Shot across the bow

“We can only hope that San Francisco’s new archbishop ... continues to learn.”

The following July 31 editorial appeared in the San Francisco Examiner.

It is hard not to view the Vatican’s appointment of Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone as archbishop of the Archdiocese of San Francisco as a slap in the face of many city residents.

True, the 56-year-old’s pro-immigration stance and support of Hispanic communities during his tenure among migrant parishes in Southern California deserve credit. “Bishop Sal,” as he’s been called, speaks Spanish and has served as a parish priest in Calexico, just across the border from Mexico, where his parishioners struggled to make a living.

But Cordileone has worked to deny the rights of other Californians. As an auxiliary bishop in San Diego, he led a team of lay Catholic businessmen in conceiving and organizing the campaign for Proposition 8 — the state amendment to strip away the California marital rights of same-sex couples.

Cordileone’s work helped the campaign take off: He found its first major donor, brought in the team that would lead the signature-gathering effort, and worked with evangelical churches to coordinate the campaign’s message. He spent the last few months of 2008 working hard to make sure voters stripped away the rights of thousands of Californians.

His appointment to San Francisco comes at a time when the Vatican is moving to reassert its authority over wayward American Catholic institutions — reminding lay Catholics that when the pope says contraception and abortion are wrong, he means it.

Catholic institutions have played a critical role in the effort to challenge President Barack Obama’s mandate that health care plans must include affordable access to contraception. In April, the Vatican announced that three of its bishops would seize control of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the largest group of nuns in the United States. The Vatican declared the nuns had spent too much time working on issues of poverty, at the expense of advocating against abortion and birth control. The Vatican’s “doctrinal assessment” argued that too many nuns had been challenging official dogma on issues such as whether women could be priests — or, as the report put it, stressing “certain radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith.”

Cordileone is a leading figure in this Vatican attack on liberal Catholics. In 2006, he led an unsuccessful effort to place the use of contraception on a list of sins so great that those who committed them would be denied the sacrament of communion. It’s probably good for Cordileone that this effort was repulsed, because its enforcement would likely tear the church apart.

When policy positions such as these are contemplated, San Francisco’s new archbishop looks a lot like a throwback to the Catholic Church’s darker ages.

At a news conference last week, Cordileone was asked about these past efforts, and how he intends to speak to the gay people he had insulted so deeply.

“We need to learn,” Cordileone said. “Continue to learn, how to be welcoming — let them know that we love them and we want to help them.”

Local gay men and lesbians, and supporters of marriage equality, may understandably feel they have already had enough such help. We can only now hope that San Francisco’s new archbishop heeds his own words — and continues to learn.
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  1. Time will tell if the Archbishop elect can stand up against the “pink mafia” they yield immense power in San Francisco!!! Pray that he adds more TLM’s in the city.

    • Jim McCrea says:

      Get your slurs correct: a “pink” mafia would be for females. If you want to bash LGBT folk, it’s the “lavender mafia.’

      • Abeca Christian says:

        well I wouldn’t call it bashing but all in all, they are still the mafia! No matter how we dress them up, the LGBT are mafia! Not good at all!

      • i thought the PINK ribbon was for fighting breast cancer.

      • They need to put warning labels on packages of political correctness: Warning! Overuse can lead to self-righteousness and flatulence, and friends and family may avoid you because you’ve become a dead boor. (or you stink) It may even lead to aridness, sterility and possible weakness of character and brain tissues. In the event that these symptoms become chronic it is advised that immediate first aid be given: a dose a laughter, preferably at oneself, at least three times a day. In the event this doesn’t bring immediate relief, call several friends in for some good conversation over glasses of wine. Avoid falling into self-induced somnolence by avoiding phrases like ‘racist’, ‘slur’, ‘diversity’ and ‘social justice’. Never be in groups of more than three fellow sufferers or it may lead to permanent and irremediable damage.

  2. The San Francisco Examiner bold face lies, sort of like Bill Clinton saying, “Is is is” (hissing like a serpent), when it mentions rights in the same context as sodomites. Sodomites have only one right and that is to turn away from sodomy and in the direction of true rights.

  3. Of course when hateful leftists are no longer satisfied with their unlimited license to slaughter the innocent unborn and their latent tendency towards exterminating prolifers surfaces, you will hear no more talk about having regard for the rights of ideological opponents.

  4. Clinton R. says:

    “When policy positions such as these are contemplated, San Francisco’s new archbishop looks a lot like a throwback to the Catholic Church’s darker ages.”

    Throwback to the Catholic Church’s darker ages? Thanks to heterodoxy, the rainbow mafia and modernists, these are the dark ages of the Church! Shed the light of heaven on those who hate holiness and watch them scatter. Many prayers for Absp. Cordileone. He is in for one huge fight. I pray he will seek to serve God and His Holy Church, no matter the cost. +JMJ+

  5. Elizabeth says:

    He is truly a gift from God for our poor Archdiocese of San Francisco!

    We must all pray for him, because he has such a large ‘ship’ to turn
    around…..actually the ship’s name is the ‘titanic’.

  6. All of California is blessed with the appointment of Archbishop Cordileone to San Francisco. Those Catholics who do not agree with the doctrines of the Church are free to leave it. The doctrines cannot, will not, change. Nancy Pelosi and the San Francisco Examiner are not “doctors of the church.” I agree with Janek, pray that Archbishop Corlileone adds more traditional Latin Masses in the city. At a TLM, language is not the only difference. One must attend a TLM to understand this. I urge everyone to say the Rosary and other prayers daily for him.

  7. Sodomists are trying to turn this into a civil rights issue.
    This must not be allowed to stand.
    The homosexuals and the government must not be allowed to tell the Church what it can and can not teach regarding moral or any other issues. The Church is not a government agency, and the Apb is not a government employee.
    Not only are the Sodomists against Freedom of RELIGION, but also against Free SPEECH.
    We can not be trust the Obama Administration to uphold the Constitution, even though he swore on a Bible to uphold it. We can expect harrassment and persecution.

  8. We all must pray for the Archbishop and do what we can to stop the LIES and SCANDALS by helping to educate others by stating the TRUTH at all times.
    There is a 4 step process.

    1) Do not call Catholics – ‘Conservative’ or ‘Liberal’ when it comes to our Faith at any time. There is no such thing, so speak and write truthfully. There are only FAITHFUL Catholics, HERETICAL Catholics, SCHISMATIC Catholics, and IGNORANT Catholics.

    CCC: ” 2089
    INCREDULITY is the neglect of revealed truth or the willful refusal to assent to it.
    HERESY is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same.
    APOSTACY is the total repudiation of the Christian faith.
    SCHISM is the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him.”

    We must all publically support all good Bishops who teach the Faith according to the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition”.
    It is the sinfulness of the ‘lack of teaching’ the contents of the CCC – why our society is in such a mess including a mess within some parts of the Church today.

    2) Encourage everyone (including non-Catholics) to read the CCC to know exactly what the Church teaches.

    3) Respectfully and kindly, Encourage those heretical or schismatic Catholics who do not believe in what the Catholic Church teaches in the CCC to leave, rather than continuing to cause the mortal sin of SCANDAL which causes confusion and can lead to the loss of other Souls. (CCC: #2284, 2285, 2286, 2287, 2326).
    “The Church will become small” – Pope Benedict.
    God gave each of us a free will. No one is forced to be a Catholic if they do not like Church teachings.
    HOLY SCRIPTURE – St. Paul’s letter to TITUS – Tit 3:10 – “As for a man who is factious, after admonishing him once or twice, have nothing to do with him, knowing that such a person is perverted and sinful; he is self-condemned.”

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Mike the reality is that we do have liberal Catholics and conservative ones. We can’t deny that fact that in these modern times we have a diverse people who call themselves as such. I am sorry but we must be realistic and say it like it is…

      • Abeca, there are:
        Faithful Catholics, Heretical Catholics, Schismatic Catholics and Ignorant Catholics – when it comes to FAITH.
        This is the truth.

        All Catholics fall into one of these categories only.

        As we know only FAITHFUL Catholics follow the teaching of the Church. The others are heretics, schismatics or ignorant.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          MIKE your comments are no different from the people who say don’t call them gay. They try using the word gay like it was used in the old days when it meant happy. We know the different now and the truth. Remember that even Saint Paul spoke about speaking the language that people most understood. We must speak in terms where we can reach them. But you are true about your last comment but remember before we label someone a negative term, we must first know their heart and background, ignorance is ignorance and not all know very well. Imagine calling someone a heretic when they grew up Catholic but their parents left the faith, made that choice for them and were then indoctrinated in heresy by their parents but they still love Jesus in their mind, that child is not a heretic right? They went on to honor their parents. But even when they left the faith, they were still conservative, held conservative values, biblical values are conservative. Liberal is the open of mind to other things outside of God. Speak in the language that will get common ground, I know that I can join in a conversation with protestant who are conservative in values and we join to fight that good fight but it’s not easy to fight the good fight with liberal people who do not agree with our values.

        • or vegans.

  9. 4) Pray, and set a good example.
    Write letters to editors etc, to correct all errors that they print about our Faith.
    Use of all forms of Media is important to save souls.
    Use your CCC as a source to avoid error.

  10. Annasher says:

    God Bless and Keep Arch Bishop Cordileone!
    I will remember him in prayer.
    Most of this article sites reasons to be proud.
    Except where it is erroneous.
    The use of contraception does prohibit the reception of Communion.
    I laughed at the “tear the Church apart”. There’s One Church. It can not be torn. Those who dissent have stepped outside the ark.

    • The use of artificial contraception does prohibit receiving Holy Communion because it is a Mortal Sin. We may not recieve the Body and Blood of Christ while in a state of mortal sin, or we commit the additional mortal sin of sacrilege.

      CCC: ” 2399 The regulation of births represents one of the aspects of responsible fatherhood and motherhood. Legitimate intentions on the part of the spouses do not justify recourse to morally unacceptable means (for example, direct sterilization or contraception). ”

      CCC: ” 2370 Periodic continence, that is, the methods of birth regulation based on self-observation and the use of infertile periods, is in conformity with the objective criteria of morality.
      These methods respect the bodies of the spouses, encourage tenderness between them, and favor the education of an authentic freedom.
      In contrast, every action which, whether in anticipation of the conjugal act, or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible is intrinsically evil…

  11. Deacon Tom says:

    Authentic Catholics should not support anti-Catholic newspapers or any other anti-Catholic institutions like the Examiner in any way. Don’t subscribe to it, don’t purchase it and don’t give it recognition or credibility in any way. We need to recognize when the Church is being attacked and we need to defend her. All the innuendos and not so subtle veiled ridicule of the Church should be immediately recognized by an authentic Catholic and prompt us to take action. Remind others and try to convince them to “cut off” these entities. They have such worldly power that the lost of the world defer to them to define the Church. Let us pray for the Archbishop and that the Lord moves to make them “go away.”

  12. There is very little doctrinally the new archbishop has to learn, but I doubt that is what the writer of this article meant. I pray he has the stamina and the guts to call out his own priests and parishoners who aid and abet the perverted lifestyle of the gay community in Sodom by the sea. I view his appointment by the Holy Father as a call to arms for Catholics to stand up for what is right and decent. I do believe the “culture wars” have entered a new and deadly phase. It will go from mere rhetoric to actually fighting now that the favorite president of the majority of residents in Sodom has unilaterally declared war on Freedom of conscience and his minions ( the mayors of Chicago and Boston) with their fascist like assault on free thoughtl.

  13. St. Christopher says:

    Well, this is fight time. No easy answers or prissy dancing around the coming confrontation with the SF homosexual lobby and practitioners. Archbishop Cordileone, admittedly, has a much better record than most other CA bishops regarding at least permitting the TLM, and speaking out forcefully for “traditional” marriage, among other things. He will learn, however, that some of the people that are offered salvation do not want it. The Chronicle’s only slightly veiled threat is aimed at the Archbishop — it is you that must “grow,” not the homosexuals. At times, in many things, there is no compromise. Archbishop Cordileone must stop the abuses at many parishes and Catholic schools over a number of sexual issues. To bring orthodoxy to SF, the Archbishop must tell the school administrators and pastors of places like Most Holy Redeemer that this is what the Church teaches; it cannot permit — in its name — the scandal of seeming to agree to homosexual sexual behavior and sexual license of all kinds. Liturgical abuses of all kinds will also need to stop, including the open giving of communion to people like Nance Pelosi, a simply unfathomable action. Start more TLMs, including out in the Sunset where many, many strange liturgies are going on. He did not really do this in Oakland, but rather gave the symbol of permitting the extraordinary form by saying this Mass. More is necessary. But, the course will be very rough indeed. The Archbishop will be judged temporally by local political standards, not theological ones, and he will be vilified. He is exactly right to say that all are loved and welcomed, but those to him he speaks must also be told that here are the conditions for acceptance, not just doing whatever you want. We are all very grateful for the new Mass translation which makes clear that Jesus died “for many” and this limitation on salvation must be told.

  14. There used to be a time when people were taught in school to use the title of a person as a sign of respect, such as Dr., Rev., Mrs, Miss, Mr. and so on and those that were training to work in the news media, they were taught to get the facts, before printing, but, sadly, we can see that this is not the age of respect or knowledge. Maybe if people would write, not e-mail, letters to the publishers and tell them to wise up or lose more subscriptions, things might change. I know, just wishful thinking. +JMJ+

  15. Canisius says:

    ” throwback to the Catholic Church’s darker ages.” You mean when there was a recognition and adherence to Truth and when sin was called sin. Please God, may the good Archbishop start a new and needed Inquisition and purge the Church of the filth that has infected it. If it means were a smaller Church so be it, we’ll be a far holier one and that’s what matters.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Canisius I admire your backbone and your comments are filled with much common decency. I really appreciate them, I often need a break from all the illogical ways that this society is heading, I appreciate someone who speaks with conviction and as much as it is not an accepted one, I do not care because it is refreshing for me, it gives me hope and keeps my sanity that there are still decent courageous folks out there!

      • Canisius says:

        Abeca thank you for the kind words, the time has arrived where we must be a witness to Christ and be bold. All the nonsense that is going on in society and the Church is to be expected from a culture that is anti-Christ. The overseers of the culture are liars and from the Father of Lies, and lies are still lies even if they are fashionable.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          I agree and I appreciate your witness to Christ and your boldness. I only pray to courageously do so. Blessings! God bless you always!

  16. We thank God for the leadership that is now in San Francisco. Catholic’s need to be reminded that God has given us the church to keep us in touch with our moral compass. It is not what we think is right or wrong but our Shepards who lead us in the truth. Please keep all our priests in your prayers that they follow the will of God and not their own.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      I agree Donna. I hope that we support one another during these end trial times. The persecution is great.

  17. We can only hope that the SF media continues to learn . . . and convert.

  18. Too bad the Examiner was sold by Phil Anschutz, the Christian billionaire. I had hopes for it to slowly help SF.

  19. Archbishop-elect Cordileone has had about two years now to familiarize himself with the adversaries across the bridge, I’m sure he has experienced a great deal of pressure during his time as Bishop of Oakland where there are also factions to contend with. He will need our prayers and the support of all the saints to resist the pressures to subject the church, in San Francisco, to further degradation.

  20. Paul Joseph says:

    The San Francisco Examiner used to be the “conservative” alternative to the Chronicle. It saddens me to read such biased characterizations of our Pope, the Church, and Bishop Cordileone. Yet, if these guttersnipes did indeed love the Truth, then they would already be Catholic and faithful to the Magisterium. Their own impurity perverts their perception, an impurity which they cover with false righteousness.

  21. Tom Byrne says:

    Janek: We also have to expect that he may confront them in ways not immediately visible, like quietly replacing their allies and supporters still remaining in the chancery, seminary and social agencies. You have to reform you own lines before you can turn a retreat into an advance.

  22. All he has to do is preach the faith as Jesus gave to the Catholic Church and make sure the textbooks in SF Catholic schools are orthodox, the seminary is teaching 100% Catholicism and the staff he has in the chancery , at the seminary and at the local parish offices and schools are 100% Catholic, if not remove them immediatedly!

  23. what a twisted view of what it is to be a Bishop, a sister or a lay Catholic! I guess it is moot to point out that, yes, contracepting is and always has been a mortal sin (the “list” is still intact!) and one should not approach to receive communion while in the state of mortal sin, but then that would probably be on a level of theology that is foreign in SF…

    • “one should not approach to receive communion while in a state of mortal sin”

      Should be “one MUST not”

  24. We will keep Archbishop-elect Cordileone in our prayers. What blessings God is bestowing upon California! Bishop Vasa and now Archbishop Cordileone! Bless them both!

  25. Archbishop “Sal’” take on immigration mirrors that of the current iteration of Catholicism.

    In my opinion the Archbishop’s take on this issue is alien to Catholic orthodoxy.

    The reason I say this is that allowing unfettered access to the U.S. by Mexican citizens means the Archbishop doesn’t believe in borders.

    This is not only ridiculous logically because what is a border if one can cross it without consquence…but it is counter to the entire Western historical record since the Treaty of Westphalia, which defined borders as being essential to the idea of a nation state.

    What has happened to Catholicism over the last 100 years is tragic and it is the reason why I no longer practice.

    Catholic social justice theory at this point in time is simply neo-Marxism covered in a Jesus suit.

    If I were to judge that, it would be sacriligeous, anathema to Catholic and Christian tradition.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      William, if you no longer practice the Faith, why are you on this site?

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  26. Great, good reporting and good though predictable responses. Now how about some letters to the Editor of the Examiner? Just might be less like preaching to the choir and more education for the ignorant..

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      I used to write quite a few letters to the Editor of the Orange County Register and had many of them printed. They had a change of regime. Now I could write a Pulitzer Prize worthy letter and it would not be printed, yet I see that certain leftist, in spite of the Register’s stated policies, are printed almost weekly.

      I have actually written letters to the Editor that were reviewed and highly praised by well know well paid authors, AND THEY WEREN’T PRINTED!

      I finally decided not to waste me time writing such letters.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  27. goodcause says:

    In appointing Archbishp Cordileone, our Pope got exactly what he was looking for: confrontation, in-your-face media appareaneces, brooking of no dissent. The new Archbishop will clearly set out Catholic dogma but to a diocesan pew population that may be good listeners but won’t take him too seriously. To take such a firm stand on contraception, where even orthodox Catholics politely ignore the Church’s teaching, may quickly isolate him as an inordinately rigid shepherd even among cooperative sheep. Part of the “learning” process he refers to may very well be that he has to choose his fights carefully if he wants to establish credibility and make progress with his agenda. This may be a case of a decent and honorable man who will find out in a few years that there is very little he can do to change the worship and belief ways of cradle Catholics and the kind of new renaissance acceptance of orthodox Catholic dogma he was hoping for will not materialzize. How long a man will want to stay in that position before burning out is unknown. He has a tough job, we must pray for him.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Just what is your definition of “orthodox Catholic”? Those who support contraception are not in any way “orthodox”!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  28. the s.f. chronicle has published many letters to the editor, bemoaning the fact that archbishop-elect cordileone is upholindg church teaching just as cardinal levada and archbishop niederauer has done: “Well, we Catholics have a new archbishop, but one who is still in the mold of his two predecessors…”

    for those of you who think the previous archbishops were wild liberals, those of us who actually worship here and live here know they were just as faithful to the magisterium as our new shepherd is.

    of course, when HE’S not able to change the world in a month, you will probably attack HIM also for being too lax or GOD knows what…

  29. Looks like Pelosi fired this salvo, his greatest enemies are within the Catholic Church such as it is in San Fran, they are entrenched in most of the Diocese positions and have great control, they need to be weeded out and replaced with faithful Catholics, this will take time and our Prayers, the sodomites will go nuts over what is about to come and we can look for more vicious attacks by local political hacks and the marxist media, in the end evil loses…MGB

  30. @William I agree with you on your take of many bishops supporting illegal immigration. I haven’t yet research Bishop Cordileone belief on that subject. I hope and pray he doesn’t support illegal immigration, because that is definetly a red flag! Most often when a bishop supports illegal immigration, he usually never fully cleans house. With some I think there is a mis-guided sense of compassion or they could be a trojan horse and hold Marxist beliefs working inside the Church to over throw our country and pervert the Church’s Teachings.
    I can understand why people get frustrated and angry when they witness this going on in the Church. It boils my blood! But William it is not worth leaving the Church that Jesus Christ establish and promised that “the gates of hell will not revail against it. ” William come back and fight with the Church Militant!

    • If by “support illegal immigration” you mean that he opposes laws like those of Alabama which require us to turn our back on strangers, be assured that he does.

      • Brian S. –
        CCC: ” 2241 The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.
        Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption. IMMIGRANTS are OBLIGED to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to OBEY its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.”

        1) – With a $15+ TRILLION dollar debt, the USA is no longer a prosperous nation.
        2) – ‘Guests’ are not illegal, they are approved.
        3) – This includes obeying immigration laws.

  31. @ good cause, Bishop Cordileone is going to have to have a strong orthodox support team of staff around him. He can’t worry about wealthy donors or care what the liberal media says of him. He has to go in with such a dedication and goal of rooting out the perversion that has had the death grip on that diocese. He must be bold and do it with a most loving smile. May God be with him.

  32. “All he has to do is … make sure the textbooks in SF Catholic schools are orthodox, the seminary is teaching 100% Catholicism and the staff he has in the chancery , at the seminary and at the local parish offices and schools are 100% Catholic, if not remove them immediatedly…”

    There you go, Sal! Shouldn’t take more than week!

  33. Abeca Christian says:

    This article has same tone as many past articles! Why on earth did we have such a boring article. Why are they giving more web time to dissenters against the new Archbishop? Nothing new, this is old news if you ask me. We know that many in SF are against Prop 8 and many will probably dislike Archbishop. God help us! We just gave them more publicity…isn’t there any good people given more publicity, lets start that new trend, stop giving to much publicity to the bad willed!

  34. if you think THIS was a shot across the bow, you should have read a letter to the editor in the s.f. chronicle on july 30.

    i was totally disgusted that this angry woman from palo alto referred to archbishop cordileone as a cross-dresser in a long black nightgown who shouldn’t be involved with altar boys — and i’m shocked that even the chronicle would PRINT such a lett3er.

    very inappropriate and hateful, and something they never would have printed about a jewish person, for example. but for catholics, it’s obviously open season.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      max you are right to be disgusted with that kind of reporting. We give too much attention to the bad, I want to see more inspiring and positive news, there are still good folks doing the right thing that need our attention and encouragement!

      • ABECA i am still amazed the paper would bring such a bigoted attacks againsst the new catholic leader of s.f.

        i’ts one thing for someone to say they disagree with some issue, but to insult the man with the words ‘cross dressing’ and ‘nightgown’ and then implyy he is some sort of pedophile, it is truly outrageous.

        but i’ll betcha they do this precisely to sell more papers. arg.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          max I guess that there are more people who lack virtue and like the shock factor, You are right on to be outraged. Trust me max if you get a chance to meet the newly elected Archbishop, you will really like him. His excellency is very humble and so approachable. When my husband and I approached him and had a chance to speak to him and ask for a blessing, we saw how innocent and kind soul his excellency is. Thank you for standing up for him. God bless you. : )

  35. First, let us pray that the bishop focuses on setting an excellent example portraying obedience and reverence to God, on tireless efforts on the salvation of souls, not temporary earthly matters. One way to begin is by restoring Roman Catholic teaching and the Sacraments from centuries ago i.e., restoring the foundation. If the foundation isn’t strong, the rest of the house will crumble when it is challenged with storms and quakes.

  36. Maryanne Leonard says:

    I would consider it an honor to be denounced by the San Francisco Examiner were I the good archbishop. I do not wish to equate it with swine casting themselves before pearls, but it is at least concrete evidence that one is on the pathway to heaven.

  37. I look forward to many great things to come from the new Archbishop, but he sure has an uphill battle.
    Strange how they always say “going back to the dark ages” as if the truth is no longer the truth and what was back then sin, has become through some unknown enlightenment, no longer sin but very acceptable.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Regarding “going back to the dark ages”, many historians write that the so called “dark ages” were actually times of great spiritual growth, and that is why they attack those times so much.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  38. Elizabeth says:


    AB Levada and Neiderhauer had/have many good points I am sure…..

    But one of them, and a MOST IMPORTANT ONE, is speaking up
    no matter what others think, and being not afraid!!!

    I could tell you many mistakes our former AB’s have made. And
    yes, I definately would call them LIBERAL, sorry to one of the earlier posts……Cordileone is ORTHODOX…..Just what our Archdiocese
    has needed for SO LONG!!!

    I rejoice in his appointment :)

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Elizabeth it all depends on who is speaking up and what for. We are already getting fed all the propaganda and all the liberal edification and give them more attention, but the good folks who speak up in what is right and moral as backbone get less publicity or are being silenced. Not unless they are taking a stand against gay agenda’s, then you will read more about how they are wrong and stuff. This society is backwards. I really need to recharge and not let it get to me. I care and I will have to leave in God’s hands what I have no control over.

    • Elizabeth, how? Speaking up to encourage all in their Diocese to read the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” ? – NO.
      Speaking up to teach all Catholics that they are required to adhere to all teachings in the CCC? – NO.
      Putting reference on their web site home pages and the web site home pages of all their Parishes to the CCC? “NO”.

      Remember that each Bishop has complete control over everything ‘Catholic’ that takes place within his own Diocese (but not the Diocese of others).
      This includes control over each Parish and each Parish Priest; control over every business, and organization, and school & university that wants to use the name “Catholic” – from the perspective of using “Catholic”.

      He has the power to excommunicate those who are obstinate in the Mortal SIN of SCANDAL and SACRILEGE within his Diocese, and the power to excommunicate them to correct them and save the souls of others.

      Now what were you saying about Abp Neiderhauer of San Francisco Diocese speaking up?

  39. Deacon Tom, the Inquisition is calling. What temerity to suggest what to read. Is the SF Examiner on the banned periodicals list?

  40. Praise God for Archbishop Cordileone!

    He will need the prayer life St. John Vianney – (S.F. is his Ars!)

    He will need the the Rosary as his constant companion –

    He will need the Blessed Sacrament in front of him one hour every day -

    He will need Venerable Bsp Sheen seated next to him -

    He will be in need of constant prayers from the faithful . . .

  41. when archbishop john quinn defended the church’s teaching on human sexuality, the homosexual activists were angry and nicknamed him “archbigot queen.”

    when archbishop levada did the same, they attacked him.

    when archbishop niederauer did the same, they compared him and pope benedict xvi to nazis, even painting a swastika on most holy redeemer church to protest the archibhosp’s (and the holy father’s) defense of church teaching and traditional marriage.

    they will do the same with archbishop cordileone, about this issue, and many others.

    but don’t make the mistake of thinking the PREVIOUS archbishops of san francisco were treated with kid gloves. it’s not real.

    • Pray that God gives the new Abp strength.

    • max, the sodomites torture Jesus on the Cross, and all the faithful on all their little Crosses.

    • Max –
      All persons (especially those in leadership positions) will always be attacked by the rabid followers of Satan. This is to be expected by all.
      It is our job to defend the rightous at all times. This is why those of us of the Communion of Saints on earth are called the Church Militant.

  42. Editor, I don’t appreciate your liberal cutting out over half of my comments. Your cutting was inappropriate. Who do you think you are denying my or anyother bloggers freedom of speech? If you can’t stand what some polite and decent posters provide on comments on this media, then perhaps this media should be closed down. If you want people to contribute to your livlihood, then perhaps you ought to guarantee their freedom of speech. It is understandable to remove profane or insultive lanugage that hurts one or all of us; however, my comments did nothing of the sort. None of my comments violated, any rules or policy that you may have posted.


    Comments are limited to 1500 characters… All comments are subject to approval by our moderator and to editing as the moderator deems appropriate.

  43. The problem for the secular humanist press is they have run out of topics to cover. Since political corruption, homosexuality, murder (especially if the victim is still in the mother’s womb),adultery, et al have all been downgraded to misdemeanors ,picadilloes, legalized or personal choice, they’ve lost their power to engage the reader. So what must they do but criminalize families, motherhood and Archbishops, especially newly appointed ones. Someone has to be interesting and horrible these days, and the press are just the ones to decide who. Just as in Nazi Germany, it was always the wicked Jews, and the hypocritical Catholics, etc. To these people, to be pro-God, pro-family, pro-motherhood, pro-strong fatherhood is a bad thing. It’s straight out of the Looking Glass. They have to do something to sell papers, right? It certainly isn’t going to happen with professionalism, integrity or morality apparently.

  44. @Brian S. illegal immigratiing to this country is breaking the law, it is a form of stealing. The state of Alabama is enforcing that law and is holding people accountable (people who hire illegal immigrants ) to aiding and abating people who break our immigration laws. If companies are prosecuted and have to pay steep fines this will stop influx of illegal immigration. With that being said, The hierarchy in the Church here in this country need to educate people who illegally immigrated here to go back to their country of origin and start the process of legal immigration. There is a host of crimes that stem from not enforcing our immigration laws, human trafficking, illlegal drug and prostitution. Many men who illegally immigrate here leave a wife and children back”home” and come here. These men grow lonely and eventually take up with a mistress and start another family. Eventually the family back home is completely abandon and destitute. It is better to be poor in their home country than lose their souls here in the land of the milk honey.
    What I would like to see is enforcing our immigration laws and the Church sponsorship of people to legally immigrate. The Church in other countries need to encourage and help the citizens to build up their countries.
    I am sure I angered some people who read CCD by what I said. But before you go all postal on me. I can’t express all I believe on this important issue in this forum. Solving the illegal immigration issues is not a simple task but we must start somewhere and I believe it starts with protecting our country’s borders.

    • Susanne, you should read the Bishop’s criticism of the Alabama law. It doesn’t stop at making it illegal to hire illegal aliens, it makes it illegal to encourage and transport them – including to Mass. Since anything short of turning an alien into the police could be considered encouragement, it forces Americans to decide between being a snitch and being a lawbreaker, which should be repulsive to all of us. Note also the obvious – the law is aimed against fellow-Catholics, anti-Catholic bigotry is likely no small part of its appeal.

      However, I don’t disagree with much of your post, particularly how the system damages the people of both societies. Sadly, support for illegal immigration is bi-partisan. Democrats love it because it creates Democrat voters. Republicans love it because it creates cheap labor. Of course losing ones sould is a problem for all of us. I will not support the denial of charity or place a Government-imposed obligation to it above the command of Christ.

  45. The quality of how this site is being handled has dropped substantially. I’m not intentionally going to lessen my involvement, but already I spend only about 30% as much time on it as over the past several years. Maybe this is a good deal for me, in that I should be spending more time on other matters anyway. Seeds are planted, they grow into flowers, they bloom and then they wilt and die. But hopefully this new CalCatholic Daily will foster a new crop of flowers.

    • JLS we all consider you a precious blossom in the garden of CCD.

      i like the new format because it’s easier to see who is responding to whom, without that person having to quote the originall text.

  46. Gordon Campbell says:

    Isaiah 5.

  47. It’s a sad, sad day when a man who upholds Church teachings is bashed for it and accused of “taking rights away” from people. Hello, folks, there is no “right” to do moral wrong. It may be permitted by the legal structure, but we have NO moral right to do what is objectively evil, such as indulging disordered desires. Call it what you may, the appointment of Bishop Cordileone was calculated to bring a rogue archdiocese into alignment with the teachings of the Church. Right and wrong never, ever change. Live with that fact, and you might start along the path of healing.

  48. Tony de New York says:

    “of course, when HE’S not able to change the world in a month, you will probably attack HIM also for being too lax or GOD knows what…”


    Is painful to read ‘catholics’ hating those catholics that they callous called ‘illegal immigrant’, for GOD there r NOTillegal immigrants but his children.

  49. @Tony de New York, if people don’t like being called “illegal immigrant” then they should come here legally. They would be called legal immigrant and actually have some respect and pride in themselves and this country.
    If I was to cross the border into Mexico or Canada illegally and setup shop. Iwould be labeled an “illegal immigrant. ” I am still a child of God, but I am not behaving like one by my stealing. The word “hate” or “racist”is always being thrown at people who believe in godly morals and values. It is Saul Alinsky tactic from his rules for Marxists radicals. Alarmingly many in the Church have been and are worshipers at his altar.

    • Although I respect both borders and picket lines, and although it might be wrong for other reasons, it is not stealing, however much Saul Alinsky said otherwise.

      Have you read “Rules of Radicals” or are you just playing a scare card? Its a good read!

  50. LEVITICUS 19

    1 The Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

    2 Speak to all the congregation of the people of Israel and say to them: You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy…

    33 When an alien resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the alien.

    34 The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.

    (personally, i don’t think the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY was referring to martians when he said this…)

  51. Tony de New York says:

    Alarmingly is the way u justifiy HATE agaisnt those of us that r hispanic!

    We hispanic don’t have idea who the hell is Saul Alinsky, I know when i read a hateful writting.

    • Anton L. Seidl says:

      Tony from New York:
      If you don’t know who Saul Alinsky was, I suggest you’d better educate yourself pronto!

  52. @ Tony de New York , I don’t hate Hispanics. I have Spanish ancestry. I don’t hate anyone. You would do yourself a huge service by educating yourself on the satanic plans that the Communists and Marxists have in destroying this country. People need to stop walking around with chips on their shoulders and open their eyes to the real enemy before its too late.

    • “I don’t hate Hispanics. I have Spanish ancestry.”

      hmm…many people from latin america are not exactly enamored of the spaniards…

      is ‘hispanic’ the same as ‘spanish?’

  53. Brian S. true charity is telling the truth.The local Churches need to tell the truth to the illegal immigrant. A good way would be by providing assistance to get back home to country of origin and or helping them in process of legally immigrating. Here is idea how about the USCCB stop supporting pro abortion pro homosexual organizations and use the funds collected to start a program for legal immigration. The Bishops could do away with their National meetings in posh hotels. Think of all the money that can be used to start this program. However I don’t see them doing that because most of them have bought hook line and sinker the socialist agenda. But I guess I can dream !

    • Brian S. says:

      Nonsense. It is often uncharitable to tell the truth. Your anti-Catholic position on immigration now requires you to redefine charity.

  54. John Siple says:

    The new Bishop is just that, of the Diocese of San Francisco Catholics.
    True Catholics already know artificial birth control & the practice of sodomy, etc. is wrong; those who still accept Holy Communion are living in grave sin. I’ve been there. In the “market” for 20 years.
    Now I’ve learned a great big lesson, and have come home to the Magisterium full turn-about. I’m happy for it, but it took years. I’m still same-sex attracted, yet chaste by grace.
    Contact a magisterial priest, gay folk. Talk with him over coffee or an appointed talk. One-on-one can work wonders to the soul, especially if you’ve been to Mass more than 100 times in your life, & had some religious ed growing up.
    All those prayers you prayed as a child after Holy Communion were heard by the Living God. He heard every one. He wants you to “Come Home”.
    Think on it. Might take a few months or years, but new and good Light is dawning on the earth, New Ager’s who were Catholic have a great chance to see the Light! I’m prejudice, as all the gay spirituality was to me was New Age Darkness.

  55. God bless Bishop Cordileone, great to finally see some bishops with the backbone to stand up for authentic Catholic teachings.

  56. It certainly isn’t going to be any easier for the credibility of our bishops when Cardinal Dolan invites obama to the Al Smith Dinner this fall! He has totally undermined the fight against Obama ‘care’ and the authority of church teachings by giving this utterly ruthless and bigoted anti-Catholic an opportunity to make a smoozie speech and leave them laughing in an election year! What message is he sending the world and especially to Catholics?? Sorry if I do not see him as the fatuous, aw shucks kinda guy. He gave a homily at an openly homosexual church in NYC….people who have NO intention of living chaste lives. He is a people pleaser and a friend of the world and he is a shepherd letting his flock go to the edge of the precipice. I wonder why the deciding two votes that passes same sex marriage in New York received no chastisement…and they were Knights of Columbus. The Cardial wrinkled his brow and said it was such a disappointment.

    “Moralists lay down, that a law loses its authority which the lawgiver knowingly allows to be infringed and put aside.”. Cardinal Newman

    • The Church had been remodeled and needed to be rededicated. A bishop has to do that. Of course, he gave the homily at the Mass. He is the bishop. He did his job. He incurred the anger of the gay parishioners at that church by saying they could not use the banner of the Church if they marched in the gay pride parade.

    • Catherine says:

      Please support this initiative of the U.S. Coalition for Life

      Cardinal Dolan,

      Please cancel the Al Smith dinner this year in memory of the millions of unborn children who have died and will continue to die under the government’s anti-life program.

      Timothy Cardinal Dolan can be reached at:

      1011 First Ave.
      New York, NY 10022

      Central Switchboard (212) 371-1011

      • the most reverend timothy cardinal dolan
        archbishop of new york

        your eminence,

        please invite CATHERINE to the al smith dinner this year and seat her right next to president obama, so she can straighten him out.

        pax tecum,


        • Mark from PA says:

          That would be interesting Max. It would be good to see President Obama at that dinner with Catherine at his right and Abeca Christian at his left. Wonder what they would have to say to him.

    • LUKE 19:5-7

      5 When Jesus came by, he looked up at Zacchaeus and called him by name. “Zacchaeus!” he said. “Quick, come down! I must be a guest in your home today.”

      6 Zacchaeus quickly climbed down and took Jesus to his house in great excitement and joy.

      7 But the people were displeased. “He has gone to be the guest of a notorious sinner,” they grumbled.

      (was this the al smith dinner…?)

  57. (more on proper treatment of aliens, care of GOD…)

    DEUTERONOMY chapter 10:

    12 Now, therefore, Israel, what does the LORD, your God, ask of you but to fear the LORD, your God, to follow in all his ways, to love and serve the LORD, your God, with your whole heart and with your whole being,

    13 to keep the commandments and statutes of the LORD that I am commanding you today for your own well-being?

    17 For the LORD, your God, is the God of gods, the Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who has no favorites, accepts no bribes,

    18 who executes justice for the orphan and the widow, and loves the resident alien, giving them food and clothing.

    19 So you too should love the resident alien, for that is what you were in the land of Egypt.

    20 The LORD, your God, shall you fear, and him shall you serve; to him hold fast and by his name shall you swear.

  58. (for those who don’t want anything to do with the president of the united states…)

    1 TIMOTHY chapter 2

    1 First of all, then, I ask that supplications, prayers, petitions, and thanksgivings be offered for everyone,

    2 for kings and for all in authority, that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life in all devotion and dignity.

    3 This is good and pleasing to God our savior,

    4 who wills everyone to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth.

    (i think if cardinal dolan is inviting president obama to an event, he hopes the contact will help change things…)

    • Catherine says:

      You are wrong max!

      Fool our lead shepherds once, shame on Obama. Fool our lead shepherds twice, more scandal is heaped on our lead shepherds for casting pearls before the new Herod.

      St. Joseph was warned in a dream by an angel of the impending danger awaiting the Holy Family. The angel told Joseph to go another way. St. Joseph obeyed. The Vicar of Christ on earth has asked our bishops to become holy.

      “Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turning upon you, they tear you.”….Matthew 7:6

      • you are wrong CATHERINE.

        the pope, the bishops, and the faithful mix with all kinds of people to try to make the world a better place.

        if YOU personally wnat to live in a bubble, go for it.

        remember pope john paul ii meeting the communist leaders of poland, and seeing their knees shaking in fear? if he had avoided them, this great photo-op — captured for all time! — would have been missed.

        now…if cardinal dolan were to offer obama HOLY COMMUNION, that would be a whole ‘nuther story, but to invite him to dinner is a good thing.

        glad i could clear that up for you. no need to thank me.

        • Catherine says:

          “glad I could clear that up for you. no need to thank me.”

          max, You have cleared up nothing. There is a need to thank you though. You are exposing the length that many within the church are willing to go in overlooking the scandal they are causing.

          Do not compare Pope John II’s visit to Poland with inviting Obama to an award banquet. There was also a photo op at St. Francis Xavier in New York. This particular photo-op is now captured for lifetime on You Tube.

          Yes, bishops are doing their job when they attend the rededication of renovated churches but this particular photo op did cause tremendous scandal. All one has to do is watch the video and read the comments below. Our Lord warned us about the danger of even *giving the appearance* of scandal. It was not in vain that Jesus cried out, “Woe to the world because of scandals!” ” Woe to men by whom scandal cometh!”….St. Matthew 18:7

          • In the Church and the Bible, scandal is not moral outrage or something that damages a reputation. It is an “attitude or behavior that leads another to do evil”. It is very obvious in that video on Youtube that the new Archbishop was taken aback by the introduction of the members of the gay ministry and he smiled when he was told that they help restore people to the sacraments.

          • And Catherine, I agree with you that it is way inappropriate to ask the President to come and joke around in this year of his reversal on DOMA, his administrations continuing support of abortion and contraception and his trampling of our first amendment right of freedom of religion.

          • CATHERINE you are so bossy – still.

            by the way, what bible translation useth thee? it sounds like the king james or something. thou art truly something.

            if pope john paul ii could make an influence on the leaders of poland, maybe cardinal dolan can make a difference on the president of the united states.

            probably not on you, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story.

        • Abp Dolan can certainly impress Obama with how deep the Episcopal pockets really are.

      • Mark from PA says:

        Catherine, President Obama is an African American. He is also a Christian. He is not swine.

        • Anton L. Seidl says:

          Mark from PA: I agree, Obama is not a swine. That description is over the top. Whether he is a Christian is debatable. A man who, as Illinois state senator, voted consistently for infanticide (allowing newly aborted live babies to simply die unaided) cannot claim to be a Christian. He is not a swine; rather, he is a monster, the pinnacle of inhumanity.


            “As a child in Indonesia, Obama studied for two years at one Muslim school and then two years at a Catholic school. In both places he experienced religious indoctrination, but in neither case did the indoctrination take hold: during Quranic studies he made faces and during Catholic prayers he would look around the room. Eventually, Barack Obama abandoned this non-conformism and skepticism to be baptized as an adult in the Trinity United Church of Christ.

            “The United Church of Christ emphasizes the freedom of the individual conscience over adherence to creeds or hierarchical authority. This is similar to traditional Baptist Christianity and something that is honored more in theory than in practice when it comes to the Southern Baptist Convention. Several historical creeds and catechisms are used by the United Church of Christ as statements of what their faith, but none are used as “tests of faith” which a person must swear upon.”


          • Abeca Christian says:

            not swine? Really, read your bible and find out what is meant when our Lord meant by saying cast not your pearls unto swine. I’m sure the truth was presented but many still take for granted those precious pearls.

        • Obama merely says he is a Christian. He is not. He may have attended some Christian Churches but he adheres to none. His actions speak much louder than his words. He is an athiest Marxist. (You can find on YouTube, his making fun of the Bible and the Sermon on the Mount.)

      • What is a lead shepherd?

        • Abeca Christian says:

          max was he baptized correctly to be considered baptized? I know that if one does not say the right words, that it may not be acceptable baptism.

          • ABECA there are very few denominations whose baptism the roman catholic church does NOT recognize as valid — the mormons are one such group, and any mormon who wants to become a catholic must be baptized in the catholic church because we don’t hodl their ‘baptisxm’ to be real.

            the united church of christ is recognized, as are the batptists, lutherans, methodists, etc.

            the necessary elements are: intention to do what the church intends, the trinitarian formula, and the pouring of water (or sprinkling, or dunking).

        • The one in front is the lead shepherd, k.

  59. just struck me:

    this article should have had a different headline, namely:


    • Catherine says:

      max, “Just struck me?” or “Wow, I better tone down the obvious.”

      • good one, CATHERINE.

        it should have indeed been obvious to me from day one, but maybe i’m not drinking enough coffee.

        of course…NOW we’ll have to change the proonunciation of “bow” and “bow,” and…oh, i’ll leave that up to more cleverer minds.

  60. Juergensen says:

    Of course San Francisco – which is Sodom by the Sea, the Lair of Satan – cringes at those who come in the Holy Name of Jesus. Just like demons in the possessed.

    • JUELRGENSEN, thanks for the update, but now i’m scared to go home after work!

      never knew my city had so many nasty names. you are too helpful for words.

      hugs, max

      • Juergensen says:

        Max, just ask Larry Brinkin, he’ll confirm everything for you.



      • Abeca Christian says:

        now max maybe you have been desensitized and probably do not see what Juergensen is warning others about? Just saying….

  61. Thankyou Catherine! Doesn’t this remind you of Notre Dame all over again? Max, I’ll be brief and to the point…this is NOT like Christ sharing a table with sinners. This is a prestigious dinner to honor an honorable Catholic politician and bestows honor on those invited! When Jesus hosted a special dinner it was VERY exclusive and only twelve were invited. You trivialize and demean the ways Catholics have to share our special honors with the world. For example,Catholic universities, built with much much sacrifice by Catholics who were finding it difficult to find work to support their families because they were Catholic* were never intended to be used as a political backdrop for a politician who insisted our Lord’s cross be COVERED UP with a black piece of plywood! * (and, of course,from some major donations from some very rich Catholics. Ha)
    Would you invite the man who is threatening to rape your sister to a dinner to hob nob and socialize and share a few drinks? Do you not realize what this man is trying to do to Christ’s beloved bride? Did Jesus speak to Herod Agrippa? Or to Pilate the second time? K,I agree with you, and would not write such sentiments in a letter to the editor of a newspaper. I feel we should be able to express our views in a Catholic forum. Sorry!

    • Catherine says:

      God bless you Dana for your wisdom and your faithfulness! Yes Dana, there is a great difference.

      I would like to give an example. The CEO of Chick-Fil-A simply stated the truth about traditional marriage. The entire rainbow movement attacked him for doing this. This particular Chick-fil-A appreciation day was not even initiated by the CEO. It was initiated by other Christians who are more than fed up with the weak and immoral leadership in our country. The whole country responded because they are very concerned with the removal of their religious freedoms and the removal of the freedom of speech.

      This CEO of Chick-fil-A simply stood by his faith in the Gospel and the entire country rallied in support of the truth. I did not read any accounts of the CEO from Chick-fil-A sending out specialized invitations for a fancy dinner at the CEO”S own home so that he would diminish or compromise the Truth in the Gospel, regarding traditional marriage and traditional values.

      Just like the Catholic Church, homosexuals have always been invited to live the truths of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Homosexuals have ALWAYS been invited to dine at Chick-fil-A, without discrimination. Now if the leaders of the homosexual agenda decide to invite the CEO of Chick-fil-A to talk about freedom of speech and freedom of religion, I do believe that the CEO of Chick-fil-A should attend this dinner to bring a mutual understanding for the right of religious freedom and the right of freedom of speech. This would be an opportunity to teach about the “Living Water.” This would be an act of charity and this would would be imitating Christ. I wonder if this invitation will ever come? Do we recognize the reason why it will never come? This is what makes the difference.

      Jesus went out and dined with sinners to teach them about, “The Living Water” but Jesus did not invite Satan into the Temple to dine.

      Dana, You have nothing to apologize for. Prudence and charity have always been great virtues.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Catherine I agree with your comments. I admire and trust your prudence and ability to reason well, your comments are true and are filled with common sense! There are few people whom I trust and appreciate on this forum, you are amongst them. Dana you are awesome and I appreciate your input as well!

        • Catherine says:

          Thank you Abeca Christian for your very sweet words of kindness. You are right about our Dana! Her posts are *incredibly bright* and wonderfully witty. Dana gets it! Dana also has a gift like you Abeca. Dana loves the Catholic faith and she defends it!

    • Dana, Catherine is right. No need to apologize. It was not a criticism of you but a reminder to all who post here and otherwhere on the internet. We are held to a high standard. Remember Miriam was given leprosy because she and Aaron grumbled against Moses. The grumbling of the Israelites was also very offensive to God. The ability to post on the internet is a gift, but also a temptation. Think about this: If no sparrow falls to the ground without your heavenly Father’s consent, will someone rise to a high postition in the Church or in the government without it?

      • Catherine says:

        “Remember Miriam was given leprosy because she and Aaron grumbled against Moses.” Interesting that there is never a mention of what happens to those who scandalize students with lesbian kissing theater plays called, “Stop Kiss” or those who run interference for Catholic University Drag Queen shows such as the one held at USD.

        It is always enlightening when certain posters suddenly and selectively remember Scripture lessons for others to obey.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Catherine yes I agree and I am glad that you catch those underline sneakiness from others. You are right on!

        • How about selectivity in what sins are to be admonished? It is an act of mercy if one admonishes a gay person; why not other sinners?

  62. This dinner’s tradition in election years is to invite both presumptive candidates so that they can roast each other. It is not an endorsement of either.

  63. “…reminding lay Catholics that when the pope says contraception and abortion are wrong, he means it.”

    Contraception and abortion are wrong according to God almighty. It’s nothing any pope invented. If it was once a sin, it will always be a sin. God does not change. The moral fiber of society has changed. It has decayed. Man considers himself his own god. Relativism is a cancer on society. When one puts God first and his obedient (yes, obedient!), that’s when one’s eyes are opened, and the Truth can be seen. Become a faithful, orthodox Catholic, and your life will change for the better. Life is not about sex, it’s about loving and serving God. If you live for your sex life, your just reward will be hell. If you live for God, your just reward will be heaven. Learn the Catholic faith well. Live the faith. Share the faith.

  64. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    no one has a right to sodomy

  65. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    “Cordileone is a leading figure in this Vatican attack on liberal Catholics. In 2006, he led an unsuccessful effort to place the use of contraception on a list of sins so great that those who committed them would be denied the sacrament of communion. It’s probably good for Cordileone that this effort was repulsed, because its enforcement would likely tear the church apart.”

    What an ignorant writer? Contraception as a mortal sin has been bad since like the 1st century.. its not some new teaching..


    if you are contracepting, do not approach the Holy Eucharist.. you are in mortal sin!!


    This is what they call reporting these days?

  66. Catherine & Abeca! I’m so glad I check these older posts occasionally…thank you both so much, as I really needed to hear something kind and positive. I feel the same way about you as well…you ‘get it’! I am surrounded by protestants and pagans & am always the odd man out. It’s very wearing. I really need your faithfulness and nurturing. May god richly bless you and your families. Or to counterparaphrase the bard,a PEACE on both your houses.

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