Pro-abortion congresswoman will speak at Catholic retreat house

California Catholic Daily exclusive: Jackie Speier to discuss “Living Mercy in Public Life” next week
Jackie Speier at a Planned Parenthood Rally (photo from

Jackie Speier at a Planned Parenthood Rally (photo from

On Saturday, April 23, U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier is scheduled to speak on “Living Mercy in Public Life” at the Burlingame Mercy Center. The Mercy Center is a conference center and retreat house operated by the Catholic Sisters of Mercy. Their website blurb for the event says, “we are honored to present Mercy High alumna, U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, who will address the topic Living Mercy in Public Life”.

The invitation to Speier to speak on the topic of Mercy in Public Life is shocking given her consistent refusal to protect the unborn. Speier believes that abortions should always be legally available. NARAL Pro-Choice America rated Speier as 100% on interest group ratings. In 2008 Planned Parenthood gave Speier a 100% on her actions regarding abortion.

A small selection of Speier’s votes:

On May 31, 2012 Speier voted against the Pre-Natal Non-Discrimination Act, banning sex-selective abortions.

On July 31, 2012 she voted against the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

On June 18, 2013 Speier strongly opposed and voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

On May 13, 2015 Speier voted against HR 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortion at 20 weeks and later. The bill includes congressional recognition that an unborn child of 20 weeks has developed pain receptors and responds to painful stimuli.

But Speier’s ideological infatuation with abortion hunts down the unborn child even after birth. On September 18, 2015, Speier voted against H.R. 3504, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. National Right to Life reported that this law “would enact an explicit requirement that a baby born alive during an abortion must be afforded the same degree of care that would apply to any other child born alive at the same gestational age, including transportation to a hospital.”

After the bill was passed, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), told LifeNews: “If this isn’t the most non-controversial sentence in American politics, it’s time to check our national conscience: newborn babies must receive care and attention. Societies are judged by how we care for the vulnerable and surely anyone with a heart— regardless of where they stand on the abortion debate— should be able to agree that our laws should protect newborns.”

Jackie Speier, whom the Sisters of Mercy are “honored to present” as a speaker on Mercy in Public Life, voted against this.

To contact the Mercy Center: 650-340-7474.

To contact the Archdiocese of San Francisco: 415-614-5500.



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  1. anne o. nymous says:

    long, long ago there was an order of nuns called the Sisters of Mercy.
    where did they go??? now we can only find mercilessness.

    • TheVeiledThreat says:

      In the ’50s I received a very good Catholic education from the Sisters of Mercy (in Burlingame, no less). They wore habits. They kept the order in classes of 50 or more baby boomers and still got us to learn.

      I don’t know what happened to them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Apparently the entire idea of mercy is lost on you. So sad!!

        • Linda Maria says:

          Anonymous, you are UNKIND to The Veiled Thread! Supporting ABORTION is EVIL!! Jackie Speier and the fake post-Vatican II “Mercy” Sisters are EVIL!!

        • TheVeiledThreat says:

          Dear Anonymous:

          In this era of relativism we need to rephrase that. Perhaps you mean that your idea of mercy seems to be lost on me…?

        • So, Anonymous, you think killing ones own kind by abortion as Jackie Speier encourages is mercy? Pathetic!

          • I will add that if they are drawing her away from her sins and into holiness, listening to her would be justified, but it seems it should be on a personal level to avoid scandal. Nevertheless, with politicians this seems not to be the case. Many just keep making worse and worse legislation and going deeper and deeper into sin. She needs our prayers, of course, and so do they. Helping the poor with one hand and killing their children with the other is not mercy.

    • Hey Sisters of Mercy, think how many vocations to your order were aborted away…

  2. Catherine says:

    Without God’s merciful grace and intervention, as long as there is one person still publicly honoring Jackie Speier, she will remain locked in her blindness. WHO would have ever thought, that women calling themselves Sisters of Mercy and Jackie Speier would think that their Baptismal promises included calling, the murdering of unborn babies, “Living Mercy in the Public Life”.

    I’ll tell you WHO thought it! Jesus DID when he said. ” But yet when the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth? Luke 18:8 Douay-Rheims

  3. Linda Maria says:

    Makes me SICK!! This event has been advertised both in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and the Diocese of Oakland. Today, I saw an ad in the newspaper of the Oakland Diocese, the “Catholic Voice,” for this event, to be held on April 23rd, on page 17. TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS!!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    It was ONCE UPON A TIME a good REAL CATHOLIC school, but it has been hijacked a long time ago!

    The older sisters who are deceased must be rolling around in their graves.

    And for the better, they (the Sisters of Mercy) are not getting hardly any vocations.

    I think last year 1 vocation was it! It will die out soon, as I was told by a Priest about 15 years ago it will happen.

  5. Michael McDermott says:

    Ask Jackie about the Harvey Milk / Moscone / Jim Jones Demi-Krat Connection:

    Actually, Jim Jones cult was Bay Area Democrats

    Sean Penn received an Academy Award for portrayal of Harvey Milk. Dan Flynn noted the following:

    “My inaugural post ponders how Gus Van Sant could have made a film about Harvey Milk without casting a ‘Jim Jones’ role.”

    “Harvey Milk and the San Francisco left allowed Jim Jones to conduct his criminal enterprise in San Francisco with impunity, as payback for his ability to supply campaign volunteers on cue.”
    “It’s a strange…

  6. With regard to Elizabeth’s astute remark that the Mercy Order is dying out, I would like to say/add that can be none too soon. A once outstanding Order of Religious, the Sisters of Mercy have been hijacked by a left leaning group of women who call themselves Religious. Having Jackie Speier as a speaker at their day of Mercy is a perfect example of how this group of women have been hijacked by the religious left of the Catholic Church. May the order of the Mercy Sister rest in peace. Shame on them. How can an order of religious women give honor to a woman who votes for the murder of the unborn. As I said, may the Mercy Order RIP. I would like to ask one of these so called Sisters – “how much mercy is shown to an unborn child who has…

  7. Linda Maria says:

    I just saw in the news, where the lesbian USF Women’s Basketball Head Coach announced she is “married” to her lesbian Assistant Coach. The Jesuits and Mercy Sisters are both WORTHLESS!!

  8. To continue…..I would like to ask Jackie Speier how much MERCY is shown to an unborn child who has it’s skull crushed so that it can be removed from it’s mother womb. Is this showing MERCY? Or how much Mercy is shown to an unborn child born alive during an abortion and then put aside till it dies. Evidently Jackie Speier’s idea of MERCY and that of the Sisters is different than mine. May God have mercy on them.

  9. Linda Maria says:

    Recently, I saw the new and inspiring movie, about the life of Bl. Mother Teresa, “The Letters.” Bl. Mother Teresa was a Saint, with a true religious vocation, and a true religious order! These modernized, apostasized, leftist liberal “wreckovated” “religious orders,” such as the Sisters of Mercy, Jesuits, and countless others– are nothing but a sad JOKE!! NONE of them are truly Christian, and NONE serve the true Christ!

  10. Ivy League says:

    Let’s pray for God’s mercy on Speier and the Sisters of Mercy.

  11. FromThePew says:

    If the Holy truth were printed, the announcement would say: On Saturday, April 23, U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier (satan’s little helper & most dedicated supporter of Mercy-less ABORTION) is scheduled to speak IRONICALLY, on “Living Mercy in Public Life” at the Burlingame Mercy Center. The BMC is a conference center & retreat house operated by the Sisters of Mercy (now CINO) who said, ‘we are HONORED to present Mercy High alumna, U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier’. NOTE: should there be an earthquake, fire & or brimstone in the vicinity of the BMC on April 23rd, take note that GOD is NOT amused. Pray that all involved repent of their apparent support of intrinsic evil. WARNING: AVOID this event!

  12. Ivy League says:

    According to an insider at the even,t Speier, when asked about what can be done to help pregnant young women in adversity, replied, “there is separation between Church and State. I am a Roman Catholic and I am pro-choice… Fetal research is vital to our country”! Did a Mercy Sister stand up to question Speier’s stance? Not on your life.
    There were protestors outside with large banners saying “Catholic = Pro-Life” and “Show Mercy for the Unborn”, several attendees giving a thumbs-down to them.

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