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‘The Gospel keeps your life and mission young'


Pope Francis visiting Missionaries of Charity soup kitchen, May, 2013

Pope Francis visiting Missionaries of Charity soup kitchen, May, 2013

The following comes from a Nov. 29 posting on Catholic News Agency.

Religious men and women are called to leave their “nest” and bring the Gospel to the peripheries, said Pope Francis in a video message marking the vigil of the Year for Consecrated Life.

The Holy Father used the occasion to give thanks to God for the “precious gift of the consecrated life to the Church and the world.”

The video message was delivered on Nov. 29 to members of the Congregation for the Institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life, gathered together in Rome’s Basilica of Saint Mary Major.

The Year for Consecrated Life begins Nov. 30, the first Sunday of Advent, and concludes Feb. 2, 2016.

“This is an ‘special time’ for celebrating, with all the Church, the gift of your vocation and for reviving your prophetic mission,” Pope Francis said.

He reminded consecrated persons to “wake the world up!” by placing “Christ at the center of your existence,” seeking him “constantly.”

Pope Francis recalled how members of the consecrated life allowed themselves to be touched by Christ’s hand, “guided by his voice, sustained by his grace,” acknowledging it is not easy.

He called on them to always use the Gospel as their starting point, translated into “daily gestures marked by simplicity and coherence,” avoiding the temptation to “transform it into an ideology.”

“The Gospel keeps your life and mission ‘young’”, thus keeping them “current and attractive.”

Pope Francis reminded consecrated men and women of their call “to be ‘living exegeses’ of the Gospel,” which is the “foundation and final reference point of your life and mission.”

“Leave your nest,” and go out to “the peripheries of today’s men and women!” he said.

By allowing oneself to be “encountered by Christ,” He in turn “will push you toward an encounter with others, and bring you to the most in need, the poorest.”

Pope Francis concluded by invoking the intercession of Mary, “women in contemplation of God’s mystery in the world and history,” ready to help others.

“May she accompany us in this Year for the Consecrated life,” as we are “placed beneath her maternal gaze.”

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  1. Many do not put GOD above ALL.
    Many do not put the SAVING of SOULS as the paramount reason for the Church’s existence; not social services or climate change, etc.

    We do not need to go to the “peripheries” to find those desperately poor in knowledge of the Faith, along with the reasons why.

    Many Bishops, Priests and Nuns do not actively encourage others to read the two most important books in the Catholic Faith. And by some of their public statements, it appears they have not read (or recently read) these themselves:
    1) Sacred Scripture – the speech of God;
    2) “Catechism of the Catholic Church, second edition” which contains the Doctrine of the Faith.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Money, money, money!!

    San Felipe de Neri Parish; 2005 North Plaza NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104

    mailing address: PO Box 7007, Albuquerque, NM 87194

    Pastor: Rev. Dennis Garcia

    Deacons: Jose Lucero, Maurice Menke, Tom Perez, James Carabajal

    Religious education: Melany Gallegos, Director
    School: Jennifer Mason, Principal
    Museum and Gift Shop: Steve Torres Manager (convent bookstore on-site)

    Stewardship Report:

    November 1 & 2, 2014

    Sunday envelopes: $6,906.50
    Sunday loose: $909.72
    Envelopes used: 321
    Building fund: $1,009.00
    All Saints Day: $1,037.00
    All Souls Day: $565.00
    St. Vincent De Paul: $1,843.00
    Other: $192

    Renovation Pledge/Annual Catholic Appeal:

    Our Parish Goal is $80,000 to pay on our debt for the renovation project.
    Total pledged: $71,285.14
    Total paid: $54,795.14
    Pledge balance: $16,490.00

    Families: (active registered) 1,200
    Total number of pledges: 245

    • Anonymous, what does your post have to do with anything?
      Parishes and Schools need to pay their legitimate bills.
      Or perhaps you would like to send them a check to pay for everything, then they would not need anyone else’s assistance.

    • Looks to me like San Felipe de Neri Parish is doing fine. Their Sunday collection alone comes out to over 400K a year (plus other funding sources). The only thing they need to work on is getting all 1200 families in the parish to pony up on Sunday and make a pledge to the renovation project (less than $70 per family)..

  3. Michael McDermott says:

    Don’t Support ‘Nests’ Feathered with Evil Intent

    “Homosexual Activist Organization in New York Receives Catholic Grant

    Lepanto Institute discovers Catholic Campaign for Human Development funds going to group engaged in homosexual activism

    Washington, DC—The Lepanto Institute issued a report exposing the activities of an organization which received a $35,000 grant from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). According to the report, the Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition (NWBCCC) launched its own gay straight alliance in 2014, participated in a homosexuality activism coordination event in 2013, and its director of operations signed a letter supporting same-sex marriage.

    “CCHD grant guidelines are very clear. CCHD says it will not fund organizations which are taking actions in violation of Catholic moral teaching,” said Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute. “This is just one more in the long list of failures in the CCHD’s self-proclaimed rigorous screening process.”

    The CCHD’s grant guidelines state, “Organizations that receive CCHD funds must not participate in or promote activities that contradict the moral and social teachings of the Catholic Church.” The Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph 2357 specifically states, regarding homosexual acts, “under no circumstances can they be approved.”

    “What’s perplexing is that in 2012, The Reform CCHD Now coalition sent a profile on the problems with NWBCCC to the Archdiocese of New York, and the response we received was that they decided not to fund that organization before we even sent them the letter,” said Hichborn.

  4. St. Christopher says:

    Pray for Pope Francis — he is giving the same advice that helped to empty robust religious orders and seminaries. There are valid and sound reasons to “be in the world, but not of it”. Catholic religious need to be advocates for the Church, but to abstain from much of what goes on among the people of the world.

    Francis wants priests and sisters to be social workers. Many can do much, much more for Mankind when cloisterd and when praying in a Church.

    Please ignore the Pope. He is a custodian, only, and does not define the Faith. It is not by accident that Francis comes into the Church when its Tradition was beginning to find adherents and new growth in Traditional orders.

    Who do you think benefits the most when a Catholic leader essentially belittles the very history of the Church, tells his clergy and religious to better “smell the sheep” and now to go out and be among everyone? Who? Think very hard? This kind of thinking is nothing more than a wrecking ball to what is left of the institution of the Church. What a cryin’ shame.

    • Linda Maria says:

      I agree with the post of St. Christopher! YES! To be “in the world– but not of it!” That is where many post-Vatican II religious orders go wrong!! We are NOT supposed to be “worldly” secular people, we are people of Christ!! The “fallen” world does not know Christ! Christ, NOT “social work”– must be the center of the work of all religious orders and laymen!! And YES– cloistered religious orders do much to help suffering mankind!! YES!! That is the very backbone of our Faith!! YES– Pope Francis needs a lot of prayers and guidance– and CORRECT CATHOLIC TEACHING, PLUS— THE FAITH TO LIVE IT!!

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      I can’t believe you just admonished the faithful by saying “Please ignore the Pope”. There has been very little anti-Catholic rubbish on this site more egregious than this comment by “St.” Christopher.

      • We are required to adhere to the Pope’s words and teaching when he officially makes a pronouncement on matters of Faith and Morals only.
        This is usually done by Motu Proprio, Apostolic Constitution, or some other formal and official publication. (Not via the news media.)

      • Ann Malley says:

        Of course, you believe it, YFC. That said, I’m glad you no longer believe that CCD publishes egregious anti-Catholic articles. Nice to see you’ve changed your mind.

      • St. Christopher says:

        “Your Fellow Catholic”: Your comment is this blog is wrong. Nothing anti-Catholic is said. Pope Francis is repeating what our newly arisen Zombie-Liberal Clergy are saying: “go out into the world; stop praying so much; liturgy is pretty silly and non-essential” all of that. This is seriously dated theologically wrong.

        Certainly nuns and priest should be in the world, as witnesses to Christ cruxified and redemption; not as crazy social workers complaining about this and that governmental policy. The Pope is wrong and so are the Liberals that swoon over these works. Untold damage has been done to the Church by just such a message. Take a look at the staggeringly low numbers of vocations nowadays, YFC. Happy news to the Pagan, of course, and to Satan, but sadness to believing Catholics. Francis should rejoice over each and every cloistered, or contemplative nun and monk that he meets.

  5. GOD’s 10 Commandments put God first (the first 3).
    JESUS’s Commandment put God first.

    Why is it so difficult for high ranking clergy to understand this, and pass it on to all others ?

    Isn’t our PRIAMRY Goal to Love, Honor and Obey God so we will be happy with Him in Heaven ?

    How did the Church ever get so many high ranking Clergy who are so turned around on priorities ?

  6. St. Peter says:

    One of the sources of strength I have are the professed religious I have met in my life, both men and women who have lived their lives, as the Pope says: by placing “Christ at the center of your existence,” seeking him “constantly.”

    I think of one sister and one priest in particular, who are both so committed to Christ. All there actions seem to be in response to their love of God. They are, for me, living examples of how one may respond to Christ’s invitation to love God and the neighbor.

    • What an inspiration, St. Peter…I love to hear stories like that. I live where there are no nuns at all but all the priests I know are certainly faithful, good men. It’s so rare to meet a truly holy person. When I visited EWTN I met Fr. Wm Casey who I really felt had a special presence, and I love his homilies which are full of wisdom and insights.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Agreed St Peter and Dana

    • Abeca Christian says:

      St. Peter that is beautiful what you share with us. I agree, I too have been blessed to have holy priests and nuns in my life. Throughout my life, they have been an inspiration to me, encouraging my family in all that is good.

  7. Abeca Christian says:

    God bless our Pope, priests, nuns etc. They are in our prayers. May they know God’s holy will and apply it.

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