Is this really going on at a Catholic college?

Theologians at USF, Santa Clara undermine church teaching
St. Ignatius Church on the University of San Francisco campus

St. Ignatius Church on the University of San Francisco campus

The following comes from an October 7 Catholic Education Daily article by Justin Petrisek: 

With the start of a new academic year, some theologians are again using their positions as Catholic professors to undermine Church teaching. Recent examples include Vincent Pizzuto of the University of San Francisco (USF) and Gary Macy of Santa Clara University (SCU), both Jesuit institutions.

“Professors at Catholic colleges, especially professors of theology, have a responsibility to uphold Church teaching,” said Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick Reilly. “Students deserve the opportunity to learn the beauty and truth of the Faith without distortion or misrepresentation.”

Pizzuto, associate professor of theology and director of the Catholic Studies program at USF, was recently featured in a Newsweek article that highlighted his reasons for leaving the Catholic faith.

Despite Pizzuto’s reported apostasy and active homosexual relationship, he remains a theology professor at USF, teaches a course on “Homosexuality and the Bible,” is actively researching “LGBT Hermeneutics and Theology,” and offers workshops, retreats and lectures on “gay/lesbian spirituality,” according to his faculty webpage.

Gary Macy, the John Nobili, S.J., professor of theology at SCU, recently spoke at the Women’s Ordination Worldwide (WOW) conference in Philadelphia, just before Pope Francis’ arrival in the United States. Last year, WOW set a deadline for Pope Francis to reopen discussion of women’s ordination, a matter which the Holy Father said is settled by Saint John Paul II’s apostolic letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis.

But Macy reportedly claimed at the women’s ordination conference that the reason there is a lack of evidence of women priests in the early Church is that, “quite frankly, priests just were not that important for the first millennium of Christianity,” according to the heterodox National Catholic Reporter. Instead, Macy reportedly argued, ordination in the early Church was not necessarily tied to liturgy, and ordinary people—including women—could celebrate the Mass for the Church’s first 1,100 years.

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  1. Isn’t there any bishop, archbishop, cardinal, papal nuncio, or even Pope Francis who has the devotion to the Holy Faith and the courage to put an end to this heresy? Why are parents and students paying the high tuition charged by these schools? If no one paid the tuition these schools would either stop spreading heresy, begin teaching religion as found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, or simply close their doors? This problem didn’t begin this year. Why hasn’t anyone done something about it before this? Shame on all those responsible.

  2. The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church as we know it ceased to exist over 40 years ago when Vatican II destroyed it. They took away the Traditional Latin Mass, Gregorian chant, high altars, communion rails, statues, confessionals, kneelers, the organ, modest dress, and gave us dancing girls, altar girls, drums, guitars, communion in the hand standing, hand holding, kiss of peace, felt banners, “dinner table”, giant puppets, nuns on the bus, polyester vestments, THEY KILLED THE CHURCH, but who am I to judge????

    • Anonymous says:

      In essence, you are saying God lied. The Lord Himself says that the Church would endure (Matthew 16:19). The Church has not died. You cannot accept the authority of earlier councils and reject Vatican II, as they come form the same authority.

    • I agree. All the comments that this person or that should be excommunicated, the schools, disciplined, etc – It’s not going to happen, ever. Catholic education is in such a state of disrepair that there is no corrective administrative authority not suffering from the same corruption. These schools are Jesuit, part of a national network of 28 colleges and 49 high schools. The Jesuit order has paid $250 million in (predominately) homosexual abuse settlements.

    • Janek, you brilliantly and succinctly summed up the tragic result of Vatican II. I would add another important item destroyed by VII: The Baltimore Catechism.

    • Anonymous says:

      You just did!

  3. Yes, this is going on, and it has gotten worse since it all began fifty years ago. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen advised parents not to send their children to Catholic colleges as they would loose their faith as well as their souls. Look at all the ex Catholics, members of AARP who have lost the faith, and as a result, their children and grandchildren are pagan.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Remember, my friends, Thomas Aquinas College In the beautiful countryside between Santa Paula and Ojai, California, is a wonderful Catholic college that offers a superb educational foundation in the classics and is also a truly Catholic college in the traditional sense. It is widely lauded and a solid value as well. It will educate your child in the manner any truly loving, Catholic parent would want to see come to fruition. Send your kids to Thomas Aquinas if they can get in!

  4. These are Jesuit institutions. What’s the big surprise?

    • walt osgood says:

      Your right!!!! Don’t forget that Pope Francis is a Jesuit!!!! What’s the big surprise in some of his statements???

  5. This papacy has created another SCHISM!!

  6. I hang my head in shame when I read about these once outstanding Catholic universities. Someone should take the kool aid away from the Jesuits who teach at these schools. What happened to them is a total disgrace. Why hasn’t a church authority stepped in and taken the word Catholic from them. They are no longer Catholic universities.

    • Ann Malley says:

      …the prevailing authority in the United States has also drunk the Kool Aid. The fact that this anti-Christ indoctrination of Catholics is taking place at the site of the Santa Clara Mission should serve as an educational visual.

      That is the new mission afoot within the Church (not the Church Herself) is to disabuse Catholics of the Catholic Faith, the inverse, opposite of what was carried on at the Mission Santa Clara.

      Diabolic disorientation.

  7. Sin in all forms is welcome in Hell too…

  8. Christ said that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church. Even though the Catholic Church will never be destroyed, She will become smaller, and She could go underground as it was in the catacombs. I believe She is rapidly decreasing not only in size bit also in influencing morality. Soon the underground aspect will probably commence.

  9. This is a question for which I have not been able to find a good answer; perhaps looking in all the wrong places. Other than for teachers of Catholic theology, what control, influence, etc. does the local Bishop have over what goes on in a Catholic college or university, run by an order of Priests or Nuns? Academic freedom is powerful in the U.S., but can it over ride Catholic doctrine?

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      In theory, of course, the Bishop has 100% control over what happens within his diocese. In practice, he can say, Do “”Thus and such” or I will revoke your canonical status. Guess who has more power? Most catholic universityies are better funded than the Church itself, and when all is said and done, most catholic universities are actually doing a better job discerning what their students need than the diocese, because they see them much more frequently.

      • Ann Malley says:

        Yes, YFC, the University is discerning that there is money to be made in subverting Catholic teaching by hiring professors who will cater to itching ears and eager pocket books. Well funded indeed. Money talks. (Land o’Lakes anybody?)

        And it is money that is being listened to, not the directives of the Holy Ghost. So the idea that the university is determining what the students “need” is absurd. What they need is the truth, but what they’re given is the same kind of error that has bishops wrangling at the synod with how to be more merciful that Christ.

        You’re right, though. It’s all about the funding. Would be interesting to do an analysis on that money trail. Probably would lead to the same perverted pit as many other…

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          I’m not sure why you are so certain that the people providing money aren’t themselves being influenced by the Holy Spirit. After all, the promise the she would be with us always is a promise to ALL of us, not just to the hierarchy.

          • Ann Malley says:

            The ‘she’ spirit inspiring donations to Santa Clara University to provide (not teach) openly heretical hogwash is not holy. The why is because God does not contradict Himself. That parents actually pay for that trash is another abuse – that is otherwise right thinking people actually putting down good money so that their children can be psychologically screwed is beyond me. Twisted.

    • Catherine says:

      Bob One asks, “This is a question for which I have not been able to find a good answer; perhaps looking in all the wrong places.”

      I’m pleased to see CCD’s good effect on your question asking conscience. Thank you for finally admitting the reality that other than CCD, and specifically when it comes to TRULY learning the faith, you have been influenced by “all the wrong people.” I suggest a holy priest, who can help you as a spiritual director, confession and then patient counseling to help remove the many years of leftist programing. Even Bella Dodd repented and eventually sought out questions about the full truth, so don’t give up hope, conversions are possible with God.

      • Geez, Catherine, can you get any more …oh, I don’t know? I can’t even respond to your last couple of rantings. Could be, just asking, that I’m not the only one who needs a good spiritual director. But, hey, I have to assume that your comments over the last couple of years have been more to goad than to enlighten. Satire is good for all of us.

        • Just read a Catholic Bible, and the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, second edition” if you choose to be a Faithful Catholic.

        • Ann Malley says:

          Bob One, many folks need to be goaded for they consider themselves already enlightened. The gutting of Holy Mother Church is happening while Catholic men continue to sleep, fussing like children who do not want to be disturbed.

          Too many Catholics are asking far too late how this kind of thing could happen in a Catholic University. The real question is, “Where have you been?”

          Your responses over the past couple years have been somewhat like telling Jesus, “Relax. The Pharisees love you, man. I don’t know why you’re so paranoid and think that they’re out to get you. And hey, no need to baptize all nations. Everyone’s okay where they are. I’ve set a one o’clock with Pilate so we can talk terms.”

          • Ann, really?? I know two things about the Church today. Millions of people go to Mass on weekends, and fewer Catholic do not. People left the Church and will never return until the Church does something to improve the relevance of Sunday worship to the ordinary person in the pew. There is so much infighting among the people that no one is coming together to help our Church and Nation unify. A simple example of this is the fight that brews on schedule about the OF and the EF Mass. They are both the Mass, but in different forms. Go to the one you like, but don’t call others less-Catholic if they go to the other. Another example

          • Bob One, Why the duplicitous manners all of the sudden? You’ve been as locally enlightening as the sin-nod. Your brand of enlightening is deliberately designed to REMOVE relevance. You OFTEN inform everyone just how well connected you are to likeminded clergy. NOT a good sign but it is a heads up warning to those who love TRUTH. You even brazenly posted that you want women deacons (IOW the first step to women priests.) Look in the mirror and you will see a good part of the reason why we are witnessing the many years of rotten fruits that deliberately emptied those pews.


          • Ann Malley says:

            Yes, really, Bob One. Millions may attend mass, but millions don’t believe what the Church teaches. That’s reality, Bob One. Not even the bishops and cardinals agree on even defined Church teaching. (Kind of like having a standing army that doesn’t necessarily want to fight for the same country – a tad problematic.)

            I appreciate that you’re trying to turn this into a NO vs TLM argument, but that just isn’t what its about.

            The idea that pumping continued novelty into the mass and compromising on teaching the hard teaching will keep folks in the pews is the problem. For the people in the pews listened to what was said and was’t said and have voted with their feet. And continued novelty, despite the initial wow, gets old…

          • Anonymous says:

            There is no gutting of Holy Mother Church, except in so far as she has endured abuse of her children at the hands of clerics, and has kept women as second class citizens. If HMC were to recognize those two simple failings, she would have members in droves, because the healing she can offer, the mercy available to her, heals all souls.

          • Catherine says:

            Bob One, Keep fooling yourself by telling yourself or others that you can work for the poor in a soup kitchen while duplicitously undermining faithful Cardinals. Jesus said, “The poor, you will always have with you,” so when you mock faithful Cardinals you are the goading agent who is undermining important Teachings and Traditions that we ARE taught to hold fast to. Stop behaving like a teenage Eddie Haskell when he has been caught red handed by Mrs. Cleaver. IOW, a duplicitous agent of dissent. You’ve consistently mocked Cardinal Burke and called the TLM vestments “frilly lacy tablecloths”.

          • Ann Malley says:

            ….there is no treating of women as second class citizens, Anonymous. Keep up the rhetoric. Or perhaps you should key into the mercy of Truth and understand that healing is to give up the notion that being female automatically makes one a second class citizen. The stigma is in your mind…. and it wasn’t Holy Mother Church that put it there.

    • Actual administrative control is irrelevant when the local bishop is theologically identical to the wayward institutions in his jurisdiction. Or, perhaps in the case of Cordileone in San Francisco, USF would ignore him, and so would the Vatican.

    • Anonymous says:
    • A Bishop has the authority to revoke any Catholic University, School, or Organization within his own Diocese from using the name “Catholic” – if it violates the Faith. This is within Code of Canon Law.

      Any University and/or organization that calls itself “Catholic” but purposely violates the Doctrine of Faith as stated in the CCC,
      is guilty of FRAUD – false advertising, and taking money under false pretenses.
      A Bishop can put out a public statement – with strong advertising stating this is the case. And should do so.

  10. Clinton R. says:

    There are precious few actual Catholic universities. Most of them hate the teachings of the Church, have prayer space for the various false religions and host LGBT groups on campus. The true Catholic Faith has been whittled down to a remnant.

  11. John Feeney says:

    Back in 1959, this situation would have lasted for about 28 minutes.

    • So what? That doesn’t make it right.

      It just shows how hierarchy can abuse power.Did you follow what happened in the years surrounding and following 1959 in terms of the abuse of power that became the child sex abuse scandal?

  12. Tony de New York says:

    “The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church as we know it ceased to exist over 40 years ago when Vatican II destroyed it.”

    If that were true Jesus was a liar since he said, ‘Y yo también te digo que tú eres Pedro, y sobre esta roca edificaré mi iglesia, y las puertas del infierno no prevalecerán contra ella’ San Mateo 16; 18.

  13. Hi Janek, your comment yesterday: “The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church as we know it ceased to exist over 40 years ago when Vatican II destroyed it.” Isn’t entirely true. The reason is some Holy Clergy saw what was happening then, fought against it, prayed, resisted the changes, and preserved the true Roman Catholic faith, doctrine, and 7 Holy Latin Sacraments. Besides, our Lord promised He would be with His Holy Mother the Church until the end of time, and He has and will keep His promise! The Roman Catholic Parishes practicing tradition in Latin in this world are God’s Church.
    The V2 magisterium are imposters and only fill the offices in the Vatican, but not St. Peter’s shoes. Pray about it, God will show you His…

  14. As for these universities, they are catholic in name only. Just like an Obamanation!

  15. Too bad it’s “pot meet kettle” with the Cardinal Newman Society.

  16. I repeat a question I have asked here many times but got no answer of any sort. Assume a Bishop orders a Catholic University to stop using the word “Catholic”. The university refuses to do so. Would a secular [civil] court assist the Bishop in enforcing his decree? Or would the court see this as a ‘family dispute’ and decline to get involved?? Any one out there who is both a Canon and civil lawyer care to opine??

  17. Linda Maria says:

    These false “professors,” at false Catholic colleges, are the Devil’s tools, of massive delusion, disorientation, and destruction, to the minds and morals of our young people, and massive destruction, to the future of America, and of the world! Such people should be denied entrance to higher degree programs,(Catholic or secular) to begin with– and also, excommunicated, and denied any job of any kind, in the Church or in secular society– in education, or work with people and kids. Satanic!! SHAME ON THE CHURCH FOR HER BETRAYAL OF CHRIST, AND FALSE, DEMONIC “SCHOOLS!!!” How many souls has Satan destroyed, through the Jesuits of today??

  18. Mr. Feeney you are correct sir, it would not have lasted 28 minutes but then again in 1958 Mass attendance was at 78% convents packed, seminaries overflowing with young men, Catholic schools and hospitals all over and the TLM was in place. We must get through this current papacy and pray that the Holy Ghost will send us a savior and return the TLM to its proper and rightful place, it will and is going to happen soon!!! Burke, Ranjith, Pell, Sarah, Schneider, will all be great choices for our next Holy Father!!

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