Will the SSPX’s return from exile be made easier by Francis?

"Perhaps only Pope Francis is able to take this step, given his unpredictability and improvisation"
Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X, ordains a priest during a 2009 ceremony in Econe, Switzerland. (CNS photo/Denis Balibouse, Reuters)

Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X, ordains a priest during a 2009 ceremony in Econe, Switzerland. (CNS photo/Denis Balibouse, Reuters)

The following comes from an April 26 Catholic News Agency article by Anian Christoph Wimmer:

Pope Francis may soon offer the Society of Saint Pius X regular canonical status within the Church, without requiring the acceptance of certain texts of the Second Vatican Council with which they disagree.

It also appears the SSPX may itself be poised to take such a historic step, urging that “perhaps only Pope Francis is able to take this step, given his unpredictability and improvisation”, according to an internal SSPX document that was leaked to the press in recent weeks.

The memo, titled “Considerations on the Church and the position of the Society of Saint Pius X in it”, outlines six reasons why the group should accept an offer of regularization by Pope Francis, provided “an appropriate ecclesial structure” is ensured. It also addresses possible objections raised against such a move.

The document, dated Feb. 19, was written by Fr. Franz Schmidberger, rector of the SSPX’s seminary in Germany. Fr. Schmidberger had served as superior general of the SSPX from 1982 to 1994.

In the memo, Fr. Schmidberger asserts that the Vatican has been “gradually lowering its demands and recent proposals, no longer speak of recognizing neither the Second Vatican Council nor the legitimacy of the Novus Ordo Missae.”

On April 10, Bishop Bernard Fellay, the current superior general of the SSPX, said before some 4,000 pilgrims in the French city of Le Puy-en-Velay that there is a “profound change” in the Society’s relationship with the Vatican, triggered by the “dire situation” of the Church: “in the midst of this disorder … comes this whisper: ‘No, we cannot force you to accept the Council.’ They perhaps will not say it so clearly, but they did indeed say it to us after all.”

Albeit carefully, these assertions are to some extent matched by similar utterances from Rome.

Archbishop Guido Pozzo, secretary for the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei –  the Vatican office of the responsible for doctrinal discussions with the SSPX – said in an April 6 interview with La Croix that “as far as the Second Vatican Council is concerned, the ground covered in the meetings over the past few years has led to an important clarification: Vatican II can be adequately understood only in the context of the full Tradition of the Church and her constant Magisterium.”

“Certain questions can remain ‘subject to discussion and clarification’,” Archbishop Pozzo added.

Archbishop Pozzo said “the difficulties raised by the SSPX concerning the Church-State relationship and religious freedom, the practice of ecumenism and dialogue with non-Christian religions, certain aspects of the liturgical reform and its concrete application, remain subject to discussion and clarification but do not constitute an obstacle to a canonical and juridical recognition of the SSPX,” the Vatican official said.

The archbishop noted that following the canonical regularization of the Society, the declarations of Vatican II will “remain subject to discussion and deeper study, in order to obtain greater precision and avoid the misunderstandings or ambivalences that we know to have spread throughout today’s ecclesial world.”



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  1. I hope and pray that the S.S.P.X. does come home to Rome where they can do so much good spreading the TLM throughout the entire Church and world, on the other hand they must be careful that Rome has not hidden tricks up their sleeves.

    • hosemonkey says:

      Exactly. The SSPX has more to fear from the enemies of the Church and Tradition. The Society must stay strong and resist the gradual erosion of their defense of true Catholicism. Many people hate what they represent.

  2. FromThePew says:

    Isn’t the Society of Saint Pius X basically a remnant of the ‘old’ Catholic Church (pre-Vatican II) which some of us were born into? What I’m not understanding is why are they still on the ‘outs’ with Rome? There are at least 2 other traditional Latin mass groups ‘in & recognized’. They are, The Institute of Christ the King & The Society of St. Peter. From our experience, these 2 do not accept Vatican 2 or the Novus Ordo Missae either, as the ‘old’ missal still rules. This article hints at: provided “an appropriate ecclesial structure” is ensured. What does that mean, anybody?

    • Anonymous says:

      There are websites for both the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign High Priest, and the FSSP (Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri — Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter). They should be able to answer all your questions.

      • Anne T. says:

        The post April 29 at 11:22 am was mine — Anne T. Sorry for any confusion.

      • Anne T. says:

        A correction: It is the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest. Some translate it “High Priest”, but “Sovereign High Priest” would be incorrect, of course, since it is repetitive.

    • Don Guillermo says:

      By “Society of St. Peter” you must mean the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP). As a parishioner at an FSSP parish, I have never known the FSSP to reject either Vatican 2 or the Novus Ordo Mass. Rather, the “charism” of the FSSP is to offer the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), a charism ratified by then-Pope John Paul II. To offer the TLM is the FSSP’s very reason for being. Unlike the FSSP, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) has doctrinal differences with Vatican 2. Unlike Benedict XVI, Pope Francis is willing to overlook doctrine and regularize the SSPX anyway.

  3. I sense a trap by the Vatican and an exodus of non-agreeable SSPX members. Its called divide and conquer, plain and simple. The Magestirium has had the ability to restore the Church since the V2 Council, but it hasn’t. They have their agenda, more liberalism to come.

  4. tee bohnar says:

    This is interesting and very hopeful. We surely need the graces gained by those attracted to and following the Tridentine discipline.
    However, what comes to mind is what this would do to the “fide,” the teaching of a Council when if has been ratified by the signature of the then reigningPope.
    Though VC II was a pastoral council, would this action somehow jeopardize the truth, efficacy of Councils in general, allow a “pick and choose” approach from the critical to the understanding of our Faith from past Councils?
    Perhaps those with better minds than moi might respond.

  5. Catherine says:

    The SSPX, would be a welcomed and much needed breath of fresh air! Catholic priests and religious sisters in the Middle East, are being kidnapped, tortured, and martyred for upholding the faith. Meanwhile, in the Diocese of Orange, Ca., Catholic parents, still reeling, from the after effects of the horrific sex abuse scandals, were informed that Bishop Vann would not be confirming their children at St. Cecilia’s in Tustin. Bishop Brown, went instead, so that Bishop Kevin Vann could “get into character” for his “Guys and Dolls” performance in a local high school play. It is time to stop the enabling, and the applauding, of embarrassingly poor, and lax leadership.


  6. Catherine says:

    Family members cried….. when they saw (see link below) this in the newspaper! There is not, even an awareness, of how inappropriate this is! This explains why Barney the Dinosaur is on the renovation team of Christ Cathedral. Sadly for souls, Barney is noted for bringing in big $$ while undermining the faith. We don’t need Barney $$ or Broadway bishops. We need faithful priests and holy bishops.

    Bishop by day, ‘sinner’ on stage: Kevin Vann gets into character for high school musical – The Orange County Register


  7. Catherine says:

    Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops, like bishops, and your religious act like religious.–Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, 1972

  8. Is it possible that the “rebellion” of the SSPX concerns only what is un-Catholic about the Vatican II “reforms” ? Is it possible that the “sin” of the SSPX is simply holding fast to Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, while rejecting the “reforms” slipped into the process in very sneaky ways by some very anti-Catholic imposters?

  9. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    Fr John Higgins responded to this post on Fbk far better than I ever could:

    “I hope the SSPX does come home & repent of their rebelion against the Church & that they don’t have hidden tricks up their sleeves. For those who think that tradition is more important than Tradition I remind you that all Masses are Tradition, some Masses are celebrated in Latin, others in Greek, others in Hebrew. Some Masses are called “TLM” when that traditoin was mandated nearly 1500 years after the Resurrection. I love using the Latin language in Mass, but dividing the Church over a human language is truly missing the point of Mass.”

    • YFC what you and Fr. Higgins have never understood its not about a language its about reverence. YFC to us traditionalist your opinion is irrelevant your lifestyle is a rebellion against Church teaching and no matter what you say, nothing will change it.

      • Fr. John Higgins says:

        So, you know what other people do and do not understand? That sounds pretty irreverent to me.

        • Ann Malley says:

          If that sounds irreverent, Father, then you may want to refrain from playing the indignant about “rebellion” and “tricks”. You obviously do not know the extent of what others do and do not understand.

          “If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.”

        • Canisius says:

          Fr. Higgins, what is irreverent is what the true revolutionaries who turned the mass into a protestant worship service, stripped Catholic parishes of every last statue, icon, and painting, who also moved the tabernacle to the side closet. I said before and I will say this again Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi

        • Catherine says:

          Father Higgins, The vulgar posts of those who are praising you are the very same homosexualizing posters who have wreaked untold havoc within the Church. It is NOT, a good sign Father Higgins for these wicked scoundrels to find unity with you. Father Higgins, please be a steady sign of contradiction. Please use the same zeal on CCD for the errors written about or the things that activists are posting so that we can see another fine example of strong male leadership. Priests should not just have rabbit ear’s zeal when something is said regarding the SSPX. That will not compensate for the many times that they should have spoken up about errors.

    • Ann Malley says:

      For those who are ill informed and choose to remain that way, we can all pretend that the only issue is the rite of mass and language. So while the poster may feel that dividing the Church over a human language is missing the point, it is pure obfuscation and willful ignorance to feign that that is the point.

      Perhaps if prelates such as these could repent of their own flaccid intellects there wouldn’t be such a mess in Rome. No reason to beware. It’s not about what “you” love. But then one can only pass on what one has received.

      Prayers all around.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        I agree with you on several points: it is not “only” about language, but you have to admit, it is, or at least at the time of the schismatic act was, a huge part of it. And I agree, whatever it is about has nothing to do with who “I” love.

        Ann, maybe you are unfamiliar with FR. Hardon. He’s hardly intellectually “flaccid”‘ as bizarre as I find your use of the term, and he agrees with you on more issues than with me.

        • Ann Malley says:

          And one could describe saving children from a burning, smoke filled building under the heading of breaking and entering, YFC. No doubt there are some who would argue that such an act would be merely a dickering over the preference of air freshening scent. (Fresh linen is always a good choice.)

          As for the rest, I am familiar with what you quoted from said individual. So while you may feel this individual agrees with me on any score, the words that you quoted were enough to warrant the term flaccid intellect.

          Bizarre. Maybe. But then so too it is rather freakish hope that those who acted to save others in peril – demonstrable peril – are now called to repent of their most horrific deed of breaking and entering.

  10. If it was only a question of the “language”, such as Latin, Greek or Hebrew, that would be one thing. But in the aftermath of Vatican II, the Mass was almost totally changed to resemble the Protestant Mass, and this is according to the
    admissions of the men who did it!

    It was not the SSPX who divided the Church, it was the Protestant and Marxist infiltrators who did so with their self-admitted intent of destroying the True Faith!

    • Fr. John Higgins says:

      There is no “Protestant Mass”. Protestants have services, Catholics have Mass. The differences are substantial. In a Protestant service there is no Eucharistic Miracle, no Transubstantiation and very often it is based on entertainment or the minister’s own interpretation of various verses of the Bible, which he often uses to back up his point of view. As Catholics we attend the timeless and eternal Sacrifice of Christ and, joining our sacrifices to His, we receive the infinite Grace of the Eucharist. Vatican II did not change the theology of the Mass. No Council can do that. The Mass is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Some call it one thing, some another. Some ceremonies look different in one place than in another. There are…

      • Ann Malley says:

        You’re right – no council can do that. But that which was clear can be made unclear, Father. Much like a book can be very easily hidden inside a library full of others.

      • Fr. John, you are correct about the Mass vs. Service.
        We go to Mass they attend a worship service. But, many Protestant denominations do believe that there is a Eucharistic miracle. They call it Consubstantiation; Lutherans for example. I think we Catholics do a disservice to our fellow Christians when we say they are not real Christians. They believe in God in three persons, they believe the bread and wine are changed and is the real body and blood of Christ, etc. Others believe it is a symbol of the Last Supper and nothing more, but they do worship the same God. They are not the enemy, and no one thinks they will be shut out of heaven where we seem to think only Catholic abide.

        • Canisius says:

          ” no one thinks they will be shut out of heaven where we seem to think only Catholic abide.” Really Bob One do you think sects that openly support abortion and gay marriage will be in heaven if they do not repent.

      • St. Christopher says:

        “Fr. John Higgins”: You know that the TLM is not the same as the Novus Ordo Mass. True — Catholics can attend the NO and rely on what the Church says about its licitness, due to the Church’s indefectibility. But the continuation of the NO mass is due largely to the pride of those involved in its creation after Vatican II. You also know that many, many priests prattle on about the “communal meal” of the Mass and all that — they do not see the NO as a “sacrifice” at all (confirmed after meeting with a good number of Catholic pastors). The sooner the NO is eliminated the better off all Catholics will be in knowing and living their Faith.

        • I understand what you mean about the lack of references to the Mass as a sacrifice in many of the post Vatican II Masses. As a child, when I was a Methodist, our church had an altar, and I used to think, “Where is the sacrifice?” I knew an altar is always for a sacrifice. It was not until I came into the church when the Baltimore Catechism was used that I knew Catholics had the Sacrifice of the Mass. I believe we need to go back to stressing that once again. It answers a whole lot of questions.

  11. Don Guillermo says:

    Unlike Benedict XVI, Pope Francis is willing to overlook doctrinal differences and regularize the SSPX anyway. This would, however, set a dangerous precedent. If the will of the Pope alone could trump doctrine on the SSPX, then it could trump doctrine on anything else, including communion for the non-annulled, but civilly remarried.

    • Anonymous says:

      The SSPX is not about changing doctrine but about preserving the Tradition that ensured that doctrine would not be in danger of changing. The horrors that resulted from the hijacking of VII perfected the fears of Abp. LeFebvre and justified his action. I am old enough to remember the Church before the deluge.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        I love how SSPX apologists conveniently forget that Lefebvre voted in favor of those same Vatican documents he later derided.

        • hosemonkey says:

          It pleases you to mock the Archbishop when he reneged on the muddled documents of Vatican II. He wisely saw the snakes lurking in the confused and ambiguous documents that would very soon loose the rot that would decimate our Holy Church. The man was a prophet and he wisely built the bunker that would preserve Holy Church from the wolves that seek her destruction. Deo Gratias!

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            I wasn’t mocking the Archbishop, I was mocking his followers. Flip flops don’t belong in Church.

          • Ann Malley says:

            …sadly, you only mock yourself when you post, YFC. In that you are very consistent ;^)

          • Linda Maria says:

            Hosemonkey— this is the truth, many people know it to be true— and history records it accurately! Lefebvre was respectful and a good Churchman, at Vatican II. He tried to act responsibly– until it became totally clear to him, afterwards— that Vatican II had turned into a terrible betrayal, and had gone so very wrong! He felt called by God, with his excellent conscience— to preserve at all costs, the True Church!

        • Ann Malley says:

          YFC prefers doubling down on error and never correcting one’s mistakes.

    • Catherine says:

      Don Guillermo, I found this older article, regarding Pope Benedict XVI, meeting with Bishop Fellay, Please read the entire article, because it is informative. Based, on what HAS, and IS, happening within the Church, I, sincerely believe, that Bishop Fellay, is telling the truth. All, good priests, should read this!

      ‘Actions Speak Louder than Words’
      New revelations regarding relations between the Vatican and the SSPX
      Brian McCall POSTED: Wednesday October 20, 2010


      • Don Guillermo says:

        Catherine – Thank you for the link. I just read the article. It’s not that I doubt Bishop Fellay’s honesty; it’s that Benedict XVI wrote to the bishops: “The fact that the Society of Saint Pius X does not possess a canonical status in the Church is not, in the end, based on disciplinary but on doctrinal reasons” (3/10/09). My point was simply that these “doctrinal reasons” still exist and that Pope Francis would override them by his will alone to give the SSPX a canonical status, which could set a dangerous precedent. Is not modernity a project to liberate the human will from all externalities? Is it not distinctly modern for Pope Francis to pretend to liberate his own will from doctrine?

        • Catherine says:

          “Is it not distinctly modern for Pope Francis to pretend to liberate his own will from doctrine?” = Yes, It is Don Guillermo, but God cannot be fooled and God always writes straight, even with crooked lines. With God, All Things Are Possible! The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail- but RATTLED!

          Thank you, very much, Don Guillermo, for reading the article. How can the Vatican recognize the legal existence of the SSPX for two weeks and then call them illegal two weeks later. Remember now, this all took place before Pope Benedict XVI gave us his S.O.S., “Pray for me, that I do not flee for fear of the wolves.” D.G. – The wolf tails are still wagging the Vatican.


          • Don Guillermo says:

            Dear Catherine – Do a phrase search of the quote in Google. There are almost 1200 hits. While I don’t know what the specific “doctrines” are, I suspect that one of them has to do with Canon Law and how, in the event of different interpretations, the Pope has the final word as “Supreme Legislator.” A former SSPX superior general has called the SSPX the “life insurance” of the FSSP. I agree with that and am, therefore, most grateful to the SSPX (my own 1962 Missal is the Angelus Press edition). Having said that, I must also say that the SSPX should meet the terms set by Benedict XVI rather than the “terms-free” reconciliation offered by Pope Francis. This would deny the modernists a potential weapon against orthodoxy in the future. What…

        • Catherine says:

          Summorum Pontificum = No good deed goes unpunished!

          Don Guillermo, When you read the article it sounds like Bishop Fellay has never seen the document that informs him of the technicalities or doctrinal issues that the SSPX supposedly has a problem with. I don’t think the SSPX is trying to change doctrine. I think they are truly trying to preserve it. Please tell me what doctrine do you think they are trying to change? This truly sounds like a sneaky *in limbo* type of machination, forced not by, but on Pope Benedict XVI, by the same oppressively machinating wolves who caused Pope Benedict XVI to flee/leave.


          • Don Guillermo says:

            What Bishop Fellay said in the Remnant interview was truthful enough, but why risk giving “the wolves” such a powerful new weapon? God always writes straight even with crooked lines, yet we must consider the motives of Pope Francis and proceed with prudence. Beware of pretty poison. Dare we risk an “Anglicanized” Church, in which the SSPX and friends constitute the High Church and the modernists, the Low Church?

          • Don Guillermo says:

            Catherine – Upon further investigation, Benedict XVI never actually spelled out what he meant by “doctrinal reasons” except that they did not involve heresy. Certain unspecified doctrinal differences just needed to be “clarified” before the SSPX could be regularized. It’s all quite murky. You may be right after all, but the SSPX should still do everything possible to avoid the appearance that Pope Francis bent the rules for them. As regards the Benedict XVI quote, here is a Remnant article in which it is addressed: http://www.remnantnewspaper.com/Archives/2011-0831-ferrara-full-communion.htm

          • Catherine says:

            Thank you, very much, for the link Don Guillermo. I read the article. I agree that it is quite “murky” and perhaps by a deliberately unjust design. If there was one scintilla of doubt about the SSPX’s qualifications then it would be a grave spiritual malpractice to allow them to hear confessions. Someone is allowing their goodness in small portions. It seems like Our Lord is asking all of his faithful flock to offer this particular suffering in reparation for not only our own sins but for sins being committed against Holy Mother Church, from within. May God’s Will Be Done.


        • Catherine says:

          Don Guillermo, I am not talking about Pope Benedict XVI but I have personally witnessed how prelates have used Canonical machinations to suppress TRUTH. I was silently present with two other witnesses inside Holy Family Cathedral in Orange, Ca. when relatives of a priest who was living with his homosexual partner, asked him to please stop what he was doing or leave the priesthood. This priest told the relatives that the bishop and Cardinal Mahony knew all about his living arrangement and they were fine with it. Sadly, This same priest was also the Director of Evangelization and church wreckovator.


        • Catherine says:

          Don Guillermo, The relatives of this priest met with Bishop Tod Brown and asked the bishop to please do something because they cared about this priest’s soul. Bishop Tod D. Brown arranged for a canon lawyer priest from our diocese to write up some canonical secret oath for the relatives to sign. The secret oath that suppressed the Truth, stated that the priest could visit and remain inside his residence with his boyfriend during the day and that he could vacation with his boyfriend but that he could not sleep over night at their shared residence. “It is better for scandals to arise than to suppress the truth” – Pope St. Gregory the Great


        • Catherine says:

          Don Guillermo,

          I watched this young canon lawyer priest leave the office after fulfilling his vile task for Bishop Brown. This canon lawyer’s face looked so pleased that he had pulled off this secret oath machination to hide evil. Faithful priests in our diocese reminded us that secret oaths that hide evil are not valid. The young canon lawyer priest, who drew up the secret oath was shortly made a Monsignor. If these kinds of machinations are performed at the diocesan level then what evil machinations took place at the highest level.? Pope Benedict XVI surely wanted to regularize the SSPX because his actions spoke louder than the oppressive machinations that caused his departure.

  12. Linda Maria says:

    I have daily prayed for the SSPX to be accepted by Rome, since it began! I hope that all will go well! If the SSPX is in fact fully in accord with Rome, someday– with no deceptions– — I will go join it! I would also like to join their lay third order, and follow it as a lifelong commitment! Additionally, I would be very interested in the old pre-Vatican II, original Legion of Mary, and anything else that might be available, to join! Since the late 1960’s, with the evil dawn of Vatican II– I have ended up dropping out of everything in the Church that I try to join! Too much poor leadership, immorality, and apostasy!

    • Linda Maria says:

      I would love to join any religious activities of a good Traditionalist group, like the SSPX, because they are very responsible and stable, in our traditional Catholic Faith, Morals and worship! You can count on that 100%+ for yourself and your family! I recall being so sickened, trying to volunteer for Catholic Charities, or for various CCD teaching over the years, etc.— and ending up dropping out! Impossible— when others in these programs believe in gay sex/”marriage,” adoption of children to gay couples, “shacking up” of unmarried couples, birth control and abortion, etc. LOVE the Rosary, old Latin Mass, older religious devotions, good discipline and respect for God, and good Christian morals!

  13. Mr. Higgins,
    You cannot see the difference between the new order “novus ordo” and the Roman Catholic Church before the Vatican 2 Council. You and the modern clergy can fool many of the people most of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. The numbers of Roman Catholics converting and following tradition is growing, because they see by the gifts of the Holy Ghost the erroneous fruits of V2. Please share with us your alibi why millions have left the Roman Catholic Church? The relates to lost souls. What could be a better measurement of the failure of the V2 Church?

  14. Mr. Higgins, Have you ever taken the time to compare word for word the Lutheran service to the novus ordo service? Try it, you will see the close likeness they have to one another. Of course V2 members think its great that the Lutheran are becoming more-like the V2 Church, when in reality it is far from true, over the last 40+ years the opposite is true. How do you explain that 2/3rds of V2 members don’t believe in transubstantiation in the V2 Church? The novus ordo service is a theatrical comedy, I’ve been there! V2 changed everything, especially the 7 Holy Sacraments and just not in title or language!

  15. For anyone who would really like to know the true history of the Roman Catholic Church, you need to study old Roman Catholic books, unfortunately many have not been reproduced as many were destroyed after the V2 Council when it was “out with the old and in with the new”. One very good book to start reading if you have any courage, stamina, and desire to know the truth is Father James Meagher’s book: “How Christ said the First Mass” circa 1900 AD. It is only 400 + pages long. To a regular V2 member knowing a modern V2 throw away missalette amounts to about100 pages, they might wonder how could Father Meagher possibly write a 400 + page description! Read it and find out, get an education, it is a treasure to behold. Know the truth…

  16. I pray if the SSPX gets back into Vatican City it will clean house, “out with the new and in with the old”. The magisterium who in-placed a man-centered religion and form of worship, arrogantly thinking they knew better than what Jesus instituted should be removed from their offices, and stripped of their titles. You’ll be surprised to see how fast SSPX would restore Holy Mother the Church to its former reverence and greatness, so there would be no more alibies for horrible things and atrocities, going on in the V2 Church caused by its V2 clergy.

  17. Linda Maria says:

    The Fathers of Vatican II made a terrible mistake, when they decided to encourage so-called “religious freedom!” Especially, our Church leaders, did not need so-called “religious freedoms;” instead– they had a big responsibility, to teach, preach, uphold, and daily live by, Catholic teachings from Christ! Also– the Fathers of Vatican II should never have monkeyed around with ecumenism, fabricating a strange new “ecumenized” Mass! And the false “equalization,” in the name of “brotherly love”– of laymen and priests and prelates– is a TERRIBLE deception!! Concepts like “ecumenism” and brotherly love,” are best expressed, in the practice of Christian charity! I will continue…

    • Linda Maria says:

      Last of all– the Church leaders had NO BUSINESS in the years following Vatican II– slowly eroding and eradicating Church disciplines, which reinforce the practice of our Faith and Morals! Such ancient disciplines as found in the Church’s Catechism and Code of Canon Law– should ALWAYS be enforced! No such thing– as “make up your own Faith and Morals!” We are to love and obey Christ, our holy Redeemer– and take great care, to learn and to follow His teachings!! Our Catholic parishes, schools, hospitals, social services, and all other institutions– should all be obediently following Our Lord, and be unquestionably, 100% responsible and reliable, for all Catholics!!

  18. Having converted from Protestantism, we are quite aware of the differences between Protestant “services” and Catholic “masses”. Even though most Protestants have long since abandoned any resemblance to the mass in their services, fifty years ago, when Abp Bugnini was busy applying the “spirit” of Vatican II to his transformation of the Roman Catholic Mass, several denominations, such as the old line Anglican, Lutheran and Episcopalians, did have their “masses” upon which Abp. Bugnini based his New Mass.

    • Personally, I think it would have been better if they had used the Traditional Latin Mass and just translated it into the vernacular and, perhaps, updated the English somewhat; although I love the “thee’s” and “thou’s” which makes it so special. The English translation of the New Mass was so “dumbed down”. There was a time when every literate Catholic knew what omnipresent, omnipotent and omnificence meant. My five and seven-year old grandchildren are learning those words now. If it is taught, they will learn it, and at a young age.

      • Catherine says:

        Anne T.

        You are right! One religion teacher in our Diocese was told that it was far too difficult for the First Communion class to memorize the Apostles Creed. The director said they only had to focus on learning a few lines and that would be fine. The religion teacher purchased beautiful little Holy Water fonts and told the children if they could recite the entire Apostle’s Creed, then they would receive this special gift. Every single child in the class received a Holy Water font. These 7 year olds eagerly memorized the entire prayer.


  19. I too hope the S.S.P.X. clean house and set the Church on the right direction, it will take decades to kick start the Church into high gear and fully implement the TLM and sanity back to Holy Mother Church, but time is on our side and the TLM has never died thanks to the Holy Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who stood his ground and he alone saved the True Mass of All Times from extinction, he will one day be raised to our altars as a SAINT.

  20. Catherine says:

    Many Catholic parents were praying that Bishop Vann would allow the Dominican Sisters to properly instruct Catholic children. We now read that it was suggested that school coffers and priest’s retirement funds be tapped into because of the very poorly thought out purchase of Crystal Cathedral. These ideas were shelved for a while, but let that be a strong wake up call to good priests, who do not want to compromise. “No servant is greater than the Master.” Even lukewarm Catholics should be outraged by this. How scandalous to take away our children’s opportunity to learn the fullness of truth, while taking time to perform in ‘Guys and Dolls”.


  21. Never Before! This is just a morsel of what V2 has come too: Source: Reuters, 1 May 2016 “U2 guitarist The Edge makes history as he rocks Sistine Chapel for cancer
    The Edge, lead guitarist with the Irish band U2, has become the first rock star to play in the Sistine Chapel, a venue he described as “the most beautiful parish hall in the world”. The performer, whose real name is David Evans, sang four songs on Saturday night for about 200 doctors, researchers and philanthropists who attended a conference at the Vatican on regenerative medicine called Cellular Horizons.
    Backed by a choir of seven Irish teenagers, and wearing his trademark black beanie cap, he played acoustic guitar and sang a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “If it be…

    • Linda Maria says:

      Bruce– what a SHOCK!! A SACRILEGE!! The Sistine Chapel, which is the Papal chapel, should be a place of reverence, respect, and holiness, in which only devout sacred music is played!

  22. Linda Maria says:

    “Vicente Roberto,” whoever you are— No matter what religion you claim to believe– one should always pride oneself, in good manners and good morals, as well as excellent English skills— mature people of any age, or of any religion, do not use filthy language, nor “hate speech,” towards nice religious women– or towards anyone at all! WOULD YOU WRITE THIS WAY TO A NICE NUN, WHO TAUGHT YOU IN CATHOLIC SCHOOL?? The Pope would be so ASHAMED OF YOU!!

    • Ann Malley says:

      Be of good cheer, Linda Maria.

      “Vicente Roberto”, aka (K)aritas, etc is obviously obsessed with dark holes. I’m personally edified by his focused rage. Speaks volumes. But the poor lost soul does’t even realize that his expulsions only give testimony to the horrific decline – not only in what constitutes “education” at Brown – but at what fidelity now means.

      Obedience in all but sin, Vincente. The idea is to not follow the blind guide into the pit, friend. Not show proof of faith by damning oneself with the utterly absurd.

  23. Bruce,
    Obviously under V2, even the Sistine Chapel isn’t sacred to the current rulers anymore. I wonder if they had our Lord’s presence in there???????

    The ship is taking on more and water, sinking faster and faster. Maybe now is a good time for the SSPX to throw out the life buoys and save what it can before it is sold to the muslims who would turn it all into a mosque! Don’t laugh this happens in real life, where the V2 Church won’t sell closed old Roman Catholic Churchs to Roman Catholic parishes abiding by tradition, no they would rather sell those old Churches to protestant congregations or commercial businesses. It is appalling.

  24. Ann Malley says:

    Vincente Roberto, (K)aritas, (K)Anonymous, again you deliver in spades. I understand your frustration level at being called out for the bizarre individual you are despite your assertions of Catholic orthodoxy, higher “education”, and – I’m presuming here – a lifetime’s fidelity and never once sinning. (Are you a dark angel ;^)

    As for adultery, sorry, pal, but that’s not a sin I can claim. Your rage assumptions and obsession with dark holes – again – seems to overcome whatever grasping claim you try to lay with regard to higher anything – to include brain function.

    And thank you for the moniker. Tin Pan Malley! No pretense. No claim to insider knowledge. Just straight on Catholic. Sorry if that threatens you, but that’s…

    • Ann Malley says:

      … all you’re gonna get. I prefer the alley. You can have the Brown tower….it suits you. Really. But one day, maybe, you’ll understand that you’re not well served there. The fact that you’re telling others to blow things out dark places etc is no sign of spiritual health or a sound education. No matter where you attended or currently attend school ;^)

      • Linda Maria says:

        SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on a so-called “religious” website– Cal Catholic– for printing the FILTH and cuss words, as well as “hate speech” towards nice Catholic religious ladies– contained in “Vicente Roberto’s” illiterate, immoral, filthy, obscene, “hate-speech” posts! Such “Christian”websites should NEVER allow nor encourage such FILTHY behavior!! What if these lovely, devout Catholic ladies were NUNS?? Would they still have NO MORALS– and print such FILTH?? Good Catholics— and all Christians– should be excellent ROLE MODELS for GOOD MANNERS and GOOD MORALS!! And remember the GOLDEN RULE!!

        • Catherine says:

          Thank you, Linda Maria

          I do trust that CCD is purposely allowing Vincente Roberto to actually showcase how duplicitous wolves operate within the Church. Imagine Vatileaks and what the German bishops did to Pope Benedict XVI. Too much talk about Tradition and the duplicitous wolves with vulgar language appear. I am grateful to CCD because I never knew the facts stated below.

          In the article, He (Bishop Fellay) explained that in his first meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, His Holiness twice referred to Archbishop Lefebvre—first as the “venerated Archbishop Lefebvre” and, later in the conversation, as “Archbishop Lefebvre, this great man of the universal Church.”


  25. Ann Malley says:

    The Brown Tower is no place to learn, Vincente. I understand the credentials offered may make you “feel” certified, but your posts are certifiable. Sorry you’ve wasted your $$$ and brainpower on chasing ambiguous rainbows. But this too shall pass. The truth shall set you free. And, Vincente, it’s not about your heaped up feelings of superiority despite what you keep telling yourself.

    That must be why, with your advanced claim to learning, you have zero concept of what it means to be a lady. Grow up, friend. And put away the things of a child. Perhaps then your rage will fade and true “education” can take root and grow.

  26. Catherine says:

    In reparation to the Sacred Heart and to show honor to the Mother of God for the many times that, Vincente Roberto=k=anony, belittled the Church approved warning messages of Our Lady of Akita. In reparation for Roberto Vincente undermining the faithful bishop of Akita, Japan. In reparation for k posting that Father Guarnizo did not get along with the parish staff. This was a tactical undermining of a good priest, Fr. Guarnizo, for not giving Holy Communion to a lesbian activist. In reparation for k defending Fr. Michael Zampelli’s lesbian play titled ‘Stop Kiss’

    Queen of the Angels – Queen of the May

  27. Ann Malley says:

    Vincente, truth will set you free. And whereas you have a fixation on authority for authority’s sake, others seek the truth that, sorry, can, if God should choose to use it, come from an ASS. That’s Balaam’s ass. (Used when the so called “thinking” party rejected God’s message.)

    So again, examine your motives and your misguided understanding of what you believe others are saying. I take it that you are fixated on “higher” education, but again, Christ chose lowly fisherman. You may want to meditate on that, friend, for your OCD issues with brown towers and even darker tunnels is disturbing.

    Meanwhile, I’ll continue to blow it out Balaam’s ass – whether you want to take the message or not is your issue. Always a…

    • Ann Malley says:

      ….pleasure ;^)

      As for a “little simple reading” you should try it. You are forever operating on stereotypes, Vincente, another testament to the void in your education and study habits. Blow out the dust and think for a change, engaging the intellect God gave you in order to discern. Parroting is no substitute.

      Until you give over this charade of education and understanding, you’ll be hearing from me….. or whoever the Good Lord chooses to wake you from your prideful stupor. The very same that has you scrabbling to insult those who would teach you manners if nothing else.

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