Evidence of the American Holocaust, part 2

Woodland Hills, California

This is the second in a series; the first story ran Monday, Nov. 26.

Malvin Roy Weisberg operated Medical Analytic Laboratories in Santa Monica from 1976 until March 1981. A significant part of the business of these laboratories was to conduct pathology exams on the bodies of unborn babies from clinics in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

A May, 1983 Associated Press story pointed out that Weisberg’s laboratories  at one point received nearly $175,000 in Medi-Cal payments, with $88,000 coming from pathology tests on aborted fetuses. Of this, half of it ($44,000) was paid federally through the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). By the Hyde Amendment, this money was ineligible for testing on pre-abortion or post-abortion tissue, which meant the state of California would need to pay back federal funds claimed by Weisberg and by any other laboratories.

Weisberg was not a medical doctor; to do the exams he hired Milo Allado, a pathologist from the Philippines who had been a physician for the U.S. military. Allado’s name was on the paperwork found in Weisberg’s sea/land container which held the 16,433 unborn baby bodies discovered accidentally in February, 1982.

Baby girl, age 25-28 weeks, weight 1 lb., 15 oz., length 16 inches, cause of death, massive hemorrhaging, salt poisoned by Dr. Scott Ricke, Coroner’s case #82-1901-5

This accident occurred because Weisberg (33 years old at the time of the discovery) had neglected to make the payments on the container he was purchasing from the Martin Container company in Wilmington. Weisberg had been keeping the aborted baby bodies at his Santa Monica office, but in 1980 there were complaints about the sight and smell of so many bodies, and Weisberg ordered the container to be delivered to his Woodland Hills home. (The first check for $1700 bounced.)

Weisberg’s Woodland Hills home on Califa Street in the Woodland Hills Country Club sat next to a flag lot, a piece of property with a long driveway that led to larger lot off the street. In back of Weisberg’s house there were tennis courts. Next to the tennis courts, on the vacant flag lot sat the large (20’x8’x8’) steel container before it was re-possessed.

After a short item appeared in the LA Times about the discovery of the bodies, two pro-lifers visited the Weisberg home in February, 1982. Mrs. Weisberg appeared at the front gate in tennis clothes, accompanied by another female. Mrs. Weisberg seemed to acknowledge the existence of the bodies, but at that point her female companion encouraged her to return to the house. The only other testimony to the grisly incident was a neighbor boy, who told the visitors that his parents would not let his sister play with the Weisberg children at their house, because there were “babies’ bodies” stored in a garage there.

Why was Weisberg keeping so many bodies of unborn babies?

To cut back on smog the Los Angeles Air Pollution Control District had strict rules by the late 1970s  limiting on-site incineration in the L.A. Basin. So disposing of human bodies was going to mean burying in the L.A. area or shipping somewhere out of the area – costs Weisberg was apparently not willing to bear.

And there was little chance to make money from the sale of the bodies. Since the bodies were kept in formaldehyde, they could not be used for research or for other uses.

All that is known for certain is that the bodies accumulated on the Woodland Hills property.

Why was Weisberg not prosecuted or made to pay for the Medi-Cal missing money?

Health and Human Services inspector Richard Kusserow stated “prior to its closing in April, 1981, [Medical Analytical Laboratories] had routinely submitted questionable billings under the Medi-Cal program, using an erroneous billing code…. the case lacked criminal prosecutive merit due to a lack of proof that the false billings were intentional. Because the laboratory was out of business, and its owner had declared bankruptcy, there were no assets against which to proceed for civil recovery”

Weisberg is now 64 years old and runs the Privacy Corporation on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills.

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  1. Mbuku Kanyau Mbithuka says:

    as evil as can it get

  2. Mbuku Kanyau Mbithuka says:

    its ironic that this doctor isprobably jewish, the very people that should be sensitive to genocide

    • R.B. Rodda says:

      If you made the effort to read the first few lines of this article you would realize that Malvin Roy Weisberg was/is not a doctor.

  3. Our Lord is weeping.

  4. Larry from RI says:

    ‘ the case lacked criminal prosecutive merit due to a lack of proof that the false billings were intentional.’In the abortion business nothing is
    done “intentional”

    You’ve heard of Broadway Joe of football fame.
    Here in R.I. we have Broad Street Joe.You can find Joe in front of the abortion killing clinic on Broad Street on the Cranston/Prov.line.You can’t miss him because he has posters/signs (5’by 10’)on street of pictures of abortd fetuses.These pictures are garralous,gruesome,and gory,just like what’s going on inside the abortion killing clinic.
    Broadstreet Joe is just advertising the abortion doctors handiwork and medical expertise.
    Broadstreet Joe has not gotten any favorable write ups in the secular press or the religious press.
    He should get an award by the American Medical Assoc.and its RI affiliate for his truth in advertisement work.We need more Broad Street Joes in our Roe v Wade/and Lady CA CA Amerika.

  5. This story gets more ghoulish with each installment ! It’s an appalling and sickening commentary on American society that this ever took place. The fact that it did is evidence that the “tipping point” is in the past, not the future. If God does not chastise America He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology. Reading this convinces me that chastisement includes the election and re-election of Barack Obama. It’s the only logical explanation. The voters could not be that stupid twice and have another explanation.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      It is very probable that the voters weren’t that stupid. Ample evidence exists that this election like the one in 2008 was stolen by massive fraud.
      They saw that they got away with it in 2008, so they more than doubled their criminal efforts in 2012.

      Forget 2016 unless enough Americans repent before then, the voter fraud will even be more evident.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  6. WOODY GUIDRY says:


  7. Harriet R says:


    Mal Weisberg is not a doctor, just a man looking for easy money.

    Weisberg did hire a doctor, Milo Allado, to give the lab legitimacy and billing opportunity. However, Weisberg was really into using the bodies of the dead babies as a mean to an end—big profit.

    Weisberg performed a service for the abortion industry, including Planned Parenthood and the Feminist Womens abortion mills—-they didn’t have a great way to dispose of the bodies, so Weisberg collected the dead and profited from filing pathology claims. Then he ran into the costly disposal problem.

    One wonders what Weisbarg would have done with the bodies once the huge container was packed tight? Maybe little by little, he would have transferred quantities of bodies to his own Woodland Hills trash cans or maybe slowly transferred bodies to dumpster bins behind stores? But that would invite possible public scrutiny.

    No doubt it would have been convenient if there were an American -Auschwitz equivalent nearby so the bodies could have been neatly incinerated into ashes.

    Never forget.

  8. Message to California bishops—-


  9. Abeca Christian says:

    I am a woman…I can never consider doing this to my child…and women tell me, we must be compassionate to the mothers who have an abortion. Really? How can I when I see these horrific pictures. Yes I feel sorry for those woman who are told lies but there are women who know this truth but still chose to have an abortion and to me that woman is my enemy!

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Abeca, I understand how you feel and must confess to being unable to understand how we are to feel toward women who have had abortions, regretted them, and now stand up to denounce abortion. I am grateful to anyone who stands up in public to demand an end to murdering babies, but it is so hard for me to accept men and women who have murdered babies. I know I am not to judge others, but I am creeped out, afraid of, and appalled by other murderers, usually only seen interviewed on television from prison; how do I speak with women (and their male co-parents) who have murdered their children – as if it is nothing? Christianity is about recognizing, repenting, and confessing one’s sins and seeking forgiveness before Our Lord, and I know I am to adhere to that, but isn’t Christianity hard to live up to sometimes? It takes all I’ve got to forgive these women (and men, who usually don’t have the guts to stand up and admit what they insisted on), and it is exhausting. Yet they are not our enemies, Abeca. They murdered their children, and now they are contrite, and I feel sorry for them in their sorrow and suffering, and only wonder if they will get to heaven and have to explain themselves to their children. I would hate to be in their position, wouldn’t you? I think they need our prayers, just as their little babies in heaven do, for hearts big enough to forgive their parents their trespasses. We have to do all we can to help young women and men of today to choose life for their children – all of them.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Thank you Maryanne…I understand what you mean, I was actually referring to the women who did not repent and are the ones who work for planned parenthood, who encourage others to have an abortion, who see nothing wrong with having an abortion…..I do appreciate the ones who repent and feel remorse because it shows that they do have a heart and their remorse and suffering is normal and welcomed in penance for the life that was killed.

        It’s the women who yell at us who, while we are praying at an abortion clinic, they yell at us saying that they were glad for their abortion. It’s just sick to me, they are my enemies, these poor innocent babies didn’t get a chance. When a woman feels guilt for what they did but don’t do anything positive to save other babies, then how can I say that they were really sorry. These pictures only made me cry more and I really hate abortion! But abortion is not the problem, it is the people who commit it, all involved, all accomplices. Abortion was man’s creation.

  10. Catherine says:

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintained their neutrality.”…Dante

    Let the Catholic readers who secretly voted for Obama look once again at the photo above of the murdered tiny baby girl. You may try to rationalize or justify your selfish vote of heartless indifference but God will have the final vote for this complete lack of love.

    “Salt raises blood pressure so let us resolve to be bold in our evangelizing, EVEN if it upsets family members and non-Christians and causes them to become angry. Satan can outwit us every time if we just use our intellect, because he has a superior intellect and sees and hears everything we do, while we cannot see him. BUT we beat him every time we use our heart and love, because he does not have a heart and knows not how to love anybody but himself.”

    The photo above clearly shows the real results of the devil’s evil handiwork. This photo is the real face of just one of the millions of human sacrifices being offered to the father of lies. This photo shows complete hatred and it is the ultimate mockery aimed directly at God for sending His only begotten Son to give the ULTIMATE REDEMPTIVE SACRIFICE for all mankind. Including that helpless, innocent tiny baby girl.

    If you voted for Obama to secure another political gain and you know this deep within your heart, run to confession and tell God how very sorry you are for rejecting His love and contributing to the evil pictured in the above photo.

    ” And I shall say to myself, “Now as for you, you have so many things stored up for many years, rest, eat, drink, be merry! But God said to him, “You fool, this night your life will be demanded of you; and the things you have prepared, whom will they belong.”….Luke12:19-20

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Catherine they are the proud and narcissistic. They won’t admit anything, they will act like they are pro-life but still vote for Obama on their issues to expand their homosexual agenda’s etc.

      I don’t know how they can sleep at night. These pictures only made me more pro-life and more upset at those who not only are there to perform the abortions, but also all involved……

      Poor babies…..

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