My rejection of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

U.S. soldier tries to use the chain of command
General Odierno

General Odierno

The following comes from a story by Mark Kowalewski posted on the website of the International Youth Coalition.

….I want to share a personal story that details a small victory during my final years as an enlisted soldier in the United States Army opposing the “Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. This policy is being used by the Department of Defense to proselytize service members away from their traditional Christian faith. As Archbishop Broglio of the Archdiocese of Military Services described it, “behind the repeal lies an agenda to force everyone to accept as normal and positive a behavior that is contrary to the moral norms of many religions, including the Catholic Church.”

Following the enactment of the new policy, my battalion (300 plus soldiers) was in a mandatory training session on diversity. The training involved placing “sexual orientation” alongside race and gender as a diversity issue.  The result – if I were to state my disagreement with the bedroom behavior of another, and defend natural and divine law, I am the equivalent of a racist or a sexist. I acknowledged this as an attack on religious liberty, and fully realized LGBT advocates would use their foothold in the military to bring down traditional marriage. Once homosexuality is accepted within the ranks, they would cry discrimination for not receiving the military benefits heterosexual married couples receive since their relationships were not officially recognized. Due to this realization, I walked out of the training.

Author Kowalewski

Author Kowalewski

I decided to look beyond the shallow waters in which the media holds the discussion of homosexuality, and thoroughly research, not only the “Repeal”, but the history of the homosexual movement in the United States. I submitted my findings in a 20 plus page letter entitled “Subordination Defined” up my Chain of Command…. My letter made it clear to my leadership that I walked out of the mandatory training, and the initial 80 percent of the paper covered the following topics:

  • The New Testament demands nothing less than love and respect for all people, to include those who believe the homosexual act is acceptable. However, it likewise makes it clear that true love is not to ignore or endorse immoral or destructive behavior.
  • The propaganda techniques outlined by the homosexual movement that are very apparent in our present day society, to include making those who oppose the lifestyle feel they are heavily outnumbered and without hope.
  • The 1973 decision by the American Psychological Association to remove homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. A move our present day media claims was an authoritative scientific decision, yet homosexual activists of the day make it clear that it was anything but scientific.
  • The vote to approve homosexual marriage in New York that involved the votes of four Republican state senators being bought.
  • Children across the country (on the tax payer’s dollar) being informed by teachers that their parents are lying to them if they tell them the homosexual act is immoral. It is now being taken to a level where children are allowed to actually choose their gender without parental consent, because according to the teacher, gender is a “state of mind”.

My first line supervisors respected my views against the promotion of homosexuality; however prior to handing my paper to the Battalion Commander (BC), my Company Commander (CC) warned me that the BC’s position on homosexuality was unknown. Since it is such a polarizing issue, if the BC supports homosexuality, on a personal level it could cause serious problems for me. On a more professional level, due to the fact that I admitted refusing orders, and I’m being insubordinate to the Commander in Chief, I could face legal action and possibly an “other than honorable discharge”. Taking my CC’s warning into consideration, I decided to proceed forward with my original course of action, to have my paper submitted to the BC and to arrange a closed door meeting.

Following the closed-door meeting with my BC; I sent my paper to Congress as well as the Chief of Staff of the Army. The only Congressman to respond with a personal letter and provide assistance was former Florida Congressman Allen West, who topped his response off with Joshua 1:5-9. He agreed to pass my packet off to the Army/Congress LNO so pressure could be applied from the top. I wasn’t sure what the response would be from the Pentagon, but I decided to send the below letter along with “Subordination Defined” regardless:


July 15, 2012

To General Raymond Odierno:

I am SFC Mark Kowalewski, US Army, currently stationed with the XXX MI BN at Fort Meade, Maryland. I would like to begin by thanking you for your continued service to our America. Prior to joining the Army, I felt if I was on my deathbed, I would question if there was any true purpose to my life. After 10 years of service and two deployments to Iraq, I take great comfort in knowing I could die tomorrow with more accomplished in a decade than most accomplish in a full lifetime. At 33, I have already lived a life full of purpose, and it has been an honor to go to work each day surrounded by people who can say the same.

I am writing you regarding the Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell [DADT], as well as the diversity training the Army is currently providing which indicates that sexual orientation is a diversity issue which should be placed along side race and gender. It appears due to strong media bias, as well as service members concerned about repercussions for openly voicing opposition to the new policy, that the Repeal of DADT is a good case of “the dog that didn’t bark” as our Commander in Chief stated while giving a speech in Chicago. I have decided to use this letter, as well as the attached packet as my way of barking.

After LTG Benjamin Mixon was reprimanded and forced into retirement for urging Soldiers to write their Congressman if they disagreed with the repeal, I decided to thoroughly research the repeal process as well as the history of the homosexual agenda in America, and submit my findings in a letter entitled “Subordination Defined” up my chain of command. Even though I fully understood and acknowledged the recommendations of the Pentagon Study Group, I requested early release from the military [which was denied]. I also informed my battalion commander that if I was not released, I would not take part in any diversity training from this point forward that placed sexual orientation along side race and gender as a diversity issue. I will not be reenlisting in the Army due to the manner in which the Repeal Study/Survey took place. After reading the “Report of the Comprehensive Review of the Issues Associated with a Repeal of DADT” authored by the Pentagon Study Group,as well as the official Inspector General complaint filed against the Pentagon Study Group, it is very apparent that the final results and recommendations of the repeal study were a completely dishonest hack job. A decade of war, thousands dead, and so many critically wounded; what a shame for our military to be used as nothing more than a political tool.

I will never accept sexual orientation [action/behavior based] being placed along side gender and race as a diversity issue. I will forever reject homosexuality as the “Modern Day Civil Rights” issue. Among others, one key difference between the homosexual agenda’s push for acceptance of their actions, and the Civil Rights Movement of the 50s and 60s is as follows: I do not recall Martin Luther King Jr [a champion for natural and divine law] having to deceive or pay people off in order to gain equality for Black Americans.He used the truth, and the truth set them free [John 8:32]. In “Subordination Defined”, I highlight several key moments in history [to include the Repeal itself] when the homosexual community, and those assisting it, did nothing but pay people off, and use tactics of deception in order to push its way into our communities. Those supporting the homosexual agenda have a strong financial backing, but they are severely misguided if they believe the truth can be bought or suppressed with money.  No amount of money will ever be enough to eclipse the truth that shines down from heaven, and into the heart of every woman and man…if one would only observe [Romans 2:15].

To me, the key question is which of the following statements is true:

The homosexual agenda, with the assistance of Hollywood, the mainstream media, and now the Department of Defense [DOD], is combating bigotry and hatred, or….

The homosexual agenda, with the assistance of Hollywood, the mainstream media, and now the DOD, is combating the good conscience of many Americans who are trying to do everything they can to hold onto a moral, value based America; one that is quickly slipping away….

Very Respectfully Submitted,

SFC Mark Kowalewski


I concluded my paper “Subordination Defined” with the following three sections:

  • Subordination Explained: I demanded early release from my military contract for no other reason than to show my rejection the Pentagon Study Group’s recommendation: that service members shall not be released early if they oppose repeal. I then made it clear if I was not released; my command can expect nothing but my complete subordination for the remainder of my contract. That being: I will refuse to attend, or inform any of my subordinates, about all mandatory training that places “sexual orientation” alongside race and gender as a diversity issue. I do not seek punishment, but I will accept punishment before I comply with the new policy. This doesn’t sound like subordination explained? I will clarify….
  • Subordination in Action: I included a picture of Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Lutheran) and Saint Thomas More (Catholic). Below each picture, I provided a brief paragraph of their final moments, dying for Christ while standing in opposition with man. And then, I concluded my paper with the obvious definition….
  • Subordination Defined: Subordination in its truest sense, is being subordinate to the Supreme Commander in Chief, even in the face of heavy punishment from man.

I never received a response from General Odierno. My opposition was well received by my BC; however he had to balance his own personal feelings against his job as a commander: to enforce policy. He told me early release from my contract would not be authorized based on the Pentagon’s recommendation. He said, however, that he would pass my paper off to the Brigade Commander and the Brigade Chaplain to see if any adjustments could be made to the training. If not, at the very least, I would no longer have to attend. At the following diversity training, all references to sexual orientation and homosexuality were removed and no longer observed by the 300 plus soldiers in my battalion (at least for the remainder of my enlistment).

There is a serious problem with proselytizing in the military, the leading culprit being the Pentagon; attempting to force service members on a large scale to reject traditional Christianity and at the very least, reprimanding those who refuse to comply. The Joint Chiefs of our military are in lockstep with secular progressives that are destroying the soul of our country under “moral relativity”. Regardless of the issue, this is no time for good, moral citizens to stand by and watch quietly. Uncle Sam is bleeding out, and help is desperately needed.

To read my collection of letters in their entirety, click here.

To read the original posting, click here.



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  1. SandraD says:

    Thank you Lord for all the Mark Kowalewski’s in the world! May God Bless America!

  2. Bakersfield Crusader says:

    From John 15:6 — If any one abide not in me, he shall be cast forth as a branch, and shall wither, and they shall gather him up, and cast him into the fire, and he burneth.

    I would say Mark Kowalewski has yielded good fruits and won’t need to worry about meeting the same fate as the antichrists.

  3. Linda Maria says:

    Bravo, SFC Mark Kowalewski! BRAVO!! Thank you so very much!! BLESS you!! This outstanding soldier needs to be invited to give big speeches on TV, and in all the media, and before a big Congressional hearing someday (I hope!) on Immorality and sick, “crackpot radicals,” and “phony, immoral, liberal, intellectual false leaders,” in many fields, since the 1960’s, all seeking to falsely mislead, in their fields– and destroy the U.S.!! Destroy our homes, families, children, the meaning of authentic Marriage and Family; destroy our churches, destroy church-sponsored charity programs, destroy our schools and colleges, destroy many fields and professions that serve America!! A HORROR!! Education, medicine, psychology, mental health, journalism and the media, entertainment (such as Hollywood, and the evil, filthy rock “music” industry); and the law and legal system, government and politics, the military– and many other fields, too!! They all need to be completely overhauled, and rid of immoral, liberal “crackpots,” and their beliefs, books, and propagandas!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      If you are opposed to this, as you should be, work for the election of Dr. Ben Carson for President of what is left of the U.S.. This election may be our last chance!

      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika and His Church!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      Yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Anne T. says:

        Kenneth, you might be right, but anyway we now know why they want to take away private ownership of guns. They have also taken away most private ownership of guns in England. I think it has something to do with making it easier to set up a caliphate. Just my opinion, but there is strong evidence that that is so.

  4. juergensen says:

    “they would cry discrimination for not receiving the military benefits heterosexual married couples receive”

    The sodomite movement has as its ultimate goal attaining all “benefits” of heterosexual married couples. ALL BENEFITS, including children, specifically boys, which they will sexually abuse. It’s no secret that sodomites, though only 2% of the population, make up 33% of all child sex abusers, making them 16.5 times (33 ÷ 2 = 16.5) more likely to sexually abuse children than are heterosexuals. See:

    Make no mistake. Do not be deceived by Satan and his minions. The ultimate goal of sodomites is not these “marriage” and other “rights” they are crying for, it is LEGAL ACCESS TO YOUR CHILDREN!!!

  5. St. Christopher says:

    This man is a hero. He closely examined his Faith and placed his belief in God and His divine principles ahead of the military. Recall that the military is often a “testing ground” for social policies of one type or another. Of course, Homofascists will point to the anti-discrimination directions of Presidents Truman and Eisenhower as examples of achieving a needed societal good from such policies. Few would argue that racial discrimination has no place in the military as formal American policy. Homosexual sexual “rights” are an entirely other matter, as has been well described in current literature. Sergeant Kowalewski names a number of these positions, and rightly so. There is little doubt as to scriptural insistence on rejecting homosexual sex. The demand that the military makes for its soldiers to forsake their religious beliefs must be opposed, in the name of righteousness. Col. West’s suggestion to review Joshua 1:5-9 is also important: know and keep faithful God’s law, and He will abide with you, always. It is good that Abp. Broglio spoke out against the new federal policy, but it is not enough; and, of course, American bishops, and their party-palace USCCB, remain silent — Silent! — in the face of President Obama’s apostacy, and the cowardice of implementing military lapdogs.

  6. LIBERALS are the most INTOLERATE people there are.
    1) They refuse to ‘Live and let Live”;
    2) want to CONTROL and FORCE people into doing everything their way;
    3) and want everyone to pay $$$$ for their DEMANDS through taxation.

    Why would the Democratic liberals in Congress feel the need to promote: Homosexual Acts, Adultery, or Fornication ?
    These are all Mortal Sins.

  7. OneoftheSheep says:

    We must all hang together or we will assuredly all hang separately.

  8. This soldier, SFC Mark Kowalewski, is a soldier who stands up for truth.

    Having spent forty years with the military, when asked in the past, I would advise young men to join the military if they were unsure of their life’s vocation. Although I honor and respect those now serving under adverse conditions surrounding them on the battlefield and within the military, today I would not advise them to join the military because of the errant social engineering now taking place on many subjects within the military. Granted, this social engineering is the result of the moral failure of mankind in general, but it seems that the military is being used as a guinea pig for social engineering changes.

  9. To repeat my alert of last night and inasmuch as I expect YFC (Young Fake Catholic?) to respond on this particular CCD item:
    To all those reading and commenting at CCD: I suspect that YFC may be a Gill or Arcus Foundation or similarly placed “plant.” For information about these infiltrators who would drive wedges between the faithful and our bishops, and between the faithful and our ministers from the Faith, see Anne Herdershott’s recent article at Crisis Magazine, entitled “What’s Behind Pelosi’s Attack on Archbishop Cordileone?” You’ll see where this guy/gal is coming from. Watch for similar plants in other Catholic organizations and fora.

    Here’s a link to Ms. Hendershott’s article:

    • Thanks Larry. Good to know thine enemy!

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      I’m not a plant. But I appreciate the complement, i guess.

      • Ann Malley says:

        Why would a Catholic take being considered an anti-Catholic plant as a compliment? They wouldn’t. Thanks again for the confirmation of why CCD needs to keep reporting about Catholic life on the ground.

        Thanks, CCD! And thank you, Larry…again!

    • The issue with YFC is not whether he is or is not a plant. The issue has to do with his statements which undermine the Faith and lead others into grave error. YFC defends and celebrates the homosexual act; he self-identifies as an active homosexual, living in a homosexual relationship; he admits to recieving communion and has proclaimed that heaven is his; he routinely misrepresents the CCC and the Magisterium. CCD must take some responsibility and appropriate action. How is it that the CCD does not see the obvious damage this person is doing to those coming to this site? This person is a deciever and is not commenting in good faith. Censorship is serious but in this case warranted.

  10. St. Christopher says:

    “Larry,” could this be true? How about it “Your Fellow Catholic”? Thanks for the heads-up.

    • Could well be. Note the deafening silence.

      • Catherine says:

        “To all those reading and commenting at CCD: I suspect that YFC may be a Gill or Arcus Foundation or similarly placed “plant.”

        Larry, This previous post of YFC was a red flag and it goes right along with your heads up warning. YFC was switching his tactics. The CCD topic was regarding the homeschooling family from Germany who was allowed to stay in the U.S.

        Your Fellow Catholic says:
        November 27, 2013 at 7:51 am
        OK before we go off on the Administration again for its supposed sins, it might be wise to remember that no one has a right to live here in the U.S. If there is a human right for homeschooling, which is something I’ve never heard before, the correction is to change German law. If Germany fails, then it is hardly the job of Americans to give them refuge. All of the finger wagging at Archbishop Gomez, when juxtapositioned against this post, merely shows how convoluted our thinking is on immigration. Readers of CCD would sooner have the innocent children of Mexican immigrants, who are already here and know no other country as home, deported.


        • Catherine says:

          continued from July 17, 2014 at 11:05pm

          Rules for Radicals RULE 7: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Don’t become old news. (Even radical activists get bored. So to keep them excited and involved, organizers are constantly coming up with new tactics.)”

          The CCD Topic was – Supreme Court steps into homeschooling case and
          YFC was caught using a new tactic of strategically “threadjacking” the focus away from the plight of the persecution and the destruction of the Christian family. … IOW the persecution of all Christianity and the systematic removal of the rights of all parents to decide what is best for their children.

          Please use your search engine to read about using different tactics of “strategic intersectionality”….’Queer Migration Research Network “Homosexual Agenda” Intersectionality and Immigration Rights’
          “It seems to me that this is an opportunity for progressive scholars and activists to take control of the rhetoric of such debate, especially when rhetorical terms born in academia find their way into non-academia vernacular spaces.” “Tags: Catholic Church Divide and Conquer” = Sounds Familiar! = Sounds like YFC!

  11. “This hellish movement is not about homosexuals simply wanting the “right” to “marry” or any of the other fallacious claims to unattainable “equality” they demand for their perverse sexual behavior. No. At its heart, this movement, born of Hell, is about Satan’s tyrannical desire to crush Christianity. Even though it is playing out in the physical realm, this is a spiritual battle between satanic forces and the forces of Jesus, Who is the only Way to God the Father, and He is deeply hated by Satan. This is why I keep saying that the militant homosexual movement’s chief targets are Christianity and the rights of the followers of Christ, whether the human pawns of the movement realize it or not.

    This is a fascistic movement, meaning that its adherents employ authoritarian, militaristic tactics to push their radical agenda, which is just a “new” version of age-old tyranny. They use lying propaganda, intimidation and threats of targeting, boycotts and lawsuits to persuade people or to cow them into silence. Homosexual activists have been very successful in gaining the submission of leaders in corporate America, and they are even succeeding in swaying some churches to sign on in support of special “rights” for sodomites.

    • Continued
      “The fact that far too many Christian pastors have remained silent in the face of this quickly spreading movement does not bode well for churches in America. Silence in the face of evil allows evil to easily flourish, and if Christians are afraid to speak out against the radical homosexual movement, then who will stand against it?”
      Gina Miller Renew America.

  12. * Keep praying and ask for the intercession of St Michael and all the saints.
    * Protect your children and tell them the truth.
    * Be prepared to be martyred for your beliefs, so frequent Confession.
    * Remain in a state of grace.

  13. Thank you all very much for your kind comments and thanks to California Catholic Daily for publishing my writing. There is no question you are all on the front lines in the culture war living out in California so I will be sure to keep you in my prayers! The other day I went for a walk, and the story of Abraham and the destruction of the two cities came to mind. While I always viewed it as an unfortunate story; that the two cities had to be destroyed, a rather simple thought occurred to me. While we have much ground to reclaim and a lot of praying/work to do, the righteous are showing themselves in cities and towns throughout our country, and there are far more than the ten that were requested of Abraham. I’m not sure this story would apply to our current situation in God’s eyes, but if it does, we may have some time on our hands and much reason to be hopeful. God bless all of you and let the courageous example of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone be followed. I had the pleasure of seeing him at the March for Marriage out here in DC and he was walking around wearing an Army green bush hat! Great guy!

    • Ann Malley says:

      God bless you, Mark! Thank you for living the Faith.

    • Catherine says:

      ” I’m not sure this story would apply to our current situation in God’s eyes, but if it does, we may have some time on our hands and much reason to be hopeful. ”

      Mark Kowaleski, Thank you! May God continue to richly bless you for your faithfulness and for your exceptional example of heroic courageous action. I am sure that the ‘apostle of common sense’ , G.K. Chesterton, would salute you’re apostleship of ‘good common sense’ with a fine wine toast and a good cigar!

      The story below, ( see the link posted) applies to the current situation which has exponentially fueled the culture war that we are experiencing. What a very tragic day for America when the President of the United States publicly fist pumps in support of depravity. Thank you for your brave service to our country and for all of your prayers and also for recognizing the valuable work that CCD is doing. This website is on the daily front lines exposing the many lies that are often passed as truths by those who seem committed to serving the wrong master. Thank you also Mark for recognizing the reality that many faithful are showing themselves in towns and cities throughout our country. It is always a great persevering comfort and persevering hope to know that ……”With God All Things Are Possible! ”

      Those who are deeply offending God have lost the recognition that they do not have the Supernatural on their side. We need to have God on our nation’s side, no matter how blinded our leaders may be!


      • Catherine says:

        continued from July 16th, 2014 at 10:19 am for Mark Kowalewski

        When the President of the United States fist pumps for perversion, depravity and a lack of self-control then he is NOT interested in God mending our nation’s ev’ry flaw. How can President Obama expect our nation to be blessed or how can President Obama expect to confirm his soul to be pleasing to God when he is clearly showing such a lack of self-control when personally showcasing our nation’s immorality and deepest flaws. Once again, those who are greatly offending God have lost the recognition that they do not have the supernatural on their side. We NEED to have God on our nation’s side, no matter how blinded our leaders may be!

        Mark Kowaleski, You’re brave leadership actions have certainly given added testimony to the beautiful lyrics and one of the most important reasons why this song below was written. WELL DONE, faithful servant!

        America by Katherine Lee Bates

        “O beautiful for pilgrim feet,
        Whose stern impassion’d stress
        A thoroughfare for freedom beat
        Across the wilderness!
        America! America! God mend thine ev’ry flaw,
        Confirm thy soul in self-control,
        Thy liberty in law!”

        • Nice Catherine! Beautifully said. Let’s continue to pray for these brave people who have the courage to speak openly of things, ( like I wrote the other day)…’ that ten years ago nearly EVERYONE believed.”

          • Catherine says:

            Thanks Dana! We will definitely continue to pray for the brave people in our armed forces who DO have the courage to stand up for truth.

        • Catherine,

          You make many valid points! Thanks for your kind words and for sharing that article. The President’s actions were pretty un-Presidential, but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised anymore. I’m just praying something may change in the near future…I don’t think we can take much more of this. I wish you all the best!


    • Abeca Christian says:

      God bless you Mark Kowalewski and I agree with your comments especially about the courageous example of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. He is courageous and I pray that it will awaken in more Catholics to speak up and not let the “gay” activists keep pushing their lifestyles on us. They want to take over our families and our home life. Its disgusting, they treat their gay activism like a religion, its a cult now, they are a cult, they are brainwashed into their ideals. They brainwash others and there is no room for reasoning! God have mercy!

  14. Anybody who defends don’t ask, don’t tell on religious grounds is silly. The policy did not ban gay peoe from the military, it merely required that they not disclose their sexual orientation.

    If you wanted to be honest and consistent, you would demand that the law be more restrictive and actually ban all gay people from the military, not just self identified individuals.

    As for the guy who wrote this letter, he doesn’t truly believe in American values. He only believes in freedom for people who identify as Catholic. That doesn’t sound very American to me.

    If you’re willing to put your life on the line for my freedom, I have no concern for your orientation. I thank you for being a soldier in this country and for providing a very special service.

    I call shame in any person who deny a soldier equal rights under the law.

    • hosemonkey says:

      Mike, one question; have you ever served in the military? If not, you have no right to comment. If so, you have no idea of what the standards of previous generations of military men were bound to uphold, to your loss. The armed forces of the United States have, until now, been strong proponents of Christian and Jewish moral values and to the defense of the religious rights of others during the wars in which they have been engaged. In the military that I was proud to have served in, homosexuality and deviance was not tolerated or condoned and would result in instant dismissal from the company of honorable men. We were led by honorable and Godly men, true warriors who prayed for the success of their missions and for the safety of their men. Our so called “Commander-in-Chief” Is striving to destroy our military with the introduction of sodomite soldiers, led by spineless “yes-man” officers, placing the defense of our country in the hands of Godless men. I served my country for 22 years, in war and peace, I would not be a part of today’s military nor would I recommend such service to any normal young man. It causes me great pain to have to say this.

      • SandraD says:

        Thank you for your sincere post.

      • Yes, josemonkey, I do have a right to comment on the politics and military affairs as a citizen. I even have a right to comment as a person who is affected by military policies.

        The military is not a Christian or Jewish organization, it is a government program. It is, therefore, limited by the Constitution. The Constitution says that the government may not establish a state religion. That means that the military should not be run to exclusively pursue Chistian/Jewish morals.

        I won’t convince you otherwise, but there is nothing dishonorable about being gay. There is a great bit of dishonor in classifying a person purely on their private sexual acts.

        • hosemonkey says:

          “These ‘civil-rights heroes wannabes’ can be more accurately be said to be ticks on the back of an ass.”
          Well said, Well said. Dana has hit the mark. Mike, you are correct in saying that the military is neither Christian nor Jewish, but the military is an organization guided by the principles of both religions. And yes, the practice of sodomy and perversion IS dishonorable and separates one from the company of honorable men. We are already seeing the result of dropping all restraints, sexual assaults have greatly increased in the military among not only women but among men also. Religion in the military has provided support for the ethics and restraints that separate ligitimate war from simple savagery. “State” religion has never been advocated in the military, but has, until now, been advocated as a benefit to the troops and to the mission. Homosexuality, on the other hand, has always been regarded as destructive and those who practice it as morally defective. I agree, the acceptance of this practice will ultimately result in the degradation of our nation’s armed forces.

      • Ann Malley says:

        Thank you for your service, hosemonkey, and for the reality check. It is a shame that our country’s morals have gone down the tube and now even common sense. All for the sake of political expediency.

        And Mike, you’re right in that the military is not a religious institution. It is a fighting force. That said, years of experience are the reason behind much of what the progressives foolishly would like to label religious only. For much of the Faith is based in pure common sense observable logic.

        Many won’t admit that until they’ve made a mess of civilization in the attempt to make things better, better and anything but what they really are.

    • Mike, I think it is ridiculous to force anyone to accept the actions that someone is taking part in behind closed doors. That’s what EO training and diversity is boiling down to. If someone’s bedroom behavior is revealed to me, I should have every right to state my disagreement without any concern for my career. As far as you stating I’m only looking to defend freedom for people who identify as Catholic, that’s certainly not the case. I touched on much more than religious belief with my paper and my opposition. I believe in the right of the Catholic and of all Americans to voice their disagreement when need be.

      • Mark, you are certainly entitled to your opinions but your opposition is based on religious beliefs. That’s fine for you, but not a good way to set federal policy.

        If you can’t serve in a military that treats all service members equally, then so be it. The majority of military families and US citizens supported the repeal.

        • Ann Malley says:

          Mike, since you seem to have not served in the military, you may need to back off your assumption with regard to religious beliefs being the basis for a rejection of homosexual indoctrination. There’s a lot of men out there who have no religion whatsoever and have a natural aversion to what is being foisted on them. You have no idea.

          The military is a fighting force intended to PROTECT, not an ever declining rainbow political statement.

          • Yes, Anne. The military is a fighting force and it has a duty to protect gay people as well. This extends not just to armed conflicts, but also to gay soldiers who serve in it’s ranks.

            And as for there being no religious men who don’t like lgbt people, there are also many religious and non religious men who do not have an issue with someone based on their sexuality.

            And I don’t need to back off re: religious basis because Mark’s letter makes clear that it is based off religious belief.

          • Ann Malley says:

            I’m just putting it out there, Mike, that not all those opposed to the endorsement of homosexual sexual relations in the military are basing their objections on religion. And those who claim to be religious, but take no issue with pushing of sodomy as somehow okay and equal to heterosexual unions, aren’t necessarily basing their live-and-let-live attitude on religious principles. Nature itself rejects the promotion of homosexual sex as good and healthy.

            That said, our fighting force is in place to protect children too, but that doesn’t mean that the military must accept children into the ranks. As for homosexuals serving in the military, there is also the idea that a private life should be private. Or are we all going to degrade into fetish indoctrination, too. In other words, Mike, the military is losing focus on what the military is called to do as its primary function if it is indoctrinating members on the neutrality and/or benefit of homosexual relations.

            Defocusing weakens a group. Any group. But then that is precisely the point, Mike.

          • Anne, your argument is a good reason to exclude all women from the military and any person who does not fit the majority of soldiers. Of course, the military is also providing EEO training regarding how to treat women. The military has provided EEO training for many years. Mark is upset that they have added an additional topic to the identified topics for EEO. This is no more de focusing than any of the other EEO training that the military already provides. I don’t hear anyone claiming that there should be no EEO training.

            And I agree that a private life should be private, meaning the military should not discharge service members for private conduct that does not violate the law. The repeal of don’t ask don’t tell does not mean that an lgbt person can now detail their private sexual conduct any more so than a non-lgbt person can. It could make people uncomfortable and is not a great topic for conversation.

            Ultimately, the whole concept of EEO is a bit ridiculous. It’s amazing that the federal government needs to waste time instructing people on how to behave appropriately while at work. That includes, you know, not sexually assaulting women, attacking people on the basis of their race or religion or sexuality.

          • Ann Malley says:

            You are correct in that my argument is a good one against women in the military, Mike. But whereas women in the military have been given their own quarters, showers, etc, homosexual men and women have not to my knowledge. Serving in the military, much like the religious life, is not just a 9-5 job where everyone gets to go home at the end of the day. At least religious get their own cell. Military men and women do not. Therein lies a huge difference, Mike, that cannot be explained away.

            So one must ask themselves, what is the basis for separating men and women in the military? Well, to avoid the inevitable entanglements of ‘rules’ not overriding fallen human nature, Mike. That is the military has a hard enough time with men and women engaging in inappropriate sexual dalliances that lead to lawsuit, the breakdown of morals and morale, the degrading of the fighting force etc, etc, etc even though they are housed separately.

            So what now with the wholesale indoctrination that ‘gay’ is okay? Is there no attraction issue between homosexual men and the other men they shower with? Of course, there is, Mike. We are men and women, flesh and blood, not angels – no matter how sad, lamentable, or wouldn’t-it-be-nice if we were angels. We’re not.

        • Everything we say, do and even eat is based on our beliefs, Mike. You sound so naive that I don’t want to sound condescending but I had a Dad serve in WWII, a sister, husband and numerous relatives serve in Vietnam (some didn’t make it home) and a son that went to Annapolis and retired from the Navy etc. All of them served BECAUSE OF THEIR BELIEFS! A government is not some faceless entity but is made up of people and based on laws and a constitution written by people that whose beliefs were reflected in what they wrote. The military exists for one protect a people held together by a common belief system. I just have to scratch my head sometimes at what what passes for thinking by liberals. Why does a state exist? Why does it fail? What makes an American? Why did the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence begin…”When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

          • Hi Dana,

            I agree that all choices in life are based on belief. That majority of American and military families supported the repeal if DADT, the majority of Americans support same sex marriage, a even larger majority support enacting laws that prevent businesses from discriminating in hiring based on sexual orientation, a majority of Americans believe lgbt people can raise children, a majority of Americans believe that businesses should not be entitled to refuse service based on sexual orientation. So in every category, a majority of this country shares a belief that sexual orientation is not grounds for discriminatory treatment under the laws.

            You are 100% entitled to believe otherwise, but any laws that discriminate go against majority beliefs.

            As I said earlier, Mark is entitled to quit the military based on this belief (assuming his contract permits), but it is a shame he can’t see beyond someone’s sexual orientation.

          • Ann Malley says:

            I would beg to differ with you on all the points you mention, Mike, with regard to what the folks on the ground think, believe, and feel. Government override is becoming the norm when it comes to telling the people what they should or shouldn’t have a problem with.

            That said, it is a shame that some individuals falsely believe that humans are more than human when it comes to the idea of ‘seeing past’ someone’s sexual orientation. There is no way I would want my children entering a military that openly promotes homosexuality as normal, healthy, etc. Why? Because it isn’t. That’s not a shame, but reality despite what others attempt to convince themselves of so as not to appear ignorant, mean, or out of fashion.

        • Anne T. says:

          Wrong Mike. Most of the military were not even asked.

          • Anne T, can you provide a link?

            Anne M: All of my statements are based on public opinion polling. This is not polling done by the government, but by private organizations. So you may decide that opinion polls are not true, but of course you can’t provide any evidence to support your claim. You seem to be the kind if person who does not believe in facts; that the only truth is what you personally believe to be true. This is a bit ironic, because I have witnessed you chastise lgbt people for their subjective belief that there is nothing wrong with them.

            As for your desire to prevent your children from joining the military, you need not worry because, as you rightly mentioned, no children are permitted to serve. Whether your children join the military will be a decision for then to make when they reach the age of majority.

          • Anne, You are correct. While Obama stated he wanted to ask the military what they thought so he could present it to the American people as if the military was completely on board, the military was never provided with a fair chance to provide an honest answer. You may be tracking, but the survey was conducted in the following manner…
            If DADT is repealed and you are working with a Service member in your immediate unit who has said he or she is gay or lesbian, how, if at all, would it affect how Service members in your immediate unit work together to get the job done?

            The survey question yielded the following responses:

            Very Positively: 6.6%
            Positively: 11.8%
            Mixed: 32.1%
            Negatively: 18.7%
            Very Negatively: 10.9%
            No Effect: 19.9%
            At this point, in order to make the results work in their favor, they compiled “Very Positively”, “Positively”, “Mixed”, and “No Effect” all in a category of approve repeal, and only “Negatively” and “Very Negatively” in a category to disapprove.

            Compiling the results in this manner, it would be almost impossible for the repeal to not be approved by the military…..even though the large majority of service members did not support it.

        • The support for sodomy is inappropriate in the military or any other governmental body.

        • hosemonkey says:

          You are wrong, Mike. As Anne t says, “most military were not even asked”
          and those that were wisely gave the “correct” answer. An “incorrect” answer would result in “trouble.”

          • Anne T. says:

            Thanks, Ed and Hosemonkey for answering for me. As we Californians all know, they told us twice in and on the news here that all the polls showed support for so-called same-sex “marriage”, but in the secrecy of the ballot box, twice it was voted down. In many cases they just plain refused to include any polling from those who were for Prop 8 and against such “marriages”. They also had their own way of rigging things, or bullying people into giving them the answers they want by hacking pro Prop 8 websites and vandalizing their offices. I have only answered one poll over the telephone and probably will never do it again. I only answer the question from those whom I trust for the most part.

  15. This author should move to Russia, they have the kind of democracy you all seem to want. They also have criminalized homosexual propaganda. Many of you would be very happy there.

    • juergensen says:

      God bless Russia and Uganda.

      • Amen!

      • Juergensen apparently supports the execution of gay people. He also supports the lunching of gay people. Are those Catholic values?

        • juergensen says:

          When you have to resort to “apparently”, you have no real basis to support what you’re saying!

          • Abeca Christian says:

            juergensen sorry that Mike doesn’t really know anything about salvation, he just thinks we are his enemies. He will twist your good intentions.

            God bless Russia and Uganda for upholding common decency! May they set a good example for more to follow. What the gay activists here are doing is imposing their sodomite ideals on people of faith and that should be criminal if you ask me!

            They should go back to the closet, where at least they had a better chance at salvation, the ways things are today, they are growing further and further away from God!!! They lack virtue and strength to live a chaste lifestyle instead!

            Praise God for my freedom of speech! Those sodomites do not like that!

          • Anne T. says:

            Exactly! Juergensen. And the LGBT group never tells how some of the women in their community took their blouses off and showed their bare bosoms to one Russian Orthodox Patriarchs in public and in front of a whole group of people. Nor do they tell you how one blasphemous women jumped up upon a Catholic altar in one place in Europe protesting God only knows what. Luckily, the pictures of it on line blur out the woman’s private area, but you can tell she has no clothes on.

          • Anne T. says:

            And some of the men in that community do similar things or even worse.

        • hosemonkey says:

          “Would you like to be executed, or would you rather go to “lunch?”
          Given a choice, I wold rather do “lunch.”

    • Mike, if you do not like this site, you can simply leave.

      • What was it that someone said above…better to know thine enemy.

        • Ann Malley says:

          And better to pick thine battles wherein thou has some knowledge or actual experience on which to base assertions, Mike.

          • Yesiree, Ann Malley. To err is human but to make really big messes and be able live in them and turn them into words rather than flush them, it takes a liberal. ;o)

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Mike that’s right better to know thine enemies but I don’t think you are completely honest with yourself, You have made yourself an enemy of God. Your choosing to disobey God’s natural law is already a big hint.

          Better to know thy enemies? hmmm God is not your enemy. I agree with the other MIKE, leave if you don’t like morals because if you are here to harass us, you are truly being a bully to us!

          • Abeca, you have made yourself an enemy to God in supporting countries that permit the execution of innocent people based on their sexual orientation.

            Even if God does not approve of homosexuality, he surely would oppose murder based on sexual orientation.

            If you don’t like attention, perhaps you ought not comment. I had never even heard if this website until it started targeting individual people and their jobs.

          • Ann Malley says:

            Do you mean those people, Mike, who target the Catholic Church and Catholic schools in a blatant attempt to undermine the institution from which they seek a paycheck?

    • Actually, Putin is running circles around the ole’ US of A. He is very popular in his country, and is managing to forge treaties and negotiate business deals with many, many countries…including our enemies.

      Do you know why, Mickey? It’s because people like you are concerned more about the “rights” of two people of the same sex to sodomize. Apparently, deviant behavior is more important to people like you than oh, say, following Natural Law or the U.S. Constitution (READ: OBAMA). When you have a former KGB agent go to the Orthodox Church and ask for Her guidance while at the same time plead with the USa to “Not go down the Godless path that we once took,” then I say to ignorant people like you….YES, I WOULD TAKE PUTINS’ DEMOCRACY OVER THE LAWLESS AND GODLESS FILTH THAT IS BEING PROMULGATED BY THIS ADMISISTRATION AND IDIOTS LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • So you would take a democracy where there is widespread fraud? That’s not democracy.

        That must mean you also support a democracy where the government assassinates reporters who engage in free speech. I think you should move there. You would be very happy. Just don’t say anything against the government.

        • Mike:
          Never tolerate the Mortal Sin of Sodomy.
          Sodomy is a mortal sin as is Fornication and Adultery.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m reading Whitaker Chamber’s autobiography “Witness’ and believe me, folks, you’re being played like harps! It’s an old communist ploy to undermine trust in ones own political system to make their own disgusting, atheistic evil system look good. Putin is a communist and has been all his life…he’s using the Russian Church right now to serve his own purpose. He’s a liar and deceiver as is our own whatchamacallit doing whatever it is he does in the Whitehouse (certainly nothing above board or honorable) ..have you forgotten the hot mike? I doubt it was an accident . We have snakes coming out of the woodwork and the only thing they hate and fear is God. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart. Lean not to thine own understanding”. We know what God and our Church teaches and what this nation has always taught. Arguing with liars is like spitting in the wind.

    • Mike, when it comes to this issue, Russia is right on. For work I recently had to attend the March for Marriage in DC and this years Gay Pride March in NYC. Since the LGBT movement wants to ride the shoulders of the Civil Rights Movement, I also kept images of those marches in the back of my mind. It’s amazing how respectful the March for Marriage was in dress and tone, and at the very least, in that sense not much different from how MLK Jr lead his marches.

      While I had an idea of what to expect by attending the Pride March, I was still absolutely shocked with what I saw rolling down 5th Avenue at 1pm for all to see. I applaud Russia for wanting to defend the innocence of their children, and I’m wondering why much of the leadership in this country, oddly enough, wants our children to see such obscenity. America needs to wake up-

      • Mark, I would hope that you can see past the actions of some people and not judge everyone based on your experince at a pride parade. There are many, many people in the lgbt community who do not participate in these events. If you were to look at estimated attendance statistics, most major urban pride parades draw upwards of 200,000 people. Assuming that the statistic of 1.6% of the US is gay, that suggests that a considerable number of attendees are not identified as lgbt. So there is plenty of blame to be placed on straight people who attend.

        Also, I do not judge all Christians (used as an unbrella term) for the behavior of the Westboro Baptist Church. I would hope that you would extend the same courtesy.

        Russia’s law is not about protecting children, it is about criminalizing homosexuality.

        • Ann Malley says:

          So what is it that homosexuals are doing when they hand out pro-sodomy fliers to children?

          • Anne, please provide a link to a “pro sodomy flier.” Am I correct in believing that you have witnessed a gay person hand a child a flier that explains the particulars of a sex act?

            Or is it a flier that says gay people should be able to get married, or are entitled to some other civil liberty? If it’s the latter, I would assume you might respond the same way you would if a Jehova’s Witness or Mormon missionary provided literature to your child. You know, explain why you disagree with them; how their beliefs are different. I don’t imagine your response would be to try to criminalize their way of life.

          • Ann Malley says:

            Promoting the elevation of sexual deviancy as equal to marriage or benign is damaging, Mike, because the particulars involved at the core of the relationship are disordered and unhealthy. Like passing out flyers for the wholesale availability of heroin or cocaine or LSD to children. Some might view these drugs as no worse than aspirin. A choice, if you will.

            The coke flyer may not get into the details of how to snort a line or inject heroine or take a hit of acid – it certainly wouldn’t get into the dark side of drug usage – but its assertion that users be treated the same as those who take an aspirin is misleading and highly dangerous to young minds. Young minds that want to be considered as adult, in-the-know, superior to the older generation, etc.

            Russia seems to get this. The why being they have already taken the hit in population and strength thanks to the booting of religion in favor of secularism. Can’t we learn from their mistakes instead of repeating them?

            To answer my own question, yes, we could learn, but we don’t want to learn as America has become hardwired to want it now and want it ‘their’ way. That’s why folks pushing sodomy as marriage are having a field day. Because people do not ask ‘to what purpose’ and think anymore. That is truly SAD, Mike.

        • Sodomy has always been a criminal offense in most of the world until quite recently mike. And it still is in countries that still value natural law and common sense. But trying to discuss this issue with someone who thinks its perfectly normal for people of the samesex to marry is like asking the correct time from the Mad Hatter. “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”
          ― Lewis Carroll

        • Mike, I disagree. Not all people at a Gay Pride Parade dress in an obscene manner. However the support for those who dress in that manner, to present themselves to our children, is widespread in the LGBT community. If I send an email to the Human Rights Campaign and ask if they support Pride parades, how would they respond? What if I ask GLAAD? You don’t think if they wanted the parade participants to dress appropriately they would have the power to do so? Just because someone is wearing a suit to work doesn’t mean they aren’t to blame for pushing these parades. I FULLY agree that heterosexuals are present at these parades as well and deserve equal blame…..people like Pelosi.

          I’m happy you bring up the Westboro Baptist Church. 99.9% of all Christians want nothing to do with them….unlike those dressed in such a provocative manner at these parades which gain widespread support. However I’m very tired of the media painting all of those opposed to the homosexual act with a “Westboro Baptist Church paint brush.” It’s sad how many people fall for it.

          Russia’s law is about protecting children. Again, be cautious of what the media tells you.

          • Mark, you can’t be serious. What basis do you have for asserting that Russia’s law is about protecting children? Russia also claims it has a democracy with popular elections, but it is widely believed by international observers that the election was neither free not fair. Be careful what Putin tells you.

            I think that “protecting children” was also the reason used to oppose same sexy marriage. But as it turned out when the proponents of Prop 8 got to court, they didn’t actually have any basis or evidence to support the assertion that same sex marriage harmed children.

            Historically, many groups have used children as a scapegoat to justify all kinds of barbaric conduct.

            As for pride parades, I don’t know what to tell you. Many people feel it is an important opportunity to celebrate a better realization of equality. Pride parades are a result of wide spread discrimination. I assure you though, that not everyone in attendance is naked or supports people being naked.

            Pride parades are easily avoided though, they usually occur in gay neighborhoods and are heavily advertised. No one’s children need to be exposed to anything that occurs there on the one day a year they occur.

            For example, I wouldn’t take children to Las Vegas.

          • Ann Malley says:

            Mark is very serious, Mike, as protecting young is integral to the propagation of any country or species. That said, you cannot seriously posit that your re-branded attempt to make the illogical somehow logical is the view to hold. It isn’t.

            That said, what example do you have, Mike, that Russia’s laws regarding the promotion of homosexual acts is not about protecting children. You have only the assertion of your fellows, Mike, which is no basis at all.

        • Anne T. says:

          You homosexuals went way over the line with your filthy parades — some even crawling around naked on leashes in public with your sado masochism performances and worse, and lesbians during their version of sado masochism in public. I know, I had a good decent friend who told me what she saw while stuck in traffic in one of the parades, and some of the rest was shown on websites. Then you continued to go way over the line, by seeking to destroy marriage. Now that you are suffering the backlash and counter reformation, you do not like it.

    • SandraD says:

      The new movie out called “America” is a must see for everyone……it’s the truth about the great “idea” which America is! See the movie! Educate yourselves. Many have been brought up with the notion that America is bad and should be ashamed……these are the lies……lies that are being perpetuated by our current government…..all who want to take down our great country. Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, etc etc etc are all followers of the Rule for Radicals……and are Changing this country and not for the better. We’re in trouble folks—the wolves are in the hen house—- and there are no Washington’s, Lincoln’s, nor Reagans to lead us back….so it’s up to true, God fearing, Americans to right this great ship and bring her back to her former glory. May God Bless America!

      Hard to find where the movie is playing since those that rule don’t want you to see it. “America, imagine a world without her”

      • I agree Sandra, but I do not need to see a movie to convince me of something I”ve been saying for years. It is up to us to continue to speak out unapologetically about the Christian truths this country was founded on. Speak out when someone says muslims worship the same God or that the Crusades were bad etc. It’s not the time for namby pamby political correctness. Do not be silent! Don’t let libs make you feel guilty or hateful. They’ve been able to getaway with that for years because they are guided by the great prevaricator…the father of lies. The only defense against a lie is truth. The only way they win is by our complicit silence. The sly and ‘oh-so-misunderstood-but-oh-so-loving’ and tolerant libs know just how to spin things to their advantage. It’s why we’re seeing the outrageous and unbelievably bizarre changes going on…men marrying men, for pete’s sake!! Buggery and nudity on our public streets!! When are people going to get ‘mad as hell and say they’re not going to take it anymore’??

  16. Thank God for men and women like General Odierno and SFC Kowalewski. Not one state voted in so-called same-sex marriage by the vote of the people. It is being forced upon us by corrupt governors and judges.

    • I’ll be your Greek chorus, Anne T. Yes! Yes! Yes! The courts have taken it upon themselves to be the writers and enforcers of the law.! Who gave them the authority to say a state’s right to its own laws voted on by the people is unconstitutional? We even have an attorney gen. who has decided not to enforce laws on the books! It’s coming from D.C. initially, and is causing anarchy and disobedience through the ranks.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Anne T.,

      Correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe Gen. Odierno went along with the Obamanation on this!

      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika and His Church!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      Yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Kenneth, for some reason my answer to you was not posted yesterday. Perhaps it did not go through. Anyway I said in that post that after having reread the article above, you might be right about General Odierno, but on the other hand maybe it was his influence that made it possible for Mark Kowalewski to serve without breaking his conscience. I do not know. Perhaps Mark can answer that, Nevertheless, I am trying to stay off the computer as much as possible. I have far too many things I need to do.

        • Anne, Sorry for the late response. Gen Odierno falls very much in step with the President on this issue. My First Sergeant and Company Commander both played the biggest role in allowing me to object without much punishment. I also believe when you are on the side of truth and you present it in a kind/loving way, often times (not every) it will tug at the conscience of others who may be on the fence…and truth will prevail. I feel this is what took place with my Battalion Commander.

  17. juergensen says:

    God bless this man for standing up to these angels of Satan. Indeed, sodomites and Muslims are likely the two riders of the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse: Death and Hades (Rev. 6:7-8). Once sodomites gain control of the West and Muslims gain control of the East – both near completion – these two minions of Satan will then turn against each other and conflagrate the earth, bringing the Apocalypse, whereupon Christ “shall cast them into the furnace of fire” and “there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth” (Matt. 13:42).

  18. While the “Repeal” process was taking place, they kept saying not to worry…no big changes would take place because gay marriage still isn’t allowed. However, like we know, shortly after the repeal was complete, the Commander in Chief all of a sudden had a change of heart on gay marriage.

    Well I want to share this in case you don’t know….on the same day as this year’s March for Marriage, Sec of State Kerry invited LGBT activist Masha Gessen to speak at the State Department. This woman advocates for the complete destruction of marriage…and admits gay marriage is only a stepping stone to that goal. People might respond, “Every side has their nuts”. But why is this “nut” speaking at the State Department??? Did Kerry’s team not research? You can find out all you need to know after a 5 minute youtube search. It’s very odd he had no issue with this activist. Read more about her speaking engagement here:

    • Mark, at 33, you’re probably too young to remember DADT’s genesis. In 1994, there was already considerable pressure (especially from the Democratic base) to repeal the ban on Gays in the military. DADT was this very Clintonesque compromise of not really doing anything substantive about it, minimizing alienating Republicans, but appeasing the base, to a degree.

      It was meant to be a half measure, followed by a repeal in quick succession. It’s amazing it lasted 20 years. Democrats in safe districts have supported gay marriage and gay rights for decades. The ones in national office are too spineless to take controversial stands on anything, so the fact that things are changing so quickly now only shows the public support is there, and they’re not afraid to lose votes over the issue.

      Controversy surrounding repealing it was calculated and expected by the DOD. To a greater degree than occurred, so your letter is probably not a surprise. Diversity training is not about changing opinions, but standards for behavior. The biggest surprise in the repeal is what a non-issue it was.

      The ‘homosexual agenda’ is a conspiracy theory. Throwing in co-conspirators like a monolithic Hollywood and then disingenuously musing whether they’re good or bad is only communicating a bias.

      It’s too bad that you feel such ambivalence over a career that has obviously meant a lot to you.

      • Hugh, while I was too young to care about DADT in the early 90s, I was familiar with it, and then researched it when making my objection to it’s repeal known. The majority of the military supported the “DADT” policy and I don’t remember the American people being to concerned with it until LGBT activists (backed by Hollywood, the media, and the money of many major corporations) got in Obama’s ear.

        As far as things changing so quickly, many states made changes, not due to vote, but due to activist judges. Also, the media can’t stop pumping LGBT approval into the minds of the American people. The entire movement is being ushered in under, “If you support, you love! If you disagree, you must be like one of those Westboro Baptist Church hateful types.”

        The American people who are unaware of things military may be surprised about how much of a non-issue repeal was from within the ranks, however, they should not be. The President goes around saying how great of a decision he made about repeal due to the lack of pushback, meanwhile everyone in the military knows if they pushback, punishment will be waiting for them. It’s a non-issue because if any soldier takes issue, he/she will be met with punishment.

        Diversity training is about changing opinions when you place “Sexual Orientation” along side race and gender as a diversity issue.

        • Mark:
          Sexual orientation is a diversity issue. Like race or gender, It’s an immutable characteristic. You can’t really deny that. The cause may be unknown (could be genetic, a product of hormonal womb environment, or a personality trait developed after birth, or something else), but it is effectively an innate quality in the vast majority of people.

          Also: there have always been gays in the military. And everywhere. The only difference is that they are now allowed to live openly.

          DADT was not tenable in the long term. It was intended to be an intermediary step that removed legal sanction from an innate characteristic, and replaced it with a code of silence… Honestly, I remember it, and had the impression that it would eventually be one of those arcane unenforced policies on the books… but 12,000+ service members were discharged because of it… It had to go…. especially now that marriage is legal in a lot of states, etc.

          “Activist judges” are really trailing public opinion in terms of marriage, too. Maybe if they were doing ll of this in 1998, they’d be radical, but not now.

          The Supreme Court is a lagging indicator, too. They’ve effectively opted out of the issue for now, but when it has sufficient traction (I’d guess within five years), there will be a ruling legitimizing gay marriage, and that will be the end of it…

          • Hugh, the Center for Disease Control states that there is no genetic reason or medical reason for homosexual desires.

            Homosexual desires are merely a different type of TEMPTATION for some people.
            People are not forced to act upon temptations.

            Obama’s Administration is merely feeding moral turpitude (in many areas) and should not be used as a moral compass for anyone.

          • Mike: I couldn’t find any reference to the CDC making definitive (or even speculative) pronouncements about the genetic nature of homosexuality, and that sounds way outside its purview, so maybe you’re confusing it with the personal statements of geneticists on the Human Genome Project?

            Either way. Doesn’t really matter. It’s probably not genetic, but might be biological. Whatever the cause, the manifestation is easily observable as immutable and naturally-occurring, regardless of whether it occurs in the most harshly unfavorable circumstances.

            Heterosexuality is equally a temptation, if you want to frame it that way, as is any basic emotional need that isn’t an immediate condition of survival.

        • SandraD says:

          “Diversity training is about changing opinions when you place “Sexual Orientation” along side race and gender as a diversity issue.” Or otherwise known as “re-education”. You either change your thinking or heads will roll.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      The funny thing is that LGBT people are accused of fascism, yet many would silence Masha Gessen instead of engaging her on a substantive way. So let’s just be honest that each side cringes when the other side says the most extreme of its things, and wish they wouldn’t get invitations. So Let’s just be honest about that, folks, ok?

      • Ann Malley says:

        Yes, let’s be honest about our agendas. That would be a refreshing start.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would not silence her….but i think it’s shocking those radical views are being welcomed to the State Dept. She’s calling for the complete destruction of marriage. What radicals on our side of this issue are getting invitations to high level events?

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Anonymous, you forget that a pretty anti-gay pastor was invited to give the invocation at Obama’s first inaugural. It created a lot of stink on the left.

          • Your Fellow Catholic, Anonymous was me…I didn’t see the option to post my name from my Samsung. I guess it would depend on what “anti-gay” means. Many in the LGBT community view any disagreement as being hateful. If that is the standard then I would disagree with you. If he was some kind of a Westboro Baptist Church character….and it doesn’t seem like he was, then I would agree with you.

            However, lets also keep in mind he was invited to President Obama’s inaugural, and he is a bigger supporter of LGBT rights than anyone to hold the office. This is not a mainstream social conservative inviting a radical anti-gay individual, this is the same administration that invited Masha Gessen….probably inviting a pastor they don’t agree with, yet failed to do their homework ahead of time.

  19. Jim McCrea says:

    Too bad. How sad. Boo hoo.

    • MaCrea, why do you bother typing your little vicious digs? You never have anything positive or good to say about anything. Who are you? What’s your religion? What motivates you? Love for your fellowman? A search for truth? NOT!

      • Catherine says:

        Dana asks Jim McCrea, ….. ” What motivates you? ” Great question Dana!

        Dana I realize that you also believe that every person was created in the image and likeness of God. That is why you asked the question. Jim McCrea is now only motivated by a self-destructive vice. Jim visits CCD to find likeminded support from others who are also controlled by their personally destructive glorification of homosexual acts. Jim McCrea posts the most horrifically vile posts of any homosexual poster on the internet. He tells others to go away while he comes to this website to dish it out, while never being able to take a moment to reflect on the real state of his soul. Whenever an individual shows this much poisonous hatred then the flip side was once the beautiful capacity to love God with all of their heart while not committing sinful acts. Jim McCrea wrote the most vile comment about Father John Hardon SJ. His comment reminded me of the powerful stories in ‘Hostage to the Devil -by Malachi Martin. Jim’s anger and hatred is more profound and this is why he chooses to behave as a slave. Jim will mock what I have written but I cannot help but reflect on the state of Jim Mcrea’s once beautiful soul after his Baptism and First Holy Communion. It was the gradual acceptance of committing habitual sin that allowed Jim to become so extremely hateful to anyone who tells homosexuals that they should not offend God with homosexual acts.


        • Catherine says:

          continued from July 17, 2014 at 11:59 am

          Dana, I would still like to ask Jim McCrea to go to confession and tell God how sorry he is for writing such terribly vile remarks about a faithful priest. Once again, my intellect tells me that Jim will still laugh and mock the very thought of humbly reflecting on how much he his hurting himself but our Catholic faith reminds us that Jesus said “to love one another as I have loved you.” Perhaps there is still a scintilla left of a once good conscience that can still remember when he was not being used as a hostage to mock God and mock good priests. I am truly scared for the souls of these individuals who are so controlled by their gripping vice. I remember reading about the saint who prayed for the murderer who was riding on a cart headed right for the gallows. This saint had continually prayed for the conversion of this person. Right before the noose was placed on his head he looked up and publicly told God how very sorry he was for his life of committing habitual sins. Jim McCrea may still mock this post but he will NEVER be able to say that he was not told in charity that he his headed on a bullet train headed straight to hell. There is still time while he is on this earth to tell God that he truly regrets his sins and his terrible words of hatred that clearly mocked God. No vice in this all too fast passing life is worth trading your soul….

          • You have a phenomenal memory Catherine. Remind me never to play Trivia Pursuit with you! I pray Jim reads your response and accepts it in the spirit it was intended. I use my verbal ‘smack downs’ as a way to cut through the fog curtain that surrounds liberals. We had the iron curtain… Now it’s an even more impenetrable fog/smoke curtain that arose in the Vatican in 1963.

          • SandraD says:

            God Bless you Catherine!

  20. St. Christopher says:

    “Mark” and “Mike:” “Mark,” thank you, again, for your courage. You are correct, as well, that the Homofascist agenda is destructive — eliminate traditional marriage. Of course, this also eliminates virtually everything related to sexual ethics; see the dissent of Justice Scalia in Lawrence v. Texas. The State is permitted to control certain human sexual behavior, or they can control none of it. The sophistry of the Homofascists is a real laugher, as they try to evoke Rev. Martin Luther King, and their “civil rights.” As to this, “Mike,” your arguments are unavailing, and disingenuous. In fact, no one seriously argues that “lgbt” people lack First Amendment rights; go ahead and protest. But, that is all you can do. Stop the threats, the following people to their jobs, their homes, their very lives if they disagree with you. Homosexual sex is abormal and society can treat it as aberational, and the Catholic Church must treat it as such. Given this, there are proper limits that can civilly and religiously be placed on the exercise of homosexual sex expression: no marriage, no being scout masters, and no to certain occupations.

    • Well said, as usual, St. Christopher, and your comment “The sophistry of the Homofascists is a real laugher, as they try to evoke Rev. Martin Luther King, and their “civil rights.” reminded me of a different take on the quotation” nanos gigantum humeris insidentes’ ….like dwarves on the shoulders of giants. These ‘civil-rights heros wannabes’ can be more accurately be said to be ticks on the back of an ass.

      • PS. If the NAACP had even an iota of the dignity and commitment of its founders they would never let the noble name of Martin Luther King, a Republican and deeply committed Christian, be used in such a way for such a cause.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Dana, I have been in the room with Rev Dr. King’s widow when she spoke beautifully and eloquently in favor of LGBT rights, and told us that Martin would have been right there with us. In fact, the man who organized the famous March on Washington a little over 50 years ago, Bayard Rustin, was gay, more or less openly so. King certainly knew he was. In addition, I think you have a very weak case when you think you know Dr. King and his legacy better than Julian Bond or Ben Jealous, NAACP leaders who are very strongly committed to LGBT rights.

          • Your Fellow Catholic, I actually wrote a blog about MLK jr. and his known views on the LGBT issue. It’s entitled…

            “Hijacking the Dream: LGBT Activists Riding the Shoulders of the Civil Rights Movement”

            …and addresses his relationship with Bayard Rustin among other things.


          • Oh, well done Mark! Thank you for that website. And as for Coretta Scott King, YFC, I’m reminded of President Reagan’s wife Nancy. She also supports so-called gay marriage…do you honestly think her husband did? Actually, I’ve noticed that many of the wives of Republicans are liberals…and it was the women’s vote that put obama in the Whitehouse. Go figure!

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Mark, you can write all you want, and you can try as hard as you can, to create a chasm between the LGBT and African American communities. I’m sure that would please you, to create more division among peoples. I think Christ would call us to unity. To peace. To charity. To mutual support.

            I don’t need your article to tell me what I heard with my own eyes and with my own ears: Corretta Scott King’s unequivocal support for LGBT rights, and her opinion that Martin would have been right there with her. And if you doubt that African American Civil rights leaders are fully on board with LGBT rights, then watch this video, in which Congressman John Lewis, himself bloodied in the Selma march, speak so eloquently about love: Othewise you can go on with your campaign to sow seeds of hatred and division. However, that is not God’s work.

  21. People can not choose their skin color.
    People can not control temptations.
    People CAN control their Thoughts by quickly thinking of other things.
    People CAN control their own Acts.

    For anyone to imply that they are not responsible for their own actions – is absurd.
    Sodomy is an Act.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Mike, homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is a sexual orientation. It is not an act. The DADT repeal didn’t make it ok for anybody to have fraternizing relationships with either sex, it merely made it Ok for people to not be afraid that their sexual orientation would be discovered, or that they would have to lie about it. I thought that the military values honesty. However, DADT required dishonesty and deceit. We are a better country for having dropped it.

  22. Michael McDermott says:

    The abuse of the Military as part of the Pander or Perish Pogrom by the Gaystapo is nothing new, as the Homo-Nazi Reich was founded by Homo-Anal Coprophiles who took over the German military – which had been rife with such perversion since before Bismarck Unified the nation.

    Part of the Abomination Pogrom is to Force all Current Active Service Members (who volunteered when Homosex perversions were clearly prohibited – and many Counted on that prohibition to make their commitment to Service Honorable) – although some did slip under the ‘gaydar’ back then, but at least kept quiet about it.

    Another Part of the Pogrom is now to make Mandatory Pandering a National Obligation – by Denying Conscientious Objector status to those who MUST Register for the Draft, and thus MUST Pander to the Sick Exterminationist Hatreds & Vile Coprophile Perversions of the Abomination.

    BTW – I volunteered for the USCG Before my Draft Lottery Number was drawn, which I read in boot camp would have exempted me. Cest La Vie.


    If you recently turned 18, it’s time to register for military service in the event of a draft. It’s your duty as an American, and it’s the law.

    What is “the Draft”?
    Conscription, commonly referred to as “the draft,” is the compulsory enrollment of men into national military service.
    In the United States, active conscription ended in 1973, but the requirement to register remains legally active and enforced.

  23. Mark Kowalewski’s portrayal of the military as a “moral brotherhood” ruined by the homosexual agenda is a compelling narrative.

    Too bad it bears little relation to reality.

    Every foreign military base I have seen is surrounded by a veritable cottage industry of prostitutes in both Panama and multiple bases in the Philippines. Largely, fornication by service members is ignored—if not treated with a “Boys will be Boys” attitude. In fact, prostitutes freely wandering around the base in Panama annoyed my sister to no end when her husband was stationed in Panama shortly after the US booted out Manuel Noreiga.

    Now, if the military were a “moral brotherhood” it would not ignore serious sin like fornication—which is just as serious in God’s eyes as homosexuality. In fact, fornication and infidelity probably cause far more harm than homosexuality, in that both are far more frequent and the family fallout is orders of magnitude greater. Infidelity only becomes a military matter when it involves the spouse of a fellow service member.

    This failure shows that the military proscription on homosexuality had little to do with God or Faith. Instead, it reflects a worldly value system in which manhood is measured by the ability to “get” women. This view presumes homosexuals are such “failures” as men that they turn to sex with men due to being losers with women. Thus, rejecting homosexuals as failed men is about a toxic, worldly sexuality that uses religion as a mere justification instead of a real reason.

    • (cont)
      Consequently, the former military ban on homosexuality was clearly about bigotry, rather than God, in the sense that sexual sins by heterosexuals were (and still are) largely ignored, while homosexuals were booted out for sexual sin.

      The only question I have is whether Mark Kowalewski is simply blind to this reality—or he’s intentionally lying about it.

      • JonJ, just because there are some MORTAL SINS, does not make other Mortal Sins OK.
        This is where you constantly fail, or try to draw in others to tolerating the Mortal Sin of Homosexual Acts.
        Each unrepented Mortal Sin, sends Souls to Hell.

        CCC: ” 2396 Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices.”

    • JonJ, thanks for the response. First of all, you bring up a good point (that heterosexuals aren’t a bunch of sinless saints) however you still end up misfiring. First, I never claimed the military was a “moral brotherhood.” Those are your words. I never claimed the homosexual agenda is necessarily ruining the military. Homosexuals served honorably in the military prior to repeal, and I certainly would not agree to a witch hunt in order to find out who in fact is homosexual in order for them to be removed.

      This stated, all of the “sins” you refer to are not apart of a movement where they are being pushed for acceptance…..or else face punishment. For example, if a guy is in the barracks talking about how he viewed pornography the night before, if I state I believe it is immoral to view pornography, I will not face any repercussions for doing so. People who choose to view pornography or hire a prostitute are not coming together and demanding we all accept their behavior….or else be viewed as a hateful bigot. As far as infidelity is concerned, you are incorrect. If a member of the armed services cheats on his or her spouse, or if a single service member takes part in an inappropriate relationship with the spouse of another service member, they will face severe punishment, however it must be proven.

      • SandraD says:

        Thank you and may God Bless and keep you Mark Kowalewski. Thank you for your service in protecting those of us who appreciate your admiral service. Thank you for speaking up and speaking out with such clarity of thought.

      • Mark,

        1) I reviewed your article again, and I must apologize. You, indeed, did not assert the military was a “moral brotherhood”. I think another poster characterized it that way, and I attributed that to you.

        2) I also reviewed my post and saw that my sloppy phrasing could made it appear as if I were saying that infidelity was not proscribed uner the UCMJ. I am very well aware that the UCMJ proscribes infidelity by service members—as a matter of good order and discipline. However, my experience was that enforcement is very lax—-you’d almost have to FORCE official notice through some blatant act. Or else, someone with a vendetta could use it as a means to take down an opponent, such as what seems to have happened to General Petraeus.

        3) I still think my point about selective punishment of sexual behaviors was based mostly on bigotry rather than morality is still valid, and applied to military culture of the early 90’s.

        4) One reason I never considered making the military a career was my disgust at the behavior of American soldiers in the Philippines. As a half-Filipino with many local relatives, I was thoroughly repulsed by how many U.S. soldiers exploited the desperation of Filipino women to escape poverty.

        5) While official policy did not encourage fornication and infidelity, the actual culture would ostracize anyone who objected to this behavior—so that it really wasn’t that different than what happens with homosexual behaviors today.

        • So JonJ, does that mean because some Mortal Sins are committed, that you ADVOCATE for all other Moral Sins as well ?
          Your writing sounds like you are trying to justify homosexual acts, because other sins are committed.
          This seems to be your mode of operandi.

          Instead why don’t you state that:
          ALL Mortal Sins are evil;
          No Mortal Sins can be tolerated (regardless of type);
          Any unrepented Mortal Sin, sends a Soul to Hell for eternity.

          Homosexual Acts, Adultery, Fornication, viewing Pornography, are ALL MORTAL SINS.

        • SandraD says:

          Clarity please JonJ…….not “every” American solider exploited Filipino women……some, many, few, 5%, 30%……but not EVERY SINGLE ONE disgraced God and their uniform. (think of Priests who abused children……too many yes…….but not EVERY Priest…….). Let’s not paint with such a wide brush. I know many fine, upstanding and righteous soliders and I know many Holy Priests.

  24. When anyone ADVOCATES for any type of Mortal Sin, they are committing Mortal Sins themselves. And this must be confessed.

    CCC: ” 1868 Sin is a personal act. Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them:
    – by participating directly and voluntarily in them;
    – by ordering, advising, praising, or approving them;
    – by not disclosing or not hindering them when we have an obligation to do so;
    – by protecting evil-doers.”

    CCC: “2284 Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil. The person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor’s tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death.
    Scandal is a grave offense if by deed or omission another is deliberately led into a grave offense. “

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