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Over the past 10 days CalCatholic has been documenting the infestation of the departments of religious studies at Catholic high schools within the archdiocese of San Francisco by homosexual activists. But the infiltration by non-Catholic and anti-Catholic teachers is not restricted to homosexuals.

Sacred Heart Preparatory is located in Atherton, which, according to Forbes magazine, was in 2013 the most expensive place to live in the United States.

One of the teachers of religion at Sacred Heart Prep is Kathleen Neville-Fritz.  Her roles at Sacred Heart Prep are described on the school’s directory as Prep Campus Ministry Associate and Prep Religious Studies Teacher.

Neville-Fritz (on right)

Neville-Fritz (on right)

In addition to her work in campus ministry, Ms. Neville-Fritz is a member of the musical group Vocal Divine. Vocal Divine is the house band for herchurch. located in San Francisco, part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.   A short history of Vocal Divine can be found on the website of Jann Aldredge-Clanton, a minister and professor of theology, who writes the lyrics to a number of Vocal Divine’s songs: “Vocal Divine began at Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran in San Francisco in April of 2011, founded by Dionne Kohler, drumming priestess, and Alison Newvine, church council president. Lana Dalberg, author of Birthing God: Women’s Experiences of the Divine, has been adding her special touch with violin since the beginning. Kathleen Neville Fritz, theology school graduate and religion teacher, joined the group in the spring of 2013.”

A number of Vocal Divine’s performances may be found on youtube. The following lyrics, which were posted on the herchurch homepage, are representative:

Our Mother who is within us
we celebrate your many names.
Your wisdom come.
Your will be done,
unfolding from the depths within us.
Each day you give us all that we need.
You remind us of our limits
and we let go.
You support us in our power
and we act with courage.
For you are the dwelling place within us
the empowerment around us
and the celebration among us
now and for ever. Amen

Since Vocal Divine is an essential part of herchurch’s ministry, one would expect the theology of herchurch to be similar to the sentiments expressed in the above lyrics, and it is.  The herchurch Sunday service is a Sunday Liturgy of the Divine Feminine.

The webpage describes one of herchurch’s new rituals: “The Goddess Rosary.  Using the numeration of the Anglican Rosary congregants bead rosaries and use them in their personal devotional life and every Wednesday at 7 – 8 PM during a public reciting of the Goddess Rosary which includes prayers that are liberating and empowering (‘Our Mother Who is within us’ by Mariam Teresa Winters, a Roman Catholic Feminist and ‘Hail Goddess Full of Grace’ by Carol Christ a Goddess Feminist).

“During the hour Tibetan bowls, bells, incense, water, she-icons, Goddess Rosaries, candles, stones, and sacred space are provided for individual meditation and movement. Minister of Embodiment Judith Lavender Dancer teaches movement for the Our Mother and Hail Goddess prayers. She also brings sacred dance and the body into the Sunday liturgy.”

herchurch celebrated the Spring Equinox on March 19: “Spring Equinox marks the reunion of Mother Demeter with her daughter Persephone, returning from the underworld to rejoin the world of the living.  This day marks a point of balance between light and dark and gives us the opportunity to strike an inner balance between our own contrasting qualities and desires.”

While the Schools of the Sacred Heart are under the control of a religious order, meaning the power of the local bishop is limited, the school is listed as a Catholic school on the archdiocesan website and on the website of the San Francisco Department of Catholic Schools.

Contact: Jan Dunn, RSCJ, executive director, Network of Sacred Heart Schools, 700 North Third Street, St. Charles MO 63301.

Contact: Maureen Huntington, superintendent of Catholic Schools; Laura Held, assistant superintendent Faith Formation and Religious Instruction; and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, all at the Archdiocese of San Francisco, One Peter Yorke Way, San Francisco CA 94109

Most important is to contact the principal of your local Catholic elementary schools. Almost all enrollment to Catholic high schools come from Catholic elementary feeder schools.

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  1. It is NOT Catholic, let alone Christian. It is pagan, with a capital P. Stay away from this nonsense if you want to save your immortal soul.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    If they will not listen to the Archbishop, and that is one of two things he can do, is to speak with them…..they either listen or not! The other thing he can do is to take their ‘Catholic’ identity away from them. I would say if they don’t listen to the Church’s teachings……………TIME TO TAKE THEIR IDENTITY AWAY!!!!

    Maybe then they will learn?

  3. There is almost nothing Catholic about Sacred Heart Preparatory. The place stinks of odium for the Church and her authentic teachings. It was bad twenty years ago, and things have gotten progressively worse. Read the school statements of philosophy and the religious studies department’s description of its educational approach: both clearly express religious relativism and indifference toward Revelation and the Church.

    • I respectfully disagree with your notion of poor academics. I read the description of the religious courses. They are truly require a deep examination of beliefs and teachings of the Catholic church. They do what VII said schools should do. They require research, thinking, discerning and understanding that leads to belief and faith. The teachers I’m not ready to be so positive about if the one in the article is true. Faith isn’t about knowledge of God, but developing a true relationship with Him. That can take years to develop!

  4. Jim McCrea says:

    Be honest. The picture you show is of a PRESBYTERIAN church in San Francisco, not any Catholic church.

  5. Last I heard, God is neither male nor female. So we are just as correct in thinking of God as “She” as we are to think “He.” In fact, I do think Pope John Paul I referred to the Motherhood of God.

    Don’t make a controversy when there is none.

  6. We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God; despise not our petitions in our necessities, but deliver us always from all dangers, O glorious and blessed Virgin. Amen.

    There…. fixed it for you….

  7. Everyone, send this article to ABP Cordileone.
    And then pray for him.
    It sounds like much of San Fransisco is in need of an exorcism.

    Parents should not send their children to any Catholic School that does not adhere 100% to the CCC.

  8. Ann Malley says:

    THANK YOU, CCD, for reporting the reality of what is being allowed to go on in ‘Catholic’ schools. Your frank exposes aid one and all as too often it is only ‘seeing’ that is believing.

    But this kind of nonsense didn’t just sprout over night. It’s been cultivated for a very long, long time. Perhaps Our Lord has had His fill.

    God bless!

  9. This ridiculous! These people dream a bunch of gnostic bs (bs = bull stuff 🙂 ). I’d love to see these people try to teach this nonsense at an inner city church school. The students would laugh them out of the classroom.

    “370 In no way is God in man’s image. He is neither man nor woman. God is pure spirit in which there is no place for the difference between the sexes. But the respective “perfections” of man and woman reflect something of the infinite perfection of God: those of a mother and those of a father and husband.”

  11. John Feeney says:

    Call in an Exorcist!

  12. This would all be LOL hilarious if it were’nt at the same time so unhinged and detached from the real world, boundless in all it’s delusionality. For these women, for me, as I’ve remarked so many times in the past, in some ways belong in padded cells. And incorporated in all this mindless bloviating about the “mother” (goddess?) in “us”, the “divine feminine,” is rank nuttiness,just crying out for satirization. Are there no deft satirists among us as a culture like there used to be? Must we take all of their solemn blasphemies and incredibly banal and stereotypical sentimentalisms really so seriously? In many ways, the religious feminist movement is sealing itself off from any rationality as it wends its way into oblivion. For, who could take this solmnolent nonsense they preach with any degree of soberness? They either abandon the whole dotty mess or they should get excommunicated. Deep down methinks that’s what they at bottom want. I could be wrong. God Bless and preserve, Markrite

  13. Linda Maria says:

    Ridiculous, and Evil! Call the Pope, and talk to him! What will he say? Nothing! That is the ridiculous, post-Vatican II “Church” for you! GARBAGE!! Not “Christian,” at all! And no one cares! Frustrating, beyond words!!

  14. Bob One says:

    My previous comment may not have been sufficient. The religious studies outlines the school uses seem appropriate. If, however, they are taught by people who don’t believe in the outline, or the teachings of the Catholic church, there is the rub. The primary purpose of a Catholic school, elementary, high school, college or university, seminary, etc., should be to evangelize. It’s primary purpose should be to bring people to be fully participating members of the Catholic church. Academics is the secondary purpose of these schools, or should be. CCD raises the issue! People who teach religion in a Catholic school should be Catholics who believe in basic Catholic teachings. The faculty must represent the faith. It doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight, male or female, married or single. What matters is that they live the life called for by the church. That doesn’t mean we go on witch hunts at every school. It does, however, mean that the school doesn’t hire people whose lives are in contradiction to Church teachings, and that those norms are part of the annual contract.

  15. St. Christopher says:

    The justifications offered for the roles of non-Catholic, anti-Catholic, and homosexual sexual members of these schools shows the true absence of Faith in the Diocese. Sure the Abp. can do something, although it is highly unlikely that he will. Why? Because of the notoriety, the “shame-on-you” factor that would surely follow any such “discriminatory” action. Just look at what is going on in NC, with the good Dominican Sister Jane Dominic Laurel being attacked for only speaking on true Catholic beliefs on homosexual sex, divorce, masculinity and feminity — all of that, and this is “conservative” North Carolina, not California! The Church, and particularly the Church led by Pope Francis, refuses to see the almost complete absence of understanding among the young, and those that teach them, of what Catholicism means. When they hear it, they revolt, because it is foreign to them and foreign to the public/media morality with which they are drenched almost every day. Few believe anymore. All want a religion of comfort and no controversy with reighning moral beliefs. These schools, in truth, are more accurate portrayals of current “catholic” belief than what goes on at mass around the diocese. Soon, very soon, it will be over, with only a remnant left to carry on the Faith, accurately and fully. Blow out the candles — where they exist — on the way out.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Pray for the Archbishop!!! He has a VERY LARGE SHIP to turn around. And I can bet my bottom dollar that he is even MORE UPSET about these situations than even we are!!!

  17. Yuck!
    The colors alone would drive me away from this loony bin! 🙁

  18. Michael McDermott says:

    I am ashamed – of my own ‘Cradle Catholic Complacency’ – for too long thinking that the Church was such a solid Institution that it couldn’t be harmed – even by a few bad apples.

    However – those with no faith save in a free paycheck for false piety have had a feast, browbeating the Congregation on Sunday to tithe for the good of the poor; and using the money the other 6 days of the week to Pander to the Perverted.

    As with the ‘Abuse Scandal’ – is is only a small minority who actually pull this scam, but they have proven more than enough to Prey on the rest – using bogus appeals to Christian Compassion to excuse their excess.

    If the radical gender feminists of the ‘Womyn-Pest’ movement want their own Church, they are free to set up a soap box on a street corner and see if they can attract more than fleas & flies as followers…

    But that would mean being cut off – Not from Sacraments they could care less about, but rather from the Money & Power they Covet above all else.

    Good Sisters – We do Love You, and we do not confuse you with the ‘perpetually indulgent’ – but please, distance yourselves from such, for the sake of all.

  19. Father Karl says:

    The corruption of the best, is the worst that can happen! Most of the nuns have been brainwashed by the classes they were forced to take at IHM College in the summer of 1966. The radical feminist sisters were the product of that sensitivity training. Their congregations are dying out, but they will continue to corrupt until the very last one of these nuns hits the dust. Look at all the good these sisters did up until Vatican II. After the council, look at all the evil they are responsible for.

  20. Michael McDermott says:

    I once attended services ( I won’t call it Mass) at Saint Columba’s on the Oakland Berzerkley border, and was so confused by what was going on that I declined Communion, because of the behind the scenes nature of the process.

    I later asked a Priest with some experience of the place just what the heck was going on, and in a roundabout way he indicated that there was a Catholic Priest somehow involved in the Church – but was uncomfortably evasive about the actual services – and just who was doing what.- except to acknowledge that the participation of Male Catholics was minimal at best.

    I have received Communion from Women distributing the Eucharist After a Priest had consecrated it, but as I recall the ‘ ceremony’ at Columba’s took place out of sight – and more resembled taking Communion to the homebound than an actual Mass.

    Anybody with any further insight in to this ‘unique’ parish?

  21. FrMichael says:

    Bishop Barber has done more to clean up Oakland in his first year as bishop than the then-Bishop Cordileone did in several years. Ditto the ineffectual actions of then-Bishop Vigneron. I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting the archbishop to clean up this wasps’ nest or others around the archdiocese. As the Texans say, “Big hat, no horse.”

  22. Willard Oaf Duckling JR says:

    “Anti-Catholic” is the ultimate casuist oxymoron! This country was built to escape their un-Maerican McCarthyite inquisitions. As Queens wiretaps will soon reveal, their politicians all slur Asians, Jews & Blacks. Anyone who knows the cruel, vindictive ending of Vercingetorix, Spartacus and Carthage can only blame Rome for the death of the Messiah. Let them off to Argentina where Croat and Arab Nazis pork for lore enforcement, casuistry and pestilence instead of thinking!

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