Pro-life activists – one in jail – receive Canadian award

The Diamond Jubilee Medal


Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner

The following appeared October 18 on

Pro-life heroines Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner received medals from the Governor General of Canada this week in recognition of their “contribution to Canada.”

The activists are internationally renowned for having been arrested and jailed numerous times for violating abortion clinic ‘bubble zones,’ while peacefully seeking to council abortion-bound moms to choose life. In fact, Wagner is currently in jail, after her arrest in August for witnessing at the Woman’s care Clinic in Toronto.


Pro-life member of parliament Maurice Vellacott, who nominated the women for the award, told LifeSiteNews that “like Martin Luther King and other human rights reformers, Mary [and Linda are] using civil disobedience to further a just cause.”

“Peaceful civil disobedience is an appropriate method when trying to protect defenseless, voiceless human beings in the womb from butchery and death.”

Vellacott said that the actions of these two women remind everyone that “I am my brother’s keeper.”

The Diamond Jubilee Medal commemorates the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. To celebrate the anniversary, the Governor General of Canada has awarded 60,000 medals that honor Canadians for significant contributions and achievements….

Earlier this week LifeSiteNewsreported the incredible story of how a woman in jail with Wagner recently went up to the pro-life activist and told her how she was in an abortion clinic during one of Wagner’s arrests, and that Wagner’s example convinced her to keep her baby.

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  1. Canada is a totalitarian nation run by homosexuals.

  2. Father Karl says:

    As liberal and as progressive as the United States is, the state of affairs is tremendously worse in Canada. Forty years ago the Winnepeg Conference was held by the Canadian Catholic bishops, and all but a couple said NOT to follow Pope Paul VI’s document concerning birth control, and other moral issues, as they were optional. To speak against homosexual actions can put a priest, or others into jail. Abortion has been legal there since the 1960′s when the Catholic Church kept silent and the goverment became more and more socialized and atheistic. Only a small fraction of Canadians practice the faith, and considerimg that most of the citizens were Catholic, this is terrible. Indifference, heresy, and a false French nationalism in Quebec and other French speaking areas have turned our northern neighbor into a Catholic wasteland, both culturally and theologically. Present day Canada is what the United States will become unless we turn back to God, because without Him, there is no morality.

    • Exactly, Fr. Karl. They are trying to bring that socialism in over here, too. They would like nothing more than to take away our religious freedoms which the socialists and Marxists are trying to do now. First sociallsm, then Marxism. is their order of the day until every one is their slaves. God bless Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner, and also Michael O’Brien the Canadian author.

  3. Maryanne Leonard says:

    “I am my brother’s keeper.” We all must always remember that the little victims of abortion, or shall I say murderous attack, need us so much. It is true that these are our little brothers and sisters, and sometimes even our tiniest siblings need us to confront mothers and fathers who are about to do harm to their own children. These mothers and fathers must be severely wounded creatures themselves who need loving protection from their own worst impulses in order to keep them from harming their very own babies. Perhaps by helping them see that there is love in this world for them and for all of us children of God, they will come to see that it is wrong for a parent to kill a child, or anyone else, and be helped to learn to love themselves, their children, and God. Prayer warriors do best when they communicate that love. These brave women deserve to be honored for their courage and commitment to God and to love and to life, the gift we all share from God.

  4. God Bless all of our faithful pro life workers. Your reward is in Heaven!

  5. how wonderful they received this honor on the queen’s jubilee — you can’t imagine HER getting an abortion!

  6. Maryanne Leonard says:

    My goodness, max, you hold royalty up on a pedestal that so many members of royalty have proven they do not deserve! The present queen of England is not the heiress of kings and queens of moral stature; she is descended from adulterers, selfish and egotistical maniacs, madmen, and yes, murderers. Some break away from the Catholic Church and start their own religions, murdering saints, wives, advisors and clergymen along the way! Of course a queen might decide to get an abortion if it suits her purposes; many have! They also take lovers, are insufferable quite often, and have an inflated sense of themselves as better than you or I. I beg to differ on that latter point and certainly don’t imagine them above any offense, crime, or sin against God, man, or infant child. How ridiculous to imagine otherwise!

    • uh, MARYANNE, sorry to get you so riled, but i am talking about queen elizabeth the second, who, in my opinion, has lived a rather examplary life of duty, service and dignity (unlike some of her progeny).

      the gracious welcome speech she gave to pope benedict xvi in scotland was a lovely tribute from the governor general of the church of england to the holy father, if you watched it on t.v.

      it’s not royalty that i put on a pedestal, just this particular woman who had seen countless american presidents come and go and has done a great job in the role passed on to her…

    • Maryanne Leonard, there have been some saintly queens, too. Even ones that have been canonized for their saintliness such as Sts. Elizabeth of Hungary and of Portugal and St. Margaret of Scotland. Actually, I have to agree with max about Queen Elizabeth, and she did get along quite well with the Holy Father, Benedict XVII when he was there. .Also, her mother was a beautiful person in most ways and loved and helped the British during World War II..

      • Oops! that’s Benedict XVI. I am forgetting my Roman numerals.

        • We must remember, too, that the Lord Jesus not only descended from kings and queens, but he descended from Rahab the harlot, who helped the Hebrews and converted to their religion.

  7. Good news to recognize prayer warriors like these two women. All who support human life should also never stoop down to the level of the abortionists by commiting murder, like the activist did in the midwest a few years ago when he shot an abortion doctor to death in a church…..a crime that our Roman Catholic Church NEVER CONDEMNED. Shame on our Church for its silence on that crime.

    • WOODY GUIDRY says:

      goodcause, every sensational sin committed by us COULD cause uninformed people to think that our Church should roar in proclaiming the sinfulness. Since Moses, Almighty God-including Jesus and His Church, has marked sin so that it is doesn’t need to be marked over and over again to the same people. Shame can never be one of the marks of the Church.

    • Good grief, goodcause; when you accuse the Catholic Church of not condemning the murder of an abortion doctor by a murderer, you lie. You lie in many of your posts; either that, or you are simply stupid and have no idea what you are talking about. Catholcism has always condemned murder … what’s the matter with you?

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      This will be the umpteenth time I have asked you to tell us just what is your alleged “good cause”!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  8. Abeca Christian says:

    These women are angels with a heart of gold! I pray that God bless them with all the virtues needed and all his protection! They are hero’s and I love their courage! I am grateful for them.

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