“We decided to keep it”

The following comes from an April 25 Catholic Voice article by Mair Moran. Moran is co-director of Birthright of Livermore. As they exited the clinic, the young couple looked downcast. They had been given only one "choice." Even though they were struggling to raise several children, they didn't … [Read More...]

Letters from Kolkata

Dear family, Well, wonderful as Kolkata is, I still seem to be dreaming about home every night. Last night I dreamed we were all at Thomas Aquinas College for mass, and I was meeting baby Sam. This morning I went to Kalighat as usual. On Sundays we have mass there which is always really cool. … [Read More...]

Why aren’t other dioceses looking to Lincoln?

The following comes from an April 30 Liturgy Guy blog post: So often these days we read of the ongoing collapse of Catholicism in the west.  In diocese after diocese we see parishes and schools closing or consolidating, a decline in priests as older clergy pass away at rates higher than new … [Read More...]

‘I was still in there’

The following comes from a May 2 Washington Post article by Lindsey Bever: Brisa Alfaro had a stroke and slipped into a coma in 2014. While in comatose, Alfaro suffered from the rare locked-in syndrome: she was paralyzed, but painfully aware. Now, Alfaro says she is still on the road to recovery, … [Read More...]

Puppet co-preached homily in front of San Diego bishop

The following comes from a Southern Cross article by Denis Grasska: SAN DIEGO — There was something special about the Mass celebrated on March 8 at Our Mother of Confidence Church. And it wasn’t just the fact that a female puppet co-preached the homily. The sixth annual Missionary Childhood … [Read More...]

Grapes at the graveyard

The following comes from an April 28 Sacramento Bee article by Bob Shallit: Wine grapes could soon take root adjacent to headstones under a plan to convert part of the vast St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery in southeast Sacramento into a 9-acre vineyard. The plans, disclosed by city officials on … [Read More...]

Planned Parenthood videographers head to trial in Houston

The following comes from an April 29 Houston Chronicle article by Brian Rogers: Anti-abortion activists accused of falsifying records to secretly videotape Planned Parenthood officials in Houston have rejected a plea deal that would have effectively put an end to criminal charges against them, … [Read More...]

Letters from Kolkata

Dear ones, Well, it's Thursday, which means we have the day off. I served mass this morning, and when I arrived I started making small chat with the priest before mass began. I had rushed out without my glasses on, so I wasn't exactly operating on all cylinders. Anyway, he was American and he … [Read More...]

Churches worth driving to

Name of Church Ss. Peter and Paul Address 515 West Opp Street, Wilmington, CA 90744 Phone number 310-834-5215 Website www.sppc.us Mass times Saturday vigil, 5 p.m. (English); Sunday, 6:30 a.m. (Latin Tridentine), 8 a.m. (Spanish), 9:30 a.m. (English; Latin Tridentine High Mass on 3rd … [Read More...]

Abortion fight stalls Obama nominee

The following comes from an April 28 The Hill article by Peter Sullivan: Democrats are crying foul over the Republican blockade of a top Health and Human Services (HHS) nominee who has been ensnared in a dispute over abortion. Mary Wakefield’s nomination to be deputy HHS secretary, the … [Read More...]

Teaming up against Catholic hospitals

The following comes from an April 27 89.3 KPCC story by Rebecca Plevin: The California Medical Association is seeking to join the ACLU of Northern California in its lawsuit against a Catholic hospital system over one of its facilities' refusal on religious grounds to allow a doctor to perform a … [Read More...]

Letters from Kolkata

Dear family, How are you all? I miss you guys. Last night I kept having dreams I was back in California sunshine. I hope you're all doing well! Things are good over here. I've been kind of sick for the last week, so I haven't been volunteering much, but it's been nice having a little rest. … [Read More...]