Letters from Kolkata

Dear ones, Søren Kierkegaard sagely writes,  "When the child is to be weaned, his mother blackens her breast; for it were a pity if her breast should look sweet to him when he is not to have it. Then the child believes that her breast has changed... Happy he who needed not worse means to wean his … [Read More...]

New Divine Mercy film and director to tour California

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSB7uiE7sTA Trailer for “The Original Image of Divine Mercy: The Untold Story of an Unknown Masterpiece” Millions of Catholics across the globe pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy every day at 3:00pm. Most know the events that led to the devotion: the … [Read More...]

Surprise! Facebook blacklists trending topics and conservative news outlets

The following comes from a May 3 Federalist article: If you’ve ever used Facebook, you’ve noticed the list of trending topics on the vertical navbar along the right side of the page. You may have even clicked one or two of them to see what’s happening or why the topic is trending. What you … [Read More...]

Learn your history

The following comes from an April 28 Globe Newswire news release: Lands of Hope and Promise, the newest high school history textbook in a series of highly praised, beautiful history textbooks published by Catholic Textbook Project, earns the highest praise from Monsignor Sal Pilato, … [Read More...]

Letters from Kolkata

Dear family, Well, the last week has been a good one, but I was definitely beginning to feel a sort of spiritual dryness. My first month here, everything felt so new, and good; there was this peace in knowing that I was going outside of myself, serving others. Then I realized two things: the … [Read More...]

Abortion clinics in blue states are closing, too

The following comes from a May 2 FiveThirtyEight article by Madeleine Schwartz: In many ways, Shauna Heckert, the executive director of Women’s Health Specialists of California, a group of six abortion clinics in Northern California, feels lucky to be working in a blue state. California abortion … [Read More...]

Co-chair of Catholic Green Initiative warns of dire consequences of global warming

  The following comes from an April 27 Valley Catholic post by A.W. Strawa, Co-Chair of Catholic Green Initiative, Office of Social Ministries: “If objective information suggests that serious and irreversible damage may result, a project should be halted or modified, even in the … [Read More...]

“We decided to keep it”

The following comes from an April 25 Catholic Voice article by Mair Moran. Moran is co-director of Birthright of Livermore. As they exited the clinic, the young couple looked downcast. They had been given only one "choice." Even though they were struggling to raise several children, they didn't … [Read More...]

Letters from Kolkata

Dear family, Well, wonderful as Kolkata is, I still seem to be dreaming about home every night. Last night I dreamed we were all at Thomas Aquinas College for mass, and I was meeting baby Sam. This morning I went to Kalighat as usual. On Sundays we have mass there which is always really cool. … [Read More...]

Why aren’t other dioceses looking to Lincoln?

The following comes from an April 30 Liturgy Guy blog post: So often these days we read of the ongoing collapse of Catholicism in the west.  In diocese after diocese we see parishes and schools closing or consolidating, a decline in priests as older clergy pass away at rates higher than new … [Read More...]

‘I was still in there’

The following comes from a May 2 Washington Post article by Lindsey Bever: Brisa Alfaro had a stroke and slipped into a coma in 2014. While in comatose, Alfaro suffered from the rare locked-in syndrome: she was paralyzed, but painfully aware. Now, Alfaro says she is still on the road to recovery, … [Read More...]

Puppet co-preached homily in front of San Diego bishop

The following comes from a Southern Cross article by Denis Grasska: SAN DIEGO — There was something special about the Mass celebrated on March 8 at Our Mother of Confidence Church. And it wasn’t just the fact that a female puppet co-preached the homily. The sixth annual Missionary Childhood … [Read More...]