Pope makes complete overhaul of Vatican liturgical congregation

"A distinctly more liberal character"
(picture from L'Osservatore Romano)

(picture from L’Osservatore Romano)

The following comes from an October 28 Catholic Culture article:

In a stunning move, Pope Francis has replaced all of the members of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship, the body in charge of liturgical questions.

It is routine for the Roman Pontiff to appoint a few new members to each Vatican congregation, rotating out members who have served for several years. But on October 28 the Vatican announced that Pope Francis has appointed 27 new members to the Congregation for Divine Worship, completely transforming the membership of that body.

The new appointments give a distinctly more liberal character—as well as a more international complexion—to the congregation. The changes seem likely to curtail the work of Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect of the Congregation, who has been a leading proponent of more reverent liturgy and of “the reform of the reform.”

Among the prominent new members of the congregation will be Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Secretary of State, Cardinal Beniamino Stella, the prefect of the Congregation for Clergy, and Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the president of the Pontifical Council for Culture. Probably the most controversial new appointment is that of Archbishop Piero Marini, who clashed frequently with liturgical conservatives during the years when he served as master of ceremonies for papal liturgies under St. John Paul II. The only American prelate named to the congregation is Bishop Arthur Serratelli of Paterson, New Jersey, who chairs the US bishops’ committee on liturgy.

The more conservative prelates who have been removed from the congregation include Cardinals Raymond Burke, Angelo Scola, George Pell, Marc Ouellet, Angelo Bagnasco, and Malcolm Ranjith.



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  1. Linda Maria says:

    Well, this sad news was to be expected, at some point n time, from the current Pope. Very sad news. But a Pope does not reign forever– especially if he is old already! I have been waiting to see what kind of eventual devastating action will be taken by the Pope, to probably put Cardinal Sarah in a closet somewhere, and forget him. Well, how depressing!

  2. We need a new conclave, no doubt!

  3. St. Christopher says:

    HaHaHa — of course Francis did this, he has to. You people have not been paying attention. There has been a Revolution in the Catholic Church and, as with all such “theological–totalitarian” revolutions, there is a period of consolidation. Francis is the enforcer: of Vatican II “implementation;” of the resurgence of the Zombie-Liberal theology (even to the point of anointing child-molesting enablers like Cardinal Daneels, and virtual non-Catholics like C. Cupich); and of the purity of the movement. Expect bloodshed (figuratively speaking): C. Burke was one example, and poor Cardinal Sarah is a more troubling one (as he was a card-carrying Novus Ordo guy).

  4. St. Christopher says:

    (Part Deux): “Now, what about in-place Traditionalists, including Traditional Orders and the SSPX? Good question. Francis is cagey and clever, and has populated the Church with his believers (Yes, very much like what Obama and Hilary have done and will do to the Supreme Court and other courts). This is a key goal (as Francis knows that he will not live forever).

    But, his other goal will be to eliminate the externals: “Traditional” Church architecture, the use of Latin, the structure of the Mass itself (oh yes, the “reverent” NO will look like the TLM in a few years), Gregorian Chant — all this has to go (and, under Francis, will). Time to be very sad.

    • Of the many bizarre liturgical misadventures of Abp. Piero Marini, one fairly typical one was his arranging in 2002 to have a Native American tribal “curandero” or shaman (or witchdoctor) shake a small shrubbery over P. John Paul II and exorcize (?) him during his papal trip to Mexico that year. Even progressive John Allen, Jr has reported on that particularly strange event.

      So prepare thy soul: More disastrous waters lie ahead for the Barque of Piero, with naught more than a wink and a nod from Papa Francesco.

    • On the other hand, St. Christopher, with P. Francesco’s decision to tilt the shredded remnants of the Roman Liturgy even more leftward, it will also more than ever place the TLM side-by-side with the Novelty Ordo, helping Catholics ever more to discern for themselves what we have lost and where things have gone clearly wrong.

      • This is presumption on your part. You have no proof for your assertions that Francis will “tilt the liturgy leftward.”

        • Anne Lopez says:

          I have a bridge I want to sell you. He is ruining the church and talks more re the environment than the great EVIL of abortion and ssmarriage! Begone Satan!

          • Totally wrong is ALopez. Just a quick review of the topics of the Holy Father’s Angelus messages and homilies reveal that the Holy Father during the past several weeks has spoken about prayer, gratititude, humility, service in order to imitate God, the courage in order to devote oneself to the Gospel, an appeal on behalf of victims of violence in Iraq, imitating the vulnerability of children, that Our Lord is the cornerstone in our life, the calamities and wars in our world today, that God calls us to be merciful not to be rigid.

            So, Ann Lopez, not one word about climate change here. Rather we get the Holy Father talking about what is essential in the spiritual life: prayer, humility, Our Lord, Our Lady, and so on. As usual…


        • St. Christopher says:

          “jon” you dissemble! Francis has done nothing but move toward the Zombie-Liberal theological camp since becoming Pope. Are you completely blind? The elimination of all centrist and “traditional” clergy from the liturgical congregation is certainly proof enough of intent. The men brought in — Abp. Marini, come on — are nothing but liturgical bomb-throwers. This signifies that Francis is now ready to “take on” the liturgy in his wonderful symphony of trying to eliminate any Tradition that remains in the Church. Then, he will likely move against Summorum Pontificum and Traditional Orders.

          • Ok St Chris, apart from Marini, whom you all are just absolutely demonizing and trashing here, who else are “liturgical bomb-throwers” among the names who have been appointed to the CDW? Hm? Name a few more of these “zombie-liberal theologians” recently appointed. Name them.

    • Another cornucopia of liturgical abuses was occasioned by Piero Marini’s fixation with “liturgical dance”, even claiming that JP2 had once approved of it (on one occasion during a sojourn in Brazil, Marini claimed that JP2 had liked his placing ballet dancers on either side of the altar, dancing away. But only Marini heard his comment: “Beautiful, beautiful”, he alleged.)


  5. Be careful speculating when the Pope might die or decide to retire because of poor health. The Pope is seventy eight. He could easily be fully competent mentally and physically at eighty eight. The actuaries will tell you the probabilities of various events. The scripture says you know neither the day nor the hour.

  6. david drewelow says:

    no connection , of course, to the latest hitaly just experienced, completely destroying the cathedral in norcia and st benedict’s house.it may prove providential that pope francis moved to more newly built dwellings.

  7. david drewelow says:

    after ‘latest’ the word ‘earthquake’ disappeared

  8. Clinton R. says:

    Pope Francis is the fulfillment of what the fathers of the Second Vatican Council sought. A complete divorce from the traditions and sound doctrine that had nourished the faithful for two millenia. The Mass radically changed to appease the Protestants. The Pope is running the Church as if it is his personal fiefdom. He never ceases to call those who adhere to tradition as “rigid”. And he rewards those who are likewise minded with a red hat. No wonder the earth is quaking in Italy.

    • Clinton R is right.

      A sad time for our Church at a time Western Civilization is collapsing around us.

    • Totally wrong. There is nothing in Vatican II that repudiates any of the traditions and doctrines of the faith. Such hyperbole and exaggerations in the face of Francis’ appointment to his own Congregation for Divine Worship. Peoples, it is within the right of the Pontiff to appoint in his Congregations people that he wishes. The fact that you don’t seem to like their names (and they are just names to you folks, I don’t think you even know these clerics) makes us think you don’t know whereof you speak. So the others older members are no longer there: that could be neither here nor there. But Sarah is still there, and he is the Prefect.

      • Lucia Bartoli says:

        Jon you are clearly trolling here or you are deluded. To toss out all the conservatives and pad the joint with liberal socialist hierarchy is fairly obvious to rational persons. It was NOTwhst VIl said but what the rabble renegades DID afterward. Much of what was done was NOT approved or even implied. Me thinks you might dig into what Vll was about vs. what happened. You may get DO this with a faithful priest

        • Good effort, Lucia, but free advice: I skip the aforementioned person’s posts, don’t even read them. No positive advancement of any intelligent discussion there.

          • If by “intelligent talk” Campion means hearsay, dissenting-talk, rumors, calumny, intrigue, and Church back-room talk all conveyed with the spirit of disobedience and contempt for the legitimate clergy, then YES, I do not deal with THAT kind of “intelligent” discussion. Read past my post for you will not read Campion’s kind of “intelligent” talk in my post. I don’t deal with that. However….

            I do talk about and promote proper, faithful, accurate, and respectful POV vis-a-vis the legitimate clergy of the Church, respect for all of the Sacraments including the OF and the EF, and respect for the Council. AND I give our clergy the benefit of the doubt. I don’t deal with all that muck-raking talk trashing the shepherds of the…

        • On the contrary LBartoli, I am not trolling rather I am defending the Church and her legitimate clergy and the previous Council, Vatican II, from those who dissent.

          Your points are groundless. First, Francis didn’t “toss out all the conservatives” out of the Congregation. Sarah is still there, and there are at least a few conservatives in the new appointment.

          As for Vatican II, you should be addressing your point (that is not what Vatican II said but what happened), to the other folks who have commented here denigrating the Council. They have repudiated the Council unjustly. They are the ones who do not make the distinction you’re making. I do.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Lucia, I honestly had never heard of any of the new appointees, and probably didn’t know of anyone except Burke, who I think was removed quite a while ago. Do you actually +know+ that the new appointees are “liberal socialist[s]s”? How do you know this? What is your evidence?

          Jon is right, Sarah is still Prefect. And the American appointee seems to be the one who thrust the awful [and highly conservative] 2011 changes on the English liturgy. So I’m not getting how this is some liberal shift.

          • anonymous says:

            This is incorrect: Burke was previously removed from the Congregation of Bishops in Dec. 2013, but he remained on the CDW. Now, both he and Card. Pell have been completely removed (cf. Vatican “Bolletino” 10/28/16) Also gone: Card. Scola, Ouellet, Bagnasco, and Ranjith. Bagnasco, Scola, and Ranjith are prominent TLM supporters, as is Burke.

            Card. Sarah remains on the CDW as prefect in name only: not very significant, when the wave of liturgically opposite members (Cards. Pietro Parolin; Beniamino Stella; Gianfranco Ravasi; Abps. Rainer Maria Woelki; John Atcherley Dew; and Dominico Sorrentino most notably) are considered. All are N.O. adherents, like the pope.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Thanks for the correction regarding Cardinal Burke.

  9. O yee people of little faith! The Holy Spirit is working in Pope Francis and the Church. Do not lose Hope!

    • Ok, George, – let me ask a simple question: was the Holy Spirit speaking through Cardinal Sarah, when he exhorted the Church to begin ad orientem this Advent, or through Pope Francis, who has twice now thrown Sarah under the bus, and all but guaranteed that such a move will never happen?

    • Ann Malley says:

      The Holy Ghost will make use of Francis to be sure. The Lord is Master of all. But whereas some may fancy themselves the hero of the piece, their actions, coupled with their position and job title, make them the villain.

      But, absolutely, there is no cause to lose hope.

      The Lord made use of the High Priests of old, too. And the Church MUST follow her spouse. It is just disheartening to bear witness to such treachery. Although seeing as much goes far in stripping us of false idols,

      • The false idol here is the clinging to a vision of the Church which is FALSE, which is not at all what the Magisterium teaches. It is the Magisterium, guided by Scripture and Tradition–and the Holy Spirit—that courses where the Church must go, not dissenters, not the disobedient.

        • St. Christopher says:

          Unfortunately, “jon” that is the problem. It is the Order of Bishops (at least) that have departed from orthodoxy, and then demanded that the orthodox definition of beliefs be restated, thereby making the once orthodox now (at least) “irregular” in their beliefs. This is pretty easy to understand, “jon,” just look at contraception, abortion, fornication, homosexual sex, all of that over the past 50 years or so. These acts once had legal as well as moral consequences. No longer so much, if at all. Where are the bishops shouting against Hillary and her minions regarding trying to change the Catholic Church. Nothing here.

          • SChris: the Magisterium DEFINES orthodoxy! When the Pope and the bishops all agree on a teaching that is in harmony with Scripture and Tradition, THAT IS ORTHODOX! It is not defined by one lone archbishop.

  10. The beautiful Traditional Latin Mass will never be gotten rid of as neither will be the Mass in Aramaic. It is all part of Christian history, It will be said right along with the newer Mass. The Lord works in mysteries ways His wonders to perform.


  12. Joel Fago says:

    What you would expect from a priest who does not genuflect at the Consecration.

    • Joel Fago, to be fair to Pope Francis, he has had serious knee problems for years. Sometimes he kneels, and sometimes he just cannot get down. He is an old man. I do not defend everything he does — such as certain parts of Amoris Laetitia concerns me — but you are being unfair in your last comment.

  13. Steve Phoenix says:

    BUT—hold on, hold on—we now have re-habilitated Luther and essentially said he was all right. Here is PF with his “chocolate Luther” statue, welcoming the participants Oct. 13th at the papal audience hall:


    Ok, ok, the statue isn’t REALLY chocolate, but we could have hoped for something kind of like an ecumenical Easter Bunny that PF could have broken up and passed out to remove the bad taste from one’s mouth.

    • Steven Phoenix, do you realize that the Missouri Lutheran synod in the United States is pro life and pro traditional family. I know some Catholic converts from that Protestant tradition. Although Luther said some awful things about the pope of that time, he did not throw all Catholic teaching out, including a great respect for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Some Lutherans believe in her perpetual virginity. Let us build on what is there and correct charitably what is wrong.

      • AMEN!!!! But quit trying to convince Steve Phoenix. He is an inveterate bomb-throwing “rad-trad” who opposes the Novus Ordo liturgy, which about 99% of active Catholics prefer. The SSPX will welcome him with open arms—assuming he hasn’t already the Church already.

        • Roberto Vicente, after watching the video “Are We All Lutherans Now?: Martin Luther in His Own Words”, I have been reminded that most of what Martin Luther taught later in his life was just pure heresy. Nevertheless, there are many Lutherans now who really do not believe what he taught back then or do not even know what he actually taught. They probably realize that his teachings were wrong just from reading the Holy Bible. Those are the people with whom Catholics can dialogue the best.

        • Ann Malley says:

          Why the vitriol toward the SSPX, Roberto? Seriously.

          You commend Fr. RP for his polite discourse in other threads yet your stance here speaks nothing of a love of polite discourse. Quite the opposite.

          Lets do try to build, but build on the truth, not on hoped for hand holding sessions. If we all get down to what is true and then discuss rationally, not pretending, not casting others as the villain, perhaps we can reach an accord… that is an agreement to speak the truth, not cajole one another.

      • Steve Phoenix says:

        Anne T, let’s review (if we can in 750 characters) some of Luther’s actual positions:
        * Eucharist is symbolic (“consubstantion”), no Real Presence.
        * No “Mass”, but a commemorative “Lord’s Supper” (sound familiar?)
        * Bible is only source of Revelation, no tradition.
        * Priesthood and hierarchy not divinely instituted.
        * Only necessary sacraments are Baptism and Eucharist.
        * Every Christian a member of the ‘Universal Priesthood’
        * There is no visible Church established by God: man must work out his own salvation by Faith alone.

        These and many others were condemned by the papal bull “Exsurge Domine” (1520). Where Luther “decides” to agree with Catholic Faith isn’t the issue. This is what this mistaken papal…

        • Steve Phoenix says:

          …leadership has decided to “overlook” in their celebration of the 500th anniversary of the “95 Theses” of Luther (appropriately, Halloween, Oct. 31, 1517).

          Do you know that Luther directly caused “The Peasant Rebellion” in Germany (1524-1525), in which hundreds of monasteries and religious houses were burned and sacked, an unprecedented wave or robbery, rape and murder, from which once-Catholic Northern Germany has never recovered? Then, shocked by what he had caused, Luther wrote his famous “Pact in Blood”, urging the landgraves (German nobles) to kill all the peasants for the anarchy he had instigated? (Read his “Exhortation to Peace.”

          • Steve Phoenix says:

            Finally, Luther’s own biographers note his life-long uncontrollable rage and unbending will, in which he “attributed every disagreement with him from the Devil.” Do you know, as he lay dying, he wrote he was “praying for an attack on the Papacy”? Do you know he wrote in 1542 one of the most viciously anti-Semitic texts, “Against the Jews and Their Lies”? In 1545, he wrote “The Papacy Established by the Devil”? Don’t believe me? Look up any traditional Catholic Encyclopedia or doctrinal book prior to 1970. It’s all there.

            I am sure you did not realize this, Anne T.: some of the CCD operatives in peanut gallery (aka caritas, aka Vicente Roberto of Brown U) who claim superior intellect should know this also, but…

          • Steve Phoenix says:

            …do not in fact know. And this is what this wayward pontifical leadership has decided to enshrine, even placing a sanctoral-type statue of Luther in the Paul VI audience hall. Amazing.

            On the day of Judgment, true saints of Trent and the Counter-Reformation, like Cardinal and St. Cajetan (who met with him and tried to reason with Luther), St Charles Borromeo, and St. Peter Canisius, “the 2nd Apostle to Germany”, will rise up and condemn these actions.

          • Let Steve Phoenix find peace in the SSPX.

          • Ann Malley says:

            The peace is in the Truth, Roberto, not pretend get-along parties where those present reject the Truth.

        • Steve Phoenix, what you say is very true about Luther going off the deep end. Even he finally seemed to realize what chaos his teachings had created. Nevertheless, much of the blame can be placed on his parents who seem to be overly strict — sometimes beating him to the point of bleeding over what he said were minor infractions. It is clear that he transferred that to his concept of God the Father as he practiced severe penance at the first part of his priesthood, even though his spiritual director told him not to do so. He went from one extreme to the other — complete laxity in his behavior.

        • Continued: He took many like-minded people, or those who were looking for an excuse to sin, off the deep end with him. That is still happening I know. I had one member of a so-called Interdenominational Church tell me that fornication was not sex outside of marriage but idolatry. She was actually teaching a Bible class. I tried to explain to her that fornication, from the Biblical perspective, meant both as most of the idolatrous pagan gods and goddesses practiced such behavior, and the Hebrew God (and Christian God) forbade it.

        • Also, Steve and Vincente, I do not think that Pope Francis went there to actually “celebrate” the reformation, but to reach out to those Lutherans who wanted to make peace and possibly no longer believed that works had nothing to do with ones salvation. Nevertheless, he quite bluntly told the woman “bishop” that the Catholic Church could not ordain women. Personally, I think some on the far left and the far right are misjudging him on that.

  14. Romulus Augustus says:

    Folks don’t be surprised here this wall all planned by Bergoglio in the beginning, Bergoglio hates the TLM and Tradition, so now he reverts back to that mess called Piero Marini, the Church will survive and the TLM will return but the Church must be cleansed of the filth like Pope Benedict the XVI once said, until then we just wait it out.

  15. Romulus Augustus says:

    Be prepared for more clown masses, dancing girls in leotards, lesbian nuns with incense bowls, Aztec dancers, Hindu priestesses, rainbow vestments, ghastly music, folks these Novus Ordonarians simply cannot get out of the 60’s and 70’s they are child like in every way, I mean hand holding and kiss of peace when your an adult, I mean really now how much longer can they keep doing this insane garbage??

  16. Romulus Augustus says:

    St. Christopher you are correct when you compare Bergoglio, Obama and Clinton, these are all very smart Marxist- Leninist’s, they know very well what they are doing, You see we Traditionalists have let the Novus Ordonarians get away with this for decades, because we let them, the time has come to put an end to this madness and start demanding the TLM and a return to Tradition just like the Novus Ordonarians demand all they want and they get!

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      It’s too bad, really, that TLM adherants and the preservation of the ancient mass are hurt by other adhearants who openly lie about people. Calling the Pope, the President, and the Democratic candidate “Marxist-Leninists” is just as anachronistic as are their beliefs about the Mass. It is not 1952. Joseph McCarthy has long been repudiated. The Roman Curia is not the House In-American Activities Committee. Yet you could hardly tell that from posts here on CCD.

      • No YFC you are anachronistic…and again not qualified to make judgments on other peoples beliefs about the Mass since you cling to sodomy like its a sacrament

      • “Adherents”, if spelled correctly? Or you mean “House UN-AMERICAN Activities?” Or Obama’s much-praised mentor, Frank Marshall Davis (You haven’t read “Dreams of My Father”, Barry’s own autobio? He praises “Uncle Frank’s” ideas profusely, a card-carrying proud Communist Party member), nor BO’s transfer to Columbia, the most Communist university in the USA? Or Bergoglio’s praise of the wealth-redistribution plan of the Paraguayan bishops in Laudato Si (#94), an idea directly out of VI Lenin’s Own writings? Well, c’mon, man, do you read. (Oh: I guess not.)

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          More lies. Columbia University is not a Communist university. The Pope – who goes by the name of Francis, not his secular name Bergoglio, by the way, did not espouse Communism ideas in Laudato Si. And praising a family member is not the same as adopting their political ideologies and party affiliations. Pleas stop lieing. It is unbecoming for a Catholic to lie about people.

          • One who can cite no objective facts but resorts to the lame demagogic-meme “stop lying” (a favorite refrain of the greatest liars in history: Goebbels; Lenin; Trotsky) best displays his own lies.

            Paul Kengor in his fascinating documentary of Obama & Frank M. Davis, “The Communist”, cites the many self-acknowleged communists Obama chose to implement his admin policy(Anita Dunn, who praised mass-murderer Mao; Cass Sunstein, who says their is no personal property, and that contrary ideas should be taxed; Valerie Jarrett, whose near entire family were overt communists as well as herself). The exclamation point: in ’96, Obama joined the Socialist New Party –that is the “New Communist Party,” for low-info liar-screamers. He was,…

  17. USA is on the edge of political/economic chaos and Bergolio is kicking out the Mystical Body of Christ to replace it with his New Age ecumenistic one world religion. Progressive policies which lead to sin brought us to this. The world has lost common sense and faith. Buckle your seat belts and prepare spiritually. God is allowing all this in His Divine Plan to renew the face of the earth . We are living in Critical Mass, excuse the pun. Our weapons against evil are the true Mass, the Sacraments, and the Prayer of the Rosary. Do not lose heart; Jesus Our Savior is with us always..

    • Catherine says:

      Approved Messages of Our Lady of Akita

      On October 13, the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, 1973, Sr. Agnes heard the beautiful voice speaking from the statue once more: “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres, churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the devil will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord. The demon would be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. continued…..

      • Catherine says:


        The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer any pardon for them.” She continued, “As I told you, if people do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the Flood, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. continued….

        • Catherine says:


          The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by my Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary pray for the Pope, the bishops and the priests.” The statue wept for the last time on September 15, Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.

  18. Where is your belief in Catholic doctrine that the Holy Spirit directs who is elected Pope? That happened with Francis and he is our Pontiff. Maybe he is the only one looking at the dwindling masses in out churches and does not think a Novus Ordo Mass is the way to go. Let the Holy Spirit do His work and as good Catholics continue to pray for this Pope and the massive undertaking he has as leader of our Church.

    • The notion that the Holy Spirit directs who is selected Pope is a false belief; it is certainly not even remotely Catholic doctrine. Conclaves are not inspired. Cardinal electors pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, but the Holy Spirit does not take charge of the conclave. The operation of the Spirit is through counsel, to which a person must be receptive and docile in order for the Spirit’s work to be accomplished. It is entirely possible for a conclave to make an unwise decision in electing a pope, and the conclave of 2013 might just have been one example.

  19. Among the many left-tilting liturgical celebrations of Abp. Piero Marini: in 1995, at the Papal Mass in Sydney, Australia, he had a substitute “ecology litany” recited in place of the Creed; At the Novus Ordo Penitential Rite, he had a near-naked aboriginal man dancing about the altar with a smoking tin can, which he used to “exorcise” evil spirits from the altar; and at the Eucharistic Prayer, he had the many lay ministers present raise up the unconsecrated hosts in their ciborium(s) clearly intended to imply they were concelebrating.

    One example, among many, of Marini’s bizarre and lovely Novus Ordo celebrations.

  20. And then, as if this wasn’t enough, when he was assistant MC (Bp. John McGee of Ireland was head MC) in May 8,1984 at the Papal Mass in Papua New Guinea, it was Piero Marini who insisted on a bare-breasted female to present the gifts at the altar, supposedly as showing “inculturation”—yet contemporary Catholic New Guinean women do not dress accordingly.

    In fact,Abp. Marini on many later occasions during his 1st career as MC (1987-2007) often would insist on lightly clad or actually unclad “native women” at the liturgy, for reasons best known to himself.

  21. I think it is clear that P. Francis, in this historic removal of traditional conservative prelates from the CDW, and his exclamation point of installing Bugnini, er, Marini, as its supreme head, is moving in the direction of suppressing Summorum Pontificum. There is no other way to explain this.

    Catholics in the near future will be faced with a serious choice.

    • No that is NOT clear. This is presumption on your part. One does not “suppress” a Motu Propio by appointing new people (most of whom YOU don’t know yourself) to the CDW. You only know one of them, Marini, whom you are absolutely and unjustly demonizing here as if he did things under the gaze of John Paul II.

      And how do you know that those allegedly removed were indeed removed? There has been no confirmation of this. Prelates who have a wide experience in the Congregation, names who are not mentioned in any of the reports–Erdö, Ranjith, Piacenza, Bagnasco are still there!

      As the Catholic Herald writes: “it would be a gross overstatement to insist that there has been some kind of philosophical coup, or that there are…

  22. FromThePew says:

    The article uses the word ‘stunning’ for the change out. Stunning? It is shocking, not stunning. This appears as unprecedented madness on the part of the pope. Are there any articles or analysis on why? Is good Cardinal Sarah allowed to remain at the helm? What is wrong with the mind of this poor pope? This is not a good sign as far as I can tell. In 3 years of signs that seem ‘off’. Something is very wrong. Praying.

  23. Anonymous says:

    With all this talk about how to do things is anyone feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, visiting the sick and imprisoned, burying the dead? Maybe our energies would be better served there. How we worship is significant, but aren’t we supposed to reconcile first? Before we speculate about what we think God wants, shouldn’t we be trying to do what He did?

  24. The moves by P. Francis and his apparatus are not unique. Abp. Piero Marini reflects his “soft” view of indissoluble sacramental marriage. Shortly after Francis’ election, Marini is on record approving homosexual unions:

    “In these discussions, it is necessary, for example, to recognize the union of people of the same sex, because there are many couples who suffer because their civil rights are not recognized”, but went on to say, “What cannot be recognized is that that couple be a marriage.” (Interview, “La Nacion”, noted in Natl Catholic Reporter, Apr. 21, 2013). He obviously knew Francis’ thought on the matter.

    No doubt that was a favorable factor in Francis’ restoring him to his office as chief Vatican…

  25. Then, there is P. Francis’ swiftly replacing the traditional-Catholic-oriented primate of Belgium, Card. Abp. Leonard, with a Gottfried Danneels protégée, Josef de Kesel. Following up on that, PF appointed Bp. Johan Bonny to the important see of Antwerp. Bonny now is on the record explicitly approving homosexual unions in his own book “Mag ik? Dank je: Sorry” (“May I: Thank you, Sorry”):

    “In no way could we continue to assert that there is no other form of love outside of heterosexual marriage. We encounter the same love even in a man and in a woman’s life in the experience of a gay or lesbian couple.”


  26. anonymous says:

    I think I do see what Campion is pointing at: two things about PF appointees: they are “with him” on the Novus Ordo liturgy, even if they are the most extreme liturgical-abuse fans, like Marini: but also, like Rainer Maria Woelki, Abp of Cologne, now on the CDW, they are openly in favor of homosexual unions/marriage. May 20, 2012, New Ways Ministry reported favorably on Woelki’s view, “The Church should view long-term faithful homosexual relationships as they do heterosexual ones.” Card. John Atcherley Dew of New Zealand has made similar statements (cf. New Ways Ministry’s own views). They are “in” now at the CDW.

    By contrast, Bagnasco, for example, has received death threats for his positions against homosexuality…

  27. I’d like to suggest everyone find and read this circa 1900 book: “How Christ said the First Mass” by Father James L. Meagher. It is only about 400 pages of technical details, to overwhelming for any liberal to dare to comprehend, and many will not like it as it explains how God wished His Holy Mass to be. To love God is to be humble and honor Him in the way He taught the Apostles to worship Him. By not following God’s teaching using a man-centered and man-made worship service only shows pride and disrespect to Him.

  28. You are so right, Doug, “How Christ Said the 1st Mass”, by Rev. James L. Meagher, DD, is an outstanding Catholic book that every Catholic should read and have in their library. (Too bad Annibale Bugnini dismissed it, and I doubt Abp. Piero Marini (a self-acknowledged protégée of the liar* Bugnini) and the new Vatican head liturgist, likely has never read it.)

    * It is Vatican II liturgical scholar and member of the Concilium,Fr. Louis Bouyer, who called Bugnini an inveterate dissembler in his landmark, “Memoirs” (2014, Ignatius Press). Dr. Dennis McInerney of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary has written on the matter and confirmed that assessment. Pretty sad, for the “head” of the apparatus that was the predecessor to the CDW,…

  29. As a person who goes to the OF and the EF equally and who loves both forms of the Roman Rite, I am the most qualified to say this: that there is nothing in the OF that deserves the belittlement it gets among some people here. Moreover, compared to the EF, the OF—reverently offered—has an elegance and a simplicity that one will not find in the EF. Speak to any of your regular, normal priest who was a young priest prior to the Council, and he will tell you that not everything prior to the Council was good. We have to thank Vatican II and its implementation of the OF for educating the Catholic populace throughout the world what the Mass is all about. Prior to that, people were mostly disengaged (as I have been told by older priests…

    • and older relatives). People were praying devotionals while the priest was “doing his own thing up there.” If it weren’t for the OF, many of the folks commenting here would not be in the position to appreciate the EF. NOPE.

      • Catherine says:

        jon writes… ” I am the most qualified to say this”

        He who exalts himself shall be humbled and he who humbles himself shall be exalted!

      • St. Christopher says:

        There is absolutely nothing to thank anyone about for “Vatican II and its implementation” . . . “jon” (or whatever Zombie-Liberal group employs you). The institutional Church has been destroyed by the apostate bishops, priests and lay staff that simply used this time as an excuse to say, “we don’t believe, and want things done differently” and then have gone about their business trying, with great success, to make the rest of them swallow this swill. No longer.

      • That would depend on the person, Jon. Those who took Latin at that time, and classical Latin was even offered in public high schools back then, would have no problem taking part in the Traditional Latin Mass. People who do not like to read; have difficulty reading, even in English, or do not know how to read probably had and have more problems with the traditional Mass. That is one good reason for having at least some Masses in the vernacular.

        • Good reason to have some Masses in the vernacular? Some? Try “most”. Benedict himself had indicated that the EF can never supplant the OF.

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