Is Catholic doctrine cold and hostile?

In new book, Father Scalia invites the culture's best thinkers to reflect on doctrine and devotion in today's world

Paul Scalia gives the eulogy for his father, Justice Antonin Scalia (image from Denver Catholic)

There is a great, and rapidly growing, divide between the culture and Catholic doctrine and devotion. Even amongst many within the Church, there is a hostility toward doctrine. But doctrine helps Catholics grow deeper in their relationship with Christ, Fr. Paul D. Scalia beautifully explains in his highly anticipated debut book, THAT NOTHING MAY BE LOST: Reflections on Catholic Doctrine and Devotion.

Scalia, a popular priest in the Washington, D.C., area and son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, reveals a scholar’s mind and pastor’s heart with inspirational reflections on a wide range of Catholic teachings and practices in THAT NOTHING MAY BE LOST. He addresses deepening one’s knowledge of Jesus, partaking of the life of grace through the sacraments and cultivating the art of prayer as a continuous conversation with God, among other topics. Rooted in Scripture, Scalia’s insights place the reader on a path to a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Christ.

Scalia opens up Catholic teaching in fresh and sometimes surprising directions that will change the way we think about our faith. He shows us that the Church’s teaching is not restrictive. In fact, it’s really a “saving doctrine” that brings health and peace to the soul.

Each section of the book features a moving essay by a highly regarded Catholic. Scott Hahn, Mary Ellen Bork, Raymond Arroyo and Helen M. Alvaré, among others, provide their personal accounts of being Catholic, which are followed by Scalia’s illuminations.

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  1. Traditional Catholic doctrine is cold and hostile. This is one of the many reasons Pope Francis is leading the Church in a direction which is closer to the teachings of Jesus contained in the Sacred Scriptures rather than relying on a Thomistic-based approach. Thanks be to God!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you’re confusing doctrine with theology. Also, regardless of what anyone would say about scholastic philosophy and theology, no one can say that it’s hostile.

      I suspect you’ll learn quite a bit from Fr. Scalia’s book.

    • Harold, if Catholicism causes you to clear off the frost, why are you Catholic? Hardly seems plausable that you would be involved in a Chirch you disdain with such ease. This current Pope is only 3 years into his pontificate, what did you do before him? Practice Protestantism, Buddhism, VooDoo??

      If you are Catholic, which is in question, you should be respectful of the Church, regardless of your misgivings.

    • Ann Malley says:

      Jesus was pretty clear on adultery, Harold.

  2. Edwin Rutto says:

    Thanks for the article. I believe the teaching of Fr. Paul D. is true,basing on what the writer has highlighted. Catholic doctrines aids Christians to enter into more relationship with God. It gives guidance and order in divine worship. The Church’s doctrines were formulated by Church fathers after a long prayers and discussion during councils.
    I think proper catechesis is needed, faithful are to be well prepared before and baptism,this will ensure that they understand well on their faith in relation to the doctrines

  3. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    Catholic doctrine is not cold and hostile, but the way some people relate it to others can be cold and hostile.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good insight! You are entirely correct.

    • Disgusted with California Bishops says:

      Catholic doctrine is clear, such as that homosexual unions should not be considered even remotely analogous to marriage and that homosexual genital acts are intrinsically evil and can never be approved of in any circumstances.

      Do you agree, YFC?

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        I think hat the first “doctrine” you site is not actually catholic doctrine at all, but the musings of Benedict and Francis. But on the second part, the way you relate the doctrine to others is pretty cold and hostile. You can’t pluck ANY doctrine out of the blue, divorce it from the entire teachings on love and commitment, the purposes of sexuality, and of honesty, and fidelity, and then use it as a knife as though to cut someone with it. To do so is pretty much the definition of cold and hostile.

  4. Kristin: I have been a faithful Catholic for over 60 years…never been a Protestant or a practioner of voodoo. Note that I am a faithful Catholic, not a fundamentalist one!

    • Disgusted with California Bishops says:

      Okay, Harold: answer true or false:

      1) Contraception is intrinsically evil.
      2) Homosexual acts are intrinsically evil.
      3) Marriage is only between one man and one woman.
      4) Marriage is indissoluble.
      5) Abortion is gravely evil.
      6) Euthanasia is gravely evil.
      7) The Catholic Church is the one, true Church of Christ.
      8) There is no salvation outside the Church.

    • Ann Malley says:


      Faithful Catholics adhere to what is fundamentally Catholic. You describe the doctrine itself as “cold and hostile.” Those are not the sentiments of fidelity, but rather a rancorous judgment of the teachings, not the tone of individuals.

      Christ was fundamental.

  5. helen wheels says:

    Harold says:
    “Traditional Catholic doctrine is cold and hostile.”

    Genesis 3:10

  6. Dear Disgusted: Way back in 1957 when I was in the second grade, Sister Thomas Aquinas taught our class the Apostles Creed and Father McNamara told the students the Apostles Creed was a beautiful prayer and a good summary of the Catholic/Christian faith. I think Sister Thomas Aquinas and Father McNamara are still right and the Apostles Creed is a very good summary of my faith. God Bless. I hope you find a way to be less disgusted!

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