Tucson parish fostering liturgical abuses?

Eucharistic bread recipe includes white flour, salt, baking powder and olive oil

Bishop Kicanas and Father Harry Ledwith (image from Church Militant)

A parish in Bishop Gerald Kicanas’ diocese of Tucson uses illicit matter for their eucharistic hosts, recites a made-up creed on Sunday and is allegedly aligned with LGBT activists.

Saint Pius X in Tucson, Arizona, has as its pastor Fr. Harry Ledwith, who’s videotaped at Mass reciting a made-up creed titled “The Hungry Credo of Concern” along with his parishioners in April. Except for mentioning “One Lord Jesus Christ,” the creed is a complete fabrication of social justice issues. One section of their creed recited at Mass during Sundays of Lent reads, “This is hunger gone mad. This is the black horse of the apocalypse, this famine galloping across the dry plains of Somalia, the Sudan and Northern Nigeria, charging wild-eyed through the streets of Calcutta and the countryside of Bangladesh.”

A reporter asked the church secretary about the odd looking eucharistic bread used at Mass and she gave him a so-called “recipe,” which parishioners used to make communion wafers to be consecrated at Mass. The recipe includes white flour, salt, baking powder and olive oil, which at least renders the consecration illicit and quite possibly invalidates the sacrament.

The reporter was told by the secretary at St. Pius church that she thought the Vatican had approved of such material to be used in making communion bread. She also told him Bp. Kicanas was aware of the recipe and gave his approval. He tried to meet with Bp. Kicanas later that day concerning the liturgical abuses but was unable. Dagenais did bring up the illicit material used for communion hosts to the bishop’s secretary, who quickly brushed it off, saying it was valid as long as the parish followed Church norms.

The LGBT activist group Rainbow Interfaith Community claims St. Pius X is in unison with their agenda and viewpoints. This group hyperlinks to the parish of St. Pius X on their homepage. This page reads, “We affirm LGBT people by accepting their sexuality and not seeking to change it and strive to overcome the alienation created by past religious condemnation and rejection.”

In a video Fr. Ledwith gave an overview of his parish as follows, “Our charism is social justice, prayer and vibrant, holistic liturgy. Our ministry extends to families with children, single adults and persons of all orientations.” 

Full story at Church Militant.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    the recipe is a dead-ringer for focaccia bread, except that rosemary ( as far as we know) is not being added..faith in the real presence does not need tasty snacks .

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      Oh, don’t be such a spoilsport. Everyone had a good time. That’s what it’s about, have a happy Novus Ordo day!🤣

    • Given that communion wafers made by religious orders are available why would any one make up their own recipie? Also .. I believe non-licit bread can be used in extreme situations such as the military in the field when regular hosts aren’t available. Also at the Last Supper, wouldn’t the bread have been matza?

  2. Faithful and True says:

    Let’s be clear: This is not a Latin Rite Roman Catholic mass. God bless and correct these misguided people. The priest is sadly in grave error and is responsible for leading the people away from the Catholic Faith. No matter how welcoming, warm and fuzzy the whole experience is – this is “abuse” of the Holy Sacrifice of the Liturgy of the Word and Eucharist.

    • Barry Albright says:

      You are probably right; and all this is connected to a married Priesthood…. The idea that married priests will somehow save the church is simply ludicrous. Those who buy into this are thinking that “earthly desires” can be overcome are not understanding the wisdom of the scriptures; “for the sake of the kingdom” is the overriding concept that must be adhered to in order to preserve Christs message and the kingdom in our earthly lives; Luke 9:57-62:…so goes “The bread of Life”. Monday, August 31, 2015
      There is a movement going on in my Holy Roman Catholic Church to allow priests to be married. I believe that this idea is contrary to the teachings of Jesus and in the New Testament. In Mathew chapter 19, verse 12, Christ says…

  3. John Patrick says:

    Thank heavens that these people living in mortal sin through their lifestyle and heretics making a charades of the beliefs of the church are not actually receiving the Bidy and Blood of Christ.

  4. Anonymous 2 says:

    Where is the defender of the status quo, Jon? He says these abuses do not happen.

    Everything is fine, move on, move on. Everything is fine.

  5. I’m more concerned with those who sit at the Mass and don’t leave and attend another Mass. They must be either mentally ill or heretcs like he is.

  6. Anonymous: yes! This is horrible! Just as bad as the sedevacantis conspiritors and the right wing nuts who bash St. John Paul II. God Bless J,J&M.

  7. Clinton R. says:

    How shameful, especially for a parish named after the great Pope St. Pius X. Modernism, condemned by the same Pontiff, is rearing its ugly and satanic head here.

  8. Michael McDermott says:

    That Individuals want to play ‘priest’ like they would dress up dollhouse – is their business
    However, when they use the Donations of the Faithful and Facilities built with funds and subsidized by the Church – then Abuses such as this are not just Against the Sacred Mass, but also smack of hubris and self indulgent twisting of the Church to fit their political ideology

    One problem that is widespread is Radical Leftist / Homosex / Demi-Krat activists Hijacking the Church and its resources, to pervert them in to political tools to feed the Hate Pogroms of such Fanatics

    This is how so many Parishes / Diocese were bankrupted by the Homosex Ephebophile Attack on Adolescent Boys

  9. Need I say the obvious? it seems the pastor needs to practice what he preaches and do a little fasting himself and give out of his own pocket to the poor. I commend the gentlemen who is doing the signing for the deaf as he seems to be compassionate and tries to put some reverence into the whole thing, but the pastor is at fault for allowing such serious liturgical abuses — wrong creed and wrong elements for the Eucharist if the article is correct.

    • My apologies for commenting on this pastor’s appearance if he has some medical problem that has made him gain weight, and as far as I know he could be trying to fast and does give to the poor. It does seem as though the liturgical abuses do need to be corrected, though, if the article is right.

  10. The priest’s mullet disqualifies him from being taken seriously as a mature adult man — much less as a man of wisdom or spiritual or moral weight — in my opinion. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you often CAN judge a person by how he chooses to present himself.

    As for the liturgical abuses, the bishop needs to put a stop to those immediately. However, the liturgical abuses are merely a symptom of the cause, which is a departure from the apostolic faith by the priest and others in the community. Even if the liturgical abuses are fixed, the parish will still be looney-tunes.

    • I could be mistaken but that sure looks like a wig that this priest is wearing. In fact, I would be willing to bet on it.
      Plus, that building looks more like a meeting hall than a Catholic Church interior.
      Lastly, it is more than puzzling as to how this follow can attract a full house of parishioners. It is a sad commentary on their lack of understanding Catholic Liturgy.

    • anonymous 2 says:

      Don’t hold your breath that Bp. Kicanas, an escapee from the Chicago Arch-asylum and the fold of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin (who was his principal consecrator, by the way, in 1995), will do a thing:

      “Father” Leadweight will continue as he is doing, and the People’s Republic of Tucson Diocese will all have a good time, 🙂 a jolly good time. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Poor Tucson Asylum, er Diocese: From its holy missionary bishop founders, Salpointe (d. 1898) and Bourgade (d.1908) and educator Mother Drexel (d. 1955), now to this. Would they recognize this “church”?

  11. Thomas Edward Miles, this link should answer your questions: https://www.ewtn.com/library/liturgy/zlitur85.htm.
    The Latin Rite uses unleavened bread as Christ did at the Passover. See: Exodus 12:1-12 and Matthew 26:17. A Latin Rite Catholic has a right (no pun intended) to a Latin Rite Mass.

  12. And it gets worse. Check out the parish’s YouTube channel:

    There are non-ordained/women who give the homily at Sunday Mass. Oh, they call it a “reflection” instead of a homily, so that makes everything okay.

  13. Sarcastically speaking: Thank you for the post-V2 Liberation Theology! Liberal modernism is only going to get worse, more abusive. Wait until some crackpot congregation starts making hosts with marijuana. That’ll bring’em in by the bus load! They’ll all be feeling higher than a kite after the party service ready to go back on a weekly basis because they want to feel good about themselves and ignore their sins which seems like what people are looking for these days! — The demise of the protestant, evangelical, and V2 Church denominations is happening like BXVI said the future V2 Church will be smaller!

  14. Michael McDermott says:

    It Gets Worse – No Kidding

    Again the scandal in the Vatican again! Cocaine and gay party in the Holy Office and Monastery of Monte Cassino. Can Pope Francis endure?
    Several months ago, the abbot of the monastery at Monte Cassino, Pietro Vittorelli, was arrested for misappropriating more than half a million euros for charity. The money he used for traveling the world, mainly to Brazil, in search of homosexual enjoyment.
    The monastery was notorious for its moral reasons

  15. Michael McDermott says:

    This brought back a memory of receiving Communion in Honolulu once – where they used what appeared to be squares of wheat bread, and encouraged ‘Dunking’ (of the bread in the wine), which upon reflection seems rather strange – although I went along with it at the time because it seemed a local custom.

    Perhaps the strangest Communion (which I eventually declined to participate in) occurred at Saint Columba in Berzerkley
    I had would up there by chance, and the Mass seemed to have a ‘womyn priest’ – who did a magic show of preparing the host where the congregation could not see, and then brought it out to the table.
    The whole thing seemed so queer that I abstained, and I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience – there or at…

  16. Anonymous 2 says:

    The problems at St. Pius X Parish go much deeper than those mentioned. They are teaching that right or wrong is whatever you decide it is and that the Magisterium is not definitive. Anyone who doesn’t agree with this is shunned and scorned in gossip. It has gone beyond welcoming to all and efforts at being non judgmental. It has descended to welcoming all who support New Age anti-Vatican morality and practices and to open hostility against all who stand up for the Catholic Church’s teaching on morality, decency, and the guidance of the institutional Catholic Church. Their current motto at St.Pius X is: If you feel it’s right for you, then you should do that. (Members patronizingly say this all the time.) This moral relativism includes…

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