Will pro-LGBT Republicans help or kill their party?

$1.7 million in TV ads for Carl DeMaio
Faulconer in Gaslamp installing one of 124 rainbow flags

Faulconer in Gaslamp installing one of 124 rainbow flags

The following comes from a July 15 release from SaveCalifornia.com.

A leading California pro-family organization says the new trend of pro-homosexuality-bisexuality-transsexuality Republican officials and candidates risks making their political party less attractive to conservative voters.

Last week, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, a Republican, hoisted up rainbow flags in the touristy Gaslamp district to symbolize his support for the “LGBT” agenda, which tramples religious freedom and squelches free speech.

And Neel Kashkari, the Republican challenger to incumbent Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown, publicly supports homosexual “marriages” and has criticized Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry for implying that homosexual behavior can be overcome, which it can.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee is spending $1.7 million on TV ads for homosexual congressional candidate Carl DeMaio of San Diego, who has consistently voted forand promoted in his ads the LGBT agenda.

“An overwhelming majority of Republicans and conservatives support real marriage between one man and one woman, and oppose the sexual indoctrination of children,” said Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, which promotes moral virtues for the common good. “When Republican candidates go against family values, will pro-family voters keep or abandon their values?”

“The California Republican Party platform strongly supports marriage between only a man and a woman, and opposes promoting homosexual behavior to children,” Thomasson, a registered independent, observed. “Will this platform be upheld or rejected? Will candidates who reject these time-honored values be supported or opposed? The choice is not so much Democrat versus Republican, but an issue of morality.”

Facts about homosexuality and help for those struggling




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  1. juergensen says:

    These RINOs need to learn the truth about sodomites:


    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      RINOS know the truth about sodomites, but their God is Politics!

      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika and His Church!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      Yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  2. “WORTHINESS to RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION, General Principles” – Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict).
    (There is nothing proportionate in the USA to the murder of approx. 1 MILLION unborn babies each year.)

    All Catholic citizens are required to VOTE (CCC 2240) – in Federal, State and Local elections.
    Elected politicians appoint people of like mind to important Administrative positions, and Judgeships (when not elected).

    We must all remember the words and actions of all candidates for office. Incumbents voting records should also be checked.

    When both candidates support an INTRINSIC EVIL, we must vote for the candidate who is the lessor of the evils.

    • Tom in San Jose says:

      One thing that drives me absolutely nuts almost every Sunday Mass is a prayer during the general intercessions for elected officials to enact laws for the common good. All well and good, but what never seems to occur to our clergy is that SOMEONE HAD TO VOTE FOR THESE OFFICIALS TO BEGIN WITH!!! And election after election, not one homily about parishioners’ obligations to vote according to a well-formed Catholic conscience. And I attend one of the more “conservative” parishes in the Bay Area.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Tom, a priest who advocates for a party or candidate from the pulpit is putting his Church up for removal of its tax exempt status. That is why it isn’t done. I doubt a general reminder to vote according to one’s conscience I’m sure if fine, but if it goes much beyond that would be problematic.

        • Tom in San Jose says:

          Nobody wants the clergy to be in the pocket of any particular political party. However, Catholics need to be reminded of what they purportedly believe in, especially regarding the non-negotiable issues of abortion, gay “marriage”, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia.

        • YFC,
          Priests should be telling people that:
          1) Catholic citizens are required to Vote (CCC 2240);

          2) We should NEVER vote for (or give money to) any candidate who supports the INTRINSIC EVILS of:
          Abortion, Euthanasia, Homo-sexual Marriage, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Cloning, Contraception.

          3) We should never donate money to any Party that supports INTRINSIC EVILS in its National, or State Party Platform as appropriate.

          4) That there is nothing proportionate in the USA to the murder of approx. 1 million innocent human beings each year through abortion.
          And read from the pulpit : “Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion – General Principles” by Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict).

          5) Explain that elected officials appoint Judges and Administrators of like mind.

          6) That Catholics have the duty to investigate each candidate’s positions and public voting record to the best of their ability.

          Priests should not and will not name candidate’s names, or specific political parties.
          Tom in San Jose is correct. Many Priests are not teaching through their homilies – the Catholic Faith.

      • Tom, I feel the same as you. Now instead of “elected officials” the prayer frequently identifies these individuals as “Law Makers”. We sure seem to now have a plethora of Laws like in the day of Jesus, but do we have the freedoms which Jesus and His Church preaches. I’m afraid not. In my mind, those horrible prayers legitimize tyranny.

  3. INTRINSIC EVILS are: Abortion, Euthanasia, Contraception, Homo-sexual Marriage, Cloning, Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

    • Also let us not forget to consider candidates who wish to violate our Freedom of Religion – by passing laws that will make us remote participants in their sins (through our taxes).

      Checking on the internet the most recent Party Platform (goals)
      both National and State for each Party is helpful.

    • Jim McCrea says:

      You forgot Cracker Jacks and Good Hot Ralston!

      • Jim McCrea if that is all you can say, you are not capable of conversation.
        Your statement is something my 5 year old would say.

  4. According to the Center for Disease Control, approx. 2% of the population admits to homosexual acts.
    Sodomy should not be supported to get elected.

    • juergensen says:

      And those 2% commit 33% of all child sex abuse, proving sodomites are 16.5 times more prone to child sex abuse than are heterosexuals. See study below, with 76 footnotes to academic journals.


      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        untrue. We’ve debunked your stats here many times juergensen.

        • juergensen says:

          They’re not my stats, they’re the stats of the 76 academic sources cited in that article’s 76 footnotes. But, hey, thanks for playing!

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            As we have told you many times, those 76 “academic sources” are not academic at all, but are polemical pieces put out to lie about gay people.

  5. St. Christopher says:

    Homofascists have largely won, at least at the present elected levels. Virtually all politicians seem leery of championing any sort of moral highground regarding sexual ethics: abortion “choice”; homosexual sexuality; any kind of sexual ethics position that appears to criticize divorce, contraception, multiple-sexual partners, even adultery, all this seems to the political crowd to lead to election losing — and, often, they are correct. Even so, for believers, human intelligence and cunning are childish compared to angelic powers. The Devil is behind the corruption of sexuality in human society, and from this flows so many of Mankind’s current problems. Politicians must compromise, and sometimes getting a little benefit, such as mandating parental consent, and opposing partial birth abortion, is something to be worked for, rather than insisting, every time, on an “all or nothing at all” outcome. But, here, at the beginnings of the attempted remake of America by Homofascits, Catholic politicians must stand fast, must oppose any advance, beyond assuring homosexual access to basic constitutional rights. Republicans that embrace the homosexual movement are fools, and should be opposed by voters. People, if enough good and moral people vote these people out of office, then they are gone.

  6. With the majority of Americans and Catholics supporting the “gay” agenda what do you expect Republican candidates to do? There will never be another Republican in the White House that doesn’t support gays. Not only that but Republicans might run afoul of federal law if they talk against them. From now on this issue will be the decider in most elections, mark my word..

    • St. Christopher says:

      “Gary O”: what are you saying? No federal law is violated — none — by anything that a politician, or anyone, says about homosexuals. This is what the First Amendment is all about. Your comment, perhaps inadvertently made, is a good example, however, of how people think; “Gee, I better not say that or I ‘might run afoul of federal law'”. Never, never, never, can it be the case in America that a citizen is under threat from speaking up and saying that homosexual sex is wrong (not even if the Supreme Court says that it is “protected”), is morally evil (not even if it seems right to them), and should be opposed. We all must fight the absolutism of the Homofascists. The U.S. Constitution absolutely protects your political speech. Absolutely.

      • OK St. Chris I was being a little tongue in cheek about the federal law comment. My point is that the gay lobby will do everything possible to stifle any dissent toward their movement. Do you know how many people in employment at colleges and such have been fired because of racist statements? I don’t know where you work, but try going around to your co-workers and make racist or sexist comments to woman and you’ll find out very quickly how well the 1st amendment works for you. When I lived in Mesa AZ. there was a male student at ASU that said to a group of black woman that were being loud and noisy, “be quiet you water buffaloes” never thinking that that was racist, but his career at ASU ended after the last word he uttered to them. This gay lobby has a lot of money and influence behind it and they aren’t going to be denied. That was my point St. Chris.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Yes and no, St. Christopher. Free speech has its limits. You cannot incite violence, legally. By extension, you cannot incite violence against gay people.

      • Obama is trying to make quoting from the Bible (and the CCC) about the Mortal Sin of Homosexual Acts – a hate crime.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The insider RINO$ (Republican$ in name only) have been for sale to the highest bidder on virtually all issues – save taxing the Country Club Coven, and have proven such as disgrace as to endanger the Republican Party and its progressive agenda, about which Abe Lincoln said in 1862:

    “We shall either nobly save or meanly lose this last best hope on earth.”

    But then Dirty ‘D’ Cheney – like the current VP Joe Bytim – took 5 Deferments from the Military Draft while gaily sending others off to do the dying (Bytim claimed he was medically unfit after graduating law school to serve as a low paid military attorney – but not a high paid private one) – and were both rich insiders.

    Then again – Cheney is not even Man (XY) enough to admit that His Grandchild has a Male (XY) Father – so just how much of the rest of his spew is worth listening too, let alone believing.

    • All politicians must take full responsibility for their own actions / public voting records.
      It does not matter what has happened in the past. Democrats love to blame others and go backwards in time – – – – to take the heat off of those in power right now, and those running for office in upcoming elections.

      It is very simple.
      When there are two candidates supporting INTRINSIC EVILS, Catholics must vote for the LESSOR of the Evils.
      The Candidate who will damage this Country the least.

      Also check the most current National and State Party Platforms as well – to determine the goals of the Party.
      Say “NO” to INTRINSIC EVILS.

  8. Catherine says:

    St. Christopher, Excellent post! As the leadership in the Church goes, the world goes. The Church leaders and both political parties need an influx of men and women who have the same caliber of heroically courageous leadership qualities of a Mark Kowalewski. Many Church leaders voted the culture of death into power. Once again, as the Church goes, the world goes.

  9. It’s a terrible sign if one issue can destroy a party. If it does that, perhaps it was the right time for it to be destroyed. Neither major party is worth the dynamite it would take to blow them to kingdom come, in my opinion. We need a new variety of slime.

  10. juergensen says:

    Why are Republicans dancing with these angels from hell? A solid Catholic bible scholar agrees that sodomites and Muslims could well be the two riders of the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse: Death and Hades (Rev. 6:7-8). Once sodomites gain control of the West and Muslims gain control of the East – both near completion – these two minions of Satan will then turn against each other and conflagrate the earth, bringing the Apocalypse.

    • J…. Which solid Catholic bible scholar?

    • Not ALL Republicans are RINO’s or dancing with the devil, in fact, the majority are not, juergensen. I think you got the Parties confused in your head.
      The next you make blanket statements, please provide some type of official link.

      • juergensen says:

        100% of the party establishment is RINO, and 100% of Republicans who embrace the satanic sodomite movement are dancing with the devil.

  11. Notice there is, once again, no mention of our bishops? What are the people to do, look for our politicians to take a moral stand when they don’t?

    • Bishops are too busy working with the Obama Administration for ILLEGAL Aliens to teach the Faith, or teach about INTRINSIC EVILS.
      If their political buddies do not get re-elected, the Grant millions to keep their bureaucracies going must dry up, – This would be a blessing so they could get back to Saving Souls.

  12. Linda Maria says:

    It is only by correct Church leadership, educating and forming all clergy, nuns, and lay Catholic faithful, in Christ’s Faith and Morals– that we will start to eradicate the “Culture of Death,” and help our Nation to re-build a new Christian-based culture that is excellent! From babyhood, all Catholic children need to grow up in an excellent, “practicing Catholic” religious culture! Since Vatican II, our Church leaders have rejected leadership, babyishly! They have also rejected running the Church correctly, before God, by the Code of Canon Law! Secular society can never be formed and led, by silly political activism! Ridiculous! Political activism is really a cheap avoidance, by Catholic bishops, of true Church moral and spiritual leadership! Political activism started in the 1960’s, after Vatican II’s silly, secular “social activist” agendas— also following the crazy, immoral, atheist, secular “liberal radical activists,” using political strategies, to destroy our Nation! Before that, the Church never was involved in silly, secular “political activism!”

  13. “Mike: When both candidates support an INTRINSIC EVIL, we must vote for the candidate who is the lessor of the evils.”
    Neel Kashkari for governor and Demaio for Congress, both are pro-abortion, against Marriage, consequently also against Religious Liberty. Vote for none on the Governor place, and vote for the Democrat instead of Demaio because the democrat vote as a Congressman, does not affect much since the Republicans will still have the majority in the house due to the census. A vote for the democrat instead of Demaio may clean house in the GOP.

    • Neel Kashkari also voted for Obama.

    • Paul – Wrong. When you vote for a Democrat, you vote for the Party of Death.
      See their National and also State Platforms.
      You also try to tip the House to the Democratic Party. – very foolish indeed.
      If everyone thought the way you do, there would only be Democrats in Congress and the White House.
      You must be a Democrat to even propose such evil.

      • Would anyone want to take a chance on Democrats picking the next US Supreme Court Justice ?

      • John Feeney says:

        So Pete, are you proposing that we vote for baby killers with an (R) after their name? Why not vote for a third party candidate as a protest vote? I am a life long Republican, the first one in a family of Irish Catholic Democrats. The modern Republican party caters to evil!

        • You can vote for a third party candidate if you wish.
          You must assess that if you do this, will the very worst candidate be elected? – Most likely.
          Will the very worst candidate be appointing future judges? – Most likely.

          John Feeney are you a closet Democrat.
          The Republican Party (so far) is far less supporting of the INTRINSIC EVILS than the Democratic Party.
          (Just look at their current National and State Party Platforms.)

  14. juergensen says:

    Gee, what a shock, another sodomite sexually abusing a boy . . .


    • Jurgensen, the police were on the side of the father, and rightfully so. Most of the bloggers thought the man deserved a beating and worse. I think people are getting really tired of the corrupting of the young.

  15. This little post came up on my twitter…http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/44691-former-homosexual-reveals-unmitigated-disaster-of-gay-marriage
    Thought it relevant here. The Republican Party doesn’t need anyone who is espousing views contrary to the values of the party platform. What difference does it make if you’re black or blue, young or old , male or female…it’s the principles that matter! Morals and values! People that can’t grow up but must stay perpetually hung up on their sexual identities don’t have the maturity or empathy needed to play a serious role in adult behavior like political decisions, legal disputes, etc. The legal age to vote is 18 but they should change that to the mental age of 18…. Apparently homosexuality limits maturation and they maintain the understanding of a twelve year old obsessed with their twinkies.

  16. St. Christopher says:

    “Gary O.”: You are correct. The Homofascists follow dissenting people everywhere and are no better than the Mafia in how they attempt to damage and harm those that stand up for moral principle. “Your Fellow Catholic”: There you go again — opposing any public accommodation for homosexual sex is completely protected by the First Amendment. It is not one of the very narrow limitations to such protections, such as falsely yelling “Fire!’ in a crowded theater. Nor is such language, in any way, an incitement to violence. In fact, Homofascists use this as one of their Big Lies in attempts to blunt any criticism of their demands. First of all, many of their examples are apocryphal. Further, there is no threat to public safety, or incitement to violence to argue that: (1) homosexual sex is a moral evil and blight on society; (2) homosexual sexualists should not be permitted to marry: (3) or be in certain professions where they are proximate to children, such as teaching; (4) homosexual sexualists cannot give blood; (5) the will of the public should rule on various limitations imposed on homosexual sexualists, and other things. Your insinuation, “YFC” that somehow, anyhow, a person’s criticism can raise legal sanctions against them is un-American (although many in the Obama and Democratic Party camp — and more than a few bishops — surely agree with you).

  17. JERRY S. says:

    If the USCCB, State Conferences of Bishops, Diocese Bishops and their Priests . would expend more energy on the INTRINSIC EVILS in their teaching,
    no Party would support the INTRINSIC EVILS – – because they would not be able to be elected.

    The lack of focus in USCCB document “Faithful Citizenship” is 40 pages of mush.
    It is apparent that the USCCB / CCHD / Catholic Charities want to continue to get hundreds of millions of dollars in GRANTS from the Federal Government to keep their unnecessary bureaucracies in business.
    This money is also why they concentrate their support for legislation that will continue their income from the Government.
    “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. Mt 6:21.

  18. JERRY S. says:

    Since many Bishops and Priests are not doing their jobs – let’s state the

    Any Party or Politician that wants all of us to pay for any of these intrinsic evils through our taxes does not support the US CONSTITUTION.
    Amendment 1, Article 1
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
    or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press;
    or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    (Pay attention to your State Constitutions as well. They can be found on the Internet.)
    It’s time that Catholics quit being so lazy, and pay attention.

    • Too many Bishops and Priests are too busy taking in $63 MILLION from the Obama Administration to work with ILLEGAL immigrants – than to care about the Souls of those within their own Diocese.

      ILLEGALs have Diocese Bishops too. And these Bishops are located within their Country of origin to take care of them.

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