First major Catholic gathering at Crystal Cathedral

Magnificat day of faith November 3

Father Cameron

The following comes from an email sent the first week in September by Pierre-Marie Dumont, founding publisher of Magnificat.

The MAGNIFICAT Foundation, in association with the Diocese of Orange, cordially invites you to attend the first “MAGNIFICAT Day of Faith” at the Crystal Cathedral, recently re-named Christ Cathedral. This historic gathering of Catholics from around the country is a chance to rediscover and celebrate the very heart of the Christian experience ─ the “joy of believing.” Guiding our hearts and minds throughout the day will be a particular emphasis on music, both sung together and prayed through the Liturgy of the Hours. Our day will conclude with Evening Prayer and a special performance of Bach’s masterpiece the Magnificat.


8:45 am      WELCOME ADDRESS Father Robert Reed will be our Master of Ceremonies.
He is a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston and the President of the CatholicTV Network.

9:00 am      MORNING PRAYER We will follow the MAGNIFICAT experience of bringing into the hands of every person the ancient prayer of the Church, traditionally reserved for monastic communities and sung six times throughout the day. Preacher: Father Kubicki, S.J.  is a regular contributor to Relevant Radio and other Catholic radio stations around the country, he gives retreats and parish missions, and since 2003 has been the national director of the Apostleship of Prayer.

10:00 am      FAITH THROUGH SACRED ART Father Michael Morris, O.P. is a professor at the Graduate Theological Union and the director of the Santa Fe Institute for Catholic Faith and Culture.

Clara Gaymard

11:30 am      A FAITH THAT LIVES Mrs. Clara Gaymard, president and CEO of General Electric France, a wife and mother of nine. When asked what stands out above all, she points to her experience as the daughter of the Catholic geneticist, Servant of God Jérôme Lejeune.

12:15 pm     ANGELUS sung with organs

12:30 pm     LUNCH (included) Enjoy a lunch together on the beautiful Cathedral campus. Meet other attendees, speakers, and new friends from around the country.

1:30 pm      SONG AS PRAYER  Led by music director Chris Vath

2:00 pm      “GO, YOUR FAITH HAS SAVED YOU!”  Father Peter John Cameron, O.P., Editor-in-Chief of MAGNIFICAT

4:15 pm      EVENING PRAYER Concluding this momentous and historic day will be prayer for the evening, culminating with Bach’s Magnificat performed by the internationally acclaimed Pacific Chorale, led by artistic director John Alexander.

5:30 pm      CONCLUSION

To register, click here: Registration MAGNIFICAT Day of Faith


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  1. Larry from RI says:

    what time are the Masses and confessions being said????????

    • Sounds like a wonderful time. I’m going for sure. My only regret is the Cathedral is not yet ready for a Mass. I wonder if this will be held in the actual Cathedral or the Arboretum?

      It’ll be interesting to see what the reactionary haters posting. They are so twisted-up in hatred for Christ Cathedral that they’re sure to spew venom. They simply lack the grace to read the program and comment on how wonderful of a day it’s going to be.

      • “the reactionary haters posting. They are so twisted-up in hatred for Christ Cathedral that they’re sure to spew venom.” No tyrant type can stomach criticism, Rodda.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Rodda you come of as the real hater here if you ask me! Just because some don’t happen to share in your opinion, does not make them a hater, sorry you can’t take “diverse” sentiments on this…..The real hater shows their true color when they start off posting by commenting and criticizing past comments about this building. So some don’t like the building, who cares, let it go Rodda and move on, state how you feel about this, attend if you want but stop being the one who begins with hate for others who differ in opinion!

    • Why not go to confession before this event?!?!?!?!?!

      Christ Cathedral is not yet prepared to host a Mass.

    • I don’t think they will have a Mass until it is dedicated as a Catholic Church. the Crystal Cathedral ministries are still there until middle of next year.

      • Exactly.

        Plus the first Mass should be a very big deal.

        EWTN should be on hand for both this event and the first Mass but they won’t be of course. They’ll be invited but their are too “orthodox” to attend.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Rodda you make me sick…what do you have against “too orthodox”? Wow maybe EWTN is actually right and for being orthodox, what does that tell you? Your comments already show what is wrong with this parish…you are the one who pointed that out.

  2. Reminds me of days gone by when Tiny Tim would sing Tiptoeing Through the Tulips. But getting down, you know you are Catholic when you can attend such a gathering. You will be able to feel the empowerment because of all the high level people who will attend. Many also will be able to feel why St Francis of Assisi one day simply rid himself of all attachments to the high and mighty and walked into holiness.

    • John F. Maguire says:

      The “low-church” or rather the generically “congregationalist” notion that the ceremonials that are proper to Catholic cathedrals, not to say proper to the regality of Christ the King, somehow runs counter to holiness, is as false in principle as it is deleterious in practice. Nor can the name of St. Francis of Assisi, not to say the renowned charism of the religious order Francis founded, be invoked against the traditional ceremonies of the Catholic Pastoral. Granted, the Crystal Cathedral’s November 3 celebration does not yet belong to the order of ceremonies to which, primarily, I refer — the Cathedral has not yet been consecrated. Still, it is a serious misunderstanding of Catholic theology and practice to confound the condign merit of Francis’s public renunciation of personal and family wealth, on the one hand, with a falsely ascetic decision to forego listening to Bach’s MAGNFICAT, and forego listening to this beautiful MAGNIFICAT in such a finely appointed edifice as Garden Grove’s Christ Cathedral, on the other hand.

      • Mercy me! You go, John, about whatever you were trying to say.

      • Many thanks, Maguire, as your post gave me to recall episodes from the TV series “Tales of Robin Hood”, with the “holy” Friar Tuck and the evil cabal consisting of the Archbishop of the Canterbury and his gay men such as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John, and the Tower keepers.

        • John F. Maguire says:

          You’re welcome, JLS! I would simply recommend our not overlooking the tradition that identifies Robin Hood as Catholic. In Catholic homes, we do find an acknowledgment, today in the United States as in England during the Recusant period, that Robin Hood, for his part, was always and ever a client of Our Lady of the Rosary. Early Robinade balladry depicts him as such: “Robin Hood, Robin Hood, / Is in the mickle wood! / Little John, Little John, / He to town has gone. * Robin Hood, Robin Hood, / Telling his beads, / All in the greenwood / Among the green weeds. * Little John, Little John, / If he comes no more, / Robin Hood, Robin Hood, / We shall fret with full sorrow!”

          • John F. Maguire,

            Wow! That is quite a bit of uncustomary playful enthusiasm on your part but not totally unpredictable.

            I would simply recommend that you remember that you have identified those who said we could vote for Obama as Catholic too.

            Does this mean that you are now trying to cleverly hijack the motives of Robin Hood in tandem with the motives of Obama? Steal from the rich so you can give to the poor?

          • Yes, unhapppy though you are with the electoral situation within which we as Catholics find ourselves, nonetheless we can’t forget that, CANONICALLY, a Catholic remains a juridical Catholic, be that Catholic an Obama voter in the 2008 election or a McCain voter in that election (or a voter elsewise in that same election). That said, here’s my present point: The specific question in the last election cycle, to which I gave a negative answer on this website, was: Is it NECESSARILY a mortal sin to have voted for Senator Obama? The answer, then as now, is No. ~ Catherine, four years have passed, but the contrary claim that it IS necessarily a mortal sin to have voted for Senator Obama — the claim of one Fr. M.P. on this website — is today recycled by you. Look, the fact that, in the present election cycle, President Obama has raised the ANTE against himself — I mean, on such major questions as the Church’s Apostolic liberty and the question of the right to life of preborn infants, will, we can say expectably, change the components ingredient to the deliberation of cognizant Catholic voters. What it won’t change is the basic structure of Catholic voting ethics, as adumbrated by Cardinal Ratzinger and the American Catholic Bishops. ~ To conclude: Presently, we can safely say that the voting ethics statement of Cardinal Ratzinger applies in this election no less than the last election. By the same token, we can safely say that the Catholic Bishops’ document on voting ethics applies in the 2012 presidential vote no less than in the 2008 presidential vote — especially in view of the Bishops’ document’s greater specificity. Still, in responce to your post, two more points need to be made: (1) The new revamped California Catholic Daily is NOW a newly-minted NON-PROFIT organization — which means, under the present IRS law that governs non-profit organizations, the CCD is, in point of fact, prohibited from publishing blogs that ELECTIONEER. (2) As for my posts on Robin Hood, far from misappropriating the motives of this hero of England’s greenwoods, I’m documenting, from early folkloric sources, what is, in fine, a patent recognition of the Catholicity of this gentleman and hero of the forest. Here, Catherine, is another such attestation, viz., the prayer that concludes the old Robinade ballad known as A LYTTLE GESTE OF ROBYN HODE: “Christ that died on the Cross, / Have mercy on Robin Hood, / For he was a brave outlaw / And did poor men much good” (translated from old English by Robert Landis Frank). Let’s not forget that not infrequently the recusant Catholics who bore on their shoulders the burden of England’s penal laws, were dismissed by those who persecuted them as “Robin Hoods”.

        • John Maguire/Annonymous, You did not post your name but I will address this to both names. How consistent of you to use your intellect to vigorously and passionately defend IRS Laws over defending the Laws of God. Matthew 6:21 “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

          Please don’t selectively pull out the big threat gun of Canon law when it conveniently suits you. Canonically speaking, Canon 915 has been selectively ignored by other intellects like you for years. If Canon 915 had been faithfully enforced, you best start believing that more Catholics would know that it is a Mortal sin to vote for a baby murderer for President. The final state of the soul will always supersede the state of the government. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste when it allows you to serve the wrong Master.” It can cost someone the loss of Eternal Life.

          • John F. Maguire says:

            Catherine: The attribution “anonymous” was not mine — it seems to me I simply left my name off the post. Moreover, no notice came up declaring the post (which I thought I hadn’t yet sent) was “under consideration” for publication. All a moot matter of course. Let’s turn to the central issue you’ve raised.
            Catherine, alas, I venture to point out that you couldn’t be more mistaken in how you’ve chosen to read my decision to underscore something no one denies, namely, that non-profit charities are, as a matter of positive law, obliged NOT TO ELECTIONEER. In the post to which you refer, I did not address the question you say I addressed, namely, whether the IRS electioneering prohibition comports with right reason; nor did I “vigorously and passionately defend IRS laws” — either against this website’s electioneering breaches (which I didn’t cite) or against Sacred Scripture or yet, dear Lord, against the laws of God. Catherine, my own interim suggestion would be that, at least preliminarily, we all think through, in terms of the common good of persons and institutions (which good is the very norm of social reason), HOW IT WOULD BE, BETTER OR WORSE, if it were the other way around — I mean, as measured by the common good, how it would be if FOR-PROFIT corporations were prohibited from electioneering and NON-PROFIT organizations perfectly free to electioneer? Better? At the least, initially, such a question would have to remain an open question. In any event, Catherine, you see my point: When I referred to the IRS charitable-organization anti-electioneering provision, I was not “vigorously and passionately” defending that provision. As I’ve just mentioned, I’m willing to entertain the well-nigh utopian notion of our situation imagined as directly and completely reversed, to wit, a prohibition on FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION electioneering but NOT on NON-PROFIT organization electioneering. At least thinking through such a reversal of our present situation is something to consider, for analytical purposes anyway, given the extreme position the Supreme Court has already taken on this issue. Still, Catherine, if you think that the IRS’s NON-PROFIT electioneering prohibition is unconstitutional or, say, if you think it runs contrary to the natural law, the burden of such arguments is on you. In the meantime, de facto, there is an IRS provision — lo and behold — a provision prohibiting non-profit websites from electioneering. Whence my earlier post’s observation that the CALIFORNIA CATHOLIC DAILY has, since the last presidential election, “revamped” itself. As you know, in the last election cycle, CCD was free — free, that is, as an independent proprietorship — to electioneer. Is that CCD’s legal situation today? My point then is: Whatever we think of the merits or demerits of the IRS’s non-profit electioneering prohibition, that prohibition can fairly be characterized as positive-human law and indeed regulatory law that is presently applicable to this website.

          • “A Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation with evil, and so unworthy to present himself for Holy Communion, if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidates permissive stand on abortion and/or euthenasia. When a Catholic does not share a candidates stand in favor of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation with evil, whcih can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons.” Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger 2004 Remote material cooperation is not mortal sin.

          • Re: Maguire’s ** decision to underscore something no one denies, namely, that non-profit charities are, as a matter of positive law, obliged NOT TO ELECTIONEER** — too much inclusion of negatives and positives … Maguire, this is not algebra or logic puzzlers but real life we’re talking about. Your rhetoric is like the guy slapping the other guy silly until the other guy is so confused that he agrees. One more example of liberal, democratic bullying … you are fearful of saying something straight forward and clearly because of how easy it would be for the truth to wallop it.

          • John F. Maguire says:

            To point out the difference between (a) CCD’s status in the last presidential cycle as an independent proprietorship and (b) CCD’s present status as a non-profit, is, JLS, to point out the obvious. Nothing extra — no albebra, no logical puzzles, no bullying — just the truth, viz., CCD, because it is a non-profit, is under the IRS prohibition against electioneering.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Good comments Catherine!

    • Why are you always so corrosively negative? What’s the matter with YOU?

      Read the program. It’s going to be a gorgeous, special day. Why not rejoice and give thanks or simply remain silent? Do you lack the grace to do that?

      The knee-jerk negative comments about anything to do with Christ Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels seem to be cries for attention and cries for help than anything. Get over your hatred already.

      • Any big shopping mall would do as well in presenting a tinseltown backdrop, right? Good news is that all the glitter fans will be there and not here.

      • Catherine is not being negative. She is expressing her well-thought out and intelligently presented opinions. What I always appreciate in her views is that she is NOT negative, but tries to awaken people’s awareness of Church teachings. I’ve learned much from her posts which are not trite or vindictive. She really cares that none of us go to Hell. She’s one of the few contributors here who share this point of view, I might add__I get the feeling there are many who not only could care less, but also would like to see some of us go there in a handbasket.

      • Look, Rodda, not everyone is a devotee of Norman Vincent Peale and his happy face religion. If your worship consists of profuse emoting in the presence of glitter and tinsel, then that’s your business, but Catholicism really has more to it than that. While you’re feeling the vibes from all the important people and decorations, 4000 unborn babies in the USA are being slaughtered each day.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          JLS I think that what infuriates Rodda is that she can’t stick to the points pointed to her, she gets off by using words like haters, negative etc…even if one intelligently tries to present her the reasons, she amounts to only attack words…Rodda I mean this with all honesty and with charity, you don’t have to agree with many here but if only you would look deeper perhaps we can dissolve this matter of indifference that is destroying our faith. God bless you. : )

  3. Parts of this program look good! But sadly, the day has to end on a low note with the secular, extremely gay-friendly Pacific Chorale. Also I hope Fr. Michael Morris, O.P. can control his usual nostalgia for the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Good time to take a coffee break maybe.

  4. Abeca Christian says:

    It sounds positive.

    • Since when is the Magnifcat experience only experienced by those who lead monastic lives? Why are they just NOW conveniently “rediscovering” using this tradition to place into every hand? Catholic school children used to always know and pray the Magnificat “experience.”

      “This historic gathering is a chance to “rediscover” and celebrate the very heart of the Christian experience.” = Nice code words for: “We’ve placed a quick Earl Scheib paint job on what we have failed to do.”

      Many have also forgotten the “experience” of the Cross. This is why they shove the word “celebrate” and shove the word “experience” down the throats of the those who they ensnare with a false sense of the meaning of sacrifice or sacrificial love.

      Yes, they will often showcase all of the exterior trappings of orthodoxy to lure in the donation $$$ but when it comes to authentically safeguarding and adhering to all of the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church, at least they were honest when they admit that they have to “rediscover” what they have not taught.

      Have they no fear with the mercenary use of the name of a faithful holy servant of God’ and his daughter to be place as beacons atop their own shameful hill of neglect?

      Earl Scheib paint jobs were also viewed as nice quick fixes but if you peel off a bit of the fresh looking paint, you will soon discover an interior that has been terribly neglected for ages.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Catherine maybe I am ignorant but I don’t know if this is bad or good? But it sounds positive? Am I wrong? I didn’t get your last post….

        • Abeca,

          Read St. Christopher’s post below. It is excellent. Also a “one day” Diocesan showcase of certain beautiful traditions will not stand up against the very strong tide of disobedience against certain Church teachings. Abeca, “A *day* of Faith?” Was that a natural slip due to poor catechesis? It should be a *lifetime* of faith that is consistently promoted, not just a fundraising *day* of faith.

          Abeca, You have consistently and faithfully challenged the posters who post half truths. One day they may post something that is a beautiful truth, but the majority of the time they are working against what the Church teaches. We see this pattern on CCD.

          Abeca, also pay attention to what St. Christopher wrote about the words “The Joy in Believing” because he is right. Those cheerful and inviting words are empty if we do not understand what the Catholic Church truly teaches and more importantly they remain empty if we do not consistently adhere to and defend all of the teachings.

          I remember when the new cheerful sounding slogan for the Diocese of Orange, California was “Let’s Journey Together”.
          That sounds happy and positive too, but we cannot fool God by working against His teachings behind the scenes. Otherwise, we are building in vain, a glass house on sand with no foundation, and we will journey together off a steep cliff.

          Our shepherds must always be the consistent teaching examples of being completely faithful to Christ. This means a lifetime of obedience behind the scenes and publicly through their own example of following “all* of the Magisterial teachings given to us by Christ.

          • What venom! How can any Catholic hate the Magnificat so much? It is a monthly magazine that contains the daily office and daily Mass readings. It also has some reflections. It is solidly Catholic. It has beautiful, traditional Catholic art.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Catherine maybe I did not look deeper, I don’t know to be honest with you. I understand but this is a new parish, I still can’t judge their fruit or what they reap, it is fairly new and the Magnificat is one of my favorite magazines that I buy from time to time.

      • “Earl Scheib”? More on this later, after a day of hard labor.

      • Catherine, the things that you are angry at the diocese about happened the better part of a decade ago. Most of us have forgiven and moved on. I am sorry that you carry such painful baggage. We cannot wait for you to drop the grudge and forgive. We have to gather to pray. Jesus and Mary are depending on us.

        • Yeah, Ur Fluff, you’ve moved on but the gays are moving in and 4000 babies are being sacrificed to the devil daily in the USA. And then Cyclops (Anonymous) can’t comprehend that it is not the Magnificat but the hypocrisy that we’re dissing. Cyclops do not really lie, but what they do is express what they see which is not much and has no depth.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            I think this program can reach some and still there be many in bad will. I know that in my Latin Rite parish, we may have a day of some lesson, but still there are those few who still are wicked with gossip and fake outward appearances. Only time will tell how this parish will lead, hopefully we will see more reaping good fruit, more pro-life events, more fighting the good fight to protect marriage etc etc….but for now, lets feed Christ’s sheep and who ever may be the pastor of this Parish, may he be devout, holy and faithful….Christ be with us!

          • Are you also in the diocese of Orange?

  5. Good question about mass and confession. Remember, “ALL” are welcome and I’m sure there worried about offending. The sacrafice of the mass, Please. Are there going to be carnival ride in the parking lot.

    • The Cathedral is not ready to host a Mass.

      Why should a celebration like this focus on confessions? They’ll be priests walking around. If you really feel the need to go to confession, ask one of them. No big deal.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Rodda please listen to your self. Confession is a very important sacrament….maybe everyone is right, this is more protestant than I thought, the words of Rodda make me question if this is really solid with substance. Rodda it was by your very posts that now make me question the authenticity of this function. God have mercy on us all.

  6. Roberta Genini says:

    Magnificat is a great prayer movement. I attended the last gathering in Boston in 2008, which was held in a hotel and had Mass, confessions and adoration. All are welcome because God invites everyone, even me.

  7. St. Christopher says:

    Looks like a Protestant event, one that is sure to confuse actual Catholics with those others who simply want to “be happy”. In fact, this type of thing would be welcomed by our wonderful nuns that populate the disfunctional LCWR. “JLS” is correct about St. Francis of Assisi — why not have groups studying the path to salvation of which the Catholic Church is the true beacon? Many would not be aware that the central meaning to the Catholic Faith was the “joy in believing,” as Mr. Dumont suggests. In fact, such events are not really Catholic, at any level. The Catholic Church is based on a sacramental life, with ordered notions of individual responsibility, humility, and acceptance, of God’s grace in providing ways to know Him, and to experience His mercy. None of this has anything to do with the sort of Kumbaya-moment that this event promises. Many attending Catholics will think that they can receive special graces from attending this event — instead, seek out your local Church, go to Confession, say a Rosary, attend Mass other than on Sunday, these sort of things draw one closer to God, not Mr. Dumont’s Crystal Cathedral party. (And, we will see what the local ordinary plans to do with the Cathedral — such events would suggest that he sees it as a sort of ecumenical center, with hootenannies galore for the “believers”.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Bishop Brown is an ecumeniac, period!

      I will wait until it is “completed” before I will even go to see it. When I do, I will have Benedictine Cross and my Rosary in my pocket.

      If Mrs. Clara Gaymard, president and CEO of General Electric is anything like her father, she will see through all of this; however GE is not exactly a moral company. GE is a big supporter of the Obamanation!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Abeca Christian says:

      St. Christopher I wasn’t aware of what you just pointed out that this sounds protestant. I actually think that it sounds positive. I could be wrong…But I would love it if every parish would have a workshop that would explore “An Introduction to the Devout Life, by Saint Francis de Sales. That would be way more lovelier.

      • One point that St Christopher makes, as I view it, is that some clergy are attempting to lift Catholics away from the Sacraments and into a realm that is ruled apart from the Sacraments … which in effect is Protestantism, although done way more slyly than the Reformers did.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          JLS you just enlightened me. Maybe this is what Catherine is trying to tell me too. Well in that case, you are all right to feel alarmed about it coming across so protestant. I guess I just didn’t read far too much into it. I need to pray about it, but we need to give them a chance, we can’t judge it since we are not there or attending it. Do they have daily mass? It would be interesting to see in the near by coming months how this new Catholic church will catechize it’s faithful. I look for more news. I may not like the building but I can’t make any pr-judgements as to how their pastor will lead this church or parish? Or what the dioceses will plan on doing? Maybe since this diocese has done poorly in many area’s in bringing forth it’s Catholicity, maybe that is why many can discern better than what I can. I have yet to learn.

    • Sounds like a Protestant event? Really? I re-read the program to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Sounds pretty Catholic to me. But, what if it does sound Protestant to some? So what? Is that bad? Having a day of prayer, learning and worshiping as outlined in the program sounds like a wonderful event. What will be bad if people get together to pray, sing and learn? The Magnificat is a long way from a hootenanny. Not every religious even has to include a Mass. It is ok to pray in other settings. At least it won’t sound like something EWTN would produce!

      • Bob One, ask yourself why the bishops do not all get together and forbid any Catholic from voting for any candidate who allows or pushes abortion?

  8. “Earl Scheib” !! I nominate Catherine as Blogger of the Year. Reminds me also of Al-Shabab, the African building redecorater organization.

    • John F. Maguire says:

      JLS, I demur: What Catherine has done is blink away the substance of Cardinal Ratzinger’s voting ethics statement and the cognate substance of the American Catholic Bishops’ document on the same topic. (1) Nothing in these two documents suggests that a Catholic ceases to be a juridical member of the Catholic Church on account of how he or she votes. (2) Nor is there anything in these documents that asserts that Catholic voters NECESSARILY commit a mortal sin on account of his or her vote. Still, in the present election cycle, something has changed, if only qualitatively. What has changed, however, is NOT points (1) and (2) but rather the fact that President Obama has, all this while in office, raised the ANTE against himself — I mean, apropos of the 2012 election — by (A) his attack on the Church’s Apostolic liberty and institutional integrity, and (B) his persistently abortocratic misreading the the Personeity Clauses of the United States Constitution. Both (A) and (B) are — we can say expectably — INGREDIENT to the deliberations of all cognizant Catholics in the voting booth in 2012. *** As for Catherine’s charge that I’ve misappropriated the motives of the hero of England’s greenwoods, namely Robin Hood, what I’ve done and am still doing is simple enough — I’m documenting, from old folkloric sources, the Catholicity of this gentleman of the forest and prince of Merry England’s May Day festivities: Robin Hood. In this same connection, JLS, here, happily, is another documentary text. The final prayer of the old Robinade ballad A LYTELL GESTE OF ROBYN HODE reads (I’m quoting from Robert Landis Franks’ translation of this ballad’s old English text): “Christ died on the cross, / Have mercy on Robin Hood, / For he was a brave outlaw / And did poor men much good.” JLS, we should not be surprised that England’s recusant Catholics, Catholics who bore upon their shoulders the burdens of England’s counter-Catholic penal laws, were, in their day, dismissed by those who persecuted them as but mere Robin Hoods.

      • John F. Maguire says:

        Lest it be thought that the present Robin Hood sub-thread is off-theme, I want to mention that English May Days, which celebrated, albeit only secondarily, Robin Hood, his crew, and their adventures, did, as a matter of English practice, comprise, twice-yearly, May Day festivities that, in point of fact, were hosted by churches, including church Cathedrals, for example, Exeter Cathedral. ~ On the topic of Robin Hood’s identity as a Catholic, that identity, in a certain sense, goes without saying. Still, the Robin Hood TYPAGE that has been made current by the 20th century’s pop-culture [comic book and film-industry culture] needs to be redressed. To do so, we need only revisit, for example, the LYTELL GESTE OF ROBYN HODE. In this ballad, we read: “Good habits then had Robin / In the land where he stayed. / Everyday
        before he ate / Three prayers would he say. ~ The one in the worship of the Father, / and another of the Holy Ghost, / the third of Our Dear Lady / That he loved the most.” Copies of the GESTE OF ROBYN HODE can be found: The Douce Collection, Bodleian Library, Oxford University; the Cambridge University Library (London: Wynkyn de Worde, [?]1506-1610); the National Library of Scotland (Antwerp: Van Doesbroch, c. 1510);and the British Library under the title _A Mery Geste of Robyn Hoode (London, Copland, c. 1560). In the Bodeian Library, with another copy in the British Library, there is also, _A Mery Iest of Robin Hood_ (London: Edward White, late sixteenth century).

        • Maguire, lest you think I wouldn’t understand your archaic style of academic writing … ney, rogue, it is what I cut my teeth on.

      • uhhuh, Maguire; now you’re claiming that Robin Hood was a democrat social activist. Well, he was, but his only clerical alliance was the good Friar Tuck, who had nothing to do with the lavendar mafia or episcopal palsywalsies. And unlike the democrats, Robin Hood loved Jesus Christ and prayed and did not promote abortion or homosexual lifestyles, which is why he took the money away from them instead of what the democrats are doing today.

        • John F. Maguire says:

          To the contrary, JLS, my posts draw attention to the fact that the folkloristic Robin Hood — I mean the Robin Hood who figures in the English tradition of Robinade balladry — is, in point of fact, depicted as a Catholic. Did this same Robin Hood have a connnection with the Catholic Church besides his (legendary) alliance with Friar Tuck, the chaplain of his Sherwood Forest community? JLS, the answer seems to be Yes — Catholic churches and Cathedrals sponsored May Days in which the champion of the English yoemenry, this same Robin Hood, was celebrated in a festive manner — in the context of May Day Games, May Day Plays, etc.

      • Maguire, you’re actually demurring not from Catherine but from the Pope, specifically in generating the idea that the Pope is pushing the Obama regime.

        • John F. Maguire says:

          The Bishop of Rome is urging all governments to respect the right to life, not least the right of preborn infants to life — he is not
          “pushing regimes,” JLS.

          • John F. Maguire,

            Please get priorities in order. The Bishop of Rome is also urging all bishops to become holy so that the bishops themselves will be the good example. Canonically speaking I notice you are completely silent about the misuse of Church property in Palm Springs. John, which specific Canon Law addresses the scandalous misuse of Our Lady of Solitude Church in Palm Springs Ca?

  9. far too mamny catholics are ignorant about the LITURGY OF THE HOURS so i’m real happy to see that this is the focus of the day.

    we all know mass, thank GOD, but so many of us know absolutately nothing about the DIVINE OFFICE which can be prayed alone, with family, in parishes, etc.

    here in the archdiocese ogf san francisoc some parishes have MORNING PRAYER and EVENING PRAYER for the faithful, in addition to MASS.


    • The MAGNIFICAT magazine that is the host of this program contains the divine office and the Mass readings of the Day.

    • John F. Maguire says:

      I hadn’t heard of the Palm Springs matter, but had I heard of it as I have heard of other comparable matters, still I am not obliged to speak to each such topic that comes up.

  10. The Rev. Peter Cameron writes like an angel and his inspiring and beautiful little magazine ‘Magnificat’ is read and savored each month by thousands of us around the world. The fact that The MAGNIFICAT Foundation is co-sponsoring this event would predispose my enthusiasm for it, and the topics being offered sound so fun and spiritually uplifting that I am really amazed at the snobbish and critical responses posted here. I would LOVE to be able to attend! Faith through sacred art…faith that lives featuring a mother of nine children and is a CEO of a large corporation and you’re turning this down? I would love to hear her story. Are you people nuts? And to hear Peter Cameron, O.P. speak would be worth a great deal of effort to attend. You’re a sorry case if a fun and spiritual get together with fellow Catholics doesn’t appeal to you. You must be dead or completely joyless. It’s a celebration of the beauties of our faith and you compare it to a protestant campfire singalong. It will be “bringing into the hands of every person the ancient prayer of the Church, traditionally reserved for monastic communities and sung six times throughout the day” This alone should bring countless faithful to rejoice in prayer and song. Rats. I hope we have something like this in the midwest…maybe in Cincinnati?

  11. CCD’s cement cubes article from La Stampa is being used as a refernce on the Crystal Cathedral’s wikipedia page.

  12. God has heard your prayers, Orange County Catholics. Bishop Kevin Vann-pro-life, supports tradition, marriage defender.

    • Glass palace equals some people’s view of church transparency.

      • JLS, I know how much you value and trust your own opinions and judgments so it may come as something of a shock, but you’re not always right and can be just as wrong as the rest of us. You often present two opposing viewpoints in the same post! Just because you do not like something or approve of it does not mean it is unworthy or wrong. This is not a religious retreat nor does it claim to be some sort of sacred conference. This is a celebration. It is to be a time of rejoicing and learning and singing and sharing and meaningful programs and conversation with people we’ve never met before but who love Jesus and the Church as much as we do. This isn’t a convocation of saints or Vatican III. I think you need to laugh more…especially at yourself. I often do…laugh at myself, I mean. ;o)

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Dana what is he wrong about? I was just hoping you would help us understand what part you were disagreeing with him about? I ask because I may not agree with this building and I have read both sides as to why they may or may not like this function.

          I actually like the Magnificat and frankly since I can not attend, I can not judge but it does sound positive, I’m sure we may have more ideas as to how to improve it too.

          I think that we will have those who attend for spiritual growth, it’;s like someone once told me that the NO mass was like the children mass and that even adults never grow up spiritually and still attend it but there are those who grow deeper and actually move on to a more reverent mass avoiding any parish that has many abuses in the Mass, is what I am trying to convey…..I believe that you will have devout good Catholics attend this as much as many Catholics who do not grow deeper but only want what makes them feel good about themselves. It’s not up to us to judge but to pray that we all grow spiritually and that we be patient with those who need more time too, I’m still growing…..

          • Abeca, you’re such a sweet person, and have such a good and loving heart. Your first impression when you read about this was probably, ‘this sounds fun and the kids will love it’ or something like that, and I think your instinctive reaction is the right one. I think there’s some animosity about this presentation because it is going to be at the controversial Christ Cathedral, or a host of other objections I can’t relate to, but I think the critics are missing the point, don’t you? Like you, I love Magnificat and Fr.Cameron has written an exquisite little book I use during my adoration time and I find his understanding and sense of holiness to be superior and so I trust his judgment in presenting this really great sounding weekend. You’d think they were offering a controversial left-wing, pro-abortion play or something the way people are criticizing it. If I were like you, living in S.California, I would try to get a few people together and go for a fun weekend. I think the whole point is to charge our batteries abit and get excited about the beauty and glory of our faith…like the series Catholicism, by Fr. Barron. They used to have Medieval fairs with a similar aspect, with passion plays, musiciansetc. But only you can decide what is right for yourself and your family. Trust in your own’re pretty sharp! I don’t see this is taking the place of Mass attendance or prayer time, but as I said earlier, a celebration.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Thank you Dana. : ) Yes tis true what you said. I know that you must wonder why I do not object to the sentiments of those who do not agree with this either? Well I have to share with you, as much as I see this being positive, I also know the area, I’ve attended many parishes in that area for mass when I do visit, which is often, and usually there are many abuses in the Mass, it is actually hard for us because we usually pray that whatever parish we pick to attend Mass in that area, we pray we pick one that is faithful to Christ….but believe you me, there has been questionable situations that makes me question what they are doing in that area to Catechize their flock. WHEW…… : )

        • Dana, I present the opposing viewpoints as questions. If people would bother to read St Aquinas or Job, they might see that the genius lay in asking and replying to questions. Neither one is acclaimed as a factoid lister. But most of the Catholic stuff I read consists of factoid lists, almaniacle afficianados, and trivia experts. My objective is to provoke some thought. For example, if you see that I present two different views on a topic, first consider that they might be correct views from two different perspectives. I also learn that few Catholics engage the world of reason where many non Catholics hold sway. Why is this? Answer: because most Catholics are not familiar with the use of reason. Much of Catholic education programs kids to recite formulas but not how to understand them in real living situations. This is one reason that the Church has become spiritually inbred and has circled it wagons … in defiance of the Great Commission. The bishops tend mostly to be so milque toast that they go out to meet the wolves and are either eaten or converted by the wolves. In ages past the world’s intelligentsia often thronged to the Church because the bishops then were mighty in the stead of Jesus Christ. You’ve read of them; but you have never seen one or read of any current in our times. The few that have exercised their consecration in our times have no support, or are sent to regions which have no means to affect any populations beyond their remote turfs. I’m finding very little response to religious questions that are keys to engaging the general public. When you do find Catholics with intellectual capability and education, they are technically awares … Cartesian productions. The counter movement has begun, but its numbers are low and its ages are young. It is these who will face persecution later but only if their numbers grow to some serious challenge of world order. Otherwise the world has no need to slap them down. The world has no need to slap down the Church today because it already is. Aquinas asked questions and presented amazing and incredible viewpoints, many which were not Catholic, so that he could bring out the Catholic answer. I do not phrase my perspectives as absolute truths or political positions … but either as arguments or as questions.

          • Thank you JLS! Sorry it’s taken so long to respond, but I just read your good post. It definitely helps understand where you’re coming from. Thomas Aquinas is over my head, and the only time I’m acquainted with his writings is from reading GKChesterton and Fr. Barron. I have tried to understand philosophy and it just isn’t in me. I’ve read text books and read various philosophers, and most of it seems pointless (to me! not that it is!) I just don’t have the brains for it. Thank you for giving us so much credit that we might grasp what you were doing! Like reading John MacGuire’s posts, I must spend more time pondering them, for it is worth it. But I wouldn’t want a steady diet of it. haha

  13. PS, I went to something similar at Franciscan Univ. …a three day weekend of singing, speakers, entertainment all aimed at enlivening our faith. Fr.Groeschel, Fr.Barron, Patrick Madrid, Scott Hahn, and many others were there and some of Hahn’s kids and friends were the musicians . We had a Sun.Mass and a late night Eucharistic adoration, as well.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Dana that sounds lovely….You are blessed to have attended there, I think that since Franciscan University has been around a little longer, it already has a good reputation thus far, so I am not surprised that you had a great time… over here in this area of this new church, well we will have to see how well they live their Catholicity… : ) Only time will tell

      • Well, I can see your point, Abeca. Especially out there in lala I was listening to a lovely man on Catholic Answers the other night who was wanting to come back to the Church but at his first RCIA class, (taught by a woman) another man said he wasn’t baptized but that he’d been taking communion anyway and should he stop it? And she responded “Oh, no, as long as you believe it’s the real presence it doesn’t matter if you’re baptized”. This was California, naturally. Oh, my. It’s got to be so frustrating out there, even though it is gorgeous and sunny all the time.

  14. Abeca Christian says:

    I just received an email from Magnificat….it looks like a lovely event….I didn’t see anything that seemed upsetting but I noticed that one of the speakers is Fr. James Kubicki, s.j., He entered the Jesuits in 1971. Since I don’t know some of the speakers there, I can’t comment about them.

    • Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Fr.Spitzer are both Jesuits. They can’t be ALL bad!
      They sure were wonderful for centuries! They say that the places that have the most demons are monasteries…not that they’re evil but because they are so GOOD. Demons don’t need to pester people working in strip clubs and drug dens, right? ;o)

      • PS, Appropos of nothing, though (I guess speaking of Jesuits, though I don’t know if Fr.Barron is one) something has been niggling me lately, though. When I first started watching Fr.Barron’s videos about four or five years ago, I would receive nice emailings with nice thought provoking little notes. But since he’s made that Catholicism series, all he does he is send money making sales, ads, etc. …money money money everything just like Fr.Corapi got at the last. I don’t like to see this change. Where does all that money go? Just wondering. Also, someone said Mundeleiin
        is really lavender. I hope if that is true that he cleans it up! I don’t mean it as gossip, but it was from an insider or sorts.

  15. Fr. James Kubicki is the national director for the Apostleship of Prayer.

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