‘To think that we’re banning drag queens is obnoxious and ridiculous’

Business manager educates pastor about Most Holy Redeemer

Most Holy Redeemer

On August 9, the Bay Area Reporter published an article about a new policy at San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer parish called “Drag is out at Most Holy Redeemer.”

The article quoted the church’s new pastor Father Brian Costello:

“Most Holy Redeemer’s new pastor, the Reverend Brian Costello, confirmed over telephone on Monday, August 6, that drag queen performers and emcees are no longer permitted to participate in events at the church.

“Costello said that during a telephone conversation with a Castro Country Club representative, when the topic of drag queens came up, he told the person, ‘That is not going to work under the present circumstances.’

Father Costello

“‘I said work with me. You can still have the dinner. You can have a regular emcee, but not drag queens on church property,’ Costello said. It seems the directive is the result of several factors. ‘I am the new pastor,’ Costello added. “There is a new archbishop. The archdiocese told me straight out, ‘No drag queens.’”

But apparent dissension about the policy has arisen. Not only that, it seems to be an open question as to who is in charge at the renegade parish. On August 13 the S. F. Examiner published an article called “Faux Pas Puts S.F. Holy Site in Fix” by Carolyn Copeland.

Copeland spoke to Michael Poma, the business manager at Most Holy Redeemer:

“… although church Business Manager Michael Poma acknowledged that Pastor Brian Costello did tell members of the Castro Country Club that they could not hold their event if drag queens were scheduled to attend, Poma said he quickly reversed his decision.

Michael Poma

“‘Father Brian wasn’t educated about the importance of drag queens in the gay community,’ Poma said. ‘Once it was explained to him, he said they were welcome to attend as long as their behavior was church-appropriate.’

“Church officials now say the new policy is not a prohibition against drag queens, but rather an end to all one-time events that do not originate at the church. Poma said the ban applies to all outside events — gay or straight — including weddings, parties or fundraisers. The church is still planning to hold its own events, including 12-step programs, suppers for the homeless and AIDS support groups.

“‘This is not a ban on drag queens or an insult to the gay community whatsoever,’ Poma said. ‘In the church hall there have been issues with weddings and other groups, so we decided to put an end to them altogether. We are part of the community here and to think that we’re banning drag queens is obnoxious and ridiculous.’”

On page 27 of Father Donal Godfrey’s Gays and Grays: the Story of Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church (2007), Father Godfrey reports a 1982 discussion regarding a new pastor for the parish. He quotes Deacon Laurence Rolle, then serving at the parish:

“‘They came from the chancery, the personnel board, to ask questions, to see whom to send. We have to replace Father Moriarity, they said; ‘What kind of pastor do we need in this parish?’ I said, ‘The parish is gradually becoming more gay. These are the demographics of the area. This needs to be thought about in making this decision.’ There was absolute stone-dead silence in the room… and the meeting went on to another point… Fortunately, Archbishop John Quinn was well aware the question needed to be asked, and chose a man who turned out to be especially suited to the new sociological profile of the parish. Under Father Anthony McGuire — ‘Father Tony — the parish was reborn… Anthony McGuire became the ninth pastor of Most Holy Redeemer parish in 1982.”

On page 48 of Gays and Grays, Father Godfrey confirms the suspicion that parishioners at Most Holy Redeemer seem to have played a larger than usual role in the selection of their pastors. He quotes Father Randy Calvo (now Bishop of Reno), who served at Most Holy Redeemer: “One of the first encounters I had was with Jim Stultz, President of the parish council at the time. He came to me and said I’d like to interview you before you get to the parish… I remember one thing he talked about. He criticized someone who gave a homily at MHR bashing people for going to the gay baths, and all that.”

To read earlier California Catholic story about Most Holy Redeemer click here.

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  1. Robert Lockwood says:

    Giving a forum, stage, gathering place etc.for the homosexual to strut his stuff has no place in the Catholic Church in particular and any Christian Church in general. The homosexual agenda in S.F. has been a gathering place for these people who refuse to be set normal because they don’t want to be normal. Catering to them only encourages them to continue with their misfit orientation and “ministering” to them drags the Church down to their level of imorality.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finally, someone is getting enough guts to say, take your drag costume and get out. I am so sick of the mamby pamby wilted pathetic little cowards, who have been so afraid or stupid, to say nothing all these years. The remark would be, it isn’t Christian, it isn’t kind. Well if a pervert was going to rape your child and you were standing there, is that what you would say? Whatever, the devil is standing there and it is no time to fold like a do nothing bystander. The answer Mr. Poma, is noooooo. Don’t try to add in all the other stuff, just say no more!!! Of course the parish was manipulated, finally someone has spine to stop it………..hopefully, we pray.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Poma seems to be trying to undermine the Pastor, but more importantly the Archbishop, he should be in the unemployment lines!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Abeca Christian says:

        yes Mr. Fisher he should be…after all there are many good loyal faithful who would appreciate that job way more…

  3. Well, let’s see if Fr. Costello can man up in the face of limp wrists and swishing twists. If not, then just as well he’s there and not some parish that is important.

  4. Rick DeLano says:

    Mr. Poma can spin as he will.

    The drag queens are out.

    Good start.

  5. Drag queens are not gay, just homosexual and all of these people including those that are confused about their thoughts and lusts, need our prayers for their deliverance from the hands of the evil one for their salvation. All of these homosexual actions, along with any other sinful activity from normal people cannot be allowed in or on church property. +JMJ+

  6. It is not the job of the Church to promote the homosexual lifestyle – quite the contrary.
    Check out the County land records. All Catholic Parishes are literally owned by the Diocese Bishop. Those who wish to promote and encourage sodomy and other types of sin should rent (pay for) public buildings.

    On the Vatican web site see: ” LETTER to the BISHOPS of the CATHOLIC CHURCH on the PASTORAL CARE of HOMOSEXUAL PERSONS “.
    It includes #15 – QUOTE: ” No authentic pastoral programme will include organizations in which homosexual persons associate with each other without clearly stating that homosexual activity is immoral.
    A truly pastoral approach will appreciate the need for homosexual persons to avoid the near occasions of sin. ” UNQUOTE

  7. This sounds ridiculously “protestant,” in having the parish council president interivew father calvo to see if he was “good enough” to move into the rectory, and now the business manager “educating” the PASTOR about how darned ‘important’ drag queens are.

    - attacking people for frequenting gay bath houses is a good thing, not a bad thing. going to such places means sex, not socialzing like at a church picnic!

    - telling the parishinoers that dressing up like a drag queen is a bad thing for church events is accurate and honest. we don’t even let men wear HATS or CAPS in church, for gooodness’ sake, so telling men they shouldn’t treat church like halloween is very necessatry and appropriate.

    - NOW, telling the ‘leaders’ of the parish like the business manager and the parish council president that the TRUE leader of the parish is the PASTOR is necessary, because apparently they have gotten into a very un-catholic mindset.

    let us pray for father costello, not only that he will be able to stand firm in his new assignment, but also that the archdiocese of san francisco will be firm in backing him up, no matter how much some of the flock at MHR may squack.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      It was in the bath houses where many men have caught aids….back to those evil times like in the Romans, who did and permitted so many evil things! The Romans even once tried to outlaw marriage…..in today’s times the Romans are like the Obama’s who want to re-define marriage…

  8. St. Christopher says:

    Poma’s statement, if true, is not good news. All of the homosexual community trappings, not just one time event drag queen bans, must end. In fact, the Castro Country Club likely should be banned, as well, as it gives scandal to permit organizations that so clearly represent offense to Catholic morality to use Catholic property, as if what they represent is fine with the Church. And, if there is a Parish Council that “interviews” potential pastors, that should stop. Catholics are not Lutherans; the congregation does not pass on the acceptability of its clergy. If homosexuals do not like this, then they can take their society elsewhere. Yes, Christ did speak with sinners, we all sin, etc. However, Christ also directed the apostles to walk away from those who rejected what they taught, shaking the dust from their sandals when they did so. Christ also said that he gave his life “for many” — not all — and often spoke of the punishments of Hell. The Catholic Church — particularly in SF and CA — has become the captive of its detractors, who want nothing more than the destruction of its moral base.

  9. Whether the drags inspire hatred, sympathy or any other emotion in anyone else attending Holy Redeemer is beside the point. I personally feel and not with quite a lack of Christian Charity, that it’s always about their theories of “In Your Face”! I don’t have to like it and I don’t. What other group like the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” and others can pull their antics and mockery of the Church right up to the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession. Putting up with absolutely anything that detracts once inside the Church does nothing but scandalize and destroy faith. Even when Pelosi, Biden and thousands of other hypocrites at least don’t create a scene as these gays just love to do. Narcissism is the word plus total boorishness. Send them over to one of those “Women Priests” services. Watch the sparks fly!!!!!

  10. ““‘Father Brian wasn’t educated about the importance of drag queens in the gay community,’ Poma said. ” ?????????????????????????
    Just what is the importance of drag queens in the gay community, enlighten me. I never got the impression from the diocese on down that a “drag queen” was not welcome into the Church. Sorry, it has to be on the Church’s terms. One of the causes of the failure in the gay oriented “Metropolitan Church” is it’s hilarious affectations for the outer symbols and grand clergy that never gets along! What else is new?

  11. “the importance of drag queens” What about the importance of scandal, of sin, of worshiping God with all of ourselves. It seems that risque behavior in the parish is just a normal expression of the community at large, except the church is suppose to bring you closer to God. How close can you get when you participate in raucous behavior and enjoy watching it. Who needs to go to the local bath house when you can get it at the local parish.

  12. Robin G Plummer says:

    Fr Costello you are in my prayers! You were chosen By Jesus for the priesthood. The Blessed Mother will give you the strength and courage to faithfully carry out your mission. It is about time that this foolishness comes to an end in this parish and Praise God you have been given the zeal to see it to it’s end. Thank you for standing and not caving in to those who are so misguided. We pray for them.

  13. Stand you ground Father Costello.

  14. If they disobey the Archbishop, the parish should be immediately closed, de-consecrate the land, burn the structure to the ground and salt the land

    • Probably readers see this sort of suggestion as hyperbole; however, I agree with Canisius that such a concrete action would be the right one in some cases, such as especially this one. Make a clean break of it. I’d also recommend scooping up the earth for a depth of seven feet and removing that also.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        JLS is right, I heard of one grocery chain wanting to get rid of the union so they thought up of closing down their stores, re-opening under new name and stay non-union…wish all chains would do something like that, it gives out a message loud and clear…

    • I get the point! Any further insults to the Church in Castro and it’s priest just needs simple closing down. Take the crosses and all other trappings including the altar stone, bells and all religious symbols. When they show respect and a reason to even attend it, let them buy it or just sell it outright. Don’t worry, the big B (Bigotry) blah blah blah and other expletives will come fast and furious as usual. Enough is Enough! Maybe the dismal Metropolitan Church will buy it!

  15. To allow those who publicly ridicule Authentic Church Teachings at a Catholic Church is obnoxious and rediculous. This Poma should be educated by being immediately terminated.

    God bless Bishop Cordileone and Reverend Fr. Costello

  16. The reality is, drag queens are a mockery of the sexuality God created people to be. If Most Holy Redeemer truly wants to help people with SSA, then it must stop drag queens from having events at the Church facility. Dressing in drag distorts the meaning of human sexuality and aims to destroy gender differentiation. I hope Fr. Costello remains steadfast in his resolve and continues to prevent such mockery on sacred ground. God Love You.

    • One thing about “drags” is, most look like clumsy prostitutes at the very least. They just have to force their venue on others! Worse yet, are those who support their antics!

  17. They need to clean house from Top to bottom starting with finding a NEW BUSINESS MANAGER! Since when does a lay person instruct a priest? Who does this person think he is? The whole parish needs restored. What a sordid, creepy situation. Close it down if it’s too defiled. Let them promote their sleaze in strip clubs.

  18. goodcause says:

    Probably a good idea to halt any kind of weddings, shows, etc., at the parish hall to stop the drag queen emceeing. Tough parish to manage given its demographics, but all human beings are creatures of God and deserve respect.

    • goodcause, there is no reason to stop real wedding (between one man and one woman) celebrations just because of the sick persons who have been allowed to run rampant at Holy Redeemer.

      You are right, when evil has been allowed to run rampant, clean-up will take strength of morals and character.

      Those nasty groups at Holy Redeemer must remember that HR legally belongs to the Diocese Archbishop, not to any group within the Parish.
      If they get out of line and do not follow the requirements of the Archbishop, they must leave or be arrested for trespassing.

  19. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    Well well, we will see how much of a Lion Obispo Cordileone is now, won’t we

  20. Homosexuality is NOT the same thing as transvestism, or even drag performers, Mr. Lockwood.

    Remember that cross dressing for female roles was the standard theatrical practice in Shakespeare’s day.

    • And your point is…..what?

    • Perversion is perversion, despite social customs to the contrary.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      This is not a play and Shakespeare is long gone…

    • Dixbehr, this is today not the 1500′s. There are plenty of female actresses to play the roles of females today.

      Travsvestites and drag performers make fun of the female form. It’s quite insulting. Let them insult their own sex.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


        The, by being Drag Queens DO INSULT their true sex!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Dixibehr,
      Shakespeare and his ilk did THEATER. We’re dealing with MASS!

      If the sexually confused of San Francisco wish to display their confusion by offering a drag queen show in some club somewhere, I think their actions immoral, but I’m not going to shut them down.

      Insisting on doing this in a CHURCH, however, cannot be tolerated.

    • Oh please Dixibehr don’t try and water this problem down to a trickle. I don’t know if you are a drag queen, but if you are, you know darn well that many are gay also, if not most. Your are kidding….right? Stop in some of the Miami South Beach clubs, the “Bird Cage” is alive and well, and not with “straight” Shakespeare actors. So what is your point anyway?….that it is OK for men to march around as women in the church? I thought that was for the Shakespeare stage?

    • I have an idea that they already know this! However, since everyone has put up with their garbage and insults, I doubt that it is unexpected.

  21. Abeca Christian says:

    I think that the pastor of this church needs to have an exorcism done on the parish to cleanse it from all the past secular things it allowed in the past….

    • Brilliant, Abeca! Even when buying a new house, it should be blessed by a priest. I sprinkle Holy Water at various doorways, but the riffraff still come in. haha (my rascally corgis!)

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Thanks Dana…Exorcism can actually help. I noticed that when I blessed my house this year, that some people actually no longer visit, they were the few trouble makers, could it be that it was the blessing that keeps bad company away? I don’t know, but I do love to offer everything up to our precious Lord, He is our everything….I am grateful for all His blessings and protect.

        • Agree. Bless your home with Holy Water everyone, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the St Michael Prayer and St Benedict. I do a few times a year.
          Blessed salt is good around the property too. A blessed statue is nice. Thanks Dana, thanks Abeca.

  22. Clinton R. says:

    At what point did this parish cease to be Catholic? Didn’t they pass that point long ago. Now it’s just a place to mock God.

  23. It’s ridiculous and wrong if the church is NOT banning “drag queens”. To present in such a way is to give grave disrespect to Our Lord and His Church.

  24. When a parish has an opening for a new pastor, it is not uncommon to have someone from the priest personnel board or other group go to the parish to discuss the opening with the parishioners. Almost always, the members of the parish council and the finance council are included as well as leaders of many of the ministries, youth, elders and the in-between. It is an assessment to see what the needs of the parish are and to dicern what characteristics of a new pastor would be most successful. Not all dioceses do that, but a whole lot do. The fact that a priest is ordained does not mean that he would be a good candidate for a particular parish. For example, if a parish has an aging population, they might need a pastor that is particularly good at attracting younger families through homilies, music, ministries, involvement in the community, etc. Although Mass, the Eucharist, is the source and summit of our faith and relationship with Christ, it is only an hour out of a typical pastor’s day. The other things that he does and the way he interacts with the parishioners is what make for a strong community. I understand that many priest do not feel the calling to be a pastor.

    • diocesean priests are assigned by their bishop…they are complelled to obedience. What the aging (or young or dissident or who ever) in the parish think of him is not the issue. The priest serves because Christ has called him to the priesthood and his bishop has appointed him. Just as the priest is obedient, so should be the laity. Many priests have served with charity and obedience in parishes where many of the parishoners were abrasive and hostile…they do it any way in the service to Our Lord. How he give a homily, what he thinks of the music, how he spends his day is only worthy if it is for the sake of Christ. The Eucharist is “only an hour” out of his day? If the focus is anywhere but toward the Eucharist, the rest of the day doesn’t matter. Wise advice was once given our priests: “every day you should spend significant time before Our Lord in adoration…if you are busy, or stressed as a pastor, you should spend more time with Him.”

  25. I read the article. Then I read all the comments, many of them praising Fr Costello. Thoroughly confused by the comments I thought I’d better read the article once more.

    “‘I said work with me. You can still have the dinner. You can have a regular emcee, but not drag queens on church property,’ Costello said.

    So says Fr Costello. But wait. Let’s stop here. We are supposed to stand up and cheer for this priest for not allowing transvestities to strut their stuff…but give him a pass for falling all over himself with the homosexual Castro Club, as the above quote indicates? I’m sorry, Father Costello, but you are sending us a mixed message here. I applaud you for putting your foot down on the dragsters, but I cannot congratulate you on your willingness to allow a homosexual organization to soil Church property.

    Say a Hail Mary for Father Costello. He’s in an awful situation and he is going to needs lots of courage. He is also going to need to get his head on straight when it comes to dealing with homosexually-disturbed people. He might begin by trying to wean them off their horrendous mortal sins. Being “palsy-walsy” with them, however, is not the way to go about doing that.

    • I have a strong suspicion, Dan, that this concession to the drag queen types might’ve been almost as much an effort at dialogue and engagement as anything else. He very likely wished to begin guiding them back to the fullness of faith.

      Sad to see a parish that has slipped so far that they’d threaten a rebellion against their appointed pastor if they don’t get their way.
      He needs to be willing to help them adjust; he DOES, however, need to be able to draw a line in the sand and say thou shalt not cross.

      Looks to me as though the main uproar came because he objected to the drag queens at all.

  26. Alphonsus Jr. says:

    No worries. The drag queens are in “full communion.”


    Regarding the ridiculous concept of “full communion,” google for this:

    Gnostic Twaddle by Christopher Ferrara

  27. Catherine says:

    What is the meaning of this comment? “Once it was explained to him, he said that they were welcome to attend as long as their behavior was church-appropriate?”

    That line of thought was already used by Archbishop Niederauer when he gave Holy Communion to the two Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Archbishop Niederauer said he didn’t really notice anything unusual and proceeded to give Holy Communion.

  28. Abeca Christian says:

    Stand your ground Father Costello. No matter what you think or anyone thinks, just care what Jesus thinks!

  29. Dennis Babson says:

    “…Father Godfrey confirms the suspicion that parishioners at Most Holy Redeemer seem to have played a larger than usual role in the selection of their pastors.” Gee, what a shock! Imagine the gall these parishioners have in having a say about the shepards that are to guard them!

  30. THOMAS JOSHUA says:

    Practicing homosexuals, drag queens and those who do not believe that homosexual actions are evil really etc don’t belong in church. Their frying pans in hell will be much cooler if they don’t pray. The Church is for those who repent and seek the grace not to sin again. There is much to be said about violence against homosexuals, but most of the violence is perpetrated by the Nancy Pelosi types who refuse to tell the truth that no one is born that way and that through the shed Blood of Christ, any sinner can be released from his attachment to sin. For those who don’t see the sinfulness of sodomy, let him/her read Romans Chapter 1. For years i was accused of being a homosexual because of my Bible studies with men leaving the death-style. By holding eachother accountable, i refrained from fornication and they refrained from sodomy.

  31. Kenneth M. Fisher says:

    There is nothing wrong with the priest in charge of priestly assignments consulting with parish organizations, but that is it! That same priests then can advise the Ordinary. The final decisions is always up to the Ordinary and know one else!

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher

    • …uh, KEN, including thE ORDINARY (I.E., BISHOP) of the diocese of orange?

      • max, that final decision by the ordinary can be holy or unholy. Apparently much or most of the time such decisions are unholy; otherwise, why would the Pope tell the bishops to become holy?

        • JLS, OK here is an example of what I mean by your interpretation. The Pope sends a message to the Phillipines’s bishop conference which includes a statement about bishops becoming holy (I cannot find the original quote) and you interpret it to mean that much or most of the time bishop’s decisions are unholy. That is an absolute perversion of what the Holy Father was intending.

        • it’s like tellking your kids to eat their veggies.

          it’s the right thing to do, and they need reminding.

          (and you’re giving them plenty of rem,inding…)

  32. Thank you post-conciliar Church. As the Church celebrates 50 years of the opening of the windows to the Holy Ghost the faithful continue to scratch their heads and wonder what exactly is going on in the Catholic Church these days. Who would have imagined in the pre-conciliar Church that we’d be having this discussion today? Really. Who? Sr. Lucia said that a “diabolical disorientation” would enter the Church in the 1960s. Following on the heels of Fatima, we have Our Lady of Akita. Pope Benedict XVI at one time said the third message of Akita is essentially the same as the third message of Fatima. I encourage all to familiarize themselves with Akita for the local bishop approved the authenticity of Akita. What did Our Lady say? Among other things, “Bishop will oppose bishop and cardinal will oppose cardinal. Many priests will lead souls down the road to perdition. The Church will be a place of compromise”. Hmmm. Surely, this hasn’t happened, has it?

  33. I may be mistaken, but I thought science proved long ago that being gay was not a choice, but something with which we are born.

  34. Poma said. ‘Once it was explained to him, he said they were welcome to attend as long as their behavior was church-appropriate.’

    uh, hello???

    aren’t these the same types of people (men in drag) who made a mess of the mass when our new archbihsop george niederauer celebrTed mass at most holy redeemer and tyhey can up in the COMMUNION LINE dressed as “nuns?”

    how are drag queens EVER “church-appropraite?”

    time for some aspirin…


    On the Feast of the Assumption, the Church in France prayed for four intentions, including a more generous solidarity during the economic crisis, a commitment to the common good by lawmakers, and fidelity and tenderness within families.

    “The fourth intention was devoted to children, and a portion of it led to criticism from gay activists, who said it provoked homophobia. The prayer, distributed by the bishops’ conference, asked that children “cease to be objects of the desires and conflicts of adults and fully benefit from the love of a father and a mother.”


    now our prayers are gonig to be censored? (and i’m talkiong about incense)

    now i need a second aspirin…

    • That Church should have simply prayed that the bishops take becoming holy seriously. The other prayers are worthless w/o holiness. Evidently, the foregone presumption by much of the Church is that holiness is not an issue, and so it should be ignored.

      • JLS, You are 100% correct that holiness is THE issue. We are all called to holiness. It is an act of mercy to admonish the sinner, instruct the ignorant, counsel the doubtful. We have to do so from a place of holiness, not with a sinful tongue. Pope Benedict XVI told the American bishops during his visit that the means to holiness is prayer: the Mass, the Rosary, the Divine Office and Eucharistic Adoration. These devotions help them to act in persona Christi. “No time in prayer is ever wasted.” (April 16, 2008)

  36. I think it would be nice to send Fr. Brian Costello an email letting him know he is in the prayers of many California Catholics for strength and perseverance in his new assignment. Life can get lonely for a parish priest, especially when he enters a parish that is not open to change or fully accepting of the Gospel Truth of our faith. The gay community knows how important it is to infiltrate the Church to gain acceptance of the immoral lifestyle of homosexuality and will work tirelessly to wear Fr. Costello down. We must pray keep this Church in our prayers. Fr. Costello’s email is: frbrian@mhr.org. Please send Father an email of support, prayer and encourage him to be courageous in defending Holy Mother Church. God Love You.

  37. Gordon Campbell says:

    FIRE his butt now.The PRIEST runs the parish not some `professional `Catholic`.

    Come on BISHOP support your priest !

  38. What are the three characteristics that I will look for to know that the Bishop is “holy”?

  39. Bob One, Your question: “What are the three characteristics that I will look for to know that the Bishop is “holy”?
    An answer: By his thoughts, words, and deeds.
    Thoughts and Words: How he frequently speaks his Roman Catholic mind, stands behind, promotes, and expresses sound Roman Catholic teaching and doctrine verbally (from the pulpit and individual conversations), and in written form, without theology or moral error and admonishes those who outwardly sin in public such as homosexuality, adultery, deception, lies, and other sins. How he speaks and writes putting the his love, zeal, and passion for the Blessed Trinity, Holy Family, the Saints and Angels, heaven, eternity, and then the saving of his sheeps souls in the center of his thoughts as opposed to lesser temporal earthly and political matters. How he defends the true Roman Catholic Faith and puts an end to liturgical abuses!
    Deeds: How he conducts himself by his actions and body language with no scandal and not committing sin. How he reverently and respectfully treats and humbly prays before the Holy Eucharist after Mass and multiple times daily seeking our Lord’s help, setting a superb example before all of his sheep, and insists that his priests, deacons, and seminarians do the same, and they actually obey and do the same! How he humbly and reverently says the Mass and prays his office daily, makes significant time for confessions daily, baptizes, confirms, marries, ordains, visits those in jail, visits the sick at hospitals and homes, and gives the last rites all with love and devotion first and foremost to our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus. How he puts God first, then his sheeps spiritual needs, and lastly tends to himself. How he gently corrects those in error privately (or even publicly if necessary to make a strong point like to sinful politicians) and praises those publicly only when it is well deserved by their charity and good examples.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Doug thank you. : ) Beautiful! Bob One it is not an idea but a virtue..one needs to practice it daily….it’s not so easy sometimes though.

    • Doug, thanks. That was well thought out, except for one thing: time to do it all. Bishops have only 24 hours like the rest of us. Where does he find the time to manage the diocese? I think everything you said is right, but he doesn’t have that kind of time. Most dioceses have hundreds of people working in the chancery and many out side. Usually hospital visits are left to the parish priests, but hey…. A lot to think about in your response. Thanks.

  40. I find anyone who ridicules females, especially gay men, highly offensive, and insulting. What possible importance could drag queens have? other than to display misogynist sentiments! This priest needs to lead his flock and call the offenders out on their offenses. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah by fire, because homosexual men showed up wanting the angels sent out so that the townsmen “could have sex with them” Heaven help us (literally). I totally believe we are to be punished in a very similar manner!

    • “I totally believe we are to be punished in a very similar manner!”

      really, SASA? what in the WORLD you are guys doing in your town to deserve such punishment?!?

      i shudder to think…

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Sasa To edify what you said and to applaud you for being correct, you are right, I agree. Also drag queens lack the virtue of modesty…let us not forget. what Sasa said is correct!

      • but what if a drag queen is wearing a burqa?

        is this lacking in modesty?

        of course, we would never KNOW it’s a cross-dresser, because EVERYTHING is covered up.

        (which is precisely whey some male terrorists dress in the burqa to pass for women…)

        • Abeca Christian says:

          max modesty is not just about what you wear, it has a lot as well on how men and woman conduct themselves and more….

        • I have a mentally caellenghd grandson, now 12 years old. He looks like any other 12 year old, but he acts about 6 or 7 years old. Sweet still and people accept him (especially once they get to know him). My worry is when he’s 20 or 30, how are people going to react to him then. So far I don’t think he realizes that he is different .so I feel your pain and your fears. We just have to pray that these special children will be strong and know that God will bless them in special ways.

  41. This is too funny. This rogue parish is exactly what is wrong with the church.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Alan I don’t think it’s funny, it’s actually a tragedy in the church…Just think how many souls were mislead because evil is permitted with in the church and during Mass. God have mercy….

  42. Anonymous says:

    From the MHR bulliten, “It’s been an interesting two weeks around here. Little did I know that closing the Hall to outside one night events would result in such anger and misinformation. As one San Francisco columnist put it, this was a “manufactured controversy.” I was surprised by the hatred directed at me and the church. Two such comments will suffice: 1. “MHR Church should be dismantled piece by piece” and 2. “Catholicism is a primitive and superstitious religion destined for the dust bin of history.” I’ve learned the hard way that to hate those who hate me makes me no better than the haters. May we continue to love those who hate us and continue the good work God has entrusted us. We are a good parish and you are a good people. Let us together move forward from this “controversy” a better people and a better church, bringing God’s love to those most in need. Have a great week. Fr. Brian”

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COMMENTS POLICY: Comments are limited to 250 words, and should not contain offensive or libelous language. Please strive to be civil. All comments are subject to approval by our moderator and to editing as the moderator deems appropriate. Inclusion of your email address is optional.