San Francisco, the Gay Rome

Leather flag at Milk Plaza, 2010

Leather flag at Milk Plaza, 2010

The following came from a reader in a Sept. 26 email.

September in San Francisco (dubbed The Gay Rome by USF student Julie Henderson at a 2007 seminar at Most Holy Redeemer Church) is dominated by the Folsom Street Fair. As fair organizers boast, “Only in San Francisco will you see leather pride banners lining the grand thoroughfare of Market Street…” and it is true:  the red, black and blue flags of the homosexual leather subculture are on every Market Street lamppost.

The fair’s webpage offers this blurb for the event:  “With nearly 400,000 of your closest kinky friends spread out over 13 city blocks of adult entertainment, this is an ‘only in San Francisco’ experience to be sure… Located on historic Folsom Street (from 7th to 12th Streets — and all streets in between), leather and fetish players from all over the world converge. With over 200 exhibitor booths selling fetish gear and toys, a massive live stage with top-name indie bands, two huge dance areas spinning underground dance, public play stations, and an enhanced erotic artists’ area, you will never want to leave. There’s more eye candy than you can shake your c–k at – yes, you can still be naked, so there’s no need to fret.”

The last sentence refers to a recent law in San Francisco, which banned public nudity, but exempted certain gatherings such as the fair. A sample of the legal activities performed at the fair include “live, choreographed hook suspensions, where people will be suspended through hooks in their backs and other parts of their bodies” and “demonstration stations where people can find basic information about whipping and other types of BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism).” But these kinds of legal albeit disgusting activities, which fair organizers are willing to publicly describe, and which will make it into the pages of the San Francisco Chronicle, are just the tip of the iceberg as any online search will show.

Since the Chronicle will host a booth at the fair, it’s a safe bet they know what is going on, and choose not to report it. Another exhibitor at the fair is the Mission Neighborhood Health Center. CalCatholic readers may remember the Mission Neighborhood Health Center from our 2009 article “SF Archdiocesan Partner Funds Emergency Contraception.” The article revealed that the San Francisco Organizing Project, a group with which the archdiocese was then (and still is) partnered, had “won $200,000 for Mission Neighborhood Health Center” and further revealed that the center’s teen clinic offered “emergency contraception” to girls aged 12-21. Another exhibitor at the fair is Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific.

This year’s fair coincides with pressure being exerted on the city’s Department of Public Health to reopen homosexual bathhouses, although the term “reopen” is inexact. The bathhouses have never closed, but since the dark days of the AIDS epidemic before the onset of antiviral drugs, the health department had ordered that private rooms in the clubs must remove their doors. This apparently allowed club staff to monitor the behavior of those inside, and ensure they were practicing “safe” sodomy.

But, according to Seth Hemmelgarn, author of an August 8 article in the homosexualist Bay Area Reporter,  “Virtually all of the clubs closed rather than comply with the rules…” Hemmelgarn continued, “The decision on whether to allow private rooms – which is what makes a bathhouse a bathhouse for many gays – rests with Health Director Barbara Garcia.”




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  1. What can one really say concerning this deviant homo madness? And it’s protection by the City of San Francisco? Maybe one possibility is, has this city and culture passed the point of no return and possibly the only element left to bring some retribution to the massive state of mortal sin engendered by such lawless conduct is a CHASTISEMENT similar to what happened to the Island of Krakatoa near Java in the 19th century? If you check the whole story out, it seems that a volcano on the island literally exploded, and the attendant earthquake and lava that came from the volcano made the island disappear, along with its inhabitants. The noise was apparently heard as far away as Australia. Look it up. And the inhabitants were also living a very licentious lifestyle, and mocked Christianity by at times crucifying pigs. Very charming people. But the end is quite often the same. For the WAGES OF SIN ARE DEATH, per the Bible. As some ancient pagans said, “whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.” Anyone else recognize a parallel with the demonically delusional denizens of “Sodom by the Bay?” GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      God bless you too markrite. And the sooner the better!

    • You are entirely correct MARKRITE. As it has been said in Jude:

      “And angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode, He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day, just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh, are exhibited AS AN EXAMPLE in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire. 8Yet in the same way these men, also by dreaming, defile the flesh, and reject authority, and revile angelic majesties.…”

  2. Well, if people wish to kill themselves and suffer with disease, that is one thing, but why should the taxpayers pay for the expensive drugs for self-inflicted illness of well-off sex perverts who seek pleasure, and neglect children and the poor?

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Have you not head of “Obama Care” and it’s insane intrusion of “pre-existing conditions and adults on their parents coverage until they are almost THIRTY!

      May God have mercy on an amoral America!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher


        I, will cry you a river
        And much much more
        My dear dear America,
        Once so beautiful !
        You sold your soul
        To a bunch of mercenaries
        Which entered your sheep-fold
        As wolves and goats
        You sold your skin
        To the highest bidder
        You resemble a harlot
        The new BABYLON
        Eating and drinking
        With the rich of this world
        Prostituting yourself
        For money and power
        And became a den
        Of thieves and murderers
        You forgot all about
        The One Who blessed
        You so abundantly
        Biting the Hand of the Blesser
        Embarrassed to mention His Name !
        Did He not teach you
        To be wise as a serpent
        And harmless as a dove
        Why then do you behave
        As a silly goose ??
        He invited you to His dinner Table
        He so diligently prepared
        But, you made light of it
        And went your worldly, haughty ways
        One to his farm,
        Another to his business.
        But as the Father of Fathers
        He waits for your return
        The return of His prodigal daughter
        WAKE UP, AMERICA !!!
        Humble your pride
        And follow the Way, the Life and the Truth !!!
        Or, I SHALL cry you a river
        A river of bloody tears
        And much much more !!!

        Rita Biesemans 02/17/2003

    • thomas nawn says:

      aids effects human beings not just gay people in africa are dying from this diseasse because the catholic church doest not allow condoms, this web site contains many uncharitable remark like the word pervert we has people are all sinners so do not cast stones at other people we have far greater issues like terriosts mudering innoncent folks like kids get off your high horse and ask for the lord to have mercy on humanity, i never see any positve remarks just the same negative i am 75 i just lost my brother who died from the effects of agent orange in vietnam only 1 or 2 bishops spoke out against that unjust war this earth has so many issues we are destroying it with our cars plastic etc. saint francis loved nature let us do our part or we will all perish california is vunerable becaue of the oceans. may saint francis pray for us gay or straight citizen or not

      • People are dying in Africa because the Catholic Church does not allow condoms? You aren’t very good at logic are you?

        • I believe the Catholic Church has encouraged those inflicted with AIDS to use condoms. It is the most moral thing to do.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          No Anony people are dying because they turn away from God! Don’t you know that sin causes death! WAKE UP! Spoken like a brat Anony! A spoiled one, always blaming God and His church for the sins of men!

          GOD GAVE HUMANITY His plan so mankind can live in peace and harmony! So what did they do? They Turn away from God. Oh how so easily mankind is so tempted and yet we continue to blame blame….look at the root of the cause! It’s not the faith that causes these deaths…NO not at all!

          • Abeca Christian says:

            So Sorry Anony I meant those comment for thomas nawn. Again correction, the comments were meant for thomas nawn, my comments from October 1, 2013 at 9:07 am. Sorry for the typo there.

      • thomas nawn, I am sorry to hear about you brother. I don’t know if you are aware of why AIDS is so prevalent in Africa? Sexual sin is rampant there. It is not uncommon for married men to have sex with men and then come home and infect their wives. So even if there is a high population of women with AIDS in Africa, it still originates from anal sex. Also, why would you hope that people would care about the earth when they don’t even care about the most nascent human life in the womb not to mention the poisoning of women’s bodies with contraceptive chemicals?

        • Tracy, you are correct. Not only to some of the men engage in homosexual behavior, a common cultural aspect is having anal sex with women to preserver their ‘virginity’, thus contributing to heterosexual transmission of AIDS.

      • Thomas Nawn, if it will comfort you, my husband and I try to recycle just about everything and always have. He came from a large family, and I was brought up with the “Waste not, want not” philosophy.

      • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:


        Man, Man, Gays brought aids to Africa. Westerners bring promisquity to Africa and all sorts of evils like abortion.

        The Church works to uplift Africans. I was born in a Catholic hospital, went to catholic schools all the way to college, walk on roads built by the Catholic Church, take my kids to a Catholic School, etc, etc.. what Africa and what Church are you refering to?

        We have a saying in my Village,‘Wanautotaka kufa na ukimi wanaelekea kaburini’ I learnt it in my early teens.

        Those who want to die of aids are already on their way to the grave. All aids carriers in our village are dead, it does not exist anymore.

        Keep your pants on my friend, and you will not die.

        • Very well said by a good fellow in Africa! I tell guys that gawk at women to “put your clothes back on & get out of bed” because that is what they are doing. Lust in the heart is adultery according to our Lord Jesus Christ & we don’t even have to physically undress to committ it.

      • The Catholic Church is concerned about the epidemic of Aids in Africa and world-wide. And to draw attention to the issue, Pope Benedict came out and said condoms are not always effective in preventing the disease and they give a false hope that they solve it 100 percent. That is not true.

        The Church is also concerned with the salvation of souls. To these concerns, the Church has addressed these issues. The Aids epidemic in Africa has slowed down due to the information that condoms are not the answer, but abstinence and fidelity to chastity and marital fidelity have reduced the Aids infection rate in Africa.

        The Church forces no one to do anything, it is up to each person to chose and to be willing to accept the consequences of his/her own actions.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Thomas, even without the use of punctuation, your sentences make so much more sense than just about anybody else on here. Yes, one scandal of our time is the utter destruction of the African continent due to AIDS, to which the Church’s response in many ways has been too little and far too late.

        • YFC writes, Yes, one scandal of our time is the utter destruction of the African continent due to AIDS, *to which the Church’s response in many ways has been too little and far too late.* = Trying to slither in a fast one.

          A real scandal of our time is that you and many others within the Church are way too cushy and comfortable to refer to yourself as a fellow Catholics while consistently seeking to distort and undermine Catholic Church teaching and discredit her many good works. The Catholic Church’s MOST excellent response to the AIDS crisis is STILL in place and can be traced as far back as when Jesus told the woman caught in adultery “to go AND SIN NO MORE.” It is NOT the fault of the Catholic Church that YOU or OTHERS use your free will to choose to habitually ignore God’s Perfect RESPONSE. That’s YOUR faulty response, not the Catholic Church’s fault. Even in the Church approved apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima we were all warned that more souls fall into hell because of sins of the flesh. The Catholic Church has been consistent in her response and also the most generous in charitably donating money to help those who have suffered from AIDS. If sinners cannot stand the heat when it comes to potentially experiencing the consequences of completely ignoring God then perhaps they should remove themselves from the sinfully dirty kitchen of habitual sin when it comes to committing *all sins of the flesh*, whether those sins be homosexual or heterosexual. Many innocent people are infected and affected by the sins of others through no fault of their own. How cruel and evil. Godly men and women of good will should work to pay attention to Jesus’s PERFECT RESPONSE which was to GO AND SIN NO MORE!

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Catherine, if a man with HIV infection has sex with his wife, and she contracts AIDS as a result, is she a sinner as a result? What is her perfect response?

          • YFC writes, “Catherine, if a man with HIV infection has sex with his wife, and she contracts AIDS as a result, is she a sinner as a result? What is her perfect response?

            Please reread my post which states, “Many “innocent people” are infected and affected by the sins of others through no fault of their own. How cruel and evil.”

            YFC, The wife is not a sinner for unknowingly contracting AIDS from her husband. She will however still suffer greatly because of the selfish sinfulness of her husband. That is cruel and evil. The wife’s perfect response is to place complete TRUST in Jesus Christ Crucified and not lose faith or hope. The wife should unite all of her suffering to Christ. Jesus experienced the painful sting of betrayal from those he loved. Jesus understands her pain the most. This is why she should first turn to Him to face such a trial. The Catholic Church teaches that we should offer up our sufferings to God and unite all of our sufferings in union with what was done on the Cross by Jesus Christ, his only begotten son. The offering up of our sufferings are often wasted today because many have never witnessed or been taught the supernatural value and benefits of doing so. It will take a tremendous amount of trust and faith on the part of the infected wife to do this. If the infected wife is willing to completely cooperate with God’s grace then she will even be able to eventually forgive her husband.

          • SUFFERING

            “One must not think that a person who is suffering is not praying. He is offering up his sufferings to God, and many a time he is praying much more truly than one who goes away by himself and meditates his head off, and, if he has squeezed out a few tears, thinks that is prayer. “‘

            – St. Teresa of Avila

      • Thomas, can you please explain your logic concerning aids and the Church’s position on condoms? thankyou,

      • Mr. Nawn perhaps you would be happier worshiping the false god Gaia..I don’t recycle just annoy liberals…and I await there complete and utter destruction the world will be a much better place without any of you

      • Thomas, so you want me to believe that the same people who engage in adultery, fornication, homosexuality, and prostitution, which are all against Church teaching, are somehow the same people who refuse to wear condoms because condom use is forbidden by the Church? The argument is ridiculous on its face. People who disobey the Church on such things would have no problem disobeying the Church when it comes to condom use.

      • Thomas, your prayers are with us. Regardless of the Vatican stance on condoms, the reason for the rampant AIDS epidemic is anal sex (hetero and homo) and lack of sexual purity. The culture is one of not using condoms even though they have been advised of it. Anal sex is very common with women, especially to keep them ‘virgins.’ The areas in Africa where Christianity is most prevalent are the ones with the least amount of AIDS. Songs have even been sung by women of African villages about not letting their man have anal sex with them. They are, however, not in an economic or physical position to refuse such actions most of the time….

  3. SF is Sodom by the Bay. I wonder how long God will tolerate the public acceptance and celebrations of such sins. How can anyone raise children in an environment where perversion is the norm?

  4. Do you think they will go to Saturday Vigil mass so it will not interfere with their day of debauchery.

  5. I remember disagreeing with some in the SF chancery that the SF Organizing Project should not be supported by the archdiocese. I was told that it was “good community organizing”. Amazing that the archdiocese still partners with this group.

  6. Please stop reporting this stuff and stick to immigration. Thank you.

    • Jose Gomez, I wonder how many children smuggled in are used in underground sex trafficking, not just from Mexico but Asia. I once saw a documentary on television where a nun was crying because she was trying to stop children being used as prostitutes along the Mexican border, both male and female children and teens. Quite often it is Americans that are dealing in this trafficking also. How can it be stopped when the government does not even know who is coming over here?

      • Recently in the Bay Area, an Asian man tried to kidnap an Asian child from a Target store. The father went down another aisle while the mother was watching their son, and the man grabbed the child. Luckily, the mother screamed and ran after the kidnapper and got her son back before the man could get away.

      • Anne T. , I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw Jose Gomez and his statement. I believe that this is a joke, played at Bishop Jose Gomez’s expense. This however, does not negate the sad truth of your remarks

        • Well, Tracy, the name “Jose Gomez” is pretty common in California. It could be anyone, including someone playing a joke, but whoever it was they got my answer. I used to take a very tolerant attitude toward illegal immigration, but after 9/11 and other situations that have come along, I no longer take such a tolerant stand.

  7. Why is this in California Catholic? This is disgusting!!!

    • SoCal: Because these are the Sturmarbeiter of the New Left, in leather rather than brown khaki. Watch your windows.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Good question SoCal. The answer appears to be that the editors have an obsession with anything related to the gays.

      • YFC, It appears to me that you have an obsession with keeping the activities of sexually active homosexuals in the dark. Yes, the activities of sexually active homosexuals are beyond disgusting. The more this debauchery “comes out of the closet” and into the light of day, the more it hurts the sodomites goal of being “tolerated” by society at large.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Tracy, I see you are back trying to get me to say what goes on or does not behind closed doors. When you are ready to open the doors to your bedroom, then you can come back and ask me about mine. But otherwise, please leave your obsessions off of CCD.

          • YFC, as I am unmarried, I live a chaste and celibate life in accordance with Church teaching. So consider my bedroom door open! Oh, and as far as I know I do not snore either. I hope these disclosers don’t offend your sensibilities as the above article did.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            This may not appear in the right place, but its an answer to Tracy at September 30, 2013 at 4:39 pm.

            You made me laugh. Congrats. let’s keep up the roll. FWIW, I’m chaste too.

          • Tracy ~ I’m also a single woman living a chaste and celibate life, though not entirely by choice. I’d join you in opening my bedroom door except I’d be embarased by my ratty nightgown. I don’t know if I snore since I’ve slept alone for so long, no one could tell me.

          • YFC, I have never been very good at mnemonics. What does FWIW mean? Anyway, as you can see, I practice what I preach. Jesus never said that the cross was easy, but he did promise to help us carry it. He is the most beautiful lover anyone could hope for.

        • So… you’re against keeping debauchery in the dark? Does this mean you support the Folsom Street Fair? This I find surprising. I myself find the faith more than a little disturbing.

          I do wonder what this post has to do with being Catholic in California.

          • St. Peter, it’s not that I particularly like hearing about sin, but many good folk are fooled in believing the lie that homosexuals just want to live the “Ozzy and Harriet” life style. These articles keep the current phony Marriage issue real.

          • Tracy, the lie is that Folsom represents the wants and desires of all homosexuals. Ozzy and Harriet appeal to a lot more of us than you give credit . . . .

      • Stephen Joto says:

        You are obsessed with being “gay” senor!…homosexual behavior is sick man, putrescent in point of fact! have a moment of clarity NFC, “buggery is a grave, mortal sin”…nuff said…the Castro District and West Hollywood are haven’s for sexually transmitted diseases…one of which is lethal! DUH!

    • So the TRUTH will be known by all.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        We already know and have known for years that San Francisco has these Sodom and Gomorrah issues. I tend to agree, there is a lot of “gay” crap reported here. I understand some of which need to be especially the ones that affect our faith and the scandals in which they have caused but to even give a hint of promotion to this ugly news…well, someone needs to discern what is palatable to be reported here. Sometimes we just give them free advisement and many a times we actually help out or not. It may be great for those who may travel up that area on certain times of the year and they can avoid those days of wicked celebrations from that part of town but lets get real here…..this is a small website, its not like a few from here are going to be up in that area anytime soon and to be frankly honest, most people are not in the dark about San Francisco. God have mercy…i feel for the honest holy people that have to live there….they have to put up with the weirdo’s and the wicked…and may God have mercy on the disordered ones who are mislead but the disordered who are down right prideful and not in the dark but refuse to give themselves to God…God help them!

        • Exactly, Abeca Christian. This is one reason why I do not always post on articles about homosexuality and lesbianism. One does get tired of hearing it, but one does need to know enough of what is going on in order to avoid certain situations and protect our families.

  8. What you see at the Folsom Fair isn’t going away anytime soon, if ever.

    A priest I respect who grew up in Ireland once said “we don’t even ignore them”, a tagline used by residents in Northern Ireland when they saw a British soldier at a street corner. He wanted the congregation to ignore attacks on the Church in our local newspaper’s letters to the editor, and used the passive attitude of Northern Ireland’s population towards the military presence as an example.

    Sound advice in this situation, too…..just say a prayer, turn the page and move on. Noting we say or do will have any impact here. Hand wringing and excess outrage is wasted energy.

    • good cause, you contradicted yourself. You said that nothing we say or do will have any impact, yet you prefaced this with suggesting that we “just say a prayer”. Why would you suggest that we pray if you believe that nothing we say or do will have any impact? Furthermore, why do you think that the Church teaches us to “admonish the sinner” and “instruct the ignorant”, if you believe that nothing we say or do has an impact? It seems to me that you have a weak and fickle faith.

      • ADMONISHING Sinners,
        INSTRUCTING the Uniformed,
        COUNSELLING the Doubtful,
        are three of the ‘Spiritual Works of Mercy’.

        We must never teach error.
        Everyone who participates in media blogging must read the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” for accuracy in teaching the Faith.

        • True. If we love others, then we want others to be saved and that means we have to live by and say what God teaches us to do. Pray for others and love them, not the sin. Now is the time of Mercy, for all to come to repentance and turn to God and away from sin. One day it will be too late.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        I agree with Tracy. She makes completes sense and shares wisdom and an ability to reason well.

        God have mercy on all sinners especially the most proud and most unwilling to humble themselves for God’s glory.

    • good cause,
      Read the CCC: #2357, 2358, 2359, & 2396.
      and the Bible: Rom 1:24-27; 1 Cor 6:10; 1 Tim 1:10.

  9. As a 4th generation San Franciscan……

    We pray for these people, but on the other hand, do not think that these are
    the ‘natives’…..these are people from all over!

    I pray that go home and leave the City of San Francis to be the City that
    my forefathers help build!!!

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Tracy, it is true that San Francisco once enjoyed the admiration of many, from all around the nation and indeed the world, for its climate, charming architecture, fine restaurants, museums and its opera house. But San Francisco has always had a flaming underbelly of disrespect for the law and common decency, serving as it did as a haven of debauchery, prostitution, drugs and every sort of criminality known to modern man, where the so-called police winked at criminals and smiled as palm-wallpapering with cold, hard cash was a way of life.

      Even today, most visitors cannot believe how weak, ineffective and demonstrably corrupt are the police and other “pillars” of modern society, not to mention how revolting its flagrantly base culture.

      I myself suffered a shocking series of events, on Catholic Church grounds, and at the hands of a Catholic priest and others at a famous Catholic hospital in San Francisco in the early 1960’s, when elsewhere in the USA clergy were not openly flaunting beliefs and behavior contrary to Catholic Church teachings, and I was dealt a series of blows from which I am only now barely beginning to process. I will never again step foot on San Francisco soil, as I realize the city is getting worse over the years. Dreams and fantasies of a golden “City by the Bay” of long ago have long since vanished, or should I say have been bludgeoned to death by the Godless in that once-blessed city, now the capital of depravity, degradation and corruption in the United States of America.

      Suffering from self-inflicted wounds and widespread denial, San Francisco is now Sunset Boulevard, the film, unredeemed: all theater and no substance. It truly needs Our Most Holy Redeemer most desperately.

    • Amen. Elizabeth. I’m only second, not fourth generation, San Franciscan, but then I count from my father’s birthdate here in 1890. God made it my home and here I stay where God planted me for His own purpose. Happy Feast Day, St. Francis and SAN FRANCISCO!

  10. Well, this is not the kind of story I expected to see on a Catholic website.
    However, ahem!, one must be honest in pointing out that every large city has its problems, including the REAL Rome, in which the Vatican itself owns a rather infamous building that houses a Cardinal on the second floor, but a gay bathhouse on the first floor.
    I cannot understand the logic of such a purchase.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Folks is that true in what Suzanne is saying? Bathhouse?

    • Where did you get that information, Suzanne?

    • Intellectone says:

      Where might that be in Rome ? Just asking, because is that a fact or imaginary?

    • I read this story after a friend emailed it to me — she could not believe it was true, but apparently it is. Here is the headline, from 11 March 2013 and the link:
      Report: Vatican owns building that houses cardinals and Europe’s biggest gay bathhouse
      Ivan Cardinal Dias lives upstairs from Europa Multiclub. Vatican owns the majority stake in the apartment building.
      Read more:

      Ivan Cardinal Dias lives in this building at 2 Via Carducci in Rome — a Vatican-owned apartment block that also houses a gay sauna. Dias staunchly opposes homosexuality.
      Now the cardinals have red faces to match their red hats.
      Church leaders gathering for Tuesday’s papal conclave picked up the paper to learn the Holy See is the majority owner of an apartment block that houses Italy’s largest gay bathhouse.
      Even more shocking, Ivan Cardinal Dias lives in a swank 12-room apartment one floor above Europa Multiclub, and mere yards from the phallic shrubbery at the entrance of the gay Xanadu, La Repubblica reported.
      Read more:

      • Suzanne, I read one article that says the Vatican owns 20 spaces on that block, so evidently they do not own the whole block. It could be possible that the sex club moved in deliberately to irritate the cardinal in a space owned by someone else. Also, one of the websites that mention the same thing is a Hindu one that even accuses a pope of having relations with his sisters. I would really look into this before I would believe it all or even any of it. It all depends on who the writers are and what there motives are. Some are calling the Cardinal a homophobe and others calling him a homosexual, which is contradictory. Very strange.

        • It could be a set up to make the Cardinal look bad, or it could be true. I know such things can happen. I know a woman whose half brother opened up the door to his mother’s and father’s bedroom where she, his teenage sister at that time, had been given permission to try on clothes because it had a larger mirror. The brother took a picture of his teen sister in her slip and underwear and gave it to a teenager boy she was dating. The young woman tried to get it back, but her parents did nothing to the brother to make him get it back. The relationship broke up, but that picture was left out there somewhere. That is why I always try to find out the conditions and situations before presenting something as truth.

          • Tracy, I put this post at 12:07 pm in the wrong place. It was in answer to your post about Ivan Cardinal Dias. My fault!

  11. Stephen Joto says:

    The gays are a scourge…a spiritual cancer, a blight within the Church!

    • Amen to that Mr. Joto, they need to be removed .

      • Mr. Canisius … where would you remove me to?

        • From the Church yes,,,, gays are corrupting influence.. always screaming tolerance while waving your rainbow flags saying look at me I’m gay I demand that you accept me and my perversions… Sorry sweetheart I group up around that garbage, I despise what the LGBT crowd has done the Church and the culture as a whole… and I believe they will eventually be the cause of schism in the Church…you here, your queer I am sick of all of you

        • Stephen Joto says:

          stop being “gay”…sugar…don’t play stupid…homosexuality is a grave sin…you know it, we all know it

          • Stephen ~ Where did you get the idea that homosexuality is a sin, grave or otherwise? The Church teaching is clear that while anyting other than sexual intercourse between husband and wife, open to conception, including gay sex ACTS, is a sin, the condition of being gay isn’t . To confirm this please see your priest, bishop or write the pope a letter. Oh…I’ll stop being “gay” if you stop being “straight.”

  12. Stephen Joto says:

    Walking the streets of frisco at night is almost like walking the streets of Babylon…I keep waiting for king Nebuchadnezzar to appear around O’ Farrell street, to ask directions to the nearest bath house…

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Dear Stephen: Gays wondering around O’Farrell street looking for a gay bathhouse would be sadly disappointed. There are a few straight porn establishments there, but not for the gays. Even gay bars have all but disappeared from the center of the city.

      • YFC, are you saying then that the “gay” bars have relocated to the outskirts of the city?

        • Stephen Joto says:

          That’s what he’s saying, but that’s not the truth of the matter…frisco has a number of underground gay bars, and the gays that “hive” together know where they are…most have aids, so nobody “goes in fear” of this this dread disease, they’re all infected with the crud, what do they care…they hook up and the defilement begins…

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          No that’s not what I am saying. Gay bars are not the same as bathhouses. The bathhouses were shut in the 80s. But the central part of the city – the Tenderloin and surrounding neighborhoods used to be a pretty big part of the gay scene. But most of those bars have closed, as the Castro has taken over as the central gay neighborhood.

          I have no idea what Stephen is saying about underground gay bars where everyone has AIDS. This is just silly talk. What is an underground bar? A speakeasy?

    • Closer to the Emperor Nero and the pagan Roman Empire. He went so far as to marry his horse.

      • Correction: It was Caligula (Little Boot) who married his horse or made it a senator in a political move; Nero married his slave boys.

        • Caligula also engaged in incest with his sister.,,, my guess the way things are going that will soon too be made legal…..

    • Oh, Stephen, I really don’t think you should be walking the streets at night!
      Stay home with a decent book.

      • Stephen Joto says:

        I don’t Suzanne…but when I do, it’s for a cool, relaxing stroll with my wife…not some “likely lad”…that NFC cavorts with…get my drift?

  13. Why are you promoting this?

    • Anonymous, the homosexual lobby would have us believe that the homosexual lifestyle is no different than the iconic “Ozzy and Harriet” lifestyle, only Ozzy prefers Ozzy and Harriet prefers Harriet. What you see posted here is being normalized to our children in the schools. Not everyone is aware of the true typical lifestyle of a homosexual. I, sadly, have known about this stuff since my late teens. More good and descent people need to become aware that the propaganda they are being fed will only serve to harm our children if it is not stopped.

      • “Not everyone is aware of the true typical lifestyle of a homosexual. ” Clearly, Tracy, neither are you.

        • peter, engaging in the sexual act quite common to homosexuals is very unhealthy (so too for hetersexuals who enage in it). This would apply even for ‘Ozzy & Hariett’ male homosexual couples and heterosexual couples. I don’t see Ozzy & Harriet engaging in this. Now I suppose you can argue that using condoms and such would lessen the health issues, but why would such artificiality be needed for something that many pro’-gay’ homosexuals say is good and of God’s doing?

  14. If truth be told, the highpoint of the gay lifestyle is little boys. The goofy gays who covet whips, leather and dominance, should have had the nuns who taught me as a child. That would have provided enough pain for a lifetime. Meanwhile, schools are awash in the dreck of equality and fairness. This deceit begins in the fist er, first grade and continues on ad nauseam. Remember this is not an equal rights adventure. It’s about the boys.

  15. St. Christopher says:

    Good luck, San Francisco — You had better be reading Genesis, Ch. 18, and consider Abraham’s question to the Lord, who has commented on the “exceedingly grievous” sins of Sodom and Gomorrha: “Wilt thou destroy the just with the wicked?” (Gen. 18:23, DRV). Are there at least ten of the just in San Francisco anymore? Remember, that is the number reached in negotiations between Abraham and the Lord, regarding His intent to destroy S-G: “What if ten should be found there? And he said: I will not destroy it for the sake of ten.” (Id., 18:32.) What do you say, Archbishop Cordileone?

    • Of all the sins that S and G practiced, pride was the most offensive to God. There was very little, if any faith left. Only because of their monumental pride that reached up to heaven, caused God to punish it with such frightful anger and total destruction. So much did God hate pride, that He even burned the ground where they once walked.
      Today, S and G was rediscovered and some crumbling buildings have been bound. The whole place is covered with small stones with easy to see sulfur deposits left inside of them! Check it out.

  16. What “Catholic” groups will be there?

  17. nothing but pure disgusting acts animals have better morals tim e to clean up!

  18. Stephen Joto says:

    The Northridge quake was a possible chastisement, due to the porn industry having it’s headquarters in the SFV. Vivid Pictures is prominently located on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, just across the freeway from Universal Pictures. I used to patronize the “Sagebrush Cantina” in Calabasas, a Mexican restaurant that had delicious enchiladas and ice cold Carta Blanca…most of the x-rated porn stars used to hang out there on a Saturday night, and many were escorts, who worked the bar…beautiful women, with dirty souls and wicked ways…bronzed, shiny, waxed, glistening and steeped in evil…Temptresses, who spread their net far and wide, looking to seduce and debauch…I stopped hanging out their when a couple of strumpet’s approached me…the sultry brunette was wearing so much lip gloss, you could have greased a motor home axle with her lips! I left, never to return…

  19. vanityofvanitys says:

    I really like the California Catholic publication, I only wish I had more time to read it and comment. But thanks. As to the Folsom Street Fair… well… my eyes were defiled by a Slate online magazine poster sending me a link which depicted several misbegotten players dressed up a crucified Christ in the most obscene and blasphemous ways. This was a contest of lurid passion mockeries with judges as to which was the most original or kinky or vile (they all were!) along with a more than enabling and enthusiastic “roman audience” delighting themselves with debauchery. As Pope Francis said “Who am I to judge” with regards to souls and acts (and I fully agree), but this vile display I think we can all say was sinful immorality at its worst .

  20. Tracy you are my kind of person> you cut to the quick with the truth: don’t worry about accusations of obsessions: The ones spouting about someone being in their bed rooms are the ones with an obsession. The minds of upright souls don’t dwell on holiness, or lack there of, others inner sanctums: Only perverts with the unquenchable worm that dies not obsess on such miasma. As for the good people who live in SF the Lord said ” come out from Egypt” Probably best before it is to late! there are other places to live and work.

  21. Romans 5:20 ” The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” A famous Catholic speaker once commented that in his travels throughout the United States he had never found as many prayer groups and adoration chapels as he found in the Bay Area. So, please, all Catholics out there, please pray for San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay, that God will change hearts and bring the lost sheep back to His fold. God is and always will be in charge and He listens to the cry of so many faithful Catholics Christians who pray day and night throughout the Bay Area for the conversion of sinners….”where sin increased, grace increased the more.”

  22. JimmyChonga says:


  23. Steve Phoenix says:

    Actually, shouldnt the title of this story have been, “San Francisco, the Gay Mecca”?

  24. All I know is God calls all mankind to be part of His Kingdom. The only criteria is to die to self , embrace faith, hope & charity as one’s daily guide to live virtously by followingg His will, not our own. I pray that more folks would truly & authentically respond to that calling.

  25. Stephen Joto says:

    Gay’s want everyone to endorse their lifestyle and the perversion they advocate…these sodomites revel in their shame…in fact, “their shame is their glory”…

  26. CCC: “2351 Lust is disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is morally disordered when sought for itself, isolated from its procreative and unitive purposes.”

    Regarding homosexuality – CCC: 2357, 2358, 2359, 2396;
    Gen: 19:1-29; Rom 1:24-27; 1 Cor 6:10; 1 Tim 1:10.

  27. Sexual Disease in the USA as reported from the US Center for Disease Control –

    “Abstinence Education Downplayed as Method of Combating America’s STD Epidemic” by the Obama administration.

  28. Stephen Joto says:

    Abstinence works…in fact, it’s the only surefire way to curtail this dread disease…blood supplies are clean now…so if you get the “crud”…it means you “pack the fudge”…the only other way to acquire this lethal virus is through sharing dirty needles with a “hype”…even that is unlikely…yup, you now get “the old aids”, from one primary transmission route alone…buggery, pure and simple…you savvy?

  29. Michael McDermott says:

    Nero & Sparky – A Pair to Draw To

    Comparisons to Rome under the Caesars fail to account for advances in Debauchery made possible by modern technology, if not personal pathological depravity…

    No matter how heavily Censored the spread of ever newer treatment resistant STD’s from Frisco is:

    Like Racist Pederast Rapist LARRY BRINKIN, both Tiberius and Caligula would have fit right in with Frisco’s ‘In-Human’ Rights commission:

    “Transgender Sex Shop Exec Reportedly Labeled ‘Conservative’ in San Francisco Race
    A transgender woman who used to run a sex toy company called Good Vibrations reportedly is being labeled as the “conservative” candidate in a local San Francisco race…
    Sparks is backed by Mayor Gavin Newsom and held a seat on the city’s Police Commission. She allegedly drifts “conservative”
    …born a man but eventually changed… appearance to look like a woman after two marriages — to women – ended in divorce.
    “It’s hard to conceive of any other American city in which a candidate with Sparks’ background would be portrayed as an insider in favor of protecting the status quo,” SF Weekly wrote.

    Homosex Icon LARRY BRINKIN is also mentioned in the suit by employee Thomas Willis against said ‘in-human’ Rights Commission, under Sparky the Drag Queen (SEE – CV#12-0231 Willis V SF; N.D. CA)

    – which harassment may have gone on simultaneous with the Racist Toddler Boy Rape Ring apparently run out of the same ‘in-human rights’ commission.

    SEE: Leading California gay rights leader arrested over child porn possession

  30. Stephen Joto says:

    Last time I was in frisco, (what a beautiful city), I visited the Steinhart aquarium…aaahh!, it has always appealed to the ichthyologist in me, viewing the spectacular variety of fish’s from around the globe…while my wife and I were observing a pair of surgeon fish’s from the indo-pacific, 2 gay men drifted into our “airspace”…at which point they began playing “kissey-face” in front of us…it was disgusting and a woman with small child actually shielded his eyes from this public display of perversion!…in a perfect world they should have been brought up on fresh charges of indecent activity in public and public display of perversion…it was shocking and bestial…they were like animals, savages if you will…totally caught up in the carnal hunger that coursed through their veins…

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