The summer before college

How to manage temporary hormonal derangements
Would we ever put our daughter on the pill to “protect” her from the consequences of dorm-room sex?

Would we ever put our daughter on the pill to “protect” her from dorm-room sex?

The following comes from a July 16 story on the website of Crisis magazine.

A church friend of mine has a daughter going off to college in the fall. When I ran into him recently, I asked how the summertime preparations were going. I expected him to tell me they’d spent an afternoon trying to help her register for classes or a day at Target looking at tiny fridges and plastic storage tubs. Instead, his face darkened as he related that his wife had taken the girl to see a doctor who had, at the mother’s request, put the soon-to-be freshman on the pill.

“I’m sick about it,” my friend told me. “I think it just sends the worst possible message.” But the mother is adamant: Her daughter will not have her young life interrupted, possibly derailed, by pregnancy. She feels strongly that it is the responsible thing to do.

I didn’t want my face to show it, but I was shocked. Perhaps my friend thought—or hoped—I’d say, “Ah, don’t worry about it. That’s the right call. Everyone’s doing the same thing. It’s gotta be done.”

“Oh gosh, sorry,” was all I could muster, before making my excuses and exiting stage left.

I then did the only thing I could think to do to clear my muddled brain; I rushed home and told my wife the whole thing. She was as shocked and saddened as I was.

Naturally, we then turned our thoughts to our own daughters, the oldest of whom is just ten. Would we ever put our daughter on the pill to “protect” her from the consequences of dorm-room sex? No, we agreed, to my relief, though not to my surprise. To us, sexually transmitted disease (which can put future fertility at risk) and the emotional wreckage of so-called casual sex are twin terrors far worse than teenage pregnancy.

So, what would we do instead? I have to admit I’m not sure, but my strong inclination is that the hard work of preparing our daughter to enter the highly sexualized atmosphere of the modern college campus must start now, though she’s just ten. She will listen to us now, after all; she may not when she’s 17. So we will spend the next few years educating her about the purpose of sex and its proper relation to the marriage bond. We will counsel restraint and, hopefully, cultivate prudence. After that, I’m afraid, there are only three things left to do: pray, maintain communication, and hope for the best. It seems a passive strategy, but maybe the only viable one short of locking her in a tower.

Throughout history parents have struggled with how to manage the temporary hormonal derangements of young adults hell-bent on satisfying their natural urges. But our grandparents at least knew enough not to muddle the message by giving tacit blessings to teenage experimentation. Today’s parents—many of them anyway—see little value in counseling restraint and cultivating prudence in matters sexual. Why would they? Several generations in a row have absorbed the message that restraint and prudence are for suckers. The dominant culture is remarkably consistent: Holding back is always unhealthy. Express yourself. Take what you want. Do what comes natural.

Why should parents who have indulged their children on every front for 17 years suddenly insist on prudence and restraint when it comes to sex?

“I don’t want to be a hypocrite,” you’ll hear them say. “I don’t want her to end up repressed like I was.” Yes, there have always been those who do not practice what they preach. But for most of human history there was broad agreement on the basic value of a clear and consistent emphasis on the downsides—personal and societal—of pre-marital sex. It was a no-no not because some people have always been judgmental prudes who hate for kids to have fun and enjoy themselves, but because wisdom comes with age, and grownups know that sex is a complicated business, especially so when approached without reverence, in the manner which, at least in recent memory, has been called casual.

Let’s say this: There is no such thing as casual sex just as there is no such thing as safe sex, no matter how vehemently certain elements of society claim there is. Sex has always had a clear biological purpose. Separating the act from its purpose—or worse, denying it outright—is a dangerous business. Sex is consequential. It has emotional (and, sometimes, physical) effects on individuals that far outweigh the psychic pain of self-denial. People, being people, invest the act with significance….

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  1. MIchael McDermott says:

    If you think the above story is a warning for those with Daughters, read Mike Adams column:

    The Armpit of Academia by Mike Adams

    “‘Life’ in this ‘society’ being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of ‘society’ being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and eliminate the male sex.” – Valerie Solanas.

    Professor Breanne Fahs is a revolutionary. She teaches Women’s and Gender Studies at Arizona State University. Recently, she decided to give extra credit to her female students for “defying social norms” by refusing to shave their armpits. In the name of equality, she also gave her male students an opportunity to earn extra credit by shaving their entire bodies from the neck down. It’s another feminist intellectual breakthrough. Higher education will never be the same.

    …Professor Fahs specializes in “studying women’s sexuality, critical embodiment studies, radical feminism, and political activism.” She holds a B.A. in women’s studies/gender studies and psychology from Occidental College and a Ph.D. in women’s studies and clinical psychology from the University of Michigan.

    • MIchael McDermott says:

      … her most interesting work to date is about Valerie Solanas a controversial advocate of gender-based violence and the would-be assassin of Andy Warhol.

      Valerie Solanas was a real feminist trailblazer. She believed that men were quite literally the root of all evil throughout the course of human history and therefore needed to be exterminated from the face of the planet via mass murder.

      It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Michigan to realize that Solanas was utterly insane and hopelessly committed to gender-based violence. Indeed, she practiced what she preached, which is why she shot Andy Warhol.

      Of course, Fahs can’t help but see some good in Solanas, the violent genocidal feminist who advocated mass murder in the name of gender equality. After all, Fahs is the director of the Feminist Research on Gender and Sexuality Group at ASU…

      Of course, no radical feminist is worth her salt unless she helps to reduce the stigma associated with violence in the name of women’s liberation. After all, this is a movement that rests on a foundation made of the corpses 55 million innocent children.

      • Just to clear up any confusion in Michael’s telling if the story. Valerie was utterly nuts, certainly not the model that most feminists seek to emulate.

        Additionally, after her attempted assassination, she was diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic. While not an excuse for her actions, it provides a bit of context to her behavior.

        Finally, from what evidence is available, Valerie’s attempted assignation was primarily due to her belief that Andy Warhol and her boss were conspiring to steal her work. She had previously accused Warhol of the same conduct.

        She definitely had extreme views, but Michael’s telling of the story glosses over significant facts to suggest that all women desire the destruction of all men.

        The reality is that many women see men as weak. Maggie Gallagher, for example, is famous for her writings that suggest marriage must be limited to one man and one women to ensure that men do not abandon their children and the mothers they impregnate. No one would seriously consider Gallagher a feminist, but even she asserts that men need to be controlled because the vast majority are incapable of recognizing the consequences of their actions.

      • MIchael McDermott says:

        Like Homosex Icon Larry Brinkin (Racist Homo-Anal Toddler Rapist & ‘in-human-rights’ commissioner – Valerie Solanas remains an Icon to the Twysted Systerhood, and Hollywierd made Two Movies celebrating Solanas and her “SCUM (Society for Cutting UP Men’) Manifesto.

        Like Ensler’s ‘Ragonya Diatribes’ (celebrating “Good Rape” – of a young girl by an older Dyke – like Chastity Bono before her surgical mutilation / steroid abuse) – Solanas ‘works’ remain a big hit with the Twisted Systerhood.

        As for Extreme Views – unlike Maggie Gallagher of the NOM (National Organization for Marriage) – the Misandry (Separatist / Exterminationist Hatred of Men & Boys, Masculinity & Normal Heterosexuality) of ASU ‘Professor’ Fahs – is The Tenure Track throughout the pathetic farce of Academentia.

        The Annual tax subsidized Anti-Male Hate Riot / SF Dyke March is a great example of this Pervasive Exterminationist Hate for Men – and although the Frisco ‘news’ media quit reporting on it a decade ago – lest the taxpaying voters get a clue.

        “Men told not to rain on parade Unity key to Dyke March / 50,000 expected at S.F. Dyke March 50,000 expected –MEN NOT ADVISED

        Women rule the world, if only for a little while – SFGate
        For a few hours Saturday night, Vicki Noble got a fleeting glimpse of a WORLD DEVOID OF MEN — and she came away excited and deeply moved.

        “This is what the world would look like if women ruled the world, which we intend to do,”

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          What is perverted is the continued attempt by McDermott to make every article about the SF Dyke March. He’s been on this rant for about a decade now. He tried to sue them, and took the case all the way to the Supreme Court, who refused to hear his ridiculous claims.

          The March is an event that takes up 2 or 3 hours a year, gets almost no press outside the local gay press, and if eliminating men is its goal, it would be horribly ineffective. It has a hard time eliminating men from the march itself, as it now acknowledges. Yet McDermott has made it his life’s work to use the most extreme language, every chance he gets, to go after it. As he does here, he perverts a perfectly good article into a hit piece on the Dyke March ( oh, and Larry Brinkin ). Fueling such personal vendettas should not be a function of a “Catholic” site.

        • MIchael McDermott says:

          Would that the Resident Harpy Trolls who attack this site and the faithful who post here – develop some actual Courage, not just to cease hiding behind Anonymous pseudonyms when dumping trash…

          But the Courage to face up to their SSAD (same sex attraction disorder) ‘lifestyle’ and move beyond physical perversions to genuine love. There is nothing wrong with loving people of the same sex , just with pretending that sex with them is some form of love.
          People with same-sex attraction take Courage at conference

          By Lou Baldwin

          More than 350 men and women gathered at Villanova University July 17-19 for the Courage/EnCourage Conference 2014. The group encourages Catholics with same-sex attraction to live in chastity in accordance with Catholic teachings and gives moral support to them and also to parents and others who have a loved one with same-sex attraction, through the group EnCourage.

          It was the largest gathering of the group since, well, the last time they met in the Philadelphia area, in 2009.

          The theme for the Courage conference was “Move beyond the confines of the homosexual label to a more complete identity in Christ,” according to its website.

          The Gospel reading for the July 17 Mass that opened the conference included the passage from Matthew 11:30 in which Jesus tells his disciples, “My yoke is easy, and my burden light.”

          Archbishop Charles Chaput, who celebrated the opening liturgy, spoke of the challenge of doing what is right even when we know it is difficult to do it.
          It doesn’t stop being a responsibility and a burden, but because we carry it with the Lord it is lighter as result, he explained.

        • MIchael McDermott says:

          Wow – This one really opened a new set of questions – about how ‘We’ can help others move beyond what We All know is wrong, but also know the huge price of saying so – let alone ‘defecting’ from.

          How to welcome those wanting ‘The Real’ is a question this article has set me pondering – how to bring Real Love to those who desperately need it but have been inside the belly of the beast so long they need help to find their way out.

          “Leaving the Matrix: what is the cost of conversion?

          What do you do when you decide to leave a sexually disordered lifestyle? What do you do, when all the people you have contact with, all your friends, even your family, have accepted and embraced a way of living and thinking about life that you have realized is harmful, psychologically and morally destructive, and which you know you must leave? What is the cost of conversion?

          …It will sometimes mean the loss of good relations with co-workers and colleagues, and sometimes even the loss of jobs and careers. I know a man, a previously highly respected author, who was totally rejected by the entire literary establishment of his home country, a heavily secular nation, when he embraced Catholicism, including its sexual moral teachings.

          He told me that he expected he would never be published again outside the Catholic niche press. None of his previous friends would speak to him and for the first two years his mother had refused to take his calls.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            In his last comment, McDermott pretends to know what genuine love is, yet he has yet to demonstrate it even once, so far as I have seen. All he demonstrates is a constant harping on homosexuality, dyke marches, and Larry Brinkin. Obsessing about such things – to the exclusion of all that life has to offer him – is a sad life indeed.

          • Anonymous says:

            Mr. McDermott, I know people who’s families disinherited them when they became Catholic. Some who’s families disowned them. They understood they had to do what they knew was right. Yes, the cost of conversion is high but it is a pearl of infinite price, worth everything. For those who may be going through the sadness of losing someone because of their Faith, keep walking. New people will appear along the path that will be there for you. God will provide everything that you need. Do not be afraid.

          • MIchael McDermott says:

            Indeed – there are none so blind as those who will not see.

            It seems that No amount of genuine love can overcome the mono-maniacle demands for pandering to the types of sick hatreds and vile pathological perversions pushed by the Resident Harpy Trolls who roost here…
            When Pander or Perish is their chosen road to perdition.

            But such is the Alnskyite Way – and personal ad-hominem attacks are just methods of getting others to put on the same blinders, lest their eyes be opened to the truth.

            Oh – And to avoid being themselves targeted for the Personal Ad-Hominem Mau Mauing that is used to avoid discussing the pathological behaviors still harming so very many of our young.

            However, certain politically incorrect facts really drive the Resident Harpies in to a “Frothy Mix of homosex hissy fits , such as asking questions like:

            ” How could new (Aids) infections be holding steady when diagnoses are falling?

            Perhaps the infection count might be buoyed by the expanding epidemic in young gay and bisexual men, said Sullivan, the Emory researcher.”

            “According to Françoise Barré-Sinoussi – awarded the Nobel prize in 2008 for helping to discover HIV.
            “You will have patients with resistant forms, they will transmit the virus to others, and long term if this is happening in several countries in the world,

            we may have a re-emergence of HIV appearing with a form of virus that is resistant to the current panel of antiretroviral drugs that we have.”

            Houda Thunk It – Even Needle Junkies Are now acting responsibly and cleaning up their act,; but the ‘Happy / Homo-Anal’ Alinskyites running the ‘Conga Line of Buggery’ still refuse to.

            Three Cheers for POTUS Down Low Soetoro and his Trolls pushing his Age of Abomination, where Resistance to such ‘tolerance’ pogroms is labeled hate – to avoid debate.


          • MIchael McDermott says:

            Dearly ‘Anonymous’ I usually scroll past the ‘anonymous / phony screen name’ posters here as a waste of time, but yours struck a chord with me – although in truth I couldn’t carry a tune in a basket.

            Anywayyy… The phenomenon you discuss is all too real, as I too:

            “know people who’s families disinherited them when they became Catholic. Some who’s families disowned them. They understood they had to do what they knew was right….”

            Indeed Just Being Catholic can (and has) cost me jobs, if only for unwillingness to participate in practices contrary to the Faith.

            I used to be operations supervisor for a Catering Company (won Best in Bay Area in 98) – and was blackballed (Not because I wouldn’t work that day) but because I turned down invites to after work Parties (in the Castro no less)- On Good Friday.

            But then watching the meth & viagra fueled ‘junkie Jesus’ contest and similar coprophile ‘fun & games’ – just never appealed to those of us who go to Mass on such important days
            Political ‘Party’ Goes So Far, Even San Francisco Is Aghast

  2. 1) What about teaching your Juniors and Seniors in High School that fornication is a mortal sin? And to just say “NO”.
    2) What about having your Juniors and Seniors in High School read a Catholic Bible, perhaps with family discussions?
    3) What about having your Juniors and Seniors in High School reading the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition”?
    4) What about your family going to Confession together at least once a month?

    If your kids don’t know their Faith, they will lose it.
    There are too many evil professors and other evil influences even at many “Catholic” colleges and universities.

    • Students never hear about the Mortal Sins of FORNICATION and Adultery from the pulpit, or at home.
      Many Catholics have never heard of or seen the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition”,
      nor are they encouraged to read the Bible at home from the pulpit.

      Failure to teach the young are MORTAL SINS of OMISSION by Diocese Bishops, Priests, and Parents.

      CCC: ” 1853 Sins can be distinguished according to their objects, as can every human act; or according to the virtues they oppose, by excess or defect; or according to the commandments they violate.
      They can also be classed according to whether they concern God, neighbor, or oneself;
      they can be divided into spiritual and carnal sins, or again as SINS in THOUGHT, WORD, DEED, or OMISSION.
      The root of sin is in the heart of man, in his free will, according to the teaching of the Lord: “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, slander. These are what defile a man.” But in the heart also resides charity, the source of the good and pure works, which sin wounds. “

      • Abeca Christian says:

        MAC and Andrew good comments, its good that parents try all they can, it doesn’t hurt to try. ACTUALLY ITS OUR MORAL DUTY/ Our kids are gifts from God, they do not belong to us and we need to honor God by doing right by Him, who saves. Plus giving the pill to their daughter is like sending out the wrong message that she is now up for grabs for any young fellow to have his fill, then the next etc. This world does a fine job at already enforcing, encourage immoral birth control methods why do these parents feel the need to be one with that mentality and directly be the supporting force on that. Parents don’t have to give the pill to their kid because the secular environment we live in already will give it to them freely, so the right thing and moral duty that parents need is to be the ones to combat that and if those young ladies don’t listen well then its not like they were never told!

        • Abeca Christian says:

          I definitely know that many also know that sex outside of marriage is wrong, they have been taught about sexually transmitted diseases because high school have been teaching that, they also know because they have a parent or someone in their life’s, that have told them, even their church.

          The truth is, is that those good points are not strongly magnified enough because it needs to be a united front from all moral people!

          Read this article, this church friend was sharing with someone from his church, instead his friend just said “Oh gosh, sorry,” was all I could muster”…..see this is the attitude we have today, no spine in adults, so we are all to blame for this lukewarmness!

          What is worst is his comments ” I didn’t want my face to show it, but I was shocked. Perhaps my friend thought etc” always assuming, that is what many good intended people do, just spineless and terrible, how could this adult be “shocked”? Where has be been?
          We are letting our kids down, one does not need to have children to care but we need to stop this wishy washy stuff. It needs to begin with one person at a time and spread! Its kinda like this…this world now thinks “TO EACH HIS OWN”….if you are not gonna help and do the Christian honorable thing then don’t assume and don’t gossip either!

      • Ann Malley says:

        Depends on where one attends mass, Andrew. The message against immodesty, fornication, etc is regular fare at some, the fruits of which are very apparent.

  3. Abeca Christian says:

    Well I got news for you…its not just the girls you have to worry about but also the males. Just because a male does not get pregnant, he can get 5 women pregnant or far worst he can father children that were aborted, in the same year. So lets not get with that old mentality that people always worried about having daughters, also we must be concerned about our sons too. CHASTITY message needs to be stronger, if Hollywood shows that shacking up is acceptable then all Christian churches should be in combat and preach Chastity on the top of their lungs!

    This story just upsets me, this person gossiped about his church friend to his wife…instead of him being a true Christian gentleman and give his friend about warnings about birth control and church teachings, he didn’t say much but he sure went home to gossip about the poor girl who has, obviously parents who have no spine!

    • You are right Abeca. Unrepentant Males go to Hell just as quickly as do unrepentant females.

      Any male who fathers a child in the USA is required to financially support that child until the child is 18 years of age or graduates high school which ever is later.
      I urge any female who can prove through DNA testing who the father of her child is – to contact her County social services dept., to insure that wherever he works in the USA that the biological father supports his child including future increases as wages increase. This includes garnisheed wages and jail time if necessary.

      So Parents if you do not want to teach your children about the immorality of fornication,
      at least have the decency to teach them about STDs (sexually transmitted disease), as well as financial obligations for 18 years.
      It is just not worth it.

      • Ann Malley says:

        And sadly the mother in this article who believes she is protecting her child is just opening her child up to getting diseased *and* getting pregnant as birth control is not 100% outside of abstinence. So this girl, thanks to the so-called preventative she has been placed on, will go forth and place herself in a situation that not only primarily risks her salvation, but may also lead straight into being pregnant and then being pressured to what society says is the smart thing – abortion.

        Would that more parents would root cause situations in addition to researching realistic potentials. Goodness knows people do as much when investing money or changing jobs, etc.

      • MIchael McDermott says:

        Pete – you have made a fundamental mistake in saying:
        “Any male who fathers a child in the USA is required to financially support that child until the child is 18 years of age or graduates high school which ever is later.”

        This Only applies to chidden conceived through Heterosexual Intercourse. If politically correct methods are used to Ensure that the ‘P-ns’ Never Touches the Womyn (aka via a Dead Beat Dad Factory / ‘sperm bank’) then the Man (XY) has no obligation – because He Doesn’t Legally Exist.

        This is not an Absent or Deceased Father – but the Birth Certificate Lists No Male Parent (even for Boys inheriting his Y Chromosome) at all.

        Some Men have ‘Fathered’ Hundreds of Children the way, without the Turkey Baster Creationist Courts ever holding them responsible – and you can net-search for Turkey Baster Instructions for this on line.

        It is just another part of the Orwellian Double-Think of the age of Abomination – Shown to be a Lie understood even by children (If not Judges) via by the Donor Sibling Registry – check it out at:

      • SandraD says:

        I want to agree with you Abeca, but we have a situation where the “father” is not someone we want around the child, or the mother, ever! He’s bad news. We’re “hidden” from him ever knowing where we reside and want to keep it that way. He is off the hook financially, but not with God.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          SandraD I never said anything about financially it was PETE. = )

          Anyhoo I don’t blame you. Its best to keep the children away from harm especially since the laws are too slow to protect them and now laws are encouraging immoral stuff too. God bless you. I will pray for you SandraD. I feel for you, my heart goes out to you. I wish I knew you personally to reach out to you and give you support. I will definitely be praying for you. I trust in our beloved Jesus to give you aid in this time, and as He has because of your perseverance and love for this child.

  4. Abeca Christian says:

    Yea yea I call it like I see it, the reason our youth is screwed up its because of the spineless adults we have today, raising these poor kids. You have Hollywood, TV, Facebook etc all who influence our youth today.

    Unfortunately good parents aren’t the only influence in their life’s…yes you better believe that and accept it way ahead before you go and gossip about what someone confided in you about their wife’s tragic doing. He obviously was looking for some support, too bad his friend let him down!

    Like it or not but there are those instances where good parents watch their sweet babies grow up and to find out that in their teen years, some alien came and took their kids minds, brains etc and kidnapped them and are living in their bodies doing worldly experimentation’s! OK sure its just part of a movie but that is exactly how good parents feel, huh? Some scratch their heads and go “What happened, I raised my kids well, in the faith etc etc and look I don’t recognize my kid anymore.”…College does that to many even some change even by their 16th birthday. ( I got news for you, even if you send your kid to a good devout private school) there are still those outside influences lurking about…those evil aliens….yikes.

  5. Linda Maria says:

    I would have a serious talk with this “church friend,” and urge a priest to make a visit to their home and family! The woman and her daughter are committing MORTAL SIN!! And the priest must let them know, also– NO COMMUNION, until Confession and repentance of sin! This couple should be persuaded by the priest, to send their daughter only to a good, truly Catholic college, or to a secular college, where she will have less problems, with immorality. The daughter is badly in need of support, and prayers! She also needs to get connected to a good nearby church, or good campus ministry! Obviously, this parish needs a strong Catholic school, and strong religious ed. program, for all the children! Maybe the writer and his wife could start a parish program, also, to morally and spiritually strengthen the homes and family life, of fellow parishioners, and invite this family to come. This group should have regular religious devotions, and include the Rosary! They should together pray for the sanctification of all the parish families, and for God to help them, with their problems!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      All good recommendations, but unless I read the article incorrectly, we don’t even know if the parties are Catholic!

      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika and His Church!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      Yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  6. SandraD says:

    One more time (wake up foolish parents):
    Let’s say this: There is no such thing as casual sex just as there is no such thing as safe sex, no matter how vehemently certain elements of society claim there is. Sex has always had a clear biological purpose. Separating the act from its purpose—or worse, denying it outright—is a dangerous business. Sex is consequential. It has emotional (and, sometimes, physical) effects on individuals that far outweigh the psychic pain of self-denial.

  7. The “PILL” protects no one from “SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES”.
    Parents are not even doing a decent job with scientific facts for those 10 grade and up – by using the Center for Disease Control Information.
    “CDC Fact Sheet”…/STI-Estimates-Fact-Sheet-Feb-2013.pdf

    Have you read the CDC web site info on the following with your teens ? – Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Viral Herpes, Genital Herpes, HIV/AIDS, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Syphilis, and Trichomoniasis, etc.

    According to the CDC, there are approx. 20 MILLION
    new cases of STD’s each year,
    (costing the American health care system about $16 Billlion each year).

    What are Parents doing? How are they teaching their children?

  8. Why send them to College? We pay tens of thousands of dollars to send our daughters to be enjoyed by who-knows-whats. Call me crazy, but most large cities have local colleges and our juveniles could live at home and receive less venereal contagion. College should be replaced by reasonably good high schools followed by professional schools such as Medicine, Law, Agronomy or whatever. No need to have our sons and daughters perverted and have to pay for it.

    Disclosure: I paid for college for three, who graduated completely free of debt. If you still have the chance, let your children go into debt or work so they value fully their liberal education.

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