter of “winning” over anybody. This country needs to simply stick to the TRUTH (both religiously and politically). Those who choose not to support the truth, so be it. Those who do choose to support the truth (whether Black, White, Asian or Hispanic) – Amen! Numbers do not matter (neither does the “minority” or “majority”), the truth does. If the majority of the nation chooses to live contrary to the truth, then the minority will be persecuted. So be it! This is a promise from the Lord.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      You got it right! “The Truth shall set you free”!

      It is better to lose fighting for what is RIGHT than to win fighting for EVIL!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Rick DeLano says:

      Del, I completely agree.

      If a majority of our fellow citizens are prepared to surrender their children to homosexualist indoctrination in the lie that not all fathers are male, that not all mothers are female, then so be it.

      The job of the Catholic in such a civilization is to bear witness to the Truth, and to warn the disoriented and mush-minded dupes of the Ainskyite radical gender-left that they will answer for their cowardice in delivering their children up for this indoctrination.

      The rest they can get from the usual suspect-pundits, who got us here in the first place.


  6. Does anyone remember the massive amnesty given in the 1980s??? It was supposed to be the one and only, never to be done again. Yeah. So… I do not TRUST that there will be this ONE amnesty!

    The same thing will happen that happened in the 80s: A bunch of new citizens (who did not stand in line and did not go through the courses that other aliens do to become citizens), then followed by the same influx of illegals, who in another 20 or 30 years will be clamoring for amnesty.

    The promise of the 1980s was not kept. Who really believes this amnesty will be the only one? This is wrong on so many levels.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      This is not a fight for race relations. It’s a fight of ideas. Amnesty or not, truth if it is told is self-evident. The problem is not immigration but formation of souls.

  7. By the way, Charlio, Italians, Portugese and French (anyone who speaks the Romance languages) are all Latins, therefore Latinos, so I use the word Hispanic to include all those cultures whose first language is or was Spanish, regardless of what anyone else wants to be called. I myself have a Hispanic last name, so although I am not Hispanic myself, I AM part Latin. Now that that is out of the way, here is one thing that is not mentioned in any of these articles that is leading to the poverty of children in the Hispanic and other communities and in the whole United States, and it it is this PROMISCUITY. In one sense I was glad Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan did not win because they have such lovely families, and the groupies were already doing their little dance and even Fox News was encouraging it. Yes, many a young girl would be attracted innocently to them, but others out there we all know would deliberately try to seduce them, so they could get knocked up by a famous man and make “a name” for themselves, no matter how infamously. Now that that is said, I will try to make the rest short and sweet. I know men, some Mexican American and supposedly Catholic, who have had three and four “marriages” with paramours in between and children by most of them.. Most often it started by the man cheating on his wife, but sometimes it is the other way around. One such man cheated on his fourth wife with his second, so the fourth wife left him. Now that he is old and decrepit and most people do not want to be around him, including the majority of his children, he sits there whining about his sorry lot in life. The children from such situations, whether Hispanic or Non Hispanic are many of the people who want and push abortion and most often contraceptives. The natural result of all this is the destruction of any moral foundation for this country and the reason so many are pushing the unthinkable — same-sex “marriage”. There is just one problem in all that, too, it is disease causing and disease ridden. Have I spelled that out for all of you out there quite nicely? Can anyone relate? O, I am sure we all can?

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Anne T.

      You are so right!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • P.S. to last post. Besides killing children in abortion.

    • If I remove the suffix from my family name, then I become Korean, Italian, west African, Spanish and middle eastern, and possibly proto-American since the northern europeans immigrated to this continent before anyone from the asian continent arrived, according to the fossil record. So, I’ve got it covered.

  8. Abeca Christian says:

    My family (from my mum’s side) are Republicans except for a few exceptions and immigration is not the deciding factor for us because we respect the laws of this country on coming here legally. Yes they can improve some of those laws but we try to vote our values and Obama is not representative of our values. That is because we know better but I doubt that many Hispanics don’t know better, maybe the church hasn’t helped with that clarity!

    I don’t know what the real issues as to why many Hispanics have sold their soul to the Democratic party but if they are ignorant then it is what it is but if it is for stupidity then I feel ashamed for that. My husband who is not Hispanic said that he thinks that many of them vote Democrat because they think that the church votes that way, they think that it is for the poor but they are very much wrong….the church needs to change it’s approach because as we can see, it is the Democratic party that one of the biggest enemy of the faith!

  9. Has anyone ever educated Hispanics on the consequences of voting for Democrats? THEY are in bed with Planned Parenthood. P. P. was founded by Margaret Sanger to eliminate as many brown and black people because they were “undesirable” in her views, which were similar to Hitler’s regarding the Jews. Today P.P. puts more abortion “clinics” in Hispanic and Black neighborhoods, hoping to attract them and convince them that abortion is the solution to their “unwanted” pregnancies! Now WHY would anyone who is Hispanic want to vote for a political party whose aim is to eliminate their children??? When was this ever exposed in ANY pulpit in this country? Made me sick to drive around Santa Ana and see signs promoting the re-election of candidates who are Democrats such as Loretta Sanchez. As for 50% of Catholics voting Democrat, anyone can self-identify as a Catholic. If someone bothered to dig a bit deeper, that “Catholic” probably has not seen the inside of a Catholic church since his Confirmation, or perhaps his wedding.

  10. Note the sudden rush of the Republicans toward amnesty after election–even Sean Hannity is on board! All the Republicans will do with amnesty is create 8-9 million more voters for the Democratic Party–I’m sure Nancy Pelosi is laughing up a storm at these strategic dullards.

    As the article also points out, the majority of Latinos also support gay marriage. The Democratic Party has already grabbed the gay marriage issue as their own, as anyone can tell if they watched their convention, so the Republicans will likely be on the losing end of that issue with Latinos as well.

    If the Republicans continue to refuse to use their brains they will find themselves in the permanent minority.

  11. annienonimouse says:

    Charlio, Honestly, “Hispanic or Latino” it gets tiring. Either you are Mexican, El Salvadorean, etc, or you were born here as an American or mexican decent . It is not difficult. No one is insulting anyone. We have immigration scammers from all over the world comming here because their countries are crappy. This country has literally bent over (backward) for these people to it’s own detriment. Population Control is a real threat that’s why we should not vote for those politicians who support planned parenthood like Obama.

    • In one region I know of, one is either white, black, or Mexican … There are no other options to choose from.

    • haha, of Mexican descent, Annie, as I’m sure most are decent. I agree. I’m so tired of being sick and tired of these really pompous, arrogant and politically so-called correct but actually fascist self-described latinos, native americans, african americans, blah blah blah. The next time I hear someone refer to themselves or someone else in such a manner in my hearing will hear about it too. You’re either American, stupid or you’re some other nationality. Otherwise, shut up!!!

  12. I disagree whole-heartedly that the issue is illegal immigration. Many Hispanics who migrate to the U.S. illegally are coming for opportunity; making more money, better living conditions, better medical, etc.. If it was about becoming a citizen, they would not languish for decades in this country without doing anything to become a citizen, or run back and forth across the border when it was beneficial to them. Many send large amounts of money back to their home country, rather than use it to finance citizenship. They actively demonstrate their loyalty to their home country by flying that country’s flag, cheering that country’s athletic teams, and resisting assimilation into the American culture. I think when conservatives talk about giving into an idea just to get votes, it says they have no good ideas.

    • ‘The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 offered nearly immediate legal residency to undocumented immigrants with an option to pursue full citizenship after five years. A total of 2.7 million have gained residency through the act. It’s uncertain how many of those eventually became citizens, but most estimates put the number at about 1 million.’

      Obviously this has done nothing to protect our borders or stop the flow of illegal aliens…since 1986 this steady drip has become a rushing river with uncounted millions into this country, transforming us into something we never were and dividing us as never before. Just as we must protect our own bodies from various attacks of foreign bodies that would make us ill, so we as a nation must protect our borders to stop the carnage. If the host dies, so do all the parasitic organisms draining its life blood. We are to feed and clothe the alien, of course, but we should do it while providing transportation back to Mexico. Its so sad how many countless victims die trying to enter this country, from ruthless bandits, starvation, etc. There has to be a better way. I’m so tired of hand wringing and this constant concession to pressure groups without using common sense or a modicum of concern for our nation as a whole. When there are more of them than of us, I suppose the problem will become moot in the not distant future

    • Running back and forth across the borders hurts the children too. When they get caught up in school over here, then are taken back to mexico and put or not put into school over there it keeps the child perpetually behind. Most teachers and instructional assistants will tell you that.

  13. Anton L. Seidl says:

    I am profoundly disappointed that our Hispanic brethren voted in such huge numbers for a man who has not even a twinge of conscience when it comes to the barbarity of late-term abortions and leaving babies to simply perish in a broom closet after they have survived an attempted and botched abortion. A person who can place a man with not a hint of common humanity back into a position of power needs to do a lot of soul searching. Obama is cold as ice. He is a monster. His policies are murderous to the unborn. He will do immeasurable damage to the pro-life cause by his judicial appointments. There is something disturbingly amiss when such a candidate receives a plurality of the Catholic vote, and an overwhelming majority of what is culturally the most authentic and tradionalist Catholic ethnic group in the U.S., namely the people from the old Spanish colonies. It is indeed a crying shame!

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