Los Angeles archbishop suspends faculties of pro-homosexual priest

Father Palacios described gay marriage as pro-life issue

Father Palacios

The following excerpt comes from a September 14 story on LifeSiteNews.com.

A priest who helped found a gay ‘marriage’ advocacy group for Catholics has been suspended from distributing the sacraments or representing himself publicly as a cleric by his bishop.

The National Catholic Register reported Monday that Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles had spoken to Rev. Joseph Palacios, co-founder of Catholics for Equality, a small group created two years ago with strong connections to the Human Rights Campaign.

Palacios described the purpose of his outreach at Princeton University in February 2011, where he called the Church’s faithful the key target for effecting cultural shift in favor of homosexuality.

“The denominations are already lined up. The only group that isn’t lined up is the Catholics,” said Palacios, who was wearing a Roman collar. In Maine and California, where efforts at marriage redefinition failed, he said, “it was 3-5% of Catholics that could have been moved. If there had been a campaign to shift the Catholic movable middle, we would have won.”

He also noted that efforts would be made to recast marriage for homosexuals as a “pro-life” issue to reach young Catholics under the Jesuit value of cura personalis: “If we want to win Catholics over, … pro-life means pro-gay, meaning pro your child, pro your family.”

Another priest who was openly gay, Tony Adams, was quietly removed from the Equality founding board that year after his remarks calling Pope Benedict XVI a “childish idiot” and closeted homosexual were revealed.

Palacios told the National Catholic Register that he and his bishop “mutually agreed” that the priest would not minister publicly while promoting a redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples. “We agreed that I would stay on inactive status as long as I am politically active,” he said.

The priest, who is also on the board of governors of the Human Rights Campaign, appears as “Dr. Joseph Palacios” on the Equality website.

Tod Tamberg, director of media relations for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, told the Register that Palacios “is on inactive leave without faculties.”

“He should not be wearing a Roman collar, should not be celebrating Mass, nor may he present himself as a priest in public,” he said. Tamberg didn’t return calls from LifeSiteNews.com for further comment.

The Cardinal Newman Society reported in June that Palacios’ status as a priest has been uncertain ever since Palacios told the watchdog group he was a “retired” priest of Los Angeles and an ex-Jesuit, and wouldn’t elaborate.

Although Georgetown University told the Newman group that Palacios is no longer a member of the faculty at its sociology department, the former Jesuit is still listed on Georgetown’s website as teaching at least one summer sociology course.

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  1. Cole Thornton says:

    Wow, he said “efforts would be made to recast marriage for homosexuals as a “pro-life” issue”. This is why I have been describing myself as “pro-unborn” and “anti-euthanasia” the last couple of years. So let’s say that Cole still thought of himself as “pro-life”, what is it that I would need in my life to make my life better, you know, pro-life for good old Cole? If Father Palacios can declare anything he wants as “pro-life” then so can I. I could declare being given a top-of-the-line Lexus as being “pro-life” for me! How about a free ocean front condo in Hawaii for a month each year, that would make me feel more “pro”. How about JLS having the condo next door and Kenneth on the other side so we could banter back and forth for that month, a very “pro”ductive idea! How about a government supplied lobster dinner every Friday night, I could “pro”mote that! My life would be more “pro” if every pastor/priest in every parish where I might attend Mass was holy, humble, orthodox, conservative with even a decent sermon thrown in. Time for me to “pro”ceed to bed!

  2. Should you want to know how the Jesuits got to be this way read “The Jesuits : the Society of Jesus and the betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church” by Malachi Martin, Simon & Schuster, Eds.

  3. It’s unhelpful to acquiesce to using the sexual newspeak brainwashing term ‘gay’, when we all know that all people are called to the exercise of chastity in all the variety of states of life.

  4. Good.

  5. Thomas Edward Miles says:

    BORING!! Is this the only Catholics news story this site could find in the church of the USA?!! This site and most of it’s readers are obsessed with homosexuality and that is a very unbalanced view of human sexuality!!

    • No TEM its people like you that think man on man sex is OK is what is unbalanced

    • Thomas, as faithful Catholics we need to know who is not faithful, especially the priests who uphold mortal sin and pass it off as a good. We are not obsessed with homosexuality, but it is time we know who is and who is not faithful to Our Lord. I had never heard of this ‘priest’, and am now on notice that he is doing the evil one’s work among faithful Catholics. Human sexuality has nothing to do with it. One wonders why you protest so much.

      • thomas nawn says:

        i am 73 , when as a youth was told eat meat on friday is a mortal sin, give me a break. only god knows who is a sinner the church is obsessed with human sexuality, run by a bunch of celibate men, unless you have love in your heart now that is a sin

    • Boring news, maybe, but very destructive and very invasive in our beloved church. After the billions, or maybe trillions that has been paid out for pedophile homosexual priests that have abused innocent young males, it is OK to keep focused on these continuing problems. Our clergy MUST proclaim the sacred Magisterial teaching or be silenced. Is the church paranoid, after all that has gone down and the continued rebellion of its own? I don’t think so. Don’t be afraid Bishops to clean house, Jesus is with you. Maybe Mr. Miles you think the readers are obsessed with this issue, but after all it is called the CALIFORNIA Catholic Daily…….California, San Francisco in particular, being the seat of sexual rebellion in the USA. The Shepard’s must look out for their flock, they will be accountable to Our Lord. Not obsessed with homosexuality per se Mr. Miles, just very vigilant are we, that our beautiful Catholic Church is teaching truth and not allowing corruption of the young. It is time to clean house and keep cleaning house. We can pray for those who have left their Truth sit at the Vatican doorstep….but we cannot coddle them!

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


        Think about it. Actually Hellywood is the seat of the sexual rebellion in the USA. Sad Francisco is the repository for the misfits that Hellywood produced!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

        • Mr. Fisher, you are so right. Thinking of the 60′s and 70′s. One of my dear classmate friends headed for San Francisco from Pennsylvania around 1966. He died of AIDS in S.F. in the very early 70′s, he was one of the first victims of that terrible disease It was sad, he was in his early 20′s, and a very nice person. God Bless You in the 2 Hearts of Love.

          • thomas nawn says:

            hiv is a disease that efects both men and women, actually many disease can be tranmitted without actually having sexual contact in the literal sense of the word, our lord never mentioned gomosexuality

          • Thomas Our Lord never mentioned Bestiality and Incest but both are immoral and wrong just like homosexuality…….

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      #1. This is a site focused on california Catholic issues.
      #2. You are free to start your own interesting Catholic news site
      #3. This is not an entertainment site, so it does not have to not be boring…
      #4. Your coment is boring!!
      #5. St. Edward the Confessor would not agree with you.

    • “BORING!!” says Thomas Edward Miles

      Thomas, How tragic to read that you are so “BORED” with CCD for trying to help people get to heaven. Thomas, you are probably no spring chicken and yet you are still mocking God. Will you still mock Him right up until the unknown moment He calls you to give an accounting of your constant disloyalty to Him?

      Thomas, be sure to start to pray for the reparation of the damage caused by you, yourself, and this heretical priest. That specific charity “just might” assist you with your own soul. I said, “Just might”! You’d better get going, You know not the hour or the day. You still have a lot of work to do with an unknown allotted amount of time to accomplish that work. Even if you do repent, at the disobedient rate you are going, you are racking up quite a bit of Purgatory time by influencing others to disobey God.

      Thomas, Have you read about the souls in Purgatory? Yes, they know they will eventually see the Beatific Vision but they are still suffering greatly. If you are prone to getting BORED easily you won’t want to spend that much time there either. Also, Thomas, It is always newsworthy to point out the removal of heretics who are promoting the “gay” lifestyle culture of death. Like you, they are also leading others to hell. Faithful logic should tell you that eternally screaming while burning in roaring red hot flames will become BORING really fast. Learn to love what is only pleasing to God and then you will not be bored when a heretically destructive priest is finally disciplined by an Archbishop.

    • Remember “WWJD?”? Consider now “TTBO”, which is what Archbishop Gomez has done, which is a good and decent thing to do. And more of it should be done … “ASAP”.

    • Thomas I didn’t mean the Fire of Divine Love, but the fires of Hell. Remember what Our Lady of Fatima taught us to say. “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins; save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of Thy mercy.” Remember what little Jacinta said? The sins that lead most souls to hell are sins of the flesh. Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary guide us always to Jesus. God Bless you Thomas.

  6. Thank you Archbishop Gomez. It is time these traitors are sent packing.

  7. It’s sounds as if Archbishop Jose Gomez has done the right thing with regard to Joseph Palacios. Good for you, Archbishop. Thank you for showing some strong leadership. Let’s see if people here are actually able to acknowledge your positive action rather than blame what Palacios did on “Mahony”, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Christ Cathedral and any other “liberal” element they can concoct.

    Please intercede for the reactionaries on this forum, Blessed Mother of God.

    • Reactionaries to you, we are Defenders of Faith from liberal filth that has entered the Chuch

      • You’re extremist reactionaries for the most part. When it really comes down to it, you’re nothing more than cafeteria catholics. You accept what YOU want, not what the Church teaches. You’re part of the “filth” you speak of.

        • Now you two, Canisius and Rodda….stop fighting. Peter and Paul didn’t always agree, but they loved one another as Jesus commands.

          • Nah I will fight until my last breathe… its in my blood, and I’m positive Rodda has never messed with a former Leginnaire

        • Canisius approves of the bishop’s actions as well. I think you two are on the same side. lol

          Everyone just calm down here. You are in agreement here!

        • Not really I accept all of the Churches teaching and enjoy prodding and accusing liberals like you, who deserve much more abuse than I alone can give.. When progressives like you are finally driven from the Church it will be a great day of renewal and holiness,,,

          Oh no the grey liberal priests and the LCWR crowd are dying off whose replacing them? ..answer tradional and orthodox priests and sisters….

      • Read Rodda’s post again, friend. She is approving of the bishop’s actions here. She is not a liberal, at least not in this regard.

    • Rodda, Are one of the reactionaries Thomas Edward Miles? Some of us here are waiting for him to become a “found child.” LOL. We know he loves stirring the blog around. He is so bored that he loves reading CCD’s boring articles and has time to even comment. Hope you don’t get your pants caught on that barbed wire fence Thomas, if and when you do decide to jump off. You may find it very late in your game, Satan loves your indecision, and you may jump into fire, instead of LOVE.

    • Rodda -

      Are you a local staff member of Catholic Charities?

  8. Bishop Gomez, Thank You, one more down, many more to go. MGB

  9. Kenneth M. Fisher says:

    We must praise Our Shepherds when they do what is right, but be prepared to speak out when they wander from what we know to be is right!

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Why do they need our praise, Kenneth? Isn’t God enough for them?

      • JLS, the New Testament tells us Christians to support one another. God sometimes, in fact most times, uses people to do His work. Kenneth is right. Even Moses’s arms grew weary from holding his staff, and even he needed help. Please stop bashing them so much and give a little praise at times. Okay?

  10. Larry from RI says:

    Has Georgetown gone bizarro with these bizarro professors on the faculty? Or was this guy just a fluke?????

  11. Defrock, defrock and defrock. It is good to clean out the cupboard or should it be closet?

    • “Defrock” is not a term used in the Church.

      Go Google the term “laicise.” :(

      • Stop nitpicking! You know what he means…Why don’t you go join a parish council somewhere? Liberals are always sticking their immature noses into serious conversations.

      • To Rodda; According to this article, Fr. Palacios is no where close to laicization. He and the Bishop have come to an agreement that he would not administer Sacraments or where his clerical garb, as long as he is involved in his political agenda concerning same sex marriage. The Bishop is probably, because of scandal, trying to correct Fr. Palacios, (suspend him from certain duties) or the Bishop may be beyond that using means of Canon Law. These processes are involved.You are probably correct that the term defrock is not a formal Vatican term, but the word laicize for Fr. Palacios would not apply. I used the term defrock, to state that Fr. Palacios has been suspended from certain priestly duties and I like the word. I think of frock and that means he can’t wear his collar…..but then that doesn’t mean much to a lot of Priests, they hardly ever wear their collar! Thanks John D. for your support. Rodda, you may want to look up Laicization Canon Law, it is legal, with many codes, but available. If the word laicize is also used for suspension of duties, as in the case of Fr. Palacios, then I stand corrected.

        • I also want to add that we should pray for Fr. Palacios. He may come to his senses, but it doesn’t seem promising. He may have already decided to abandon his vocation. We can pray for Bishop Gomez also, these are not easy decisions always. The Priest is everything to us and to Jesus. God Bless everyone.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Rodda are you reading the positive comments, like Carolyn’s? Just asking, didn’t read your replies to any of them…they are missing somehow…

  12. Anne Hendershott says:

    Archbishop Gomez is courageous – I wish he were joined by other bishops….Fr. Palacio has taught sociology at Georgetown (in the Washington, DC Diocese) for years – and has been promoting same sex marriage for years. Until bishops and Catholic college presidents finally implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae this will continue.
    Fr, Palacio was invited by one of his former Georgetown students to the Princeton conference (see above) where he said that Catholics are the “movable middle” in the GLBT quest for same sex marriage. That former student – of course–knew that Fr. Palacio would wear his collar and speak “on behalf” of the Church in favor of what this heretical priest calls the “pro-life” position of promoting same sex marriage. This goes on every day in classrooms on Catholic campuses–and it will continue until each bishop from each diocese finally says this is enough. Fr. Palacio is right – Catholics will continue to “move” (from Fr. Palacio’s moveable middle) to the pro-same sex marriage as long as they are given permission by their Catholic college professors–They are told it is the “Catholic” position.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      That did not take much courage. This guy was asking for it. I am waiting to see him put a kabosh on that LA Congress situation big time and deal a disaster to the Catholicity of Layola Marymount and actually reform the horror that is St. John’s Seminary.
      As long as St. John’s is DE ca-techizing men who go there to be formed as priests, he is not brave.

  13. Abeca Christian says:

    For several years this man was allowed to roam freely as a priest. Our church leadership needs to be harsher on such dissent! These sins that are taken lightly are and continue to be what is destroying souls and the church’s mission to save souls.

  14. I’m gay, I”m proud, I’m loud. Repeat over and over again until your humility is gone and the only thing that matters is your own agenda.

    • “Gay” is a vile agenda attempting to assault God, lisag. “Pride goes before the fall”, according to the Wisdom Books. You’ve fallen because of pride, and you prefer pride over charity, human nature, and goodness.

  15. Our Mother cries for these fallen away priests and we should all be doing the same. Their time in hell will be very horrible if they don’t repent and get right with Jesus. +JMJ+

  16. Positive move – he looks like he belongs in a collar open sport shirt. Are you kidding me – “mutually agreed” – keep telling yourself that.

  17. St. Christopher says:

    It is stunning that a man as Palacios was even admitted to a seminary, much less be ordained and function as a priest. Also stunning — if accurate — is the childish, and pro-homosexual — response of the Church to his “sanction”: just don’t act as a priest while you are politically active. This is nuts! This man should never, ever, function as a priest, or as anything within the Catholic Church. Now, the Church continues to look as it probably is, an institution very welcoming and friendly to homosexuals that want to be priests. This must end now.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      The Vatican ordered another priest from a partnership of a None (Nun) and himself (I can’t remember their names, perhaps because I subconsciously don’t want to) to stop speaking on sexual matters, and they promptly disobeyed. What good did that do?

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  18. Mr. Palacios, you say that all the other denominations have lined up except the Catholic Church. You are right, but your perception is wrong. The reason why the Catholic Church has not lined up with the popular error of the culture is that it is founded by Christ himself, and the Lord promised to be her guardian and guide. Christ said to Peter, “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.”
    You see, secular culture may ordain anything as lawful according to its distorted view of the human person, and so it has done so on many fronts. However, God created man and woman according to his divine plan and that will never change in spite of popular trends of confusion and disorder. Yet, God loves us all and is full of mercy. You still are welcome as the prodigal son to turn back to the Father’s truth.

  19. CCD: Your unhealthy obsession with homosexuality continues. All these stories about the putative gay agenda, homosexual-activist priests, and reader vitriol. Yet not one story on Bishop Finn’s rightful conviction or Bishop Cordileone’s drunk driving arrest. Why is that? Who is more of a threat?

  20. “Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”

    “Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh.”

    “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. ”

    God have mercy on this scandalous and wayward priest, and bless Archbishop Gomez for his strength and wisdom in protecting the flock given him. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide him. Oh that all our bishops would be so bold in proclaiming the Truth.

  21. Rick DeLano says:

    “it was 3-5% of Catholics that could have been moved. If there had been a campaign to shift the Catholic movable middle, we would have won.”

    While this heretic and apostate is right that the nominal Catholics are remarkably easy to dupe, he is wrong on marriage.

    You see, you heretic and apostate, even the dumb as a fence post nominal Catholics instinctively recoil in disgust from the prospect of their children being indoctrinated by homosexualist radicals in public schools, at taxpayer expense.

    You will never win an election on homosexualist pseudo-marriage, and this fact just might save America.

  22. Palacios, this former Priest, is a heretic and schismatic. He must be called ‘Catholic Heretic’ in the media.

    Why are we so reluctant to tell the truth – by calling a heretic by his/her true name as defined in the CCC?

    Heretics and Schismatics who pretend to be Faithful Catholics commit the mortal sin of Scandal. Bishops and Priests in the USA must address Scandal openly.

  23. Thank you Archbishop Jose Gomez. It is about time. If it reaches the point where “Lord, what if only one is found, will you still destroy…” Know that you are that one and for that we are blessed.

  24. I have no way of knowing the conversations between Palacios and his bishop, but what would the purpose of simply not allowing him to wear his roman collar and represent himself as a priest? Is this supposed to be a temporary status? Every political group including O’Bama and his “New World Order” has their pseudo Catholic groups singing the praises with lies and fabrications. People should become familiar with the “new world order (disorder” that they are being swindled into to lose their freedoms! Every president knows exactly just what it’s purposes are and toes the lines!

  25. We must all scratch our heads and wonder why MR. Palacios is still called Father! And why do all these subversive, rebellious and degenerate individuals always act as though the world is just waiting for their ‘oh so tired and perverse’ message as though they’re bringing something new and better? These are the same guys who preached the Arian heresy in the early days of the Church. These are the same people who became protestants and burned Catholics and Cathedrals. These are the same people who never give up and never shut up. Will someone please throw them out and tell them to join their real father, the father of lies, and leave us alone? Throw the bums out!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Can anyone tell me if Palacious was ever a speaker at the Archdiocese of Lost Angels Religious dis-Education Congress?

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  26. William Mayer says:

    Finally a reasonable pushback by an Archbishop.

    If Catholicism is to be saved, at this point a very doubtful prospect, then it will take a lot more than this, but it is a very positive and welcome start.

    Fwiw, the Jesuits have always been a problem within the Church, the order should have been eliminated long ago. If these men think that neo-Marxism trumps religion then let them enter the political fray as laymen.

    As priests they receive a much undeserved seal of approval, without it they are just ill informed schmoes

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      There are still many good and faitful Jesuits!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Doubtful that the Catholic Church, founded by Christ Himself, will be saved? That’s absurd, my friend! Christ promised that the gates of hell would never prevail! Oh ye of little faith!

  27. This is why we need to continually pray for our bishops. Thank you Lord for Bishop Gomez standing up for Church doctrine on this topic. I wish he and other bishops stood up and publically proclaimed to the world that dissenters from Catholic Teaching are not Catholic and any clergy that promotes evil will be removed. We cannot have priests and other religious proclaiming justification for gay so-called marriage, abortion, contraception, etc. because these evil proclamations are a cancer within the Church. It is wonderful Archbishop Gomez stood for the truth here. We have to pray for Fr. Palacios and his soul. God Love You.

  28. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Thank you, Archbishop Gomez. By removing this man from his work as a misguided cleric, you have shown us that you definitely care about serving Our Lord with loving adherence the teachings of the Catholic Church, about the salvation of this human being’s immortal soul, about protecting Catholics from misguided teachings, about cleaning up our part of the Catholic world, about pleasing God, and about demonstrating to the witnessing world that we care about what individual priests and nuns are saying and doing in terms of promulgating a correct interpretation of Catholic values. I will pray for you for strength and courage in withstanding the torrents of unwarranted criticism that are likely to come your way from the misguided, and I will pray for the priest who needs support in turning away from the promotion of sin and the clearing of his mind, realizing that he may not presently be open to any encouragement in the direction of the light. May God help and bless us all.

  29. Re. the line about “the denominations”. And…so what? The Catholic Church is a Church unto herself, and is not a mere denomination. The Protestant schism is a “church” unto itself, comprised of many, many, many, and growing, denominations. The Catholic Church does not need to line up with all or even any of the Protestant denominations. If she does sometimes, she does, but that’s it. She is not beholden to peer pressure in this world where sin is called freedom and evil is called good.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Protestants do not meet the defination of Church. They are heretical christian communities steeped in error.. in the wilderness without a shephard…

      Only one other group meets the defination of Church as Jesus the son of the Most High intended.. the Eastern Church, and even they are wondering in the wilderness with confused shephards..

      The primary problem in America is that we have a Government that does not recognize and protect the only true religion, the Catholic Church.

      • Gordon Campbell says:


      • Many Protestants do not know anything about the Catholic Church. I’d wager than the vast majority of them know nothing substantial about the Holy Catholic Church. So they are really not protestant … although their leaders and founders have been and are … kinda like maybe … you don’t suppose now … a lot of the Catholic Church?

      • You are correct, but as you see I was pulling my punch a little bit. I don’t know why. Sometimes it’s just not fun to go straight for the jugular if you know what I mean. What I was really trying to address is how people in our protestant nation confuse a denomination, a subset of a church, with a Church.

        Your final point, don’t hold your breath about this “Christian” nation doing anything friendly toward Catholicism, which has always been like an awkward cousin in these 50. The country was founded and is controlled by baal-worshipping masons, unitarian-arian deists, and protestants. And that is the half who are not militant atheists screaming “NO!” three times, like the cock crowing, in their convention.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

        Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka,

        You said a mouthful there. I just read where a bishop of the Orthodox Coptic Church joined a Muslim Mullah in condemning the truth telling video that allegedly caused all the murderous riots (actually the video came out in June, only an idiot believes the lie that the riots just happened on September 11 is true). Since when is a bishop supposed to condemn the telling of the truth?

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

  30. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    The Devil is hard at work

  31. Thank you Bishop Gomez for doing your job to protect the Bride of Christ. There are too many cowards and traitors who aren’t. We need to pray for them all.

  32. If it’s true what Palacios told NCR, ” that he and his bishop “mutually agreed” that the priest would not minister publicly while promoting a redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples. “We agreed that I would stay on inactive status as long as I am politically active,” he said.”, this is very disturbing. It seems that Fr. palacios got no more than a slap on the wrist and was told that as long as his gaydar was showing up on the Raydar, he would stay on inactive status. If Father Palacios is ever allowed to minister without apologizing to the flock and admitting he caused great scandal, by advocating for same sex marriage, we wiil know then what kind of bishop Los Angeles has.

    • I’m afraid this is the way it is.
      I am strongly against financially supporting a priest who goes out to play, while the real hard work is done by faithful priests who don’t get recognition for working for Christ in the Church and often times in a thankless job.

  33. And by all means get him off the payroll.

  34. Gordon Campbell says:

    Jesuit -surprise, surprise.

  35. How about the politicians and Canon 915 – not one bishop has done anything about these people yet. What about LMU, et al? Bishop Curry lives in LA and LMU still does it own thing (Lavender graduations, the reading of “8″ etc, etc) – is there no Magisterium anymore?

  36. This was the correct thing under the Laws of the Church to suspended Fr. Palacious. While his intentions and views may be understood according to the views of some, it is against Biblical teaching and Fr. Palacious cannot make up his own rules against God’s Commandment. If he is truly a Jesuit then he knows that homosexuality is against the Divine Creation, an abomination that goes back to the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. Although homosexuals who have a desire to live a chaste life and a desire to follow Catholic teaching are to be welcomed in the church ( and I think they should), they must follow the same guidelines and vows of Chasity as male religious orders. In the end, God will judge accordingly. Fr. Palacious must think of what Fr. Corapi once said, “In the end, its either Heaven or Hell, PERIOD!

  37. Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple; it is high time the bishops throw the sodomites out.

  38. The use of the word “suspended” with regards to this man’s faculties makes this story a little confusing. He is on leave; he is not suspended. Apparently this occured in June of this year.

  39. Bravo to the Bishop. If priests cannot support Church teachings then they should not be active priests.

    They have sworn an oath to uphold these truths. It’s not about them, it’s about who and what they do.

  40. Thank God. He has given someone the courage to stand up for the Church and the beliefs of the Church. I am proud and humbled that Archbishop Jose Gomez has done this. I pray that he will always have the courage to do this and lead the way for others.


  41. Defrock, defrock and defrock. It is good to clean out the cupboard or should it be closet?

    Regarding the above: REALLY? Not nice

  42. Openly pro-homosexual and openly political ,activist priest—where does he find the time to follow his “calling”? If being a priest is a vocation, a call from God to be “another Christ”, where does he fit? Like sisters who want to be priests, you can’t have it all!
    This has gone on too long. Yet, the priest continues to be supported by faithful Catholics who put their offering in the collection every Sunday, Catholics who believe in traditional marriage and raising their children in the same Catholic tradition, then why are they forced to support these pro-homosexual/liberal men who want to see them stripped of their sacrament of marriage?
    Why doesn’t he go out and get a job in the public sector or with the political activists who he is spending all his time defending?

  43. Thank God Christ has risen to point out our sin including the homosexual behavior. The bible warns us in the last days an increasing number of men will be with men, and women with women. No church under Christ should ever endorse sin and especially the filthy, deviant sinful act of sodomy.

  44. I met this man years’ ago at Saint John’s Seminary…he told me a story, when I was visiting the seminary…”one morning,when he was discerning his vocation, his room was bathed in “gold” one day”… he told me that this was a sign to pursue his vocation and that he was on the right path…if you’re reading this, you will remember Palacios…is this where your vocation led you?

  45. Even back than, I found him somewhat disturbing…

  46. Mark from PA says:

    Pope Benedict XVI is most definitely not a childish idiot. He is a brilliant man. In regard to being closeted it is most likely that he is not aware of his own sexuality. You may think that is crazy, but I speak from experience here. Take it from someone who knows. I didn’t really identify but on another site when someone made a statement, “Well if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck and quacks like a duck.” Well I got the point, a short time after I had figured it out on my own. And for the record again, with 100% certainty, people do not choose to be gay, it is the way God made them. You can choose to do certain actions but you don’t get to choose who you are inside.

    • Mark from PA says:

      I wonder what it was like for Pope Benedict as a child growing up in such a toxic atmosphere. Surrounded by evil and hate, walking the streets among murders. What was it like for a young boy to be snatched from his family and thrown in an evil army and forced to fight for evil? What was it like for someone who had grown up in a devout Catholic home to be surrounded by men many of whom had been brainwashed by an evil ideology? What would it has been like for someone who never had impure thoughts about women to be treated to ugly language and objectification of women? What was it like to be in an atmosphere where Jews, homosexuals and others were considered “untermenschen” sub-humans who were deserving of death? What kind of suffering would this cause to a boy who was pure of heart? Thanks be to God he survived this horror. Millions did not.

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