Little Sisters get temporary relief from contraception mandate

Supreme Court mulls taking their case

Mother Loraine Maguire of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Credit: Mary Rezac / CNA.

The following comes from an August 21 Catholic News Agency article:

The Little Sisters of the Poor have received temporary protection from the federal contraception mandate until the Supreme Court decides whether or not it will hear their case.

On August 21, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Little Sisters will not be subject the mandate’s requirements or the fines associated with resisting it. The court order lasts until the Supreme Court announces whether it will take up the sisters’ appeal. If the Court agrees to hear the case, the protection from the mandate will last until it issues a final ruling.

Employers who fail to comply with the federal contraception mandate face crippling penalties. In the case of the Little Sisters, the fines could amount to around $2.5 million a year, or about 40 percent of the $6 million the Sisters beg for annually to run their ministry.

Met with a wave of protest, the contraception mandate has undergone a number of revisions. However, the sisters say that it still requires them to violate their beliefs.

Because the Little Sisters of the Poor are not affiliated with a particular house of worship, they do not qualify for the religious exemption to the mandate. The federal government has argued that it has sufficiently provided for the religious freedom of the Little Sisters and other religious organizations through an “accommodation” under which the faith-based employers can pass the burden of providing the objectionable coverage to insurers, who must then offer it directly to employees without cost.

The government says that providing contraception coverage is ultimately free for insurance companies, because birth control results in better health for women and lower pregnancy rates, resulting in lower overall costs for insurers.

Critics, however, reject this claim, arguing that the costs of the coverage will ultimately be handed on to the employer in some way. Several religious organizations have also said that they still object to signing a form that passes the burden of providing the objectionable content to another party.

“The federal government doesn’t need the Little Sisters or any other ministry to help it distribute abortion-inducing drugs and other contraceptives,” said Mark Rienzi, senior counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and lead attorney for the Little Sisters.

“Yet it not only insists on forcing them to participate in the delivery, it argues that their beliefs against participating are wrong and that government officials and judges can tell the Little Sisters what Catholic theology really requires,” he continued. “That’s wrong, and it’s dangerous.”


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  1. St. Christopher says:

    Dear “Little Sisters”: Many of us revere your work and contribute to your good and great order. However, do not expect much from the pro-sodomite Supreme Court to save you. They have decided that we are a pagan nation, one that is grand enough to cut the cord with God; purely Masonic in philosophy and design.

    It is time to try to remake and retake the country. Perhaps, Little Sister, you will be the lead party in this effort. Thank you for what you do, but the war is coming.

    • Linda Maria says:

      I think the “war is coming,” as you state– because our once-powerful Church, since Vatican II– protects NOBODY, from SIN!! The post-Vatican II Church refuses all religious and moral training and discipline!! Without the Catholic Church, and strong Protestant churches, too– many nations would long ago, have perished! What we now are seeing, is an impending “Dark Age,” of ignorance, sin, violence, and destruction, of the “hippie liberal barbarians!” We need our churches to all embrace Christ, and make a truly good and strong, vibrant Christian nation, once again! But I am afraid that will not happen– and religion will almost die out, in the West– with Pope Francis’ help too, sadly!

  2. Michael McDermott says:

    “It’s Just a Scrap of Paper”
    – Is reportedly what homo-nazi reich leader hitler said of the “Munich Agreement” – which co-signer British Prime Minister Chamberlain said meant “Peace in our Time”…

    The Little Sisters are Not Only Directly Implicated by what they actually agree to, and those trying to dismiss it by saying it is only a paper formality they must sign off on…
    – are running the Same Scam run by the same Gaystapo just before WW-2, just spruced up with much more sophisticated 21st century propaganda techniques.

  3. Linda Maria says:

    Our country’s SICKENING atheist, anti-Christian, anti-American, liberal leaders– are all busy trying to kill Christianity, in our country!! Our Nation’s clergy– of all faiths– should be very busy, evangelizing them all, and DEMANDING Biblical morality!! Our Church should be very busy, with moral and religious leadership!!

  4. 1st Amendment to the Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…..”
    No one should have to PAY for intrinsic evils through their taxes or due to government regulations – if it violates their Religion.
    Intrinsic evils include: Abortion, Contraception, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research.
    Citizens should not be forced to have to pay for anything that supports the sins of others: Adultery, Homosexual Acts, Fornication, etc.

  5. Michael McDermott says:

    Persecution More Likely With Court’s Marriage Decision

    (**This is already happening) The totalitarian-inclined homosexualist organizations can be expected to send spies to traditional churches to listen for such sermons so they can file complaints with the commissions.

    It is virtually certain that these organizations will move to challenge the tax exemptions of churches that refuse to carry out same-sex “marriages.” The IRS may be ready to accommodate them.

  6. Linda Maria says:

    When young, I think 80-90% of all Americans, attended churches or synagogues, weekly, and tithed, creating very strong religious institutions! Of course, most were Protestants. It does not matter, if you are devout, with deep religious convictions– or if your parents simply require you to attend church, weekly. We all need regular religious and moral training, guidance, and support! And merely reading the Bible, or Catechism, all alone, is not good enough, for a Catholic! Catholics need training and guidance, to properly receive the Sacraments, and practice their Faith well. Without God, and a strong, Biblical religious and moral backbone– our country will be destroyed!

  7. The answer is simple. The Little Sister’s should refuse to provide insurance in any way to employees as long as contraceptives are part of the plan in any way or in any work around. When the government applies the thumb screws, they should then repeat their moral principles and declare they will not pay the civil fines in any way to force the government to put these elderly nuns into prisons or ” reeducstion camps”. Should the government choose not to fine them or go to futher lengths, the Little Sisters should then close their centers and bus their elderly charges to the steps of the supreme court and leave them their. Any death, damage or distruction can be laid at the feet of those holding the elderly poor, indigent, and outcast…

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