Faces of the American Holocaust – Loretta Sanchez

Who’s behind the public policies that have led to millions dead from abortion?

When the killing of human beings becomes a pre-meditated methodical policy — put forward as a public good — massive slaughter results, and can be called a “holocaust.”

History puts a face on leaders who considered mass murder a political “good” — leaders like Adolph Hitler of Germany, Mehmet Talaat of Turkey, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Mao of China and Joseph Stalin of Russia.

But what about American leaders responsible for our own ongoing holocaust: abortion? History has yet to put a face to them, but those who value the sanctity of human life are obligated to ferret them out and hold them responsible.

This is the latest in an occasional California Catholic Daily series, “Faces of the American Holocaust,” in which we put faces to those behind the mass murder of innocents in the U.S.


By R.J. Grace

U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez stunned the political world in 1996 when she upset six-term Republican pro-lifer Bob Dornan by 984 votes in an election so close it is still disputed today.

US Rep. Loretta Sanchez

During the 1996 campaign, Sanchez used images of Our Lady of Guadalupe in some appearances and was permitted to stump for election in Catholic parishes in Orange County. She has also distributed campaign flyers on the windshields of cars parked at churches during Mass.

But as the representative of California’s 47th Congressional District, Sanchez can hardly be said to represent Catholic values: she has been one of Congress’ most ardent supporters of abortion, is divorced and re-married, and has been a longtime friend of Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner.

In her earlier forays into politics, Sanchez used her married name – Loretta Brixey – and ran as a Republican. But in her 1996 race for Congress, she dropped her married name for her maiden name – Sanchez – and switched party registration to Democratic. The tactic worked, with most political observers citing strong support from Hispanic voters for her narrow victory. (In 2004 she divorced her husband, Steven Brixey, and she remarried last year.)

Sanchez has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and NOW. She gets a 0% rating from the Family Research Council, the National Right to Life Committee, Life Priority Network, and the Democrats for Life of America. She has become one of the most adamant pro-abortion members of Congress, in spite of the fact that she identifies herself as a Catholic.

In 2009, in a reprise of her 1996 campaign, Sanchez was allowed to speak at an event at St. Callistus Catholic Church in Garden Grove, where she participated in a “prayer vigil” during which she ranted and raved against Republicans for opposing Obamacare. The federal healthcare plan, opposed by Catholic bishops before its passage, forces Catholic schools and charities to fund abortion and contraception. Not once during the so-called prayer vigil was Sanchez’s support for abortion even mentioned, let alone challenged.

One of her biggest campaign contributors has been Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner, and Sanchez has visited the Playboy Mansion as recently as 2010, reportedly to consider the viability of a run for governor. Sanchez created an uproar in 2000 when she planned a campaign fundraiser at Hefner’s 22,000-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles. Under pressure from Democratic Party leadership – including then presidential candidate Al Gore, who refused to attend – Sanchez reluctantly agreed to change the venue to Universal Studios.

Since her election in 1996, Sanchez has repeatedly introduced a measure that would allow overseas military hospitals to perform abortions. Her anti-life voting record is long and telling:

In 2011, she voted against a ban on federal healthcare coverage that includes abortion. In 2005 and again in 2007 she voted to expand research that uses embryonic stem cells harvested from abortions. In 2005, she voted against a law that would have made it illegal to take under-aged girls across state lines for an abortion as a means to get around parental notification/consent laws.

In 2004, Sanchez voted against a law that would have made harming an unborn child a crime in instances where another crime was being committed. In 2003, she voted against a law that would have made partial-birth abortion a crime, except for cases where it would save the life of the mother. In 2001 she opposed a ban on federal funding in foreign aid for family planning.

And that was just a sample of Sanchez’s votes. Her actual anti-life voting record is much more extensive. It is difficult to imaging how she can look her constituents in the face and say, “I am a Catholic.”

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  1. Kenneth M. Fisher says:

    Loretta Sanchez Brixey did not defeat Catholic Congressman Bob Dornan in 1996. That election was stolen by massive voter fraud, I personally witnessed some of it. Dornan was also defeated by cowards in the Republican Party, some of whom he even got elected, because they were afraid of the so called hispanic, and feminist backlash. I also witnessed that.

    I ran against that pseudo Catholic woman in 2002.

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher

    • I used to watch Bob on the Mayor Sam Yorty show in Los Angeles. He cryptically proclaimed, “What’s the real reason Richard Nixon resigned?”

  2. Kenneth M. Fisher says:

    She can look at herself in the mirror and say “I am a Catholic” because her bishop, Tod Brown, and his auxiliaries, allow her to do so.

    One Auxiliary Bishop was there when Loretta gave her disgraceful talk at St. Callistus.

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher

    • And that is why liberal, so called Catholic politicians are allowed to do what they do because of weak willed bishops. They would rather let these scoundrels do whatever they want rather than lose their place of honor at banquets.

  3. Abeca Christian says:

    Who said it was going to be easy to be Catholic? Reading about this Sanchez woman, is shameful. Why do people choose to be ugly in the inside? Or better yet, the inside us ugly and it comes out in immoral things…this woman is allowing her ugly to push more abortions!

  4. Abeca Christian says:

    She’s no different from Juan Vargas who is running for Congress in my area! DON”T VOTE FOR JUAN!

  5. Hugh Hefner, the most famous of women haters, (he just loves to use and abuse them), is the one that has caused most of the rapes and attacks and murders of our girls and women and has helped the drug and the murder-by-abortion industry (lets not forget his ties with the Mafia) by opening up the door to “respectful” pornography with his disgusting magazine. Both him and Sanchez will make ugly book-ends on the devil’s fireplace in hell. What a fraud!! +JMJ+

  6. Thank you, Kenneth Fisher, for speaking out and for running against Sanchez in 2002! God bless you!

  7. God bless you, Ken.

  8. People like Loretta Sanchez are not Catholic. They may say they are, but would they vote for and say those things in front of Jesus and Mary. They may be Catholic in some of their actions, but not in their hearts. Could they look into the eyes of Jesus and Mary and say that abortion is good.

  9. Why do Catholics keep electing these pseudo Catholics. By the way, everyone in the U.S. of A knew that Dorman had to go. You could have run a horse against him and he would have lost. The Republicans were not afraid of the Hispanic vote and the women vote. They didn’t want him in the party any more. Even Republicans can only take so much of a bad thing when it comes to politics.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Bob One,

      I was there and I witnessed it.

      Yes Bob made the mistake of running for President, but a large number of people urged him to do so. I was a Member of the Orange County Republican Central Committee when all this came down.

      One Congressman who Bob had backed away from a safe District to allow him to run in that safe District, while Bob ran against an incumbent entrenched Democrat (I can’t remember his name just now) and won, failed to support Bob when he needed his support. Unless you know what you are writing about, don’t write!

      I remember picketing an event at the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange Mother House where this Democrat Congressman was the featured speaker. A real Religious Sister, the late Sr. Mary Cecile Brown, of that order was crushed by that.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  10. Idaho Pete says:

    Loretta Sanchez is not only a face on the Holocaust she is one of many of the “Catholic faces on the Holocaust.” I will be long dead but I predict a future day that, just like a later generation of Germans felt the shame of what their grandparents did in WWII, a later generation of American Catholics will be made to feel shame as many in a future society will justly point their finger at them and the Church and say abortion was allowed to last and continue because your Church did nothing to its many members who made it happen. This shame will come about from the colossal failure of our bishops not excommunicating or applying Canon 915

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      How about the Knights of Columbus “leadership” that failed to abide by their own written Laws and expel these miscreant Knights who publicly and openly supported abortion and sodomy.

      I told Virgil Decant in Chicago “Virgil you had the power and the authority, and you did nothing”. In politics you learn to recognize fear in an opponents face. When I said that to Virgil, I recognize for a moment at least, FEAR!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  11. Take away the votes of at least 1,000 illegal immigrants, and Loretta Sanchez would be where she belongs – obscurity.

  12. James Howard says:

    I am furious to read about this evil, wicked woman. Can you imagine she has the gall to call herself “catholic”! I think Sanchez and Pelosi and Sebelious and Biden and Viaragosa should be FORMALLY and PUBLICLY EXCOMMUNICATED from our Holy Catholic Church.

  13. I think this is the woman (it could have been the sister) who came to St. Catherine’s school in Lagunda Beach in 2008 and told the kids that Barack Obama was not for abortion.

  14. Calling Loretta Sanchea a Catholic is like calling the singer, artist Madonna a virgin. It is only good for a laugh if it were not so very, very sad. There seems nothing worse than a Catholic gone bad.

  15. Bob One is speaking falsely when he claims that Cong. Bob Dornan lost the election, way back then, because “he had to go.” Bob was one of the better Pro Life Congressmen while in office. We, the pro life community, appreciated him and the babies needed him. The church should have supported him and so should have every Republican. Look what that district has now.
    I hope California Republicans and independents don’t make the same error and fail to support the Republican presidential candidate who, though with some exceptions, is far more pro life than Obama. If Obama gets back in office the Catholic Church will support the HHS Mandate on contraceptives because the church is too dependent upon the government tax handouts under the Democrats.


      California 46th Congressional District 1996 elections

      Democrat – Loretta Sanchez received 47, 964 votes

      Republican – Bob Dornan (incumbent) received 46, 980 votes

      Reform – Lawrence Stafford received 3, 235 votes

      Libertarian – Thomas Rheimer received 2, 333 votes

      Natural Law – J. Aguirre received 1, 972 votes.

      Camille is right. Bob Dornan did not have to go. It is Obama who has to go! Larry Stafford, may God rest his soul, was another pro-life Catholic who influenced 3, 235 votes away from Bob Dornan. Had Larry Stafford used a more realistic Catholic view and used his Catholic influence to reelect Bob Dornan, those same few votes would have changed the history. It is very sad that a Catholic who thought that he was doing the right thing ended up helping to usher in the staunchly pro-death candidate named Loretta Sanchez.

      It can often be catastrophic for the unborn when an individual influences others by their foolish actions. As harmful and costly as those 3, 235 votes were to the pro-life movement, at the time Larry Stafford also thought that he was being civil and doing good. It could be said that Larry Stafford, unintentionally helped Loretta Sanchez into power.

      How many Democratic reelection votes for Obama will the Al Smith Dinner and these convention appearances garner? As in the case of Bob Dornan’s reelection, it only took one foolish choice of a fellow Catholic to garner a few distracted votes. Those few votes helped to place real evil into power. There is nothing new under the sun/Son. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Catherine I like what you just pointed out. I see that happening a lot, especially now with people saying they will not vote for Obama but refuse to vote for Romney. They might as well give the vote to Obama if they are going to use that logic.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Also Catherine I hate it when people refuse to accept that they may be a Republican. They say that they are a democrat, they are pro-life and are against redefining marriage. Really? I have to ask my self, are they so ignorant or is it just pride of some sort. I tell them, but you sound Republican but they are divided because they are for the poor, so they say, I guess the great bishops of the USA have caused this confusion, many Catholics think they have to be Democrats? Maybe they are the very ones sucking the welfare system, or they are envious of the rich man who knows. Really? Who brought forth this confusion on Christs flock? I hope our bishops are paying attention and discover that some have caused division and confusion in our church.

  16. On one of the Sunday morning talk shows, I heard an impassioned plea for the end of abortion from a political hack. He was attacked by another, an economist, who said he was a strong believer in the right of a woman to have an abortion even in the ninth month. That is how wide the divide is in this country and how hard the pro-life group has to work to change our culture.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Bob One,

      By your choice of words “political hack” to define a pro-life individual, you really identify where you are really coming from!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  17. “By their fruits, you will know them” Sanchez is a neo-Nazi/Marxist. Isn’t it amazing how the so-called “progressive politicians and European nations” are waging an all out genocidal war against their own people? First, via abortion, then the legalisation of euthanasia, legitimizing depraved homosexual mockeries of marriage, corrupting children by counseling them on how to perform deviate sexual acts, promoting the use of condoms, and granting authorization to minors to avoid informing their parents in case they want to avail themselves of an abortion, or proscribing psychiatric treatment for identity confused minors who seem to think they are attracted to members of the same sex. These politicians are enablers of child molesters! Not to mention their most recent campaign to wipe out entire generations of human beings in third world countries. How did it ever come to this in our lifetimes, my fellow Catholics? Has there EVER been a government process in all human history as evil as what we are witnessing today? Our political systems today are led by perverse individuals who have subsumed all that was iniquitous in the philosophies and totalitarian regimes of the past. I think it is up to us to take back our respective nations, and wrest them from the hands of these genocidal maniacs. Not even ancient Rome, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Maoist China or Pol Pot combined has exceeded the extent of mass genocide of children or the overall moral collapse of society as experienced today.

  18. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Bishops have their roles, some of which they play entirely too closely to their chests, and they are merely human beings and can falter and fail, as we have all seen for far too many years. They are responsible for their own acts of commission and omission, of course. But ultimately this shockingly misguided woman is responsible for her own soul, and she is responsible for the theft of power gained through election fraud, as well as for complicity in wayward votes that continue to permit the murders of our most innocent Americans – our unborn children. She will have to answer to God and to the souls of the children in whose murders she was complicit.

  19. Much of this has to do with the bishop’s having no authority whatsoever over their peers, just a single authority over a comparatively small group of Catholics. Can this really be justified knowling about the recent histories of so many of them? The bishops as well as the Cardinals thumb their noses as their peers. No pope can know each of their bishops and must rely on the often doubtful opinions and recommendations of those who really are foxes in the henhouse. What is the answer when most recommendations are strictly hidden until reaching Rome.

  20. “Catholic” politicians get elected by other “catholics” I know people who go to church and receive Eucharist who are involved in homosexual “unions” and who think abortion should be legal and that it is matter for the woman to decide. I don’t think publicly excommunicating the “catholic” politicians will change any minds. On the other hand, it should be done. Maybe, just maybe, it will give other “catholics” something to think about.

  21. Juergensen says:

    Abortion: The High Sacrament of the Democratic Party

  22. In a recent Angelus Address, Pope Benedict stated that Judas no longer believed in Jesus after the Bread of Life discourse. He said that Judas should have left like the other disciples did. But Judas was not intellectually honest and stayed so he could take vengeance on the Master. Cafeteria Catholics are not being intellectually honest. They are false. Falsehood is the sign of the devil. If Pelosi, Biden, Sanches, Vargas and the rest don’t believe what the Church teaches, they should do the intellectually honest thing and JUST LEAVE. There are plenty of Episcopalian churches that would take them in.

  23. It is diificult and frustrating in trying to understand why Catholic voters elect pseudo-Catholics like Sanchez – and also Dornan and Ryan who consistently vote for war and against the poor and middle class.

  24. All faithful CATHOLICS must contact the appropriate Diocese Bishop asking for excommunication of each politician who calls himself or herself – “CATHOLIC” and are heretics or schismatics.
    This includes public voting records, public statements, as well as actions.
    (Sanchez is clearly both.)

    Send the name of the politician and documention to the Bishop, and if that does not work to the US Papal Nuncio and the Vatican.

    It is charitable to ask for excommunication so that the sinner will understand the gravity of their actions.
    And so that the Mortal Sin of SCANDAL will be thwarted in the USA.

    Code of Canon Law: ” Can. 915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion. ”

    Many Bishops in the USA have allowed the Mortal Sin of Scandal to stand too long.
    And this has severly and negatively affected our Society.

    Don’t give up. If enough of us keep contacting the Bishops they will eventually have to listen.

  25. How sad it is that Rep. Sanchez would use the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the image of Our Lady with our Precious Lord in utero as she promotes the killing of unborn babies. How sad. She is not only a disgrace to Catholics, but to Hispanics. I pray God has mercy on her soul. God Love You.

  26. StephieClare says:

    It all starts at the top, and the bishops and cardinals let the Sanchezes and Pelosis and Bonos and Villagairosas do what they want and never say a word. I am sick and tired of these weak men and women.

    Also, if Sanchez’s constituents are foolish enough to vote for her then maybe that’s what they deserve. I just feel sorry for the dead babies that are scattered along their paths.

  27. You know, I thought that I’d give it a rest and not send in a post to CalCatholic; but then I saw the name “Loretta Sanchez,” and I saw it was part of the series on the continuing American Holocaust of abortion and I just KNEW I’d have TO CONTRIBUTE MY 2 CENT’S WORTH. FOR THIS WOMAN INSPIRES IN ME SUCH A DEEP REVULSIONTHAT IT BORDERS ON HATRED. BUT I KNOW THAT WOULD BE A SIN, SO I PRAY FOR HER INSTEAD. BUT WHAT A PIECE OF WORK SHE IS! AND THANKS TO THE INSIGHTFUL INFO.THAT KEN FISHER HAS PROVIDED, it’s all suspicions confirmed. But then again I remember very well Bob Dornan’s VALIANT EFFORT to hold onto his seat, and the accusations of massive fraud that were leveled against her, which, as Ken has pointed out, the Republican Party refused to do anything about! Which I’m sure Ken and I and anyone else who’s been around during the last thirty or so years, are really not very surprised at. In 1960, the Republican party had VERY GOOD EVIDENCE that the Democratic party led by the unfortunately corrupt Kennedy family, had in essence STOLEN THAT ELECTION from Richard Nixon, what with all those dead people voting for Kennedy from the Chicage graveyards, etc.(I believe that Kennedy so-called “won” that year,1960, with less than a 100,000 vote margin), aND THE rEPUBLICANS refused TO TAKE ACTION! By the way, this is really a MAGNIFICENT series of articles that CALCATHOLIC has been running, and I once again SALUTE THEM for doing it, even though we’ve had our run-ins over certain kinds of “editing” that I feel they’ve perpetrated re my posts; But this series MORE than makes up for it, and I PRAY the day will come when ROE V. WADE will FINALLY be overturned, and perhaps these prople can be brought to justce. May ALMIGHT GOD BLESS US ALL., MARKRITE

  28. Edward Kristy says:

    I would suggest the following (QUOTED FROM A PREVIOUS POST) might also apply to a number of bishops and even some cardinals.

    . Falsehood is the sign of the devil. If Pelosi, Biden, Sanches, Vargas and the rest don’t believe what the Church teaches, they should do the intellectually honest thing and JUST LEAVE. There are plenty of Episcopalian churches that would take them in.

    • Yes, Loretta Sanchez is pure evil, but let’s not forget about those priest who promoted her in their parishes. Their support surely helped get out the vote for her, legal or illegal. Sanchez’s support for abortion was known at that time as well as Dornan’s pro-life voting record yet these priest promoted her.

  29. John Feeney says:

    Why did the Pastor at St. Callistus Roman Catholic Church allow the notoriously pro-abortion Loretta Sanchez speak at his church?

  30. Anton L. Seidl says:

    Loretta Brixey (aka Sanchez) is a chameleon. Why she has not been excommunicated is a mystery to me. I remember very well how she stole the election by massive voter fraud. There is not one honest bone in her body. Her unqualified support of all things we Catholics should consider execrable makes her a most despicable political animal. A liberal Catholic is NO Catholic.
    Respect for tradition and obedience to the wisdom of the Church fathers is an implicit requirement for practicing Catholics.

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