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USF experts offer views on Cordileone

Father Godfrey (right)

The appointment of Salvatore Cordileone as ninth archbishop of the archdiocese of San Francisco continues to send shock waves far and wide. On Saturday, September 29, the New York Times ran a story titled “San Francisco’s New Archbishop Worries Gay Catholics” by Norimitsu Onishi.

The story began: “At Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in the Castro, this city’s largest gay district, about 20 of the faithful gathered for 8 a.m. Mass recently, clustering in the middle pews. Led by a visiting priest from nearby Oakland, the parishioners joined in celebrating the 30th anniversary of a gay couple…. But the appointment of a new leader of the archdiocese here — Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, 56, a rising conservative who led the fight against same-sex marriage in California — has many gay and lesbian Roman Catholics worried about the fate of these sanctuaries.”

The author then went to a few “experts,” for reactions to the Cordileone appointment. Some of them will be familiar to readers of CalCatholic. While their field of expertise may be murky their opposition to the teaching of the Church on homosexuality is crystal clear.

They included Donal Godfrey, S.J., the former executive director of campus ministry at the (Jesuit) University of San Francisco and the Reverend Vincent Pizzuto, who is a professor of religious studies at the school. Both men have admitted their homosexuality. The presence of the two in the article underscores the close ties between Most Holy Redeemer and the university.

Father Pizzuto ordination into Celtic church priesthood

Godfrey’s current status is as an associate director of university ministry at USF. He had been executive director, but that ended right about the time CalCatholic revealed that a long-time friend of Godfrey’s, Patrick Mulcahey, whom he had interviewed extensively for his book Gays and Grays: The Story of Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church,  had been teaching workshops in the “Master/slave” lifestyle and kept another man as a “slave.”

On the very first page of Gays and Grays, Godfrey acknowledged:  “Three others gave special support. They are Patrick Mulcahey, Dr. Patti Jung, and Robert Garrett. Patrick Mulcahey is a friend, three time Emmy-winning writer, and parishioner at Most Holy Redeemer.” In fact, Mulcahey had served as vice-president of the church’s pastoral council, and as a Eucharistic minister.

The section of the Times article wherein Godfrey was interviewed attempted to create a wedge between previous bishops and Cordileone on the issue of homosexuality: “The bishop’s record on marriage stands in contrast, experts said, to those of predecessors who have tried to accommodate gay residents of San Francisco.”  Two paragraphs later Mr. Onishi quoted his “expert” Father Godfrey “None of them (meaning Quinn, Levada, Niederauer) would have challenged the actual teaching of the church. But at the same time, each of them had a different relationship with the parish and the gay community.”

That is selective memory, and ignores the role played by Archbishop George Niederauer in support of Proposition 8. In fact, Niederauer’s support for marriage so incensed another Most Holy Redeemer parish council member, Matt Dorsey, that he prevailed on the organizers of San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade to bestow the satirical 2009 Pink Brick award to the archbishop.

“’It’s very difficult to know why a particular appointment is made of a certain bishop to a certain diocese by the Vatican,’ said Vincent Pizzuto, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit school. ‘But in this instance, it’s very difficult not to see this as a signaling of an attempt to rein in the diocese, particularly on hot-button issues like homosexuality and same-gender marriage.’”

The identification of Pizzuto as a professor by the Times author is true as far as it goes. It ignores the significance of Pizzuto’s status as a priest of the Celtic Christian Church. That church, in which Pizzuto was ordained in 2006, was formed in opposition to the Catholic Church.

Despite that, USF, a Catholic university, employs Pizzuto as both the director of the Catholic Studies and Social Thought minor and the chair of the department of theology and religious studies. On December 12, 2001 Pizzuto was a guest on a KALW radio show called “Far from Rome: On Being Gay and Catholic in the Bay Area,” where he said “the Bible, as we understand it really does not address current issues…what we need to change is not so much the scriptures, which of course we cannot change, but the interpretation that has been given to them.  And that’s going to take a lot of theologically and biblically interpretive work to move us forward.”

To read entire New York Times story, click here.


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  1. Isn’t it sad, that so many (due to UNCORRECTED Scandals caused by ‘Catholic’ politicians and others) do not know that Abp Cordileone is merely doing his job – as all Bishops must do.

    All Bishops and all Priests much teach the true Faith as stated in the “CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition”.
    It is expected and required of them. It is necessary for them to help all Souls get to Heaven.

    For verifiable, authentic and accurate answers to questions: – -
    ” Is the Catholic Church unfair to homosexuals? What does the Church teach? Why does it oppose gay-marriage? Can homosexuals get to heaven? ” – -
    On internet search: ” What Catholics REALLY Believe SOURCE “.

    Be certain to send the above article to Abp Cordileone, so he will know that homosexual sins are still being promoted at Holy Redeemer,
    and USF needs his attention if they want to continue to use the name ‘Catholic’ – including but not limited to requiring a “mandatum” according to Canon Law for all those who teach theology.

    Say a prayer for good Bishops so they will have the strength and courage to stand up against the devil.

    • Amen.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      I for one do not envy any (faithful) Bishop in the current war aganist the Church. I really hope the Bishop starts with reforming his seminary though. Though this is another fight he has to take on.
      Men cannot be leaving the Seminary without proper formation as Catholic priests.

    • Eric Augustine says:

      The simple fact of the matter is that ‘Man Has Free Will’ and will do what his conscience dictates – The Church can say that this is right/wrong to a person and then should leave it at that – the more that is said does not solve the problem – It only makes the problem worse – Sending this Bishop to San Francisco is not going to make any difference as he did very little in the Oakland Diocese worth noting – A few weeks back Lifetime TV had a excellent movie that deals with this subject the way it was handled by the clergy – The Movie was “Prayers For Bobby’ – I recommend this film to all -

  2. The Jesuits must be crazy. Amazing corruption at USF; the Boy Scouts of America have a more practical approach to homosexuality.

  3. If Fr. Pizzuto is a priest in the Celtic Church, doesn’t that automatically excommunicate him from the Catholic church? And he still teaches at an allegedly Catholic school, USF? A gay couple celebrated their 30th anniversary in a Catholic Church? This is beyond my comprehension. The Church teaches us that sex outside of a lawful marriage between a man and a woman is a sin. They could have a homosexual orientation, but remain celibate. That would not be sinful. If these people want to sin, they should leave the Church. Do they go to confession and Communion? How do they manage that, especially the part about “confess my sins, do penance, and amend my life”?

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Have they ever heard of the “act of contrition”.. This parish is a demonstration of a total breakdown in catechisis. These people probably think they know what the Church teaches
      I bet you they think they are Catholic, some of them at least.
      Some of them are downright working aganist Christ knowingly. Those are the ones in trouble, if they do not change their way.

  4. Michael Rizzio says:

    With the name Cordileone, “Lion-hearted” I believe the Archbishop is being called to courageous witness in support of the marriage covenant and by extension, the New and Everlasting Covenant, the Precious Blood of the Holy Eucharist.

    What is needed is Truth in charity, without PC dialogue which at this late time will compromise the effort and render it fruitless.

    May I propose a flag for this purpose. If the rainbow (biblically demonstrative of the OT eternal and NT everlasting covenant) has been co-opted, Truth demands that the Church make a gallant effort to get it back.

    A guidon is effective in rallying the Church militant.

  5. Father Karl says:

    Traditional Catholic teaching once stressed us to “love the sinner, but hate the sin.” Because the smoke of Satan has entered the Catholic Church, the faithful are now urged, and practically commanded to ‘love the sin’. The bishops and the educators who have promoted such rot will be severely chastised for the tremendous scandal this has caused. One cannot imagine how many souls have been lost, and how many mortal sins have been committed because of this. Our Lady of Fatima said that most souls go to hell because of sins against the 6th Commandment. Instead of heeding her warning, the hierarchy for the most part, has done all it can to discredit Our Lady, and has promoted sinful lifestyles. God bless and protect Pope Benedict XVI for appointing His Excellency, Salvatore Cordileone as the new archbishop of San Francisco.

    • Dear Father Karl: Thank you for your witness and resolution to speak the truth. It is truly a joy to see good and faithful priests who submit their will to the Magisterial teachings of the Church and for many of us Catholics, it serves as an inspiration. I am heartbroken every time I hear about priests or other religious who stray from Church teaching, but receive such hope when I see priests like yourself who stand firm in Truth. I will pray for you Father and I thank you for your fiat to the Lord, for serving us His sinful flock and for the Sacramental life you provide us in your ministry. I pray the Lord protects you from temptation in giving you strength to always follow His Will, that you have both joy and peace in your heart and that you lead many people to His Merciful embrace. God Love You.

      • Yes, thank you, Fr. Karl. It was priests such as you who saved my life and kept me in the Church amid the chaos around me. It was priests such as you who also kept me on the straight and narrow when I was and am inclined to go off of it. God bless you, and my prayers are with you.

    • ” America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance. It is not. It is suffering from tolerance of right and wrong, truth and error, virtue and evil, Christ and chaos.
      Our country is not nearly so much overrun with the bigoted as it is overrun with the broadminded.” – Bishop Fulton Sheen, “A Plea for Intolerance”, 1931.

      ” Christian love bears evil, but it does not tolerate it.
      It does penance for the sins of others, but it is not broadminded about sin.
      The cry for tolerance never induces it to quench its hatred of the evil philosophies that have entered into contest with the Truth.
      It forgives the sinner, and it hates the sin; it is unmerciful to the error in his mind…”
      Love is not Tolerance by Archbishop Fulton Sheen

    • Father Karl, thank you for standing for the truth. May God make you a strong and holy priest too! God bless.

  6. I confess I just skimmed the NYTass article for the same reason I don’t go into sleezy bars, and I couldn’t add anything to Nate’s excellent response other that to say that nothing true or authentic can come from a lie, and the NYTass is based on a lie. It’s actually embarrassing to think I used to actually subscribe to that rag. As Fr. Groeschell used to call it “The Gray Hag”, as opposed to the Gray Lady, it’s become an outdated, unbelievable and pointless waste of paper. To think that millions of trees are sacrificed for its banal existence, that gallons of printers ink have been spilled to print out its lies, smears and innuendos, and worst of all, that thousands of precious human minds and souls are utterly wasted by using it as their source of reference and believing everything it promotes. It is all a terrible, terrible waste. What the NYT doesn’t reallize is that TS Elliot was referring to just their sort of understanding and sensibility when writing “The Wasteland”. Look at the time I’ve just wasted just thinking about them! Look at the time you’ve wasted reading this!

  7. Wayward teenage sons of the church. They think they have all the answers and don’t want to be told. But their father sees their error and loves them still.

  8. Brother Gilbert says:

    When I was in America I met Cordileone and had dinner with him with two friends. He is one of the nicest Bishops I have ever met and very down to earth and approachable. Of course he will be opposed to homosexual actions and all other expressions of physical sexual acts outside monogamous life-long heterosexual marriage. This is the Catholic moral teaching and always will be- even if the Archbishop fell into apostasy and heresy and said contrary -it would still not make all such acts moral or acceptable to Catholics. We as Catholics and as Christians are called to purity and holiness in mind and body. We love the sinners but hate the sin, whether it is sin in ourselves or others. Does the good Archbishop love sinners who commit homosexual acts. Of course he does. Just as he loves those who commit heterosexual acts outside marriage. Many gay men’s mothers are their greatest support and the only one in their lives who love them unconditionally. That is why even many gay men and women don’t support gay-marriage and gays having children. Every child even if homosexual in orientation has the right to a mother and a father. To deliberately deprive a child of their mother is a form of child abuse.

    • M Rodriguez says:

      Thank you Brother GIlbert, Very well said. We should all love one another no matter who they have become.

    • Why some people continue to liken sodomy to infidelity is incredible!!! Yes, adultery and idolatry are what propel societies into the den of sodomy; however, once sodomy is institutionalized whether officially or not it is pointless to liken it in severity to adultery or idolatry. It has to be abolished, eliminated, and the hell with the worn out mantra “love the sinner, hate the sin”, a piece of junk that someone concocted while wearing their rose colored glasses. This nauseating cliche has little to do with Catholicism … why? … Because it has no substance to it. For example, God spits out the lukewarm … if that is not hatred of the lukewarm, then what exactly is it? There also is the “unforgiveable sin”, which means the soul has become hated by God and condemned without having yet died. Read the Old Testament instead of the old jello bowls: God hates some people. Get over it and get to work getting rid of the homosexuals.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        JLS I read your post in due diligence and I have to say that I can not deny the fact that you are correct. I may not be perfect at conveying or at anything but I am well read in church history and writings, I read my bible, the CCC and have taken years and time to understand it’s time line, significance, etc etc….I started at a very early age…my grandmum had a lot to do with this formation as well because of her love of faith and daily rosary’s for us….and you make the most sense…I see the connection to the biblical, the writings of the early saints etc…I can’t explain but I can see why you drew up those conclusions…I really have..God bless you.

  9. There is a holy war coming. The year of faith should wake Catholics up to what our faith really believes. All will have to decide which side to stand on. Those insisting that the church change to modernize it’s beliefs will not go away easily. Those who insist that Vatican two was to let fresh air into the church are in all ranks of the Church and they are entrenched. As the homosexual agenda continues to spread in the schools and throughout bureaucracy by the government enactment of laws the Catholic church will be chastised, punished, and derided. It will be difficult to stand with our Church and like Peter we will be tempted to deny Our Lord.

  10. Pizzuto wants interpretation of scripture to change according to the prevailing opinion in San Francisco, when the exact opposite is what should happen. There is a disconnect between his ideas and reality. Right and wrong do not change. reality doesn’t depend on anyone’s perception of it. reality exists in spite of the perceptions and desires of people like him, and he ought to be told that. However it got to be the way it is, the Archdiocese of San Francisco needs reform, and has for a long, long time.

  11. goodcause says:

    Difficult situation to love the sinner and hate the sin. Wish there was more empathy for the sinner here. We must realize that it is not always neat and easy to understand this issue….the issue is far more complex, as are the solutions proposed. Previos bishops focused on outreach and acceptance, loveing the sinner, but that approach may be changing with the new administration. Which approach is better? We shall see…

    • “Love the sinner, hate the sin” is not Church doctrine. Romans 9:13 Douay-Rheims
      As it is written: Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        JLS I am guilty of having used that saying many times, (and probably still do because of habit and the way were raised into believing what is meant) perhaps it was due to attending NO parishes and how protestant they were….I could understand how they would want to use it because it is the way we were raised, we were trained to not judge…..that only God judges which is true, but people forgot that God already has judged all sin and many of them are made known to us through the CCC, scripture, writings of the saints etc etc….so if we just re-enforce what God has already judged, then we are honoring him the more…..

  12. Are Catholic parents still sending their unsuspecting children to USF?

    Sounds like child abuse.

    Abp Cordileone needs to address the heresy pronto, since USF is the only Catholic university in his archdiocese.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      It may claim to be Catholic, but Catholic it is not

      • Some left the church because of its strict teaching as for example, marriage first before sex, some are lukewarm because they do not care to dig deeper into the teaching of the church, some are cafeteria because again they chose to go on sinning instead of availing themselves to the sacraments that will get them back to God. Today, it may be divine providence that we have the internet where we can read about our faith, history, the early church fathers, authority, unbroken apostolic succession and any question the church has the answer.

        • MGM, there is an Anonymous saying, “Catholics become Protestants for selfish reasons — they cannot keep the hard sayings. Protestants become Catholics for intellectual reasons.”

  13. CCC : QUOTE – - – ” 2089

    INCREDULITY is the neglect of revealed truth or the willful refusal to assent to it.

    HERESY is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same;

    APOSTACY is the total repudiation of the Christian faith;

    SCHISM is the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him. ” – - – UNQUOTE.

  14. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    One has to feel bad for Father Godfrey and his friend whose picture appear here.

  15. Joseph Sciambra says:

    Former homosexual advocate and gay porn star here. Happily been back in the arms of Mother Church for 13 years. It is horrendous what these “priests” are doing. I knew far too many guys that went into the gay lifestyle as confused and lonely boys because some priest or minster told them that they had been born this way. Then, years later, I heard that they were dead. As a product of the post-Vatican II era, I entered puberty incredibly ignorant about the basics of the Catholic Faith. I spent my entire childhood education (K-12) in parochial schools and learned next to nothing about how one should live an authentically Catholic life. I was ill-prepared and made all the wrong decisions. Thank God, when I was wanting to leave the dead-end world of gay culture, that I did not talk to one of the priests mentioned in the article or I probably wouldn’t be here now.

    • We are supposed to pray for our priest. They are not perfect either. They need our support. Whether the bishop, the priest are wrong, the church is not. We go to church to worship God, not the priest. If one leaves because of the priest, you are really leaving the CHURCH and GOD looking for another church. Is there another GOD???

      • Maybe it is better to pray God that bad priests and bishops be kicked out and replaced by good and faithful ones. Perhaps there should be a contest to see which prayer comes to fruition moreso than the other.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        MGM we do pray for our priests…all the time….we also pray for the fallen away Catholics too to return…..I recall several converts say that when they were first discovering the Catholic faith, that there were several occasions where there were priests who almost discouraged them due to their unfaithfulness. If it hadn’t been for their perseverance and to seek for a good priest stepping in to fully bring them to the true faith or if it wasn’t for the lay faithful, they may have not considered and would of stayed protestant.

    • Joseph Sciambra, glad you made it back. God bless you.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Joseph God bless you…welcome back!

    • And Joseph Sciambra God knew you would accept his grace and listen. God bless you. Hopefully, you will be a good inspiration to others. A young priest from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter once said in an excellent sermon, “When we are tempted to grow impatient with sinners, just remember how patient God was with us when we were in sin.” JP made a good comment about young teenage boys thinking they know it all. As one good female writer wrote, “Teenagers only have the third of a brain of an adult.” That is so very true since as teens most of us thought and think, “That cannot happen to us”, until the Lord whacks us on the head a bit to wake us up in some way, or he whacks someone else on the head and we see that it could happen to us. Yes, the mess in S.F. most definitely needs to be cleaned up, and the people most culpable for misguiding these young people thrown out.

  16. Fr. Bob B says:

    I graduated from a Jesuit college preparatory school in New England, and obtained civil and canon law degrees from, respectively, Georgetown University Law School and the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome—all Jesuit schools. I still hold a very special bond of affection for the Society of Jesus and its priests. Which makes it all the more hard to bear when reading about the shenanigans at USF—-imagine “Catholic Studies” being in the portfolio of an excommunicated Catholic—and, in the pages of “America” magazine, the defense of the present administration’s proposed denial of the free expression of religion epitomized by the HHS rule requiring Catholic institutions to pay for abortifacients and contraceptives. What the hell has happened to the Society? Where are its superiors, “professed fathers” sworn to be loyal to the Holy Father by a special fourth vow? They must know what’s going on. Why, pray God, the failure to correct it? Can you imagine what it must be like to be a Jesuit who is faithful to the Magisterium (and I don’t mean some raving, right-wing nut) in THIS atmosphere??

    • Almost none of the Jesuit Universities of today use the “CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition” as a required student text for freshman and/or sophomores.
      The CCC is not used as a student text at most Seminaries and most Convents.

      This makes the students ill prepared to face society as individuals or as marrieds with children.
      It makes them ill prepared to teach the Faith to others.
      This LACK of EDUCATION fosters relativism, secularism, heresy and schism.

      Much of this has to do with the Bishops not actively advocating the reading of the CCC within his own Diocese including by his Priests;
      and the Boards of Trustees at the Universities are allowed to use the name “Catholic” with no regard to their responsibility to educate in the Faith.
      And of course there are some heretical and schismatic Jesuits.

  17. Elizabeth says:


    Actually, there is another ‘Catholic’ University in our new AB’s diocese……

    Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont.

    But, there is work to be done there too………

    At a recent Student Activities Fair, Planned Parenthood was invited and not only that, their table was right next to a pro-life table!!! Even the
    students made comments about the scene.

  18. It is not God’s will to Hate the sinner.

    • The only true theologians are in Heaven. Hate the sin but love the sinner.

      • Jesus tells us the Kingdom of Heaven is now, it is He. The Church has many true theologians, and the number of Saints is even greater by far. St Paul points out that God hates some people. The only ones I read or hear who keep harping about hating sin and loving sinners, as in the mantra, are typically defending the gay movement. Most gays are bound for Hell. Some turn from that abomination and end up in Heaven. It has always been so; but today, the mob movement pushed through techniques from Communism is running like demon filled wild pigs trampling the Church and the society. The Church needs to direct those demoniacs somewhere where they can not do harm. Start by kicking them out of the clergy and out of the diocesan bureaucracies.

  19. I hope I’m wrong on this, but I will wager that a year from now, nothing will have changed at Most Holy Redeemer and at this school. Our bishops generally have no backbone. Again, I hope I’m wrong about this. We will see.

  20. I agree with Hirduin. Nothing changed in Oakland in over three years; it is unlikely anything will change in San Francisco. I don’t know what the “gay Catholics” the NYT is referring to are so worried about.

  21. Catholics should never compromise the teaching of the church based upon the gospel of Christ just because we need attendance, even if we have one person occupying the church. Our take on men marrying men is not the teaching. It does not change from yesterday,today and tomorrow otherwise 1.3 billion catholics had been duped and the bible is not true.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      MGM, even if 1.3 billion living Catholics have been duped, not to mention all the countless souls since the time of Jesus Christ, and the Bible is not true, the contributions of Christianity to civilization are indisputable, as is the level of peace and joy in the hearts of the happy convert. It is almost tempting to say that one should become a practicing Christian for one’s own well-being and for the benefit of humanity, but that sort of selfish, self-serving way of thinking, so prevalent today, is not what worshipping Our Lord is all about. One cannot say that becoming a believing Christian is good for you the way exercise and a good night’s sleep are, as it is possible to be bullied, insulted, rejected and even murdered for your faith; but if you truly know, love and serve God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul, you will gladly suffer the fate of a martyr knowing it makes your becoming a saint, though probably one of the many unknown saints, and spending eternity in the presence of God. Even if many billions of us have been duped, and there is no God and no life after death, by being Christians, we have definitely fulfilled our personal aim to leave the world a better place than we found it. Even those who refuse to believe or cannot bring themselves to trust that God exists cannot argue with the wonderful and practical benefits to oneself and to mankind of “being duped” into such a wonderful worldview. It seems to me anyone therefore can accept the marvelous concept of just becoming a Christian “for the heaven of it” and gaining all the benefits of learning how to be a good and happy person as well as a blessing to others.

  22. BlackPirate says:

    Strictly speaking, only those who fully accept all that the Church declares as revealed truth are members of the Catholic Church. Many CLAIM to be Catholic but by their secular demands, outlooks or behavior warp their beliefs and So they attack the Holy Roman Catholic Church believe its wrong and they are right.

    Having professed our faith in the Holy Spirit, we continue by professing to believe in the Holy Catholic Church, of which the Holy Spirit is the soul or source of her corporate life. We belong to the Church, and being a member of the Church.

    The unity of the true Church is a unity of faith and communion. By their union of faith, those who belong to the Church believe the same faith as proposed to them by the Church. By their unity of communion, the faithful submit to the authority of the bishops united with the Bishop of Rome.

    Christ not only preached holiness, but He practiced it to a sublime degree and then told His followers to follow His example. Moreover, He sent them His Holy Spirit to move everyone internally to love God with their whole heart, and to love one another as He had loved them.

    To change His Church His Laws and His Father’s Ten Commandments is to be people pleasers and change because of their sinful behavior is stating that Jesus was wrong His life was a waste and His Death was false and that Evil behavior rules

    The Holy Roman Catholic Church is apostolic because her origin reaches back to Christ’s call of the apostles and ordaining them to the fullness of the priesthood at the Last Supper

    The Holy Roman Catholic Church is apostolic because the doctrine she has taught over the centuries has remained faithful to the teaching of the apostles.

    The Holy Roman Catholic Church is apostolic because the Pope’s and Bishops’ authority to teach, govern, and sanctify comes from their being direct successors of St. Peter and the first apostles

    The Holy Roman Catholic Church is apostolic because this succession derives not only by delegation or appointment, but is actually rooted in episcopal ordination. When Christ ordained the apostles, He enabled them to confer the same powers they had received from Him. And the bishops ordained by the apostles could transmit their episcopal powers – in unending line – to their successors until the end of time.

    As a Practicing Roman Catholic I Thank God for Jesus and His Holy Catholic Church and all it professes

    Jesus By His death on the Cross, Christ merited the graces that a sinful world needed to be reconciled with an offended God

    • BlackPirate, not everything in your post is in accordance with Catholic teaching. It is NOT true that only those who fully accept all the the Church teaches as revealed truth are members of the Catholic faith. People do not become members by professing the faith. They become members of the Catholic Church by Baptism. (CCC1267) Baptism is permanent and irrevocable. People can be in error and still be members of the Church. We should always correct their errors. Your explanation on the apostolic nature of the Church was excellent.

  23. Bless you Father Karl

  24. As a pro life advocate, I disagree with you Hirduin. I have had to leave SF Archdiocese all these years and go to the Oakland Archdiocese in order to find “like minds” and faithful workers for pro life support. NFP, Chastity, etc is alive and well there.

    • Sandra, I hope you’re right; I really do! There was another poster who said that he didn’t detect any changes in the Oakland Diocese during Cordileone’s tenure. Thanks.

    • Especially at St. Margaret Mary Church from what I have heard.

  25. Black Pirate: You da man. Good post. God bless all of you in JMJ, and fight the good fight, remembering that “our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers … ” (See Ephesians) So, remember Lepanto, remember Fatima, pick up your rosaries and start praying them like never before, 1 a day, 2 a day, whatever you can and wherever you are (in the care, on Mass Transit), make visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament, go to confession, and to Mass, receiving Communions of Reparation in the state of grace. Practice penance, mortification and acts of mercy and charity. God bless you all. God loves every soul He has created and wants all to be saved. Pray that even the worst sinner will have the graces to repent and turn back to Him and receive His love and mercy. It saddens Him, that many do/will not, but nevertheless He wants us to assist Him in praying for these souls.

  26. To accuse the former archbishops (all living) of being pro-gay is just plain ridiculous.

    Quinn, Levada and Niederauer were all attacked by the homosexual activists over and over again, because each man stood by the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on human sexuality.

    Quinn was nicknamed “Archbigot Queen” for not allowing the Gay Men’s Chorus to perform in a Catholic church; Levada was disparagingly called “Darth Vader” because of his orthodoxy; Niederauer (and Pope Benedict XVI) were both labeled with the Nazi swastika for holding fast to Church teaching.

    If Archbishop Cordileone comes under attack, he should have dinner with his three predecessors and share war stories! And come away from such dinners with the comfort of knowing he’s not alone…

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Thank you, Robert, for standing up for the three living former archbishops of San Francisco. Most people have not had the chance to meet any of these men personally or know of their work through family and friends in the archdiocese, but I am quietly grateful to say that I have. The media cannot be trusted to see things as we Catholics do nor to abstain from reporting outrageous behavior on the part of sinners, all of which distorts the truth as can be seen by those close to the great men who have served in this important and beautiful archdiocese. The great slander they suffer from gay activists, the media and even from the misinformed faithful is truly heartbreaking and brings to mind the truths that Jesus taught about how we will suffer for our faith. I hope that in the future people will not stone Archbishop Cordileone as they have the men who preceded him in this unimaginably difficult office; as Catholics, we should give our admiration, appreciation, and most heartfelt support to these great priests, past and present. They are gifts to us from God.

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