Gay totalitarianism at Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco

Human Rights Campaign, Castro Street

Human Rights Campaign, Castro Street

The Schools of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco consist of two single-sex schools: the Convent of the Sacred Heart (girls) and Stuart Hall (boys). Each has both an elementary school and a high school. This report is restricted to high schools.

The campus ministry page, linked from the About page of, lists the ministry contacts. For Stuart Hall, the coordinator is Sergio Vasquez. For Convent High School, the coordinator is Kate McMichael.

There are three faculty members in the Stuart Hall department of theology: Michael Campos, Raymond O’Connor, and the aforementioned Sergio Vasquez.



Michael Campos’ full name is Michael Sepidoza Campos. He is an open homosexual. In addition to his work at Stuart Hall he is a member of EQARS (Emerging Queer Asian Pacific Islander Religious Scholars). Their mission statement:

“EQARS is a group of scholars, religious workers, and activists that began meeting regularly in February 2010 to discuss the emerging area of interest that is queer Asian Pacific Islander religions, and to engage in a collaborative methodology to further each other’s scholarly, religious work and activism….”

From Campos biographical entry at EQARS: “Michael’s research interests include Filipino-American diaspora, postcolonial theory, queer theory and critical pedagogy….”

As CalCatholic reported on September 29, 2009, Mike Campos was one of the  facilitators at the praying of the “queer rosary” on September 17, 2009 at Newman Hall/Holy Spirit parish in Berkeley.  On September 21, 2011 the website Queering the Church, reporting on a recent conference at Fordham University which Campos attended, said: “Michael Sepidoza Campos, Ph.D., who is gay, described his decision to join, and eventually leave, the seminary and his current work as a high-school teacher.”

Raymond O’Connor. According to a September 24, 2013 profile in the Convent and Sacred Heart News, O’Connor has been at Sacred Heart/Stuart Hall since 2000. He spent ten years training for the priesthood, nine of which were with the Jesuits. He chairs the theology department and directs the Service Learning Program.  For a number of years O’Connor served as the coordinator of lectors at San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer parish, and on the parish’s worship committee. In 2002, the New York Times wrote about Most Holy Redeemer, saying that “80 to 90 percent of the members are gay.”

From July 9-15, 2011 O’Connor led the Convent of the Sacred Heart/Stuart Hall’s hosting of the Summer Service Projects, a program in which students visit various Sacred Heart schools around the country. The 2011 program was called Bay to Waves. Among other things, O’Connor took the students to a viewing of the film Milk, which celebrates the life of homosexualist Harvey Milk.  He took 18 students on a tour of San Francisco’s Castro district, to O’Connor’s home parish Most Holy Redeemer, to the Harvey Milk Academy, and to the LGBT Museum.  He took the students to the Human Rights Campaign Action Center in the Castro District. The Human Rights Campaign is the largest pro same-sex marriage  lobbying organization in the country.

Vasquez (left)

Vasquez (left)

Sergio Vasquez. The third member of the Stuart Hall for Boys theology department is Sergio Vasquez. He writes on his Facebook page: “In a relationship with (another man, name redacted).” The photograph accompanying the description, which is Vasquez’s profile  picture, shows the other man with his arm around Vasquez, who is wearing a Stuart Hall hoodie.

There are two faculty members in the Convent of the Sacred Heart department of theology: Paul Lorentz and Kathryn (Kate) McMichael.

Kate McMichael:  According to the October 2004 issue of Hospitality, the magazine of The Open Door Community – Hospitality & Resistance in the Catholic Worker Movement, McMichael is partnered with another woman: “Theresa Hausser and her partner, Kate McMichael, regularly lead a bible study at St.Boniface Church in San Francisco CA.”  According to an April 28, 2010 article in Blockshopper: “Theresa Hausser and Kate McMichael bought a three-bedroom, two-bath home at (redacted) in Fairfax from (redacted) on April 13…. Hausser is the development office director at St. Boniface Church. McMichael teaches world religions in the theology and philosophy department of the Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, located in San Francisco. She also serves as the CSH campus minister.”

Part of the Sacred Heart Schools campus

Part of the Sacred Heart Schools campus

Paul Pryor Lorentz: Lorentz is the chair of the theology/philosophy department at Convent of the Sacred Heart. He is married to a person of the opposite sex. On February 28, 2011, CalCatholic reported that the Convent of the Sacred Heart had hosted a screening of the anti-Catholic movie Pink Smoke Over the Vatican on February 18.  After the movie, open lesbian Roman Catholic Womanpriest Victoria Rue, one of the people profiled in the movie, addressed Convent students. Following the screening, and Rue’s address to the students, Lorentz, joined by Andrea Shurley, CSH’s then-head of school, sent an email to parents. “Today we had a guest speaker who shared her views on the role of women in the Catholic Church,” said the email. “Her viewpoint was carefully and intelligently shared, and our Women’s Studies students led a question-and-answer session. Unfortunately, given our time constraints, we did not have the opportunity to allow exploration of contrasting viewpoints.”

While the Schools of the Sacred Heart are under the control of a religious order, meaning the power of the local bishop is limited, the school is listed as a Catholic School on the archdiocesan website and on the website of the San Francisco Department of Catholic Schools.

Contact: Jan Dunn, RSCJ, executive director, Network of Sacred Heart Schools, 700 North Third Street, St. Charles MO 63301.

Contact: Maureen Huntington, superintendent of Catholic Schools; Laura Held, assistant superintendent Faith Formation and Religious Instruction; and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, all at the Archdiocese of San Francisco, One Peter Yorke Way, San Francisco CA 94109

Most important is to contact the principal of your local Catholic elementary schools. Almost all enrollment to Catholic high schools come from Catholic elementary feeder  schools.

Tuition for Convent & Stuart Hall high schools is $36,470 per year.

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  1. markrite says:

    This would be bloody unbelievable if this were even twenty years ago, but right here, right now, in the 21st century, unfortunately not at all. And that statement is so sad. ‘We’ve (or you’ve) come a long way baby’, as they used to say in the ‘seventies, and its not pretty. And so, QUEERS RULE! (the appelation “queer” is not my construction; the HomoFascists use the term all the time on themselves) And contemporary society will continue to suffer, there’s nothing coming down the ‘queer’ pike that’s going to mitigate it, either. For there’s nothing VIRTUOUS in what the GayReich touts; it’s plain and simple sexual deviancy in all it’s rancid glory. More STD’s, more Gay Bowel Syndrome, more AIDS, more gay-induced sicknesses, more moral confusion; they all follow in gay advocacy’s sordid wake. And the GayFascist mob becomes more strident, hostile, intolerant, and more inclined to HOMO BULLYING with each passing month. For the gay scenesters are no more than 2, maybe 3 % of the whole U.S. population, but with the LameStream megaphone they’re provided, they’d love for you to believe that they are more like 10 or 20% of the population; IN YOUR UNHOLY DREAMS, you motley collection of sick deviants. Nobody’s fooled by your incessant propaganda machine. Too much info. is coming out of the newer conservative alternate media sources, like CC Daily, and their ilk. Your colossal promiscuity is too well known, and the Biblical admonition still rules though you may not like it: “THE WAGES OF SIN ARE DEATH.” God Bless All, markrite

  2. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    I see CCD is enjoying doing hit pieces and destroying lives.

    • Ann Malley says:

      These ‘Catholic’ schools are doing the hit in destroying that which is Catholic by way of false advertisement, YFC. Indoctrinating the young with false ideals of charity is no charity at all.

    • Catherine says:


      I would like to write, *you can’t be serious* but the sad part is you are serious. You have been deceived for quite some time and you are in a pattern of habitual blindness. I think that CCD has been extremely charitable in allowing you the freedom of speech to post many hit pieces on the teachings of the Catholic Church for two important reasons.

      1. Most importantly, in prayerful hopes that you and anyone who is still attached to the slavery of first worshipping the false god of homosexuality will soon be given the grace to have an open mind and heart to repent for the sake of their own immortal soul. To clarify, I do not mean repent because you claim to be a homosexual, I mean repent for your many posts that are steering other souls away from God by distorting the truths of the Catholic Faith. How unselfish of CCD to be willing to be criticized by you and to print your criticism up for everyone to read when in reality they care about the salvation of all souls and so it is for the benefit of your soul and especially the souls of those you claim to love. There is no love if truth becomes a lie and then those lies become frosted with the ear tickling fantasies of today. You have bought into those lies, hook, line and sinker. Don’t remain fooled. Don’t enjoy being comfortably lied to as you have been doing for so long. The price is too high. You may still choose to remain comfortably fooled by your fellow activists but you will NEVER be able to say that you were comfortably lied to on CCD. For that you will hopefully one day express thanksgiving to Almighty God for the grace of total conversion with a debt of eternal gratitude for not being comfortably lied to on CCD. The choice is still yours to make.

      2. Freedom of speech

      • Hugh James says:

        Saying things like “the false god of homosexuality” sounds completely insane. It makes no rational sense. Homosexuality is an individual characteristic, like eye color or height. As much a part of God’s creation as anything.

        If you’re looking for false gods, though, you might want to look at the one that you’ve created in your own image.

        And if you think that you’re going to reach the end of your life and be rewarded for bigotry, or simply being heterosexual because you were born that way, or expect a universal deity to share the same, very worldly prejudices as you, good luck with that.

        • Ann Malley says:

          Speaking out against the embracing of homosexual activity is neither bigotry or insane, Hugh James. The ‘God made me that way,’ excuse for bad behavior is so old, tired, and unmanly its disgusting. (And that is unmanly in the sense of being a perpetual victim of circumstance.) We all have inclinations and supposed ‘hard wiring’ that we need to combat.

          But perhaps you’re one of those who claim that letting oneself run to fat is all about bone structure, not the reality of what one puts into one’s mouth.

          That said, if you think to answer Our Lord on Judgement Day, that is yours, by saying, “It’s the woman’s fault. The one YOU gave me,” best of luck to you.

          • Hugh James says:

            Sorry, Ann Malley, but it is bigotry. Don’t take my word for it, look up the word anywhere. And calling homosexuality a “false god” is insane. It makes no sense whatsoever.

            Body weight is a mutable characteristic. Sexual orientation is not. Nor is it a curse, circumstantial victimization, “bad behavior”, or anything other than a common variation in personality.

            It’s really quite sad that you have some twisted and perverted notion of morality that informs your bigotry, and that you can’t see it for what it is.

          • Ann Malley says:

            You are an intriguing one, Hugh James. And you are flattering me too much by saying that it is ‘my’ perverted notion of morality that informs ‘my’ bigotry. It’s observable common sense that reproductive organs are by their very nature to be used for the purpose of – well – reproduction.

            Like don’t put that pea up your sister’s nose. It doesn’t go there. Yes, there are those that are inclined to do so, but that does not preclude the natural function of peas and noses. Or reproductive organs which, unless one is raped, are used by force of will. Stop the lie that makes mankind out to be a hapless animal incapable of restraint. You do yourself no service.

            And that is not an opinion. It simply IS, Hugh James, so therefore the charge of bigotry doesn’t hold. If it were a matter of opinion, however, you could be aptly and equally termed bigoted for your inflexibility and – dare I say it – intolerance.

            Good grief.

  3. Sacred Heart Schools in Atherton, about thirty miles south of San Francisco, is another RSCJ _c_atholic school where if you lift up some stones you’ll find plenty of cockroaches and open secrets. Principal of the preparatory? The Network of Sacred Heart Schools is replete with dissidents, especially in the religion departments, so what this story has reported about the SF schools in not surprising at all.

  4. Hugh James says:

    The only thing shocking about this is that tuition is $36,470. Shows you that Catholic prep schools are no different from the secular ones. They now function to maintain an endemic class structure. That’s a major shift from the 20th Century.

    As far as it goes with gay people living openly and having relationships, opinions, and jobs, seriously, no one cares.

    It’s encouraging to see these pieces, which is probably the opposite of the intended effect. They illustrate how erroneous it is to assume that Catholic identity is somehow indicative of a specific position in a Culture War.

  5. Abeca Christian says:

    I just don’t get it. How did these individuals get employed in a Catholic university? I just don’t get it but the reality is that it is happening and it shows the disobedience from many from within the church. It shows the lack of authority intervening or perhaps they are unaware or afraid of law suits if they took action!

    Whatever the reason is, we are not doing justice to our faith by allowing these scandals to enter our church. It shows that these schools are not Catholic but secular schools with expensive tuition! Its best that they shut down. We don’t need these types of schools, we need real solid Catholic schools to stand up and defend their right to be truly Catholic!

    • Anonymous says:

      These are Catholic high schools.

      • Abeca Christian, these types of individuals have been and still are employed to teach in our Catholic Seminaries as well. It’s been going on for at least 50 years now. Nothing to “get” really. “The Smoke of Satan has entered the Catholic Church” Prayer and fasting is the answer.

        • Ann Malley says:

          Sad but true, Tracy. But it seems there is an increasing light being shone on these long-time disconnects. God willing, the infection is close to popping.

          Thanks for the prayers and fasting!

          • I agree Ann, there sure does seem to be a huge battle going on right now. I like your analogy about the infection popping! At first it is extremely painful, but once popped, relief soon follows.

          • Ann Malley says:

            Let’s hope CCD keeps the heat on.

            God bless 🙂

  6. Michael McDermott says:

    Straight Out Trolling
    Given the choice, would you rather be known as someone who is ‘Light Hearted and Happy’, or as a ‘Rigidly Narrow Linear & Unbending’ person?
    In other words – would you rather be referred to as someone who is Gay or Straight?

    This scam of ‘Politics of Adversarial Terminology’ is regularly used by anonymous trolls here to trash the Church’s Wise Moral Teachings, and scold us in to Pandering to their own Objectively Disordered Behaviors.

    Likewise the accusation of “Ism-Obia” – a hybrid of ‘Isms’ (racism, ageism…) and Phobia (unreasoning fear) – does not foster – but Prevents Fact Based Reasoned analysis; as a losing discussion for the ‘harpy campers’ roosting here.

    Our Anti-Catholic Trolls invest great effort attacking the Church’s Teachings & Teachers; not to make us better people, but rather to silence those encouraging them to reject sinful errors and thus become better people for it.

    The latest scam bans the term “Homosexual” – because it clearly links to aberrant and pathological practices – and forces ‘Straights’ to think only ‘Happy’ thoughts; lacking what George Orwell called “Thought Crime”.

    Limiting language to acceptable forms of “Newspeak”, allows the ‘GLBERTS’ to eliminate words that lead to politically Un-Good Thoughts.

    The link below explains how censoring the term “Homosexual” (but Not Straight) is now proper media speak, because:

    “…calling gay people “homosexual” is “a practice that’s quickly falling out of favor with major news outlets due the term’s often pejorative connotation and frequent use by opponents of LGBT equality.”

  7. Abeca Christian says:

    Often I wonder why parents would pay for their children to go to a school where there is no faithfulness? This is being permitted because the parents did not have an over pouring of complains and actions against these scandals.

    Where people remain silent against evil shows their true heart and perhaps many of these parents are OK with this. Just remember what fault do these children have? None, they are just young. They know not better but when you have these down right disobedience and permit people who do not live the faith, well you are definitely telling the youth that its OK. Its the wrong message given to our youth and we are not nurturing their salvation and their relationship with our Lord with truth!

  8. Anonymous says:

    What is gay totalitarianism?

  9. John Feeney says:

    When will it end Lord?

  10. This is sickening. When is Archbishop Cordeleone going to begin doing anything about schools in the S.F. Archdiocese? I had such high hopes for him when he came to S.F. Now it seems like business as usual. It’s still Sodom- by-the-Bay.

  11. Michael McDermott says:

    Not All is doom & gloom in Academentia – at least in the 4th Circuit Courts, if not the 9th Circus of the Left Coast.
    The ACLJ – American Center for Law & Justice and allies have produced a Victory not just for Free Speech, but also for those who Find Faith and are Retaliated and Punished for it.

    Mike Adams is a Law Professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington, who used to be an Atheist amongst other things, and was hired by the University Before he had an Epiphany – found in connection with his encounter with a Death Row inmate of all people.

    Truly – the Lord works in strange and mysterious ways, and Adams story is one of the brightest spots in an otherwise bleak legal landscape – made possible by a Jury of His Peers, and not the ‘system’.

    Hence, I most heartily recommend further reading on his case, and the rulings that have come down from both the Jury and the Appeals process, which are even more amazing to one such as I – whose journey through the mindfield of the ‘law’ has been witness to the paths of destruction and poisoned fields plowed by the black robe mafia.

    SEE: Victory: Jury Rules North Carolina University Violated Conservative Professor’s Free Speech Rights

  12. As stated by other many times – contact the appropriate Diocese Bishop. Provide him with a copy of this article as documentation.
    In this case it is Archbishop Cordilione of the SanFrancisco Diocese.

    Code of Canon Law:
    UNDER – “OBLIGATIONS and RIGHTS of ALL the Christian Faithful”
    ” 212 §3. According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church
    and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful,
    without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons.”

  13. Laurette Elsberry says:

    I bet there was rejoicing at these schools when Pope Francis’ imprudent out of context quote was publicized all around the world: “Who am I to judge?”

  14. All of this would not have happened but for Vatican II. Why are we afraid to tell it like it is?

  15. St. Christopher says:

    No homosexual sexual person can ever have a position in a Catholic school or church. The sooner that this approach is started, the sooner that their scandal to the Faith will end. No, it is not discrimination in any real sense: these people, while legally free to practice whatever sexual (and consensual) preference they wish, are, by their status as employees, an affront to the Catholic Faith and its orthodox practice. People always confuse political rights with theological requirements in “feeling bad” about excluding homosexuals. However, all choice is discriminatory, and homosexual sexual persons chose to practice a “disordered” existence. And, their practice is made public, and harmful, by being played out before impressionable children. Oh yes, homosexual sex persons freely speak in the classrooms about their “partner” or “spouse” and their open relationships are a direct challenge to teachings of the Catholic Church. Poll after poll show young Catholics as favoring homosexual sexual “rights,” and why is that? Because neither their Church, nor parents, taught that homsexual sex was morally evil, and, further, that the children then see homosexual sexual persons being treated as normal role models as teachers and school administrators. This seems a hard lesson but it is the only way to rebalance Catholic moral education to our precious youth. And, homosexual sexual persons and their organizations well know this, explaining why they focus on children and education. A darker purpose may also be suggested.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Sarah and Dave,

    I have it on good authority that the AB knows about this!

    And since it is ‘private Catholic’ run by an order, what he can do is to speak with them, but they can choose to listen or not! The only other thing he can do is to take away their ‘Catholic Identity’ which I believe….if they DO NOT come into full communion with the Church’s teachings after he speaks with them, it would be great example to all the schools!

    I contacted Abbot Mark Cooper yesterday regarding this sad state of affairs at Woodside Priory, and he told me that he had just heard about it, 3 minutes before I phoned him, and when I gave him my opinion, he totally agreed with me!

    His phone number is: (603) 641 – 7000 at St. Anselm Abby/College in New Hampshire, they oversee (not doing too well at this point at that) Woodside Priory!

  17. Father Karl says:

    Father Malachi Martin told me personally several years ago that the Catholic Church, being the Mystical Body of Christ, is going through the same stages that Our Lord went through. After five several attacks: The Great Schism, the Reformation, the French Revolution, Communism, and Vatican II, the Church is dying, and will be buried, as Christ was. Our Lord was in the tomb just three days, but the Church will be ‘underground’ for a long time. You see the blatant attacks, stemming from the top, on the Franciscans, the radio announcer, Fisher More College, and Father Gruner because they are traditional, not to mention the SSPX. But what about all this garbage, the homosexual network, the CCD congress abuses, Catholics leaving the Church in droves because of the nonsense going on, and radical nuns who advocate female priests, abortion and gay rights given free access to the Vatican Press office. This is a huge scandal, and things are not getting better, but worse each day. The Church will NEVER disappear, but it is shrinking rapidly, and there will, as Saint Paul wrote, be only a remnant, chosen out of grace. Satan told Our Lord “, Give me 100 years, and I will destroy your Church”, as was revealed by Pope Leo XIII. The Church is in ruins; it is a devastated vineyard, and it is self destructing as Pope Paul VI stated.

  18. “While the Schools of the Sacred Heart are under the control of a religious order, meaning the power of the local bishop is limited.”

    That’s a misleading statement, no doubt designed to preserve Abp. Cordileone’s status as a conservative media darling. As a practical matter the Archbishop could close any of these schools if he really wished to do so.

  19. Linda Maria says:

    Vatican II is the culprit, for our Church’s lack of proper discipline and morality! Yes, the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council saw to it, that Church Authority would be severely curtailed, in favor of so-called liberal, immature, hippie-style “freedom of conscience!” A horrific insult to Christ, to Whom our Church rightfully belongs! It is so hard to believe, that millions of so-called “Christian” Catholics, who are extremely immoral, and in extreme dissent to Christ’s holy teachings– now dominate the Church’s clergy, nuns, and laity, in every way imaginable! It is nearly impossible, for a true Catholic, of maturity and faithfulness to Christ, to serve anywhere in the Church– because our Church is so completely broken, with absolutely NO DESIRE, by her leaders, to solve this problem! To properly solve this issue, would perhaps mean to publically recognize the true, horrific nature of the schism we are experiencing, and to publically reveal, accepting the terrible, humiliating truth–that there are in reality– only a very, very few real Catholic believers, to include only a very few of the clergy, nuns and laity! This Church is DESTROYED to its vey core– but her leaders do not have the GUTS to admit it! Or do something about it! They are so shockingly unCatholic, unChristian– and FAITHLESS!! They have NO MORAL CONSCIENCE, about running their broken, immoral, godless wreck of a “Church,” and do not care, even if they did not believe in God or Christ– to sell the souls of the young to the Devil himself, and wreck the world! No one can live properly, without leading a good moral life! A life of sin leads to destruction and death!

  20. mike magee says:

    I’m curious if a secular, civil court would enforce a directive from Archbishop Cordileone to ‘cease and desist’. Would the Court order the school to close, cease using “Catholic”, etc? Especially if the school organization opposed the Archbishop.
    I’m not an attorney so I dont know. I’m not concerned about what the Court SHOULD do. Is there a licensed attorney out there willing to give an opinion on what the Court WOULD do?

  21. Michael McDermott says:

    I ran across this ‘news’ story about protests against a Nun who Promotes Authentic Catholic Teaching – contrary to the high paid CHINO Radicals who infest so called ‘catholic’ (small ‘c’) schools – and make big bucks Trashing the Church:

    Anger at Charlotte Catholic school after speaker criticizes homosexuality

    Some parents and students at one of North Carolina’s largest Catholic schools are outraged after a Nashville Dominican nun who holds a doctorate in theology criticized homosexuality in a presentation to students, according to the Charlotte Observer.

    Misinterpreting Catholicism
    How media coverage distorts public understanding of the Church
    Book Description by Philip F. Lawler
    Are major media outlets biased against the Catholic Church?

    – In this book he dissects secular news coverage, showing how journalists mislead their audiences as a result of bias, ignorance, or both.

  22. Michael McDermott says:
  23. Glorious…send your child off to receive a secondary Catholic education, and you get a tour of the dreaded “castro district”….teaching students about the majestic life of Harvey Milk (dripping with sarcasm)…a flaming deviant, who indulged in the perversion of “buggery” as regularly as you and I breathe…I am horrified…repulsed is a better word, when I think of the leadership of our Church here in America…men Like Mahony, Barnes and their ilk…who turn a blind eye to this activity…so-called Catholic educators, teaching our children how noble and virtuous sodomy and sacrilege is…God have mercy on these children…and pray he punish these evildoers who perpetuate this demonic filth

  24. Michael McDermott says:

    Day of Dialogue 2014

    Take a minute to introduce yourself below, and download a Day of Dialogue student guide and/or the parent/pastor guide — for FREE!

    Welcome! We’re so excited that you’re interested in participating in the April 10, 2014 Day of Dialogue, a nationwide free-speech event for Christian students. First Timothy 4:12 says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers.” The Day of Dialogue, sponsored by Focus on the Family, equips students to do just that.

    Join with thousands of other teens by downloading a free, get-started guide today! If you are a parent or youth leader, you can also access tools to let students know about the event by downloading the free parent/pastor guide.

  25. Claire Halenback says:

    This website needs to stop slandering Bay Area schools for being accepting of homosexuality. Honestly, you are hurting all of these teachers, and for no good reason. By saying horrible things about these people, you are going against what you claim to believe in. Stop your hypocrisy. Stop stalking these teachers’ facebook profiles, taking things out of context, and then publishing an article about them, without their CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE. Is that even legal? Honestly, reform is ESSENTIAL in the survival of Christianity. Christianity is declining, especially in youth. This is probably because of its closed-mindedness and lack of acceptance. If you are still a conservative Christian, I recommend you open your eyes to the liberal ideology, because otherwise you will be making no difference in the world. Two of my children attend schools that this website is slandering. My daughter attends Convent. I can be extremely certain in my promise to you that these teachers do not negatively affect my children at all, but rather contribute to a solid foundation for strong morals, beliefs, and values. I, along with God, do not appreciate these kinds of articles and comments. I usually do not speak for God, but in this case, I am so certain of his opinion on this topic that I have no problem with it.

    • Boy, are you delusional. You represent exactly the ignorant demographic that the Sacred Heart Schools cater to.

      There are so many flaws in your statements and reasoning. Really, where to begin? I doubt you have even the foggiest understanding of Catholicism or the purpose of Catholic schools. Do you really think that the truth that God has revealed is changeable according to the whims of the age?

      I can speak for Christ on this because I’m merely repeating his words when I inform you that reform of the type you envision and advocate is most certainly NOT essential for the survival of Christianity: Jesus gave Peter the keys of the kingdom, made him the rock on which he built his Church and assured him that the gates of the netherworld would not prevail against it. The Church will survive because it is protected by Christ. It does NOT need to adapt to your ignorant, leftist ideology in order to survive. In fact, were it to do that, it would contradict itself.

      I honestly think you have no clue what you’re talking about. Were you educated by the RSCJs too?

      • Claire Halenback says:

        Alright I guess I am delusional. That is definitely the most appropriate and mature way to handle my opinion! What about my opinion is ignorant? Please, enlighten me. Does it really seem like Christ is here to protect the church? Honestly, there is no proof that Christ ever even existed other than the bible, but I do not count that because it could easily have been made up. The reason I do not believe in the bible is because I do not want to have the reputation that people like you have. You are the kind of person that claims to be a good person because you follow Christianity so strictly, but really, you have just insulted me multiple times within one comment. I wonder what God and Christ would think of that. As for my own comment, I really don’t care what God and Christ would think about it, because I do not believe in them. You cannot use that as another way to insult me. You can go ahead and claim that I will go to hell for saying this, I really don’t care at all.

    • Anonymous says:


  26. Claire Halenback says:

    This website needs to stop slandering Bay Area schools for being accepting of homosexuality. Honestly, you are hurting all of these teachers, and for no good reason. By saying horrible things about these people, you are going against what you claim to believe in. Stop your hypocrisy. Stop stalking these teachers’ facebook profiles, taking things out of context, and then publishing an article about them, without their CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE. Is that even legal? Honestly, reform is ESSENTIAL in the survival of Christianity. Christianity is declining, especially in youth. This is probably because of its closed-mindedness and lack of acceptance. If you are still a conservative Christian, I recommend you open your eyes to the liberal ideology, because otherwise you will be making no difference in the world. Two of my children attend schools that this website is slandering. My daughter attends Convent. I can be extremely certain in my promise to you that these teachers do not negatively affect my children at all, but rather contribute to a solid foundation for strong morals, beliefs, and values. I, along with God, do not appreciate these kinds of articles and comments. I usually do not speak for God, but in this case, I am so certain of his opinion on this topic that I have no problem with it.

    • Ann Malley says:

      God doesn’t have opinions, Claire. People do. What God says and holds to be true – IS. That is why believing Catholics take issue with the ideology of changing with the times. And having so called ‘Catholic’ schools attempt to redefine Catholicism to appeal to the masses. As if the relevance of the Catholic Church were based on numbers. It isn’t.

      Does the objective truth of mathematics change with time. That is the core of 1+1=2? Is a glass of wine that is so diluted that it is 99% water and 1% wine still qualify as a glass of wine? Not really.

      Try that at a wine tasting club. Advertise that you are going to teach attendees about fine wines and offer them water and see where that gets you. It’s not a matter of hate or outrage or anything emotional. It’s not a matter of vilifying the teachers as individuals.

      Rather, it is a justifiable reaction to the advertising/promoting of wine that isn’t wine. And those who graduate from said schools will likely have no taste for wine. THAT is the issue here. And from these schools, these supposed wine connoisseurs will advocate plowing under the vineyards in favor of drilling water wells. Because THAT is what they now understand wine to be. But what of the true wine lover? For in this scenario, it is Our Lord, the WORD Incarnate, who is the grape, the wine, the truth, Claire.

      Some of us here want to honor Him despite whether or no it is popular to do so.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        what? Since when do gay people drink wine watered down 99:1 with water, or plow under the vinyards hoping to find water underneath? What???

        • Ann Malley says:

          Your feigned confusion adds nothing to the analogy, YFC, except to say that you have no taste for Catholicism or the natural law. And that is your choice. Much like engaging in the fruits of same sex attraction which is sin.

          I would venture, however, that you are a lover of fine wines. So even though you might pretend the ‘What????”, I know you understand exactly what I meant.

          God bless 🙂

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            No, Anne, what you wrote makes no sense whatsoever. There is no plowing under vineyards in order to extract water, there is no 99:1 dilution of wine. If what you are trying to say is that our faith is 99% made up of sexual moral ethics, I’d say you have a pretty twisted view of Christianity.

          • Ann Malley says:

            You are correct, YFC, there is no dilution of wine. Add enough new ‘twists’ and the liquid is no longer wine. That is why preaching the same sex agenda as Catholic doesn’t fly in the face of that which is truly Catholic.

            God bless.

      • Keep in mind Ann, that wine left stagnant turns to vinegar.

        • Ann Malley says:

          So let’s plant more grape vineyards not try to convince folks that a field of hops will render wine. That’s just lying 🙂

          • Speaking of wine everybody, if your putting on an event with a tight budget, Salmon Creek is a real good option.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Thank you Claire. I agree with you in most of your sentiments. But I do not think you can claim to speak for God. God speaks for self when it is written that all are Children of God. That is all we need to know.

  27. St. Christopher says:

    “Claire Halenback”: Your comments are stunning, and predictable. What your children are taught about the “acceptability of homosexuality,” is likely consistent with what other CA kids in public schools are being taught. Unfortunately, it is neither slander, nor wrong, to object to these teachings as being inconsistent with the Catholic Church’s theology. Remember that Christ did not “condemn” the adulterous woman, but He did say, “Go and sin no more.” Every homosexual is as worthy of salvation as any hetersexual, but what homosexuals do sexually in their relationships represents mortal sins — each and every time. Although no one knows how God thinks or will judge at the point of death: it may well be that, to be saved, homosexuals must adhere to what Christ told the adulterous woman — sin no more. Does it make you comfortable to be in an institution that holds itself out as “Catholic” but does not teach your children this truth? Similarly, why be Catholic at all if you believe that homosexuality is fine and dandy? Your precious children should be taught the truth about the Catholic Faith, not some liberal garbage that passes itself off as being “pastoral” to those individuals so clearly at odds with what the Church stands for. Unfortunately, many clergy agree with you; avoid these people, as their path is one of moral ruin. It is clear what is right and wrong; the hard part is standing tall for the truth. You obviously are anguished about this, and you should be, given what is at stake. You never know when in the future, the evil that is being fed to your children every day will come out in their decisionmaking to support abortion, homosexuality, easy divorce/remarriage and communion, all of that. Good luck.

  28. Anonymous says:

    My son is attends Stuart Hall High School and I am delighted at the education he is receiving from the Theology department. It is challenging, grounded in scripture, true to the tenets of Christianity and inclusive. My son talks about the ideas considered in Religion class more than any other, and he has taught me a great deal about a religion I now realize I hardly knew. The service trips are thoughtful and take great care to ensure that the students honor and respect the cultures they visit. I have never witnessed a group that strives harder to ‘live the Word of God’. A concept my son taught me during his Freshman year. Mr. Campos and Mr. O’Connor are kind, thoughtful, dedicated men of integrity and I am proud that my son’s spiritual education is in their care.
    As for the comments assessing the level of argument posed, in both the article and the supporting comments, they seem to consist mainly of ‘Ad Hominem’, where the argument is abandoned in favor of personal attack, which suggests the issue debated is less important than the opportunity to revile another human being, that the argument is too weak to be defended, or that the person posing the argument is unskilled in either the subject area, or debate. More importantly, it does not seem very Christian.

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