Planned Parenthood co-opts state legislature to suppress free speech

How far can they go?

Publishing this photo would be a crime in California

Publishing this photo would be a crime in California

The following comes from a May 26 email sent by the Life Legal Defense Foundation.

Planned Parenthood is sponsoring legislation in California to criminalize the publication of evidence of its business practices, which include harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies.

Assembly Bill 1671 would make it a crime to publish confidential conversations with certain health care providers—most notably, anyone affiliated with an abortion clinic. This means anyone who posts a photo or video of an interaction with an abortion clinic employee or volunteer—including clinic escorts—could be prosecuted under the bill. AB 1671 provides for penalties of up to $10,000 per violation and one year in state prison.

Legislative analysts expressed concern that the bill would violate the First Amendment, which “gives the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in democracy.” The U.S. Supreme Court has held that “prior restraints on speech and publication are the most serious and least tolerable infringement on First Amendment rights.”

The original, broader version of the bill, which did not single out health care providers for protection, drew opposition from the California Newspaper Publishers Association and animal rights activists. After the bill was amended to more specifically target anti-abortion investigative activities, these groups withdrew their opposition. Neither the ACLU nor any other civil liberties or journalism organization has voiced opposition.

AB 1671 is a direct attack on the efforts of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress to expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal practice of selling fetal body parts for profit. Since the release of Daleiden’s videos, eleven states have voted to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider.

AB 1671 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee yesterday and appears to be headed to the Assembly floor for a vote.

California legislators are willing to throw free speech under the bus to protect Planned Parenthood’s financial interests. Please urge your legislators to oppose this unconstitutional bill.



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  1. Michael McDermott says:

    29 new words for deviance you can be fined $250,000 for not using in NYC

    The New York City Human Rights Commission has released a list of 31 different terms of gender expression employers must use or face $250,000 fines, all but two of them naming various forms of deviancy.

    Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, was quick to link the list to President Barack Obama’s recent edict to public school systems requiring them to de-gender their washrooms and change rooms. “This is political correctness run wild. Where does the President’s bathroom edict go? This is it,” Perkins told LifeSiteNews.

    New York City’s Human…

    • Anne T. says:

      Go to the Catholic League website and see what just happened in Atlanta. These orders are going to blow up in President Obama face.

  2. FromThePew says:

    Did you see? New York announced 31 new GLBT ‘titles’ that MUST BE USED by businesses or your (punished) fined. The GLBT agenda is useful to the radical Alinsky Officials (A.O.) to control almost everything & everyone (speech, classrooms, bathrooms, soda pop size, etc) The A.O. intended consequence is the demise of ‘sovereign’ countries in a push for ‘One World’ order. Like the UN they WANT: no borders, no religion, no law, no money, no guns, no freedoms, no constitutions. It is happening through out Europe but not discussed much on our news to keep us ‘dumb’. Let’s stop this from coming here.

  3. What will this do to people praying at the clinics and taking photos of the aggressive actions of the deathscorts? What about protecting the privacy of pro lifers from the Planned Parenthood operatives who take our photos and look up our information?
    I understand that in all the years that the safe At Home anti-domestic violence and abortion clinic employee privacy protection legislation has been in existence there is not one abortion associate who has requested privacy protection. This is indeed an attack upon David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress. This is the state protecting one segment of society while exposing another segment to dangerous invasions of personal space.

  4. d drewelow says:

    in recent NPR coverage of new gender bathroom requirements for high schools a curious adjective used. the new white house mandate, they reported, allowed for students to choose bathrooms ‘ according to their ‘current view of their gender’ as though allowing leeway for a condition of vacillation and confusion which might lead a TG to choose boys’ room one day, girls’ the next. i have not tried to research this any further, but if NPR’s coverage reflects the mandate accurately, it is a surprising admission of the instability of the TG state of mind.

    • Anne T. says:

      This is going to blow up in President Obama’s face. Three large men just terrorized a young black girl in an Atlanta ladies room. The ACLU said they had the right to go in there, but the mother of the girl was an ACLU official until she just quit over this. She will have none of it. It is all on the Catholic League website.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Lots of LUCK….Can you say First Amendment Rights? Can you say Supreme Court!!

    I do though URGE you all to call your State Assembymember and tell them what you think( in a charitable way of course)!

  6. Linda Maria says:


  7. John Patrick says:

    More and more radical all the time just like communist China.

  8. Another Satanic Cult under the guise of the Demoncratic party having deceived the masses, encouraging them to murder and sacrifice their innocent children.

  9. And many think the Nazi’s were the worst cold-blooded murderers of the human race with hundreds of thousands, and some think the Communists with nearly 40 million under Stalin, and some think millions under Mao Tse Tung. Yes it was those opinions are all tried and true, but they have been surpassed by Planned Parenthood who participated in the murder of nearly 50 million American citizens alone since Roe vs Wade. Think of the numbers they may have killed overseas too. Wonder which evil of these organizations/leaders is the worst in the eyes of God! It will be an interesting Last Judgment Day when the truth, and punishments are laid out. It is almost scary to think about it. Forgive me dear merciful Father of all my transgressions…

  10. Anne T. says:

    Michael McD, regarding your post on May 30 at 12:31 pm, the indoctrination of children has been going on for a long time. I worked at a place before 2000 where the woman was letting a little boy dress up in high heels and girls clothing. When I would encourage him to wear the boys clothing, she said it was all right for him to wear the girls clothing. I told another supervisor of mine what was going on, among other things. and she found me with the week another job with better pay, more hours and with a staff that encouraged boys to be boys and girls to be girls.

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