‘Woman priest’ to speak at Jesuit School of Theology

Mary Alice Nolan, who claims to have been ordained a Roman Catholic Woman Priest, will participate in panel discussion entitled "Women Responding to the Call to Ministry in the Church" at Berkeley campus

Part of a series of events at the Jesuit School of Theology on The Papal Commission on Women Deacons:

On Tuesday, May 2, there will be a panel discussion on “Women Responding to the Call to Ministry in the Church” at the Gesu Chapel, Jesuit School of Theology. Reception to follow.

This panel features women who have heard and responded to God’s call to ministry in various ways. In the context of male-only ordained ministry in the Catholic Church, these women will share how they have exercised their ministry. These pathways reflect the real-life decisions of Catholic women. A discussion will follow.

Natalie Terry (image from FutureChurch.org)

Natalie Terry is the director of the Ignatian Spiritual Life Center and Children’s Faith Formation at St. Agnes Parish in San Francisco. She has a Masters of Divinity from JST. In 2012 she was awarded a ministry fellowship with the Fund for Theological Education where she embarked on a project to explore modes of discernment for Roman Catholic women to explore calls to ordained ministry. Natalie has been a facilitator and prayer leader with the Ignatian Solidarity Network, and she has presided and preached at Communion services and Liturgies of the Word.

Sister Fabian Jose

Sr. Fabian Jose, of Kerala in South India, is an Ursuline of Mary Immaculate, an Italian congregation. She has a Masters of Divinity and Licentiate in Sacred Theology and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Sacred Theology at JST, studying the contemplative-prophetic spirituality of Thomas Merton. She is author of The Renewed Vision for the Consecrated life in India (2014). She has studied psychology and counseling, spiritual direction, retreat direction, inner healing programs, leadership, youth animation and various meditation techniques. She has worked in formation for many years.

Mary Alice Nolan (image from MaryAliceNolan.com)

Mary Alice Nolan has been an Oncology nurse for most of her life. Her specialty is preparing patients and families for end of life at Kaiser Medical Center in San Rafael. Last May, Mary Alice graduated from JST with a Masters in Theological Studies. In October, she was ordained a Roman Catholic Woman Priest. Her priestly ministry is with the Sophia in Trinity community in San Francisco.

The moderator is Luke Hansen, S.J., a divinity student at the Jesuit School of Theology. The event is sponsored by the GTU Women’s Studies in Religion Program.

From Santa Clara University website.



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  1. This forum and at least two out of the three panel members are unbecoming and inappropriate for a pontifical faculty of theology. It will also be a colossal waste of time for anyone who attends. Very little accurate theology or faithfully Catholic pastoral practice is going to be discussed, based on the biographical blurbs of the panel members.

  2. Miss Nolan is not a priest, she is a sadly deluded woman pretending to be what she can never be. She is also excommunicated due to this false “ordination” which means her soul is in mortal danger. Listen up Mary Alice, you are outside of The Church!

  3. Perhaps if these women priests celebrated the TLM they would be fully welcomed into the Catholic Church.

    • Exactly – they of course would never (invalidly) celebrate the TLM because that would amount to an affirmation of the Church’s tradition, and their whole mission is to destroy that tradition. As revolutionaries, they must stick to the Mass of Masonic revolutionary Bugnini.


    Should prove to be interesting!

  5. Mary Alice Nolan has not been ordained a “Roman Catholic Priest”. Women do not receive “valid” priestly orders. Just like when a child makes believe they are dogs or cats or monkeys, it is make believe. Get rid of the Jusuits. They spread so much heresey. A woman can be a religious sister, married or single. There are only (3) vocations that are valid for women. Priestly Orders is not one of them. God has already spoken on this matter. Stop trying to play God!

  6. Who ordained this woman?

  7. I knew Mary Alice from Marin General Hospital (but I think her last name was different?)

    I guess Jesus is now a “trans”… Mary Alice and her ilk are acting in “persona alta christus”. I will pray for her soul.

  8. The Jesuit School of Theology located in Berkeley. Need any more be said?

  9. helen wheels says:

    good grief !!!

  10. see article ‘local church declares every possible activity a ministry’ to see how far ‘ministry discovery’ can go, at babylonbee.com. it’s a sort of church version of the Onion with lots of fun articles noting churchly absurdities that go far beyond scripture and tradition. tragicomic insights into everyone’s claim to a ‘ministry’, and more. the make=believe factor Jo Ann mentions fuels a lot these days.

  11. Alejandra Baker says:

    Mary Alice Nolan, is NOT a Catholic Priest. The Church has been very clear on this, and YOU California Catholic Daily, MUST NOT confuse the audience by publicizing confusing statements. You may say she “Believes to be a Catholic Priest” (Referring to the Ministerial Priesthood). Her ordination is FALSE and will always be.

    In Nov 2016 Pope Francis was clear in quoting Saint Pope John Paul II regarding this matter:
    “St. Pope John Paul II had the last clear word on this and it stands, this stands,” Francis said.
    Francis was referring to a 1994 document by Pope John Paul that closed the door on a female priesthood. The Vatican says this teaching is an infallible part of Catholic tradition.
    The reporter then pressed the pope, asking:…

    • alejandra, the CCD editor put the term ‘woman priest’ in quotations marks in the title, thus stating clearly that the speaker is not truly a priest despite her assertion. a few words later it states clearly that ms nolan ‘claims to have been ordained a priest’.. the reactions of the readers do not seem to represent confuision or a case of having been misled. they are reacting to the absurdity of the claim. i can;t see how your correction ‘you may say she ‘believes herself to be a catholic priest’ is any claeaer than ‘ she claims to be a catholic priest’. CCD supports the magisterium and the tradition…

  12. God save us from those who want to make us “equal”. The Traditional Latin Mass and the Anglican Use Catholic Mass are looking better and better. As the French use to say about men and women, “Long live the difference.”

    • Ann Malley says:

      Those who erroneously seek to make women equal to men are the misogynists. It is only their misguided elevation of men that makes them perceive women – who are different than men, like it or not – as having less dignity as people. Equal, in the comparison of persons, does not mean the same. Men are not women. Women are not men. And every individual has their specific talents and share of shortcomings.

      And Vive la Difference is right. Without it there would be zero people. Male or female.

  13. Mary E. Baxter says:

    I’m not sure which is worse… a woman of delusion, a Jesuit school gone far astray or this publication of falsehoods!
    “Only a baptized MAN validly receives sacred ordination”–CCC 1577
    …”the ordination of women is not possible.”

  14. Ruth Anne Cassin, MD says:

    Space for posting should show number of comments, so that comment, if necessary, can be abridged instead of truncated.

  15. Ruth Anne Cassin, MD says:

    Thank you, Alejandra Baker! I feel that the California Catholic Daily should have, at the very least, added a comment something like yours when it republished this article from Santa Clara University website. The article only confuses matters; it may be doing so deliberately, as a “hook” to get people to attend the event or read further. We — women of the Roman Catholic Church — SHOULD, ,be discerning how we can best serve the Church — as women; and then serve. That IS ministry. I am in the Diocese of Ogdensburgh (NY) a Commissioned Lay Minister — specifically for RCIA — following two years of “Formation for Ministry” plus some weekend programs. Bishop Robert J. Cunningham commissioned me. But that is NOT ordination.

  16. ann tagonism says:

    Did I just get off the bus in Crazytown ??

  17. Faithful and True says:

    NOT Catholic.

  18. Catherine says:

    Mother Angelica, pray for us!


  19. Modern Jesuits have no shame on their war on the Catholic Church.

  20. … and Bishop Barber’s response to this “discussion” in his jurisdiction? Bishop Barber? Are you there Bishop Barber?

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