Questionable credentials

Dissident nun to offer election tips for Catholics at Holy Names University

Fresh off a speaking gig at the Democratic National Convention, dissident nun Sr. Simone Campbell is slated to lead a workshop for Catholic voters on Sept. 16 at Holy Names University in Oakland.

Sr. Simone Campbell

The workshop, co-sponsored by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and Justice Organizers, Leaders, Treasurers (JOLT), has been promoted for some time on the homepage of the Diocese of San Jose: “Election Workshop Presented by Sister Simone Campbell SSS of NETWORK,” with a link to a flyer promoting the event — but with no reference of any kind to sister’s questionable credentials.

Sr. Campbell is executive director of the “social justice” group of women religious known as NETWORK, perhaps most famous for urging passage of Obamacare in 2010 in open defiance of U.S. Catholic bishops. NETWORK’s defiance — along with the Catholic Health Association — prompted this response from Madison, Wis., Bishop Robert C. Morlino: “The Lord Jesus Christ, unworthy though the bishops are, called the bishops to lead the people in faith; He did not call anybody in the Catholic Health Association and he did not call any of the Sisters in Network.”

This year, when the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued its April 18 “Doctrinal Assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious,” it specifically mentioned the LCWR’s ties to NETWORK as one of the issues of concern.

Sr. Campbell dismissed those concerns. “Speaking at a Jesuit parish in Charlotte, the executive director of the social justice lobby Network disparaged Vatican officials and US bishops as ‘inexperienced’ in pastoral work and revealed that she is uncomfortable describing herself as pro-life ‘because of my pride,’” reported Catholic World News on June 13. “After speaking on the importance of civility in political discourse, Sister Simone Campbell dismissed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s efforts to reform the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) as a ‘Vatican kerfuffle’ and, in the words of the Charlotte diocesan newspaper, ‘scorned the US bishops for their continued opposition to the health insurance law.’”

Even the New York Times calls NETWORK “a liberal Catholic lobbying group.” The Catholic Thing blog recently observed that Sr. Campbell’s “views of Catholic social teaching line up neatly with the Democratic Party platform” and that she serves as an “‘alternative hierarchy’ for those seeking Catholic endorsement of a progressive agenda.”

In June, Sr. Campbell led 14 like-minded sisters on the notorious “nuns on the bus” tour of nine states to protest U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget. “The tour was organized by Network, a Washington-based Catholic social justice group criticized in a recent Vatican report that said some organizations led by nuns have focused too much on economic injustice while failing to promote the church’s teachings on abortion and same-sex marriage,” The Associated Press reported. “The Vatican asked U.S. bishops to look at Network’s ties to another group of nuns it is reorganizing because of what the church calls ‘serious doctrinal problems.’”

“Sister Simone Campbell, Network’s executive director, said while the tour may appear to have been organized to counter recent criticism of social activist nuns by the Vatican and American bishops, it was not,” The Associated Press report continued. “The timing was in response to consideration of the federal budget in Congress, she said.”

As for Sr. Campbell’s speaking engagement at the Democratic National Convention last night, NETWORK issued a news release saying it was “pleased to confirm that Sister Simone Campbell has accepted an invitation to speak at the Democratic National Convention on the evening of Wednesday, September 5. This will provide an important opportunity to talk about what she has learned after decades of work for social and economic justice.”

“We also regret that no similar invitation was extended by the Republican National Convention and that, despite our efforts, NETWORK was unable to find a venue there for sharing information about economic justice rooted in Catholic Social Teaching,” the news release stated.

The Sept. 16 “Election Workshop” by Sr. Campbell being promoted on the San Jose diocesan website is scheduled from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center at Holy Names University, 3500 Mountain Boulevard, in Oakland. A logo accompanying a flyer announcing the event bears the slogan, “Catholics Vote for the Common Good.”

In her speech last night, Sr. Campbell told the Democratic convention that the Ryan budget plan was immoral, and she reiterated her support for Obamacare. To see a video of her remarks, click here.

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  1. First learned four years ago that Community Organizer was another name for Pinko. Now I learn that our Catholic Church has “Justice Organizers”.

    Where have all the Nuns gone, long time passing? They are all out of uniform.

    Communists will infiltrate all institutions because it is easier than building one of therir own. Organizing justice through the federal government? Ms. Simone Death Campbell will receive her just reward.

  2. Diane Balch says:

    As a former Protestant for 40 years, I’m always curious about religious, priests and/or any Catholic, who want to stand up and criticize the bride of Christ, our Church. That is what Protestants do: they protest the teaching of the church and its beautiful tradition. I really don’t understand why they don’t just become Protestant instead of calling themselves catholics and then protesting. It just seems so incredulous that any individual assumes that his or her self-revelations actually surpasses 2000+ year institution that was initiated by Christ and nourished by the disciples and thousands of scholars. Not only that, there have been millions of prayers that are the mortar of these bricks of our faith. I really don’t understand the rebels!

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Diane it is believed that these dissent nuns are used to do the work of the devil. It is a spiritual battle, one that is hard to understand but it is used to mislead many into hell. Since most people do not nurture their spiritual life, that is why they are easy prey to these dissident folks!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      They stay because it is easier to destroy and Institution from within. They don’t really believe Our Lord meant it when he “I will be with you until the end of time, and the gates of Hell will not prevail”!

      Viva Cristo Rey!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

        Oops! again, my above comment should have read: “They stay because it is easier to destroy an Institution from within. They don’t really believe Our Lord meant it when he said “I will be with you until the end of time, and the gates of Hell will not prevail”!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

    • John Siple says:

      Many of us who seem to love the shadows are looking for “loopholes” in our Faith to justify our behavior. I did that for many years, since I’ve been able to rationalize!
      A priest on finally was able to pierce my holey shield by simply teaching me a Catechism lesson I badly needed.
      Since then I’ve been able to go through the Dark Night and come out as a believing Catholic without reservation.
      God bless true teachers of the Faith!

  3. Has Bishop Cordileone informed the people of the Oakland Diocese that Sr. Campbell’s voter workshop at the Holy Names University is being lead by a dissident nun? Does she belong to a religious order? It used to be that nuns wore crucifixes and/or rosaries as part of the habit. Now some wear pierced earrings and brightly-colored clothing, how times have changed. Nuns used to work as teachers or nurses. How does Sr. (?) Campbell support herself? Who pays her to do “social justice” work, speaking tours, and the notorious “nuns on a bus” tour through nine states? Follow the money and find who directs the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Sarah Holy Names University doesn’t really have a devout credential, so it is no surprise that they would allow this. It is no different than USD in San Diego..maybe different levels of lacking Catholicity but all the same.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Dig deep enough and you will find the ugly hands of Soros!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • I think her religious order is Sisters of Social Service. As far as I can tell, for income they get donations and have fundraisers and sell some small items such as buttons, tote bags, gift cards and coffee mugs.

  4. It is so disgusting I don’t have words…and the happiness…..must stem from that “pride”? that keeps her from being pro-life?? Keep up the good work Bishop Morlino…….he hails from Scranton, PA.

  5. It was pride that destroyed lucifer, and it is pride that has destroyed this woman. Judas will be the first one to greet her in her new everlasting home, unless, hopefully, she and the rest of these women will repent and come back to God and His Church. +JMJ+

  6. This woman represents an alternate universe wherein no one has the use of their intellectual faculties and common sense is merely a distant rumor. Should you actually meet one of them…say on a public bus or at a liberal fund raiser in Chicago, it is highly recommended that you remember a forgotten appointment to visit a sick grandmother and promptly turn the other way. Apparently whatever it is they’re promoting is highly contagious and virulent and victims become glassy eyed followed by exaggerated toothy grins. Beware! You’ve been forewarned.

  7. This so called NUN and her NETWORK leaves out THOU SHALL NOT KILL, and the most basic of HUMAN and CIVIL Rights.- the right to life.

    She also leaves out that Marriage must be between one Man and one Woman.

    She does not care about people’s eternal Souls.
    She is a prideful – false teacher.

  8. Dennis Babson says:

    If you don’t follow and believe in the doctrines, disciplines, teachings and laws of the universal Catholic Church, you’re not a Catholic.

  9. You can not be Catholic and vote for murder (abortion). This woman is not a NUN

  10. Most religious orders were founded to address the health, educational and other needs of people. It wasn’t their habit that made them religious, but their response to God. Here we have sisters responding to that call, and Bishops chastising them that they haven’t done enough and instead of guiding them condemning their efforts. Imagine saying to St. Francis of Assisi, “You have given bread and ministry to the poor, but you didn’t promote indulgences or tithing enough. We’re going to reorganize your radical Franciscan group.” Same thing. If it were a legitimate agenda of the Bishops they would have dealt with it more tactfully. That they abruptly acted as they did split our Church – not the sisters. It could have all gone so differently if they had used tact instead of premeditated shaming arrogance.

    • Sorry Cheryl, all Catholics – including but not limited to Bishops, Priests, and Nuns are all required to adhere to the “CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition” in entirety – not picking and choosing.
      All faithful Catholics know this.
      All the dissident nuns had to do was pick up the CCC and read. And then determine if they wished to remain Catholic.

      Intrinsic evils (non-negotiable) are: abortion,
      euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide,
      same-sex marriage,
      government-coerced secularism,
      and socialism.

      • Anne, socialism is not one of the non-negotiables. Socialism is not an intrinsic evil. In fact, much of the Bible and the teachings of Christ are socialistic: take what you have and give all to the poor – to each according to his need, etc. It is hard to be a Catholic or any other kind of Christian and not be a supporter of charity and social justice. Charity is giving what you have to the poor and needy. Social justice is trying to erase the need for charity. No one should go to bed hungry – eat what you need and give the rest to the poor. Everyone should have a place to sleep – help build shelter. Everyone should have work- help develop jobs that pay a living wage. Etc.

      • Socialism is not an intrinsic evil. But Bob One is also wrong when he claims that God promotes socialism. The liberals foul up the language so that they can confuse others and then sneak their devilish agenda in.

        • I would say that socialism is, since its core value constitutes a rejection of the 10th Commandment: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.”

    • **and Bishops chastising them that they haven’t done enough and instead of guiding them condemning their efforts.** Bingo !!! The magic words, “instead of guiding them”: Well, shucks, I wonder if that is one of the glaring reasons the Pope has called the bishops to something they don’t know about, namely to become holy. Like golly gee, the title “Father” has something to do with guiding, doesn’t it? Maybe somebody sold the bishops one of those autopilot gizmos and that’s how they administer instead of function as bishops. Some bishops excepted of course, and usually the ones keeping a low profile to avoid the wrath of Khan or whatever the lavendar boyz with the black market money tend to do. I wonder what would happen if a few good and holy bishops were to simply stop all connections with govt money, excommunicate high profile jerks, and name names? They can’t all be assassinated, can they be, before the laity rises up with Jesus and His remaining holy bishops?

  11. Folks these are not nuns or sisters, they are heretics and hate Holy Mother Church and The Holy Father himself. They will not obey the Holy Father or Church teachings, they dress in pants, dresses, makeup, earrings, not as they should look like Brides of Christ and act like it. Don’t give them the time of day, instead pray for the “real” nuns and sisters such as the The Nashville Dominicans, Mother Angelica’s sisters, that do Gods work not these Marxist-Leninist women who tossed their habits to the gutter long, long ago!!! Bring back our beloved Traditional Latin Mass!

  12. “Look at Me!!” “I’m on TV!” “Over here! Over here! Interview Me!” “I’m soooooo important!” Who cares what God, and all those old fuddy duddy clerics think? I’m so much more intelligent! So much more wise! And, so much better than all those stupid Bishops!!

    So much for humility. And, what is obedience, anyways?

  13. These are NOT the nuns of my youth, to say the least!!

    They need to be sent away to a monastary for some reflection and
    conversion…..and if that doesn’t work…..time to leave sister!!

  14. Many of the parishes will not let Catholic Answers Guide for Serious Catholic be given out, but this woman is allowed to speak this garbage!!!!

    Something is surely wrong with this picture!!!!

    • Abeca Christian says:

      That’s true Diane….also look at the Democratic Convention…don’t be surprised if there were many Catholics too. I was told also that there was a Mormon speaker there too….not all Mormons are conservative either.

  15. “Ms. Simone Death Campbell will receive her just reward.”


    sounds like the title of some scary novel.

    i guess we’ll have nun of that!!!

    • I liked my ‘feminun’ pun in today’s other post better. Get back, mr. californio, the Buckeye punster declares such nunsense a really bad habit!

  16. And the liberal Catholics are still asking why these nuns are being investigated by the Holy See. What a dissgrace for the Church and the other religious women that truely are NUNS!

    • Concern,
      Liberal/Progressive or Conservative regarding our Faith ?
      Don’t you mean Heretical or Schismatic ?

      • Anne, Ira Gershwin said it best…’you say potato, I say potahto’. They’re disobedient and arrogant women, whatever their label, and should be summarily dismissed from the Catholic Orders they claim to be part of…no? I’m sure tired of hearing about their latest escapades. Actually, they’re beginning to remind me alot of Lindsey Lohan or what’s the other one’s name, the one from Alabama that was forever getting into awful messes?

  17. What “Order” does this ‘nun’ belong to?
    and Why don’t they do something about her?

    ” Sr. Campbell dismissed those concerns. “Speaking at a Jesuit parish in Charlotte, the executive director of the social justice lobby Network disparaged Vatican officials and US bishops as ‘inexperienced’ in pastoral work and revealed that she is uncomfortable describing herself as pro-life ‘because of my pride,’” reported Catholic World News on June 13. “After speaking on the importance of civility in political discourse, Sister Simone Campbell dismissed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s efforts to reform the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) as a ‘Vatican kerfuffle’ and, in the words of the Charlotte diocesan newspaper, ‘scorned the US bishops for their continued opposition to the health insurance law. ’”

    She is a HERETIC and SCHISMATIC !

    Bishops should not let her speak in any venue that has the name “Catholic” within their own Diocese.
    Contact the appropriate Bishop asap !

  18. Thomas Edward Miles says:

    It is my sincere prayer that the Bishop’s listen to her, they have much to learn!!

    • Thomas Miles why you write on this site other than to promote falsehoods and the devil’s work is beyond me.

      You already posted that you support sodomy (gay-marriage).
      You already posted that you intend to vote for (pro-abortion) Democrats.
      Now you are posting that Bishops listen to heretical and schismatic nuns.

    • Christ assigned the power to teach the Truth of the faith to his Apostles, who are now our Bishops, not to dissident silly heretical schismatic “sisters”. This woman is only a sister to th devil and is doing his work with a smile due to her false pride. Pray for her soul.

      • Mark from PA says:

        God bless Sister Simone Campbell and the other sisters who bring Christ to others. Most Catholics appreciate the work they do and don’t appreciate unChristian attitudes which mock and insult the good sisters. I can’t believe the words of hate directed at a fellow Catholic who has devoted her life to God and her fellow man.

        • Mark from PA: How is it you can say that Sr. Simone Campbell is bring Christ to others when she goes around supporting Obama and in turn supporting abortion and contraception? Have you actually listened to her? She is a dissident nun who outright rejects the Church’s teaching on life issues. Mark, wake up and follow the Catechism. God Love You.

        • MD, she does not reject the church’s teaching on life issues. She is a lobbyist. Obama and the Democrats give her more of the things she wants. She did say in her speech that she is pro-life and when they tried to change her speech to leave that out, she told them that they could give her slot to someone else. They let her say what she wanted. The Democrats need more people like her. They are in the minority-right now. Both parties should be pro-life. More pro-life people need to stand up in the Democratic party until that happens. Same with marriage. And religious freedom.

          • k says, “She (Sr. Simone Campbell) does not reject Church teaching”…. Like MarkfromPA she only mocks those men in Rome. Then k writes, “More pro-life people need to stand up in the Democratic party. Same with marriage.” …..k, You mean the same way that you have stood up to MarkfromPA for voting for a radical pro-death Obama and his distorting of Church teaching on homosexuality and same sex marriage?

            Physician, heal thyself!

          • I have always stood up to Mark from PA when he errs. I do not know who he votes for. Voting is secret in American for a reason. One of the reasons is so that people do not have to fear persecution for who they vote for. Interesting ending to your post. Very telling. It is from Luke 4. Be sure to read to the end.

    • It also appears Mr. Miles that you have a lot to learn from true people of faith

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Alice he doesn’t want to learn goodness….he already made a choice away from God!

      • Mark from PA says:

        Well, Alice, Sister Simone is a true person of faith. She is pro-family. She said that our faith affirms that we are all responsible for one another. She said “I am my sister’s keeper. I am my brother’s keeper.” Thank you Sister Simone for your witness. She is an inspiration to me.

        • Then why did she get on national television and take a swing at her brother, Paul Ryan. She is a lobbyist. And they used her. And she let herself be used. Look, she is very savvy at using the media. I hope someday she will use to save lives and souls as well as money.

    • Better, TEM, that the bishops throw her out with the condition that if she repents, then her penance will have to be wandering on foot from village to village while scourging herself.

  19. Well, it’s certainly true these Network and LCWR nuns are suspiciously quiet on the matter of abortion, marriage, and family. I heard the Fresh Air/Terry Gross interview with the LCWR lady – Terry was right on when she said the LCWR lady sounded like she was conflicted and in pain.
    That’s what happens with contortions.

    It is also true that the bishops seem suspiciously quiet on the matter of Ryan being an adherent of Ayn Rand. Distancing himself from her atheism is a paltry contortion.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      What Paul Ryan said about “Ayn Rand” was that he certainly did not agree with her philosophy! Get it right, or don’t get it at all!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • “Get it right or don’t get it all” – indeed. Check out his full quote where he rejects Rand (2010) and his others over the preceding years where he exalts her. Check out the pressure he was under to reject her philosophy when he did.

        People don’t recover in a snap – and two years is a snap – after years and years of being mired. A retreat from activism is the usual prescription. You don’t offer a whiskey to a recovering alcoholic. Same thing.

        • Rachel, it is not unusual for faith to enable people to drop unfaithful things instantly. These things can be drugs, alcohol, “free” sex, ideologies, false religions, idols, whatever. I’ve seen it not infrequently. Much of the Gospel records such turn arounds.

  20. Where are our Bishops on this matter and what is a nun doing speaking at the DNC or any other political fiasco? This just leaves a knot in my stomach the size of the one after watching the 2016 documentary which I might add, Sister Simone Campbell should definitely be sure to see. Can we not stop this horrific defiance of our Catholic Church? Talk about our country going down the tubes with this fanatic at the helm and we have to see what nuns are doing to our Church? What is Holy Names University in Oakland, doing allowing her to speak on who to vote for????????? Please Bishops do something about this Holocaust of our own!

    • Lack of strong leadership. :(
      Lack of using the CCC in entirety for all Church teachings. :(

      We must promote the reading of the CCC ourselves to save the Church in the USA.
      There are suggestions on just what to do on internet.
      Search: ” What Catholics REALLY Believe Source ”
      See answer to question #1.

      • When I went to school we memorized a version of the Baltimore catechism. At that time, almost every Catholic youth in the country memorized the same catechism. If one believes the statistics that come out from time to time, about 50-70 percent of the people my age have left the church. That doesn’t show that reading the catechism is bad, but it does suggest that it isn’t a very effective tool. Now, that may be because of the teaching methods used, the great pressure put on people by the church back then to obey every rule, or go to hell. By the time many people got to college they stopped agreeing with all of the rules. They led good clean lives, when to church now and then, and raised children in loving homes. But, something drove them away, and their reading of the catechism didn’t bring them back or keep them from leaving.

        Many people call for the reading of the catechism. It is a reference book, not a novel. If you have a question about some aspect of catholic life, it is a good place to go for answers. Maybe we should start by asking all of the priest in the country to buy a copy and add it to the reading library of the parish. After five to seven years of theology in the seminary, I suspect they know what is in it. But, I just don’t understand the plea for everyone to read it. The entire catechism is based on chapter and verse of the Bible. Maybe we should start there.

        • My parish is full of old people (who probably studied the Baltimore Catechism). Where are the younger ones who didn’t study at all?

          Poor catechesis and poor review over time dull many memories.

          The CCC is an extremely important tool to help stem relativism and secularism within the Faith.

          If you haven’t read the “CCC” I understand why you don’t understand why people should read it.
          It’s very well done and covers the Doctrine of our Faith – without interpretatiion errors.

          For an introduction to the CCC, and why Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict think it is important for everyone – on the internet search: –
          ” What Catholics REALLY Believe Source “.
          They have a place for questions about the CCC if you need it.

          • Both Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict have asked us to read the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” (- which refers back to the Bible).

            Thanks for the link to ” What Catholics REALLY Believe “.
            I will pass it on.
            The quotes from our Popes are important.

        • Bob One, you should have all memorized the Bible instead. It covers all the same stuff and yet much much more. And it does it infinitely better. Contrary to myth, the Bible actually leads to all Church doctrine, and in fact is where most Church doctrine can be found.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            I agree with JLS…memorizing the bible is what many saints did in the infant years of the faith. Reading the bibles can help one obtain more graces, true wisdom and knowledge when submitting in true humility in our Lord and trusting entirely in the Holy Ghost!

          • Mary Helena Gamble says:

            We still need the Magisterium and good holy priest to explain it during the sermon on Sundays and Holy Days.

            This has been a rare occurance since Vatican 2 when priests allowed there own misunderstanding of it to be preached. .

            When the people are there the opportunity is lost .
            The Compendium of The Catholic Church had been put aside-when teaching Religious Instruction in catholic schools-and what was introduced instead were called religious programmes, no wonder we had so many liberals in our midst,and if one even mentioned traditional catholocism, they were considerded to be trouble makers.

            Thank God now in the UK we are slowly beginning to see some improvement especially since the Holy Father visited

            But still room for improvement.

            Thank God for him..

          • Catholics should read the Bible. “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” St. Jerome

          • “ The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which I approved … and the publication of which I today order by virtue of my Apostolic Authority,
            is a statement of the Church’s faith and of catholic doctrine, attested to or illumined by Sacred Scripture, the Apostolic Tradition, and the Church’s Magisterium.
            I declare it to be a sure norm for Paul II teaching the faith and thus a valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion. “ – Pope John. (pg 5)

          • JLS, there is no “instead”.
            Reading the ‘BIBLE’ AND the ‘CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH’ are complimentary.
            The CCC is based upon the Holy Scripture, Tradition, and the teachings of our Magisterium.
            There is no either / or.

            Our Popes have asked us to read both.
            There are no excuses in a literate USA.

            All Catholics are aware of the Bible.
            Many Catholics are not aware of the ‘CCC, Second Edition”.

            It makes me sad that our Country is going down hill due to a lack of appropriate teaching -promoting the reading of the CCC – that can be done at home at our own convenience.

            It makes me angry that many “Catholic” Universities do not require the CCC as a student text – so youth will not know the truth
            and can have the wool pulled over their eyes by slick professors with non-Catholic agendas.

          • Andy, poor wording on my part. My “instead” was meant to refer to the “memorization” and not to exclude one or the other. But as you point out, both are important. I will say this, which may show my bias towards the Bible: Because I became extremely familiar with the whole Bible prior to ever reading a catechism, what I found when jumping into the CCC was that I already knew what it was talking about … The CCC seems to excel in articulating contemporary issues. The Bible covers all the issues, but does not lay out Church law much. Yet, in exploring some topics in the CCC, I find it not rising to the same level as the Bible. The Bible is simply a far superior work than any of the catechisms, which is why catechisms come and go and the Bible stays. MGamble makes a good point by bringing in the need for authoritive teaching from the bishops. But, the weakness of her pitch is that one can find the authoritive teaching in Doctors of the Church. There is nothing new in terms of revelation, so what is the point of relying on slipshod bishops or spending one’s time searching for a faithful and holy one? It is holiness and not appointment that brings forth the truth. The Holy Spirit in my view works it this way, ie brings the truth to those who seek it humbly.

          • In other words, folks, JLS rejects the absolute authority of the Magisterium–the bishops teaching in union with the pope and the pope solemnly defining on his own–to declare, with the binding authority of God, what does and does not constitute Catholic teaching. He believes everyone can and should discern Catholic teaching for themselves, through reading Scripture, the Fathers and the Doctors, without the popes and bishops as middlemen. Which frankly makes him a Protestant, not a Catholic.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Larry you are incorrect! Just because you misunderstand JLS does not mean he is guilty of what you have judged him of. I disagree with you on this one! You are baring false witness of his character!

        • Mark from PA says:

          Bob One, we had to memorize questions too. Sixth Grade was the worst. I used to dread the days when we had to recite those answers. I could memorize the short answers but had trouble with the long ones. We had to recite them word for word and I always used to mess up on the long answers. For punishment we had to write ALL the questions and answers in the chapter 5 times. I used to dread religion class. Thankfully, I got good grades on all the tests so missing the questions didn’t bring down my grades. Seventh Grade was easier, the nun we had would ask everyone the same question, so if you were at the end you knew the answer from hearing it 30 times in a row. It is good that after going through that I still love the sisters. God bless them.

  21. Seems like the fact that the Diocese of San Jose is sponsoring her is a bigger part of the story than the fact she is appearing at Holy Names “University”. Again (for the thousandth time) where are bishops McGrath and Cordileone on this? Are they in agreement with sister’s views? Or are they just not up to the job they’ve been appointed to? It seems to me like it has to be one or the other.

  22. I apologize for being disrespectful, but I have a difficult time calling any woman sister who refuses to wear a habit. I identify a policeman or fireman by their uniform, the same is true for priests and religious. Plus, this woman is an outright heretic and supporter of a political party that rejects the necessity to defend life. I hope God has mercy on her soul.


  24. Its a free country so she can speak but she should not use the Catholic Church or Catholics to promote evil. The last one of them I saw wore lipstick and earring as if she were a single person looking for a man. I will not donate to any nuns like this or to any organization that supports them if I know it does.

    • I assume, Marie, that when you got married you stopped wearing lipstick and earings. What is the traditional “habit” for a nun? It is the street clothes of the middle ages. So, back then they dressed like the rest of the people dressed. Why should the wear clothes of the style of the middle ages in the 21st century. You will know them by their deeds, not their habits. Most parishes in the U.S. would fail if it were not for women religious and other women who contribute their time and energy. Who teaches the children? Women for the most part. Who manages faith formation in a parish? Women for the most part. Who sets the example for leading a life of prayer and devotion to the poor? Women for the most part. Women don’t need old fashion clothes to do their work.

      • So Bob One, Let’s take the Oakland Diocese as an example. Sisters and Nuns are established in very few parishes; whereas, pior to the implementation of VII, just about every parish had a community of Sisters/Nuns. Now, as you state, msot parishes are run by lay women and effeminate men (including the Priests). And to further your point, the children are not taught very well; parish faith formation is terrible; and prayer/devotions are rarely ecouraged. Ever ask yourself why? Ever ask yourself why, for the most part, strong men are no where to be found? Most “faith communities” in the Oakland Diocese have a protestant ethos. However, those “parishes” which are clearly faithful to scripture, tradition and the Magisterium, have a strong male presence.

        • Just because a priest sounds effeminate does not mean he is not faithful to the Magisterium, & for that matter may indeed be practicing chastity. Just because a guy can’t or never learned to pass a football doesn’t predict his faith, hope & love.
          His teaching may sure be a different subject, & it’s up to us to not only pray for our own preferences which may be uncharitable, but for his teaching, his attitudes & to write him concerning your ideas before we go above his head.
          I say this because I suffer from the same problems & ideas about effeminate priests.

    • Marie, don’t worry about being dissed by Bob One; he’s kind of soppy with the liberal mush, and doesn’t quite understand how to take literary forms well. He says he is very old, and maybe he is trying to say that is his excuse, but I would think that truly old people would be irritated with his dumping his sappy sentimentalism on them as a class of souls.

  25. I’m asking a few San Jose priests who are friends of mine about this. It’s yet another brazen outreach of dissent in that diocese. Usually they try to hide dissent and get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Putting this on the front page of the diocesan website doesn’t leave a lot of room for plausible deniability.

    • Fr., please let us know what you find out.

      If the Bishop is in cahoots, perhaps we need to report this to the US Papal Nuncio and the Vatican.

  26. To Thomas Edward Miles…Why are you on this site anyway? You know you aren’t going to you influence most of those here. You are a fence sitter with one leg, maybe 2 hanging over on the TRUTH side…the Roman Catholic Church side. St. Augustine with the aid of St. Paul push this man Thomas off the fence into TRUTH. My prayer for you Thomas…may Our Mother the Immaculate Heart enlighten you.

  27. St. Christopher says:

    “Judy”: is correct — Where are the bishops? The truth is apparent, they are fully, deeply, and with warm and fuzzy satisfaction in the Obama Camp. The literature is omnipresent that many, many bishops have spoken out in favor the D platform, of the Obama “passion for the poor” and other nonsense. “Sister” Campbill is simply a useful idiot to the Obama folks. These same bishops — who, in the end, will do nothing to the LCWR, notwithstanding whatever the Vatican says — need to be removed. But, the Pope is old, and conflicted. Some say he was deeply offended by the release of criticism of the Church by Cardinal Martini, which is a true shame. The Pope should be concerned about the cabal of the bishops, however; time to read Malachi Martin’s “Windswept House”.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      The pope is far from conflicted, old may be, but conflicted? Seriously?

      • What is the evidence that the Pope is conflicted? I’ve never seen it. I’d, however, recommend to him to multiply the number of the Swiss Guards and run through the Vatican arresting all the dissidents, and then expelling them from that tiny nation state. The bad news would be if they all then ended up in California.

  28. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    Thirteenth Rule of St. Ignatius of Loyola

    To be right in everything, we ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it, believing that between Christ our Lord, the Bridegroom, and the Church, His Bride, there is the same Spirit which governs and directs us for the salvation of our souls. Because by the same Spirit and our Lord Who gave the ten Commandments, our holy Mother the Church is directed and governed.

    • MbKMb, in case you’ve never heard this shocking revelation, here it is: white is white, and not black; black is black and not white. What I think St Ignatius was writing was a saying that was intended to joggle the mind, and not a doctrinal statement. The same technique can be found in various other venues … which is to throw a non sequitor at someone who has stiffened up his mind. The saying is probably some kind of a joke or something.

      • No it’s not a joke.. it is the mortification of one’s own judgement. Remember? He is saying that the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit who is infallible. If you disagree with the Church, you will not be correct.

      • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

        He meant exactly what he wrote. On doctrinal matters, the Church is totally infallible.
        Jesus himself and the Paraclete makes sure that is the case.

        • Yes, I understand that. But the “quote” (a translation into English) begs for additional context. You know, some days I simply go for the throat … regardless of whose it is. Two of my three wonderful dogs see me coming and avoid this, but my old faithful buddy, blind as a bat now, always plants himself exactly where he’ll take the onslaught … I guess in his way that is an act of sacrifice to protect the others from my stomping and storming.

  29. Laurette Elsberry says:

    I graduated from Holy Names college decades ago. When the subject comes up, I always specify that I graduated from Holy Names when it was a Catholic college.

    • Laurette, I ran into faithful Catholics at the University of California … They did not look at my sins, but at my soul, and no doubt they prayed. It is a blessed thing.

  30. Eric Augustine says:

    All of this is due to the changes made in the 1960′s – prior to this time these Saintly nuns were the Church – I think that the ‘Nuns’ should investigate the ‘Vatican’ -

    • Eric, these nuns are not going to save your soul, anyone’s soul, or the Vatican. They cannot even save their own souls, and they probably don’t give a hoot about it anyway.

    • Mary Helena Gamble says:

      There will always be Judas’s within the Church.
      One thing I do know if one colmpained to Rome-even if one went there personally,,you had to get past the liberals first!

      We need to pray for the Holy Father as he is doing his best.

      Bring back the prayer to St Michael-it may rid the smoke of Satan in all parishes. Deaneries,Dioceses.
      The Immaculate Heart of Mary, the ‘first Friday’ today. and do what She has asked of us all -not only the clergy- laity as well!.

  31. Maryanne Leonard says:

    I understand your comment about specifying that you graduated from your particular Catholic college “when it was a Catholic college,” Laurette. Too many of our “Catholic” colleges are Catholic in Name Only, as we all know. I am so impressed by Thomas Aquinas College, tucked away in one of our lovely, hidden valleys in beautiful Ventura County, a pleasant drive away from Santa Barbara, Ventura or the Pacific Ocean, which is not only an exceptionally fine college academically and in so many other ways, but it is “still Catholic, after all these years.” I’ve known a handful of graduates, administrators, and tutors there over its young but proud history, and it is so heartening to know there is still such a thing as a truly exceptional, truly Catholic college, and it is right here in sunny Southern California! See, I told you there was a God!

  32. East Coast Tom says:

    When asked if abortion should be illegal, the good sister gave an Obamesque answer that it’s above her pay grade. Also, she said that she had no problem with the Dems’ party platform originally not mentioning God.

  33. lyndonaacosta says:

    It’s really weird a sister without a habit but that’s the majority of them in the United States. I pity the bishops in the US and the Vatican ;they are, fighting many fronts from within and from the other christian religions, the government and the liberals.Their churches are desecrated by gays. And these nuns they insult the bishops by their disobedience and ideology.They disparage the church, the bishops and the pope.But I’am glad like that priest that join the protest of the pro-abort but was praying for them to convert and was defending the church.May God defend the bishops, the priests , the pope and the church. Of course, the church will win but now we’re undergoing a severe trial.

  34. There exists the Church ruled by the Pope and a few bishops, and then there is the Shadow Church run by many bishops whose day jobs are administering govt money.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      you are seriously mistaken on the nature of the Church.

      • No, I’m not. The Church consists of faithful souls. Those who are unfaithful and yet call themselves Catholic are not in the actual Catholic Church, but in some other thing, which could be called a shadow church. I’m using a frame of reference here which is called the Mystical Body of Christ. A bishop, eg, who has no faith also has no Catholicism, but only a pretense of it. God may operate through such a scoundrel so that the Sacraments are valid, but for how long? Do we think that God is going to be mocked by evil bishops? God guarantees the Church, but not the individual bishops. Question: If you were certain that a particular bishop were evil, would you continue to listen to him? to obtain sacraments from him?

        • This is complete hogwash. There is no such thing as a “shadow church”. NO SUCH THING. This fantasy is unsupported biblically and theologically. Any Catholic who may have lost his faith, does not become relegated to a “shadow church” but rather still belongs to the Church by virtue of his baptism (which leaves an indelible mark on the soul). Rather such a person is still called to stir up the faith once given to him. And by God’s grace many nominal Catholics throughout history have converted and become more fervent.

        • JLS, you are not Catholic, are you?

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Actually JLS is right….I did my research and I recall some of the saints making similar points. That is a great question. How long will our Lord continue to allow these wicked times to continue, I am grateful for His mercy, there are still many faithful, their prayers and sacrifices are blessing us in Jesus. The answer to your question JLS is NO. I would stay away not unless I have no other place to go to for the sacraments.

          • False. He is wrong. There is NO SHADOW CHURCH! There is only one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, and those who are baptized belong to it for the sacrament confers an indelible mark on the soul. Those who are not practicing their faith are called to be fervent in faith. And by God’s grace this is happening all the time. JLS’ interpretation of the Mystical Body of Christ in this regard is erroneous and false, and Abeca is helping to perpetuate such falsehood by agreeing with him.

        • JLS, I think you are going heretical on us.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            I can’t explain his shadow church explanation but on the other points I seem to get him. K of all people to judge JLS, you should be the one to be silent!

          • Abeca Christian says:

            how hypocritical! To accuse a faithful of heresy but when you have constantly a regular poster who posts here supporting gay agenda’s and even uses the church teachings falsely to support gay lifestyles….I don’t see anyone calling that gay friendly poster a heretic! I expect that when one has the zeal to defend the faith as best as he knows how and is truly seeking to be holy and pleasing to God, he will be attacked!

            Welcome to carrying our cross when we fight the good fight!

  35. There is One, Catholic, Holy and Apostolic Church.

  36. If we all practiced our Catholic Faith and never spoke ill of our neighbor, the comments sections would be shorter. I notice on articles like the ones about churchs and sidewalk counselors have hardly any comments.

  37. The Democrats do not need to “restore” God.
    For unlike Republican hypocrites, they LIVE their values. Honestly.
    The Republicans real god is MONEY, and THEIR saints are those
    who have LOTS of it….and want it ALL.

    Those Republicans who would destroy Social Security & voucher Medicare to death, who would cut Pell grants, and who readily admit they “don’t care about the very poor” should stop, remember, and take to heart the ancient words so relevant for today:
    “Whatsoever you do for the least of these – you do for me”.

    There is God in each of us. And that is why we are bound to each other.
    If we do not believe that, and act upon that – then we are lost.
    As the Catholic Bishops agreed : The politics of Romney/Ryan masquerades as values …while harming those who are most at risk.
    Their proposed agenda does not praise God – it mocks God, it defiles God. And man…

    • Mark from PA says:

      Aw danzer, you make valid points. I feel it is unfortunate that many Republicans just give lip service to pro-life issues but then turn around and support policies that lead to more abortions. It is important that they back policies that lessen the number of abortions. Words without action to back up the words are worthless. Backing people of privilege and big corporations at the expense of the middle class is anti-family in my opinion. The politicians need to work for what is best for the American people not just only for the people that give them big donations.

      • What is really unfortunate is the person who was raised Catholic and who continues to blog on a Catholic website promoting the homosexual agenda. This individual proudly admits voting for Obama. Those actions speak so much louder than words. The homosexual agenda is tied in with the culture of death and Obama believes in murdering babies in the womb. So much for that lip service about pro-life. Words are worthless when your actions support the opposite.

        • Pro-life means different things to different people. Over 50 % of our country defines themselves as pro-life; but only 20% think that abortion should be made illegal in all circumstances. There are people who are pro-life who are against all abortions and euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research, but they excuse capital punishment and war. To be radically pro-life is to be against all that harms human life and diminishes the dignity of the person and likewise to favor all things with protect human life and enhance the dignity of the person. All things are not of equal value and the fight for protection of the defenseless: the unborn, the ill and elderly and the protection of the family-the most basic cell of society-takes first place.

          • If I understand you correctly, K, your definition of “pro-life” sounds like pacifism–a philosophy which holds that there is no such thing as a justifiable homicide. One question: would you, as part of your pro-life philosophy, favor forbidding the police to ever use deadly force in the line of duty?

          • “Pro-life means different things to different people”….Yes it does, especially to posters who like to run interference for those who are promoting the homosexual agenda. Faithful Catholics have always recognized that Obama was radically pro-death. Period.

            Still, there are those same individuals who call themselves Catholic but once again they deflect and protect because it is truly Barack Obama that they really want to reelect.

          • Mark from PA says:

            K, I think very few people are radically pro-life. Sadly, I think some politicians define themselves as pro-life but then do nothing to help pro-life causes.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Catherine you are correct…I am tired of the hypocrisy. Some homosexual say they are pro-life but yet elect Obama. Why not just be honest and say they voted for Obama for their own personal reasons which is for gay agenda. Even if a homosexual is not living his gay lifestyle, but if they elect specifically a political party to help grow homosexual agenda’s, they are guilty of serious sins! A person with SSA disorder but chooses to remain chaste, they must do so also in the way they vote and live out their life, they are not committing a sin but one may not necessarily live a gay lifestyles but still chooses to promote or advance so called “gay rights” (which are sodomy etc) then they have committed a grave sin.

          • Catherine, I do not understand your phrase “run interference.” I am thinking it may be from football, but I do not know the game. Neither am I playing a game, here. I am listening to a conversation and occassionally adding to it. For myself, I never vote for a pro-choice politician. But I know people who identify themselves as pro-life who have.

          • Larry, it was a descriptive post not my personal beliefs. I have never heard the church or anyone say that a policeman was wrong to kill in the line of duty.

          • Mark from PA, in American politics, pro-life means anti-abortion. Sometimes anti-embryonic stem cell research, too. I don’t really buy into the idea that it is OK to elect a pro-choice politician because he will do more to help those already living. In addition to the actions I know I will disagree with when it comes to outright life vs death decisions, I always feel that if a politician does not understand the sanctity of human life or if he feels that government should not intervene to save the life of a child, I will not like most of his/her decisions. I do not ever vote because of money issues because Jesus said that you can not serve God and money. And I always recall that Pope John Paul II said that the government should not be the agency of charity in a country because it erodes your social fabric. I believe you are a social worker and you probably have a better understanding than I do of what cuts in government spending in certain areas mean in terms of the number of people that can be helped. I assume that impacts your decision.

          • “Larry, it was a descriptive post not my personal beliefs. I have never heard the church or anyone say that a policeman was wrong to kill in the line of duty.” Nor have you ever heard the Church solemnly define that the death penalty or fighting in a war is immoral in any and all circumstances, at all times and in all places.

          • Larry, you are absolutely correct.

    • “The Democrats do not need to “restore” God.
      For unlike Republican hypocrites, they LIVE their values. Honestly”: Living dishonest lives honestly is a virtue?

    • Danzer, what you are advocating for the least of God’s people is mayhem and murder. But of course you feel saintly for being open about it, right?

  38. I am saddened to the depths of my soul over the comments of Sr. Simone Campbell at the DNC. Abortion is wrong. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church Abortion is covered in sections 2270 through 2276.
    Please pray for Sister Simone Campbell so that she may be enlightened.

  39. Simone_dubois says:

    Those earrings say it all….

  40. Democrats mostly support abortions , but also promote policies that lead to less abortions. Republicans mostly do not support abortions, but also promote policies that lead to more abortions.

    Some of the stats I’ve seen, where women have good access to sex education, contraception and health care, show that when those conditions are present, there are significantly less abortions. If one can’t completely abolish abortions, it would seem best to promote the situation that would lead to the least amount of abortions. Perhaps this is what Sister Simone is doing? Perhaps she thinks that all or nothing is unrealistic? It would be far easier to abolish abortions if there were significantly less of them happening in the first place, because all the policies in place lead to less abortions happening. Some ways of reaching the goal are more efficacious than others.

    • Danzer, it is not about politics; it is about the bishops teaching their people, which they don’t do … witness millions upon millions of abortions and sodomites running amok. Get it right at the top, and the rest will fall into line. Seek first the kingdom of God and then all else shall be added: but the bishops seem to seek first the kingdom of ideas, which makes them easy prey for the world, the flesh and the devil.

  41. These fake nuns and sisters can’t and would not try to save anyone’s soul, its all about them and them only, as well as social justice, gays, aborting babies, promoting women to the priesthood which will and cannot happen as Pope John Paul the II stated. As I always state on this great blog IGNORE them they mean nothing and serve no purpose most are on their way to judgment and their orders are dying out fast. This is the era of Pope Benedict the XVI, times are changing in the way of Tradition, yes it will be a long battle and most of us will never see the TLM return to all of our altars and replace the “man-made” Novus Ordo. The great experiment of Vatican II was an utter failue and disaster, it will take decades for Holy Mother Church to recover, but it will and time is on Traditions side. The Church does not change with the times like Liberals want it to, it cannot for it teaches the truth and truth can not change for the sake of Liberals.

  42. Pray for the “new order” of good sisters and nuns that are bursting at the seams with YOUNG women with wait lists just to get in. The Nashville Dominicans, Mother Angelica’s nuns, Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles, Dominican Sisters Ann Arbor, Fransican Sisters of the Immaculate, Dominican Sisters of Post Falls Idaho S.S.P.X., and the Abbey of Regina Laudis, all wearing full habits and for the most part Latin, and Gregorian chant.

  43. Strike a victory for CCD and other concerned Catholics: it appears as if the workshop has been removed from San Jose’s website.

    Glory to God!

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