Pope Francis: it’s terrible children are taught they can choose gender

He told Polish bishops that there are powerful institutions funding the spread of gender theory in schools

Pope Francis arrives for a meeting with Poland’s bishops at the cathedral in Krakow, Poland (CNS)

Pope Francis has said that what he calls gender theory – “that everyone can choose their own sex” – is “the exact opposite” of God’s creation.

In a meeting with Polish bishops during World Youth Day, whose transcript was released yesterday by the Vatican, the Pope said there were powerful institutions which funded the spread of “gender theory” in schools.

The Pope also said he had discussed the subject with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who told his successor: “Your Holiness, we are living in an age of sin against God the Creator.”

Pope Francis said this sin was often given financial backing by “very influential countries”: a form of “ideological colonisation”, the Pope said, which is “terrible.”

The Pope said that one example – “I’ll say it clearly with its first and last name – is gender.”

Francis told the Polish bishops: “Today, children are taught this at school: that everyone can choose their own sex. And why do they teach this? Because the books come from those people and institutions who give money,” he said.

“God created man and woman; God created the world like this and we are doing the exact opposite.”

Full story at The Catholic Herald.



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  1. It’s terrible because it’s false: sex is fixed at conception and remains an unalterable characteristic of human embodied personhood. The fact that modern medical technology enables mentally ill people to put on a sophisticated surgical and artificially hormone-induced costume that superficially (and usually poorly) resembles the opposite sex doesn’t change biological reality. The fact that our society is so far gone as to encourage mentally ill people to indulge in their fantasies about themselves is deplorable. Trans-speciesism is coming next.

    • Anonymous says:

      Boy oh Boy! You nailed it. Congratulations!

    • Linda Maria says:

      COMMON SENSE is badly needed, with this subject! The “LGBT” people have an abnormality that they must learn to accept, not pretend to falsely “normalize!” Feminists are likewise— if you are a WOMAN– just proudly accept your wonderful, lovely WOMANHOOD, the way God made you!! A child needs the strong, secure upbringing of the gender he or she is born with, and learn to deal with it in a practical way. A child needs to be taught that they are BORN as either a boy or a girl– and any child who has an abnormal problem of mental illness, such as “gender dysphoria,” needs to be taken to a doctor. Very few cases are like this! We need a strong, stable, good society, for kids to grow up in, with common sense!

  2. Michael McDermott says:

    BRAVO Pope Francis!

  3. Tom Byrne says:

    Please, Your Holiness: say this loud and clear in a formal document or major international address. Yet I thank you and will quote you to my own students.

  4. The Watchman says:

    There are only two sexes male and female. God created man and woman. This idea that you can choose the gender that you want is the work of the devil who has been trying desperately to destroy what God has created. Teaching this diabolical nonsense to children to destroy their innocence is also the work of the devil. I urge all humanity to turn back to Almighty God who is merciful and loving before it is too late. I am really glad that the Holy Father has spoken up about this very sad and troubling issue that borders on shear madness. Our Lady of Fatima pray for mankind especially protect the children of the world from the attacks of the evil one. Pray America Pray!

  5. Michael McDermott says:

    Truth v Political Correctness – You can be Fired and Retaliated Against for speaking the First, and promoted for pushing the Second (also my personal experience of decades of Gaystapo Targeting) – as the case of Dr Paul Church shows:
    Dr. Paul Church (was on the faculty of Harvard Medical Schoo) now expelled from four Boston area hospitals – over comments to colleagues at one hospital about its promotion of unhealthy, high-risk LGBT lifestyle.
    Standing on principle while under pressure to repudiate facts
    The ideological corruption in the medical profession defies belief

  6. Michael McDermott says:

    The medical profession is out of control
    What is going on?
    Most people don’t realize how extensively the medical profession is ignoring critical medical and public health risks in favor of outrageous LGBT political correctness, and has even incorporated that ideology into their institutions

    – now we’re reeling from the transgender phenomenon, especially its terrible abuse of children in schools and by medical and mental health professionals. But the medical profession refuses to deal with this issue honestly

    Dissent regarding LGBT issues is not tolerated, even regarding medical facts
    As Dr. Church observes, the medical community doesn’t care about the dangers, and is willing to accept the collateral damage their silence brings…

  7. Pope Francis is speaking the Truth! Notice how the neo-cons are silent. Once again, Pope Francis demonstrates that he cannot be assigned to any particular category (e.g. Liberal, conservative, etc.) for polemical and polarization purposes. The conservatives will gloss over this statement by the Pope because it does not fit with their fund raising purposes. Truly, the Holy Father is…a man of God!

    • anonymous says:

      “neo-cons”? “conservatives”? “fund-raising”?

      Good thing your view of ecclesiology is tinged by politics, Fred.

  8. Michael McDermott says:

    “Notice how the Neo-Cons are silent”

    No – I hadn’t actually, but then the term ‘Neo-Con’ remains somewhat a mystery

    Given that I have not remained silent, I surmise that I do not fit the category – but remain curious as to who does, and what definition is in play?

  9. God bless Pope Francis for speaking out loud and clear.

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