Downey priest suspended from Facebook for post about Islam

Fr. John Higgins, pastor of St. Raymond Parish, was kicked off Facebook for a week after providing historical context to Islamist terror

Facebook temporarily suspended the account of Catholic priest Fr. John Higgins in response to a post he made about the history of Islam.

Here’s the offending post:

“There are peaceful and good Muslim people,” his post reads in part. “And then there are the Islamists who are defended by the ignorant who refuse to learn history.”

Father John Higgins

He made his comment on a post on the Facebook page of his Congresswoman Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-D). On May 23rd, his post was deleted and he was suspended from posting on Facebook for a week.

“I wrote Facebook several times,” Fr. Higgins told ChurchPOP, “explaining that this post was just history. Of course there was no response.”

Fr. Higgins serves as the pastor of St. Raymond Parish in Downey, California and as the chaplain of his local fire department.

Full story at ChurchPOP.



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  1. This is the same Fr. John Higgins whose Brown Scapular story I read about less than a year ago: Priest Witnesses Miracle in ER as He Brings Dead Man Back to Life

    It’s a great story and helped convince me to get enrolled.

  2. Bohemond says:

    More of the Leftist thought police, denying truth that they cannot tolerate.

  3. I think the good Father may need a remedial course in expository writing. Yes, he says there are good Muslims. That line is buried deep in a long paragraph listing several historical conflicts, as well as current difficulties. Since his main point is unclear [at least to me], I easily see why Facebook gave a ‘light tap on the knuckles with a ruler’, just as an old-school Nun might.

    • Linda Maria says:

      mikem, this priest was only trying to say, that since its inception, Islam has had problems with dangerous jihadists! He’s right! And so what, his view is mildly negative?? It’s just fine! I don’t think Facebook has any idea of what good English writing is– I don’t think they care! What they DO care about, however– is upholding opinions and beliefs of the immoral, immature, “politically correct” liberal leftist Death Culture! They daily print anti-Catholic trash, articles promoting sexual immorality, abortion, gay sex, genderless kids, use of filthy language, prostitution, legalization of dope, and the list goes on and on! Social media, created by the immature, immoral, “Death Culture” kids– is a big, fat, waste of…

      • Linda Maria says:

        I will finish my above sentence! Social media is a big, fat, waste of time! It does not promote good Christian values, for our Nation, nor for the world! I agree, this priest was kind of negative– but so what?? If he promoted something like abortion, or gay sex, Facebook would be all for that, with many praises!

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          LM sometimes you give me a really good laugh! You type “Social media is a big, fat, waste of time! It does not promote good Christian values, for our Nation, nor for the world! ”

          Where do you think you typed that? On an old Smith-Corona?

          Thanks for the chuckle.

          • Linda Maria says:

            YFC, why waste your time writing your nonsense about my post?? Not worth it! Surely you have more important things to do! And YES– everyone knows, all the media LOVES the Death Culture!!

          • Linda Maria says:

            P.S. YFC— the media is hugely anti-Christian, especially, anti-Catholic. .It does not promote Christian values. And neither do you.

      • The priest was hardly saying Islam has “had problems” with jihadists. Rather he was pointing out jihad is the whole raison de etre for Islam in the first place, and he’s right about that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Amen I agree with the priest and with you everything he said was true and correct and yes Facebook does promote all that other evil, immoral,vial stuff!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have reported cursing to me by Facebook people and they do nothing about it. I wonder if there even Christian???????

  4. Linda Maria says:

    The extremely immature, immoral “Baby Generation” of Leftist Liberals is at it again!! They never grew up! How many would rush to protect our Nation, in the case of a major ISIS terrorist attack?

  5. Maybe people ought to boycott Facebook.

  6. Jesus Christ is the one Savior of the world, yesterday, today and forever. In, through, and with Him all things have been created in heaven and on earth. He holds everything together in being. Jesus is the only name in heaven and on earth by which man can be saved. He is the image of the invisible God, the beginning, the head of the Church, and God placed the absolute fullness in Jesus so that be means of His person, we are saved who believe in Him. In Him we live, move, and have our being. He is the mediator between God and Man. Praise be Jesus Christ, now and forever. May His Name be brought to the ends of the earth. No need to waste ink on anything else.

    • ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL FR PEROZICH – Nothing else be said because you have said it all!!!

    • Clinton R. says:

      Amen, Father.

    • Fr. Richard, I agree. I believe. But I also live in a society where others don’t. Jews don’t, Islamist don’t, Zoroastrians don’t, and any number of other religions don’t believe what we do. We have a right to believe what we believe (so far) as do they. Sometimes allowing others their beliefs sounds anti-our beliefs or just too PC. A civil, non-sectarian society like ours, however, demands it. If they are not free to exercise their religion, neither are we. I’ve never been accused of being PC, but sometimes we just have to suck it up.

  7. Clinton R. says:

    The liberal left would want St. John Bosco imprisoned for life and defrocked if he
    spoke about Islam today as he did in the 19th century:

    “Mohamed established his religion with violence and arms; Jesus Christ established His Church with words of peace using His poor disciples. Mohamed incited the passions; Jesus Christ commanded the denial of self. Mohamed worked no miracles; Jesus Christ worked uncountable miracles in broad daylight and in the presence of countless multitudes. Mohamed’s doctrines are ridiculous, immoral and corrupting; Jesus Christ’s are august, sublime and pure. In Mohamed not even one prophecy was fulfilled; in Jesus Christ all were. To sum up, the Christian Religion, in a certain way, renders man happy in this…

    • Clinton R. says:

      (cont.) world so as to raise him up to the enjoyment of heaven; Mohamed degrades and dishonours human nature and by placing all happiness in sensual pleasures, reduces man to the level of filthy animals.”

  8. Fr. Higgins gets suspended for telling the truth. That’s the world we live in today….Good is bad/Bad is Good.

  9. Fr. John Higgins says:

    Yep, I know this Priest. He’s quite a character!

  10. Bob Bugiada says:

    There is more to this than meets the eye. I, and others like myself, am often critical of Islam in Facebook without any repercussions. Facebook booted Father Higgins because he posted on the page of Congresswoman Allard. The reason for this has to do with UN Resolution 16/18, which the U.S. agreed to under the Obama Administration. This was an initiative of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and it seeks to limit speech that is viewed as “discriminatory” or which involves the “defamation of religion” – specifically that which can be viewed as “Incitement to imminent violence.” In a speech, President Obama once said, “the future does not belong to those who slander Islam.” Normally, “slander” means “to tell lies about.” In the…

  11. Bob Bugiada says:

    I was cut off:
    In the Islamic culture, however, slandering means, “to tell uncomfortable truths about.” Congresswoman Allard was simply observing the wishes of President Obama. The one who really should be alerted to this is Nikki Haley, our Ambassador to the UN.

  12. Maybe he was suspended for using English from a Downey, CA Facebook exchange — Para Español oprima numero Uno, ese! — or for addressing his umpteenth-generation “Latina” representative in English.

  13. helen wheels says:

    God bless Father Higgins AND Father Perozich.
    They’ve shown that they’ll be there at Crunch Time.
    (and it’s coming)
    Viva Cristo Rey !!!

  14. FrMichael says:

    Good job Father Higgins!

  15. helen wheels says:

    Hymie: IMHO you are consistently the wittiest poster here. 4 real.
    For those of us who do not know (much of) La Gloriosa Lengua Española
    and may encounter frustration with it’s extensive and growing presence I offer an observation.
    Nature abhors a vacuum. Yankee Man created a mega demographic vacuum.
    In SoCal, I’m glad the vacuum is being filled with brothers and sisters in the Santa Fe.
    Viva Cristo Rey !!!

    • He certainly does keep us all laughing. I loved his “Domez-vous? (Are you sleeping?) answer to Fred on the pre school article. He typed the accents and all. Sometimes I do not answer back, so I do not post too much and give others a chance.

    • Muchas Garcias (but don’t encourage me :} )

      • De nada.

        I always did like the Spanish answer to “thank you”. Someone tells you “thank you” for all you did — such as planting the seed, watering the plant, cutting the grain, taking it to the mill and baking it into bread – and you say “for nothing”. How humbling! The Little Red Hen was not quite so humble. Was she?

      • Sorry folks! I just had to answer back. It was just too tempting to miss the opportunity. Now I promise to behave myself.

  16. Thank you Fr. Higgins for having the courage and telling the truth, The devil is doing all he can to promote, spread and defend his largest of pagan religions, Islam to destroy souls.

  17. Well Fr. Higgins, it seems you have just earned another star in you heavenly crown. If Facebook is against you, you must be doing something right. After all, who wants to be honored by a company that offers “a million” choice of “genders”.

  18. Romulus Augustus says:

    What is it about ISLAM that the LEFT loves? Let me state the facts first: Islam kills gay men, honor kills women be it their own sister if she gets raped SHE dies, hates music, Christianity, Judaism, Feminists, Hollywood, rock music, women in general, women are regulated to the back of the mosque while the men are front and center. Islam cannot live side by side with Christians, Jews, Buddhists, other Muslims, Hindus, the Left has tagged teamed with Islam for one reason only: To destroy Western Civilization plain and simple, when the LEFT is no longer useful the ISLAMISTS will then kill them.

  19. Romulus Augustus says:

    Hollywood, the gay community, feminists, animal rights activists, Democrats, liberals, liberal Jews, atheists, all of these aforementioned simply cannot see or will not see that they will all be DEAD under a Sharia Islamic country, yes all of these groups hate America and Western Civilization however they would rather die then admit that ISALM if the problem, very very strange and sad yet I feel no remorse for these blind people.

  20. Romulus Augustus says:

    And when there is a terror attack in Europe the first words out of the mouths of the authorities is: Don’t name the perps when we all know who they are MUSLIMS. Instead of destroying the Islamic State after an attack out come the flowers, teddy bears, candles and calling for “love” to conquer hate i.e. Katy Perry. When the German Luftwaffe was bombing the hell out of London during the Second World War did Churchill ask to hug and love the Nazis and maybe they would stop bombing London. Does anyone see how twisted the Left and yes even the general public has become and the ISLAMISTS sit back and laugh and continue to plot again and again. France had their chance with Marine Le Pen yet what do they do? Vote for a LEFTIST called Macron who…

    • Kibirige says:

      Western glory is no more we are waiting for East Asian dominance, missionaries are no longer from Europe bt from far easten countries! European countries are bending to China for money telible.why Europe left the HOLLY SPIRIT it’s without protection it’s grand children are now used to finish up their continent by isis and other Islamic radicals

  21. At least it’s a week off Facebook with pay. In Canada they dock you for such triflings.

    Given his knowledge of Islamist history, Fr Higgins may want to start packing . . . heat, that is, as well as luggage kept by the door for the hasty getaway.

  22. Johnny Maduzia says:

    Right on father, I totally agree with you!

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