Hollywood releases gay ‘romance’ that normalizes man-boy sex

Leftist media gush approval for movie celebrating pederasty


Still from “Call Me By Your Name” (image from LifeSiteNews)

Call Me by Your Name,” which opened nationwide Thanksgiving weekend, is about an older man’s affair with a 17-year-old boy.  And while the movie is garnering rave reviews from urbane elites, their acclamations about the storyline are not quite accurate.  

This is not a romantic tale about the awakening of homosexual desire in and between two men: It is a story about a man and boy whose relationship sparks homoeroticism and flirtation, which then turns romantic and carnal. 

Summed up in a single word, the movie is about pederasty.  

A secondary message is the suggestion that handsome, together, “straight” men and boys can be seduced and recruited.  

The film has received high praise from leftist establishments. 

In the movie seventeen-year-old Elio’s father expresses his approval for his son’s sexual relationship with an older man. He laments with regret having forgone similar opportunities when he was his son’s age. (image from LifeSiteNews)

Call Me By Your Name Just Officially Became This Year’s Oscars Frontrunner,” trumpets a W Magazine headline.  Rolling Stone declares it “the most romantic movie of the year” and “an instant classic.”  The New Yorker calls it an “erotic triumph, emotionally acute and overwhelmingly sensual,” and it is hailed by Entertainment Weekly as “gorgeous and intoxicating.”

Even National Review, way back in early October, called the movie “a charming gay romance” which “will probably mop up” at the Oscars.  

Hollywood’s Stunning Hypocrisy

The stunning hypocrisy of the left is revealed in its promotion of this movie as an “Oscar contender,” at a point in history where real-life Hollywood celebrities, Washington VIP politicos and other powerful men find their careers lying in ruins––or on the verge of ruin––for precisely the type of behavior this movie glorifies.  

25 year old Oliver catches a glimpse of 17 year old Elio in the bathroom they share.

Recriminations from recent alleged sexually inappropriate behavior, or tales sexual indiscretions exhumed from long ago, have resulted in a huge public outcry against men in positions of power who opportunistically seek to satiate illicit sexual cravings.   

Actor Kevin Spacey’s career crashed and burned nearly overnight in a global public spectacle reminiscent of the Hindenburg disaster.  Why? Because over the course of his career, many now allege Spacey aggressively sought to coerce teenage boys and young men into engaging in homosexual acts.  And according to some allegations, he succeeded. 

This movie seeks to mainstream pederasty (not to be confused with pedophilia) in a warm and fuzzy way. And after first being released on the big screen, its message will find its way onto home TV’s, laptop computers, and yes, onto the tablets and smartphones of adolescent children. It is not explicit pornography, but it is overt propaganda.  

Full story at LifeSiteNews.

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  1. Michael McDermott says:

    Homosex Ephebophilia
    “Almost without exception, the gay men I know (and that’s too many to count) have a story of some kind of sexual trauma or abuse in their childhood – molestation by a parent or an authority figure, or seduction as an adolescent at the hands of an adult

    The other reason actually discussed in the community is that, because of the Aids crisis and the emergence of drug resistant strains of contagions like herpes and gonorrhea, gay men are compelled to seek new, untouched young men”

    The gay community must face the truth and see sexual molestation of an adolescent for the abuse it is, instead of the ‘coming of age’ experience many regard it as being”
    Tammy Bruce – ‘The Death of Right & Wrong’

    Not Born This…

  2. Michael McDermott says:

    Curious, is it not, the different Legal reactions – between a Male (XY) having heterosexual relations with a 17 year old Female (XX), a opposes to a Male Ephebophile and a 17 year old Male (XY)’.
    “San Leandro cop resigns in statutory-rape case
    – A San Leandro police officer has resigned after being accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl… Alameda County prosecutors have charged Becerra with three felony counts of statutory rape

  3. Why are any of you shocked, this is the dark secret the homo community they want this garbage, yes YFC I am talking to you and your ilk. How long can it before they perverts demand the lowering of age of consent so they can further sexual abnormalities.

  4. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    The movie hasn’t been released to wide audiences yet, so really none of us can judge. But I’d just point out that 17 is well past the age of reason, and in most states, a 17 year old is considered “of age”, having achieved the age of consent. So let’s see what the relationship is – is it one of power, as in a priest over an altar boy or girl, or a congressperson over a page.

    • As usual, you ignore the fact that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered and gravely immoral. You imply that homosexual couplings are a good thing. Even without having seen the movie, since it is depicting a homosexual coupling in a favorable or sympathetic light, on that basis alone we can judge it to be morally offensive.

      • Gravely immoral, indeed. Not just run-of-the-mill immoral, like when a sales clerk gives you too much change and you keep it. We’re talking here blood-soaked-vomit immoral. Immorality so horrendous that the mere imagining of it could get the gates of heaven slammed shut in your face. This brings me to my question and that is why are you pondering such things? What else do you find morally offensive to that degree? And what makes you think your judgment on this matter is even relevant, let alone called for?
        Oh, you’re simply speaking on behalf of God. So, if God had written passages in the bible that denoted pederasty as noble and good, your judgmental venom would then direct toward the detractors of this practice?
        How convenient it…

    • Anonymousse says:

      Wait a minute, are you saying that same-sex romance is morally acceptable provided that the two people are “of age” and consent and there isn’t a power imbalance? In my mind, and according to Catholic doctrine, same-sex romance is entirely off the table of legitimate moral possibilities; nothing can ever justify a same-sex love affair. NOTHING.

    • “YFC”, on matters concerning homosexuality, your opinions are too heavily steeped in rainbow colors to be taken seriously. Stop defending the immoral!

      Oh, and by the way, the trailer for this movie is offensive enough, so really, all of us can, and should, judge!

    • In the Church, the relationships usually involve a priest and a boy. The priests certainly can not be homosexual just because they keep chasing after boys. Many parishes have nothing but altar girls. For some strange reason, the girls are usually unavailable to the priests and all they can find is boys. I am not lying. honest! It is the truth!!!

    • YFC, I do admire your passion and consistancy. I continue to pray that you direct it towards the truth and not evil. Homosexual sex and attraction will lead one to Hell, period.

    • An older person over a young person is a position of power.

  5. Linda Maria says:

    Why can’t the Catholic Church boycott Hollywood, and demand a Code of Ethics, similar to the Legion of Decency, of years ago, which began in the 1930s– and ended at Vatican II?? Catholics should all BOYCOTT Hollywood filth– and BOYCOTT filth found in all types of media– films, art, TV shows, literature, music, etc.!!

    • Linda Maria says:

      The REAL name of this SATANIC movie is “Human Trafficking and Exploitation of Underage Boys for Gay Sex!”– CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!! The film-makers are no doubt members of the Satanic group, “Man-Boy Love Association!” Wish they all could be PROSECUTED and SENT TO JAIL FOR LIFE!!

  6. Interesting. Pederasty and pedophilia are the very behaviors engaged in by priests that nearly destroyed the Church. Now, these behaviors are found to be “illuminating” and “enlightening”. In actuality, they are sinful and disgusting. JJ&M pray for us!

  7. One does not have to be sprayed by a skunk to know one stinks. One does not have to go to this movie to understand it is terribly wrong.

  8. Demonstrating a progressive mind set is a matter of survival in print and electronic media. Of course publications like rolling stone, the NY’er and even Nat’l Rev (?!) are falling all over themselves in trying to out do the other in praise. Anything less than absolute validation and promotional praise is subject to a disciplinary action by the totalitarian progressive establishment.

    The dualism is apparent to everyone that doesn’t matter, but it is completely unsustainable. In their rage, they will declare themselves and then the homosexuals and Christians will be persecuted side by side. Fait accompli.

  9. St. Christopher says:

    “YFC,” homosexual sex is never, ever, acceptable, regardless of sin. Sodomy between man, or any kind of sexual expression, is entirely immoral and a vile insult to God. Homosexual inclination, as well, is “disordered,” according to the Catholic Catechism, so their attachment to each other, even if non-sexual, would be wrong. Men with such inclinations should be sought out and encouraged by the Church to seek to understand God’s Natural Law, confess their sins, and lead a chaste life. We need to pray constantly for their salvation.

  10. The Watchman says:

    Hollywood just does not seem to get it. New scandals are coming to the surface every other day in an industry that is full of scandals. The judgement of Almighty God is on this industry which is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the devil. This movie will more than likely win an Oscar award at the academy awards in the new year. Not that this film deserves an Oscar in an industry that is trying to force this radical anti God agenda on the world. Hopefully the people of America and the western world will not waste their money and see this film for the propaganda that it really is. Jesus Christ King of Kings Lord of Lords True God and True is coming soon. Pray America Pray! Pray Pray Pray!

  11. Im4truth4all says:

    “Take away the supernatural, and what remains is the unnatural.” – G.K. Chesterton

  12. We are sick and in need of a divine physician

  13. This is appalling!

  14. Just looking at the trailer, this seems like warmed-over classic pederasty such as the early Church faced growing up in the Greco-Roman world. It was wicked and nonsensical then and dressing it up by Hollywood doesn’t make it any better now.

  15. Michael McDermott says:

    CON: LGBT advocates seek to scuttle a vital Constitutional right

    As the Dec. 5 oral argument date for his case grows near, the drumbeat proclaiming Jack Phillips must be forced to create a same-sex wedding cake against his conscience grows louder.

    The most important consideration in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission…
    Jack, who owns and operates Masterpiece, is not opposed to serving people who identify as homosexual; he simply objects to the celebration for which he is asked to create a cake – the same-sex wedding.

    This becomes even clearer when we understand that Jack will not create a wedding cake for two men even if they claim a heterosexual…

  16. Roberta Siena says:

    Call The Exorcist!

  17. Michael McDermott says:

    Pediatrician: Revealing Your Baby’s Sex Might Traumatize Him
    Dr. Leena Nahata, a pediatric endocrinologist at the highly ranked Nationwide Children’s Hospital, is sounding the alarm about the ‘gender

    The medical establishment is losing its bearings. Caught in the twilight zone of transgender alt-reality, where hurt feelings matter more than hard science, America’s pediatricians see a new threat on the horizon

    Dr. Leena Nahata, a pediatric endocrinologist at the highly ranked Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, sounds the alarm about the “gender reveal” phenomenon

    She warns that a sonogram posted to Facebook, or a party to…

  18. I don’t know what to say. How can people be so corrupt and disgusting? Children are not safe anymore. I can see why Sodom and Gomorrah were punished. I agree with those who say that this is appalling. The more homosexuality spreads, the more children will be constantly be in greater danger. It is even worse when the name of God is used to molest children. Homosexuals should not be ordained as Priests. Save our Altar Boys!

  19. Michael McDermott says:

    Obviously the statistics are the result of Ism-Obia
    “‘Brilliant’ Columbia doctoral student shot in the head, killed by his boyfriend, police say
    Although domestic violence impacts all types of relationships, a study from the U.S. Department of Justice found that 23.1 percent of men who lived with same-sex partners had experienced rape, physical assault or stalking by an intimate partner—compared to only 7.4 percent of men who cohabited with women only


  20. Anonymous says:

    I sympathize with those who are so outraged that they can not write their comments clearly here. Does Jeff Sessions know about this?

    • Anonymous says:

      Speaking of writing comments clearly, what does your post mean? What does the Attorney General have to do with this? The Department of Justice doesn’t have power to censor movies.

  21. Daniel Middleman says:

    I was shocked when I found out our local theater was
    going to show Blue Is The Warmest Color. The movie
    is porn. It shows two teenage girls performing sex acts
    that you would only expect to see in a porn movie and
    it really is that graphic. I shouldn’t have been surprised
    though since AMC is a big national chain and all these
    big companies are now basically run by babykilling
    anti-Christian Leftwing Nazi scum.

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