Behind the candelabra

San Bernadino diocese rents out church for gay-theme Liberace film

Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub and director Steven Soderberg are making an HBO movie based upon the 1988 tell-all book, Behind the Candelabra, the story of flamboyant entertainer, Lee Liberace, as told by Scott Thorson who claims to have been Liberace’s young gay lover.

Thorson’s 242-page book sells for almost $200 on The book is promoted as a “sorry, seamy tale.” According to, “the book is uncomfortably candid with revelations about ‘Lee’ (Liberace) who was driven to experience sexual variety with younger males.”

According to the book, when Thorson was jilted by Liberace, he filed an acrimonious suit in 1982 against the entertainer for “palimony.” It resulted in an out-of-court settlement in 1986 of $95,000 plus two cars and two pet dogs. Thorson’s book makes a reference to Catholicism on page 83: Thorson writes, “While at the Cloisters (the name for Liberace’s Palm Springs, California house), Lee (Liberace) occasionally invited gay priests to say a private mass.” While some people thought that Liberace was close to his mother, Thorson writes that Liberace never cried at the death of his mother but wept “buckets” when his poodle dog died.

While Liberace spent most of his time in Las Vegas, he stayed at his house in Palm Springs during the 1980s, where he died in 1987. The house was across the street from a parish church, Our Lady of Solitude, which is in the San Bernardino diocese.

Jerry Weintraub in photo from the Los Angeles Times

The diocese, headed by Bishop Gerald Barnes, and under the legal advice of attorney, Wilfred Lemann, reportedly approved and facilitated a deal with Weintraub or HBO to allow Our Lady of Solitude to be used as a movie set for filming the gay-themed movie about Liberace. The Hollywood internet news site, TMZ, reported that Zsa Zsa Gabor signed a deal with Weintraub so that her house could be used, and Gabor received “about $70,000.”

Neither Bishop Barnes nor his attorney Lemann have disclosed what amount the diocese received for use of Our Lady of Solitude for two days of filming on site.

However, John Andrews, the spokesman for the diocese, stated in a September 11 phone interview that “the parish (of Our Lady of Solitude) was paid money” and that this decision was approved by the diocese. When asked if anyone in the diocese, including the bishop, was aware of the content of
this movie, Andrews replied, “Yes.” Andrews went on to say that they chose to read only the script pages involving the funeral scene.

On August 20, Soderberg’s film crew rolled an empty casket into Our Lady of Solitude and placed fake flowers by the altar. The casket served as a prop for the final scenes of the movie, scenes depicting a Requiem Mass for Liberace.

According to the Palm Springs Desert Sun and other news sources,  Liberace’s body was never brought into Our Lady of Solitude church nor into any Catholic church and that there never was a Requiem Mass in Our Lady of Solitude with Liberace’s body/casket present.

According to news sources, when Liberace died at his Palm Springs house on February 4, 1987, his body was taken to Forest Lawn Mortuary in Hollywood where it was embalmed. However, the day after his death, someone contacted the Riverside County coroner to raise suspicions and Liberace’s body was brought back for autopsy. On the same day (February 6) Liberace’s body lay in the coroner’s office, a prayer and hymn memorial service was underway at Our Lady of Solitude. Shortly thereafter, the coroner held a major news conference to disclose that Liberace died from pneumonia as a complication of AIDS. The coroner released the body back to Forest Lawn for burial in Hollywood.

In his book, Scott Thorson mentioned a “commemorative service held in Palm Springs two days after he died.” That would have been the prayer service at Our Lady of Solitude on Friday February 6. Thorson refers to a “gloomy chapel” service on February 7 (a Saturday), apparently at Forest Lawn in Hollywood. It was at this location that Thorson was shunned by Liberace’s family, not at Our Lady of Solitude.

Several local Catholics in Palm Springs said they had no recollection of Liberace ever being a member of Our Lady of Solitude or ever even attending Mass there. Some parishioners did remember that Liberace held adult costume parties at his house across the street from the church, especially at Halloween.

Bishop Barnes

The Liberace HBO movie is not the first time that the San Bernardino diocese has been involved with homosexual events. In 2003 Bishop Barnes hosted the convention of the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries at the Palm Springs Hilton where he celebrated Mass for the group. (In 2012 the association, under the new name Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry,  refused to sign an oath of personal integrity as faithful Catholics, requested by their Oakland bishop, Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, presently of San Francisco.)

In 1987 Father Paul Shanley and his gay partner, Father Jack White, bought a property in the Warm Sands (gay) district of Palm Springs and operated it as gay men’s resort called the Cabana Club. The now infamous Father Shanley, who had come from the Boston archdiocese, was welcomed into the San Bernadino diocese in 1990 and celebrated Mass occasionally at Our Lady of Solitude when Father William Erstad was pastor. Shanley was eventually convicted and imprisoned for oral and anal rape of a six-year-old boy. Shanley was a founding member of the North American Man Boy Love Association which promotes sex between adult men and little boys.

Another priest who made headlines for the diocese of San Bernardino was Monsignor Peter Covas, a financial director of the diocese. Not only had Covas given $225,000 of church money to federal convict Frank Nicoletti as an “investment,” but he had bought a prominent gay men’s resort, the Palm Canyon Inn in Palm Springs under the alias of “Peter Palmer.”

Covas was twice arrested in the 1980s for public sexual misconduct. In one case, a police officer observed Covas masturbating in a porn shop video booth. The Riverside Press Enterprise reported that the diocese turned over to the police an allegation from the diocese that Covas had an intimate sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy. When Covas died in 2004, Bishop Barnes gave him a celebratory Mass of Resurrection at Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral where fourth degree Knights of Columbus in full regalia, including swords, flanked Covas’s casket. The eulogist, Monsignor John Ryan lauded Covas as once “the face of the Catholic Church…”

Behind the Candelabra is scheduled for release in January 2013. Michael Douglas portrays Liberace and Matt Damon is Thorson. Presumably, the San Bernardino diocese will be acknowledged in the film credits.

For additional information, read the television transcript of Larry King’s interview with Scott Thorson regarding Behind the Candelabra:

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  1. “Whited walls filled with dead men’s bones” (both Jesus and St Paul used this image). The old addage, “you get what you pay for”: so, you pay a church in exchange for some money, not blood money but gay money. It is the way to evangelize the sodomites, ie give them what they want.

    • Rick DeLano says:

      This is simply appalling.

      The Bishop must be removed and laicized.

      Since we know this will not be done, we must recall the words of Scripture:

      ” Foundations once destroyed, what can the righteous do”?

      Homosexuality is destroying the Catholic Church.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Rick I agree this is appalling.

      • You are so correct! I can’t add much to it of substance. However, I am having quite a problem with my belief in the authority of these traitors which does nothing but diminish faith, including mine. I can only find believing in the popes. God help us, the church is folding or we have been mislead!

        • Rick DeLano says:


          We have the word of God in Scripture that there will come a time when men, having itching ears, will gather to themselves teachers of falsehood.

          Faith is faith.

          Christ will save those aboard His Ark of salvation, the catholic Church, when that Day comes.

          Find a Traditional Mass, and do not doubt that God has allowed the homosexuals to infiltrate our priesthood and episcopate in just judgement for our sins; not a hair on the head of the faithful shall be harmed.

          No matter how disfigured, no matter how beleaguered, Christ Himself has promised that the gates of hell shall not prevail.

          • Rick, You are right of course and thank you. Sometimes the pompous higher clergy really get to me. The more that is dug up the worse it gets.

  2. Beyond shameful!

    Why is the San Bernardino diocese and Bishop Gerald Barnes so heavily invested in promoting homosex?

    The good Catholics of Palm Springs and the San Bernardino Diocese ought to demand that Bishop Barnes be defrocked or remove himself in shame.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      The good Catholics of the Diocese of Sad Bernadino have sent plenty of complaints to Rome, and those complaints seem to just get lost in the shuffle.

      Many of those who complained were priests.

      Why should anyone be surprised at the participation of the Knights in that priests sham near canonization, they did the same for Cong. Edward R. Roybal when Roger the Dodger gave him a Saint’s send off complete with Eulogies from the deans of the pro-abortion Democrats in the RogMahal. Roybal had a 100% NARAL and Sodomite voting record.

      Mahony actually told Virgil Dechant in a letter we have in our possession, that Roybal was the finest CATHOLIC Legislator in his Archdiocese and that he is close to the Roybal family. I imagine that now includes his congresswitch daughter who is carrying on his evil legacy!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  3. Time to demand that Bishop Barnes resign. This is not Catholic. It is perverse.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      I agree Virgina!

    • Since the USCCB doesn’t seem to be capable of doing anything about governance of the bishops in the United States, just who is their superior with so many foxes in the henhouse. Barnes (not addressed as bishop on purpose) portrait reminds me of the “Portrait of Dorian Grey”. I become more and more angry with the church. How is it that clergy are bound to a total different form of justice. What is this traitor Barnes et., al., continuing to do to destroy the church. Do the gay circles within the clergy also have a “confession circle” to blandly tell them they are justified therefore not sinning? Sacrilige at the altar!!!!!!

  4. Angelina in Rancho Cucamonga says:

    From what I have seen, this is easy to believe.
    I did not see anything in my newspaper about this-yet. I plan to tell them so that others will know. I want my fellow parishioners to know as well. Thank you, California Catholic Daily, for “outing” the Diocese.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Barnes was only good for crucifying Fr. Staubach for being too Catholic when he was Chaplain at St. Bernadine Hospital.

      Fr. Staubach was very close to the Fr. Paul Marx, OSB, Ph.D, the Founder of Human Life International I may not have Fr. Staubach’s name correct.

      They both were giants of the Faith and will probably be there when Barnes meets his Maker. Just the thought gives me chills and should do the same for Barnes!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  5. Victor Lopez says:

    No wonder we never hear anything from the pulpit against homosexual conduct. Bishop Barnes and his advisers must be terribly stupid or terribly corrupt. there does not seem to be any other choice of explanations.

  6. Concerned Catholic Mother says:

    The book jacket’s photo of the young man/boy Scott Thorson, with the aging Liberace certainly seemed to show quite an age difference between them. With a bit of research I found that Liberace was born on May 19, 1919 and died on February 4, 1987. Scott Thorson was born in 1958. According to an interview Thorson had with “Larry King Live” in 2002, Thorson said he moved in with Liberace when he (Thorson) was 17 years old. In the “tell-all” book, “Behind the Candelabra”, Scott Thorson claimed he became sexually involved with Liberace in the summer of 1977 when he was 18 years old. Liberace would then have been 58 years old! At that time, this was not only immoral, but illegal. This is a destructive pederastic relationship! It is a scandal for the Catholic Church to cooperate in making a film about this which will go into people’s living rooms via the Home Box Office (HBO) channel!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      But the Diocese will make Mamon (money) from it! Who knows, maybe Barnes knows things we don’t know yet, and he will need the money for payoffs!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  7. “presumably, the San Bernardino diocese will be acknowledged in the film credits.”

    This brings new meaning to the use of the Imprimatur.

    In the 1950′s the bishops asked us to pledge NEVER to see any Hollywood movie that was disapproved by the Legion of Decency. Now the bishops are involved in facilitating schlock and sordidness. So sick, so sad.

  8. Sacramento Catholic says:

    This reminds me of an incident that occurred in Sacramento back in 1992 during the trial of a priest who had “counseled” women into having sex with him, then heard their confessions and absolved them. It was a lurid, nasty trial. Eager to cash in on the trial was one of those sleazy half-hour gossip shows. What absolutely sickened me is that Bishop Francis Quinn, Ordinary at the time, allowed the TV film crew to make a reenactment of a confession using a confessional at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament with an actor portraying a priest. While attending the trial, I myself heard the Bishop tell the TV people when to go to the Cathedral to film. I’m not saying that the Bishop or the Cathedral made any money off this wretched and deplorable use of the Cathedral; maybe it was just another case of appeasing the media, but it was a terrible use of God’s holy Church.

  9. This is big news. Why isn’t it in the LA Times?

  10. Abeca Christian says:

    I’m very disappointed and heart broken, Bishop Barnes you should be fired.

  11. The Catholic Church must stop ordaining gay men.

  12. Larry from RI says:

    Liberace was a vertuoso on the piano and the organ. That’s talent!!!!

  13. San Bernadino diocese shows very poor judgment and leadership here. If the diocese is in debt, perhaps there are better ways to earn quick cash than this debacle. And the information re actively gay priests – violating vows of celibacy – and promoting such businesses is appalling. More prayers needed for better judgment, for God’s guidance, and definitely for God’s forgiveness of us all as members of the Body of Christ.

  14. This is disgusting and scandlous. If Liberace wasn’t a member and didn’t attend Mass at Our Lady of Solitude, why was any religious service held there? It seems there should be a papal investigation of Bishop Barnes, Our Lady of Solitude parish and parish finances. Parishoners sacrifice to support our parishes and Catholic groups, and we expect the money to be spent honorably and for the purpose for which it is intended. Why should there be any gay and lesbian ministries? Why celebrate sins and perversion? According to the Church, there should be no sex outside of a lawful marriage. If a person is homosexual, he/she should confess his/her sins, do penance and amend his life. Or is that too old-fashioned?

    • Sarah, by the time someone has long engaged in sodomy, there is little hope for that soul. Sodomy is the end of the line. That is one reason it far outshadows other types of adultery, because heterosexual adultery is way easier to turn from. Countless people turn away from it and go on to live good and holy lives. This is not the case with sodomy.

  15. There is a photo gallery of the film crew at Our Lady of Solitude on the internet. Google, ‘Liberace back for biopic shoot The Desert Sun.’ The most heartbreaking photo shows the cameras lined up in front of a statue of Our Lady. This is more than the smoke of Satan entering the sanctuary. This is Satan being openly invited into the sanctuary to mock all that is holy. Bishop Barnes is sanctioning the use of a church to film a movie that glorifies perversion. Adding more insult to God, the diocese even took money in exchange for the betrayal. These photos should evoke the sobering reminder of the prophetic warnings that Our Lady of Akita has given to the entire world, “Churches and altars will be sacked, the Church will be full of those who accept compromise.” Using Our Lady of Solitude to film this movie is evil. These are acts of the apostasy.

    This story validates all the more, the death bed taped recording of a woman who stood up in defense of a good priest who was sent to Palm Springs on assignment from Mexico. This priest was assailed by predator clergy in Palm Springs. Bishop Barnes was made aware of this situation by this woman and the priest.

    Behind the candelabra is also the same scourge of why the book Goodbye Good Men was written. So what is the solution to this unaddressed problem that still keeps plaguing the Church? Pray the Rosary! Rome knows how bad it is. They are waiting for the laity to speak up. The telephone number for the Diocese of San Bernadino is (909) 475-5300. In making public reparation, the money should all be returned and there should be a public apology to God for offending Him so greatly!

    Pray for Bishop Gerald Barnes! This act of apostasy is surely inviting calamities on the world.

    • Maybe there are clerics in the Diocese who knew and cavorted with Liberace.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Someone should send this information to the Vatican!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Mary Helena Gamble says:

        Kenneth M Fisher.


        Go over yourself wih all the information and proof -and it will be ignored.

        Like all the evidence and information on the Warwick St Gay Masses in Soho, (see their web site).!!!!!!!

        I did receive a letter from Cardinal Gagnon ‘many many ‘years ago when a parent complained to me about the disgusting explicit ‘sex instruction’ in a catholic school . He DID do something about it.Depends who one sees!!!!

        hen The Holy Father Pope Benedict came to the UK-he did nothing to stop them!!

    • 18 year old males are legally adults, and were so in 1977 … well, sort of … they could vote but not legally buy booze.

    • Sodomy is the consequence of sin according to St Paul. So if a diocese begins to meld with the gay community, then what would be seen would be a diocese being punished by God for sin. I wonder what sin this diocese might be under punishment for. Someone mentioned that the Bishop’s seminary years infused Marxism into him … Could that be it? After all, hasn’t Our Lady of Fatima said that Marxism or Communism is an assault on the Church?

  16. Another bad move by so-called ‘catholics’ and when this homosexual (NOT GAY) movie comes out, it will appear that Liberace was granted a funeral mass and that the Catholic Church condones homosexual behavior by awarding them with a mass despite the homosexuals mocking God. I never heard of ‘gay’ money, whatever that is as I am in Mass. where there is a lot of money that the Bishops gave to homosexuals as a reward for having sex with homosexual priests under the disguise of compassion. It is so sad that Liberace ruined his soul as he was a very talented performer and he could have used his God-given gifts for the glory of God. We are definitely in the EVE OF DESTRUCTION and we still have our heads in the sand; how much longer will God put up with us?? +JMJ+

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Liberace may have confessed before his death, we pray that he did, but that does not excuse Barnes!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • If he did confess before his death, and if Teddy boy Kennedy confessed before his death, then why wouldn’t a bishop explain this to the public so as to avoid scandal and confusion? I suspect it is entrenched institutional arrogance, of the type characterized by Jesus and St Paul as “Whited sepulchres filled with dead men’s bones”. Jesus’ guarantee of the Church against Hell is no guarantee against individual or groups of bishops.

  17. I was there when Father Covas celebrated a funeral mass for a young man who had committed suicide. His homily went on for 45 minutes, and it seemed like a third of it was speculation as to whether the boy was in hell. Of course, the parents, grief-stricken over the death of their only child said, “that’s just how he (Covas) is…”. When I found out about his forced retirement from the priesthood, I was relieved. I look forward to Bishop Barnes’ retirement as well. It’s a matter of leadership, pure and simple.

  18. Why are Catholic clergy so greedy that they rent out consecrated places like churches to make a buck? In 1994 the bishop made $500 pieces of silver by renting the Stockton Cathedral to Vassula, a phony seer who claimed that Jesus uses her hand to write His messages to the world. I wonder if the Cathedral made any more money by allowing sales of her books? The whole event was profane – just like using the Palm Springs church to stage a service for a sodomite. Maybe Bishop Barnes should plan his retirement.

    • They get old, their mental functions slip, their wisdom slips, their wickedness begins to show. Old men who live virtuous lives live virtuous old ages.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      He should not be rewarded with retirement!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  19. Sickening story. Why is this considered news worthy?

    • Because, peter, it bothers you. Consider this type of bothersome story to be like your personal Hound of Heaven barking to keep you awake so that some day you’ll open your ears, eyes, mind and heart to Jesus Christ.

  20. this whole story is very sad and depressing.

    maybe after a gallon of coffee i’ll get some faith back in my church, but right now, reading thisx mess is a real downer.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      max I agree it is a downer! and depressing….just when I thought things couldn’t get any worst with our church leaders in the USA, this article comes through….God help us and have mercy on us all!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      If you faith is based on priests, religous, and bishops, you need to read the Messages of Our Lady of La Sallette, Akita and other of Her messages.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • max, how many days does it take you to drink two dozen cups of coffee (a gallon)?

  21. Eric Augustine says:

    Why even print stuff like this – there are many other items of more interest than this nonsense -

    • Abeca Christian says:

      This is trash I agree but now that this was exposed, we need to send letters to someone higher and help stop this sinful scandal.

      • Eric Augustine says:

        The problem is who do you send letters or notifications to that would even pay any type of attention to it – We are dealing with ‘the old boys’ club and I doubt anyone would listen – Great thought -

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Eric I understand your sentiments on this…I too have asked myself “who do we take this up to for some kind of solution”. Eric I just hope we don’t give up, maybe we can start with looking up who is this bishop’s boss, then go up the ladder and try finding out who his boss’s boss is, all the way to ROME I suppose. Also we can send a letter to this bishop too reminding him of his call and letting him know that his actions are not acceptable….etc

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Eric Read MIKE”s post, he gives us instruction as well….and pray…offer up fasting and prayers…lets not give up

  22. It is all so very sordid and horrible. That whole life of debauchery and double dealing fills me with dread and abhorrence. How I wish these lost souls were not so attracted to the color and panoply of Mother Church. It is not the tenets and teachings of Jesus that draws them, but the beauty, which they simply can’t help but want, though they can only degrade and dishonor everything they touch unless they can find the strength to reject that life. St.Faustina’s writes of hell “Let the sinner know that he will be tortured throughout all eternity, in those senses which he made use of to sin.I am writing this at the command of God, so that no soul may find an excuse by saying there is no hell, or that nobody has ever been there, and so no one can say what it is like…how terribly souls suffer there! Consequently, I pray even more fervently for the conversion of sinners. I incessantly plead God’s mercy upon them. O My Jesus, I would rather be in agony until the end of the world, amidst the greatest sufferings, than offend you by the least sin.” (Diary 741)

  23. The book itself sells for almost $200.00 on amazon?? What? All about the money in every direction. All the church had to do was say NO. Anyone making the moving could have slipped inside the church taken a picture and then set up a room that resembled the picture. Sorry Bishop Barnes the OK for this movie was just plain wrong. I hope someone from the church read the script first…..for all we know there may be a party scene or worse with priests involved. Sure take the money, who cares if Liberace has a penchant for “younger males,” who cares, it is all so normal….right? Shame, shame. Plus how does anyone know how much of the fat book is fact, after all Mr. Thorson was “jilted” wasn’t he? All about the money, and the Catholic church has its paws in the

  24. This is not the first time that the San Bernardino diocese has been involved with homosexual events. In 2003 Bishop Barnes hosted the convention of the National Association of Lesbian and Gay Ministries.
    It’s time for Bishop Barns to be honest and step down so that someone who can be faithful to Authentic Catholic teachings can become a true shepard of this flock.

    • If you can prove it, report him with documentation to the US Papal Nuncio and the Vatican and request that the Bishop be removed from Office.

      It’s time to take our Church back from Satan.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        SoCal please read MIKE”S post. I agree we need to act and those close to the situation and can prove the bishop’s disloyalty, please do so! It will be an act of charity to help this Bishop see the error of his ways and what it is doing to the faith! We need to act fast now! Thanks MIKE for your post!

  25. Gordon Campbell says:


  26. WOODY GUIDRY says:

    This current madness will end when someone uses the wondrous human mind to replace it with a different madness even more exciting because it will be a new one.

  27. It is time for Bishop Barnes and others like him who promote homosexality to resign or be removed from office.
    This promotion/enabling of homosexual activity is heretical and schismatic. It is a Sacrilege to use a Catholic Church in this manner.

    Report him to the US Papal Nuncio in Washington DC, and to the VATICAN with a copy of the above article for documentation.
    (It took a while but the people got rid of a unfaithful Bishop a few years ago,in Australia.)
    Code of Canon Law – Title IX, CHAPTER II. provides for the LOSS OF ECCLESIASTICAL OFFICE by REMOVAL or PRIVATION.

    BIBLE: Gen 19:1-29; Rom 1:24-27; 1 Cor 6:9-10; 1 Tim 1:10
    CCC: # 2357, 2358, 2359

    (In addition on the Vatican Web site see: “Letter to Bishops on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons” and in particular #15.)

    • Abeca Christian says:

      YES i agree MIKE!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      The One to write to is the Head of the Roman Signatura, His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke:

      Cardinal Raymond Burke (19/Nov/2010) (K of C)
      Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura
      Apostolic Signatura
      Palazzo della Cancelleria
      Piazza della Cancelleria 1
      00186 Roma
      Vatican City State

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  28. Ah! “Money talks” does it not but it will not on Judgment Day.

    • Any of, these people too, laity or clerical, who are committing the sin of presumption — you know I will just go ahead and commit the sin and some priest has to absolve me — better think twice. As Christ said no one knows the day or hour or minute he will come for him or her, and they just might not make it to the priest, especially if they plan on committing the sin again. He did say that those who are guilty of the sin of presumption will be cast out into outer darkness. Of course many who call themselves Christian do not really believe those words. Well you had better. As for many may God give the grace to believe and obey.

  29. Disgusting! No wonder the sex abuse scandal has gone on for so long. Too many of the bishops look the other way in the face of sexual deviance. Why do dioceses have “Gay and Lesbian” ministries in the first place? Why identify a ministry by sinfulness? Do we have the Mastubator’s Ministry? Fornicator’s Ministry? Adulterer’s Ministry? Have the bishops not read St. Paul? That the effeminate will not possess the kingdom of God? Yet another “fruit” of Vatican II. The demonic attack on the Holy Catholic Church from within continues.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      We had family visiting and we had a big feast and then watched “For Greater Glory”, most of my in laws are protestant. You should of seen their faces, they felt uncomfortable when they saw the scenes with Joselito and the older priest before they killed the priest, they didn’t see anything wrong with the boy throwing something at the priest but as the story went on, they were concerned that a young boy was left in the care of a priest. They thought molestation in their minds, they felt more sorry when the horses where shot….it was a crazy day at home. With all the negative scandals about our faith, no wonder they felt just felt malice then at the end of the movie, they actually had improved in attitude just a tad bit about the faith. All the harm the bad willed Bishops are causing will take a long time to correct and again regain the trust of the people, back to Christ’s church.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


        I have had to deal with persons who at one time were self described devout Catholics and they were so offended by these scandals, it will take a miracle to bring them back. “The path to Hell is paved with the skulls of priests, religious, and bishops”!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

    • You forgot beastiality ministries … more reports all the time on this insanity.

  30. The sex abuse crisis “is history.” –Bp. Wilton Gregory, then-President of the USCCB, Feb 2004

  31. Jim Sheridan says:

    I’ve lived near Palm Springs for several years now, and I’ve been trying to get at least one of the local churches to start a chapter of Courage and Encourage there. I even attended the annual conference in Emmitsburg, MD in July in order to learn about this great program, and I am now more impressed as ever with it after meeting so many members and hearing all of their testimonies. I request that everyone who reads this post stops and says a Hail Mary for this endeavor, should it be God’s will. And please keep this effort in your regular prayers. There is a big misunderstanding going about that this ministry involves so-called “reparative therapy”, which it does not. Please pray that the local churches’ leaders hearts and minds are open to the truth of God’s goodness and healing. And please take time to learn about COURAGE/ENCOURAGE yourself, as there have been some wonderful videos posted on YouTube recently. God bless!

  32. Liberace is long DEAD!

    I’m more worried about the darned Boy Scouts, after reading this on Philanthropy Dot Com:

    Files Show Boy Scouts Kept Hundreds of Abuse Claims Secret

    September 17, 2012, 10:30 am

    The Boy Scouts of America did not report hundreds of suspected child molesters in its ranks to authorities from 1970 to 1991 and helped some alleged abusers cover their tracks, the Los Angeles Times says, citing internal files from the charity.

    The newspaper reviewed 1,600 formerly confidential files which an Oregon court ordered released in connection with a molestation lawsuit and found some 400 cases in which there is no record of Scouts officials going to police with abuse suspicions raised by boys, parents, or employees or through anonymous tips.

    In more than 100 cases Scouts officials actively helped keep abuse allegations quiet, sometimes allowing suspected molesters to leave the organization quietly and cite bogus reasons, according to the Times.

    Boy Scouts officials declined to comment for the article. In a prepared statement, Scouts spokesman Deron Smith said it has “always cooperated fully with any request from law enforcement and today require our members to report even suspicion of abuse directly to their local authorities.”

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Isn’t this convenient, at a time when the National Offices of the Boy Scouts of America, an Organization I am happy and proud to be a part of, takes a strong stand in support of Tradition, this report comes out from that bastion of truth, the L.A. Times!

      Considering the size and scope of the BSA, those numbers are not that great, but we will work to make those numbers even less. Every Adult Scout Leader must take a yearly “Child Abuse Prevention” course, or HE OR SHE CANNOT take part in any Scouting activities as an adult Leader!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher, Asst. Scout Master, Troop 73, Anaheim, CA

    • When I was in the Boy Scouts, we had leaders who had tromped through jungles, mixed it up in the air, humped roads over hills too far, wound up in full body castes for months and kept the likes of the “Rape of Ninking” from happening in the USA. There was never a hint of sexual deviancy in the troop.

  33. Abeca Christian says:

    We can no longer deny what is attacking Christ’s very church! We can not deny the truth about homosexuality and it’s attack on the faith, in the priesthood! We can not deny this any longer!

  34. I am surprised by your reactions. This a story how an older homosexual male seduced young teenage boys. This young man was a heterosexual from foster care who Liberace said he would adopt. Then the sexual requests started and the boy was already lured in by the wealth and kindness of Liberace. Liberace decided that he wanted Scott to look like a younger version of himself and ordered him to have plastic surgery. At that time Liberace’s doctors intoduced Scott to powerful drugs that he became addicted to. Liberace did not like the drug use but did not try to help him and became angry when he discovered Scott had girlfirends on the side. Scott says that he knows 3 people who died from AIDS that they got from Liberace. Liberace himself died from AIDS. This is not a pro-gay story. Though with the current situation in Hollywood it probably will get spun “non-judgemental.”

    • k,
      The movie should not include the interior of a Catholic Church.
      The Sacred Presence is in the Tabernacle.
      This is holy ground and should be treated as such – especially by a Bishop.
      This is a scandal.

      • The thing that occured to me was maybe they are trying to link it with the priest abuse scandal. But you are saying that there should be no filming at all in a Catholic Church?

        • Depends on the content of the ENTIRE movie. Only if it promotes and promulgates the message of God thoughout the movie as a whole.
          Certainly not to promote anything sinful.

    • It’s a pro-sodomite story.

    • Hollywood does not need to rent a real Church. It can rent or buy a vacant one, or it can make one on its back lot. The Diocese sold souls to please the sodomite community.

    • Augustus Iverson says:

      Not to condone what Liberace did, but K you are swallowing hook line and sinker the self-serving story of Scott Thorson — hardly an angel himself, and who is/was looking for some of Liberace’s millions. Consider the source. Everything he claims is not true and you should not be so gullible.

  35. With this article, I recommend that everyone watch Michael Vorris talk about Obama’s Bishops…again. This Vortex episode spells out the problem of homosexuality and why it is destroying the Church. This truly is horrid. I pray our bishops man up and at some point proclaim the truth to save souls and encourage us to ignore the lies of this culture. God Love You.

    • Thanks MD, and I agree! Also, his video today was really relevant about the bishops’ silence on any of the faux Catholics like Caroline Kennedy and the dissident nun Campbell..He pointed out how even Bill O’Reilly was wondering why not one Catholic bishop refuted what these women were claiming were teachings of the Church. It’s so sad that so many are being misled and misinformed, and now we’ll probably have obama for another four years because of the Catholic vote because bishops aren’t speaking out.. If Ms.Kennedy says it’s okay to have abortions and still be Catholic because her bishop never questioned it, then it must be okay, right? We mustn’t despair though, MD, and remember that God is in control. Our bishops may be weak, but our Lord is always strong and it helps enormously to just give Him our worries and concerns. I hope everyone has a bumper sticker or yardsign up. These little things do help.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

        What will help even more is if Catholics seek permission from their Pastors to have an election eve All Night Vigil in the Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament praying for God’s Holy Will in this election. Protestants can ask their ministers for something similar.

        We are having just such a Vigil at Our Lady Help of Christians in Garden Grove, CA on election eve.!

        For more information, call me at: 714-491-2284 or 714-260-3821 (Cell).

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Rick DeLano says:

        Dana is right that Obama will be re-elected.

        The Republican establishment has foisted another McCain on us and so the Republican Party establishment is finished, forever.

        They will never recover from this one.

        The good news is the Senate will go Republican, and not the Scott Brown losers but real conservatives.

        The better news is that Justice Roberts, having established the necessary predicates in his remarkable finding on Obamacare, will vote with the majority to crush the gay fascist movement when the Prop 8 show-trial scandal is finally smacked down hard.

        The really bad news is that Obama will be able to destroy America if any of the conservative justices die or retire in the next four years.

        • Rick, could you elaborate on this? I had sensed it was not a bad move by Roberts, but am not sure why. “The better news is that Justice Roberts, having established the necessary predicates in his remarkable finding on Obamacare, will vote with the majority to crush the gay fascist movement when the Prop 8 show-trial scandal is finally smacked down hard.”

          • Rick DeLano says:


            The Obamacare decision hammers home the point that elections have consequences.

            It is not the Supreme Court’s- nt the judicial branch’s- job to correct the consequences of electoral decisions.

            This chilling argument is exactly why the Dream Team petitioned, fervently, for SCOTUS not to take their own showpiece case.

            As for Obamacare, it is a tax and can be overturned anytime the Congress decides to overturn it.

            Had the Republican establishment not succeeded in foisting the all-time champion loser Mitt Romney on us, that would certainly have been next January.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Rick also lets try to give people hope, if we make these sort of assumptions, it’s like telling people to just give up. I remember my hubby telling me that many people just vote for whom they think is predicted to win, like if it was some gambling thing at the horse races…..They don’t want to vote for whom they think will lose…it’s sad that some treat it that way, without giving it some logic and thought.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Rick I need some hope, and when folks all predict that Obama will win once again, it doesn’t make me feel any better. I told my husband that we should go on vacation during the week of the elections, just in case Obama wins, I want to run away and hide all due to the disappointment but since I still believe in miracles, if we win…then we can have a big feast!

  36. The Digital Hairshirt says:

    Is it any wonder that Bishop Tod Brown of the Diocese of Orange also has his annual priest retreat in La Quinta, next door to Palm Springs? The Diocese there is fraught with homosexual priests, and I know of several with serious mental disorders. I hope both bishops are replaced soon.

  37. This is not surprising. Bishop Barnes himself has recounted publicly his story of being kicked out of two seminaries. Two seminaries refused to ordain him a priest. He was finally ordained a priest for the diocese of San Antonio.

    He was rector of the seminary in San Antonio before being named an assistant bishop for San Bernadino. The seminary of San Antonio was virtually Marxist for decades before Bishop Gomez cleaned it up when he was bishop there.

  38. Augustus Iverson says:

    This is from CalCatholic on June 2, 2011:

    A woman religious who serves as pastoral coordinator at the largest Catholic parish in Palm Springs has apologized for the way some Church leaders have treated homosexuals, comparing them to the Japanese unjustly interred during World War II and African-Americans in the Deep South before the civil rights movement.

    Sister Diane Smith, a member of the sisters of Saint Joseph Carondolet, is pastoral coordinator at St. Theresa Parish in Palm Springs. Pastoral coordinators, appointed by the bishop, administer parishes when no priest to available to serve as pastor. It is a means by which some bishops deal with the priest shortage.

    Sr. Smith’s apology was published in the Sunday, May 29, parish bulletin. Sr. Smith referenced an email she had received from a woman, presumably Catholic, who had made making amends to homosexuals “for the way the Church has treated them” one of her goals in life. “I have been deeply touched that so many of our gay and lesbian community have stayed in the church as active participants not only at worship but in the many ministries here at St. Theresa,” wrote Sr. Smith. “I, too, would like to apologize on behalf of the Church. For anyone who has been hurt by a member of Church leadership I also apologize.”

  39. Augustus Iverson says:

    More from CalCatholic on June 2, 2011:

    n 2000, Bishop Barnes apologized for the diocese’s past mistreatment of homosexuals, blacks, American Indians, and others. In 2001, he created a Diocesan Commission for Ministry with Families of Gay and Lesbian Catholics. On the second Saturday of each month, a special Mass for homosexuals, their families and friends is celebrated at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish in San Bernardino. The 4:30 p.m. Mass is followed by a potluck dinner.

    • Mark from PA says:

      That sounds very kind and caring. God bless Bishop Barnes.

      • Gee PA your vision of Catholicism (kind, loving, hugs ie emasuclated) t is about to be over run by Islam. Your pathetic effeminate attitude is part and parcel of the collapse of the Church… We need less loving and more defense of Faith….Charles Martel we need you now


  41. I always thought that our churches were holy sites, sanctuaries.
    Bishop Barnes has disgraced the Faith and his own vow to be a good shepherd by renting out the church for a gay themed movie.

  42. Richard Choffe says:

    Be my Maestro, Lee,
    Passion more seen, soul more heard,
    Play Liberace,
    Piano’s rosetta stone,
    Maestro music is that way.

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