Teacher at Catholic school for girls accused of molesting student

Teacher at Ramona Convent Secondary School in Alhambra was arrested May 17 after a graphic text message was found on a student's phone, police said

Diana Wendel (ABC News)

A female teacher was arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a student at an all-girls Catholic school in Alhambra, according to authorities.

Alhambra police said 42-year-old Diana Wendel, a teacher at Ramona Convent Secondary School for the past three years, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after a graphic text was found on a student’s phone by her relative on Tuesday.

Officials said the student’s father reported the text message and turned the cellphone over to police.

“A concerned relative of the female victim actually discovered the sexually graphic text messages and obviously alerted the parent who in turn came to the police department to report this,” Sgt. Steven Carr with the Alhambra Police Department said.

Investigators said the sexual contact took place on campus and in the suspect’s vehicle. Wendel, who also goes by Diana Yniguez, was the student’s math teacher last year, according to officials.

“It appears there was some unlawful sexual contact between the 42-year-old suspect and the 17-year-old minor over the course of perhaps the past two to three months,” Carr said.

Detectives said they were concerned that there could be other victims because Wendel, who’s been a teacher for 18 years, has taught at a number of schools in the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

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  1. Linda Maria says:

    Can’t the Archdiocese of Los Angeles do any better than this– a lesbian math teacher who has taught in a number of their high schools– molesting Catholic teen girls who are students?? Can’t the Archdiocese possibly get serious, about following guidelines for child protection and safety, when hiring and retaining employees?? Can’t they also require all teachers to be good, faithful, practicing Catholic Role Models?? Otherwise, forget it, why have any Catholic schools at all?? What a shame– the nuns used to teach there!! A Catholic school defiled horribly!

    • Linda Maria … Just between us girls, I’m a lesbian who tries to be a good, faithful, practicing Catholic Role Model for my nieces and nephews.

      • Linda Maria says:

        C&H– That is excellent , that you are striving to be a chaste and faithful, devout Catholic Role Model, for your nieces and nephews! Do you go to the group, “Courage?” They need you!

        • Linda Maria says:

          We used to have many homosexuals in the world, who were chaste, led very good lives, and contributed much to their communities, in their professional line of work. Dag Hammarskjold, the world-famous Swedish United Nations Secretary-General, who was killed in a mysterious plane crash, in 1961– — was a homosexual, a devout Christian, led a very chaste, morally-excellent life, of service to God and mankind– and won a Nobel Peace Prize! I am sure that he would call for an end to the filthy, immoral “Gay Pride Parades,” and related filthy activities– a menace to families and young people!

  2. The good news is it wasn’t a gay priest.

  3. Linda Maria says:

    All the Target stores now boast a big display of “Gay Pride” clothing and accessories, complete with the rainbow flag. To seek to falsely “normalize” and mainstream LGBT sex perversion in America, to American families– is a SIN!! One “Gay Pride” display that I saw, at a Target store on Geary Blvd. in San Francisco– is right in the middle of the men’s clothing section! I think there should be a Target boycott, and a demand by good, decent American families, that these displays be removed! I mentioned the above news story, of a lesbian math teacher’s molestation of her teen-age girl students, to a local Target manager, who was horrified!

    • Anne T. says:

      Have you seen Target’s stock lately? It has plummeted because there has been a boycott over the bathroom situation, although they keep blaming it on other things.

      • Linda Maria says:

        Anne T.– yes, I have read of Target’s big financial woes, as a result of immoral business decisions! Hope they will change their ways– or they will pay for their sins!

        • Linda Maria says:

          People can still sign the American Family Association’s petition to boycott Target until they stop their policy of allowing men into women’s restrooms and fitting rooms, by signing their names to #BoycottTarget. Also, everyone should sign petitions and call local Target managers, to protest their “Gay Pride” displays! Target is money-hungry and IMMORAL!! A danger to families and the innocence of children and youth!

  4. Michael McDermott says:

    SB 412 by Democrat Senator Weiner: Takes More Sex Offenders OFF Registry

    Would you like to know if your neighbor is a sex offender? Not San Fran Democrat Scott Weiner, he wants as many sex offenders as he can have taken off the sex offender registry—and allow them back into the shadows, until the sexual abuse another child or your family. Why do Democrat like protecting criminals—even the sex offenders?

    “Sex offenders would be divided into three tiers:

    Tier 3: Violent sex predators who will remain on the list for the rest of their lives
    Tier 2: Convicts who committed serious or some violent offenses…

    • Steve Seitz says:

      I can’t help but ask: But is Senator Weiner of California related to the other Weiner in New York?

  5. Ski Ven says:

    What kind of school are they running where people can have sex on campus without anyone noticing? Is everyone there deaf, dumb, and blind?

  6. Curious that the teacher had taught at several schools in the Archdiocese. Don’t teachers tend to remain at one school for many years, absent a significant change in circumstances?

  7. Clinton R. says:

    Another example of “Catholic” school being one in name only. Employing an openly lesbian teacher? What the heck did they think would happen having a teacher with perverted sexual deviancies? Our Lord again is being scourged by His own.

  8. I have no idea what this particular teacher has done in her past, however, don’t assume that just because a teacher changes schools that there’s something wrong with the teacher necessarily. Some schools in this archdiocese present themselves well publicly, but behind closed doors, there is grade inflation and tampering, misappropriation of funds, and outright abusive treatment of employees.

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